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[adult swim]

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  • Current Version: 4.2.21
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: [adult swim]
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Get the [adult swim] app and enjoy tons of content WITHOUT a cable login. Lay back and enjoy 24/7 Marathons of our most popular shows. Login with a cable provider to watch our nightly on-air simulcast and unlock additional content. Ad Choices: policies.warnerbros.com/privacy/en-us/#adchoices Terms of Use: policies.warnerbros.com/terms/en-us/ Do Not Sell My Personal Information: privacycenter.wb.com/do-not-sell

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  • Hi 4/5

    By Its good enough from Olivia
    Only getting this to watch Rick and Morty for the first time ::) I’m getting this to step up stuff I watch cause Netflix is trash rn:)
  • Buggy and unstable, for years, and just getting worse 1/5

    By Crispy0827
    This app takes from a few seconds to several minutes to load, if it ever does, and if you’re validating with your cable subscription, plan to do that every time you login, and sometimes twice if the app crashes, which it does regularly.
  • Hello guys 5/5

    By FereonJakin
    Nice app Also how are you guys and girls?
  • Its the living thats hard 5/5

    By cursed_orange99
    [A S]
  • A required cable login 2/5

    By aunny696
    I practically downloaded just for attack on titan, but I had to login into a cable provider to watch it. I never had cable in my life and I always thought that’s what show apps were for. But, apparently I can’t even pay for a subscription just for adult swim? I don’t really understand.
  • Cody M 5/5

    By Cody Mertens
    Family is pretty awesome I enjoy watching it they are funny 😆 and they always make me laugh every Day I’m just positive and happy right now 😊😊😊 I actually found something that I love doing is watching family guy I love the Dog Brian he’s awesome 😎
  • Does not work on firecube 1/5

    By KysFgts
    Keeps crashing and won’t let me sign in through my tv provider.
  • Just found out [as] has an app. 4/5

    By big boy 2,000
    Seems pretty cool but the only thing I hate about it is the fact that my ankle hurts. 4 stars.
  • IM SO ANGRY😡🤬😤 5/5

    By sekandi
    Jk I’m not, I just wanted say hi to the people at adult swim🏋🏿‍♀️🐟
  • kinda wish all of the shows were on there 4/5

    By swaggy 😩😩
    I grew up on adult swim but kinda sad bc on some shows their isn’t the full seasons but besides that I love the app and it takes me back to when I use to stay up late and make sure my parents didn’t catch me watching it
  • Landscape mode for iPad please (twice edited)*️⃣*️⃣ 5/5

    By Polar Projection
    The menu home screen is in portrait. Only the video plays in horizontal view. Make the menu landscape as well and it’ll be 5 stars. You can follow twitch’s implementation of landscape. Or YouTube’s. No one will know Edited*️⃣ 5 stars. Thanks for developer response. Looking forward to it. I forget there is a human being behind the screen. I saw another comment asking how you were doing. I hope you are well 🤌🏿 Edited *️⃣adult swim joining discovery channel? 🤣 That IS new! I’m sure you guys’ll do fine. Excited for Rick and Morty S5! I’m alright! I’m transferring into the best college in my state. I’ve killed myself to get in, and I’m pooped. Got some family problems going on, but I’m keeping my head up and looking forward. I’m honestly anxious to meet old faces from high school. I’m not doing anything atm. Just chillin for the summer and loving this new iPad!
  • Good Content 2/5

    By Pepperpottz
    Good content and I like to marathon watch. But no matter what, I can only stream for about 10 minutes and the app starts to buffer. I only have this problem I’m on this app, so I know it’s not an issue with my internet service. I have deleted and installed the app several times because I really like it. But nothing helps. This happens when I attempt to stream Metalocalypse.
  • Can’t watch Final Space anymore 1/5

    By Kickerdog
    I purchased a Apple Season Pass for Final Space, and for some reason every time I try to access the new 9th episode this dumb app launches. Thanks for making it impossible to watch new Final Space episodes which I paid for.
  • Hello [AS] man 5/5

    By lozanolive-
    Love the app for Eric Andre and I see you respond a lot, how you doin?

  • It’s fine. Add a real rewind function on AppleTV please, devs 3/5

    By sortaloquacious
    Why doesn’t this app let users ffw/rw during video play. Every other Apple TV app works this way: click/enter, scrub, enter to select frame/time. Most let users start scrubbing while the video plays with just a swipe. [adult swim] on AppleTV makes users pause first. Pause, click, scrub, click. Why? What do adult swim devs know that no one else does? What makes this extra step so helpful to users? Isn’t it just an unnecessary extra step?
  • Not letting me open 1/5

    By whentheimposterissus2829
    Hey, whenever I try to open the app it says “There seems to be a problem here.” And it doesn’t let me use the app. This app is horrible.
  • Hi 😀 4/5

    By your new biggest fan <3
    I only downloaded this app for the promised neverland season 2 dub version and this app did not have it and it said it did 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
  • I found another problem but the app is great 4/5

    By 🙀👊👊☠️👊👊👊✌️👊👺👺
    I found out that when you close the video and you watched the ad after a while it will restart the ad at 30 seconds but overall the app is amazing
  • Pls 4/5

    By mysticevil
    He [adult swim] I’ve been watching for a while and love the app but I don’t have cable but I was wondering if you could plsssssssss make a paid subscription and it unlocks all content I will do anything that’s only reason you are missing a star But I still love you
  • Love it but needs less adds 4/5

