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Aeries Mobile Portal

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Aeries Software, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Aeries Mobile Portal App

Now parents and students can take their student information with them on-the-go, with the first version of the Aeries Mobile Portal app for parents and students! Put your Aeries student data in your pocket with Aeries Mobile Portal. Check gradebook details, review attendance, and access Aeries Communications - right from the palm of your hand! • Gradebook summary and gradebook details • Attendance including tardies and absences • Student contact information • QR code Supplemental Attendance check-in scanner • In-app access to your Aeries Communications portal (if enabled at your district) Important - please note you can only utilize this app if your school district is using the Aeries Student Information System. Contact your school for more information regarding compatibility with the Aeries Mobile Portal app.

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Aeries Mobile Portal app reviews

  • It’s finals season pls 1/5

    By miayikes
    It’s finals week and I’m trying to edit my assignments to figure out the bare minimum I have to do to keep passing creases but when I edit the edited grade says 0%! It’s not working when I need it the most 😔
  • Its been down for the past month straight 1/5

    By iTTzYoMama
    Just download the new grades app, my aeries has been down for over a month and does this all the time
  • Make new updates great app 5/5

    By Kai66cool
    It’s a great app for students
  • Absolutely Awful 1/5

    By Mason Wilcox
    So first of all, my grades app is currently broken. It will not allow me to log in. Every time I click on “Get Started”, I am returned to the home screen. This is a bug that has totally broken the app for me, and rendered it more useless than it previously was. On top of that as other users have mentioned before me, the calculator feature is no longer available. If you’re going to shut down the grades app, at least offer the same features. You are an outdated system with an absolutely awful UI. I don’t know who your developers are, but my 10 year old brother could design and develop a better interface than your 72 year old team. For the love of God. Please. Fix. Your. App.
  • An Issue!!! 2/5

    By Daddy2195
    Can not use Face ID unlock, needs fixing
  • This app does not work 1/5

    By izeckR
    When your inside school and using their wifi you need a VPN to log in ⚠️
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By booooooommmmmmzzzzz
    Needs heavy amount of work in order to be a top grades app to use, I mean the app is just way to glitchy, calculations are incorrect, does not “work”
  • Dates & Errors 1/5

    By SHADOW FIGHT 2!👍😀😃😄
    When are you going to fix the dates? The app shows that one of my teachers last updated their gradebook in December of 2019, which, obviously, did not even pass yet! This app does not even work. Don’t even waste time restarting your phone. Official app does not necessarily mean better, and that holds true in this case.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Sara Is A Beara
    Very often it will not let you log in, so you have to delete the app and re-download it. I hate this app with a burning passion.
  • Poorly made 1/5

    By Judah Kuhl
    It would not even let me log in, very annoying.
  • Great 4/5

    By thdsgfgujjbgryyuuhh
    This is great I can see my grades without having to go on a computer so much easier
  • I want grades back 1/5

    By Izzylovesgoldfish
    This app is awful in comparison to the old grades app which I’m assuming shut down do to Aries. The other app made it easy to calculate grades and add assignments to see the benchmark you need to reach to keep a certain grade. This app has that feature but it doesn’t work. There is also a lot of glitches in just trying to see your overall grade if you fix one of your older assignments. Overall this app is a waste of time and they need to let grades come back.
  • Fake 1/5

    By 99% real
    Glitch in the app couldn’t use it at all
  • GARBAGE!!! 1/5

    By Adony12345
    Dear, aeries: Why cant you be normal and let me add mock assignments that actually show me what my grade would be if it was added my grade. Sincerely, consumer
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Appreviews32
    Goes to black screen on log in, hardly ever works.
  • WHY?!? 1/5

    By rudycute
    Ever single time I try to sign into this thing it never passes the home page! It glitches out and I can’t check my grades! Please fix it if you can.T^T
  • It doesn’t work 5/5

    By ra2008
    We like it, it is the best app out of all Aeries but it doesn’t work anymore we wish it gets fix
  • Buggy and unituitive 1/5

    By oye m8
    This app is so badly developed I had to write a review.... and this is the first time I have ever written a review for an app.
  • Error 1/5

    By Time won't give me time
    Will not pull any grades at all. Just keeps showing error. If you activate Touch ID, it will keep looping and asking for fingerprint. Deactivated Touch ID, but now just shows no information for any student. Useless right now.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Stephaaanye🤪
    This app has helped me so much! It’s great🤗
  • Slow and Buggy 1/5

    By henrique mendoza
    Very slow and buggy.
  • can’t see what my grade would possibly be 3/5

    By jespal634
    i want to edit assignments and see what my grade would be if i got a certain score but whenever i change it it shows my normal grade and where it should show the edited grade it goes grey and shows a 0%.
  • The “edit your grades” 2/5

