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adidas CONFIRMED App

CONFIRMED is your home for the best of adidas. Be the first to access curated collections and explore the stories behind the Three Stripes. Get the inside connect with the adidas community. EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT Offering only a curated selection of exclusive collaborations and first-run sneakers, CONFIRMED is the destination to shop the best of adidas. Escape the bots and confidently get your hands on the most premium drops. - Stay up to date with alerts for the latest drops - Discover a fast, fair, secure way to shop - Buy sneakers and apparel, track your orders, and view purchase history all in the app IN-DEPTH EDITORIAL CONFIRMED will host original editorial that explores the adidas world deeper than ever before. From exclusive interviews with emerging tastemakers to deep-dives inside the archive — the platform will give insider access to the creative vision behind the latest sneakers, apparel and stories from the adidas community. ACCESS TO TEAM ADIDAS Meet the friends and family behind adidas on CONFIRMED. With our partners in music, fashion, art and streetwear, this is the place where the conversation happens and the inspiration comes to light.

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adidas CONFIRMED app reviews

  • Satisfied customer 5/5

    By 1CrissyH
    I love shopping at the location in Chicago and LA door layout
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By American Airline
    The best way to buy shoes.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bumblebee5335
    I live this app! It sends me notifications and I pretty much cop everything on this app day of the drops! 100% recommend definitely better than the snkrs app chile whew the ghetto!!!
  • Love the shoes, not the app. 3/5

    By mjl483
    App needs some serious work. It’s super clunky and has cost me W’s in the past. Very frustrating to see “oops, something went wrong” over and over when you know all the data you inputted is correct.
  • You not deserve been selected 1/5

    By BrMarcante
    In XXI century a brand draw you hundreds of dollars of products, you’re not being smart. Think and let then keep it. Choose another brand, another one, half price, another product , and see the magic happens in front of you.
  • Confirmed App 1/5

    By GBVail
    This app is awful. Why won’t it let you confirm/complete your registration? I’ve been trying for the last 2 days to complete my registration, but have not been successful...Adidas should have never came back to this app... No stars..!!!!
  • Terrible - Yeezy Order Lost 1/5

    By B.eef.
    Used this app many times trying to be eligible to purchase a pair of Yeezy’s directly from Adidas. When I finally received the notification that I was eligible, I paid $220 for the shoes which were then lost and never received. I have been going on almost three months now trying to get a refund and have had no success. The customer service at Adidas is absolutely awful and no one seems to care about what happened.
  • 3 stripes=5***** 5/5

    By algasbeach
    Great app=Easy to use and great selection.
  • Why does this App exist separately from the Creators Club? 1/5

    By Thunderoustundra
    It functions as intended but its releases aren’t included on the normal Release Date list and anyone on any tier of the Creators Club gets no notification about the releases. Just yet another attempt at faux exclusivity to artificially drive up demand and aftermarket price.
  • Just another useless app 1/5

    By Stougatz
    I spent the whole morning trying to buy a pair of FA sneakers and I had to give up. The app failed miserably, it only triggered a couple of fraud alerts from my bank. Adidas support opened a case.
  • A little bit glitchy 5/5

    By 16LOU12
    Every step I made in adding personal info it glitched with a message saying something went wrong. But if I hit the back arrow everything I entered was there. Was a little tricky to figure out but I’m pretty certain I just bought some sneakers ... 😬
  • Crap App 1/5

    By FUPayMe420
    When I came was a total fail!!!
  • Great experience. First time to get a pair of shoes I wanted. Thank you ADIDAS. 5/5

    By Blessed Jus Jas
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Teewhy617
    It’s always a server connection issue I cannot access anything
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Truthtellerofapps1132411
    Used to be a great way to cop shoes, now Adidas will cancel your Yeezy order weeks after order confirmation because they lot the bots get all the stock. Beware. You’re better off getting it from another retailer.
  • Super easy to order 5/5

