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Airbnb App

Unforgettable travel experiences start with Airbnb. Find travel adventures and new places to go faraway or near to you, and access vacation home rentals, new experiences, and places to visit all around the world. Book everything for your trip, or start earning money as a host. BOOK TRAVEL EXPERIENCES Go on local experiences led by native experts, whether it’s for multiple days or just an afternoon. Explore Seoul's underground music scene, hunt for truffles in a Tuscan forest, or give back to the community with a social impact experience. BOOK VACATION HOMES Choose from over 4 million vacation home rentals across 191+ countries. Search by price, neighborhood, amenities, and more. POPULAR DESTINATIONS Experience the beautiful sights & find local guides for the perfect vacation: • Rio – Explore the birth place of Samba or Hand Glide over the sights • Paris – Find your fill in some of the best culinary tours and museums • Barcelona – Discover the cities beauty with guided walking tours For travelers: • Book vacation home rentals and travel experiences for your next solo journey, family vacation, or business trip • Search for last minute travel accommodations or long term rentals • Save your favorite rental homes, experiences, and places—and invite friends and family to plan the trip with you • Add experiences and events to your itinerary • Message your host and get directions to your home For hosts: • Share your extra space or lead experiences that showcase what makes your city great • Update your listing and calendar availability • Share what’s special about your neighborhood with a host guidebook • Message guests and manage their reservations

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Airbnb app reviews

  • Frustrating 2/5

    By BCooper77
    This app is beyond obnoxious. It doesn’t let me email a home owner saying I don’t have access to this feature. 🙄 When I try to book properties it just keeps processing without actually processing my payment. I’ve tried googling solutions and nothing has worked and there isn’t anyone to contact to help me fix the problems.
  • Email 2/5

    By jehbvyubs nj
    Won’t send me confirmation email

    By x3Danielle
    The app literally does not work at all
  • Badge won’t go away 4/5

    By Hawzzy
    It tells me I have a notification, I can’t make the notification badge go away. I’ve checked everything in the app and there is no actual notification, just seems like a bug, but it’s enough that I uninstall the app between every trip cause I can’t disable it in setting either.
  • Horrible service. 1/5

    By michellerrr
    So it all started when we booked a place 2 days in advance. Then everything runs smoothly and I’m from Miami, driving all the way over to Chiefland Florida. As I’m already on my way with 2 hours left of driving. The host calls telling us he accidentally got double booked. Which I didn’t understand how. He should’ve never had his home up on another website. Or at least he should’ve put not available for the other site. Mind you it’s 6 of us in a car. So we tried and tried calling Airbnb for a refund or to see if they can accommodate us. They didn’t want to help and couldn’t do anything to help us because it was so late in the night. It’s two in the morning, we had to sleep in our car. And in the morning we had to figure things out again. Finally we actually spoke to an ACTUAL person who spoke PROPER English. And she gave us the refund and even accommodated us for a credit for another Airbnb. We call back because as we finally found a place that can open their house to all of us, the credit code had expired we had to renew it like three times because it would expire like every hour. Finally the last time we had it reset they didn’t even want to credit us for the inconvenience. So instead of getting a free Airbnb for the whole problem they only gave us credit for a new one but we basically still have to pay half out of pocket. I am honestly shocked with this company, I’ve heard from so many people to use it when having a lot of family. Whenever the customer service improves i will decide to use it again. But for now I will never use it again. I was honestly on the street sleeping in our car and they didn’t even care. Never could’ve even bothered to pay for a hotel near us or anything. We thru so many options just so we can have a place to sleep for the night and we could’ve found a place in the morning but they couldn’t even do that. Honestly save your coin and book in advance with another company.
  • Fun way of free expression 5/5

    By Francine445
    Marnie’s 2 1/2 hour painting class was so much fun. With absolutely zero painting skills I was able to interpret a cluster of trees in my own unique style with total support and assistance from Marnie. Great fun, I highly recommend the experience if you’re in the area. Francines
  • Frustrated by photo request 1/5

    By frankbrou
    App has NO instructions on how to submit the required photo in order to book. WHY after 5 years of booking Airbnb do I need to send photo? App is dysfunctional
  • Needs ability to zone in specific area only 4/5

    By Buttercup7764
    I’ve enjoyed this website, however I find when I plug-in an area I would like to stay, it gives me too many places way outside of where I am looking for. A few more options to pick would be nice as far as locality. For instance, I would pick Newtown Pennsylvania, and shows me places 25 miles away in North Philadelphia which I do not want to be in.
  • Horrible mediation 1/5

    By TOLERANCE_2017
    Host conducted 2renovations on the home during an 8day stay. Had no idea how to go about reporting this situation; therefore I did not know how to decline to tell the host to stop with the renovations. The host only offered an early check out on the last night! I had many evidence and proof and Airbnb still only refunded 60$ back. It was a 1000$ bill. Watch out for hosts that conduct renovations while you stay!!! Will never use this app again.

