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Earnin - Get Paid Today

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  • Current Version: 7.0.5
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  • Developer: Activehours Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Earnin - Get Paid Today App

No more waiting for payday. Access up to $100 per day of the money you’ve already earned. There are no fees or interest. Just pay what you think is fair. YOU WORKED TODAY. YOU SHOULD GET PAID TODAY. PERIOD. We believe that having access to the money you’ve earned is a right, not a privilege. Whether you’re avoiding overdrafts, dodging late fees, or just making sure you don’t miss out on activities with friends, you should always have access to the money you’ve earned. With the Earnin app, you can send your money to your checking account instantly whenever and wherever you are. HOW IT WORKS Connect your bank, enter employment info, and get access to your earnings! Then, choose what portion of your paycheck you want to deposit in your bank account and Cash Out. When your paycheck arrives via direct deposit, we’ll debit back the amount you cashed out, and voila! Payday, your way. Plus, with Earnin, there are no fees and no interest. Tip what you think is fair to help keep the app going. We’re a group of people coming together to change the way people get their paychecks. FEATURES Balance Shield - Save yourself from overdraft fees! When your bank balance is low and Balance Shield is enabled, money from your upcoming paycheck deposits automatically. Lightning Speed - Connect your debit card, and we’ll be able to send your Cash Out instantly! Pay Booster - Earn more on every paycheck by getting Shop Your Way® points with every Cash Out. Say goodbye to the feast and famine of the traditional paycycle. Now you can easily manage your personal finances and budget for expenses with ease. Gone is the stress of waiting for payday. After all, you already earned it! ADDITIONAL INFO To use Earnin you must receive your paycheck via direct deposit to a checking account. Works with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One and thousands more. Savings accounts and prepaid accounts are unsupported. We don’t require timesheets or employer integrations. However, for people with timesheets, we’ve partnered with Brink, Tsheets, Nimble Schedule, When I Work, Deputy, and WebPunchClock to make your experience even easier.


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Earnin - Get Paid Today app reviews

  • CHEATERS 1/5

    By 8filipoiphone
    Beware, it is all “bulls....” they take your info to get online in your account and take out all your money.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Coleyycoleees
    I just love this app! I highly recommend it!
  • Honestly... 5/5

    By Btmeadors
    I honestly can’t tell you enough how fantastic this app is. It’s saved my life a countless amount of times and since the day I’ve gotten this app, almost a year ago, I’ve managed to boost my weekly max up to $500 so far. And let me say, that’s a lot of money. As long as you are strategic about your money borrowing, then you’ll be fine. 😁
  • greatest app ever!!!!! 5/5

    By caesar1807
    greatest app ever helping people financially is a blessing !!!
  • This is the app to have!!! 5/5

    By Kalawend
    This isn’t just some loan app. This app is great for that week where things go wrong. It takes very little time to cash out and you don’t have to worry about those hefty payday loan fees. I highly recommend this app to everyone. It’s a real lifesaver sometimes.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Wanted_tedebear
    My bank got locked bc it asked me a security question that I never set up to begin with. As a human being i recommend you don't use this bc the set up is shady as hell. 😤
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By estradab27
    Helps so much I hate paying so much for a payday loan this actual let’s you choose your own rate!!
  • Took awhile to work but is a great app 5/5

    By Akinsdre
  • Use with caution 2/5

    By Cherrytop1
    I used this app for a little while I knew it was to good to be true!!! Did come in handy when I was running low on cash!!! until one day I had my shield on and forgot to turn it off so I won’t get overdraft with 9+ dollar tip understand about the tips.. I got paid and couldn’t get my money back I have to wait till the next time I get paid now so I got cut even when I had a good pay check... so please use this app with caution and leave your shield off unless you want them to withdraw 100$ plus $9 tip whenever your bank reaches below a hundred. I have deleted this app and am better off saving my own money. Overall customer service is ok they respond usually within a day. And apologized about the unexpected withdraw.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Eracer5150
    Always there
  • Best 5/5

    By kik85844
    This one of them most helpful things I’ve came across in a while
  • Do not download 1/5

    By kay$$05
    NO STARS !!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬They automatically transfer money to my account and charge me and force my account to be overdraft and refuse to take responsibility! They do not care about their customers.. you would be wasting ur time
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Shello25
    I’ve been in some tight spots and this helped so much. I Normally don’t do reviews but I had to for earnings. I will continue to use this app.
  • It works 5/5

    By sampakida
    I was one of at who was a skeptical as the next person. But let me tell you it works and it has saved my butt one too many time whenever I’m behind on bills too pay or when something unexpected happens.
  • Best app Ever 5/5

