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Adobe Illustrator Draw

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  • Current Version: 4.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Adobe Illustrator Draw App

If you’re a vector artist, Adobe Draw is your go-to app for digital drawing. Use customizable brushes to draw, design, and style your art. We’ve included basic shape stencils to speed up your design work— like circles, squares, French curves, polygons, and even speech bubbles for comics. Create on resizable canvases up to a delightfully printable 8k. With one tap, your layered files are sent right to Adobe Illustrator CC, or as a flat image to Adobe Photoshop CC. Show off your drawing process with an automatically created time-lapse video. Some feature highlights: • Five customizable brushes with unique tapers - infinitely configurable opacity, size and color • Insert basic shape stencils or new vector shapes from Capture CC • Get detailed perfection: zoom 64x for tiny details, with canvas size up to 8k • Mix photos with vector drawing layers - restack, rename, transform and merge them • Send your layered illustration to Photoshop or Illustrator • Optimized for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro • License royalty-free images from Adobe Stock within Draw ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE STORAGE (Optional in-app purchase) If you need more Creative Cloud file storage, you have the option of purchasing an additional 20GB for $1.99 (US dollars) a month. The recurring payment is automatically charged to your iTunes account. To stop service, simply go to your account Settings and turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of your billing period. Prorating is unavailable — when you turn off auto-renew, service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period. The Fine Print You must be 13 or older and agree to Adobe’s terms and privacy policy, viewable at: Use of Adobe mobile apps and online services requires registration for a free Adobe ID as part of a free, basic level of Creative Cloud membership. Adobe online services require an Internet connection, are not available in all countries or languages, and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. If you enjoy using Adobe Draw, please leave a review. It really helps!

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Adobe Illustrator Draw app reviews

  • Just some minor details... 4/5

    By EmKayMakesThings
    This is great for drawing here and then sending to Illustrator on my my desktop, but it gets a bit odd when I use the common shortcuts in other apps here and they don’t do what I expect. For example, in other apps, I use two fingers to tap and undo, but that isn’t what you do here. So, from a user standpoint, it definitely throws you off.
  • How sad they are no longer working on the App 5/5

    By GlassBeader
    I love this app and find it very functional. Please Adobe don’t eliminate it in favor of Fresco.
  • Great Product! 5/5

    By ArtistTutorTeacherLiz
    I use it as a whiteboard for tutoring and it lets me send the pictures to my changer! The students have notes and diagrams to use at home. It’s also great tool for artist. I sketch design ideas and keep them in folders. Great Product!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By lilly adler
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Thomastacup
    Very hard inviroment
  • Very limited vector painting application. 2/5

    By Critical acclaim100
    The interface is a mess. No reason to have the undo button on the drawing hand sidewith no way to adjust its location. Too many buttons to click and unclick just to do simple things, and there is no Actual explanation on how to use anything. Tried to make a logo with this, finally made a ring with the very limited selection tool, and then ported it to a different app that could do more. Drawing in vectors is nice but useless if you don’t have the tools to be precise with it. Btw Your export to adobe photoshop option said “sent” but never did anything the several times I tried to send it over. Glad to see it’s free but there’s a lot more to add before this is a go too for quick clean graphics. As a company thats made programs for designers for years, I don’t understand why your iOS applications are so sub par in UI elements and intuitive design.
  • Hey Adobe! 4/5

    By luckybanny
    I love to use this app to draw! But, sometimes when I try to fill my drawing, it doesn’t listen to me and go off track! I’m sure that I used the right layer, but it just need to fix! Thank you Adobe to make a app like this awesome! It’s just a little bug!
  • Good 5/5

    By gavinballance
    It’s really good to stress relief it calms you and it’s great to get your bad things behind you
  • Drawing is ok but can’t get it off the iPad 2/5

    By macsound
    I’m a Mac person and my iPad is just a tool. If this app purports itself as illustrator, why can’t I export an .ai file
  • :( 5/5

    By starbucksbest
    Once I had tried to sign in it kept on logging me out and so, I am not able to use the app. :(
  • Mostly pure 4/5

    By Noice reveiwer
    This app is great for creating lots of drawings, but I hate that if I need a different shape that isn’t a default I have to go to a different app to add that to my library ;-;
  • Good, but there are a few flaws 3/5

    By oK_bUDdy :)
    It is a good app if you are just starting digital art. But there are only 4-5 different tools you can use. But overall it is very easy to learn how to use and, again, great if you are looking for an easy start to digital art.
  • Why I give it a 1 1/5

    By Brianna✌🏻
    I don’t know how to use this and the first things didn’t help and I try to draw and it keeps on erasing!!!!!
  • Every single one of my drawings are gone 1/5

