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AdGuard for Safari

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  • Current Version: 1.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Adguard Software Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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AdGuard for Safari App

More than 21,000,000 AdGuard users enjoy the better, faster, and safer Internet. The ad blocker extension clears all ads in Safari and fights data tracking to protect privacy. Unlike other major ad blockers, AdGuard provides some extra features you are used to having with the traditional (now deprecated) extensions: ● Manage protection from Safari ● Choose among popular filter lists ● Add custom filter lists ● Create your own filtering rules ● Manual blocking tool ● Whitelist websites in one click AdGuard for Safari is based on the Safari native content blocking API, which makes it lightning fast. KEY FEATURES ◈ Blocking Ads Remove all kinds of ads from Safari browser easily. We have plenty of ad blocking filters and even an ability to manually remove ANY element on the page that you don't like. ◈ Blocking Trackers Make your personal information protected by blocking known trackers. ◈ Blocking Annoyances Tired of all the «Like» buttons and similar widgets infesting all of your frequented web pages? Just enable AdGuard "Social Media filter" and forget about them. ◈ Faster Browsing Speed By preventing ads, annoyances, and trackers from loading when you visit a certain page, AdGuard makes browsing smoother and faster. ◈ Free and Open Source AdGuard for Safari is a free and open source software. The source code is available on Github:

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AdGuard for Safari app reviews

  • Worthless 1/5

    By m0fta7
    Guards agaist nothing, blocks exactly zero of anything, tracks and saves all of your browsing history
  • Only one anoying thing... 4/5

    By pizarrji
    Why it keeps opening the settings page every time i turn on my mac even tho i already deactivated "Launch AdGuard for Safari at Login” ? Now after 1.5.4 update it randomly loads on paused more ? Ugh
  • Some annoying bugs, please fix! 3/5

    By PolloTec
    This app appears to do a great job and what it sets out to do, but there is an annoying bug that renders this quite frustrating on a fresh boot: when this app is set to open at login, it does NOT honor the "hide" setting checkbox under System Preferences --> Users and Groups --> Current User --> Login Items --> "hide" checkbox next to AdGuard for Safari. Normally, when the system is rebooted and this box is checked, the app can launch, but without the application window opening in front of the user. Please fix this, so that the app can launch at login without popping up its preferences window each time! Finally, as a feature request, please support Catalina auto dark mode, and please allow for iCloud-based settings syncing... thanks!
  • Works great but annoying 3/5

    By Peace Coyote
    Love that this is very stable and works as intended, however it is possibly the most annoying adblocker I'd ever used. Ironically, it displays a popup eveyr time you start your computer (if you have it set to run at startup as you probably do), and there is no way that I know of to disable this. Truly a waste of resources. Additionally, there is a lot of customizablity, but you don't actually get to use all of it because of the limits of Safari itself. So it kind just feels pointless to have so many options. Still needs a lot of polish and attention to detail.
  • Generally good but not best 3/5

    By Rohn Patel
    Bad stuff: What are 10 different kind of extensions (custom, general, social) doing? Why do i need to enable each of them? There is no clear justification to clrifying those details. Good: Free and does a decent job at blocking ads. Miss ublock origin though.
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Gaweł
    After updating to Catalina 1Blocker became completely useless. I tried a couple and AdGuard is by far the most effective one
  • high Sierra 2/5

    By J.A.R.M
    No funciona apropiadamente en high sierra, anteriormente habian mejores opciones y apple solo las quito.
  • Does absolutely nothing in Safari 13.0.2 1/5

    By COSSnowbiker
    Installed, enabled in Safari preferences, restarted Safari and still get every single ad I was hoping this would block.
  • Blocks ads, messes up Safari 1/5

    By Nick Gersuck
    If you want to block ads this seems to work pretty well, but if you don’t want Safari takin 5 seconds to launch and for you tabs/bookmarks to lag I suggest not installing this.
  • Like Spyware 1/5

    By clamps123
    As other reviewers have noted, this app now sends all of your browsing history to a remote server. Uninstalling after the recent update.
  • Good value, poor battery management 3/5

    By anonandanon
    Definitely effective! But uses way more energy/power in the background than I would like.
  • Opens on Start Up 3/5

    By Duc851
    I upgraded to v1.5.4 (from v1.4.1) and the preferences window still opens upon macOS ( and 10.14.6) startup/restart. What gives? There is absoultely no reason the application window should open every boot. Why am I forced to interact with the app when it has already been set up? While the app works pretty well, given the constraints posed by Safari 12, I’m moving to a different app until - unless - this bug is fixed. It would be courteous for the developer to at least aknowledge this behavior.
  • Reduced my web pages to a crawl 1/5

