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Experience Adult Swim anyplace, anytime. Feast on 24/7 marathons of our most popular shows. Chat along with fellow viewers while watching our Live Stream of daily, interactive programs. Cast from your iPhone or iPad to another screen via Airplay or Chromecast. Enjoy our nightly on-air simulcast (cable log-in required). The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see https://www.adultswim.com/footer/legal/terms-of-use.html


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  • I cannot watch an entire episode 1/5

    By thomasmwarren
    I’ve tried to airplay mirror this app to my Apple TV to watch the new season of FLCL, but every time it hits the mid-episode ad, it starts the episode over again after the ads play. Even when I try to just move the playhead to where we are, it plays at least two minutes of ads and then start the episode over. If I back out and try to hit “resume”, it still plays a bunch of ads and then starts the episode over. All I want to do is watch an entire episode of something, and this app seems to make it impossible. Super disappointed in this app and AS still including ads even when logged in with a cable subscription. If the episode could play uninterrupted, I doubt this would keep happening.
  • The app 5/5

    By kool_joe21
    ¿I am curious dose this app dose any charges twords your cable?
  • No directv now support 1/5

    By Kpowers82
    This app supports PlayStation Vue log in but not Directv Now? Get it together, it’s 2018. Cable tv is dead.
  • All glory to the Soviet Union 5/5

    By GameSquirrel
    Hey, instead of [as] why not [we]?
  • What happened to the rest of the season 3/5

    By Seel Beast
    I found Mike Tyson Mysteries but I found only season 3 what happened to season 1 & 2
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Beastyboyryder
    Hey thanks for making this app now I can watch joe pera and go to sleep easier
  • Help 5/5

    By Deadbeat88
    Season one episode 8 of rick and Morty does not play I click on it to watch the episode and it pops up and closes the whole app immediately I’ve tried everything up to date and also tryed to redownload the app it still will not play everything else does though
  • Apple TV?? 5/5

    Apple TV app please
  • Landscape mode 3/5

    By Heebsheeber
    For weeks I’ve been trying to watch shows in landscape mode and it doesn’t change no matter if I click the button or turn my phone been waiting for a new update to fix.
  • Does not work properly 1/5

    By Purpwak
    While it is nice that there are free streaming options, even when connected through a cable provider the app will refuse to play locked episodes. This “failed to play” message is apparently due to the video needing Flash to run... despite the non-blocked episodes working without it? Of course this is impossible on Apple products meaning you HAVE to cast if you want it to work. I find this crazy considering Flash is obviously not needed for episodes to run, and the portability is the only reason I use the app over the website in the first place. Totally ruined the app for me.
  • Can’t go full screen 4/5

    By jake the dod
    Every time I open a show to full screen it kicks me from the app

    By Jesus Let Me Send
    Subtitles are turned off; there’s still subtitles. Here’s an ad. Try to turn off subtitles; button works, but still subtitles. Turn phone to landscape; stays in portrait. Press full screen button, nothing happens. Press options button, no options, just a FAQ. Show starts over. Here’s an ad. Try to scrub forward, when the scrub bar actually works, will go to 1/4 or 3/4 into the show, nowhere else. Now no buttons work at all. Show starts over. Here’s an ad.
  • No king of the hill? EDIT 5/5

    By Nikop55
    Why are no king of the hill episodes here Edit: I got my fix of king of the hill now
  • My Live Stream 1/5

    By DorkyGirl13579
    My Live Stream stopped working on June 5, 2018 ever since the latest update. I keep getting an error message. I miss it. Help! I love [adult swim]!
  • Cable login is crap no sling tv 1/5

    By LJB1988
    Won’t support sling tv as a provider Hell I’d subscribe to access the content but they won’t even let you massive failure of an app cable login is old and needs to go away.
  • So annoying... 1/5

    By Resident Elmo
    Crashes, locks up, buffers forever, no landscape until in a video, etc...
  • Old Episodes Gone 4/5

    By Bradybeast!!!!
    I started watching My Hero Academia and I got to the 4 episode and then waited for it to come out today. Where did the 3rd episode disappear to? I even went to episode 2 then slid through it only to skip to episode 4. Also on Naruto Shippuden, why are half of the episodes GONE? I wanted to watch them but why would I want to start on the 7th episode. Otherwise pretty good besides half of the episodes not there or gone.
  • Chrome cast option vanished? 1/5

    By Mijavera
    I used to be able to cast my shows, I don’t even see the casting option after new update!
  • This is the best but... 4/5

    By cluster slayer
    This is the best app ever! But there’s one thing that’s wrong with the app sometimes it stops the audio and a few secs later it’s on again, I don’t know if it’s just because my iPad is old but please check.
  • Great app for the world’s best channel! 5/5

