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Afterlight 2

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Afterlight Collective, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 2.99

Afterlight 2 App

Afterlight 2 — Simply easy to use, packed with an extensive list of powerful Adjustment tools, perfectly paired Filter presets, organically-created Light Overlays and much more - Your complete full-featured photo editing toolkit! No subscriptions, one price. Free new content updates regularly! · · · — 130+ FILTERS Full access to our always-growing library of meticulously-designed filters. With over 130 fine-tuned color presets available - created by photographers - you'll never need another app to find that perfect pairing for your photos. Now use the Favorites tab to save the Filters you use most in one place! — FILTER COLLECTIONS A regularly updated list of high quality filter packs created by photographers we love! Always free. — FILTER EDITING All filters are created using an advanced process that ensures a unique touch across a wide variety of photos. Customize existing filters to fit your needs or create your own as Fusions! — NEW POWERFUL TOUCH TOOLS Begin editing your photos using touch gestures with precision and control utilizing six new touch tools: Lighten, Darken, Blur, Sharpness, Desaturate & Saturate. Need to fix a dull colorless sky, lighten up parts of a portrait or use blur to create a custom depth effect? Try them out now! — ADVANCED TOOLS New tools like Curves, Selective Hue/Saturation, Clarify, Tone and more help you get the very best out of your photos! — DUST & LIGHT LEAK OVERLAYS Now freshly updated with a brand new tool, Overlays! Try out this new group of textures including prism effects, real film light leaks, and dusty film overlays. Rotate and expand them freely to give your photos that extra bit of style! — FRAMES Get creative after editing with new Frame Options, ranging from simple borders of any color to classic instant film! — ARTWORK & TEXT Get creative and inspired using a fun list of hand-picked fonts + designs created by us! Customizable with useful tools like drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking and non-destructive layering. New fonts and designs to be added frequently, always free. — DOUBLE EXPOSURE Blend photos together to create unique one-of-a-kind combinations! — HISTORY Undo or redo any action at any time during the editing process. — FULL QUALITY ZOOMING Use multi-touch gestures to zoom into fine details for precision editing without losing quality. — NO HIDDEN FEES OR SUBSCRIPTIONS No Subscription. No In-App purchases. Updates are always free! Have a question? Support on Twitter - @afterlightapp Instagram - @afterlight

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Afterlight 2 app reviews

  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By livMacKenzie
    Crashes every time I use it, multiple times. Lose all my work and have to keep doing it over again. Terrible.
  • Amazing what you can do! 5/5

    By SV-Mike
    I love to take photos, but my skills are average. I love to enhance and edit my photos but my skills are average. This app makes me look like a professional. I now have a great way to make my photos stand out from all the rest. And it is easy to use (which is the best part). Definitely worth the price!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By RM1065
    Simply beautiful app. Completely worth the money since there’s no in-app purchases! I’ve been using this nonstop to touch up my friend’s photos. Their reactions are amazing! You can become an amateur photo editor with this. The absolute ONLY thing I would recommend is if you could possibly layer different photos together. Maybe you can do that already? I’m still figuring it out 🤣🤣🤣
  • Obsessed but with a BIG problem!! 1/5

    By casual reviewer with an issue
    This app is really really great and I would highly recommend it. EXCEPT (and I think this might just be a problem for a few people so don’t let it stop you from buying the app, it’s so worth it), the app won’t stop glitching for me! I can’t even save a filter without the entire screen glitching! I sent an email to the afterlight team but I’m also writing a review because I’m really passionate about this app, and when it’s fixed I’ll rate it 5 stars no problem. I just need it to be FIXED!!
  • great! it’s worth it 🧸🧺 5/5

    By bacon strips for notch
    I’m an editor and it definitely can do some pretty beautiful things. This app is great for getting that professional chic edit. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the app developers add in a white and black feature. So you can bring out the whites or blacks of a photo. Also add luminance. Luminance is different from glow. Chroma should have a radius that we can change!! That would make this app perfect. Thank you :)
  • ! 5/5

    By kỳ duyên19
    The dusk and glow filter are great
  • Great for Traditional Artists! 5/5

    By SketchQueen
    This app was recommended to me by another artist when I told her I was tired of my phone washing my colors out of my drawings. There are so many options to tweak and play around with, and I can finally upload my drawings with the same vibrance they have in real life! Soooo worth the $2.99.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Shotbyoriginal
    Improve True Tone, improve color edit, let the user choose the shadow color, and add more tools and accurately fix all the editing tools because it gets overexposed when you add more color into your photos
  • Great app but screen freezes after saving 3/5

    By orangepeel2
    Definitely a great app but every time I save my edit, the screen freezes and I have to close the app. Please fix that!
  • Power editor in your pocket 5/5

    By codo
    Afterlight delivers and broad range of editing tools which for the money make it one of the best editing apps on the market today.
  • Useless curves editor 1/5

