Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later

Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later

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  • Current Version: 1.69.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Afterpay
  • Compatibility: Android
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Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later App

Afterpay lets you buy today, get it straight away and pay in 4 simple bi-weekly installments. Our shop directory lets you browse the latest stores and get all the shopping inspiration you need. New brands are added weekly! Plus, see an ever expanding list of retailers now accepting Afterpay in stores. How Afterpay works: • Download & sign up: the app is your key to unlocking our shop directory. • Browse stores & brands: search for your go-to brands, browse to find new favorites and see brands now accepting Afterpay in stores. • Get it now! Shop fashion, beauty and lifestyle • Spread the cost: pay the installment straight away - then the remainder every two weeks. Remember - there’s no fee when you pay on time. • Take control: manage your order and make instant payments when you want! Want it now? Pull out your phone and use the app to shop and keep track of all your orders and your payment schedule. The Afterpay app puts you in control of your spending - it’s always interest-free & no fees when you pay in 4 and on time. SHOP IN STORES Now you can shop in your favorite stores with Afterpay! Just open the app, see retailers offering Afterapy in stores, and shop confidently knowing how much you are pre-approved to spend. Simply tap to purchase. You'll pay 25% up front and the rest over the next six weeks. And, you'll take your purchase home today. PAYMENTS MADE EASY Use the app to view all your current and past Afterpay orders as well as your payment history. If you need to be more flexible with your finances, you can change your payment card for future payments - or even pay off any upcoming installments early - all on the app. SHOP THE LATEST TRENDS Afterpay makes spending responsibly so much easier. Shop on a budget and still get the latest fashion and beauty. We’re adding new stores every week to give you even more choice. Afterpay it. Because life doesn’t wait.

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Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later app reviews

  • Convenient! 4/5

    By BirdyScur
    Really convenient! The payment plan and over all app can be a little confusing, especially if you return the item before the payments are completed. Customer service could be better (live chat, phone number etc.) but respond quickly.
  • Afterpay 5/5

    By dkny27
    The best app love it, easy and always smooth no problems!
  • attempting to steal an additional 400$ from me 1/5

    By kylie.bobylie
    yesterday was my last 100$ payment from a total 400$ payment after paying they took an additional 400$ out of my bank and upon multiple emails asking if i would get that additional money back they’ve said this is part of the process when every other person i’ve spoken to who used afterpay said this has never happened to them and they refuse to answer my questions terrible that they would do this when it seems to be such a trusted site and this is my first experience with the app extremely disappointing i has to contact my bank to dispute the additional charges do not recommend
  • I love Afterpay! 5/5

    By unjenius
    It’s convenient and easy!
  • Great idea😍 5/5

    By Pasenger730
  • Benefits 5/5

    By Southerngirl561
    It’s Awesome having the flexibility to make payments on a purchase,, rather than putting out the Full amount. Thank you!!
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Ettehselp
    Afterpay is super convenient to use. I use it to purchase my craft projects and love the option of paying before the due date!
  • App not accepting payments forms 1/5

    By Holdtheline20
    Your app isn’t accepting ANY of the payment forms I’m submitting. I have recorded with another phone your app saying the card(s) not valid even though they were scanned AND manually entered. Also, the same for that was being used is being denied as well. This is an issue that needs to be resolved ASAP. Please respond.
  • Enjoy using Afterpay 5/5

    By Mellabeazy
    I enjoy using Afterpay. It gives me the chance to buy now & pay later.
  • What a joke ! 1/5

    By Twisty -
    Miss a payment and drop from $600 to $50. Months later notice it’s back up to $100 but down to $50 again next day with NO missed payments during that time. What a joke ! **bring back Walmart!!
  • Pre approval amount isn’t what it says 1/5

    By MrSouthBay
    Said I was pre approved for 600 dollars I tried making a 80 dollar purchase so that would be 20 dollars every two weeks and I had used my capital one credit card to initiate the purchase they denied me so I tried my Bank of America debit card and they denied my purchase both accounts are in good standing with well over even the 80 dollars the item cost long story short all this app did was waste my time and space on my phone I ended up paying the full 80 dollars for my purchase.
  • Premature Refunds avoid 1/5

    By Noddingsgagdfdxc
    Trash. SMH. Please make sure you order all of your items at one time or else they’ll refund for what you haven’t received prematurely. SMH. Now I have to make a new one time payment card with a new company because I am never using after pay again after this. That is ridiculous. No one else like Klarna has ever done that to me. Do better afterpay. Thanks for tuning my plans.
  • Never using this app again 1/5

