Ada – your health companion

Ada – your health companion

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  • Current Version: 3.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Ada Health
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ada – your health companion App

Ada helps you and your loved ones check symptoms and discover what might be causing them – day or night without an appointment. Whatever’s bothering you, from stomach problems to pregnancy concerns, Ada can help you find answers and let you know if you should see a doctor. Developed by doctors and scientists, our app is trustworthy, fast, and available when and where you need a health check. How does it work? You answer simple questions about your own or someone else’s health and symptoms. Ada’s AI assesses your answers against its medical dictionary of thousands of disorders and conditions. You receive a personalized assessment report that tells you what could be wrong and what to do next. What can you expect? - Data privacy and security – we apply the strictest data regulations to protect you and keep your information private. - Smart results – our core system connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology. - Personalized health information – your guidance is personal to your unique profile. - Assessments for loved ones – if you assess someone else, their information stays separate from your own. - Health checks – your assessments include information that may be relevant and helpful to your doctor. - 24/7 access – you can use the free symptom checker anytime, anywhere. What can you tell Ada? Ada answers medical questions of every kind. Here are some of the most common searches: Symptoms - Fever - Loss of appetite - Headache - Abdominal pain and tenderness - Nausea - Fatigue - Vomiting - Dizziness - Cough Conditions - Common cold - Influenza infection (flu) - Viral sinusitis - Diabetes - Tension headache - Migraine - Irritable bowel syndrome - Anxiety disorder - Acute panic attack - Depression - Chlamydia - Gonorrhea - Herpes Categories: - Skin conditions such as rashes, acne, insect bites - Pregnancy concerns - Children’s health - Sleeping problems - Indigestion issues, such as vomiting, diarrhea - Eye infections Disclaimer The Ada Health App is a Class I medical device in the European Union. Registration in other markets is pending. We want to hear from you. If you have any feedback or just want to get in touch, reach us at [email protected]

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Ada – your health companion app reviews

  • Perfect 5/5

    By yahwkdhd
    Es fácil de utilizar y muy efectiva
  • it works slowly 4/5

    By geo_73
    it often freezes during question.
  • Oh my god 1/5

    By 12356422432355
    I just entered some symptoms and guess what !? I HAVE PANCREAS CANCER !!! Like what the hell dude !? Is that something you put in an app ?
  • Excelente aplicación 5/5

    By Frangel2001
    Muy buena aplicación, ayudando al paciente, y como lo recalcan, hay que ir al médico para determinar.
  • Accurate But could be better 4/5

    By Annalynn plummer
    I would give this 5 stars but there is one thing that bothers me. It is very accurate but after you tell me what I have could you please TELL ME HOW TO TREAT IT?
  • Accurate 5/5

    By Kah_ree_nah.32
    This app told me exactly what my doctor said. I think the work put into this app is great. I’m only 16, and I recommend it.
  • Great app to have 5/5

    By notsoill
    I’ve have used this app for many of years and had to refer to it many of times not just for myself but for my family and friends thanks for being there for us when we needed u. love this app.
  • Nice Cheese go moo 5/5

    By Lissaloo77
    Pig named Lenard love Moo Moo Cheese and eat Me and Everyone love Oni!
  • Accurate, easy, and helpful! 5/5

    By The tank 31
    I don’t usually leave reviews but this app is great and deserves one! I think it’s a must have for everyone! I’ve used it around 10-20 times for my wife and I and it’s helped greatly. I really can’t think of any complaints about it and the more people who use it, the more accurate it will be.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By marconi78
    I’m not big on leaving reviews but this is a great app! So helpful and much more reliable and personalized than just shot-in-the-dark googling a symptom or two. It was been really clutch especially when you’re panicking about a scary symptom you’re having. Overall love this app! 10/10 would recommend.
  • Helpful! 5/5

    By Tommie Dixon
    When I first used ada, I didn’t exactly know what it was. But over the past 2 years, its been extremely helpful to not only me but my friends! We have gotten more informed on the issues we’ve had (ex. headaches) and has really helped with my mom to learn more about her!! I really am so thankful for this app and its so much more accurate then other places like google. I want everyone to know that this is NOT a medical diagnosis, but instead an app where you put in symptoms and answer questions, then it outlines possible sicknesses that you might have. If you need urgent care seek a doctor or hospital, but always reach out to that doctor or hospital if you believe you need medical attention. Overall, this app is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it for those who have health problems regularly. Thank you, ada!
  • Great App 5/5