    By TheodoreHahn
    Baby blue is my favorite color ever. I don’t ask why. Candy coated is my favorite texture so this might be the greatest combination for me on a pair of shoes ever.
  • 500 yezzy high 5/5

    By tay0745
    Nice shoes wanted the other ones
  • First and last time I use Confirmed. 1/5

    By eric_cull
    Couldn’t even enter the draw. Non-stop errors for 30 minutes before the drop sold out. I thought the “draw” was supposed to be easy to enter and that’s where the luck begins. Not in this case.. they obviously have more kinks to work out before it’s worth the time.
  • Just uninstall... 1/5

    By LieutenantRambo
    Been a fan of adidas for a long time, never got my hands on any releases this past year and a half. Safe to say, that this app is of no help to me. I get a problem loading message for every single drop I attempt to enter. Never fails. Sad part is, they make excellent shoes, but the app itself is not worth the time. Ever feel excited and think, “today is the day?” Just to get a problem loading message, yeah this is a normal thing for me. Even when the item is sold out, it doesn’t update for me until about 30 minutes after the drop.
  • Awful app with no point existing 1/5

    By Gjgnhynbhn
    First this app is pointless, they still do most drops through the normal Adidas app raffle system so it just clutters up your phone. It is also buggy and unable to handle traffic, way worse than SNKRS on its worse day. For example they implemented a queue system for drops and 15 mins into the drop you’re still trying to get it to enter because the app has errors every time because it can’t handle the volume of people, great product design for something intended to handle high volume releases.
  • Entering the “queue” 1/5

    By Michael6892
    I’ve been trying to enter the queue for 10+ minutes and it isn’t allowing me saying ‘product in high demand.’ If adidas can’t handle the pressure than don’t release this app until it’s ready
  • Unusable because of error 1/5

    By nathansim
    App continuously says error and doesn’t let you in the queue
  • Work on Your Technology 1/5

    By RealUnoPlayer
    I'm not sure why this is even a problem in today's world but if you're going to have an app and put limited release items on it that are on a strict timeline for release, you need to make sure your servers can handle the traffic. Number 1 rule of technology is availability and my app crashed 4 times trying for a release you knew was coming. Have your technology ready to handle what you're doing. I have never been bothered by not getting a release, but I was not even able to participate because of "technical difficulties" with the app saying "we are experiencing high volume of traffic standby" and then the app makes me try to enter again just to keep getting the same message. By the time all was said and done they were sold out. I find that to be unacceptable for such a large company that should have a great IT staff. Do better.
  • Angry 3/5

    By LowskiDaDon
    I had entered my card recently and for some reason when the drop came I had to re type my card information again . I’m Not happy with that, due to the fact I could of missed getting the shoe ..
  • Worse than SNKRS 1/5

    By tmangman1
  • Brent 5/5

    By Nenelyy
    I came from Brent Faiyaz 😸😸
  • Brent Faiyaz 5/5

    By nick name ' mymy '
    Brent Faiyaz sent me, im glad he did
  • Ok, but waste of time! 1/5

    By LVDoc
    The only reason I keep it is because he keeps all of my order information. I personally would rather just use I have tried 15 times and cannot get a pair of shoes early on the Drop. My guess is because they are not strict on the bots, so this site is flooded with people with multiple accounts. Good luck trying to get your drop!
  • Zero good drops 1/5

    By fbfjglflsnabbama
    All they're drops are shoes that end up going on their normal app because they never sell out. They only thing they sell out are yeezys but those don't resell for a profit anymore so they're aren't even worth it. Plus more than half the pairs I do get have excessive glue and pieces of the shoe showing. The stuff that you get on DHGate look more authentic than the cheap pairs they sent me.
  • never got my notification 1/5

    By yeezyhurtsyourbrand
    i selected a reminder/notification for a drop and never received it. once i remembered, my size was sold out 👎
  • Won’t take my payment! 1/5

