Airalo: eSIM Phone Internet

Airalo: eSIM Phone Internet

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  • Current Version: 1.25.0
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  • Developer: Airalo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Airalo: eSIM Phone Internet App

Buy one of our prepaid eSIM plans at affordable rates (starting from $4.50) in over 190+ countries and regions to enjoy global connectivity! Add a data pack to your dual SIM iPhone or iPad and stop worrying about staying connected while on your adventures. Say 'alo' to freedom! What is an eSIM? * An eSIM is embedded SIM technology. Think of it as a digital SIM card. Rather than requiring users to fiddle with SIM trays and pins, the eSIM operates within your device's firmware. . What is an eSIM data plan? * An eSIM data plan is a prepaid data-only plan that you can install directly to your eSIM compatible device. Think of it as a lightweight prepaid plan or virtual data SIM. The advantage is that you no longer need a fiddly, easily lost old-school plastic SIM card that you can easily lose in your pockets. eSIMs are a true technological revolution and we bring them right into your eSIM-compatible device! * You get access to local data services at affordable prices without the need to hunt down a physical SIM card, WiFi or paying for expensive roaming. * You can continue to use your existing phone number while using the data from your eSIM. Does an eSIM come with a number? * Some of our eSIMs do and we're working on adding more into our store over time. Check your eSIM’s description for details. How much does it cost? * eSIMs from Airalo start from $4.50 for 1GB of data. What devices are ready? You can find a regularly updated list of eSIM compatible devices on this link: Who is Airalo best for? Airalo is a perfect solution for anyone who travels - it doesn't matter whether you're on a boat, a plane, on a business trip or you just want to enjoy mobile data while visiting other countries. We’re here to provide you with instant connectivity and solve your travel connectivity problems. Why use Airalo? * No more huge data roaming fees * Installation in just a couple of minutes * Easy top-ups, wherever you are * Keep your existing number while traveling * No more fiddling with pins and paperclips to change SIMs * No need to carry a bulky WiFi dongle around How does it work? * Step 1: Install the Airalo app * Step 2: Find an eSIM for your destination (Airalo has eSIMs for over 190+ countries and regions and we're working 24/7 to expand our coverage.) * Step 3: Purchase & install your eSIM There are three ways to install your eSIM; most can be installed directly, if this isn’t possible you can use a QR code or install it manually. * Step 4: Enjoy connectivity whenever you are! Why do we love eSIM? * You aren’t disconnected during transit. With an eSIM, you can simply activate your service once you’ve arrived and you’re connected immediately. * You don’t have to mess around with fiddly hardware. Your eSIM is handled through an app, making things simpler for everyone. * It’s much easier to switch plans. Every eSIM from Airalo is prepaid and requires no contract, so you can top-up your service or switch your plan whenever you want. * Prices are clear and fair with no hidden fees. * You can store multiple eSIMs on one device. That gives you the freedom to purchase your eSIMs ahead of time and simply activate them on arrival. Enjoy! --- Visit for more information. Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions:

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  • Worked as advertised 5/5

    By smjennin
    Traveled to South America and was able to buy a regional eSIM and travel to a few different countries with zero issues. Best compliment I can give is I never had to think about it.
  • On a cruise - finally found a means to communicate 5/5

    By Avram G.
    Cruise ship WiFi is generally barely usable for streaming and spotty at best. But two weeks ago I was turned onto Airalo. I downloaded it, figured out the iPhone settings and now when we're near ports I can get off the ship's slow network and tune into 4G here in Asia for really inexpesive pricing. For people like us who travel a lot, Airalo is now a necessity. Worldwide communication technologly is here and it works.
  • Awful Support - buyer beware 1/5

    By Chuck Lerch
    We bought 4 eSIM's for our trip to Thailand for our phones 3 of the 4 phones it installed no problem - I tried to submit a support case, and the response time was one email every 24 hours or so .. currently 1/2 way thru our trip and can't even get a refund.
  • Use every time we travel 5/5

    By Tk2med
    We have a national US carrier and the travel pass for 5 phones (parents and kids) is costly and the data is SLOW. I have used Airalo for our last 3 trips (Spain, Italy, and Ireland) for the whole family. 10 gb per phone is 1/3 the cost of daily travel passes. They are fast to download and install, and no little SIM cards and the need for a tiny piece of metal to open the slot on the iPhone. We keep the voice line for our carrier in the US and switch the data to the eSIM. Works amazingly well and using the country’s networks with normal priority, not last priority like Verizon travel pass, gives normal data speeds. Cannot recommend it highly enough.
  • Great e-sim cell and internet provider 5/5

