Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

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  • Current Version: 21.09.01
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF App

Do you need to work with documents on the go? Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app, the world’s most trusted PDF viewer, with more than 635 million installs. Store your files online and read PDF files anywhere with this leading, free PDF reader and file manager. You can also view, share, annotate, and add e-signatures to PDF documents. Subscribe to Adobe Acrobat if you need a PDF editor to edit text and images, a PDF converter to export to and from PDF, or more advanced features to create PDFs, combine PDF documents, organize PDFs, and more. VIEW AND PRINT PDFs • Open and view PDFs with the free Adobe PDF viewer app. • Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode. • Help save battery with dark mode. • Print documents directly from your device. READ PDFs MORE EASILY • Get the best PDF reading experience with Liquid Mode. • Content in your PDF document reflows to fit your screen. • Use the Liquid Mode outline for quick navigation. • Search to find text fast in your PDF documents. SHARE PDFs AND COLLABORATE • Share files for commenting or viewing. • Collect comments from multiple people in one file online. • Speed document reviews by responding to each other’s comments. • Receive activity notifications for files you’ve shared. ANNOTATE PDFs • Add PDF notes and comments, including sticky notes and highlights. • Write on PDF documents by adding text or drawings. • Share a file with others to collect all comments in one place. EDIT PDFs • Subscribe to edit text and images directly in your PDF. • Fix a typo or add a paragraph with the paid PDF editor feature. • Add, delete, or rotate an image with your upgraded Acrobat PDF app. FILL AND SIGN FORMS • Easily fill in PDF forms with the form filler feature. • E-sign documents using your finger or stylus. STORE AND MANAGE FILES • Sign in to your free account to store and access files across devices. • Access all your files by linking online storage accounts, like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. • Star files to quickly open your most important or favorite documents. CONNECT TO GOOGLE DRIVE • Connect your Google Drive account to access PDFs and other files with ease. • View, share, and star Google Drive files directly in Acrobat Reader. • Create, edit, combine, compress, and export Google Drive files with a subscription. WORK WITH SCANNED DOCUMENTS • Access scanned PDFs that you’ve captured using the free Adobe Scan app. • Open your scans in Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill, sign, comment, and share. IN-APP PURCHASE Subscribe for even more PDF power. Subscriptions work across mobile and web. • Edit text and images right in your PDF document (mobile only). • Combine files into one PDF file and organize pages. • Create PDF files from documents or images. • Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. • Compress PDF files to reduce file size. • Protect PDF documents by adding passwords. The Acrobat Reader mobile app is designed to work with customers who have Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) enabled. Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy Do Not Sell My Personal Information: The Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF creator and document editor app puts your office in your pocket. View, annotate, fill, sign, and share PDF files with the free Adobe PDF reader. Convert JPG files to PDF format, create and sign fillable PDF forms, and add your e-signature to shared documents. Working with PDF documents has never been so easy.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF app reviews

  • Lost items since an update. 2/5

    By Free Times 1
    Lost items since an update.
  • Simply the Best 5/5

    By Gretzky's Younger Brother
    None better.
  • Ouline or bookmark doesn’t work 1/5

    By Zhuyan
    This issue exists for a while. When you tap the bookmark, it simply do nothing but return to current page. It is very surprising that it is not fixed with so many updating. I was wondering if my pdf has some issue but same file works well with other readers.
  • ? 1/5

    By Ecmikk
    Recently I’ve had ads popping up which keep me from using the app. Particularly the Voyager app. It repeatedly pops up. Quite annoying. Makes the app unusable. Is there anything you can do about it? Tried going to your website, but no place to notify or inquire about this issue. Eric
  • Doesn’t save my work 1/5

    By WolfPacker 2.0
    7/16/21 - the below review was left months ago & per developer instructions I contacted Adobe support. They never responded & the problem persists. I’ve learned from past, painful experience to hold off on updates now, usually for months & never before checking reviews so I can avoid losing hundreds of knitting/crochet patterns along with any notes I make. The app has suddenly stopped saving my changes, even after the update. Update: per the response made to my above comment I contacted adobe support via the provided link. I’ve gotten no response & if anything the problem has gotten worse. I used to have no problems updating my adobe app, but after the big “improvement” update sent out a couple of years ago I cringe every time I see a new one. I usually wait months before updating, but decided to take the chance & it bit me again, hard.
  • Tired of no free version. 1/5

    By jlehusker
    Terrible should be free.
  • Acrobat is great 5/5

    By Judio4
    I keep my files and documents in Acrobat and it is easy to navigate and retrieve I love this app
  • Adobe app 5/5

    By HDD60
    Great app very user friendly.
  • Nightmare to use under iOS15 as of 10/2021 1/5

    By GradOwl
    Just upgraded to a new iOS15 and tried using it with Adobe: Pdf-s are taking forever to load (what is this, Windows from the ‘90s?!) Handwritten annotations vanish than appear… eventually. I use this both for work and grad school and I am forced to scramble to find an alternative app.
  • App crashed and lost all my work 1/5