    By NeonRanger
    Love this app and all the goodies within! Nice selection of catalogue titles too with a cable login. My only request would be a native Apple TV app.
  • Love the app , one small problem though 5/5

    By Lilthrasherr
    Hey adult swim I love the app and what you guys are doing but I think I found a small problem in the video player . Whenever I try to resume a video it plays but the screen is covered with the resume or start over buttons . Hopefully I’m not the only one experiencing this and hope you guys can fix it . Love the live streams btw and assembly line yeah !
  • Aqua Teen removed 5/5

    By Damian001
    Hi I love Aqua Teen, but today I couldn't find it. Was it removed from the Marathon streams because it's not showing for me. Update: I just found all the episodes in the archive. Thank you AS!
  • Great application if you want adult swim all day 5/5

    By Themusicman08
    I happened to find out about this application while watching adult swim on television. I tried the Roku application but could not get it to work with the built-in voice guidance on the set. I would hope that maybe this will improve in a future update. I also am a voiceover user on Apple iOS and would like to see the voice over improvements on this as well as possibly an Apple TV version of the application. I hope that you will take these and other suggestions from users like myself. Otherwise, great application and keep up the good work.
  • Chrome cast 4/5

    By Hdnjffhjhd
    I love adult swim! Husband and I use the app to stream Rick and Morty and Home Movies every weekend brunch. Today there has been no option to connect to a chrome cast. Did you guys get rid of that feature? We loved it :( Edit: If I delete the app and redownload it the chrome cast option shows up. But only the first time I open the app. The second time I open it the option is gone again.
  • Will FLCL progressive be available on the app? 5/5

    By mergo, im sure youll know
    I love the app and the shows but will FLCL progressive be watchable on the app or do I have to watch it only on tv? Just asking.
  • STILL having issues the Airplay! 1/5

    By Alejandropf44
    Come on people, how hard is to get AirPlay right?! The Cartoon Network app has the same issues. It seems you hired the same incompetent agency to develop 2 unusable apps. You had a tons of updates and none of them fix the issue. I don’t have these problems with ANY OTHER CHANNEL APP, just [as] & CN. When I try to airplay the Simulcast from my iPhoneX to the Apple TV the the video just won’t load for some reason. The only way is to start playing on the phone and then start the airplay, and when the phone goes to sleep, the streaming stops. When I’m watching on the phone it works as intended.
  • The app is rad! 5/5

    By supercomp78
    RESPONSE EDIT: While typing my response, I figured I’d give it one last go and I don’t know what black magic you worked, but I’m back up and watching Bob’s Burgers and all is well! The app is GREAT and so is the dev support (especially if they practice the dark arts)! ORIGINAL PROBLEM: Something happened in the last update that is preventing me from logging in to my provider to watch the simulcast. I get a red error screen when trying to login from the feed and the login button in the menu does nothing. This app was great until last week.
  • Make an Apple TV version! 5/5

    By Heath2345
    I really enjoy this app and the vast library of content; however, I would love to watch these shows on my tv using an Apple TV version of this app. Please make an Apple TV app!
  • Moronic implementation 1/5

    By ueueueueuueueueueueueueue
    Forced portrait mode on iPads? Tossed this junk.
  • Great 4/5

    By sam87723
    I don’t know if it’s just me but I haven’t been seeing new episodes of shows uploaded , other than that issue it’s good
  • I Want To Like The App 2/5

    By Unitedstreets23
    I want to like the app but I can't sign in with DirecTV Now. Yet there is an option to sign in with a DirecTV account! That needs to be fixed. There are so many shows I'd like to watch but can't for that reason.
  • Fix Orientation. Please. 2/5

    By Avg8tor
    Every other video streaming app has figured out how to correctly orient the full screen display to whichever direction I’m holding my iPad when screen lock is enabled...except AS. Not cool. Please fix. Response to Developer: I’ll make this simple. Hold an iPad horizontally with the home button under your left thumb. Open AS app. Go full screen on the video. Notice anything amiss? With screen lock off, you have to tilt the screen around to fix. With screen lock on, you have to exit the app or turn screen lock off and on. Try this with Netflix, Plex, Amazon, and any other video streaming app, and you don’t need to do any of that. Just seems like it would be an easy fix...
  • Needs all episodes 2/5

    By Combustion8
    Love the simple UI, straight and to the point. Marathon is a brilliant idea but.... why can't you stream all old episodes?!? 1 episode of Tim and Eric ASGJ from the entire second season?? Why?!
  • I love this 5/5

    By cachqueen
    I love this app it has all my favorite shows and I love you guys.❤️❤️❤️
  • Doesn’t hardly work 1/5

