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AdBlock App

The original AdBlock - the last ad blocker you'll ever need. We've been blocking ads on iPhones and iPads since 2012 - we know our game :) AdBlock allows you to block ads on your iOS device. Get rid of 99% of annoying popups, banners and video ads. Protect your privacy, limit bandwidth use, speed up your device, save battery and drastically improve your day-to-day iOS experience. The most important advantages of AdBlock are: • AdBlock works with Wi-Fi and cellular networks. You don't need to set it up separately for every network you use. • AdBlock has a local DNS proxy service built in. Use it to see which domains you're device is contacting. Create your own rules and assign any IP address to any domain right on your device. • AdBlock has enhanced DNS proxy rules export and import function. Share DNS proxy rules with other users, easily import rules found on the Internet. • AdBlock allows you to create your own list of domains and synchronise your rules between all your devices using iCloud. • AdBlock allows you to protect your privacy by blocking mobile trackers. Prevent Internet trackers from recording of your activity. • AdBlock does not send your Internet traffic through any remote server. All of your connections stay direct, fast and secure. Ads are blocked on your device. • Setting up AdBlock is very simple! Just download the app, and follow the tutorial to set everything up. • AdBlock automatically updates to the latest version of the filters on every app run. We keep the ad servers database up-to-date for you. • AdBlock comes with a very handy widget to quickly enable or disable DNS proxy on your device. Looking for support? Contact our dedicated support line at [email protected]


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AdBlock app reviews

  • Not very user friendly 2/5

    By Toocut4u
    What is all this DNS proxy talk and importing exporting. It would be very helpful if there was a guide explaining what everything does. So I can get what I want out of this app. Only blocks safari ads. Does not block ads on YouTube, or “freemium” apps. If it does please I’ll be glad to learn how.
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Doomlord53
    Dont work at all, ads is still on the page. Doesnt really do anything.
  • I enabled it. 1/5

    By battleshipterry
    But cnn and facebook still had ads. Free ones work that good
  • It doesn’t work 2/5

    By CrashingZero
    I still get ads on my apps
  • No difference noticed 1/5

    By kabam miiike
    What does this app block? Still seeing every add I normally see in safari.
  • Was a great app 2/5

    After iOS 9 this app stoped working
  • Can't even download this! 1/5

    By WriterLilies
    I understand this is $2 and you get what you pay for, but I've had better experiences with free apps! Don't waste your money.
  • what a waste 1/5

    By Nillort
    first ad-infested site i visit... ad not blocked. i don’t know if other reviews are fake or trolls trying to con people but this was clearly a ripoff... if you can call 1.99 a ripoff.
  • Just wasted 1.99 1/5

    By ShaoYu Huang
    Does not work, forces you to install vpn.
  • One Problem 4/5

    By GGTony MLGpro
    This AdBlocker when turned on it acts as if you have no wifi for apps and will not let me refresh them like on instagram when i hace adblocker on it wouldnt let me refresh the explorer page...
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Dr Bohnzi
    Waste of money. Says it will work on apps, but does not. Very disappointed.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Awesome and kryptonian
    Looks good and works!
  • W 5/5

    By D&$
  • Doesn’t block all ads 1/5

    By Biggest fan 5ever
    I tried it to block in game ads and ads while browsing I guess they need an update... I don’t have time to wait I need my money back The free adblocker works better than this and blocks a couple more ads
  • Didn't do much for me. 1/5

    By TomParker3150
    I'd like a refund. The app didn't work as expected. So disappointing.
  • Does Not Block Ads 1/5

    By Henry the waffle
    I spent hours trying to set this up and as far as I can tell not a single ad was blocked by it.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By bsbdndkdhbd
    Bye bye annoying ads!!!!!
  • This doesn't work for me 1/5

    By Skin graohox
    Actually seems to make more ads appear. Using iPhone x, was a waste of a couple bucks. Try something else till this is fixed
  • Please reverse the latest update 2/5

    By captainranbowsprinkles
    It stopped working. What the hell? Luckily, it’s only two dollars down the drain.
  • Hidden whitelist? 1/5

    By velgor
    In comparing the DNS rerouting to another similar app, AdBlock either has some major bugs or there's a hidden built-in whitelist that allows certain analytics domains through. Hard to trust this app at the moment.
  • VERY BAD!!!😡 1/5

    By Fazliddin Azizov
    Жалею что купил! Что есть приложение что его нет не заметно! Реклама как была так и стоит! Писал разработчикам, те даже ответить не соизволили! Не удалось вернуть деньги. ТАК ЧТО НЕ СОВЕТУЮ ПОКУПАТЬ!
  • Buggy, doesn’t block ads 1/5

    By dolepatrol
    Imported a hosts file into the app and it took ages to process. After the import completed, I tried starting the adblocker and it failed to even load. Avoid!
  • Works as expected! 5/5

    By Jwhipee
    Can’t go wrong with this app.
  • Min iOS=10.0, yet 64-bit. 1/5

    By BitingChaos
    The developer has set the minimum iOS version to 10.0, which means it shows up as an update for older devices like the iPhone 5. Since the developer also chose to make it 64-bit, only, the app cannot install. This causes problems on older devices since the App Store tries to update over and over, failing each time. The developer either needs to raise the min iOS version to 11.0, or stop making the app 64-bit only.
  • Don’t waste your money! 1/5

    By JohnnyStacks
    I rarely spend money on apps since I’m not on my phone too often. I used to use Purify for my adblocking needs, until recently when they pulled the app from the store. I looked at everything this could do and I thought okay, why not? NOPE. Barely works half the time, constantly seeing ads on Safari. If I’m spending money that I’ll never get back, the app better work.
  • Does not block YouTube ads. 1/5

    By Bantam Reviews
    Does not block YouTube ads.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Kevin0783
    This app has recently begun shutting itself down daily or more. I have to reenable constantly for any blocking.
  • Not working 1/5

    By A+aaaa
    Still lots of add’s. Dumping it. Waste of money
  • Doesn’t block ads 1/5

    By Gr8 apppppp
    Is this supposed to block ads on anything? It doesn’t seem to block any ads on any website I open with safari
  • Used to be great, now USELESS 1/5

    By @Stoneybones89
    Exactly what the title says... on iOS 10 on my old device it worked very well, now iOS 11 on iPhone X it does NOTHING EXCEPT DRAIN MY BATTERY. NOT A SINGLE AD BLOCKED... Wish I could get my money back. Oh well, lesson learned.
  • Didn’t block ads 2/5

    By highway to zoom zoom
    Didn’t appear to block intrusive pop up ads on Reuters, using either chrome or safari, iOS
  • Works, But Have To Re-Enable Every Day 2/5

    By justingenius1
    I am hoping to get a response from the developer on this one.. the app works great at first, but then it stops working by itself after about a day or so. I basically have to keep opening the app to re-enable the blocking and it gets annoying. How can I get it to work and then stay working indefinitely? Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Do Not Buy 1/5

    By LoriLori1053
    After installing this app, two of my five email accounts were completely shut down and would not refresh. Additionally, I saw absolutely no change in the number of ads that I saw over various mediums throughout my device. Once I uninstalled it, I device was operational again. The troubleshooting and FAQs do not provide any reasonable guidance. It’s overly complex, and not friendly to the average user. Seems to be geared more towards a very advanced technical audience. I’ve requested a refund.
  • Brilliant app... when it works 2/5

    By Missin the sideways
    This app is incredibly frustrating. It is easily the best ad blocker out there for iOS, but the fake VPN it sets up continually needs to be refreshed. I am constantly needing to reopen the app to allow the VPN to get reestablished. If the devs could fix this issue it’d be a 5-star app but I have to open the app 3-5 times a day to get it back in place.
  • Will not block pop up ads in Adult Emoji 1/5

    By vipergts10
    Will not block pop up Ads in adult emoji app Need a refund
  • WTH 1/5

    By Db245777543236
    Not user friendly at all. Confusing set up and going to the “support page” doesn’t clarify instructions. I honestly don’t know how to use! This app must have been written by a bunch of 20-something’s who assume we all understand the jargon. We don’t, and implementing the KISS philosophy for gen x and baby boomers (without a computer science degree)so we can utilize your services will do wonders for your reviews
  • The best 5/5

    By Phillysdon04
    This is the best once you find the right DNS rules to import.
  • Constant updating! 1/5

    By Kolchak357
    This app constantly wants to run updates on my iPad 4. Update it, leave the update area, come back in, wants to be updated again. Super frustrating and has been going on for weeks and weeks. Please fix!
  • Useless 1/5

    By TheSciFiChick
    This waste a complete waste of time and money. The VPN won’t stay on, so this doesn’t actually block any ads on my phone- even after following the instructions for activating the app. I have reached out to Customer Service with no reply. I feel like this is a rip-off, despite the cheap price. I’m definitely looking for another ad blocker.
  • Plus & Minus 4/5

    By Sergiooz
    Although the app is great, I find that I have to refresh the app from time to time (hour to hour) for it to work. I made sure the app is running in the background but it seems that doesn’t matter, I still have to refresh it manually because ads keep coming back, especially in apps.
  • This works only on safari 2/5

    By RKC's
    Summary: apple removed the ability to use ad blockers that run on the entire phone, YouTube and other steaming services which is stated in the ToS of the app store. The app does not state this and thus wasted 2 bucks. Long story: So, I got referenced to this specific app from reddit. I remembered that VPNs generally can block ads in weird ways. Got this app and tested it out. It only works on safari now after apple became more strict in ad blocking. If you use safari the 2 bucks will be worth it but if you use chrome, YouTube app etc. You're out of luck more or less.
  • Not So Hot 1/5

    By DeeVree
    Not blocking ads.
  • Seems ok but really not great 1/5

    By Z5levi
    I was looking for an app that will block ads in other apps. It turns out that this app at one point had that functionality but was disabled at some point. Now this app only works with safari. Wouldn't have even bothered rating it but 1. I know I'm going to be charged for the download even though the app is now useless to me (I don't use safari) and have uninstalled it. And 2. The customer support didn't bother to write back to answer any of my questions. This could be a great app, but when you combine the outdated description with a lack of customer support, you get an app that leaves you with a feeling of complete disappointment.
  • Not Effective 1/5

    By JoseyBrownEyes
    Does not remove ads on my phone.
  • Does not appear to actually block ads 1/5

    By abats86
    This app doesn't seem to do anything, I continue to get pop-up banners on websites through all browsers.
  • Review 1/5

    By remskl
    Did not work in any of my screens. I deleted the app. It was on $ 2.14, thank goodness I didn’t pay more!!! Very disappointed. 😕
  • Does not block video ads 1/5

    By Tffffggghjj
    This did not block video ads such as on CW! Not good! Please fix!
  • need improvements 4/5

    By Savoki
    good on blocking ads in safari, but cannot block ads in other apps
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Nina2753
    Waste of money. I still see as many annoying ads as I did before I downloaded this app.
  • Blocks like 3% of ads 1/5

    By iluvADs
    This let’s so many ads through that I don’t believe it’s on. If it weren’t for the vpn sign at the top of my phone I would be constantly checking to see if it was on. Things it doesn’t block ads on: any app (Facebook and all the Facebook links) and YouTube on safari.

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