    By Gabicd
    This is kinda a issue it needs less ads kinda like YT but not completely 😓
  • Ads seem to be the top priority with this app. 3/5

    By tee 22/7
    Lots of good content, but videos often freeze... audio continues, but the picture fails to advance. I have to restart the app and sit through yet another advertisement to continue watching. It would be nice if the app would be able to detect like "oh, this dude was just watching this show two minutes ago, I'm a gonna go straight back to the show rather than make him sit through another ad. It's been especially rough tonight... several inexplicable freezes of the audio then back to the commercials. It'd make a lot of sense if those of us who sign in to the app with our TV provider if we didn't have to view another ad if we were in the middle of a show and were only away for a very short duration.
  • Dookie 1/5

    By Poopy Jim
    Straight poo
  • 这是一个好软件 5/5

    By cow's vagina
  • Pretty good😁 4/5

    By Ruby3983
    I downloaded this just to watch one show the Boondocks 🤣
  • Altice One 4/5

    By Stevica B
    I loved using this app but it seems that I cannot watch certain episodes like the most recent attack on titan, without logging into my account. I log into my optimum account but it prompts me to choose altice one from the selection menu. Where is this menu located please?
  • Make Smiling Friends a real show please! 5/5

    By Gude times YT
    Look, Yolo Crystal Fantasy is good but Smiling Friends is better! 😀 Please make it a real show! 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks! 😀
  • i want to change the review 3/5

    By stfularry
    i honestly love adult swim, it’s been my favorite tv chanel since i was a kid that’s why i want to give it the benifit of the doubt by giving it a three star review. even though i downloaded this app 10 minutes ago and it refuses to let me open it with and app notification at the bottom saying (something is wrong here.) please fix this so i can give this app the 5 star review i know it deserves.
  • Missing episodes 3/5

    By VaporingSage
    Why are there missing episodes of a show like The Boondocks?
  • Terrible 5/5

    By adult swim tech support
    I love it
  • Perfect 5/5

    By jerryyy1212
    Never written a review but this one definitely deserves it!
  • good app but need some improve 3/5

    By Jacob Ye
    i hope the developer can make a extra version for iPad
  • I have a Suggestion 3/5

    By 4kM.i.A
    Honestly the chat part in the app that was some how deleted from the app was the best part honestly cause of the covid but i personally deleted the app when that was off I don’t usually post my feedback cause I’m sure it doesn’t hold weight I hope everyone is safe and have a nice day
  • add a skip forward and backwards button 5/5

    By Kregam
    Not a fan of wanting to go back 10 seconds but i have to scroll and just lose my place entirely otherwise great app.
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By c3chuck03johns408whyli3
    It will not play over my WiFi but Netflix and Hulu will
  • No screen mirroring 1/5

    By unitard92
    Tried screen mirroring to my tv because their roku and fire stick apps are broken.. this one is also broken. Works fine without screen mirroring but I need it on my 55 inch
  • Fixes we won’t even notice 5/5

    By keep it 100 g
    Was it your business model?
  • This is awesome 5/5

    By AirmensimsSf
    Put this app on Xbox I’m willing to buy it

    By LA, NY woman in Miami
    U Had the perfect App. I could pull up by Show name and have at my fingertips, every episode For seasons 1 to closing season to present. Trīs is beneath u. No show lists all seasons and all episodes anymore.
  • False advertising. 1/5

    By ChichiLotus
    Said didn’t need a cable provider to log in and watch shows. But mislead. You need a cable provider. Which isn’t ideal these days if people are switching to pure streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix,etc. Personally feel like there’s no need for the app if you need cable to watch something that’s already going to be on the actual tv. If it was a true subscription service for like $6.99 I’d be more inclined.
  • S.A.M.U.R.A.I. J A C K 5/5

    By KaiserNautilus
    I normally don't write reviews but this app brought me back nostalgia from watching Samurai Jack.
  • Good App!!! (Edit) 5/5

    By djdndlsshdnejs
    Great selection of shows!!! I have one question though.......... When is the ARG with Delilah coming back? Edit: If it was canceled can I at least get my hair back from the hair jar? Jk, but good app and keep doing what y’all are doing!
  • App is broken 1/5

    By bigwave111
    It just sits on the “Adult Swim” splash screen with a spinning load icon below it and never gets past it
  • Sign in problem? 3/5

    By Tsunami Simba
    I have Verizon Fios and always had access to the unlocked shows. Recently got back on and it now says that I need to update my cable service to include adult swim but it comes with CN and I already have one of the highest service. Hoping to get it situated soon.
  • What happened to the chats? 5/5

    By Darkphoenixeffect
    Watching the marathons with chats was a feature that was awesome. Why did it get nixed?
  • No favorite list 4/5

    By person1656
    I wish there was a favorite list but other than that I like it
  • don’t have all season or all ep 2/5

    By destinee 🤩🤩
    downloaded it to watch the boondocks it only had season 1 & 2 and don’t even have all the ep to it 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Bring back live chat. 1/5

    By KatyPishellaAwes0me
    Why remove it... it’s adult swim, not PBS kids.
  • Bad 1/5

    By shetsucc
    Black screen but audio keeps playing everytime I unpause it. There’s no skip 10 sec skip button and there is no skip intro button. Really bad considering the millions of dollars that adult swim has but can’t make a decent streaming app.
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