AI Cover Music & Song Creator

AI Cover Music & Song Creator

By ProxGlobal Inc

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  • Release Date 2024-04-20
  • Current Version Ver 1.0.2
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The #1 app for making high quality AI covers in seconds! Experience iconic musicians, such as M.Jackson, putting their own spin on Bru.Mars' timeless hits, infusing them with a fresh vitality. Utilize our cutting-edge AI cover song generator to replicate the most legendary voices. Whether you're a devoted music lover or a connoisseur of enduring melodies, our AI song cover maker opens up limitless possibilities in the realm of music just for you. FEATURE: Make your own custom voice! - Upload your voice recordings or files: Start by contributing your own vocal recordings or audio files, providing the app with the raw material needed to craft a personalized and distinctive vocal identity. - Begin voice training: Witness the magic unfold as you initiate the voice training process. Through advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology, the app tailors your voice, refining its nuances and characteristics to create a one-of-a-kind sound that reflects your individuality. - Share it with the community or keep it private: Once your custom voice is perfected, you have the choice to share it with the vibrant community of fellow music enthusiasts, showcasing your creative prowess. Alternatively, if you prefer a more private experience, you can keep your unique vocal creation to yourself. Create AI Covers with your Favorite Voices - Pick your song: Input your song from your file or youtube link. Explore a vast library of songs and choose the one that resonates with you. From classics to contemporary hits, the possibilities are endless. - Pick your voice: Select from a range of voices available in the app. Whether you aspire to channel the energy of iconic artists or simply want to experiment with various vocal styles, the choice is yours. - Make your singing voice sound like famous artists: Witness the transformative capabilities of AI as it seamlessly molds your custom voice to emulate the distinctiveness of famous artists. Revel in the joy of singing a chosen song with the voice of musical legends, adding a unique and personalized touch to your AI covers. Leverage Music AI to craft a personalized vocal identity, enabling you to enjoy any song in your unique voice. You're not merely a listener – you take center stage as the lead singer. Experience the enchantment of AI-powered magic that transforms you into the star. Give it a try and watch your voice shine brightly! Think of an AI Cover Generator like your own personalized voice changer, on steroids. It's tuned into your sound and vibe - amping it up to creating a supercharged version of your voice. SING PERFECTLY WITH YOUR OWN AI VOICE Link Privacy: Term Of Use: