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Aeries Mobile Portal

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Aeries Software, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Aeries Mobile Portal App

Now parents and students can take their student information with them on-the-go, with the first version of the Aeries Mobile Portal app for parents and students! Put your Aeries student data in your pocket with Aeries Mobile Portal. Check gradebook details, review attendance, and access Aeries Communications - right from the palm of your hand! • Gradebook summary and gradebook details • Attendance including tardies and absences • Student contact information • QR code Supplemental Attendance check-in scanner • In-app access to your Aeries Communications portal (if enabled at your district) Important - please note you can only utilize this app if your school district is using the Aeries Student Information System. Contact your school for more information regarding compatibility with the Aeries Mobile Portal app.

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Aeries Mobile Portal app reviews

  • The Settings... 1/5

    By juggkggkjg
    This app is Not the best ,but ok ,I am telling you guys that informations dose not show ALL on the app ,all I have to go to website to check ,and it load really slow ,so this is U guys make it the changes ,also ,even I am just a student ,when I press Settings button ,there has two manage accounts button ,I can press first button ,and I can’t press second button ,U saying it’s good ,but it’s not ,so can U guys fix this? Please? Thanks. -No Name
  • Any other grading system is better than this 1/5

    By eduardo_gomez02
    I just started my junior year last month and no staff member or student has been able to get this app working. It’s a waste of time, I have no idea what my grades are, or anything of that sort. I’d give this 0 stars if it was possible.
  • It won’t let me in!!! 1/5

    By porchacho
    I’ve tried multiple times deleting and reinstalling this app and restarting my phone to no avail. I’m done with this app it leaves me at the get started screen and won’t let me in!! I’ve deleted this app. Fix your dang app!!!
  • Good app but needs update 3/5

    By Mrwokn
    It continues to say I have incorrect password when I attempt to log in. Will take several attempts to accept correct password before it logs in.
  • “Error We couldn’t link student!” 1/5

    By MamaBoomshaBoom
    This needs 0 stars! When I try to link my student it consistently tells me “Error! We couldn’t link the student. Please try again later.” I have received this error message at the start of school in AUGUST and no one is able to assist me in getting the app to work. This app is horrid and not useful at all. Better off using the generic Apple Valley USD app for important announcements and use a regular email address if you need to contact the teacher. Concerning the grades, if there’s an issue or you suspect there’s problems, I’d say just get in contact with the teacher.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By evd14
    They need to improve their app. Cannot log in and says the student isn’t found. Have to change password online. Worst app!!!
  • Notifications!!! 2/5

    By Willa91012
    We want notifications when a grade is inputted! I don’t want to check the app every 15 minute because I’m anxious about a test score, I want to be notified. There’s a lot of things wrong with this app, but that is my main complaint.
  • can’t even get past “get started” 1/5

    By jayzee98
    won’t even let me get past the home page to log in. every time i press the “get started” button to log in it just goes back. the mobile app itself doesn’t even work.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By ashleengosal
    Many times the app doesn’t work. And even if it does it lacks features that are useful to students
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Mrman9173738
    I can’t log in even with the right password and email
  • Why did my school switch 1/5

    By It Works byw
    This app is garbage
  • Not good. 1/5

    By angrystudent13
    Trash. Always glitchy and never works properly.
  • Terrible 1/5

    This app is indescribably terrible. BRING BACK SCHOOL LOOP
  • Worst app ever!! 1/5

    By Mll1313
    I can’t believe schools use this system. Its not user friendly. It doesn’t work EVER! It’s crap!! WORST SYSTEM EVER!! You never get emails and its only the third week of school and you already can’t log in!!
  • Aeries is the best! Grades is the worst 5/5

    By Rabbid Mario
    It really is dummy
  • I’ve tried countless times to sign in 1/5

    By eliana moore
    If used all of my email, google accounts, and changed the password, tried to find the school, but it literally never works. The app is a waste of space
  • Good app 5/5

    By mawheidhdj
    I don’t know why ppl don’t like this app it works fine. And it show your grade that’s what it supposed to do and I don’t know about this whole grade thing but for me Aries is a good app it dose the job.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By chijate vivi
    It’s not a good application because you try log in and keeps on saying that you have the wrong email or password... when you really its trying to see how are your kids doing... 👎🏻
  • All my local schools are not registered 1/5

    By HbDoc
    With the mobile app. Disappointing
  • Bad 1/5

    By Love it ,... but....
    This app is horrible... The reason why is because I can’t even get past the “Lets Get Started” page and every time I tried to go into it, it glitches and goes right back to start page🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Nate blanch
    When i get the app i press login or whatever and it brings me to the same page and if i go on the computer website it says my info is incorrect when i know my info i triple check it every time. I’ve tried deleting the app and installing it again almost 15 times now and it will never work. 1 star until this gets fixed.
  • Why 1/5

    By bybnmk
    I got a f in math

    By can i please write a reveiw
    I use this app on my computer at cwusd areis grade book. But the app won’t even let me start it won’t even let me find my school. I hope you find this helpful do not get the app
  • CANT SIGN IN!!!! 1/5

    By leela_1_2_5_8
    This app won’t even let me choose a school, every time you click let’s get started it goes on the page where you choose a school but quickly redirects to to the Lets get started page. This app is so frustrating!!! >:(
  • Heck 1/5