    By GumDrops4
    I spent hours working on a document. Taking notes and putting in annotations with my iPad pen. All of a sudden the app crashed while I was working and I lost HOURS of work and notes. It just went off while I was still taking notes. And even though I opened it back up right away, all my work was gone. I tiptoed to retrieve it to to avail. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to start over now
  • Not working 1/5

    By darkmean65
    Not working anymore after it updated?
  • The Apps Limitations Are Inconvenient 3/5

    By DrPb2Au
    This app works OK to get work done, but it doesn’t include some features that would make it much more convenient to use. One thing that slows me down using this app is that it doesn’t have a multiple file selection when adding files to an existing file in the page organizer. Also the thumbnails in page organizer did not show the notes I had written in with the stylus. I included the notes to help me identify which pages to move or delete etc and all those labels were just a waste of my time. I realize that I am accustomed to using the Adobe DC Pro program on my computer. As far as I can tell there is not Adobe DC Pro app for the iPad. It would be great if there were, so I can take advantage of the convenience features that are available to me on the computer.
  • Cruel and difficult 1/5

    By cadillaccowgirl
    Why should I have to opt out. I’d rather opt in.
  • App can’t create a pdf with images 3/5

    By 👍's up
    Coming from desktop I was expecting to be able to create PDF’s out of multiple images. This doesn’t seem to be the case. After attempting to create the file it gives an error and crashes. It can’t access the photos app but can access the files app. Some images it will let you select while others are arbitrarily greyed out despite being the exact same file type. I then learned that this is a simple process in the files app. As a result this app serves little purpose for my workflow on iPad OS. On PC it gets the job done. Not being able to create PDF’s with multiple file types is a huge let down. Not to mention the process of combining a large number of files is slow as there doesn’t seem to be a way to mass select. Overall, the app isn’t trash, but it doesn’t do the things I need it to do that it’s PC counterpart can do faster and with ease. Hopefully these issues are remedied in a future update.
  • Wont open after 12.5.5 update 2/5

    By MikenTampa
    Just says downloading but never opens
  • Why do I have to keep logging in…? 1/5

    By tvguylv
    Having constant login issues. It forces you to let Adobe track you weather you like it or not.
  • Combine docs 2/5

    By cindy1919454540
    I purchased the upgrade to combine documents and it did not work it kept showing me an error. It was supposed to make my life much easier when sending a document and I just ended up sending 24 separate documents one by one.
  • Better than iOS PDF Viewer 5/5

    By timathetoolman
    I often see issues that the iOS version of pdf viewer has when opening files that have been marked up. Acrobat is very fluid on loading files and doesn’t have the huge lag of the iOS version.
  • File split 3/5

    By Tobiasokito
    How can I split files on Adobe Acrobat?
  • Professor Danny Review 5/5

    By 06viper
  • Very handy 4/5

    By Deb W603
    Used it more than I thought I would.
  • Lame stream 1/5

    By LD72
    The app constantly prompts to buy, buy, buy.
  • Bad business 1/5

    By cissouma8D
    Unable to even import 1 docs
  • One must pay for everything? 1/5

    By Isr1995
    I downloaded the App to make a pdf. Every time I tried to make a pdf, I was transferred to window that says: To unlock premium features…I have to pay. Yet it says I have the free version. To do what?
  • Latest Update Killed Me 1/5

    By Coacho22
    Latest update killed my access - everything is showing as encrypted or corrupted. I can’t access anything. Absolutely terrible. Since I can’t do any work now, I luckily have time to write this review. Absolute garbage now.
  • CJPR 3/5

    By CJJ Carolina
    Sign to complicated
  • عملکرد 5/5

    By apple.naj
  • Hello 5/5

    By Monkeyraquetball
    I am not supposed too need too buy this but it is for the oldest reader and I am dealing with robberies that are also that same taste-threatening; so I report a bunch of Instagram spam and right now I’m trying too print at fedex but I have apple hardewarearthex contractanttenmtt too do it /otherwise used it it is a breezë , never was a thing-thing in programming-ever I just don’t have too buy it…
  • Horrid on privacy, as full of bugs as a corpse 1/5

    By publickimagelttd
    Where and when did Adobe implode? Deleting a file is a sickening core often meet with "no internet" or some other bug. Fails to educate on which files are/aren't actually private or public. This applies to all products in the suite. Once there was a time when Adobe was worth the extra. Dear consumer wahoo cares about your privacy rights, gather your files. run like hades, never looking back at the remains of what once was a cutting edge company.
  • Doesn’t work on unemployment site for government assistance 1/5

    By unable to open documents
    Can’t open documents
  • Cap smart water irrigation 5/5

    This program works for me for my backflow testing and the other stuff I do awesome program
  • Very good 5/5

    By aliabdomasri
    Very good thanks for your hard work
  • Fine 4/5

    By hmmm ddnnd
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ericcnyc
    Love it or leave it
  • Won’t convert to pdf 1/5

