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  • Current Version: 4.19
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Air Canada App

Everything you need for your Air Canada flight in one App: booking and manage booking, flight status and notifications, check-in, boarding pass, Rouge in-flight entertainment and more! Optimized for iPhone 8 and compatible with iPad. By pressing the “Get” button or by downloading the App, or setting up your device to do so automatically, you consent to the installation of the App, its future updates and upgrades and to the Air Canada Mobile App “Terms of Use” that govern the use of App that are available here: You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the App. For help uninstalling, please contact [email protected] HOME SCREEN Get contextual updates about your upcoming travel plans, right when they matter most. AEROPLAN®† & AIR CANADA MOBILE+ SYNC Link your Aeroplan account with Air Canada mobile+ to automatically import and sync your Aeroplan bookings (Menu > Settings > Link Aeroplan account.) Your flights are kept in sync across your signed-in devices. NOTIFICATIONS Receive check-in reminders, flight and gate changes, cancellations, booking changes and more. You can receive notifications by push, email or SMS. Customize your notification preferences from Menu > Settings > Notifications. CHECK-IN AUTOCOMPLETE Save your passport or NEXUS information in your Air Canada mobile+ profile to have these details automatically completed during check-in. ELECTRONIC BOARDING PASS Save your boarding pass in the app for offline use, or add it to Apple Wallet. As your flight approaches, the boarding pass will appear on the app's home screen. BOOK FLIGHTS & MANAGE TRIPS Purchase flights and manage your trips (select seats, purchase travel options, change or cancel). Save your credit card in Air Canada mobile+ for quick purchases. * NEW: Book in US or Canadian dollars. Set your currency from Settings > Preferences. RESUME BOOKING Start your booking, and complete it later. If you're signed in with Air Canada mobile+, you can resume your booking progress on another signed-in device. ALTITUDE® DIGITAL CARD Download a digital version of your Altitude membership card for presentation at the airport, and access to lounges. AIR CANADA ROUGE® PLAYER (IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT) Watch movies, TV shows and more on Air Canada Rouge flights. IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES These functions apply when enabled: • Location: your location data is used to show the closest airport(s) for booking, flight status and check-in. • Contacts: allows contacts you select to receive flight status notifications. • Calendar: your flight information can be to your calendar. • Camera: you can input your Aeroplan, or credit card number/expiry date using the camera. • Notifications: (push and email/SMS messages) are used to send you service messages related to your upcoming travel or profile information. You can customize these preferences from Menu > Settings > Notifications • Wi-Fi connection: used to determine if internet access or a connection is available for the entertainment system on Air Canada Rouge flights. • Your device identity log information (phone model, language, system and app version) is attached to emails you send when an issue is reported via the App. PRIVACY POLICY By downloading or updating this App, you understand that Air Canada may: collect data about your device in order to serve you the correct software, as well as maintain and develop its services; require that you change some of your device settings to use specific features; collect personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy ( Air Canada, PO Box 64239, RPO Thorncliffe, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J7 [email protected] ® Air Canada Rouge, Altitude and Star Alliance: registered trademarks of Air Canada in Canada ®† Aeroplan: registered trademark of Aimia Canada Inc Apple, Apple Watch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc (


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Air Canada app reviews

  • Horrible App, even worse airline. 1/5

    By Kyle Feldman
    Avoid AirCanada at all costs.
  • Ditto To Other Negative Reviews!!! 1/5

    By Celia34210
    I’m sorry to echo the same negative reviews and only add I have spent close to an hour and a half of my time setting and resetting passwords to even set up my account-please join the other airlines who have done such a good jobs with their apps and get it together Air Canada!!
  • Simply does not work 1/5

    By dstevedd
    The fields for creating a profile did not allow to enter data ... wow (iPhone X). Who tested that app?
  • Stunningly terrible 1/5

    By Pdxphil
    Wasted an hour of my life on this thing. Can’t find my flights. Totally useless.
  • Taipei is in Taiwan, not China! 1/5

    By J Baerg
    Listing Taipei as being in China instead of in Taiwan is dumb and offensive. I wouldn’t trust any airline that displays such poor judgment.
  • Ya no 1/5

    By narendrar1
    They use this as an excuse for not having TVs on their flights in 2018.. longest 10 hours of my life ahead of me.
  • the activation email 1/5

    By LGV
    I have signed in, but never got the activation code email. I requested several times, but not luck at all.. I deleted this app. Worthless to have it I. Your smartphone.
  • Ugh really. It’s 2018 1/5

    By Dace the Ace
    Please get a programmer. This app doesn’t even track flights you have purchased even after logging in you need to search for your flight. Print paper boarding passes!
  • Kinda Buggy. Didn’t work for me. 1/5

    By New to Air Canada
    For one thing, the app seems to need a totally different profile and log in than the web version which, in 2018 is quite Retro in a frustrating way. Also, it asks me to log in, but it refuses to let me enter my username. That makes it frustrating to....actually log in. After just spending $4k with Air Canada, my first experience with their app is not great. I hope they test their pilots and planes more thoroughly than they tested this app.
  • Actually went really well! 5/5

