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  • Current Version: 1.99.91
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  • Developer: Ambient
  • Compatibility: Android
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After School­ App

Welcome to the new After School app!! After School is an anonymous and private message board for your school. Post confessions, funny experiences, compliments, feelings, and more! New features include: - Personalized content filters - Chat with experts on school issues or anything stressing you out - Choose a name and a picture to better express your personality in the app - Improved reporting We have a zero-tolerance policy against cyber-bullying. Please remember to be positive :). Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions: [email protected] Users are responsible for the content of their posts and accountable as set forth in the Terms of Service.


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After School­ app reviews

  • Yessss 5/5

    By margarita✌🏼
    Great anonymous trolling app
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Rise paintball
    Plz fix the app I can’t log on after school because it Says that I don’t go their but I go to that school plz fix plus I’m a graduating senior
  • Great 5/5

    By TickleMyAnuus
    It’s like face book
  • Why Facebook?! 1/5

    By ymott22
    I shouldn’t have to have Facebook to have to use this app. I have other social media that I could use too
  • After school 5/5

    By kjwatson129
    Great app I love it
  • Needs some improvement 4/5

    By Mysquadissauadgoals
    I like being able to ship people together, but is there anyway you can put there names in too so we know who the people are because sometimes it just doesn’t show their picture and I can’t tell who it is. Please and thank you.
  • Eh 2/5

    By Reece-cup110
    It’s a good app, yes. But what I do not like about it is the fact that when someone invites you, and you get a text, instead of them saying like “so and so invited you to come join this free app” it says “(your name) a boy/girl voted yes on you in a poll come check it out!”
  • Add... another... login method 1/5

    By Alan stypelgronsoliflap
    This all has been out for two years or so and I still can’t use it because I’m not making a Facebook just for this
  • Great App! 5/5

    By nonicknameguyperson
  • don’t let it see your photos 1/5

    By Lizzard!!
    i retardedly let it see my photos and upload them to After School. I haven’t been on this app and deleted it a year ago yet my new photos still upload they need to get that fixed.
  • Good and useful 5/5

    By Concha13
    Awesome app but needs to make it where if you get a notification it takes you right to it, not to the top
  • Horrible 1/5

    By reviewgirl113
    All it’s used for us cyber bullying
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sheridanlovesyooh123
    I love that there’s an app like this
  • Spam 1/5

    By shelbsanne
  • Facebook 1/5

    By Ashquiros
    I created a Facebook account some years ago, which has no friends or anything on it, for this app. Now I actually have a Facebook account and I had deleted this app and recently downloaded it again. The app will not let me log in with a new Facebook account. It keeps telling me that I’ve logged in before with one account and that to use the app I can only log in with that old account. I’ve deleted anything on the app that was saved. Yet it does the same thing every time I delete and download it again. Please fix this, it’s quite annoying.
  • Remove this app immediately!!!!!! 1/5

    By Teona0718
    They access private information and let inappropriate posts get posted!
  • review 5/5

    By kaila5543
    cool app
  • Review 5/5

    By gahakdnsj
    It’s cool. Mines like broken rn but when it is working I like it a lot
  • B.S! 1/5

    By daicee8cakes
    I’ve tried getting in for 2 hours now and it keeps saying I’m not in that school and IM PRETTY SURE I KNOW WHICH SCHOOL IM IN! Also, they do not verify any thing online. Good luck! 🙄😑
  • Eh 5/5

    By MonkeyMage8965
    It’s ok. Only putting 5 stars for support
  • Inappropriate 3/5

    By jason-review
    There is a gif of a man showing his penis, I didn’t enjoy opening the app to that. I would like to see that gif removed but other then that it’s a good and fun app.
  • Within the first 30 minutes.... 3/5

    By Haley-bop
    So within the first 30 minutes of having this app I was called ugly.. yup you heard me right.. I was called ugly.. you see I go to a very small high school of 200 and something people so there is a lot of drama at this school and as soon as I got the app I noticed a lot of anonymous cyber bullying.. And I feel that this app opens up more chances of people being bullied.. So I guess what I’m trying to say is if you can add something idk to where people can’t get bullied.. Idk just a thought 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • Don’t enter the void. 1/5

    By A concerned alumni
    This app is the definition of privacy invasion and spam. It’s not worth your time. Also I graduated and I still get notifications (text messages) about this cursed void. There is nothing but sheer cringe and sadness here.
  • Fun app 5/5

    By Arrow 66
    Fun af
  • Facebook 2/5

    By Annonymous animator
    I don’t have a face book you should make it so we can verify on instagram too. When this is fixed I’ll give 5 stars
  • Have to have fb to verify🤦🏻‍♂️ 1/5

    By Hdskneusjdn
    You must have a Facebook acc to verify and use the app
  • I don’t have any contact with my friends from another school 4/5