    By glitch bud 404
    I drew a lot on this app. All of my important and favorite drawings were on it. Just today I got on to draw another drawing, but it logged me out of my Adobe account. Of course I logged back in, but my drawings weren’t there. I tried every single adobe account I had ever had, but there was no trace of any of my drawings. They were very important to me, and I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just trying to draw. When I go to look at my storage, I see that the drawings’ data is still on my iPad, so why are my drawings not there? Please help Adobe.
  • You guys make me sad. 3/5

    By inkyshel
    Adobe is for everyone, right? WRONG! They don’t let KIDS play they’re apps! I wanted to draw but you won’t let me BECAUSE IM TEN YEARS OLD AND YOU LET THIRTEEN OR OLDER PEOPLE PLAY! Adobe is just for ADULTS WHO LIKE TO MAKE WERID CREATIONS. (No offense.) PLEASE! Make Adobe for everyone including KIDS! PLEASE! We had enough of “access Denied” stuff.
  • I Like This Drawing Adobe 5/5

    By Eliasluv26
  • Trash 1/5

    By cbnn17
    Absoulute trash
  • A far cry from the desktop version 2/5

    By loincom
    There’s no redo feature The color picker doesn’t have an eye dropper feature Naming a project is unbelievably unintuitive
  • Newcomer, loved drawing but got away from it. 4/5

    By AppleCh1p
    Drawing was always a fun pastime for me when I was younger, and comic books were a big influence to my drawing, so much so, I even created a few comic books and dozens of characters. I wasn’t good at drawing people, but I liked anthropomorphic animals and felt reasonably good at drawing anthropomorphic superhero animal characters. I’m hoping with Adobe Illustrator Draw, to rekindle my hobby and passion for drawing. I’ve enjoyed so far, but I’m having trouble with just a few parts. I’m sure I’ll master the program.
  • Oy 1/5

    By sukmybalzkyle
    More crap to sign up for? Delete. So many other free programs...
  • Best art app out there 5/5

    By Wey6Tu6Yung6
    I’ve done so many sketches on this app, Highly recommended
  • Epic 5/5

    By good games studio
  • Features overshadowed by bad lagging 2/5

    By WoolsWools
    App regularly lags when using Apple Pencil. Save to image only saves part of the visible workspace. Palm rejection routinely erases legitimate writing. These issues don’t occur in Paper, Concepts, Pages, etc...
  • stops working. 1/5

    By Awwimcriss
    After awhile of usage, The filling tool starts to malfunction and take 20 years to fill up a shape. please get this under control.
  • Blend the colors please? 3/5

    By hocphuupfupcypxyp
    I really like this drawing app or whatever but, I was really hoping that I could shade or blend in colors. If making this app; “easy to use”- then add a blender because it’s better than getting similar shades of the same color and burning your finger on the screen.
  • Im utterly unimpressed 1/5

    By Cherrycutiepie
    So I got an adobe account and decided to try this out, and to be honest? Im pretty unimpressed with the app. There isn't even a textured brush or the option to create a textured brush. And the forward reverse ability isn't very obvious. Trying to draw anything with it is very finicky and trying to get perfect lines like you can usually do in other drawing or sketching apps isn't an option. tl;dr, there are better quality sketching apps for free
  • Bueno pero faltan funciones 3/5

    By I Rico
    Es muy bueno y fácil de usar, sobre todo porque puedes trabajar en illustrator con los dibujos, pero le faltan muchas funciones que fácilmente podría tener, comparándolo con Procreate.
  • Da grafix r col 1/5

    BORING It’s so sh**y that I hate it
  • Best vector app definitly 5/5

    By Skully David
    adobe draw has become my favorite and most used application this year when drawing. simple and logical great for preparing illustrations for adobe illustrator.
  • Bugs!!! 3/5

    By Violet E
    This app seemed really great and I took the time to explore around a little bit. I finally got excited to dive into art again. I started doodling a little and as soon as I started using the eraser tool the app struggled to load anything. The erasing I did wouldn’t show up and I couldn’t tap anything else. I tried closing and reopening the app and I fiddled around with my WiFi a bit, but I couldn’t get it to work. If this is an issue with an easy fix please let me know! I had searched a while for an app as simple as this (because I’m new to digital art), but could still make a quality drawing. As a side note, my only other complaint is the lack of options for brushes. A small selection makes it easier to pick and choose, but too small of a selection doesn’t leave much room for exploration.
  • Still my favorite place to draw. 4/5

    By Todd Buller
    I love this for creating illustrations. Have been using it for ~ two years. Some of my top art has come from this app. Draw has the simple design, is bug-free, and the color picker is perfect. Is lacking only Fresco’s export options.
  • Why???? 2/5

    By wfhjugcg
    I lost all my stuff after the update 😤
  • Crashing 2/5

    By _idrewthis_2195_
    Tonight alone while working on a piece it crashed maybe 10/15 times for simple adjustments like resizing or moving. Otherwise love Adobe Draw and it’s vectors.
  • This is awesome 5/5

