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Agoda - Best Travel Deals

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Agoda - Best Travel Deals App

Even lower prices than our own website! The Agoda app is your best tool for finding and booking the very best deals on any kind of accommodation or flights, anywhere in the world. - *SHOP* See the deals we can’t show on our website. Agoda guarantees the best price and it can get even better when you view on the app. - *SAVE* Get additional savings of up to 80% from Member Deals, Last-Minute Deals, Secret Deals, newly listed Home discounts, and more. - *FLY* Search over 200 airlines worldwide for the cheapest fares on domestic and international flights, using our unique search engine that compares flights and prices in real-time so that you can find and book the best airfare deal immediately. Enjoy our 24/7 customer support for peace of mind. - *DISCOVER* Search over 2,000,000+ hotels, villas, BnBs, and every kind of vacation rental in your own language and currency of choice. - *DECIDE* Choose wisely. Agoda’s useful search filters, hi-res photos, map views, local experience information, and 15+ million verified traveler reviews help you find the perfect accommodation for your specific journey and budget. - *NO STRESS* Get support. Agoda’s app saves your voucher, details, and maps right on your device for easy check-in and printer-free travel. You can manage or amend your booking anytime, anywhere. And if something goes wrong, Agoda has live agents ready 24/7 in multiple languages to make sure your journey is as smooth as it is cost-efficient. - *START EARNING* Become a host and start earning. For Agoda Homes hosts, our app lets you manage reservations and communicate with your guests directly. If you haven’t listed your property yet, go to today. It’s free! - *Agoda speaks your language* Whatever your language is you can get the best Hotel deals: فنادق أجودا,安可达酒店订房,Agoda酒店,Agoda訂房,อโกด้า,תי מלון אגודה, حجوزات,اجودا,агода, 阿勾達 , 阿勾打. To learn more about device information used in our App, including for interest based advertising and cross-device tracking, and to exercise certain opt-out choices you may have, please see our cookie policy.

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Agoda - Best Travel Deals app reviews

  • Me emcanta agoda 5/5

    By fatima1234c
    Love it agoda
  • Really frustrated 1/5

    By www.MGB.Marketing
    I have tried to make several bookings with this app over the last few days and after getting a confirmation number, I then received an email indicating the booking was canceled due to an “unforeseen technical error.” Contacting the company was utterly useless making traveling with 9 people very frustrating.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Mumuş
    I booked my honeymoon with Agoda in a resort in Seychelles. Only came to find out the hotel is not even open after a week of purchase. They still haven’t refunded me. Meanwhile they gave me Agoda cash, only to find out I can’t use it anywhere. There is no way to chat with someone about it either.

    By LD ODOM
    This is a Chinese clip joint that is quick to take your money, add fees, refuse refunds, and devoid of all reason. Most of the positive reviews are generally fake and generated, in-house, overseas.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Er1c999
    Horrible service payed and conrfiemed just to arrive and sit there for 3 hours because Acadia didn’t pay the hotel on there end and kept me there 3-4 hours in the lobby while constantly putting me on hold ...never will I use this service again and I recommend y’all stay far and clear of this app
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By pkim13
    Very comfortable to use. Easy access to find the hotels that I want
  • False advertising 1/5

    By (:MATADOR;)
    I ended up getting by the pictures of the Fairmont inn, two rooms with a two night stay. Unfortunately, the rooms were not even close to the images in this app and the images of the whole Inn was not the same. The pool was green and the rooms condition were horrible. The restrooms were damaged, the A/C did not work. The beds had dirty linens, dented mattress and the rugs were very soiled and dirty.
  • Annoying pop-ups 2/5

    By -daniel-123
    Trying to use this app is an exercise in frustration. So many pop-up anytime you try book or search for something.
  • Amazing rate deals! 5/5

    By Bek oka
    Excellent app! Offers better deals than major online agents!
  • Best Prices in the travel game 5/5

    By Frizzdogg0211
    Only thing cheaper is Yo Mama
  • I love it...!!!🤑🥰 5/5

    By r9fox
    Best hotel app you can count on
  • Awesome staff ! 5/5

    By accross yo mani
    Highly professional staff at also extremely kind and professional
  • الرياض 5/5

