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  • Current Version: 3.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Aetna Life Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Aetna Mobile App

With Aetna Mobile, your health care is always at your fingertips. You can look up the status of a claim while at your doctor's office. Forgot your Aetna ID card? No problem. Show the staff your virtual card right on your phone. This feature uses your GPS function to help you no matter where you are ― at home or at work, while traveling for vacation or business. A map provides turn-by-turn directions. FEATURES: FIND A DOCTOR, URGENT CARE FACILITY, DENTIST, PHARMACY, HOSPITAL AND MORE Search our network to find the info you need: • Get driving directions (uses your GPS function) • Call the office or facility • View a map • Transfer contact information to your address book Searching on Aetna Mobile is easier and faster than ever. Type your search -- just like you do with your favorite search engine. You can also enter locations like “near me” or a zip code to use your smartphone’s GPS. LOOK UP CLAIMS See your most recent claims. Get a detailed view of each one. Or search for medical, dental and pharmacy claims by member name or date. VIEW YOUR MEMBER ID CARD View the front and back of your ID cards. That's handy if you forgot your card. VIEW YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH RECORD If your plan offers a personal health record, you can view your Alerts & Reminders, Emergency Information and Medications. And share data with your health care team. DISABILITY CLAIM SUPPORT Aetna Mobile now comes with WorkAbility®. If you have Aetna Disability, you can view the status of your claims and the benefit payments issued on your disability claims. CHECK BALANCES View limits and balances for your deductible and coinsurance. View balances for your health expense funds. COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS SUPPORT If you are registered on Aetna Navigator, you can file complaints and appeals on Aetna Mobile. (Medicare members will continue to use the complaint and appeal forms on the Navigator public site.) SECURITY You must always sign in with your User Name and Password. No one but you can reach your personal data. And once a year we need you to confirm your profile. If your app says it's time to update, log in to the secure site using your computer or mobile web. After you confirm, you can once again access your secure, personal info ― from your computer, Aetna mobile, and this app. TROUBLESHOOTING Can't access all the app's features? If you have more than one Aetna plan or program, the app will prompt you to choose one. Choose your main account. This includes the claims of your current plan. (Some people have Aetna plans from previous jobs; those accounts show only old claims. Other people have financial accounts, such as a health savings account. This is not a main account.) Is the health plan under your name? (Meaning you are the subscriber or primary account holder.) If so, you can access all the features your plan allows. If you are a dependent, you will have limited access, just like you do when using the secure site on a computer or via mobile web. ABOUT AETNA Aetna is one of the nation's leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving more than 35 million people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. For more information, see REQUIREMENTS The Aetna Mobile app is compatible with iPhone®, iPod® touch, and iPad® mobile digital devices.


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Aetna Mobile app reviews

  • Horrible app. 1/5

    By phenpa2g
    Trying to send a message about a claim results in a window saying to use a laptop and to use the website. This completely makes the app pointless. Please fix !!!!
  • Horrible and Buggy 1/5

    By corupted01
    This app is just not good. It’s buggy and constantly has issues with connection. It’s also very very slow to get to pretty much useless information. A true native application purpose built would be nice. All you have to do is look at your competitors and see.
  • Touch ID doesn’t work 3/5

    By Amazingandawesome
    This is the only app I have where Touch ID does not work.
  • Can’t even login into the app 1/5

    By Happysinghji
    Nothing works the first login screen itself is so full of bugs
  • Absolutely garbage 1/5

    By drbognholio
    The app says everything is an error. When youre sick you dont want to deal with this type of bs. No wonder aetna is going under.
  • Add to wallet 1/5

    By vrdncstnd
    I been trying to add the insurance card to the Wallet on my phone and it only days loading and does nothing .
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By D Jouppi
    These people just do not care about helping their customer finding physicians. You can tell by the search function of this app.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By WeeKeeker
    Add to Apple wallet feature doesn’t work
  • Decent when it works 2/5

    By Milhouse2323
    The app crashes or doesn’t function most of the time. But when it actually works it is decent in viewing claims, ID card details, coverage costs so far etc. Please ensure the app stays stable!!!
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By SGN14
    I can’t See any claims in the app.
  • ID card does not display correctly 1/5

    By smart89aleck
    Literally the only reason I downloaded this app was to be able to show my card at the doctor’s office. Nothing more complicated than that. And Aetna doesn’t provide plastic cards anymore. They instruct you to download the app 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • After an hour, I’ve given up on this app 1/5

