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After School­ App

Welcome to the new After School app!! After School is an anonymous and private message board for your school. Post confessions, funny experiences, compliments, feelings, and more! New features include: - Personalized content filters - Chat with experts on school issues or anything stressing you out - Choose a name and a picture to better express your personality in the app - Improved reporting We have a zero-tolerance policy against cyber-bullying. Please remember to be positive :). Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions: [email protected] Users are responsible for the content of their posts and accountable as set forth in the Terms of Service.


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  • Okay 4/5

    By KatyKatTommo122
    I like it but it would be great if the posts were in order or if you could at least see what day they were posted. 🤔
  • Bad for many reasons 1/5

    By jesuschrist7701
    First off; I downloaded this app probably in september (?) 2017. Being myself, I haven’t updated since then and I for sure consider myself lucky for that. At the time of my download, the only way to ‘verify’ was through contacts or facebook. Even then there was the sketchy aspect where if you chose the facebook option, it would do a fake loading bar, say ‘facebook verification is taking a while, would you like to try contacts?’ and if you declined, facebook immediately worked! It was clearly trying to make you verify through contacts. Beyond the fact that the app (by recent reviews) is accessing people’s camera rolls and requiring you to scan your ID, the posts aren’t even real, the app is poorly put together, and the fake posts often don’t even make sense. So if the sketchiness doesn’t send you in the other direction, let the poorly made app design do it. (my theory is this app is legit made just to steal data so why even bother making it functional for users)
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By its_ryzzzz
    This app is more then sketchy it’s scary. They can get access to your phone even though you never give access to camera roll, contacts, or whatever and somehow it texts you and posts your pics to app... don’t get this app it takes all your information and no one will know what they take it for...
  • Requires a Facebook account!! 1/5

    By Gabbyrae1
    This stupid app requires a Facebook account to verify your school, but I like some people don't have a Facebook account.
  • It’s lit 5/5

    By Ignaciosfinsta
    It’s fun

    By Abby and Rhianna
    This app just gives people a whole other way to anonymously bully people online. Every time I’m on this app all I see are negative posts about people. And if I get a message saying I get tagged on after school, getting verified to look at the posts is HELL. The app is also clearly marked 17+ but then gives graduation years for people younger than 17.
  • Help 4/5

    By ndisbaka s
    For my phone it’s not letting view classmates photos at all
  • App 2/5

    By sftball madi
    When i get on the app it says that t needs to verify my school. Well i click on Sulphur Springs and it goes to sulphur bluff. Why
  • Help 1/5

    By Makenna. 💕
    I am from Saint James high school, What they have put on this app is very hurtful. They’re destroying other is pretty much, it’s honestly sad to see because no one cares enough to stop it I have tried my hardest to stop it and they just keep tormenting people on this app. Yes it’s a great app and all but when people hurt others the way that the school is hurting others from this app it’s not fun. Maybe Look in on this some of the stuff St. James high school Minnesota and you shall see how they destroy others, please take a look before someone hurts themselves because of what they’re saying.
  • This is a terrible idea 1/5

    By stopusing
    Do not participate and install this app. It is not worthy of your time and should not be trusted with your information.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By Mc2000980
    This app is sketchy, it asks for your Facebook account, contacts, and makes you select people from your contacts that you know and I assume it sends them messages to join to. I’ve been receiving texts from the app when I’ve deleted it upwards of like 2 years ago.

    By djdjqqnqjqlsldlmsq
    This app is targeted towards minors, but what it does it just sketchy and wrong. It needs you to “verify” everything to get on it, which is how it gets your information as well as other people’s (which it gets because it takes the contact info out of your phone). If you can get on it, the posts are all sexual and just disgusting (thankfully auto generated), using people’s names that you know in posts about how they look sexy or they would be easy. It can and WILL upload photos you don’t give it permission to access, and it will SPAM you with text messages after you delete it. This app is how kids get kidnapped and how bad things happen. If you see something about you on this app, know that the app generated it and it’s not real. None of these posts are real.

