Air Canada + Aeroplan

Air Canada + Aeroplan

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  • Current Version: 5.26.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Air Canada
  • Compatibility: Android
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Air Canada + Aeroplan App

With the Air Canada + Aeroplan app, you can now enjoy the advantages of the Aeroplan loyalty program with the combined ease of managing your Air Canada trips in a single convenient place. EVEN BETTER TOGETHER Sign in with Aeroplan to unlock access to loyalty program benefits. Dive in to see your points balance, track Elite status progress, view recent transactions, and access popular program features like Family Sharing, eStore, car rental, and hotels. BOOK YOUR WAY Book your next trip using cash, or by redeeming your Aeroplan points. You can now also book with a combination of Points + Cash, or even pay 100% of your fare using points, including taxes, fees, and charges. TIMING IS EVERYTHING By presenting timely updates on your home screen, you'll always be up to date. Action cards prompt you when it's time to check-in, show your upcoming flight status, and even offers your flight's menu when it's almost time to eat on flights offering meal service. NOW BOARDING As your flight approaches, your boarding pass will appear throughout the app for quick access. Your boarding passes are saved for offline use in the app but can also be added to Apple Wallet. KNOW AS YOU GO Stay up to date with notifications about flight and gate changes, and cancellations. FOLLOW THE LEADER We added turn-by-turn airport navigation, a first for a Canadian airline, available in Toronto (YYZ), Montreal (YUL), and Vancouver (YVR), with more coming soon. READY TO DOWNLOAD? By downloading or updating this App, or setting up your device to do so automatically, you consent to the installation of the App, its future updates and upgrades and to the Air Canada Mobile App “Terms of Use” that govern the use of App that are available here: You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the App. For help uninstalling, please see IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES These functions apply when enabled: • Location: your location data is used to show the closest airport(s) for booking, and flight status. Location data is also used to present the correct boarding passes at connecting airports, and to provide the current location when using airport maps. • Wi-Fi connection: used to determine if internet access or a connection is available for onboard Wi-Fi and the wireless entertainment system on Air Canada Rouge flights. • Calendar: access to your calendar is used to sync flights from your upcoming bookings to your device's calendar. • Notifications: push notifications are used to send you service messages related to your upcoming travel. • Camera: add images to the feedback you send to Air Canada. • Your device and app information (phone model, language, system and app version) is attached to comments you send when an issue is reported via the app. PRIVACY POLICY By downloading or updating this App, you understand that Air Canada may: collect data about your device in order to serve you the correct software, as well as maintain and develop its services; require that you change some of your device settings to use specific features; collect personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy ( Air Canada, PO Box 64239, RPO Thorncliffe, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J7 [email protected] ® Air Canada Rouge, Altitude and Star Alliance: registered trademarks of Air Canada in Canada ®† Aeroplan: registered trademark of Aeroplan Inc.

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    By CQSL
    All Apps should be earlier iOS compatible ie. Backward Compatibility. It is now a big headache to go thru websites, especially when an App is available for ease of use … just imagine a person with an iPhone 6 has has iOS 12 only cannot access his/her Aeroplan account and has to compulsorily go thru your website … image your family elders trying to navigate thru your website, instead of using the App, which has ever available directly
  • Bug in the app on aeroplan elite status info 3/5

    By hmohamadi
    I'm 75k but in the app it shows 50k. The information on the version is correct.
  • Worst app incomplete information 1/5

    By Prash002
    Ended up losing $4000 due to incorrect information displayed on this app
  • Requiring an update is never right 1/5

    By Xtopher-
    Air Canada’s app from last month required an update before working. This is never a good choice. Instead, the app should warn first.
  • Great app 5/5

    By samuel i amuel
    Simple and easy to use. I like the feature of seeing incoming flights to predict your flight times. Love it.
  • Bummer 1/5