    By PubicPersona
    I made a solid effort to get into this app, but it is too buggy to be even marginally usable. After establishing credentials, it asked me how I’d like to receive documents and then popped up Network Error (I’m on stable wi-fi). After I got past that, it asked me to choose Touch ID or PIN, so I chose Touch ID. So of course, it prompted me to set up a PIN. I tried something simple like show me ID card, and it displayed a blank screen. Then trying to find a provider, it yielded “Here=Type Error: null is not an object...” Not worth downloading.
  • Unsatisfying. 1/5

    By kshydbd
    Every time I open this app there is some feature not working. Today, it’s the view coverage section. Im not sure the Touch ID feature has ever successfully opened my account - I have to login with profile and password, which I can never remember. Good thing I’m never having any medical emergencies or I’d be sitting trying to find treatment in-network on my phone, as I bleed out. Get it together guys!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By @Sigil
    Please find a third-party solution... This app is spectacularly awful.
  • sad! 1/5

    By binThrDunThat
    i haven’t seen an app more dysfunctional, confusing and terrible app in a while. Looks like absolutely no thought went into design or user experience. A bunch of school children could develop a better app than this. Coming from a major nation-wide company this is really sad
  • Add to Apple Wallet functionality is not working 1/5

    By TheAppRater1111
    C’mon Aetna app team. You can do so much better. Please fix this problem. Thanks!
  • Find/View Claims feature doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By treavley
    I tried the claims option in the sidebar menu, as well as the View Claims card on the home screen, and nothing happened. How can you release something with such an obvious bug?!?
  • iPhone X & Password Manager Support 2/5

    By Mojo982
    Please add support for iPhone X and password managers. At the very least don’t make the username disappear when I switch to my password manager to get my password... Functionality seems alright beyond that.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Connielil
    Anything having to do with Aetna whether it’s an app or the company is absolutely useless!!
  • Great idea if the app actually worked 1/5

    By chipwigs
    This app can’t do anything. You can’t search for a doctor in network. You can’t get an estimate on how much your visit will cost. What’s the point of an app when it doesn’t work. Deleting now. What a waste of time and space on my phone.
  • Old!! 1/5

    By XY tunes
    Out of date. Needs to support Face ID, and iPhone X! Also, Apple wallet integration is broken.
  • What the hell 1/5

    By FRUSTRATED0000000001111111
    Finding a provider is impossible. I live in a city of a million people and it’s telling me there is not 1 gynecologist within 25 miles of me that’s in my network. I know it’s a lie cuz I just got off the phone with Aetna who gave me the name of 3 gynecologists within FIVE miles of me. It doesn’t work.
  • Logged in once and then it just stops working 1/5

    By Junior121
    I don’t understand how a multi-billion dollar company cannot make an App that functions half of the time.
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By Thehoosh
    App doesn’t function most of the time.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Xtinamcjean
    So much is completely nonfunctional. Alerts don't work, guided search only allows vision, regular search doesn't work. Is this what my outrageous insurance costs are paying for?
  • App for member service contact 1/5

    By MNC28
    What good is an app if I try to send a message to customer service and it can’t. Received message that my request can’t be handled through App and to log in to website. Coming from one of the other large health plan competitors I have to say that their mobile App surpasses Aetna’s.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Dinocoder23
    Even with latest upgrade app it’s buggy. It’s missing one of my children. App hangs loading history, had to kill app.
  • Very Confusing 1/5

    By gfp155
    Very confusing when trying to determine coverage. Overall not happy with Aetna health insurance. Would not recommend.
  • Update doesn’t work 1/5

    By Cgutfxzdt
    Update notification today just cycles back to App Store. Doesn’t allow update, or allow app to open
  • Not great on iPad Air 3/5

    By Visionhorse
    I cant access the Aetna "Secure Member Login" site using my iPad so I thought I would give this App a try. The user interface looks like something made 10-15 years ago and is difficult to navigate. This is NOT a good substitute for access to the Aetna internet member login site.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Aetne App User
    This app is great in theory but nothing on the app works. You’re unable to view information the app is supposed to provide (ex. coverage info, check prescription costs, etc.). If bugs could be fixed, I think this would be incredibly convenient and helpful but as of now it’s useless.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By RKOCB
    Touch ID still doesn’t work (refuses to accept input, requires user ID and password to log in) and will take you to “send message” screen to sent Aetna message about claims and allow you to write message but won’t let you actually sent it. States you must actually quit app and log in to website and compose message if you have questions. What’s the heck is the point then? PLEASE FIX. So much potential.
  • Not helpful in finding the right provider 1/5