    By jessi727
    For MONTHS I’ve been getting an error message saying “oops! Payment could not be processed.” I’ve called and chatted with customer service who has assured me multiple times the problem was fixed. They also suggested “log onto the website instead”... except some of these shoes are ONLY released on this app or the adidas app. I’ve spent over $3k last month on adidas items, but I still can’t purchase items that are exclusive to this app. For a huge company, one would think they could figure out how to process payments from customers who are literally begging them to take their money. I’m so annoyed at this whole process.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Domo1987
    Download the app & the only thing I see is a blue screen, & it jumps back to my phones Home Screen. That’s it.
  • Money stealers 1/5

    By Eldor Nosirov
    I ordered Yeezy’s but never got them, the assistant was very rude, they didn’t give my money back and never send me another pair of shoes. I am not gonna order anything with them. They steal your money and tell you to call FedEx
  • Shoes 5/5

    By 1D weather
    Very good
  • Wrongly charged and literally nobody will respond. 1/5

    By tdogg490
    I was charged the wrong amount for sales tax and fees resulting in an additional $26, after three emails, nobody has responded still. This is a ripoff and fraudulent. Buy at your own risk.
  • Adidas is making me want to put my head through a wall 1/5

    By ihaveamigrainenow
    I thought the website was confusing so I got this app so I could buy my brothers shoes. It’s even more confusing than the website?! There’s no search button, nothing makes sense. Is adidas just some weird cult that I don’t understand? I’m literally just trying to give this company money.
  • VERY NICE 5/5

    By Bruu lee
    Adidas is late but not too late, good job
  • Difficult to Search 1/5

    By Rainydays inSeattle
    This app does not have a search by product or other filters. It also took a lot of search to find any ‘contact us’ information.
  • Smells like Snkrs App 1/5

    By HNHPodcast
    Works as good as Snkrs too...Icon status means NOTHING in this app.....People should realize that this used to be a app awhile back, and it forward to present day and the “let’s try this again” proving your most loyal customers can’t get a W to save their lives on this app.
  • Dropped the ball 1/5

    By Esquewhy
    Order some yeezys only for them to be delayed and then ultimately cancelled. I don’t want a coupon, I want what I ordered!
  • Does not accept payment 1/5

    By NYC Art Enthusiast
    Terrible App. Check out process does not work smoothly. I tried multiple times to place an order with no luck. Says there is a “processing error”. Thumbs down Adidas.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ahtree_blu
  • CEO read 1/5

    By simp life
    Needs to update drops more quickly when the time is 9:00am doesn’t show available till minutes later as a company like adidas this is unexpected with the financial resources that they have available it’s not hard it’s a app get it right or your customers will go elsewhere
  • Stoked 5/5

    By Matty VOS
    DoPe selection of great products, fair pricing and ease of this site. I hope they continue to add more shoes
  • Stylishly comfortable 5/5

    By Coolchriscali
    I love adidas and the attention to detail. Their craftsmanship and designs that are catered to each category is astonishing. Ever since I was a toddler I’ve represented adidas as my family wore it and it’s become part of my culture.
  • Seems to work as designed 5/5

    By VK97man
    Well I’m 1 W out of 2 on Yeezy raffle. So it seems to be working fine for me.
  • Good app, flawed 1/5

    By Asegai
    App constantly crashes when trying to sign into account.
  • You will never win 1/5

    By capttanhowdy
    What a waste of time every time you try and participate you were never picked don’t waste your time.
  • Will not process payment 1/5

    By Shameyb20
    This app is the worst! I literally cannot give adidas my money! I have been trying to buy new drop shoes for 2 straight days and the app will not accept payment. Adidas is blaming the app payment processor which is faceless and nameless but since this drop is exclusive to this app they cannot take payment elsewhere. Seems like an intelligent business are losing money by using this app Adidas!!!!