    By Friedar
    Having read the other reviews, I almost didn't install this. But I figured I'd give it a try. So I was surprised by how well it went. I had my Booking Reference number handy, that may have been a key. Anyway, I got my mobile boarding pass quickly and with no problem.
  • Lied to and left hanging 1/5

    By npmoran
    Air canada does not provide any financial or hotel reimbursement if a flight gets cancelled. My fiancée and I learned that the hard way after we were left to fen for ourselves on a cold night in Montreal after they cancelled our flight due to technical difficulties. Their fleet of aircraft is very old so definitely expect that to happen. I’m never making the mistake of flying this pathetic excuse for an airline again and I’d suggest you do the same.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Pigyios
    Do not accept company email, and after several test trying to make the login is impossible, if I ask to recover the password just to see if in that way work, the app told me email is invalid, Trough website no problem at all..... 1 star until fixed.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Burien guy
    Does not let me login. I can easily log into internet
  • Horrible travel service 1/5

    By neda y
    Terrible service at Air Canada worst ever travel experience
  • Does the job 4/5

    By Noeivarmastioletataotettu
    This app allows me to do mobile check-in and access boarding passes (in app or wallet). It provides gate changes as push notifications. Be advised though: if you pause your check-in process (e.g. to make a phone call), and then later resume the check-in, the process will start from beginning (security policy?). Also, if the app doesn’t seem to connect, check your Wi-Fi by opening browser. Free Wi-Fi providers regularly ask you to accept their terms and policies in browser. The app doesn’t realize it can’t reach the servers even though Wi-Fi auto-connects. This constantly happens at Toronto Pearson. Other than that, the app is on par with other airline apps; nothing too fancy but does the job.
  • Dreadful 1/5

    By duane_g
    You can’t even sign in with your ID! How this is acceptable is embarrassing.
  • Wow. This is bad. 1/5

    By KRP333
    Air Canada’s app has to be the worst airline app on earth.
  • Stuck on Signing in. Useless 1/5

    By Harryfischer
    App asks. Me to sign in. Entered information and app says “signing in”. Turns forever.
  • Doesn’t log me in 1/5

    By Gonçalo Veiga
    Whoever Air Canada hired to develop this app, they took your money and gave you a app that doesn’t work. Can’t login, can’t do anything on it. What a joke. Deleting it NOW!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By towerguy 1947
    Cannot sign using my online sign on 👎🏽?????
  • App does not allow login 1/5

    By Audifono
    This app does not allow you to log in and will trigger an “incorrect password” message every time, even if you always enter the correct password that you enter in the web version. The user authentication function needs to be investigated because it simply doesn’t work.
  • March 9 Update - Issues 1/5

    By kmckmd90
    After latest update: -no longer able to see multiple boarding passes for connecting flights -screen automatically goes to full brightness when the flight information is refreshed Once this is fixed, review returns to 5 stars.
  • Dirtiest, most cramped, and oldest plans I’ve ever been on 3/5

    By Fastauburnfan
    The app is fine but the Air line is the worst. I will never fly with them again. I felt like I needed a shower after getting off their planes, really really dirty and run down plAnes and not the cheapest air fare either. I’ve requested that my corporate travel group never even gives the option to fly Air Canada again. The seat wobbled and the material on it was so worn out and discolored - really couldn’t wait to get off of both flights. The service was fine but can’t believe the planes are that bad
  • Update Issues iPhone 8 Plus 1/5

    By StarWarsIsAwesome!
    App refuses to update on WiFi or Cellular.
  • Do not use this app 1/5

    By Zhe zhe gay bore
    I’m not sure how their mobile app product development team got away with releasing this. It either asks you to sign in for no reason (ie. mid check-in process) with an account other than the online web version, stalls on “updating check-in details” until you terminate the app, or says it’s signed you out even though you have yet to sign in. I’d recommend making some changes to the product development team / get new developers & QA the product, or kill the app altogether in favor of the web version. In the meantime, this is unusable therefore it should be pulled from the App Store until a working solution / better mobile direction is provided. Update: You can’t pay baggage fees thru app, so you still have to stand in line for check-in assistance when you get to airport. Baffling how this got the go ahead for public release. The design is ok, but if it’s not minimally functional then it’s not a viable customer solution.

    By Spirit Naples
    CRASHES IMMEDIATEY ... Useless, absolutely useless!
  • Worst airline app 1/5

    By Mcgowse
    This has to be the worst, least user friendly, least functional airline app of all time That combined with bad weather and lame 800 # service at Air Canada cost me hundreds of dollars in lost ticket value and hours on phone over the weekend after our initial flights to Toronto were cancelled because of weather and we could not take auto rebooked flights. Air Canada had me on hold multiple times for over an hour and failed to callback multiple times when I left a callback number because app did not allow any changes or cancellations via app And, they even have my $50 for outbound luggage fees charged in advance of cancellation, which I am sure I will never see. I bought the tickets via United codeshare and expect no help getting resolution from either They are both terrible in my book
  • Unable to get past password 1/5