    By Godfetus666
    Poorly executed and buggy
  • How do I find seasons for rick and morty and not just live streams 3/5

    By P̸u̸
    It use to be were u search up the tv show and watch all seasons new update is different how do I watch tv show seasons ?
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Peaceful B
    I remember going to the app to find whatever show I wanted and I loved it. Now I’m going on the app and find nothing but live broadcasts/what’s being streamed. Looked everywhere, logged in, and can’t find the list of shows I used to see. Something change? If so I sure don’t like it.
  • Can’t register 1/5

    By Gem55555
    Stuck loading paint thing. Can’t register on iOS.... needs to be fixed
  • Trash 1/5

    By IOUOneGalaxy
    This app is garbage. The UI is terrible and it constantly crashes. Would be nice if they updated it to look like something that was not from the 90s and got it to run stable. Update: Perhaps my first review of why I dislike this app so much was a bit hasty. I’d like to thank the developer for taking the time to respond so let me be more concise with why I think this app is currently garbage. First, I hate the interface. When I said it looks like something from the 90s, I wasn’t referring to phone apps. I’m completely aware that something like this couldn’t exist back then. What I mean is that the layout is so barebones that it looks like something I would’ve made using geocities back in the 90s. Seriously, there is no search box for shows? Am I missing something? There isn’t any way to favorite a show, add it to a que, or follow it for updates. Instead, I have to dig through something called the Archived Toonami Pre-Flight... How about something simply labeled “Shows” Second, the app is incredibly unstable when using airplay. In response to the developer, I’m running the app on a new iPad Pro on a gigabit internet streaming to an Apple TV 4. I hardly think my devices or internet are the problem. Nevertheless, every time I stream something, the app can’t handle going between commercials and back to the original show. It either runs into an infinite loop of loading or crashes. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No improvement. Honestly, this is why I hate this app so much. I can get over an old and antiquated UI, but crashing because it can’t handle the handoff between commercials and content is why I’m so disgusted. Unfortunately, Adult Swim continues to be the only place to watch certain shows so I guess I am stuck for now. Here’s hoping you really do listen to these comments and try to make improvements. The content is fantastic, I just wish it wasn’t such a pain to access it.
  • THANK YOU 5/5

    By Asianr1yah
    I have been looking for Rick and Morty episodes because tv doesn’t air many of them, they play the same ones over and over. With this app I can watch as much Rick and Morty as I want🤪
  • Worked till now 5/5

    By Wolvereezy
    For whatever reason, the app has stopped working with Verizon Fios. Whenever I try to watch Ball Masterz, it prompts me to sign into my cable provider. When I click Verizon, the screen goes white ( or black) and doesn’t load the sign-in page. I still love the app, but please fix this.
  • [as] rules! 5/5

    By PaintedBear
    Ive been an Adult Swim fan since day 1, and the app only makes it even easier to get my daily fix whenever I have down time. As a creative myself, i have nothing but respect for all of the many writers, the animators, and creators of all these funny, bizarre, sometimes educational, and often philosophical shows. I cant get enough. More! More! More! And btw....if you have any pull at all over at the Rick and Morty camp, please tell em to get with the new episodes already! ...I think Im going through withdrawal already. Thanks! Peace!
  • More cable providers 1/5

    By 992 Bwatts
    This app looks fun but I can’t enjoy it because they don’t have enough cable provider options need that ASAP
  • Please fix 3/5

    By Scooter_12
    The Marathons keep skipping and pausing real bad .
  • Good but... 4/5

    By scout10124
    It’s a good app and I love using it in the morning or at lunch and stuff like that when I’m not at the tv or the shows aren’t available. But the only problem for me is that I can’t watch older episodes of shows even when logged in. I don’t know if I just missed something on an update since I haven’t downloaded it in a while or used it. But honestly this is a great app
  • Lightning to HDMI adapter Support 2/5

    By RipVanRico
    I love adult swim and I love the layout of the app but I think it’s stupid they I pay $50 fir an apple product that the app wont support. For example phone will go to sleep and pause playback. I will definitely give it 5 stars once the app is able to recognize my Lightning to HDMI adapter and function like my other video streaming services.
  • Freezes 3/5

    By StuBear475
    Can only watch 30 sec and then it stops. What’s going on?
  • Rick and Morty fans would love it 5/5

    By Francisco Gracia
    I love the app, it gets the job done.
  • Adult swim 3/5

    By quahnuski
    Need fixed the shows it starting to freeze when I try to play them
  • DBZ?! 5/5

    By jazzy_24
    Am I able to watch DBZ Super? I’ve fallen behind and can’t find a trusted site that has all the dubbed episodes!

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