    By Jon Mass
    What is this, an app for ants? Why is everything so small, and why can’t I remove points in the curves editor? As soon as you apply curves, you can’t go back and edit them, you’re just stuck with whatever changes you made. Impossible to navigate unless you have a magnifying glass and thumbtack sized fingers, even on a 10 inch iPad Pro. I have to restart the entire thing every time I misplace a point, which is all the time since this thing is tiny? Please add an ability to resize the UI, at least the curves editor, and let us remove points!
  • Needs a teeth whitening option! 3/5

    By kiiirstennnXC
    There needs to be a tool where you can whiten teeth specifically- other than that, it’s perfect!!!!
  • Awesome but could use some adjustments 4/5

    By Mila Shay
    I LOVE this app! The new touch tools update is so cool and I hope that more will be added to that soon. I love the filters and that you can make your own filters as well. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that it degrades the quality more and more as you edit it. If there was a way to edit as much as you want without ruining the quality, this would be a 5 star app without a doubt!
  • Best editing app ever 5/5

    By gaias girl
    Literally love this app so much. Had the original one for years and decided to upgrade. Best decision ever. Helps balance out the tones in photos so much. I use it for almost all my photos on instagram @gaias.girl . I’m super into vintage looks so this app is pretty amazing cause it has the most realistic effects in my opinion.
  • Needs frequent updates 4/5

    By SK Fervid
    I love this app,you get so much customisation under one app!however developers are too slow for updating it.please add new filters and features on frequent basis👍
  • Paid $3 for the app to crash every time. 2/5

    By 21cmc
    I really enjoy the editing features of this app, but in the middle of every edit the app crashes and i lose all my progress. It’s extremely frustrating and I hope this is fixed soon, because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything negative to say.
  • Does a great job! 5/5

    By KatBurdick
    Has the functions I want plus some I didn't know I needed! Great app.
  • Amateur’s Delight! 5/5

    By leh#3
    I have always loved photography but am definitely a real amateur. While I have not always understood what I am doing on this app, I have loved experimenting with the editing tools and learning as I do it. Delightful and useful!
  • Professional results 5/5

    By TL1954
    Afterlight is a simple to use and very economical app that quickly provides professional quality editing results using finger touch technique. This is an awesome app worth much much more than the cost. Many thanks.
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By 123abctree
    It would be nice if y’all supported RAW photo format. If I try to open a RAW image from my photo library it tells me “Sorry, an internet access is required to access images from your iCloud Photo Library.” It would be nice to use Afterlight to edit RAW photos
  • In love 😍 5/5

    By mya109
    Such a great app they make my Instagram photos look ten times better and more professional without overdoing it , I definitely recommend this app
  • Great app! 5/5

    By LedahGrave
    First, I love that it’s non-subscription based. Paid once and I get all the features. I love how easy it is to play around with and figure out some cool little tricks for making great pictures. I would like to see more fonts for the text. Could there be a way to extend the text across the screen with out making the text bigger? Either way, great app for people like me who edit photos randomly, because life doesn’t let me do it all the time.
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By Kat Burns
    love this app it makes all my instagram pictures look amazing!
  • Photography 5/5

    By FuKCrystalfrompostmates
    I use it for whenever I need to quick edit a photo while I’m on the go and aren’t able to use the software on my lab top!
  • 10/10 5/5

    By ItsEliTheGuy
    This app is so good! I’m always getting asked from people to edit their photos and I always get complimented on how well the turn out! This is the best photo editing app out there!😊
  • Garbage frames 1/5

    By Yayabeens
    Afterlight 1 had far more framing options, i just wanted to landscape crop my photos no avail. Afterlight 2 focuses on the total garbage bells and whistles and ignores the basics. Overworked and overpaid. Thanks for nothing.
  • great, but could be better 5/5

    By CookieMilkGirl
    this app overall is amazing. most editing apps was disgusting destructive filters that looks horrible, but afterlight’s are actually pretty good. the interface is really easy to use, and is very user-friendly. this is a great app for both beginners and advanced editors. definitely recommend. one thing i do suggest to change is fusion filters. with the current version, you have to start recording your filter before you even START editing the photo. i don’t like this, because sometimes i’m already done editing my photos before i realize, “hey, that was a pretty good edit, i wish i had made it a fusion filter.” i wish that there was an option to make your edits a fusion filter AFTER finishing editing your photo. but overall, afterlight is great. it is definitely my #1 editing app, and i have tried a LOT. a much better deal than vsco or a color story and everything. definitely worth the $2.
  • Enjoying it 4/5

    By pierreluke
    I’m a fan so far, but just started using it this week. Seems intuitive enough...
  • love it 5/5

    By decisefull
    i use this app for all my pictures! it’s wonderful because the edits / filters are great and they have the border option to make photos square for profile pictures! hands down my favorite app for my photos ❤️
  • Help I can’t access my photos through the app! 1/5

    By photofann
    I can’t access my photos through the app!
  • lovelovelovelovelove 5/5

    By Ally the sushi
    i love afterlight 2!!!! its got all the tools i need with no purchases! sure its $2.99, but its the most cost efficient app for editing ive ever seen!
  • Ok 5/5

