Age of Origins:Tower Defense

Age of Origins:Tower Defense

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  • Current Version: 1.3.51
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Age of Origins:Tower Defense App

Over 70 million downloads worldwide Kill zombies, form alliances, and lead human civilization back from the brink of doom in this zombie strategy MMO! The zombie apocalypse threw humanity into the dark ages. Now, YOU are the light in the darkness. SURVIVE by raising massive armies of machines, explosives, and gritty human soldiers. REVIVE civilization by slaying the zombie hoards, rebuilding your city, rescuing refugees, and bringing new global prosperity. THRIVE by forming alliances with other commanders from around the world, crushing your rivals, and seizing the Capital so YOU may lead the new age of humanity! Because in Age of Origins, the walking dead may be a dangerous but human schemers and backstabbers are the real threat! SURVIVE - Recruit, innovate, and slay! Build massive armies of human grunts, killer machine guns, and high-tech laser cannons. - Heroes win the day! Recruit unique characters to lead your army, including a sexy international spy, a mad scientist, an honorable sheriff, and more! - Fight the many faces of death! Mutant Zombies, Zombie Bears, Death Mothers and other gruesome dead creatures await your challenge. - REAL TOPOGRAPHY! You must march and expand strategically up, down, and around a REAL 3D map of lakes and mountains! The right route is the difference between life and death! REVIVE - Clear the zombies hoards! Reclaim your city block by block, rebuilding hospitals, housing, and farmlands alongside tech and and weapon centers! - Scavenge for loot and rescue Refugees to increase Prosperity and keep your city growing! - Watch the World Map change before your very eyes! You’ll unlock new Prosperity Phases for a more developed world, bigger bonuses, and new gameplay! THRIVE - Speed, crush, and DOMINATE! Your alliance will rule the map with real-time battles of hundreds of players marching and converging as one! - Form HUGE alliances with real-world players around the world, through diplomacy or daggers and deceit. The zombie threat is just the beginning! - Rage massive clan wars for land, resources, and tech. Only ONE alliance can claim the capital and elect the President! Do you have what it takes, Commander? The war for LIFE begins now! Connect with us on Facebook: Twitter:

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Age of Origins:Tower Defense app reviews

  • T 1/5

    By Toscdog Tan
    These games are money pits
  • Scum 1/5

    By Me1035
    Playing this game for over a year and the game it self is fun but unless you plan on spending 100s of dollars to get to level 30 and do it quick cause you city will just get burned out regularly and any time or small amounts of money will just be lost in the wind don’t bother playing this game the people that are playing now own it and makes it not even fun to log in to
  • Keeps you busy and wanting more 4/5

    By On to the next one v2
    Just started playing and can’t stop. Was tough to understand in the beginning but the game provides easy to follow instructions. Might end up spending money on this game…
  • Super fun 5/5

    By Gorilla sheeet
    I love playing this game
  • Can lose pretty much everything 1/5

    By On to the go
    The game is fun when you are in good alliance, but then a big spender will just destroy you and unless you spend money or wait 24-36 hours your not playing.
  • What kind of tower defense is this 2/5

    By Felix lives
    I get this game ad on YouTube a thousand times and there are guys running on a roadway shooting zombies going through multipliers to get more guys. That’s not even in the game. Then there is a tower defense section that you can do a few levels and then you have to upgrade your town. This is a big pay to win strategy game. Where is the gameplay from the YouTube add?
  • Fun Game 5/5

    By d-ware dog987
    I’ve really enjoyed playing this game.
  • Confusing game... 2/5

    By Camsaki999
    Nice layout but complicated and confusing...
  • COULD. Be great 3/5

    By Tree77814
    If camel didn’tcharge you real money for absolutely every thing, each game mode, each mission, every single thing cost money even you even want to remotely compete with even the bottom tier players…
  • It’s ok, not enough active players and you find out why 3/5

    By DistinguishedGangsta
    It’s pretty cool. There’s multiple games within this game to it does go so stale. It’s solidly programmed so not any glitches that I’ve noticed. Here’s the bad: it takes a very long time (months) to build up 20 millions in resources. You might be a level 10 at that point or close to it. You’ll find that you never get attacked (get your wealth stolen) by anyone close to your level. You only get attacked by level 20 bases who you cannot defend against. You think they just attack once? Nope that level 20 city attacks 15 consecutive times until you have nothing. It will take months to rebuild UNLESS you pay. You’ll be targeted again tho. At that point it won’t matter to you anymore and you won’t play much
  • This game makes players unhappy 1/5