    By maps321
    The “what if” mode in the Aries app is an amazing feature which I use a lot, but now for the past week when I try and do it is just shows my class grade go to 0 percent. Editor please fix this bug! I love the app and how it makes me stay on top of my homework but without this function the app isn’t the same.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Nate blanch
    When i get the app i press login or whatever and it brings me to the same page and if i go on the computer website it says my info is incorrect when i know my info i triple check it every time. I’ve tried deleting the app and installing it again almost 15 times now and it will never work. 1 star until this gets fixed.
  • Always has maintenance 1/5

    By 12345 joe shmoe
    It never works
  • not working 5/5

    By K.A.Kgirl
    aeries is a great app... when it works. it isn’t going to my grades, and when I click on the app it says “get started” and I choose get started and it says at “choose your school” and only stays there for a second. please look into this!
  • Simple 5/5

    By denali 💕✨
    I love this app bc it shows my grades quick and easily
  • I won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Blorgous
    As soon as I press get started, it goes to pick school page for a second and then it goes back to the get started page.
  • Aries 1/5

    By Every kid alive
    I don’t like school
  • Far from perfect 1/5

    By larry sommers
    This app is so slow and insufficient and many times I can’t sign into the app or see my grades
  • Not good isn’t updated to current date 1/5

    By Tara1823
    I went on app and the app wasn’t showing current grades. Waste of space on my iPad.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By tinkbean
    Logged in. Got to the first page which was blank and asking to add classes. Clicked on “prior term” and it logged me out then asked for my fingerprint, then cycled through over and over. When I hit cancel, the screen froze on “your session as expired.”
  • school ain’t showin up 2/5

    By poser.jass
    soooo my school isn’t showing up but all my other classmates have it on their phone :( someone help please :(
  • Needs Help 2/5

    By ThinkDifferentRG
    When I got this app, I was hoping that it would actually work. When I tried to access my grades, however, it wouldn’t work. This was seen when it said “Get Started” on the entrance page but whenever I pressed that, it glitched and never took me to the page to pick my school district. If this problem was fixed, I’m sure that this app would have better reviews overall and be more successful.
  • Grades or attendance won’t show anymore,can’t make it reappear 5/5

    By Gfrjdd
    So sad I login with my normal account today,then it says error,before that suddenly the grades and attendance section disappeared,but the demographics stayed.Soooo sad can it please get fixed,and why did it display an error when I tried to login?Thank you but please,try to fix this.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By saraislit7878
    This app is horrible cause it shows all my terrible grades
  • This was bad 1/5

    By Peg Crazy
    I didn’t like it because it always took forever to load and then one day it just wouldn’t work and I couldn’t sign in anymore.
  • fix the glitch 1/5

    By jendjwjdb
    every time i press get started it goes to where you can pick your school for a split second then it glitches back to the get started screen. every time. so it won’t let me log in and it’s annoying.
  • 0/5 stars 1/5

    By 🅱️ussy🅱️ops
    Ive been using aeries since elementary school (im in high school now) on the webpage, and i was hoping that this app would be the same quality but, i cant even click on the 'Get Started' button right as you enter the app. when i tap it, it acts like it's going to the select a school page (you can eve see it for a split second) before it flashes back to the get started screen. ive deleted it and reinstalled it many times and this happens every time. i could use it for about a week in august to check my class list for this year but after that it hasnt worked. its now april of the year after. not at all recommended. just use google.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Math_2016
    A lot of people in the reviews are saying that Aeries doesn't have a feature that lets you create "fake" assignments, letting you see what would happen to your grade if you get a certain score on an assignment. However, clicking the subject you want to experiment with and then clicking the pencil icon at the top right corner lets you do this. However, Aeries could let you know more about your grades and subjects. I would like to know how many credits each subject is worth. Though this varies by school, it could still be possible to add as a feature. I would also like for the app to calculate my overall current GPA. I also find that, when downloading my report cards, it doesn't appear in the folder app like Aeries says it would.
  • Ok 5/5

    By Acrazwolf
    It’s ok
  • Good App but one issue 5/5

    By 5,000 fifa pointer
    The only thing is when I check my grades, it recently and usually do this: It says logging in, than it just turns black for no reason.
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By Traffic no bueno
    The app developers for this should be embarrassed.
  • always shows black screen when 1/5

    By Brisa777susjx
    Logging in
  • What if assignments 1/5

    By Juggfgchxhxj
    Too hard to put what if assignments in the grade book
  • Needs notifications 3/5

    By THEBUSS!?!?
    Ok app in general just needs notifications for when an assignment is put in.
  • Aeries= ❌ 1/5

    By mar- marie✌🏻
    This app is just terrible it won’t even let you in and if you want to check your grade like me get the app “grades” just scroll down and it’ll pop out!
  • Handy for quick checks 4/5

    By ParsonParson
    Good app. Easy to use. A built in SMS with teachers would make it better.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Fleas cards
    No my parents can see my grades easy

Aeries Mobile Portal app comments

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