    By Twizzzzzzzy
    Seems pretty good. Still learning how to use it. No complaints really.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Arcee in WA
    This app is one of the best photo editors, and is my favorite. Can’t wait to see what’s next!
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Radbass
    Wonderfully beautiful and useful app. The best!!!!!
  • I Wish there were more artsy options :/ 4/5

    By Beebap0320
    I looove this app! It’s very helpful I’m editing and I love all of the HSV adjustments, one of the things I wish was added was the ability to draw directly on the photos since many free apps already have this feature I’d love to see it added!
  • HappyCamper 4/5

    By xxxxfffffttttt
    Had issues with this when I first got it. The staff quickly got back to me and helped me fix the problem. Couldn’t ask for more.
  • Double exposure is poor 3/5

    By JamTab
    It needs an erase tool as well as a re-apply tool.
  • I’m don’t edit much... but this is cool 4/5

    By one snakey boi
    Had a few bucks on an i tunes card and thought this looked cool. decided to give it a go and am pleased with results. wish it had more sticker features or piece selection however. good app
  • Afterlight 2—No Need 2 HESITATE 5/5

    By vfergus
    So far, my experiences of purchasing this APP is hands DOWN FABULOUS 10 stars. I have purchased the 1st one, the upgraded features that comes with the 2nd version, there is only one word “PRICELESS.” Thank you APP Designers!
  • Afterlight 2, on par with the expensive PC based software! 4/5

    By Altair Abdul Khabir (Kyle)
    I’ve owned Afterlight 2 for quite some time now, and being a iOS Camera App/Photo+Video Editing App aficionado, I thought it due time to write a review for this app. Now for someone searching for a simple, easy to use but also professional looking (results wise) iOS app, then look no further friends, as Afterlight 2 is truly the premiere App Store Photo Editing app! For $2.99 you can’t beat all the features included in this software for those looking to really add that extra kick to their photos. I also think this would be a great software for those not well acquainted with iOS photo editing software or maybe so far as to say someone who has no experience with any kind of photo editing software period. Now the reasons why I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars: As a semi-professional graphic designer and digital photographer, I find myself constantly pushing my limits and abilities to create better and more artistic pieces, and with the advent of smartphones, and especially iPhone 8 and up, these smartphone cameras and apps nearly rival even my Canon EOS T6i DSLR (24.2MP) in terms of photo quality and video quality (my iPhone 8 is capable of [email protected] at 12MP, although it cannot match the photo depth of my DSLR), and therefore I find myself needing top-notch Camera Apps (my favorite photo app is ProCam 6 and my favorite video capture app is Guerilla) and the best photo editing apps iOS has to offer. Afterlight 2 in this respect does get “most” of the job done, however I am lacking specific tools, which I end up having to export from AL2 into Polarr or Enlight or LightX Express especially for photo manipulation and pro editing, and the biggest pet peeve which requires me to always export to Polarr is the ability to have AL2 recognize custom fonts installed to my iPhone or at the least allow me to add fonts to the app itself. The limited supply of stock font styles and inability to install your own leaves this app, in my opinion, wanting. But overall I would never delete this app and would always reinstall on any new iPhone for it’s quickness, and ability to quickly and sometimes lazily produce amazing photo works!
  • Great app all in one 5/5

    By RangerAnger01
    Most every need is within this editing app that is user friendly.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By Aleurrrrr
    I absolutely love this app! Definitely worth the money!
  • Stickers.. why do you delete 😩 4/5

    By Stephaniewellness
    I used this app mainly for the cute little Stickers and the butterfly and other ones are gone 😢

    By su baxter
    This app is awesome for photo editing for me. I was able to create my own preset and there are tons of great features to apply to projects. The only critical feedback I have that I would REALLY like to see a solution to is that after a couple edit applications, the app freezes, and then crashes without warning sending me back to my home screen. If there was a feature to save a project in progress or have a studio of projects in the process of being edited (think VSCO gallery but with Afterlight) that would be incredibly beneficial. Getting really frustrated not being able to just apply four or five edits after my preset to my engagement photo and just have it in my camera roll. Resorted to applying an edit, saving... repeat until done. Which is lowering the quality I’m sure. Please fix this crashing issue. It is getting really bad.
  • Revise my review 5/5

    By Poetic Medium
    This is a great solid app that I have used from the early days. Resolution is just fine and these are good people to work with. My sincere apologies to the developer team for a bad review! Many thanks!
  • It’s worth the few bucks 4/5

    By SterpooProduction
    I owe the best photo edits i’ve ever made to this app, I always bring my photos into after light to put the final touches on them, and they turn out amazing. Really, it’s a five star app, i’m only giving four stars however because I would like a few more light/lens flare options to choose from just so it doesn’t look the same in all of my photos. A way to custom make lens glare would be AMAZING, because you could make each photo look unique.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By jamesthealias
    My favorite are dust options, adds that vintage look to your pictures. 👍🏼
  • Yas 5/5

    By muhfukkenbytch
    Hell mufukken yas to this app. God yas. I wish they had a video editing app
  • Great an awesome app 5/5

    By Justin R Oliver
    Great an easy features, would highly recommend, free apps do the same or more, you have to know what features you want from app

Afterlight 2 app comments

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