    By 子ネコ魔王
    This game intends players to fight each other and spend more money. It hurts players and makes them unhappy. Not a good game.
  • Its okay. A bit casino ish 3/5

    By Lejjin
    Fun game cash to play offense. But can play at an easy pace for free.
  • Fun Game 4/5

    By Bksionek
    Fun times
  • Nice 5/5

    By The Great Gabester
  • Awesome 5/5

    By HK2822
    Great game
  • Recovery 5/5

    By Cynkev
    Thank you for helping me recover Govnor2
  • Not a fake ad 5/5

    By Datwon gai
    The ads it shows are actual game play in the form of a mini game . Now on to the gameplay and overall rating. It’s really enrapturing, especially if you find a good clan. It’s fun as a time waster but also as an rpg. Definitely try it out.
  • Very fun 5/5

    By Waterdogg1
    Great game love the challenge.
  • Don’t play- lots of cyber bullying 1/5

    By clmpd
    Tried this game for a month, lots of cyber bullying and gangs. Worst thing is the game charges you for items and I started to notice lots of users quite but it was because of cyber bullying there other user would attack your city so you would not grow. That’s not the actually intention of the game but can be apart of some of the events. But this game needs to be investigated because I know some of those players are insiders making money from the company, harassing playing that are barely getting to know the game after buying items.
  • Doc 5/5

    By Gvirus
  • Good but a lil crazy 4/5

    By Khiree365
    Game is good. But there’s so much to do
  • Fight Zombies and paywalls! 2/5

    By Mtmurat
    This game is confusing, complex and offers paywalls at every corner. One can only play for a week or so before it becomes nearly impossible to pay without shelling out cash on a regular basis. I get asked for more money in this game then on a walk downtown in Portland.
  • NOTHING like the preview! 1/5

    By Gm2sw
    The preview looked fun, this game is nothing like it. Don’t waist your time downloading.
  • What the heck? 2/5

    By Yabadabdu
    If you were lured here by fun game simulations you’ve seen in ads, you will not find the actual game remotely similar. I’ve been playing it for 2 1/2 years and I can assure you, all these zombie killing games you see in the ads don’t exist. The game isn’t really focused on killing zombies in the first place, it’s about attacking other players and money rules. You could spend 24/7 in the game and still be mediocre vs the spenders. To new players, my advice is RUN! You’ll never catch up.
  • Great game bad support 1/5

    By Ckapjb
    For someone who spends 10s of thousands of dollars on this game. This is the first time I will say Camel doesn’t care about players not even the ones that spend endless amounts of money. In 485 last night a player’s account was taken over right at update time someone or thing zeroed and dismissed 92 million power worth of troops. Took all his equipment to white and reset all his officers. Also with doing so that city zeroed out 3 other cites close friends outside the game like myself. I lost over 15 million power on the attack not zeroed lucky. CAMEL HAS SAID tough luck we dont care to all of us. spend if you want but be careful they do not really care to protect their servers or others players money spenders or not. They will take your money but not fix issues in the game to protect players safety.
  • Don’t play unless you’re a millionaire 1/5

    By Tina Spears
    I downloaded this game during covid. I made a lot of friends in this game, but this is one of the worst money pits I have ever seen. You cannot hope to compete unless you are spending hundreds of dollars a week on the game. Many of the players you will be fighting are spending thousands and thousands a week. This game is unplayable if you are a low/no budget player. Moderate spending players might be able to build a decent account in 3 years, but you’ll never compete with the top players. There’s no variety in city builds. Everyone has the same officers and skills, so the top spenders always win. They could easily make this game more playable and diverse if they actually had more officers and skills so that city builds were more diverse, but they won’t because their millionaire player base wouldn’t like losing. Half if not more of the events are pay-to-play only. Some of them are literally “spend as much money as you can as fast as you can,” events. No joke. Literally no gameplay in the event, just spend spend spend. I never spent a dime. I only played for so long because I made so many friends, some of whom I will be friends with forever, but any multiplayer game could have done that. Eventually, the frustration of being so far behind, the constant crashing during important events, and the poor timing (during work hours) of combat events outweighed the joy of the friendships I had made. This game is a massive chore and a major money pit. I don’t advise you download. This game is E X P E N S I V E and they have yet to fix the real problems: the crashes, the lags. Camel is the greediest company I have ever seen in phone games. There is literally a “VIP service” for the players who spend enough money. They get to make special requests and choose opponents for combat events, and even world mergers. Terrible game. Very little gameplay. Very expensive. Don’t bother.
  • Equipment nation ranking 5/5