    By Pooper Booper Dooper
    Please let me have some sort of contact with my old school, man. It’s been two years and i really miss everybody. I know you’re asking me for like a picture of a report card or something like that but I don’t, nor do I see why someone would have a picture like that in the first place.

    okay i got this app when it first came out when it was a big deal. now i wont stop getting texts saying people are posting about me and i know they arnt . i blocked the number and still are getting them . please make it stop . i deleted the app it’s been off my phone for a long time. i got it on my old phone got a new phone and im still getting the messages .
  • Yikes 1/5

    By ayethatsme:)
    It gets annoying when you keep getting texts that people are talking about you but when you get the app theres nothing remotely related or there about you.
  • This app is a scam for data 1/5

    By dhudtv
    This app forces you when you sign up to put in a mandatory amount of other people’s contact information before logging in. The posts are obviously fake as the same 3 texts get recycled of “oh _____ is cute.” The app is made to gain as much traction as possible as the phone numbers you give are your friends. I then messages them saying “_____ said this about you, download to see!” There is now way this is legit as no one at my school actively uses this also.
  • I’m scared! 1/5

    By bsjehbe
    I got a random text saying that someone posted about me but I didn’t even have the app.. so that’s creepy and when I saw the post it never mentioned me specifically so I’m scared now..😭
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Mickeykashis#1
    What’s with the glitches? And what is with the same question being asked every time I open it? And btw, I’m pretty sure the app is posting some of them. Also I deleted and re-downloaded this app. Now it won’t load :/ lame. And don’t suggest downloading.
  • Yayyyyy 5/5

    By mank547
    After school is a really good app I love reading how people feel about me it makes me feel better about myself
  • Really fun 5/5

    By Kcatsurfs
    Its interesting knowing what everyone at school is saying and even more interesting to see what people say about you. 99% of the time its a positive environment
  • This is ok 5/5

    By xfmgradio
    It’s ok
  • don’t get this app 1/5

    By Mw3270
    this app is so annoying and all it’s for is anonymous gossiping. on top of that, i get texts every week from a different number saying “someone picked ... on after school!” STOP SENDING TEXTS TO MY PHONE IM SICK OF IT, FIX YOUR STUPID APP
  • My thoughts 5/5

    By Uchiha brothers
    Anonymity has never been easier
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Soheen
    I wish I could actually look at the posts about me with a simple click of a button instead of scrolling down and tryna find it tho
  • No 2/5

    By batman852
    I hate how you have to verify what school you go to. I verified through my Facebook that I go to the school I picked and they said they couldn’t verify it. Which I kept uninstalling and installing and it still won’t work.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Imabakedpotato
    You should have a direct messaging section where you can talk to people, but still remain anonymous. Like texting
  • Mad! 1/5

    By notafan32
    This all is terrible . It is nothing but bullying and harsh comments . If the makers of this app really enjoy making money by hurting high school kids they are seriously sorry. This app should be removed before thinks get worse . All it is is rude , sexual, and drug mentioned post . And also takes your personal private information with constantly crashing and sending weird mssg when it doesn’t even have your number
  • It’s good 4/5

    By flhsstudent10
    There can by some bugs and glitches. But other than that it’s a nice way for people to say what they want to let out without being judged.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By wet eggs sewer
    Sketchy app. Do not recommend
  • Don’t even bother w/ this app 1/5

    By Bree M..
    Don’t even bother with this app. (I’d leave no stars if I could) the posts that are written are most likely randomly generated and not even real. To add to that, the things that are written are more than often, inappropriate and or objectifying. Don’t waste phone space by downloading this app.
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Zacky D.
  • Bullying 1/5

    By FxT1 jackal
    This app is full of harassment/sexual harassment and cyberbullying sadly I can’t find a report app function this app is beyond disappointing and disgusting
  • Notifications 3/5

    By otakuqueen10 on musically
    Make this app so you can actually see the post about you when you get the text on your phone it dosent take you to the post it just takes you to the main feed
  • If I could give it zero stars, I would. 1/5

    By ranchnachos
    I am not sure exactly how this app got my phone number so they could text me and let me know “someone wants to hook up with me” before I even downloaded the stupid app. Now, two years after the app was downloaded and then deleted after five minutes, they STILL send me text messages saying “someone wants to connect with me” or that i’ve “matched with someone on the After School app. I have also graduated, mind you. They don’t give you an option to stop the text messages that I didn’t ask for in the first place and I’m OVER IT.
  • Let me see the post I’m tagged in! 3/5

    By Zombieking78
    I get texts on my phone whenever I am tagged in something, but it’s near impossible to find in the feed!!!
  • Yolo 5/5

    By diasyniggwr
    It really fun bc you don’t know who it is

After School­ app comments


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