    By nname5678
    This app went through a lot of paces to get signed in. Only it doesn’t seem to recognize me so I can only say it failed for me badly
  • Great app but dissatisfied with customer service 4/5

    By M. Batchelor
    This app is wonderful & makes the process with flights seamless. It’s incredibly user friendly. The customer service however has been extremely disappointing & a horrible experience so far. Our bags until now are lost, it’s been 7 days since arriving in Zurich & we’ve heard absolutely nothing from air Canada. This is very unprofessional & has ruined our trip. Our return flight is in 2 days & I fear that our bags will be lost forever. No one has contacted us even if we’ve filed a report & obviously no update since the report was filed either. Air Canada definitely needs to get this resolved or I believe they will have many law suits coming their way as we are definitely not the only passengers to experience this. It’s a great airline, air plane & flights staff are wonderful BUT if you are flying air Canada DO NOT check your bags in!!
  • No baggage tracking! 1/5

    By MrRoger
    Every major North American airline (Delta, United, American) has baggage tracking - your app doesn’t! A few of these 3 will even show what baggage carousel your luggage is going to at the destination airport. I’m confident that there’re business processes which are tracking every piece of baggage and you have that information in your systems. You just didn’t care to integrate it into the app! It’s the failure of the IT team which wrote the requirements and manages the features and functionalities of the app!
  • Best not have a United confirmation number 1/5

    By Midwest gal gotchoooo
    I have a United airlines confirmation number, the flight is operated by air Canada but this number is meaningless to AC unless I CALL someone? How is this a good use of their short-staffed airlines time? And in 2022? Ridiculous. This is not rocket or plane science.
  • The absolute worst airline you can book 1/5

    By ByNick™
    Our first flight was 1 hour late which led our connecting flight to leave without us Then once they resolved the issue 5 hours later we get to our final destination and they lost our bags do not use them
  • Horrible app. Wouldn’t update on cellular or WiFi 1/5

    By Jenga2100
    Awful app. It is something to be desired. I was in atl. The AC flight was delayed like always. I was getting texts and emails about flight statuses and changes. But the app would not reflect the latest changes. The boarding passes never updated. I was signed in with my Aeroplan creds. I signed out and signed in with no resolution. Rebooting the phone did not resolve the issue. The app has a long way to go to even get 3/5 stars. Please hire app dev folks from delta. Their app is A+ top notch!
  • Usefullness 4/5

    By mok5060
    Relative easy to use or set up. You have all the features one needs.
  • Did not work for me 3/5

    By Maria-Deifilia
    Had to buy the ticket as a guest. Could not sign in for Aeroplan. System took a long long while to process my purchase only to say try again. When I tried again the price of ticket had gone up. Had to pay more. It’s been painful to purchase my ticket this time with Air Canada. Unfortunately they don’t have competition for my itinerary.
  • Next to useless. 1/5

    By cornholio42
    You would “assume” once you signed in your bookings would be present! Nope.. need to go back to the original booking & find the reference number to retrieve it. Pointless
  • No keyboard to log in on the iPad app 1/5

    By L_e_v
    On the iPad app sign-up page, the keyboard doesn’t show up to enter the login credentials. You need to write them somewhere else like the Notes app, then copy and paste. How is it that such an app can get so many 5-star ratings? Okay, here’s an update. The screen when no keyboard showed up was at the very first time I wanted to create an account on this app. (I had an account years ago, but somehow it was deleted.) Now that I got a new account on a computer, the login screen on the app shows a gray bottom-third area with an option to bring the keyboard on the left-bottom of it (and also presenting my login email on the top-middle of it inherited from the shared Keychain). That gray area never showed up during my initial creating-an-account process. There was and is nothing wrong with my iPad as suggested by the developer, so I’m sticking with my rating.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Ripan Kp
    Simply Excellent God Bless Air Canada
  • Several bugs with the UI - just terrible 1/5