    By Nurizgo
    Might want to consider adding a link to the doctor’s website and their google reviews. For some reason I find researching for a doctor more helpful on google than on this app.
  • Can not get into app after new update 1/5

    By Guardgirl1124
    Looked into the app store as the link supplies, Tried shutting my phone off, tried manually searching for an update and still get a message saying there is a new update and I need to do that before logging in. THERE IS NO OTHER UPDATE! Whats the point in having an app you cant get into. This needs to be fixed!
  • Searching for Doctors Clocks Forever 1/5

    By SirClaytallica
    This app is very useful and user friendly; however, It’s main value for me is to search for doctors and it continuously clocks when I do that.
  • Basically more trouble than it is worth 1/5

    By Sskippy
    Such a struggle to use and almost no valuable information available. Another attempt to keep the customer at arms length and save money to reduce use of services and ultimately increase profits or did they think we wouldn’t figure that out. Duh...
  • Small improvement but still not great 2/5

    By Azurras
    It seems to be actually usable; however, there still isn’t iPhone X support.
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By pmichelsen
    The layout of this app is awful. Looks like a child made it. It’s also slow to navigate
  • Barely functional 1/5

    By Jb00004
    Please spend some money to develop this app. It’s surprising useless.
  • Horrible UX 1/5

    By CricketFanForEver
    Wanted to use this app badly but thoroughly disappointed. - The UI design is horrible; for a consumer app, Aetna being one of the big insurance companies with millions of customers should have invested more in UI/UX design.Irregular font sizes, boring color themes make this app very unwelcoming to use - Performance is pretty bad. Looks like the developers stuffed a web app with a native container. Takes forever to load. - Touch ID doesn’t work consistently. I understand security is very important in regulated industry but when my local community bank has an awesome app that is secure, I don’t see why a big insurance company can have one that works. - Search is slow! - The ID card aspect ratio is not correctly calculated. Even their own logo is stretched in some cases. Not sure if someone from marketing approved this. Overall, a bad app. It amazes me how big companies try to cut corners in consumer facing apps. What’s the point of publishing an app that was built at low cost that no one wants to use.
  • Needs a lot of improvement 1/5

    By K-Philly
    This app is just horrible. Half of the functionality doesn’t even work. Plus someone needs to recheck the copy being used. I clicked on customer service and received a message “ do you want to call this clinic”. Messaging functionality doesn’t work either.
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By K8fromallst8
    I can’t use the app because I just get a white screen when I try to login. The logo appears when I open it, then right as I should be able to put in my username and password the app just goes blank. Doesn’t even crash properly and boot me off. It’s a terrible app.
  • Major crash 1/5

    By Mbelitetech
    The required 'update' made the app unusable, it crashed every time I try opening it! I've tried deleting it and reinstalling by I'm still having the same issue.
  • Newest update is major screwed up 1/5

    By Wdvytijc
    I had to create a new password again. Then when I try to login the app closes immediately and would not open again.
  • A very inconvenient app 1/5

    By Nrdame
    Takes forever to load. Fingerprint sing on never works. I have fumble around looking for my user name and password. By the time I’m able to get in I’ve forgotten what I signed on for. The technology of a health care provider is a major deciding factor for me during or annual open enrollment.
  • When it works it pretty good, which is seldom 2/5

    By Jhaven007
    Title says it all. Like others I find login freezes causing re install. Other screens crash constantly. iPhone 7 running latest iOS 11.
  • Very slow, when it works at all 1/5

    By the_paul
    When first opened, the app gives a blank screen except for two little buttons at the bottom- one that looks like a fingerprint (and has no effect), and an arrow pointing back. When I tap the back arrow, I’m presented with a login screen, despite logging in many times previously and making quite sure that the “use TouchID to log in” setting is turned on. Then if the login actually works instead of timing out, some of the app’s actions cause it to crash, others frequently time out and give errors, and others (like the doctor finder) seem to give worse results than the website.
  • Horrible website 1/5

    By Chattycat23
    This app needs major programming before I would ever use it. Surprised that Aetna would release such an app!
  • Oh so bad! 1/5

    By CharlesChip
    Went looking for a Dr. about knee pain, and the closest one was in New Jersey! That’s ok, but I live in Texas! I finally got around it, and it could show results. Waste of time! Fixing to delete.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By GarrettMBA
    You can’t even search for a doctor. What’s the point of this app again??

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