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AdVenture Communist

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  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kongregate
  • Compatibility: Android
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AdVenture Communist App

Welcome Comrade, to AdVenture Communist! Best clicky idle game ever made by human beings, probably! Become glorious leader of your own Communist State, and gather resources to build ultimate super power. Dig potatoes, research experimental upgrades, and make efficient all the means of production to raise to highest ranks. Are you seeing a few red flags? That is good thing! AdVenture Communist features State Approved Communist jokings! Because jokes about Communism aren't funny unless everyone gets them. And when you are getting tired, take break! Communist State keeps producing while you’re gone. Though it will miss you terribly! There are medals to earn! Tasks to delegate! Strangely addictive progress bars to watch go zippy zappy. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a Communism Simulator! Play AdVenture Communist today! Is mandatory government prescribed FUN!


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AdVenture Communist app reviews

  • F A N T A S T I C 5/5

    By Son Goku..
    Just like Frank West
  • The other reviews 5/5

    By Sonicboy40
    The other reviews show how communism doesn’t last
  • Below average 2/5

    By jarcec
    Typical click/idle game similar in nature to many others. I decided for two stars because: * For some reason the game requires internet. I like click/idle games especially for travels when sitting in a plane or stuck on airport with really bad cell reception and no wifi. Sadly I can’t use this game in such scenario and I don’t personally get why. Internet is such an overkill for this game. * Sync issues - it happened so often that I opened the game, did some stuff and closed the app. When I returned few hours late, all my changes were lost. It almost looks like game is syncing only periodically and if it’s not opened for long enough, the changes are lost. Again pointing to an overkill with internet.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By George/Pepperoniking
    Would cheeki breeki again my comrades. Now get back in the mines
  • Gold bar scam 1/5

    By Candan1086
    This game is a scam for free gold bars for downloading another app and doing a task. Even after opening an ticket they just decline after adding all the information and screen shot they just decline that you completed the tasks... don’t bother playing this game waste of time... Even after emailing still no help don’t bother playing this game. SCAM
  • Best tycoon game 5/5

    By ARussianMan
    It perfectly represents how communism works and how much growth it can have. It also has no money, just Start with potatoes and work your way up to the best comrade ever.
  • A mixed bag 3/5

    By King Meander
    If you’ve played any other number increments game, you know what you’re getting here. You tap to make numbers bigger, then buy upgrades to make the numbers get bigger faster. Every couple days, you do a soft reset and the numbers get bigger even faster. This game has two unique selling points that it attempts to stand on. The first is its “In Soviet Russia...” style of humor. At first, this lands pretty well and it may end up being enough to keep you playing until you get hooked. It was for me and I would say it is fairly well executed overall. The second unique selling point comes in the form of research upgrades. Over the course of the game, you earn science which you spend to buy these upgrades and they are what controls your actual advancement. Your ability to progress will depend on you constantly resetting and choosing new upgrades that best suit your current needs. Now, these are what I would truly consider a mixed bag and why I chose to give this game three stars. The good: these experiments offer a lot of variety in how they improve your abilities. Since many of the most powerful upgrades also come with drawbacks, it is an interesting puzzle trying to find the best combination. The bad: as I mentioned earlier, you will need to reselect your upgrades often. In the later game, you will often need to reset multiple times in a single play through in order to best push past your current wall. This is bad because the user interface for these upgrades is TERRIBLE. It consists of five separate scrolling lists with no rhyme or reason dictating what abilities are on which list. There is no method provided for sorting upgrades and the list quickly becomes crowded with nonsense choices you will never take but still have to scroll through. The best thing the game gives you to counter this is the ability to create “loadouts” that allow you to quickly buy back groups of upgrades you have created. However, this still isn’t that helpful since you will often want to change what upgrades you are taking and a load out that worked before might no longer be usable. The best fix I can think of for this would be the ability to sell back specific upgrades individually, allowing you to easily adapt your strategy on the fly. The game doesn’t allow this, however, because that would interfere with one of their monitization mechanics. See, the game gives you a set number of “free” resets for your upgrades but anything beyond that will require sacrificing some of your upgrade points. To counter this, the game is more than willing to sell you additional upgrade points through in-app purchases. While this isn’t a problem on its own (and the prices are reasonable) choosing to monitize the game this way means that the actually playing of the game can become a frustrating experience of scrolling through unintuitive lists. Final thoughts: a solid experience that will draw you in but the increasingly frustrating late game experience will probably drive a lot of people away.
  • Multiplier button 4/5

    By Writer01204
    Very fun. Added cost of resources makes game much more compelling that adventure capitalist. Would be useful to have a buy x10 and x100 buttons for resources. Purchasing thousands of resources is tedious.
  • Capitalism = bad 5/5

    By MarkyMarkandteFunkyBunch
    It's good cause its communist
  • Purchasing System Is Wrong 1/5

    By Mister Fanelle Dutchingshamen
    I bought a few deals on my iPad (not packs of gold, but like the Starter Pack, Rank 4 Pack, Rank 7 Pack, etc.) and it says “Insufficient Credit” on my iPhone. What the hell is this? They are on the same Apple ID, so it should offer it to me for free. Fix this bug now.
  • A glorious game for true comrades 5/5

    By RossKBoss
    Capitalist pigs shall burn in the fires of hell
  • Better than the capitalist pigs! 4/5

    By Vladimir Iliych Lenin
  • Only together can we purge capitalism 5/5

    By ReallyBeefyTaco
    Can properly tell you how to start a first world communist society starting from a potato 10/10 would play again
  • UiltamateCommarde 5/5

    By loganco7
    I’ve totally have millions of farmers and thousands of workers I’m trying to work my way up into buying a nurse
  • Funny follow up 5/5

    By Bytra
    Maybe not the same polish as the first one but in soviet Russia reviews you will do. If you don't get the humor go live in the 80s for a while
  • Pretty good game 5/5

    By Sean XGB
  • Too many ads! 2/5

    By zach_rattatat
    I love this game. I love what the game is built around. But every time I clear two blocks, I get a 30 second ad! Every 30 seconds I play the game, I get 30 seconds of ads.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By coumunism
    This game is one of the best mobile games I've ever played.
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By TarynRobinson😎🤩😋
    I love it.It is so much fun😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Ads still broken after update. 1/5

    By Akvavit82
    Ads still fail to load just as often after the recent update. The only difference is the game will recognize that it failed and ask to try again. Trying again never works, so the ad problem is as bad as before.
  • Ad bugs 2/5

    By Themeganv
    I’ve played this game for a few months now and have been having a lot of issues watching ads to get the boosts to comrades and overall production. I will get error messages or it will ask me to check my internet connection. This happens on 4g and WiFi connection. Makes the game sooo much slower to play.
  • Trotsky 2/5

    By TAANR/E
    Would be disappointed
  • Not Bad at all 5/5

    By MotherlandRussia
    I like the game, the only problem is that it isn’t playable when it’s sideways, but I don’t believe that’s worth a whole star.
  • Good game 4/5

    By WickedWaffle
    This game is great for an idle clicker just sit back and let the potatoes and comrades roll in!!!
  • Slow crawl to oblivion 2/5

    By Vicz007
    Game isn’t fun after a few hours. Ads don’t work, and you lose out on billions of workers. Company is extremely slow at fixing bugs and putting out updates. Stay away from this until if and when they get their act together. Edit: game still broken because hyper hippo is focusing on other priorities at the moment.
  • Just offensive 1/5

    By El Youkay
    Adventure capitalist now with racist Cold War jokes
  • Great but very buggy 3/5

    By limabeern
    I love the game but I’ve kind of given up on it because half the time the game doesn’t save your progress and the their half of the time the ads have loading errors.
  • Ad Bonuses are a Gamble 3/5

    By Thetoo9
    I’m tired of waiting and hoping that the ads will work. They offer bonuses for watching ads, yet no matter how good my network connection is they sometimes refuse to load and I lose the opportunity for the bonus. The issue is clearly on their end. I have been putting up with this for months hoping it will be fixed and it only seems to get worse. Please fix it. I have spent money on this game and would gladly be watching the ads. Just make them work so I can stop wasting my time watching that star spin in the middle of the screen.
  • Issue with Green Buttons 2/5

    By Kregain
    The meter on the green buttons no longer moves no matter how long I press or hold it for.
  • The workers party 4/5

    By Tricia0516
    Into the motherland
  • Quite fun karmas 5/5

    By Nekollx
    Adcom is quite fun for those of you who like tycoon games. It is much like the companies other games but the addition of missions that produce entities ofLower tiers creates a self-sustaining system which is quite fun to build up
  • Meme 5/5