    By WyoHiker10
    Avoid this platform. We have had TWO hosts pull scams on us without facing any repercussions from Airbnb. I have contacted the company but just want to warn anyone else that I can. This company condones fraudulent behavior!
  • Beware of fee 1/5

    By Trisha Robar
    Beware that you absolutely will be charged for the service fee even if you cancel your reservation within the 48 hours and the property description says you will not be.
  • Intercepts AirBnB links and requires login 1/5

    By Chaos215bar2
    If you’re going to have your app intercept every single AirBnB link, maybe make it capable of viewing listings without requiring a login? I deleted the app out of sheer annoyance. Of course then the website itself insisted I verify my device rather than providing a way to back out of my previously logged in account, so I guess this is just a general AirBnB design anti-pattern. I should not have to choose between password login (via the app) device verification (via Safari) or just deleting your website data (to log out *without* verifying anything first) simply to view a $€£¥ listing, guys. I’m not trying to make a reservation or access my account every single time I use your service.
  • Be careful and take pictures of everything before and after you leave 1/5

    By Honeymoon gone wrong
    My wife and I went on a honeymoon to Hawaii and decided to stay in an Airbnb. The place was great aside from the bed was very uncomfortable and we barley slept. They sent us an email at the end of our stay asking we do not leave a bad review rather tell them if we had any issues. We wanted people to know that we didn’t sleep well. They said we left the place very clean. However days after we left a review stating the bed was uncomfortable we receive a notice saying we broke blinds and tried sticking they back up with paper clips and tapes and stained a bunch of sheets which looked to be bleach. We were accused of damages we did not do. Even though we fought it and asked to have someone from Airbnb call us they denied calling us and just charged us. I’m beyond upset for being blamed for damages we did not cause. I’m even more upset they didn’t have the decency to give us a call back to talk to us. Crooked.
  • Customer service no good and no support 1/5

    By mostafa jebb
    Been a loyal customer to Airbnb till my trip to Vietnam, two bad experiences in one week, Airbnb didn’t do much for me, while they charge hosts arm and leg for canceling guests, we get few pennies if nothing at all for frustration,waste of time and money, and if you contact them from another country, chance you will be homeless for that night. Never use them again.
  • Easy 5/5

    By maria835
    It’s reliable, it’s efficient and easy to use. It makes me question why we didn’t have something like this sooner. So far I have used this app to go to New York and shanghai, China. Exactly how the apartment was described it was exactly what I got. Before booking an expensive hotel, look on Airbnb first.
  • Keeps changing the price once you hit Book 1/5

    By Alejandro Dela Vega
    Tried booking a condo for a week up in Portland and every time I hit Book it would raise the price by 20-25% each time. What a waist. I ended up just booking on instead knowing what I was paying for up front.
  • Price difference 3/5

    By Purpleslushies
    How come when I go on the physical website prices are lower than the prices on the app?
  • 100% useless -1 Star only because I can’t submit 0 stars... 1/5

    By Bumptious B
    Tried to book places on an iPhone 6 via the web - failed every time. Downloaded the app - all bookings again failed every time. Removed and downloaded again - failed again. Spoke to a rep that said Airbnb doesn’t work with some phones. Very unfortunate that Airbnb doesn’t offer a product that works with all reasonably new phones. Travel a lot and do most work on this device so Airbnb and it’s pointless app is not for me.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ramdom Human Alien Thing
    Family uses to find hotels for vacation
  • None of the positive reviews are legit 1/5

    By Rachael Heart
    They pay for fake 5 star reviews. They screwed my buddy over, her and her 9 year old daughter had to sleep in their car and didn’t get what money they had refunded for weeks. Fu€k these guys.
  • Freezes and crashes 1/5