    By Nguyen717
    Please make an equipment nation ranking. Thank you
  • Great strategy game 5/5

    By Huckdingo
    Pushes your mind to new limits.
  • I like it ! 2/5

    By Hello soy dora 🤠
    The add is nothing like the game but the game is AMAZING ✨
  • Silly game. There is no real strategy for defense 1/5

    By lyesoap
    There is no strategy here except to spend money. All you do is futile if you don’t spend to grow. The more powerful alliances that do just that make arbitrary rules that benefit themselves and allow you no defense except for a cowardly peace shield that must be purchased. Don’t waste your time
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Sid007i
    Easy way to play and addicting
  • Best Game 5/5

    By HornToad169
    By far!
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Jaaaakleeee
    Game is nothing like the trailer I watched. It’s more of Warcraft style build/defend type of game. Not a 3rd person/birds eye shooter like the clip I saw.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By eewspeedy
    Fun game but they make you wait a long time
  • False Advertising! 1/5

    By myappleyourapple
    FAKE AD, game is nothing like the Ad.
  • Fire 🔥 5/5

    By cool slime person14325678
    It’s fire🔥🔥
  • Love it..!! 5/5

    By Bori11
    Nice and entertaining game..!!
  • Adds 2/5

    By pfd jkg
    The adds for this game is misleading and if you don’t spend money it takes forever to level up
  • Giant canon Defence 4/5

    By Sima241
    Why is Giant canon Defence freezing and not responding?
  • Wrong ad 1/5

    By Deraj1999
    I saw an ad for this game and its nothing like the ad
  • Really like it 5/5

    By CChuchinito,,,,,
    Awesome game
  • Just fun 5/5

    By jasonli1103
    Already play this game for two months. So like I said
  • Developers of this game were expecting a Gold Mine 1/5

    By Andrew_Pdx
    This game screams, “pay to win”. It follows the same principles of similar type games, yet has its own unique take. Gold equals 50 units per USD. If you want to speed something up by 15 minutes, that cost roughly 50 gold or $1 USD. After completing the game tutorial, you are left with roughly $2 USD worth of free gold. That means you can speed up a few builds before being forced to pay real money very early in the game As a new player, I am uninstalling this game after giving it an hour of my time. I recommend others learn from my mistakes, and save themselves from downloading this “game”. (Is this game worth any better than those priced higher by Xbox or PlayStation?)
  • Crap 1/5

    By Stadizzle
    The game used to be fun. Camel has started doing shady things to make more money. Recently six people from my team reported they had put 1 day shields on their castles and in under 24 hours the shield was gone. Some starting from 6 hours and some lasted 17. All Camel support says is “there’s nothing wrong with the game. You used the wrong shield”. There is not a 6 hour shield or a 7 hour shield. Nor is there a 17 hour shield. They have started killing people so they pay more to rebuild fast. Greedy developers!
  • Oh my god 5/5

    By 2432456330
    The game is amazing and I even love the fact that I have been working to gain Commander experience when sitting in my settings was a mini game that gives me experience for free. I had to tell my alliance about it because it was a discovery that only gaming me would discover in boredom. I am not playing any other game without giving you credit for that amazing game you call age of origins. Thank you for existing.
  • Fake!!! 1/5

    By Nomad gump
    Gameplay is nothing like videos!!!!
  • Great Game 5/5

    By ForeverMizzle1030
    Game is really fun!
  • Game review 4/5

    By DCR review
    Game review
  • Good game 3/5

    By Travlinhayes
    It is a interesting game, it is made to spend money in…. Takes time to walk thru it either eay