    By Vgyvvfdruhfiop89;3/?$
    After several attempts and lockouts and resetting passwords for mobile app and for AC/Aeroplan account, I still couldn’t login. I do not have this issue with any other airline apps I use.
  • First impressions with this airline - the app stinks 1/5

    By jpsokol61
    Won’t even allow you to login - why put a half a-s product out that doesn’t even work. Look at all the reviews, looks like it was designed by a third word tech
  • App Crashes constantly 1/5

    By RAristeu
    Not worth your time.
  • Awful 1/5

    By tehdaev
    Hair trigger account lockout and inability to run in landscape mode. Haven’t even started using the app yet. Learn about SSO. Three passwords for AC (mobile, web and Aeroplan) is just amateur.
  • It doesnt open 1/5

    By Jorvananos
    Does not work
  • Bad costumer service 1/5

    By fouabby
    I got charged for my second luggage after I was told it was included but I paid for it .when I got back so that email to customer relations so she told me After she reviewed my case she was going issue the check ask me for my address so she can send to me .but when I didn’t receive a check after us six months I emailed her back to ask for why I didn’t get it she told me the reviewed my case and my vacation was overweight but the fee was for the extra baggageHer name is Jessica Mbode not nice
  • Baffling Air Canada mobile+ 1/5

    By Miles Thatsme
    For reasons only known to Air Canada, you need three different accounts: AC, AC mobile+ to pay for bags, and Aeroplan. The app lets you store the login details for these accounts--but won't let you stay logged in. No problem, use TouchID--no, not an option for AC mobile+ during login. So just copy-paste your secure password from your password manager, right? No. It will restart the four-screen check -in process the moment you switch apps.
  • Loved IT! 1/5

    By Bibi5511221355578954
    I loved it!
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By TripleG4
    When you sign in to your account the first thing you need to do is provide your record locator number so it can find your flight. If you have made changes to your flight, e.g. upgraded or checked in over the website it does not report any of the most recent information. In short you need to provide the app information you may not be able to find when you are at the airport, in order for it to give you incorrect information. It is hard to imagine something less useful. Technically, it’s as if the Airline refused to give the app developer API access to the airline records. Still, if this is the case they should not have released the app. Providing incorrect information is often worse than providing no information.
  • Hardly worth the effort so far 1/5

    By Snot-Gobbler
    I found it hard to use, with lots of time spent watching the spinning wheel. Didn’t trust accessing the mobile boarding passes at the airport so went old school and printed them.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ollieollie12345
    Consistently terrible like the airline itself. No ability to check in for US bound flights. Seat selection crashes most times. Compare to United app where all of this works!
  • Worst app for the worst airline! 1/5

    By Cbeckx
    It's only fitting that the worst airline ever has the worst app too! App constantly crashes, doesn't recognize log in credentials, cannot find reservations, and says not a single airport in the world recognizes mobile boarding passes. I love being forced to print my boarding pass. Take this app, your horrible planes, and your ineptitude to be on time and shove it right up there.
  • New account and can’t login 1/5

    By djsnafu
    Really? Create new account and can login fine in computer. Try to login on phone and it says that email doesn’t exist. Can’t even use this app. What to do??
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cpacoach
    What all of the other 1 star reviews said are true. Terrible app, but pretty consistent with the air Canada experience. Worst part is the commercials on the on-demand entertainment.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Jasonbh2
    Can’t login to the app using same credentials as the website. Useless.
  • Total garbage! Do NOT download 1/5

    By BF.Skinner
    Doesn't work at all. Waste of freaking time.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Gerrrude
    Doesn't go beyond the bare minimum at best. If you want to check in don't waste time on the app. Use your computer instead otherwise you will be placed in the last row of the aircraft and then service charged upon arrival if you want to move to a different seat - even when the flight is half empty. (Checking in on the computer allows you to change seats.). Don't waste time with this useless app.
  • I would give 0 if I could 1/5

    By Ilike it but
    App was designed so that it is NOT at all user-friendly. When I tried to put my discover card information, it did not explain that discover card cannot be used, and only said "numbers only". App crashed in the middle.
  • Can't even access my boarding pass. 1/5

    By kl4nia
    This app is not working. I can't even view my boarding pass. What's the point!
  • This app lost you a customer 1/5

    By rbearry
    Air Canada. Easily the worst international flight experience to date. When I tried to use this app, it got even worse.
  • Quality As Expected - Horrible 1/5

    By Clifford82
    So slow and buggy. Have been trying to check in for a half hour now without success. Airlines set the bar for bad in so many areas. Not surprised apps is another one.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By vertital
    This app refuses to take the sign in credentials that I use to get on the website from my desk top machine. This an astounding piece of clunky software.
  • Easily one of the worst airline apps 1/5

    By Vankash
    I bet this feedback won't get processed or reviewed by the coders. Inconvenient app - navigation is klutzy, error messages don't really make sense, the security features are laughable. The only thing that works is the push notification, but even that comes through several minutes after the airline announces it at the gate. On occasion, I get a gate change message while I am walking to my seat in the plane!

Air Canada app comments


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