    By KaiserFTW
    App is 100% fake. It knows your number before you even get it. It’s takes your information to sign up like your Facebook login and asks you to access contact (how it gets your number) then the app gets those names in your contact list and searches pictures of them from Facebook and the app it self posts fake posts with a persons name filling in the blank. Don’t give this sketchy app your information..
  • Honest Opinion 2/5

    By PinkD!ldoOfCardiB
    I recommend having a name option. I don’t want some random text and redownloading the app just to scroll through millions of posts without my name, then deleting it :))
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Gymnastchick12
    After reading stories on this, this app is creepy as all get out. The fact that you can’t tell if the posts are from real people or the app trying to manipulate people, the fact that they steal people’s info from your contacts when they ask who you consider your friends, and that’s not even all of it. I’m not really willing to trust this app after all that I’ve read.
  • It’s chill 4/5

    By AnnaliseTN
    I get notifications saying that someone has said something about me, but i can never find the posts
  • Awful and no privacy 1/5

    By bchsg
  • SKETCH 1/5

    By Court-
    This app is beyond sketchy. I had downloaded it about two years ago when everyone used it at my school I deleted it not much later. TO THIS DAY I still get text messages! It’s honestly ridiculous. If I’ve deleted the app, I would hope they would stop messaging me. I really hope this isn’t another scam (because it’s honestly a cool concept), but I would steer clear if I were you. Wish I hadn’t downloaded it years ago.
  • Unorganized 1/5

    By Rd509
    This should really be more like an twitter for your high school, but anonymous . So we should see what we are posting and if anyone says anything about us , there should be a tab for that too. I get plenty of txts about how I’m picked or added or talked about somewhere but I never see .
  • Texts 2/5

    By Drescott99
    Honestly I would like it a lot more if you could actually go from the link about you on text straight to the actual post about you since when it comes up for me I follow the link and it just takes me to the top of the feed
  • Bullying 1/5

    By Ggggggggaaaahhhhbbb
    This app is bullying and talking about students at my school. Now kids are crying to there parent and the principals at the school. This app needs to be shut down ASAP before the law gets involved this is terrible
  • Weird 2/5

    By YoYeBlaff
    May be a scam
  • After school 5/5

    By DoReMiFaSoBoy
    It's great you can say everything you don't want to say aloud and it is completely anonymous so, your secret is safe.
  • Good 5/5

    By Jam3211
  • Good app 5/5

    By johnsmith28
    Good app to use to see what’s going on in your school.
  • duhh 1/5

    By joahyy
    add middle schools
  • Don't download this app 1/5

    By Kkkhalee
    I don't really remember when it all began, but at some point I got a message from an unknown number saying "someone posted about you: Khalia is the most..." and then left a link. I ignored it, figuring it was a scam. And then I got another one the same day. My curiosity got the best of me. The number mentioned my name and school. How did they even get my number? I clicked on the link, it took me to the App Store. I looked at the page a bit. It was pretty high on trending for how many people used it, I looked at a general overview of ratings and there were many 5 Star. I downloaded it, looked around, couldn't find anything about myself. I deleted it. For months now I've been getting texts. They range all over the place in messages. The most often message I receive is "Khalia, a boy said 'Yes' to you!" Today I got three texts from different numbers for this same app. Now I'm realizing it's happening to everyone. This is creepy, ignore the messages, block the numbers, and do not download this app. I hope I didn't screw anything up by downloading it.
  • Review 5/5

    By Jjskilly20
    Fun app🤙🏽
  • Friends 1/5

    By havenofriends
    Didn’t even get passed the beginning of the app because it was asking me to say who was my friend or not. Having 2300+ students in your school makes it kinda hard to do that since a lot of them that use this app I don’t know and the app literally never once brought up a friend and I got a message yesterday someone posted about me and thats the only reason I attempted in redownloading this
  • Caused a lot of drama 1/5

    By Foxfire473
    I’ve never been on this app, but I remember when it took over my school and everyone was posting. It’s Anonymous factor allowed room for people to post horrible things about each other with no reprimands. It hurt people’s feelings and caused a lot of unnecessary drama. I just got a text message two years after this took over my school and downloaded the app for the first time because I was curious, but after reading all these requests I instantly deleted it. In this day and age, kids should not be allowed to post anonymous to anything because it generates hate and inappropriate things.
  • It’s a confidence booster. 4/5

    By _apn_
    Whenever I’m feeling down, I always go on after school to see if anyone has said anything about me. I always check it.
  • Automatic Comments 1/5