    By The troll hamer
    Nice game
  • Communism brothers 5/5

    By Gooseman02
    Cuka blyat
  • This has some interesting idea but terrible micro transactions. 1/5

    By RazulWolf
    Where to even start with all the problems I have with this game. OK for starters there are too many plates to spin and not enough feedback on what's going to effect what when you buy different groups. I have so many problems with how the science upgrades work. For starters there should be some way to sort them by cost. I hate have to scroll through the whole list to find at the bottom that I have a new cheap on i could buy after a rank up. Also you get science at a terrible rate, it's like they balanced it so that you have to buy it to make any progress. Oh and those all those micro transactions. I'll be frank, this game feels like they came up with a list of transactions first and then build the most bare minimum of the dressing of a game to sell those transactions. Overall this is a sad shadow of the first game that was either poorly designed or explicitly designed to harass its players for money.
  • I get that game 5/5

    By Tgcnick923
    Still I like it
  • Glory to communism 5/5

    By Nikolai_00
    It is great game comrade get it

  • Temporary excitement 2/5

    By Jared D Wagner
    Adjusted from a one star to a two star rating (resolved game data issue). I have played the game for a few months now, and I’ve made it to rank 7 pretty smoothly. At first the game was fun and I was pretty stoked to unlock all of the features. I invested a good deal of time and a few bucks and had some nice perks. After you surpass the first or second rank, the game get boring. You get some rewards to boost production but that’s pretty much it. The game lacks thrill and excitement to keep playing and moving on. If you’re looking for a one-two time a day 10 minute killer this game rocks. But if you’re searching for a long-term game that gets more exciting as you go, then this is not for you. Deleting this game from nothing but boredom.
  • In Soviet Russia, 5/5

    By brothen127
    Potatoes plant you! 🚩
  • Good game 4/5

    By TXCherokee08
    Recommend very good. One issue, you can only buy 1 of something at a time, I would put a 1, 10, 100, and Max, just like Adventure Capitalist.
  • Hard Paywall 2/5

    By Johnny Two Smart
    The only permanent form of progress is science. You get science points at a snails pace watching adds or every other month playing normal. This game has one of the most obvious pay walls I’ve ever hit. I’ve been playing a month alone trying to get one upgrade. I’m finally done with this game.
  • Ad Problem 3/5

    By Holtpalace
    When trying to view ads for rewards, at majority of the time they won’t come up at all for anything. This game could be a lot more entertaining if I wasn’t staring at a loading screen so much.
  • HOG!!! 1/5

    By Candycrushed
    I was on 100% then I saw that I was on 2% when only playing for 10 min’s and once I was on 30% then on 12% for only playing for 2 min WHAT THE HECK!!! I give this one star and not just for that.
  • Great with a few bugs and annoyances 4/5

    By Elzien
    I love the app! My one BIG problem is, sometimes when I close the app, it’ll forget everything I did in the last session and I’ll lose some progress. It’s never too much but it’s super annoying. Also, the placebo industries only generate placebos instead of generating the thing that’s one rank down like the rest of the industries, meaning it’s super hard to get that stuff since it’s not exponential. Otherwise really fun though
  • Would be better if ads worked for comrades and rate multiplier 2/5

    By Kcin757
    75% of the time you click to double comrades while you are away or watch ads to multiply the work they do, ads will not actually load.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Gavin Bender
    This game is like adventure capitalist, but with a new skin. The spend money and money making machines to make more machines is simply brilliant. Everything, even the music (which is a remixes version of the song Moscow from what I know) is brilliantly thought over. Good work, Comrades!
  • Very Nice Comrades! 5/5

    By (The KGB has my family)
    Perfectly shows the glorious union! It would put a smile on Lenin's face! (Was that good enough KGB? Now can my family go free?)
  • Not quite as good as Cap 4/5

    By TreesapCaramel
    More complicated than the first game and a lot slower, still worth checking out.
  • Opa! 5/5

    By Doomfox10
    You see, its heritage in palm of hand! Now i can be the new commissar of mother Russia!
  • This game is totally worth it 5/5

    By Johnny cash son
    I played this game for a while and it is way better than adventure capitalist

AdVenture Communist app comments


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