    By Key1717
    I love this app. Helps me when I mostly need it.
  • Earnin 5/5

    By Yo Furb
    This is nuts lol. Love it!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By JacobDMH
    I’ve used a few of these kind of apps and so far Earnin has been the easiest and most pleasant to deal with. It is easy to use, straightforward and I love the pay it forward tips. There are no hidden fees that’s I’ve encountered and I can always get the money extremely fast with the lightning feature. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who has unfavorable pay days like mine and who need a little help in between paychecks!
  • Wow. 5/5

    By Carssrac
    This app is genius
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Dollabill_Will
    Well what I say this app is fantastic! I love everything about it if you’re running short on cash before payday this will save the day. There’s absolutely no fees like a payday loan definitely a game changer
  • App used to be 5 stars 1/5

    By 5u623r0
    This app used to rock! Then out of nowhere they want me to log into my Nan’s, and when I do they say it’s the wrong info... funny I can log into my bank just fine. I’m done messing with it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By im__danny
    Seemed sketchy at first but still gave it a try, and all I have to say is is that I’m glad I did! App does exactly what it says it will do. A++
  • Debt starter 1/5

    By Rj Sauceda
    So this app is designed to help you, but help you in a bad way. Don’t get caught up in the cycle. They overdraft my account 3 days before I got paid. Not only did I owe 100 dollars, I owed the over draft fee. Don’t let someone control your paycheck..
  • Facts are facts 5/5

    By Love-zedd
    I’ve been using this app for a long time now and I honestly love it so much it’s so cool to see that there’s a company helping people out like this. Keep up the good work guys stay fierce 👌🏼💕
  • A fair payday loan 5/5

    By Chasity myers
    If you are strapped for cash this is amazing, it’s fair, you choose your tip, and it doesn’t let you borrow more than you can afford to pay back.
  • Best short term loan app 5/5

    By jsains
    As long as you have a bank account and are working, and have direct deposit, you qualify to borrow some money. The best part is its instantly sent to tour bank account and you choose the fee. Say you need $100, then just choose that amount plus they ask you to pay a fee or “whats fair”. You can pay $1.00 “tip” or more of you want to up to $14.00. So basically you are borrowing $1 to $200 and can pay a low fee $1 to $14. When you get paid they withdraw the amount plus the tip you choose to pay. Its legit, Ive used Earnin off and on for over a year now, its great when you need a little extra cash and so much cheaper than the 33% payday loans avaliable.
  • Sad 2/5

    By Savanna17
    You don’t support my bank ☹️ (BankMobile Vibe, account through my college)
  • Don’t count on it. 1/5

    By mrstunmm
    I have used this app casually for almost a year. I have never missed a draft for repayment. They have never raised my limit, even though I always tip 5-10% and my balance is always positive. In a year this is probably the first time I really need the money or my account will overdraft. Suddenly when I need it they kick my bank info even though no passwords have changed. When I ask them to help me, they tell me “there system thinks my balance may go negative”. Well they are right, but it’s also what they advertise the use of the app to prevent. My account is currently positive but thanks to me counting on my good payment history with Earnin it won’t be for long.
  • Military do not get 1/5

    By Xanritsyk
    Please if you are in the military do not get this app. They will not help you and are not military friendly. There system also does not work with military pay rolls.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By redhead7996352030
    App looses connection with my bank all the time. Customer service doesn’t care... I paid them $250 last check but now they can’t do anything to help me out this check don’t use this app!!!
  • It’s bad!!! 1/5

    By itsyourgurlkaayyy
    If you want to stop using your account you can’t close it!!! They’ll keep taking your money
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Liiipstiiick
    This is a cool app for me. Single mom with 2 little girls, struggling and living paycheck to paycheck biweekly. With only one source of income and no type of assistance, this app helps me to keep a few emergency dollars in my account.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By SevsBella
    I was a bit skeptical at first but I must say it’s one of the best apps. I would recommend this to everyone.
  • Greatest app ever!! 5/5

    By Mugsz Capone
    Got me out of a hole a couple times. The help services are very responsive and quick. Love this app.. and still looking for the catch !! Seems too good to be true. First time reviewing any app cause I usually don’t care how people feel about these successful apps..being that their going to make their money regardless of their services if it’s popular enough. I hav a lot of apps on my phone, this is the only one I could actually say is helpful.
  • It’s actually true!!! 5/5

    By genise413
    I was totally skeptical at first... like ok no interest or pyramid scheme?! But it’s true this app lets you borrow money from yourself !!! It’s genius... must have
  • Great app 5/5