    By s2luminous
    Please fix.
  • Doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By vvkniitscjiofsyjno
    Can’t change my number can’t update my password application is stupid
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By rachelafile
    I searched for an extended stay rental while I was in a new city to attend a trade school after getting out of the military. I found one that AirBnB listed at $600 a month for my 3.5 month stay, which was perfect since I would be relying on my VA benefits for income. After paying the deposit plus first full month, I thought everything was good to go. The homeowners were amazing hosts and my stay was wonderful, until the VA’s computer glitch caused me to never receive payment. I gave the homeowner advanced notice that I would no longer be able to stay, since I was unable to pay for the second month. He told me he completely understood, not to worry, and I could stay one extra week to help me find a new place. Then AirBnB contacts me that I owe them $600 because I stayed an extra 5 days. I explained the situation and my discussion with the homeowner. I inquired as to why it was going to be $600 when it was supposed to be $600 a month to begin with. She refused to give me an itemized explanation of the charges even after I asked several times, and simply said “I apologize you had a miscommunication with the homeowner.” I was unable to pay anything because of the VA’s payment glitch so she deactivated my account (making me unable to contact the homeowners for clarification) and charged me the full amount anyway, causing me even more extreme financial hardship. I ended up living out of my car for a month and a half until the VA rectified the payment situation. I emailed back and forth multiple times trying to understand why there was no communication between AirBnB and the homeowners or even at least an itemized list of charges. I will never use AirBnB again. The situation involving my income was out of anyone’s control, but the way it was handled by customer service was appalling and stressful.
  • Freezes and shuts down app 1/5

    By Cupcake954->NYC
    I keep trying to use your app and it keeps freezing. If I open my messages or a listing, the app will stop functioning and then lead me to a black screen. After a few seconds, app shuts down. I started using Airbnb through internet browser because the app is unreliable. I updated my phone and app and it did not help the problem.
  • Very Rude to super host 1/5

    By John mark 1
    Get away from this company. They will throw the host under bus with no real thought of what we do as host. Homeaway or any other site. I will be renting my units long term, so I never have to deal with Airbnb again.

    By yhannni
    Before you try to make a reservation, MAKE SURE you check for the cancellation policy. They are NOT generous even if you book MONTHS in advance. If you want to book, make sure you’re going to be there if not you’re only going to receive 5% of the money you spent back. Worst customer service, and the host is NOT that generous about it either. They spent your money you gave them already
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By ANNA2486
    While it looks like it could be a great service - unfortunately I don’t have thousands of hours to search through thousands of irrelevant search results. I searched for a place that will fit 3 adults in Manhattan, why am I getting results for places in Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn???? Why can’t I filter to only show Manhattan???? This is ridiculous - FIX IT!
  • Buggy. Terrible customer service. 2/5

    By docmatthews
    Airbnb customer service is a joke. It’s still easier to use Craig’s list.
  • No search / location 1/5

    By Calidide
    Current version won’t search. Keeps searching “anywhere”
  • Average 3/5

    By DellDyn
    Overall, I’ve had good experience with Airbnb, and I like the general set up. I do have two major major issues, and that is 1). with the tax collection. My county and total sales tax are 9%, But they only take out 6% and refuse to fix it. This causes me to lose so much money because I have to take it out of my profit and then file with the county and do my state taxes through an accountant because the system is too complex... Major inconvenience... and 2). This is my 2nd home. I do not want to rent it to just “anyone“. VRBO is better because they at least let you see the person‘s full name, and you can Google their information to make sure they are a real person, etc. There are so Many scam emails. I have no problem with an AirBNB traveler who has previously had a review, but when a New, unknown person tries to books and gives me no information at all regarding their group or info on their trip, and all I have is a “first name”- it’s unnerving. I think they should try to protect the homeowners much better than what they do right now. It’s very one-sided towards the renter- where I would like much more of a mutual accountability. Hiding the pictures and last name is also not OK in my book.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Sciencedad69
    Although I like staying in Airbnb’s, shouldn’t have to spend an hour on hold to get in touch with customer service
  • Could not rent due to no reviews 1/5

    By iateitall
    What is the point of having a site, representing homes that will not rent to you ? I have no reviews because I use other sites to find vacation rentals. I was on this site, used their experiences category but can’t rent a home without prior reviews. Now, I will never use Airbnb and have only unkind words to say about its hosts & their site. As they aren’t the only app that rents homes, I will proudly use every other one.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By blunthonesty
    Love the app, but there's a glitch now that won't let me view 90% of the homes listed.
  • Crappy app 2/5

    By mmmcake!
    The app itself is one of the worse I’ve ever used. Most of the time, there are errors when loading stuff. Will only load upcoming trip itinerary but will not load old ones. Also ridiculous that Airbnb does not let you delete messages.
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By jmyers1867
    I have used Airbnb three times. The first was great without any issues. The Econ’s booking, I arrived to find the beds covered in bed bugs. I had to leave at midnight and could not find a place to stay for less than $200 because of demand that night. Airbnb refunded the money from the bed bug infested house that they certified after 6 weeks. They never offered to cover any other expenses. I decided to try them one more time. After the third time, I rented a house that offered WiFi and TV. These are basic amenities for any house. The WiFi never worked and the TVs were Internet TVs so none of the televisions worked. I had brought this to the attention of the host 12 hours before. She would not do anything about so I complained to Airbnb. Their solution was for me to leave the last night around 10 PM. Again they did nothing to resolve any issue except sent pictures
  • Glitchy share 3/5