    By صالح السعد
    شكرا لكم 👍
  • agoda hack 1/5

    By doidodoi
    don’t use i lost so much
  • Beware! 1/5

    By Cgreene14
    Do not use this website/app false advertises the hotel. You think your getting something nice and it’s really some side building the hotel has that’s junk! Customer service is a joke!!
  • Best hotel site ever ! 5/5

    By servega1984
    I love this app, I book through them always when I am in Europe and just about anywhere in the United States. The site always gives me the beat deals and prices. I never go without it when I travel.
  • Experience with reservation: 4/5

    By andchumov
    On August 22nd 2020 was trying to make reservation with Radisson Blu Bosporus Hotel Istanbul Turkey, and after submitting my VISA card information I didn’t get Email with proof of reservation. Because of that, in about 30 minutes made second attempt to make reservation for hotel room, and after submitting all my, including my VISA card information, got messages from agoda, that I’m already made reservation throughout them, and I’m simply making double reservation Then I abrupt my attempt for that second reservation. But, I still was worried about if My first attempt to make reservation was successful Then I called directly to hotel, and lady on reception wasn’t able to find my reservation. Then she connected me with other reproductive, but he also wasn’t able to find reservation on my name
  • Crap App 1/5

    By Supertiff86
    They charged my bank right away but I went to the hotel and they didn’t have me in the system!
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By larsgullin3
    First time using this app. I loved the layout. Able to enter all my requests simply, easily and logically. Time will tell if it works as well as it promises
  • SCAM 1/5

    By gamescrooge
    This App is a SCAM. It will quote you a price and lie. When you go to book the hotel room you will find the price is higher for the room. I am really sick and tired of American scams. Why don’t these people ever do business straight. Say what you mean and mean what you say without involving some kind of trick. It is sickening. SCAM!!!!!!!!!
  • Website wouldn’t work 4/5

    By Kerns_
    Had to download aop
  • Booking 5/5

    By kidsteele
    Great app
  • good app 4/5

    By wymmwy
  • Whuut 1/5

    By whuuuuttt
    Why did you idiots take a perfectly good app and ruin it? It’s completely unusable now. Zero functionality, zero results. For someone who travels frequently, you’ve totally screwed the pooch
  • Easy Booking 5/5

    By pupukahi
    I have found cheaper rooms using this app than using another popular app. I have used agoda twice and it has been easy to navigate and book hotel stays. I haven’t used this app for bookings than hotel stays, but I’m sure that it is easy as well. I will be using this app in the future!

    By bailey 45
    Absolutely terrible booking service. Save yourself some time and download air BNB.
  • Great app to book with!!! 5/5

    By Melissah1117
    This is a great app to book with if you’re looking for a cheaper price where you can pay later and still get free cancellation go with this place this is my second time booking with them the first time was easy they took my card no hassle no problem second time booking with them I got a promo code got the room cheaper. Also i’ve tried to book for this specific resort through booking and booking never has them on their listing for rooms available. Agoda always has rooms with the specific casino that I book with all the time. I love this app
  • Great for last minute booking 5/5

    By Orlandotrainers
    Simple quick and never let’s me down.
  • Worst experience ever!! Don’t use agoda at all!! 1/5

    By bitemenor
    I booked an hotel with a very good price, I chose to try this agoda thing for the first time, because it was a little bit cheaper. After a couple of days I received an email saying that I cancelled my reservation (Which I did not) and when I tried to contact them I never get a proper reply, just automatized emails telling me to book again. Of course, when I look the prices they were way more expensive and now I check and they are sold out. Don’t trust agoda with your travel plans, it totally ruined my trip, after getting all the arrangements, and of course they don’t even care or reply, or take care of you, if they made a mistake they should take care of it. Just be safe a don’t use this app, go with the companies that you know!
  • góp ý 5/5

    By Hiệp phú sport
    ứng dụng dễ xử dụng nhưng bất tiện khi ko có sdt hỗ trợ gặp trực tiếp nv agoda
  • Great prices 5/5

    By BigCollardGreen
    Great speed an range of prices even $56 rooms
  • After 5/5