    By E-sim55
    Airalo provided my family traveling throughout Europe with great service in maintains our cell and internet connectivity. We lived in Itay as our homemade and travel extensively. Airalo allows us ease of e-sim service no matter where we go.
  • Easy way to get data wherever you are 5/5

    By Theodore2000
    Airlo makes it eay to have cheap cell access anywhere you are. I have used it for trips to Cyprus and Itlay. It takes 5 minutes, is pretty cheap, and lets you use your phone as soon as you arrive.
  • U.S.A. experience. I use it when traveling, even in US. 5/5

    By Senor WencesTA
    Why in USA? Typically when at home I use <4 GB per month and carry residual over to next month (Verizon). But when I travel I use more. Verizon charges a lot for each gig over 4gigs per month. I switch to Airalo eSIM when traveling, even in USA, and save a lot, relative to over-charges from Verizon. Check out Airalo 20 GB for six months plan. If you pay for unlimited GB per month in USA, maybe USA usefulness is not worth it. But if you routinely pay over-GB charges, check out Airalo. Great coverage in NYC, Nashville, Tampa-St Pete, rural Ohio, mountainous West VA. No cell drops. Seamless ATT network access via Airalo eSIM each time I have used it.
  • Awesome support! 5/5

    By Jav:)
    I had a problem with my eSim in Andorra but contacted customer support and got a step by step instructions to get it fixed. Best customer support!
  • Works great on the other side of the planet! 5/5

    By NextStopPottersville
    Airalo is a real game changer and makes it so much easier to travel. Living in Thailand I have a Thai phone number and plan. I was planning to travel to New York and a friend of mine suggested I try Airalo. So I purchased a US esim. Followed the simple instructions to set it up before leaving Thailand. Landed in New York and immediately had service. Excellent! All the apps I have tied to my Thai phone number still work just the same. Even text messaging seems to work here in the US using my Thai number. My only regret is that I did not also buy a esim for my layover in Korea. I will certainly be buying one for my layover on the way back to Thailand.
  • Easy and great 5/5

    By mili vanili mici
    I bought it for Austria 3 GB. Works perfectly and instalation is very easy. I recommend Airlo. And I will use it for now on every other trip.
  • Best way to communicate in The Maldives 5/5

    By Mister Cambridge
    Went to the Maldives and had no signal besides local Wi-Fi. My daughter told me to download and buy the App Airalo. 5 minutes later I am calling home and my office. Excellent service, instant cellular and data. Will use this app for all my travels as its a lot cheaper than travel pass with Verizon. Thank you Airalo!!
  • Great service 5/5

    By GlobeTrotter2023
    I used the eSim in Tokyo and Seoul. Worked flawlessly! Great way to stay connected during international travels.
  • So simple to use 4/5

    By R1V3
    I am not a person who’s up to speed in the technology department, but this app was incredibly set up. I was returning to my home country for a week and decided to try out this “esim thing.” The directions were easy to follow and I was set up with service very quickly. I never had any interruptions and the basic plan based on a 7 day trip was almost enough for my trip. The only change I would potentially make is to maybe have a smaller add-on possibility for when 1g isn’t enough but 2 is way too much.
  • Doesn’t work…complete waste of money and time!! 1/5

    By aj2aj
    Got an e-sim for Morocco. Followed the directions exactly, and the sim wouldn’t work at all. Spent hours trying to get it to work without any success. Support is completely useless and just keep asking for screenshots and are refusing to refund. In Summary: if you want to waste your money and time and still end up with no service, use this app. Otherwise AVOID!!’
  • Very useful while abroad 5/5

    By Uh me ra
    This app saved me while abroad, as I was able to buy a data esim before my trip even began. While abroad, I was able to add more data when I needed to. The actual installation process is a little lengthy and can get confusing however I was rushing to get it done right before boarding my flight. I’d recommend purchasing your data a day or two in advanced so you can follow the installation process properly. Overall enjoyed my experience with the app and will be using it again for future trips.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By SnappedStrings
    This app worked flawlessly across Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent. Installed easily and connected quickly on the iPhone 14 Pro, 13 Pro, 11, and Xs. The iPhone 10 does not support eSIMS, which we discovered the hard way. Check if your phone accepts eSIMS before using. Only challenge (which is really my own ignorance) was knowing what to turn on and off on phone settings so we didn’t connect to Verizon automatically.
  • Amazing travel tool 5/5

    By Abcvsdfre
    Worked great in Brazil for 15 days. Easy to install if you follow the instructions. I was able to have both lines active on my phone through eSim. My US number and my local data line were both eSim and both worked fine. I’m using an iPhone 13 mini for reference. If you setup your lines correctly, you can still be in contact with everyone via your main number and not use any data or significant roaming charges.
  • This app doesn’t work in us phones 1/5

    By Zikowisc
    Not working in us phones
  • Worked perfectly 5/5

    By LittleBrownRobot
    Took a two week trip to SE Asia and bought eSims in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Korea. Installation was simple and performance was perfect. If you’re on the fence about trying eSims from Airalo, don’t be. Very simple, very effective, typically very cheap.
  • Works exactly as advertised 5/5

    By art++
    I needed data in Italy and found this app. I have a late model iPhone and the initial setup was straight forward. Purchasing additional top ups is seamless. Overall, quite happy and will likely use it whenever I travel.
  • IPhone setup a little confusing, but eSIM works well 4/5

    By Vaultergrl
    My wife and I recently tried this for our four week honeymoon adventure to New Zealand and Australia. We were reluctant at first since this is newer technology, but ultimately appreciated having data to use maps, web browsing - especially when overnight accommodations didn’t have WiFi. It was a little confusing to install and setup on IOS while my wife’s Android setup was a breeze. Be sure to follow the install guide directions very carefully. Overall, I’m satisfied and wish I could drop my regular cellular provider and just use an eSIM, lol. Pros: -You can purchase a lower data plan and top up to more data as needed (I recommend this since we purchased WAY too much data from the start and didn’t use half of it.) Cons: -You can’t sell your unused data back to Airalo like you can with another eSIM provider. -You cannot make cellular phone calls and must use third party message/calling apps to make international calls…and that often depends on if the receiver has the same third party app to receive your international data call. -I had to buy separate data plans for both NZ and AU since these two countries aren’t grouped together in a regional data plan.
  • Impressed 5/5

    By Cosoloway
    This was super easy to use and affordable! Happy surprise
  • Good stuff! 5/5

    By flytheplane.
    Worked great in the DR!
  • Excellent Choice ! Beyond my expectations 5/5

    By PatriPaness
    I truly recommend this eSIM
  • Easy way to stay connected abroad 5/5

    By JV Hiker
    I was recommended this app as a way to stay connected during my 5 week trip out of the US. It's super easy to install an eSIM alongside your normal physical SIM, and it works like a charm. I even had to swap back and forth between multiple countries and not a problem. If your cell plan doesn't offer international this is the next best way to keep in touch!
  • Worked well in NZ and Australia 5/5

    By DEW122
    My US phone plan does not include international service in New Zealand or Australia. I added eSIMs from Airalo for both countries and had phone and data service throughout my travels there. For short-term stays (4-30 days), Airalo is a bargain.
  • Airalo 100% recommended 5/5

    By Luis Mejia Alvarez
    It is a great experience to use Airalo e-sim. I’ll never buy a sim again for traveling. Navigation was awesome.
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By LazyCaller
    I used an eSIM in India, and it was cheap, easy, and reliable.
  • Worked Great! 5/5

    By ChasPowl
    Bought an Airalo esim online with the Airalo app for my trip to Central Europe. I activated it as I started my trip and my week of service started when I first connected to the cellular service in Germany. Worked in Czech Republic also. When I ran low on data I just topped off for another $5. Will definitely use again. Used with an iPhone 12.
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By Sundog157
    Easy to use and great for international travel giving the ability to have have your local provider set up and operational as soon as you arrive.
  • Saves time and hassles when traveling. 5/5

    By TonyDGJ
    Highly recommended to anyone who prefers immediate connectivity when arriving to a new destination. Their data plan rates are competitive and are offered in varying amounts/durations based on one’s needs. So easy to purchase, install, and activate the sim. Have used in S Africa and Australia and works like a charm. App interface is easy to navigate for purchases and checking on your remaining data. Can also purchase more date directly from the app if you happen to run out. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to trying to purchase physical SIM cards at airports or other kiosks. Highly recommended 👍
  • Recommended 5/5

    By baicunko
    Fully recommended. Works perfect and super intuitive! Much better and cheaper than roaming
  • Working well in Asia 4/5

    By AK Sandy P
    I am not a super tech savvy person, but I had no problem purchasing an eSIM card, then activating installing and using on my iPhone SE 2000. we are currently in Japan and it’s working well. we plan to use this in four different countries so we got a regional eSIM so far we’ve only used it in Japan but it’s working well.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Dubb2323
    This is such an awesome invention! When we traveled to South Africa last year, I purchased a SIM card and had to keep changing it out, plus it became expensive. When I got an iPhone 14, the SIM card wasn’t an option anymore, so I tried an eSIM from Airalo when going to Italy! It was so convenient and cheap!! I highly recommend using Airalo when traveling around the world!
  • Airalo 1/5

    I bough 5 G so I can use it in the Philippines last week but even my friend that recommended this couldn't understand why it didn't install. I paid $13.00 and now going back to the States. I tried to see maybe I didn't a step.. but when I added the e sim.. it was telling me my number is ineligible. So, I paid $13.00 for 5 G service and got nothing😩
  • 5 STAR! 5/5

    By Gratchie tachie
    At 1st I was skeptical with this app. So when I went japan I installed airalo and still ordered a pocket wifi. To my surprise the ESIM was way better than the pocket WIFI. I will surely use an ESIM again on my next Travel. As it is more convenient and more cheaper than getting an actual sim card or pocket wifi.
  • General feedback in some countries I visited 5/5

    By N-HAMAD
    It’s great and the service was amazing, no issues with the connection in Madrid, Spain, and the same in USA , It’s very easy to use . But un fortunately it wasn't working good in Istanbul , it was very slow , and also it didn’t work at all in Bahrain and I lost my money .
  • Best eSIM 5/5

    By Shar Seigworth
    Verizon charges $10 a day for international calling and texting but doesn’t seem to provide data. Airalo eSIMs are quite inexpensive and have made traveling so much more pleasant and convenient. You can buy and download the eSIM right on your phone — it’s wildly easy and trustworthy. Airalo has become a no-brainer for me. I highly recommend.
  • New user 5/5

    By Krakow v europie
    Works as advertised, easy to set up. Already used once internationally. Purchased another e sim for a trip two weeks from now.
  • My experience! 5/5

    By Adobespain
    That’s the way to get Data abroad. I bought an eSim in the UK and I am planning to buy one more for Switzerland. Cheap, easy, and secure.
  • Travel Game Changer 5/5

    By sub-2019
    Best investment I’ve made for travel especially for the kids. Top up when necessary. Good way to control their data usage.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Soona86
    Excellent data speed and excellent and prompt customer service !
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Meme d
    Amazing app
  • Waste of money ! 1/5

    By Emre 1976
    Waste if money for Hong Kong . Very very slow internet of HK provider !
  • Works great 5/5

    By Gatrocks
    A must when traveling internationally. Extremely reasonable compared to legacy phone providers.
  • Does work! 5/5

    By sfgielanv
    I was hesitant to try I have used Airalo for Panama and Colombia and works Easy to use I was always stressed finding local SIM cards when I travel (often) as Mexico’s roaming fees are outrageous At one of my business travelers to Dominican Republic someone recommended Airalo. I am hooked and will now use everywhere Easy to get Easy to install easy to use Good job!
  • First time user-will use again 5/5

    By NVF77
    I was looking for something that I could just use data for my upcoming trip to Paris for maps, emails, iMessages. I’m not tech-savvy whatsoever and found this pretty simple to activate. The included instructions, both written and YouTube made it pretty easy. I connected to the wifi at CDG with my iPhone and activated it. Took maybe 5-7minutes. I left apps running so it drained my data but I topped up a tiny bit from the app (super simple)for the rest of my trip. the app makes makes it user friendly and even gives you an update on usage. Will definitely use this on my future trips abroad!
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By sleep deprived in iowa
    Cannot get it load and cannot get any help.
  • Great! But also Poland for some reason 4/5

    Airalo has always worked very well and the prices are unbeatable. For some reason, your IP will be in Poland so internet searches will come up in polish, but that’s a small inconvenience.