    By fhkbsbsohbojwbdfjbaojdjl
    This app can make your drawings excellent and gives you a variety of colors on the color palate.
  • This app is my entire life! 5/5

    By Ekxn
    Sad to see things switching to Fresco...
  • I’m in Heaven 5/5

    By with thankses
    Just started
  • Not good 1/5

    By narwhalelover
    I had this app, and I used it for about 5 minutes before I decided that I hate it. There are only 4 brushes, and none of them are natural! It is not a good app. The screen is really tiny because of the brushes, and the placement of the lines when you press with your finger sometimes goes right where you don’t want it to. If you want a good drawing app, go to ibspaint, it will be confusing at first, but so much better than this.
  • Why not simply call it Adobe Draw? 1/5

    By JohnyGumDrops
    Why put this out under the Illustrator label? Where are the anchor points for me to work with? Even if this was a super basic Illustrator program, I’d be happy to have the ability to create shapes on the go, instead of free form drawing. This is too similar to the Photoshop drawing app and not made for primary Illustrator users.
  • What is wrong with saving to images on iPad? 1/5

    By Forever Justice
    The save to image areas that does not match with the art board’s frame! Saving to image in Portrait setting mode become landscape photos and vice versa. Please fix this problem!
  • Review 5/5

    By Nay Nay and my best friends
    It’s really fun because you can draw all types of stuff with different materials
  • Absolutely Love this App! 5/5

    By Lizzypearl10
    Just as the title says, I really love this app, but I want to make a request on maybe adding an option to flip horizontally or vertically when transforming ALL frames at once? That would be a very nice thing to have so people can flip an image vertically or horizontally to get a better look/perspective of the drawing. Thank you for reading!
  • Adobe 5/5

    By vhfhhrfu
    It’s good when u know how to do it and when u practice
  • Version Differences 4/5

    By Preluck07
    I have this problem when I open anything on my iPhone and then try and to it on my tablet (android) it says that it cannot not be opened because my phone is on a recent version for the iPhones and my android tablet is on a lower version if you could please provide some input also my iPhone version is 4.8 but my tablet is 3.6.7
  • Lag is horrible! 2/5

    By Rachelrav3n
    The brushes bleed A LOT and the lag is just plain awful. After reading some of the other low rated reviews, I’m scared my work is going to be deleted out of nowhere now. Come on Adobe! You’re the best that we’ve got (or you’re suppose to be!) Get it together
  • Great until your work disappears 1/5

    By kcmnc
    I use this app for scientific illustrations quite happily for about 6 months, until my iPad prompted me to log back in bc my “session expired”. When I logged back in, my work was gone. This is a known issue if you google it. I got no help from support. I have an institutional creative cloud account not a personal one, so Draw was not linked. I was never prompted to link them or told in the app that they would need to be synced in order to preserve work that appeared to be stored locally. But here we are.

    Ok. This is a hate review, and before you scream at me to shut up about this, it’s necessary to address. This WOULD have been a 5 star rating if Adobe freaking ADDED A FILL TOOL. This is a huge issue for me in SO many ways. You see, I’m an animator, and I can’t afford for my work to look crappy, because then my likes on YouTube will go down, then my subs will go down because people will be embarrassed to be subbed to someone with terrible art. You see, my phone has restrictions, which means I won’t be able to get ibis paint x until I’m 12. That’s why I try as hard as possible to find decent/free drawing apps. However, the drawing apps that I always find always either try to force the pro version that you have to GET the pro version to SAVE the drawing. Now, I’ve gotten some of Adobe’s other drawing apps, and this time, I really think they tried. But this is something that I can’t let go. For this app I rate... TWO STARS! “Wait but that’s too harsh” I don’t care. Adobe needs to learn from their mistakes and improve. I really hope that the next time Adobe makes a drawing app, they make it better, for instance, maybe they’ll add A FILL TOOL. Well, I hope that this review was helpful! Bai~
  • Mostly amazing 4/5

    By ungsarthur
    This app has given me the freedom and flexibility to make great art that I enjoy on the go. I find myself just creating way more pieces than I normally would before this app. My only suggestions to make it perfect would be to add a pen tool to make those perfect curves. The French curves are just way too slow and tedious to get right. Also. The smoothing dynamics should be a toggle built into your art board so that you can quickly switch between really precise and tight lines and then back to the smoothing for larger strokes. Right how it’s way back in the app menu and settings. Still, highly recommend.
  • Best thing ever! 5/5

    By mammoth2345
    This is the best! You can draw anything and add details that a pencil can’t. The only thing I wish it had was a paint bucket, so you could color something fast without getting paint everywhere.
  • A great app 5/5

    By googlefiber91

Adobe Illustrator Draw app comments

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