    By SnoPark
    It would be a nice app if it didn’t do automatic comments. People have been made fools of at my school because they think someone likes them.
  • Ghosttherider14367 5/5

    By Ghosttherider
  • Stay as far away as possible. 1/5

    By BurtMacklinWithTheFBI
    This app is one of the worst forms of “social media” out there. 75% of the posts are just spam generated by After School to try and start drama. The 25% that’s actual posts are just sexual wants and talking about sexual things because of the anonymous posting. Parents, keep your kids away from this. Any texts you get about or from this app, delete them.
  • Pretty cool but here’s suggestions 4/5

    By Lolpie
    Hey this app has been around for some time and it just started getting popular again at my school. However I had some ideas that could possibly be included to make people feel like they’ll want to use it. 1- there should be the option to delete a post of your own without having it reported! I noticed that when I wanted to delete a post I didn’t like or wanted to fix, I needed to click report. I think a normal delete option would be cool. 2- the option to see the posts when a shoutout is given through text notifications! Whenever I get a text about someone mentioning me, it takes me to the app with the link, but not the actual post. That’s all! Overall the app is pretty good but I think these changes would make it smoother.
  • It’s hilarious 5/5

    By ella_thick_chick
    I love this app it’s so funny. From the gifs to the wild things my peers say it is just a fun time.
  • Drama alert 1/5

    By Lightning Dust #1
    Constant posting about students putting them down. Just another outlet for students to bully each other and act like jerks. Not a good experience.
  • Steals information & untrustworthy 1/5

    By Purplezebrarox
    Scam, this app is to steal your information. Please stay away
  • Worst app ever. 1/5

    By EyeSack33
    This app is completely fake. They were banned awhile ago for being completely fake but somehow worked around that to come back. The posts about you are completely fake. They are computer generated, not from your classmates. Do not download unless you want a false sense of belonging. Make real friends in school, in person, and then complement each other in person. It’s better that way anyways.
  • It’s annoying and stupid 1/5

    By Boistbert
    It seriously won’t stop texting me every now and then. It’s annoying and wasting my time
  • search 3/5

    By Dylan schizoid
    you guys should make it so we can lookup peoples names if were trying to find something of them on there
  • Spam/ possibly dangerous 1/5

    By Coolific
    I had the app in middle school but deleted it after a couple months. When I was an upperclassman in high school I started getting texts almost daily from the app along with many of my classmates. I read up on it and apparently the app has a history of being banned and accessing personal information. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • Keep trying to verify my school but won’t work 2/5

    By Jdaddyfai
    Annoying asf
  • Why anonymous 1/5

    By Bonniexchicaxfreddyxfoxy
    It’s anonymous and someone is saying something about me that isn’t true and I can’t view it because it says my log in info is incorrect. I didn’t have this app until my name was brought up.
  • Needs a little improvement 3/5

    By Izzy Yo Nizzle
    First off, it is a great app but many things can be changed to make it better. Too many computers post stuff and it really gets your hopes up sometimes. Another, I wish it would show and notify you when someone comments on a post you created. Another thing that would be great (but not needed) is that you can direct message the person that created a post, especially if it’s about you. I feel like the app would get more popular if couples went around saying “we met on an app called after school, we got to know personalities before faces. We’re so happy!” Like thatd Be great
  • Good app 5/5

    By lexi0415
    Good app if you like the anonymous thing😂
  • app is fake af 1/5

    By Dat Boi TK
    It was sort of neat at first until I realized that a good majority of the posts on it are fake from bots. I noticed a trend where all the fake posts had the first letter of the last name of the person on it. Also fake likes. I had 40 likes on something I posted, came back later and it was at 7, got back on later and noticed that it was at 25. It jumps around sometimes.

    By Elvis dogs 200
    Reply "stop" to unsubscribe! It works! I deleted this app two years ago and it sends me texts every couple months but recently it has sent me one every day for the past week and it's very annoying so I thought I'd try this and it worked.
  • It’s a Fun Time But... 4/5

    By The lagg Critic
    The app is a fun and entertaining idea which I personally like. Everything about it is good except for whenever you get the notification that someone posted about you or picked your for something, you can’t see what it was that was chosen. That is the only con I find with this app
  • It’s bad 1/5

    By AxewFreak
    I can’t even view the messages I get notifications about, I want to know what people are saying about me

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