    By brentonp18
    Every time i someone shares a place with me the entire app crashes when I switch over from messenger to Airbnb app.
  • Only works on WiFi 2/5

    By jassszszssss
    I would love the app if I didn’t have issues when I try to use the app when I’m not on WiFi. It literally always says there’s a connection error every time. I know my phone’s data isn’t the problem because all other apps work!
  • Downtown Miami History and Architecture 5/5

    By jezayir
    The “tour” by Damir was not just a tour. It was a great lecture by a practicing architect, author of a book on Miami’s architecture, and someone with a clear and infectious passion for its architecture old and new. Damir was very personable, the tour went on considerably longer than planned ( it was just the three of us), and we continued our discussion over drinks when it ended.
  • Custom support team leaves a lot to be desired... 1/5

    By Keithwalker456
    Air B&B’s customer support team is a joke. Earlier last year I had an issue with someone booking on behalf of some one else. They were rude, and very problematic. Flash forward to today, once again, an issue was handled poorly, by an incompetent staff.
  • App gives me error messages...cannot use it. 1/5

    By SobeBabeRocks
    I don’t know what’s going on but every time I try to use the App I get an error message “unfortunately a connection error has prevented your request being sent. Please try again later”. I’ve already deleted and reinstalled the App. Still the same problem. This doesn’t happen with my other Apps so not an internet or WiFi issue. If I can’t use it, I can’t spend my money on it. Cmon Airbnb!
  • Only reason I used this app is cause I’m 18 1/5

    By Cassy😪
    So where I live you got to be 21 at every hotel (how lame right?) anyway only way I could go off and stay somewhere is this app and don’t get me wrong the app is a great idea but man it’s alot of bull to. The customer support is garbage can’t get ahold of anybody. The hosts seem ok but beware getting canceled on last minute and scrambling to figure some other arrangements not fun!
  • Sad 3/5

    By Shabie77
    I can’t book right now! Please fix this
  • Update Phone Number On App Morning Please! 1/5

    By kaleighgrinage&
    Can we please make it where we can change our phone ON THE APP. It’s extremely frustrating to on be able to use my account because on the design flaw. I cannot get on the Airbnb website because I need to verify with a phone number I no longer have.
  • Foreigners banned from using Airbnb in China if you set up app in the country 1/5

    By haydenpaulsen
    Customer support told me foreigners are no longer able to add payment methods besides WeChat and Alipay if you are already in China (only Chinese nationals and foreigners with local bank accounts can use these services). Thus, non-Chinese are blocked from using this service. I wish Airbnb made this clear instead of making you try multiple payment attempts without explaining why when they all fail. Unfortunate turn of events :(
  • Crash 5/5

    By SFMK81
    App keeps crashing. Only opens for a few seconds then goes black screen and shuts down back to home page. Needs an update.
  • First time booking Airbnb was a mistake 1/5

    By Libby WH
    This review isn’t about the app whatsoever, it was fine when I used it, BUT I never got to use it for a trip. I had never used Airbnb before, but me and some friends were going to New York for a long weekend and decided to get an Airbnb so we could have bedrooms for each person versus sharing one room at a hotel. Searched through tons of Airbnb’s to find one that was the right fit, booked it, and thought we were good to go. Flash forward to 5 days before we fly out and I get an automated message from Airbnb saying our reservation has been canceled!!!! No reasoning for the cancellation or any word from the host. Thank god we got a full refund, but I will never use Airbnb again. From other reviews it sounds like there is no consistency and no way to tell if the place you’re actually staying is what the listing looks like or if your host is going to screw you over. Don’t waste your time on Airbnb, just book a hotel.
  • Terrible!!!! 1/5

    By mccrfl
    It keeps giving me error despite that I erased it and reload it!!! I can’t receive or send messages to the caretaker of the condo I’m now!!!!!
  • Bug fixes 4/5

    By may207d
    I love the app I use it everyday for travel , but for some reason this time wouldn’t let request the dates I want or message the host without the request dates to ask more information please bug fixe it and thank you
  • Problems searching 1/5

    By kaydizlmt
    I’m not able to search locations. I’ve been trying to look up Paris AirBNB’s but when I go to search it doesn’t load anything and sends me back to the explore page.

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