    By DL13673384945835
    I’m failing school
  • Unable to download 1/5

    By |\(0 30)/|
    I deleted aeries over the summer to get some extra storage. I’ve been trying to redownload it for the past 20 mins and it’s still not working.
  • Something Glichy About This 1/5

    By Or_Bo
    Ok so the first issue.... There are some serious bugs in the app, because I can’t even press the ‘Lets Get Started’ button without it barely opening the ‘search your school’ search box and getting sent back to the Lets Get Started page again. My district uses Aeries as well as others, but it’s very unprofessional if your a program that tons of students depend on, yet you can’t even get past the first page. Please fix.
  • Not letting me sign in 1/5

    By alsnnxdoua ac
    The app does not even let me sign in I’ve been trying for over an hour and it won’t let me this app is completely useless
  • This app Stinks! 1/5

    By thereweier
    I downloaded it to look at my grades. But when I opened the app and pressed get started, it kept glitching out. I deleted it and tried downloading it again, but it still had the same problem
  • Needs notifications 3/5

    By THEBUSS!?!?
    App works fine but would be really great if they added notifications for when a new assignment was added
  • Constant Error 1/5

    By Acid Worm
    It will only show my grades half the time but the other half of the time it just shows an error. It’s really annoying because this is the only way to check my grades, as the website portal is broken as well for my school. So I cant even check my grades because of how crap this app is.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Vrush93
    This is the worst app design I’ve ever had to deal with. It keeps telling me my info is wrong and to try again later... I’ve never been so irritated in my life. There’s also no way to delete your previous account if you didn’t initially click on “create account”. UGH. The worst.

    By All games' hardest critic 😉
    I love checking my grades and everything about it is awesome. Sometimes it can be a little slow but that’s the only thing. I especially love the coloring and how you can add and edit grades to see how your grade will change
  • Useless 1/5

    By Justchill3n
    I can log on to the web portal but unable to from this App. Needs further development.
  • Can’t see anything. 1/5

    By Diablitadf
    Every time I open this app i can’t see anything. Even if I change student. It used to work fine but after the last update it just stopped working.
  • Lazy mechanics 1/5

    By imtiredoftheseads
    If it wasn’t for the grades app being removed this app would surely drop in downloads I mean I don’t understand why they cannot just apply the same features as it’s supposed to look out for the best interest of the students not just the parents if it wants us to be the very best version of ourselves and even with its lazy mechanics I would still have rated a bit more had it not been for the fact that this app literally doesn’t even let me sign in so it’s useless.
  • Login 2/5

    By avocado10
    I can’t even log in it keeps saying my email address is already taken but you can get this app if you really want to have to keep deleting it
  • I can’t even open the app... 1/5

    By real sad student
    I’d write a review but I can’t even open it up. Everyone is bagging on people for writing bad reviews about this app, but it seems like it’s very inconsistent. It works for some people and it doesn’t for others. I personally wish for the grades app but only because it actually worked on my phone. Aeries doesn’t seem terrible but I haven’t been able to even give it a try. So to the developers, could you please figure out what is wrong with the login? I can’t get past the let’s get started page. Please make an update.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Sophia Farricielli
    I hate the grades it shows me.
  • Garbage app, can’t even log into it; have to use web site 1/5

    By StickChic
    Using the same credentials, I can log into the web site but not in the iOS app. So the app is useless to me. The mobile version of the web site looks awful and doesn’t have most of the functionality of the full site. I’m. It even sure why anyone would bother with it. So basically I can only use information on Aeries via my home computer. Used the “report a problem” link and got a “Thanks for the feedback!” response which was also not helpful.

    By Real Teacher Person
    I am a real teacher at a real school and this app is garbo and can go die!!!
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By nh01277
    Remained stuck at entry screen even after restarting app.
  • Nothing really wrong, but also nothing right 2/5

    By 💜Lillia💜
    It crashes a lot but it’s organized enough for me. Doesn’t do much but show you your grades, that’s it. It’s all my old school used so.
  • don’t waste you time. zero star. 1/5

    By tobecatpeople
    haven’t been able to click pass the “get started” page. DO NOT make an app if you cannot afford proper tech support.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By The Best True Review
    Unlike other apps, it doesn’t tell you how many missing assignments you have. The entire interface is disappointing. And now, you can’t even login to the app despite being able to on the website. Despite torturing students to use it, this is the worst app ever
  • Will not let me in 1/5

    By Eli S. K.
    I downloaded the app and when I pressed the get started it would show the search bar for schools then send me back to the get started screen. Not the best app.
  • Please fix this 1/5

    By Billy Bob joe 69420 25
    I can not sign in and I am not the only one with this problem. I have rebooted my phone twice and I have re-downloaded 5 times. I hate that my district has chosen this awful website.
  • It’s good it needs more work 5/5

    By Warrior pixel
    I can’t find my child’s teacher and they are saying to log in from a browser I doesn’t work. I don’t get it at all.The only useful thing is the state test results. Make the app better. And make teachers show up the new ones in summer.
  • This app is dumb 1/5

    By u stupid app
    My teacher gave me an f in math but i am pretty sure it was an f -

Aeries Mobile Portal app comments

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