    By jay geeker
    I love this app there is nothing fake about it
  • Bad customer service 3/5

    By Lonny Yaurel
    The overall idea seems really shady, but it’s actually pretty convenient. I’ve used it for gas, buying last minute gifts, or even to pick up a quick restaurant or bar tab. However two things, DO NOT use if you are shaky in any way financially. Since it’s so easy to get caught in an endless lending hole, the key to using this app is stability. Secondly CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE IS MISERABLE AT BEST. The only way to get any type of support is to read through a bunch of non related FAQs or put in a ‘ticket’, in which you’ll write an email to customer support and a day or two later you’ll get some sort of peppy, vague, response (If one at all). No phone number or anything, which personally, I think is terrible business especially when you are dealing with MONEY, and some times a good quantity of it. Over all the app is really convenient and great to use if you need to make a short notice purchase. But a lot of these apps often target people in financial binds and ABSOLUTELY do not recommend if you haven’t any back up plan.
  • How 3/5

    By Forc39
    How do i verify my bank account? Its asking me for my user and password idnt use one for my bank???
  • Great app Great Service 5/5

    By K3fields
    Folks this is legit! No BS just as advertised!! One of the fairest services out there. Thank you
  • Community! 5/5

    By Priscilla Peaceful
    So cool to have come across this amazing app!! Saves my life!
  • Convenient 5/5

    By EnemyOfOz
    Little skeptical of course, but everything about this app seems really rad and so convenient to have
  • Helps without harming you 5/5

    By Herro Yuii
    It may seem a little odd. But I gave it a shot and been very happy. It allows you to borrow and earn the right to increase the loan. Not to mention the tip is your only charge. It has helped me out when times were tough. Love this app and concept beyond belief.
  • Setup can take months 4/5

    By 💕James💕
    His is a decent idea, and awesome that it’s essentially free. My only complaint is that it has been a month now, and my bank is still being verified.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Sir'Junior
    This app is a life saver, when you’ve had to pay bills and have nothing left and low on cash this app comes in handy. Not fraudulent activity type of app or anything, it’s awesome 👏🏼
  • Once you’ve borrowed so many times it stops working 1/5

    By jenandstan
    Right after the money is paid back and I try to do another cash out I can’t because my earnings/hours worked for some reason aren’t going in. I’ve used 4 different phones to try while at work and it’s not the phones it’s the app.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By N30NxR0V3R
    Was low on cash but I am a HUUGGGE Deadpool fan and wanted Deadpool 2 tickets. This app helped me out and now I can go see Deadpool with my Boyfriend! Really happy and excited! Thanks Earnin! 😍💖
  • Fast and fair 5/5

    By That Levi Gal
    Absolutely perfect! Upfront no hidden fees exactly what you want in an app
  • Great app this app is so clutch !!! 5/5

    By greenteam_pun
    This app is the best helps out a ton!!!
  • If I could give 0 stars I would!! Scam App Alert!! 1/5

    By vdubskixo
    This app is horrible. ITS A SCAM!!!!!! Horrible!!!!!! They do not make mo et of the little tips you give them. They make there money by causing you overdraft fees and taking money that is not there’s at a time that’s incorrect. I thought it was great at first. I took out $45 one pay period. And then another $45 the next pay period. They decided to take both $45 cash outs the same paycheck which didn’t cover it because the first pay period I only got paid $68. There for woke up to a bank account of -$150. I’ve never had negative bank account. They claim if you send screen shots of overdraft fees they will take care of it. And they didn’t. So now I had to borrow money to fix bank account with hopes they’d credit back overdraft fees as claimed. And they said they can’t. So now I have no money at all this week to buy groceries for my children. I beg you, do not use this app. It’s a Scam.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Seller723
    Very convenient. And funds are available when I need it. I highly recommend this app!
  • Locked 2/5

    By Snapdrag26
    I am one of the not so happy customers.I cashed out one time for a day. They debited my card the next day plus $5. Now it says waiting on my bank. I emailed them 3 times. Sent two pictures, one of my paycheck and one of their debit from my account.still nothing. Tried to cancel, they wouldn’t. They said they can’t verify my debit. I did all they asked, no response.Now I have to call my bank and tell them my dumb butt fell for this nonsense. Smdh... Update: I just closed my account. It did not live up to the expectations it claimed. These high reviews are suspect to me. It updated my pay, but would not let me cash out. If you have to do the work of the app, what is the point? Never again. I was with them when they were called Active Hours. Same nonsense. I tried to give them another chance. Smh...

Earnin - Get Paid Today app comments


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