    By sjsnsndne
    Never using this app again. I had used it many many times before and it was great but, I put my most smallest order ever and the most important and the app decided not to charge my card and put the order in so what happend is that my package never got shipped and I needed it really bad. So just for this mistake I am just Klarna now. Don’t like the mistakes the app made it just made me loose my time and money. Never again
  • Shady refund practices 1/5

    By beyondfrustrated123
    Good luck if you ever have to get a refund because you’ll just get the run around and won’t get your money back. Super shady.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By rashad heyward
    I’ve Been using afterpay for years and never been late. Credit line was over 2k. I was ONE day late on my payment because my card number changed and I forgot to update it with them. Well guess what they don’t care. Credit line dropped! I reached out to them and this all they said….(other words we don’t care) Thank you for getting in touch regarding your spending limit to reevaluate. Your spending limit cannot be increased based on your individual needs. This is because Afterpay calculates your available spending limit based on your repayment history. Whilst it's not ideal to not know exactly how much you can spend each time or how many active orders you can have, our rules and approval process help Afterpay responsibly offer a completely free service to our customers. The good news is that each time you use Afterpay we are making a fresh decision, and over time you will be able to spend more as long as you continue to repay your payments on time. If you have any other questions about your spending limit, please let me know. Thank you, John
  • Account Blocked For No Reason 1/5

    By TheOnlyTjm
    Been using after pay over two years. I switched debit cards on the account now I have been back and forth with Afterpay “customer service” for months trying to get my account unlocked. They keep asking for the same verifications over and over again!!!! What do you want!!!!!!!
  • So frustrating. 1/5

    By bbblgum
    I went back and forth with them trying to get my refund and the customer service was always terrible, I never got my money back. I would not recommend purchasing anything you might need to return since that’s how it all went downhill.
  • You get to spoil yourself 5/5

    By Dee242424!
    It’s a great way to get whatever you want whenever you want. A cheaper way of affording what you want.
  • Afterpay 5/5

    By Bearcat118
    Love afterpay love the flexibility and the stores!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Gabs1010
    They allow you to have approved spending which I love and they set up auto payments so you don’t have to do the work and manually pay each week/month.
  • Affordable way to buy!!! 5/5

    By strongv1
    I really enjoy using Afterpay allow you to make purchases and afford items without using a credit card and the savings are incredible!!!
  • I love this APP!! 5/5

    By Greek ~ Island ~ Girl
    I love that I have the ability to purchase some thing even when I don’t have the full funds at the moment. Being able to pay in just a few payments, makes it so easy and so accessible. If you haven’t tried Afterpay, please do you’ll love it.
  • Good customer treated badly 1/5

    By satanson2583
    I was a good customer with Afterpay then I was late 4 days within the grace period and they dropped my spending limit from 600 to 100 now I can’t buy nothing they bring you up just to take you down don’t get your hopes up and sure don’t be late even in grace period they will screw you over don’t recommend them at all go with another provider
  • Love 5/5

    By Toy5650
    Works amazingly and when you pay stuff off and on time they actually up your spending limit unlike Klarna and Zip. I loooove Afterpay!
  • Review 5/5

    By AshD00000
    I love Love LOVE me some Afterpay❤️
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Lenaa R. 1
    DO NOT RECOMMEND . They scammed me out of money .
  • Afterpay notifications 3/5

    By Kimathe
    I enjoy the 4 payments but I’ve noticed overlapping 4 pays in 2 weeks,my purchases are into the second or third pay before I receive them at times I’ve never missed a payment in over 2 -3 yrs,the constant text and emails of don’t forget to pay when on auto is very irritating.I hope that those who created this system will revise some of these issues and yes changing privacy notifications doesn’t help,when paying on time consistently doesn’t create a level of insuring payment credit status like most creditors do,this pattern of continuous alerts gives anxiety a whole other meaning Afterpay is becoming a after thought
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By clarissas061
    I had the worst experience with customer service that I’ve ever had with a company. I had to repeat information multiple times because the new representative would not read the previous messages. In the end they still did not resolve my issue or answer any of my questions so I gave up. This was a very frustrating experience because their chat is the only communication they have as their phone lines are no longer active.
  • Love afterpay 5/5