    By DK_TO
    There are several bugs. When you click on the Aeroplan tab, the LCBO pop upder appears persistently. Touching close or the X in the top corner merely minimizes the pop under until it appears a second later. This repeats to infinity. Completely useless tab as it’s just the same as banner!! If you’re logged into the app, clicking on estore link mandates another login, even through you’re logged into the app. There’s no authentication handshake - again, this is a simple bug to avoid, and suggests the Air Canada developers are incompetent, or their app vendor should be fired.
  • Mr 5/5

    By mnqc2020
    Very convenient app, easy to navigate and a lot of nice features
  • Shared calendar with shared reservation deletes flights 2/5

    By lightsp33d
    We have a family shared iCloud calendar. We also share reservations in the app. The problem is that when the other person taps on Trips at the bottom, the app sends a deleted notification to the Calendar Inbox to everyone else. It says “Flight … deleted by …”. This should be fixed ASAP. Also, there are a lot of taps (steps) to see basic information, and information comes piece-wise: why can I see all information other than the terminal info, which I can see on the next screen? Why not include it in the previous screen? And so on.
  • Great airline, horrible app/website 1/5

    By marimarihallelulujah
    Airline is 5 stars, the app and website are constantly not working
  • Passport field validation 1/5

    By CarCollector52
    Passport ids can be alphanumeric. This is quite short sighted to only allow the field to be numbers. I can’t check in on your website or this app.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Swankington.
    I love air Canada!
  • Aero plan 5/5

    By dguinsatao
  • Horrible app!! 1/5

    By Wilson D.
    This app malfunction and the worst airline app. International travelers beware. This airline app might be good for Canadians but everyone else not so well. Check in has it limited and you do better check-in at the airport!! It slow and many bus and no whistles!!
  • Embarrassingly Arrogant Customer Service 1/5

    By Hawkey9790
    Air Canada lost my bag while I traveled from YYZ to DCA about 10 days ago. You would expect that after having the audacity to charge for checked baggage they’d at least attempt to get in touch with me to make things right after my bag was delayed for 3 days. But no, not only does Air Canada not have the shame to reach out. They don’t feel the need to respond to my requests submitted via their own form. They know I paid via their own app but will act like they don’t have any accountability to their customers.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Zoe, Quinn, Emmy
    Very hard to find what you are looking for
  • One BIG SCAM 4/5

    By Parsifal1492
    I cannot believe I signed onto this to receive free points. Each merchant I’ve gone to so far has scanned the app properly it shows on the receipt but the points do not show up. Each time I tried to call customer service based on the app information, I am told to go online to obtain the points. When I go online I am told to either message or tweak the issue. When I do so I am told to call customer service. Then I am told to go online onto the website. At the website guess what they told me to call the number. This is ridiculous and unprofessional and it’s all just a big scam. I can’t believe merchants have signed onto this. They were better off with the old air miles system. At least then you could see on a monthly basis or immediately how many air miles you had.
  • Please Add PayPal 4/5

    By your to-go food
    Great app. Please add PayPal as a payment option.
  • Double charged me 1/5

    By 🤬🙄🙅‍♀️
    Worst and most intuitive app ever. Completely garbled error messages with no copywriting at all. Frequent issues.
  • I love you guys but… 4/5

    By SunnySummerSky
    No entertainment available and no WiFi. No acceptable.
  • Not easy to navigate 2/5

    By Ian Wolfe
    It could be a lot better organized. Also, I’m not a fan of the app redirecting me to Air Canada’s website for certain features and requests.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Lynn8336
    This app is an excellent way to track your trips and refer to your itinerary as often as you like. Any changes to you flight will be posted here.
  • No multi city- way to many points to travel- constantly spinning and error message 1/5

    By lisamacinnyc
    This app is terrible. It constantly says error message or pulls up no flights. I have to go to the computer.
  • Ican't signin 1/5

    By fjjxb12345
    I have Aeroplan ID,but I can't signin,The APPtell me I haven't accepted the browser's cookie. I haven accepted the cookie, but it still not works.(Iphone 8)
  • Unable to make seat selections on the app 2/5

    By 1wood
    I guess it’s an OK app but not near as slick as some of the other major airlines apps
  • Atrocious Customer Service 1/5

    By random5928
    Air Canada’s customer support line will take at LEAST an hour of being on hold and bouncing between menus. My emails for reimbursements and flight cancellations go completely unnoticed. There needs to be substantial improvements in these areas, especially during Covid-19 when the regulations of flying change constantly.
  • Shame of Canada 1/5

    By Derek733672
    No customer support whatsoever. Just a number to tell you to piss off when called. Also it’s impossible to do many basic things like rebook in the app.
  • Stranded in Africa 1/5

    By Meetjoeblow
    If possible please avoid at all cost. Their policies contradict. The app serves no purpose it’s almost impossible to get in touch with a representative and I just realized they canceled the second half of my round trip and kept the money so now I’m effectively stranded in a 3rd world country in Africa
  • Change Seats?!? 1/5

    By Sir Glenn V
    This app is only moderately good for viewing information. Actually doing anything like booking or changing seats is terrible. Example: I currently have round trip tickets and I want to change seat location on the return flight. Every time I try, it shows the right flight/plane but shows I’m sitting in the same seats as my first flight (which I’m really not).
  • Can not login 1/5

    By Chengzhier.jr
    I still can’t login after I checked my safari settings about cookie which is always enabled.
  • Cannot use at all 1/5

    By Albert Qiguan
    I did not prevent cookie at setting, but both your app and website said I did not allow cookie (both in iPad and MacBook). Also, at midnight I cannot log in at Windows website or Android decides because I cannot even receive or enter the code. At midnight nothing was sent!
  • Needs to show Aeroplan expiry date 3/5

    By Jus d'Orange
    The app doesn’t show the expiry date for one’s Aeroplan points. Please add that feature
  • Uneducated attendance. 1/5

    By euro tour pro
    One of attendance at the check desk stop me on board, I was trying going backhome but she hold me for 30min for non-excited documents form. So asked her to talk to supervisor and show me the form or link, they can not find the form at the end. She was uncooperative and unwilling to help and said, “I can’t let you go unless you present the form!” Just saw another unexpected staff with aircanada again.
  • Dedicating this to the wonderful staff of Air Canada !!! 5/5

    By SumanBKassis
    Thank you for the care packages and thanks to Air Canada 🇨🇦 wonderful staff and that is not just today every time I go with them, I feel your team sets an example of what it means to really feel you can actually be happy and safe traveling and most importantly safe during this pandemic. Even though I felt I was seeing staff look like a scene of health workers from the hospital , their smile and politeness towards the travels was a testament to how well Air Canada operates. It would be nice if you would consider making a change in 2021 that is adding free breakfast meal to the domestic line as well and not just the business which I had the experience of getting during my seat change request not knowing I would land in the business section. I enjoyed the breakfast while constantly thinking of people in domestic who don’t get one. I hope you consider making this change and add free breakfast for domestic line too. Thank you once again for a wonderful and safe flight.
  • Seguridad y calidad del servicio. 5/5

    By palmireña
    Es muy Es
  • Great Design 5/5

    By Fun slots_slots
    The app runs smoothly. The user interface is intuitively designed. Easy to find functions like booking a trip, checking your itinerary, and traveller settings.
  • World Class 5/5

    By Earle G Hall
    Bravo !
  • User Friendly 5/5

    I find the app easy to use.
  • Still waiting... 1/5

    By canucksbroad
    Still waiting for the Air Canada app to include basic features like “sort by” as well as filters. I can’t even believe I have to make this comment/request! It is easier, faster and better to use Star Alliance partner apps (ex. United, Lufthansa) to search for flights from and to Canada. The Air Canada app is like going and buying a new car with wind-up windows and manual steering.