    By dc finess
    Haven’t taken my trip yet
  • Crooks. Apple should forbid its app. 1/5

    By jkirk1626
    Any rating above 1 star is from a member of the dev team. I tried using this in the Philippines and wound up paying for a place that was closed. Agoda refunded me, but the refund was a hassle because Agoda wanted to give me credit instead of putting the funds back on my card. Eventually Agoda relented, but it was a long call. Agoda took its sweet time reimbursing me: close to a month. Even perusing plane tickets, I see a price for $950, click it, and it never fails to turn into a price for $1,035. Do yourself a favor and avoid or uninstall. After posting this review, I'm uninstalling this sleazy garbage that Apple should kick off of the App Store. Shame on Apple for letting it on in the first place.
  • Best price after extensive search! 5/5

    By lash h FDA seyuhd
    I looked at all sites. Some looked cheaper per night, then charged more in taxes and fees🙄
  • Great 5/5

    By trophylol41
    I’m 43 carpentry company owner in Las Vegas, I brought family in from Okc and Houston to help on a vip job and this site was the best, very secure and you’ll see what I mean when you book! It’s great
  • Booking for the beach 4/5

    By Yessenia m
    It’s stressful looking for a place to stay at for a good price and how many beds u want or how many ppl ur gonna bring or if u want near a certain place like the ocean view. Would be nice if it had options like that and didn’t mix everything up, but overall amazing app for a great price!
  • App interface 5/5

    By RobCC
    App was easy to navigate and use
  • Easy and most affordable 5/5

    By FranZanelli
    Wonderful app
  • Agoda 5/5

    By Dnice408408
    You are the best app ever,you slap tha competitions down on the daily.people this app is a must.thanks you
  • Great rates and great service! 5/5

    By lojosol
    I have been using Agoda for hotels in Japan for a couple years now. The ability to sort hotel rates by total price after tax makes it so easy for me to find the best deals at the best hotels for the length of stay I want. When Japan opens back up for tourism again, agoda will be used once again to find a great rate!
  • They literally rob me 100 for no reason on top of the hotel price !!! 1/5

    By Amadocomando a.k.a yankee
    The worse ever they stealing from us the people No how can I get my 💯back 💭😟😟🤯
  • Shady app 1/5

    By Wa|
    This is a scam, I saw the app trough google maps while looking for a hotel, it always gives you the best price on hotels but they never have the rooms available, the wired thing is that it let me enter all my credit card and personal info and only after that it told me “sorry the room is not available”. I’m also gonna report them to google.
  • Need assistance 1/5

    By Slowe1964
    I am trying to get assistance on using agoda cash for this reservation. I had a reservation in Myrtle Beach that was cancelled and was given $830.96 cents in agoda cash to be used in the future, I want this applied to this reservation. Payment option does not allow me to apply my agoda cash. Please provide assistance!
  • Booked rooms that were not available 2x 1/5

    By mikedpinson
    App is trash. On two separate occasions I booked a room only to arrive at the hotel and there was no availability.
  • Scam 1/5

    By GEMiNi68
    Don’t trust this site. They sent me a coupon for $100 off. It’s supposed to come off when you’re booking. There is no where to take it off. They want you to book at full price and if you read the fine print on the email it says 4% off or up to $100. It’s a scam. If you get this email do not believe it.
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By coralie.60
    Worst website EVER ! I had a problem for my reservation because of my age, but the website never mentioned that I had to be 21 to stay in the hotel, they charged me of the amount and when I asked for a refund they lied to me saying that it will be the hotel’s decision ! They are such a big scam, they lie for EVERY little things they told me (except one girl that solve all my problem). I obviously not recommend this website. The price they announce is NOT the price you are going to pay !
  • Complete Scam! 1/5

    By Dragonfly83199
    Even better rates on our app it says. So I download it and prices are higher yet! Get outta here with that crap!
  • Prices are never what they offer you 2/5

    By laprincesa28
    Prices are never what they originally offer you to catch your eye... my $66 room turned out to be $74and $89 after taxes
  • Casa Del Mar 5/5

    By Ballen56
    Easy booking

Agoda - Best Travel Deals app comments

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