    By Packers!!
  • It’s convenient 3/5

    By CocoQueen92
    I’ve been using Afterpay for a while now and I really like the app, it’s convenient and you don’t have to pay the full amount but I don’t like when times get hard because you know life happens out of nowhere and you end up losing your job or etc. Which stops you from being able to pay on time. I wish they had a better way of helping their customers instead of saying what they can not do and yes there are people who will try to get out of paying but people like me who are honest and need that extra day or so to make the payment so that what you’re credited to buy in the future doesn’t effect future purchases. That’s just one of the cons I have with them but overall will still use them.
  • Diaz2023 5/5

    By Diaz2023
    Love AfterPay
  • Works until it doesn’t 1/5

    By Bucky Gold
    We purchased a cargo carrier from a site called All Season Gadgets. They offered a discount if you used Afterpay so I decided to use it over my Amex. What a huge mistake!! I never received the product and after opening a dispute and sending multiple emails / documents to Afterpay they informed me that they do not have the ability to refund my money. The site is now inactive and the merchant doesn’t respond to Afterpay. We are out $400 and will never use Afterpay for anything ever again.
  • eBay removed 2/5

    By burrito boy 69
    Good app but removed eBay support sadly most of my purchases come from there :/
  • Finally, a convenient way to pay. 5/5

    By bbdeja
    I have always enjoyed using installment service providers and I have been a long time user of Afterpay. However, recently, I have been using Klarna more to shop on secondhand stores like Depop, Poshmark, and Ebay. But Klarna recently stopped supporting Depop so I had to find another way to pay with installments. Afterpay’s new pay-in-4 Apple Wallet card is amazing, this is exactly what I’ve been needing and I want to say thank you Afterpay for adding this new service! It is so convenient and I can now continue to shop on my favorite sites.
  • I love AfterPay!! 5/5

    By Mzshunte
    Easy & Convenient
  • Great app 5/5

    By CoinLoopCrypto
    Shop, pay , earn more credit. It’s been a great experience for me so far.
  • I love it!!!! 5/5

    By Superwoman_227
    It’s so convenient when you want to save money by paying little by little… I love Afterpay!!!!
  • From 1300 to 600 over a 6 dollar charge 1/5

    By natemakesbeats213
    I’ve had after pay for well over a year and miss not a single payment in thousands of dollars worth of stuff. But the second I miss one 6 dollar payment my credit line is instantly cut in half. If you miss so much as 1 payment no matter how small because this was a 6 dollar charge they will show you how little you actually matter to this company. Would not recommend to ANYONE
  • They steal customers money 1/5

    By thissucks2031
    This company is horrible. They should not be trusted. Do not use their services. They will over charge you. They will not give you your money back if you return an item. They do not have real customer service people. There is no way of calling them or contacting them to get your money back. They just keep you going in circles in hopes you will give up. AFTERPAY SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!!!
  • Walmart 1/5

    By Ladyluck811
    I’ve been having Afterpay for years and I usually use Walmart for my groceries and now Walmart is not there anymore 😡
  • Afterpay 5/5

    By Pettyaway54
    Wonderful to have when you have little money 👍🏽💯.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Desert Chickie
    I love using this app so I don’t have to use credit cards anymore
  • No Increase 3/5

    By kdshotwell
    I love Afterpay with the installment payment options but I haven’t had an increase in my spending limit. I have made payments on time as well as paid of early multiple times.
  • Improvement Needed 4/5

    By piwet
    Afterpay should report to credit bureau so the line of credit and payments can help with credit score.
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Shopjunkie916
    User friendly interface, friendly repayment reminders, a great way to budget and keep track of purchases. Afterpay is the only buy now pay later service I use :)
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By ladybluu1
    This happened this company’s not even worth the amount of money that they gave me a credit. I asked them to reinstate my account because it was showing that I had $800 but couldn’t use it then they tried to tell me that way back in 2021 that I charged almost $300 worth of product. I show nothing of the sort I have never purchased that much from bed Bath and beyond ever and they declined my fraud investigation. I am not paying you all any money and it makes absolutely no sense that you won’t even investigate even though the account shows that I owe nothing and there is nothing pending on my account so I will never do business with this company again
  • Was 5 stars 3/5

    By Thenoodge
    I’ve used this app many of times I love that my limit keeps going up but i usually shop at Walmart with it and now Walmart is no longer a option
  • Love the app but… 2/5

    By AshleyMelinda
    Love the app. My first purchase was a breeze. However, I can’t purchase anything else especially in the “in app stores” that I want to make purchases. Not sure if there is a glitch or what but I guess I will be using other apps to finance my purchases…
  • Something’s wrong 5/5

    By Naomird93
    I need the app to be updated. I can’t purchase anything that can be bought with AfterPay via iPhone, iMac and Apple Cash. Please advise