    By kolitgia
    The advice is very helpful even tho I know I need to still contact my medical provider it helps a lot and is usually spot on really.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By _nicotineroses_
    I normally use this app because I overthink a lot about disease and sicknesses. It gives me a sense of relief. For almost a year I had been having random stomach pain and other symptoms like that, when I answered questions in Ada and got the ‘diagnosis’ a lot of the times irritable bowel syndrome would come up, I have family members with it but I didn’t think about it too hard. I saw a GI recently and guess what? I have IBS, It’s crazy how accurate this was. Thank you for helping me get diagnosed ❤️❤️❤️
  • Literally a godsend please don’t ever take this away 5/5

    By viv658
    Helped me screen for detecting potential early stage cancer when everyone else was gaslighting me. This is... incredible and made an account just to write this review.
  • Useful 5/5

    By DxB_knight
    Very useful app
  • BRobinette 5/5

    By Useless1101
    Love this app! Used it numerous times! I’ve learned more about conditions on this app than from my doctors
  • app 5/5

    By tandismilani
    i love this app very helpfull now i dont have to run to the doctor pay alot of money to hear the same thing because one small thing happens and i worry immediately thanks to this app i can get the advice i need if i need to visit the doctor or if its something that can be recovered at hone
  • Good App 5/5

    By Tec98
    I have a hard time going to a doctor in fear my problems are just a touch too minor. Thanks to ada I dont have to worry about that. I can make a better decision of how to move forward with my health.
  • Just Ammazingg 5/5

    By adauser123
    This has been a very helpful application for helped me during my pregnancy in so many means and still i use it for every condition that occurs in my family.its is bery organised,have good explanations with pictures...just perfect.Thanks!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Mikeyzmommy
    Almost every time I’ve used the app and then visited the dr the app was accurate. The symptoms they have available is unbelievable.
  • Organized and accurate, but.. 5/5

    By lil heathen21606
    I love the app in all honesty, it's well organized from the questions and options to the files. It gives you accurate reports along with information. Although, the only problem I have is oh would like to input my real age as I was born in 2006 although, it only allows me to go to 2004.
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By coxé
    Tells me what I should do as to when I should seek medical care and has helped me so much. I highly recommend this app!!
  • Great app! RN 5/5

    By remmy's lady
    Love this app!
  • Amazing tool! 5/5

    By Imtheglue
    I’ve only used Ada once so far however it is already quite apparent that the accuracy and level of medical knowledge associated with this app is nothing short of amazing. This is the perfect tool for one like myself who has no formal medical training but is very proactive in medical self education. This can so greatly benefit medical professionals to better and more quickly understand the patient’s concerns as they’ve had a chance to better understand their own condition. Also, I can only imagine how much help this can be to caregivers like myself, to better track and understand the health issues of those we care for as it is usually we who are the ones to communicate with Drs on behalf of the patient. What a disservice to yourself and those around you to not take advantage of this tool that can help you to play a such pivotal role in your healthcare and to better assist your Doctors by being a more knowledgeable communicator during the limited time you have with them. I’m grading this one with an A+
  • I love u ada 5/5

    By Buggydghdvgv
    I love this app more than I love myself. It has helped with so much problems and the answers are so accurate. Obviously you were told not to trust the internet but ada is so accurate that after I get my diagnostics from ada, I go to the doctor and they tell me the same exact thing. I love this app so much and it’s very specific!!
  • Good for anxiety 5/5

    By osa_nika
    Most of the time just going through the process of answering questions helps you calm down, but on several occasions this app helped me diagnose illness successfully and seek professional advice. Love the ui/ux of it, it fits the purpose of the app really well and is very calming.
  • Totally Trash 1/5

    By totallythetruth
    I can’t even get in. The verification email doesn’t send! This is the first review I’ve ever written.
  • Very accurate app 5/5

    By sprinklez1259
    Wow, I can not believe how accurate this app has been for me. I’ve used it several times and it has been 100% accurate each time. It’s so much faster than calling the nurse advice line, and I’m more sure with this of whether I should see the doctor or not. Love this app.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Aryfrosty
    I described my symptoms through a series of questions, some seemingly unconnected. Some questions seemed to be related to nothing but I answered honestly and the app suggested diabetic neuropathy. This is precisely what I have.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ninja turtle 14
    Ik the first thing we want to do is run to google and find out what’s wrong with us. But this app is so much more in depth in giving good answers to your health problems. Totally recommend
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By KPW1977
    Easy to use, and seems to be accurate
  • Not Covid 19 5/5

    By Burotchoy48
    I was so worried that i might be infected with this virus. Am so glad it wasnt the dreaded virus...
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By Hansn579
    Hello I’m a doctor and I can honestly tell that It’s a very helpful and exactly leads to the exact diagnosis of about 99.9% 💚 Thank You from 🧡
  • Good app 5/5

    By dadzieY
    Ada if the best medical diagnosis app I’ve ever seen
  • Really great! 5/5

    ADA is my go to tool for diagnosing health issues.
  • Muy útil 😍 5/5

    By Johanny Torres
    Esta App es de lo mejor me encanta acá ofrecen información útil 🥰
  • This app won’t let me create a password 1/5

    By chr80&
    No matter I’m what I type in this app won’t let me create a password :(
  • An amazing and very helpful app!!!! 5/5

    By Fical10
    Huge huge thanks for the developers of this app
  • Oh jeez 3/5

    By Brina-Bunny
    Yes, this app does help me out cause I absolutely hate and hardly trust doctors. But at the same time it makes my anxiety spike by giving me possible diagnosis that are more than likely not true but it still makes me worry. I love this app and would definitely recommend if you don’t have anxiety and overthink every little thing haha
  • If webmd symptom checker actually worked 5/5

    By Muahahailaugh
    Whenever I have a mysterious ailment, I automatically open Ada now. It's so simple, easy to use, and the assessments aren't extreme. They make sense and help me feel more at ease because of the information it provides. I recommend this to everyone, including other people with chronic illnesses because I don't always know that another symptom I'm experiencing is part of my condition. This is one of my favorite apps
  • Aplicación obligada a tener EXCELENTE!!! 5/5

    By Jaqueca2014
    Te aclara las posibles razones de tu malestar y te ayuda a buscar el que hacer como las primeras acciones a timar
  • helpful 5/5

    By KittyKat🐹
    it does help, it works well for more common things like the flu, a cold, or strep throat. it works pretty well for less common things. it’s always been accurate for me but then again, i don’t have some obscure disease
  • Great Guidance Tool For Senior Aches & Pains 5/5

    By El Gallo Zlco
    I downloaded this app to see how accurate it was with previous MD diagnosis that I have had and to my amazement it was “Spot On”. As they state on the app, the information is meant to offer possible causes based on your symptoms, usually with multiple possibilities. What is important is it helps you to narrow the field of possible causes so that you can seek advice from a license professional. As a senior in my 70s, there are times when I’m faced with aches and pains I’m just not sure what to do about, this app helps me make an informed decision.
  • Actually so useful 5/5

    By aerielfanuzzithefablous
    Ada has helped me, my friends,and my family through so much. Whenever something is slightly troubling me or even worse I highly recommended it’s completely free and is so amazing
  • Best Unreal doctor you can speak with 5/5

    Usually the problem with going to a real doctor you either go with your parents or some supervision so you can’t mention stuff like smoking or some other symptoms scared that your parents or the doctor will do something to you, but here in this app you speak to a Computer so you can go as detailed as you want without worrying, because after all, nothing bad will happen to you, it just gives you feed back on what’s wrong with u and advise you to go to a doctor or not. I really love the app, thanks for your efforts and time for creating this master piece (to the creators)
  • 🥰 5/5

    By dudimome
    Me encanta
  • I am impressed 4/5

    By NinjaBoiiiii
    I didn’t think Ada would be this accurate and helpful. But here we are! Ada gives a very helpful diagnoses with some cause of what you might be dealing with . You can also track someone’s symptoms.
  • Excelente aplicación 5/5

    Buena aplicación
  • Lol what a joke... 2/5

    By mbraps729
    Had syphilis. All the symptoms of it were given to this app and more than 3 times it came back with weird- non related suggestions to a diagnosis. Obviously this is said in the disclaimer, but if you want to waste your time obsessing over an illness you may or may not have; skip the hassle. Go to a doctor. Just make sure they’re a good doctor.

Ada – your health companion app comments

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