    By AshaJ92
    Every time I try to convert a docx file to pdf it says I need the premium which I have! When I click to subscribe it even says “you are currently subscribed to this.” I’m going to cancel. It doesn’t make any sense to pay for an option that I can’t use.
  • Changes all saved to “Read Only”??? 3/5

    By Ms. Diane's Preschool
    All my saved pdf’s no longer print stating its “read only” file?? What good is this?
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Isaiasboooooom
  • They charges fee $30 for service cancelation 1/5

    By Alex80881986
    Be accurate with plans select - there is fee $30 for service cancellation.
  • Easy to Learn. 4/5

    By Pvenhoff
    I just got started. Studying Files I already have.
  • This app is difficult to use and only wants you to sign up for premium service at a monthly charge. 1/5

    By JF914
    No thanks
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By iAmGains
    Constantly freezes and loses projects.
  • Sign in requirement 1/5

    By iPhone-user-1
    Crappie aap cannot print multiple layer forms correctly. No choice to use app without providing account information to adobe. Totally disapprove this app if you care for your privacy.
  • “Copy to Acrobat” shortcut now missing in Share Sheet! 1/5

    By Barbatus Unum
    Hey Devs, can you please fix this: Just updated my iPad Pro 10.5 from iOS 12.4 to iPadOS 14.8 (skipped all the bug-ridden iPadOS 13 & 14 releases in-between, and 15 is too new/still being cooked). Was running a very old Acrobat version, so Acrobat required updating to the current version (21.09.01). Now the “Copy to Acrobat” shortcut that was previously present is completely missing in the share sheet’s top row in Safari, other browsers, and other apps. Yes, I already swiped left all the way across, and edited the share list, swiping all the way down. There is simply no “Acrobat” option available to add it back to the share shortcut row. I and others definitely need it back, because this is how we make PDFs of web pages and from other apps and add them to the mobile Acrobat app. I also tried opening a PDF in multiple apps (Files, Mail, etc.) to try to generate a view that would allow the “Copy to Acrobat” icon/option to appear, so I could add it. It’s just GONE! Even tried the convoluted print method (MANY more steps required), but it still did not generate this share sheet shortcut. Also, this iPad Pro absolutely does NOT have any third-party MDM or Enterprise device management software installed to restrict it — so that’s NOT the problem. Your mobile support page on how to add the “Copy to Acrobat” shortcut is completely outdated and incorrect now with these current iPadOS and Acrobat mobile app versions. By searching online, I found there are VERY CONVOLUTED and CUMBERSOME ways (like 10-20 steps, taps, and swipes combos) to get a PDF generated and into Acrobat, but that’s NOT at all how it should be on an Apple iOS/iPadOS device, especially when you previously had the drop-dead simple “Copy to Acrobat” shortcut/icon previously available for years. Totally goes against Apple’s “it just works” simply design. Ironically, some of your competitors’ PDF apps DO have a share sheet shortcut/icon available in the top share sheet row. SO PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. I actually like most of the current Acrobat app, but you made it completely unbearable to use for a very common task and need on these devices. Congratulations, it’s actually worse here (on Apple!) than on Windows or Android for this task and use case (I use all three platforms regularly). Apologies for the sarcasm, but you can surely appreciate the irony — just trying to get my point across of how bad it is now. I’ve searched online, and others have this same problem too. Again, please fix it.
  • Leaves a lot to be desired 1/5

    By SuperShoeDiva
    For an app that one would think is just dying to be optimized for mobile this app is not! Liquid mode is a nightmare if you have anything with columns! Do not use liquid mode if you are reading music or any kind of charts. There is absolutely no way to set a default font so anytime you want to edit or add text to something you have to reset the font, its style and size. Speaking of text if you want to copy and paste text from one text block to another you have to reset the font again! How long is Adobe going ignore this basic feature?! This is basic stuff people! Musicians use other applications because this is so bad and it should not be. Renaming a file is a nightmare because the rename modal’s buttons are too close the the file name field. How irritating that while typing or editing a file name I hit the cancel button!!! Search is worthless, because it doesn’t let me specify if I am searching for the name of a file or text in a file so I get every frigging file with a word in it when I am real looking for a file name. Sort in Windows is abominable because it always gives you folders first! You will be scrolling for days and may just give up in frustration looking for documents. Power users beware!
  • Offered 3 day trial. Was charged immediately 1/5

    By TaylorJalordo
    Offered 3 day trial to me and I decided to check it out, I was charged immediately with no way to cancel or get refund. Much disappointment
  • Good App 5/5

    By ¥£€*<}
    Easy to use. It does what I need it to do.
  • Can’t open important application for citizenship 1/5

    By Peter20003
    Canadian embassy requires me to print out an application using Adobe reader but the app doesn’t work. I agree to pay the $70 annual fee for Adobe to work but it still doesn’t work. Where can I go to get help?
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By froggie50
    I used to have editing with my adobe app. Now I have to pay for it. Not right….
  • Cancel subscription 1/5

    By 6947Love
    Please be sure to cancel subscription to pdf app. Judith B Sullivan