    By Al-Swearengen
    Reduced loading times on web pages to a crawl and causes constant stuttering while scrolling. 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro w/ Radeon RX 580 eGPU. This should not be happening.
  • Seems nice BUT can not handle the load 1/5

    By User543210
    Great options but you can NOT enable more than one otherwise you get tons of notifications so why bother.
  • Okay 2/5

    By jmstacey
    Annoying opens window on Mac boot. If I disable launch Adguard at login, then Adguard won't start in the background. I want AdGuard to start in the background without me needing to see it. The blocking is so/so. Not as good as uBlock Origin on Firefox.
  • Spyware 1/5

    By achilds19
    Once you enable it in Safari, it constantly runs in the background using up resources and battery even when you quit Safari. Behaves like spyware.
  • Uses a lot of CPU 1/5

    By admiral u
    Seems to block ads well enough, but I dont like tha t I need to give it permission to see Webpage Contents and Browsing History. Also, it constantly is burning 12% of one of my CPUs. Deleting.
  • Slows Down Safari 1/5

    By Valana
    I recently upgraded to a new Mac and found that the old Safari extension was replaced by an external app. This version now frequently causes a spinning beach ball (which can last several seconds) when opening new Safari tabs. On a maxed-out 2019 27” iMac with 64 GB of RAM, Vega 48 and 3.6GHz Core i9 with a 2TB SSD, that’s insulting to say the least. There are other reviews mentioning the same problem so it's not just me. On top of that, it noticeably slows down Safari. I can definitely tell the difference after quitting the app. You can also see this if you go use DSLReports’s speed test, which craps out every other attempt and/or can’t maintain solid transfers with AdGuard enabled. Disable AdGuard, and your connection behaves perfectly once again. You also get nagged repeatedly to enable all of AdGuard’s modules if you only enable the base content blocker. Why is AdGuard so insistent on making you enable the extensions that get full access to your full browsing contents and history? This is the very definition of spyware and malware. The old version worked perfectly well and was the best ad blocker out there by far. This is complete trash and I'm now looking for a new ad blocker. I want a simple ad blocker that uses the base Content Blocking API without requiring an external process doing who knows what in the background.
  • AdGuard forced reloading websites 2/5

    By IceBreaker589
    AdGuard is causing youtube to reload multiple times and then say it crashed but when I turn off AdGuard, youtube works perfectly fine. It was fine before the update destroyed it
  • If it ain't broke, then fix it 'til it is -- avoid this mess 1/5

    By Anglewinder
    Use to work great until the last month or two ... Preferences started popping routinely with little guidance as to what the problem is. Message suggests that Safari can only use 50,000 rules ... fine. But the core filters can not be reduced to less than 50,000 rules without breaking functionality. Huh? When did this become a problem I had to deal with? The program provides no REAL guidance. In my opinion it's simply broke. On Jul 19, 2019 I installed the latest version released about 1 week ago which has resulted in constant crashing from this program. I'm not sure what is going on at the software developer, but from my perspective the program no longer works, has continued to get worse (dramatically) and is avoided. I plan on uninstalling this mess.
  • uninstall this crud 1/5

    By RubenKincaid
    To remove this malicious piece of crud you have to force quit the app in activity manager, then delete. it launches even without Safari running and runs in the background all the time. Little Snitch shows it phoning home constantly. It is basically malware. Why does Apple allow these nonvetted apps?
  • Crashes on macOS Catalina Beta 2 5/5

    By noraar
    Great ad blocker! Just wanted to give a heads up that it currently crashes upon open in the current Catalina beta.
  • Blocks access to Banking sites 1/5

    By JorgeDickle
    What good is an advertising product which, due to a conflict, prevents logging into a bank site with absolutely perfect credentials. There are better products out there.
  • Fast, efficient, with essential functionalities 5/5

    By JosephSJC
    Compare to other Ad Blockers, AdGuard is the one that works efficiently with all essential functionalities (whitelist, etc).
  • So far so good 5/5

    By happy_mbmb
    Really so far so good - wold prefer if it was not free - I would like to pay for product if it does the job - don't want to face in store purchases later...
  • Custom filters 5/5

    By Cheaney1
    Finally an AdBlocker with more than 1 filters list.
  • WORKS PRETTY GOOD!!!!! 5/5

    By BroArr
    Been using for a week and it works pretty good on Safari. Miss one or two sometimes but it helps block most of those annoying and inappropriate ads. I suggest to activate Firewall in the Mac’s System Preferences to add another layer of protection.
  • Great, easy to use 4/5

    By quarkzone
    Was so pleased to discover this 'no bother, just works' blocker. However, since mojave 10.14.5 Adguard Assistant has disappaeared?
  • Effective, no impact on battery, easy to use. 5/5

    By Achilies_01
    I have tried several other ad blocking programs and extensions and this one is the most effective (based on my browsing habits and sites I visit). The ability to block elements on-the-fly by simply clicking on them is great I have not noticed any degradation in performance or battery life. So far, recommended.
  • It Works 5/5

    By code_in_my_robe
    I've been a Chrome user for the past decade. I recently got my first Mac, and I installed chrome on it first thing. I didn't even really open or try safari. Chrome has been super slow and clunky at playing YouTube videos lately, so I deceided to give safari a try. First things first, get an adblocker. This one works. Installed, set and forget. No ads
  • Works nice but wish it was a native app. 3/5

    By Cas1985
    Would be nice if the devs could use native macOS software instead of an electron app.
  • Lag when opening new tabs in Safari (Mojave) 3/5

    By goze18
    Ad guard is great at blocking but performance needs to be improved. There is often lag when opening a new tab in Safari.
  • Block annoying ad words! 1/5

    By The Picky 1
    I just installed and the ad picturess still load - but without the words. If you are looking to block the words in ads, then this is the tool for you! NOTE: I did not enable the AdGuard Safari Icon because it clearly states: Can read sensitive information from webpages, including **passwords**, phone number and **credit cards** on all web pages. Maybe if I allowed someone to have all of my passords and credit card numbers it would work, but I find that a high price to pay. I guess this is how they keep this "free"
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jm007633789
    I can't write a long review since I can't say much about the technical aspects, but I can say it works and so far I never had an aspect of something that should have loaded but couldn't because of this. It's light in size, it plays nice with safari. Coming from Ublock Origins, this is a great substitute.
  • works well woth installing 5/5

    By zouhair4150
    as i said worth installing
  • Won't Allow Some Video Sites To Run 3/5

    By Ihatefastfood272
    Great for Youtube and other forms of media but if you watch Hulu you wont be able to with this app. I downloaded it, loved it, eventually went to hulu and the entire site froze when I would click on a video. I tired everything until I deleted the app and boom hulu works. Until this is fixed it will stay off my laptop.
  • Spyware 1/5

    By Sharinganer
    Adguard Safari icon reads password, credit cards...
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By Owsama
    Most of the apps that starts like this, Free, Fast, No bugs, PERFECT! ends up being paid later on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Just Installed — Works Great! 5/5

    By Aryae C
    I’ve been very annoyed lately with the growing presence of distracting ads on some of my favorite news sites, like the Washington Post and SFGate. So I just installed AdGuard. I chose to not launch AdGuard at login, but to show the icon in the menu bar. This way, I can turn on AdGuard when I’m on a site where I want it active, such as the Washington Post, and turn it off the rest of the time. It works great! When I turn it on, all the ads disappear. Couldn’t ask for more.
  • Slow Loading 2/5

    By Celledral
    So the compromise is definitely speed when it comes to enabling adguard. I noticed a Huge delay when loading sites such as the verge. There would be a 2 second delay and the screen would remain black while it was loading. Disabling AG allowed the site to load immediately.
  • thanks 5/5

    By lioncats12
    AdGuard is good. Thanks! XD
  • 24/7 backgorund process, nice 1/5

    By Ilyumzhinov
    Works as expected in that you can block manually pieces of websites that you need. That said, who on Earth asked for 24/7 background processes execution that are indenpendent of the Safari browser? It wastes your CPU clock cycles, reduces battery life and is exactly malware behavior.
  • good app 5/5

    By wang ye
    This app is much good
  • Slow and Feeble 2/5

    By frugrat
    Does not seem to update it's filter lists and blocks little.
  • Great adblocker, menu bar icon unnecessary 5/5

    By Smith S. Smith
    Excellent mix of customizability, speed, and efficacy. My only complaint is there's no option to hide the menu bar icon.
  • Doesnt not login startup 1/5

    By telepati
    I love adguard but app does not startup at login automatically.
  • Much too complicated 1/5

    By Texan78730
    I've been on computers for a long time but am totally in the dark when it comes to this app. On occasion I want to cancel the ad bloaker for a particular website so that I might read an article. Good luck with that! This is way over my head and not sesigned for the casual user.
  • Excellent so far! 5/5

    By El S9nto
    I am so glad I downloaded AdGuard. Been past ad software user, mostly sarisfied and was dissapointed with lost functionality in Mojave. After being annoyed with one too many expanding banner ads, I searched the app store, found this, and wow! What an unexpected surpirse. Works, doesn not slow my browsrer down (in fact, it feels peppier). Excellent work by the developers!!
  • The ads are terminated! 5/5

    By Takahē
    Excellent. Kills any pop ups, ads, youtube commercials before videos - even anti-adblocker warnings that would otherwise prevent you from accessing a site.

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