Airtime: Live Group Video Chat

Airtime: Live Group Video Chat

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  • Current Version: 3.27.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Airtime Media Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Airtime: Live Group Video Chat App

Airtime is the only group video chat app that lets you watch YouTube & listen to music together. React to the same video without being together, hear the same song without sharing headphones, or just hangout with friends without leaving bed. Spend time with your friends like you would at school, home, or anywhere in between. What makes Airtime special: Video chat with up to 10 people and have even more in the group chat We’re not a one phone kind of app - blue texts, green texts, we welcome it all See real time reactions to not only YouTube and Soundcloud, but also pics and vids you’ve taken Sometimes you need to spell it out, literally. That’s why you can also text while you’re group video chatting Airtime is the place to do exactly what you feel like doing. For example: “I remember jamming out to Cardi B with Lina & Suriya one day on Airtime and they brought out the dance moves and started getting crazy on LIVE! I was dead!!! Lina screamed "I am Cardi B B****!" - @DramaKingMarcus “I'm currently in the hospital in Los Angeles and Thanks to @airtime I was able to see and talk to my mom and brother in Louisiana and my sister and aunt in Houston! This app is the best!!” - @JusCallMeKeish “One minute it's Monday night and you tell yourself you're going to bed the next minute it's 7 years later on a Friday morning and you've watched all Taylor Swift’s music videos, 86 times with your friends and there's no regrets @airtime” - @allygc_ “Because I am gonna be able to plan trips and meet ups with my friends all while chatting and messaging each other on airtime” - @envyx3_ If you’ve read this far, we basically just want you to know that we are trying to make the perfect group video chat, so if you love us, great, if not, tell us. Because when it comes down to it, this app is for you and your friends, so you might as well help us make it exactly what you’re looking for. Seriously.


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Airtime: Live Group Video Chat app reviews


    By Ajgzg
  • 5Star 5/5

    By AquaPimp24
    I only rated it 5 cuz the app hit on me 💯😋
  • Airtime is an amazing app, but I have one problem... 4/5

    By Tannerka5
    Airtime is an amazing app, but I have one problem. You can’t play playlists from Spotify, only individual songs. I would love it if I could put on a playlist for everyone in the room to listen to. As of now, you need to go back and pick a new song manually.
  • terrible 1/5

    By Cutie728
    me and my friend tried using it, kept crashing, there was audio problems, videos wouldn’t play just plain and simple, very disappointed in this app after all the sponsorships it gets
  • Awesome 5/5

    By aljani11
    Love it, perfect for me and my friends
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By trashy.queer
    It’s slow sometimes with the youtube videos but it works great. It doesn’t lag often or at all for that matter. I use it all the time!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By bob hairyk
    This app is honestly so good you face chat with people, send pictures to each other, and the YouTube quality is great it doesn’t freeze the audio is amazing just overall a great app
  • Super good! 5/5

    By tumble0789
    Airtime is one of the best apps it let’s me watch YouTube with my friends and I can still text and FaceTime!
  • How do I log in? 1/5

    By shedrick hall
    I have an account already and I uninstalled the app, then I reinstalled it, the only thing it says is get started how do I log in with my existing account without making a new one
  • Heats Up My Phone !! 3/5

    By Steven_elfito
    Everytime I’m using the app it heats up my phone.
  • AirTime Games!!!! 5/5

    By Yadda A.
    Love the app, would love to run games! - dominos - goldfish - checkers - puzzles - monopoly
  • Airtime 5/5

    By ljjmsz
    This is a very good way for kids to connect
  • Netflix & Hulu 1/5

    By xxjuniorxx101
    Add Netflix and Hulu on theses and u be making bank lol
  • How amazing airtime is 5/5

    By gamergal9000
    Airtime is a great app. I can watch videos and listen to music with my besties. I would like for you to add full YouTube access. I couldn’t find a few videos that I wanted. Also make the audio a little better please. Other than that the app is incredibly useful and fun to play around with. It’s a little confusing sometimes so I hope you can make it more understanding to find things. Thank you for creating this app. I give it 5 stars
  • the phone number 1/5

    By FrostyPO2
    why should i have to have a phone number for this app i have gotten a new phone with a different phone number and now that my other phone is disabled i cannot use the app anymore. can we please have to use a email or something but a phone number.
  • needs LOTS of improvement... 3/5

    By Amy Hamiti
    Ok, so I'm gonna get right to the point. Everything’s great except the AWFUL video and sound quality even when I’m connected to WiFi and I have 4 bars. Texting works fine, but sometimes when I try going live my friends get notifications but they don’t see or hear me. I often talk to my friend and it feels like a very one sided conversation, then she says “Hey it says ur here but why aren’t u going live?” That’s when I realize that I’ve been talking to myself the whole time. You guys SERIOUSLY need to make some MAJOR improvements, bc the only thing that has been keeping us from deleting it and downloading Houseparty is bc the other app doesn’t work at our school and I couldn’t find any other group chat apps. PLEASE create a new update, because not being able to actually chat with other people kind of defeats the purpose of having this app.
  • The coolest app 5/5

    By why you worried💩🔥😂
    This app is cooler than FaceTime because FaceTime you can only FaceTime one person. Airtime is we can FaceTime multiple people
  • Really nice app 4/5

    By Skeleton_Mandy
    Love what it does I just wish you didn’t have to text 7 others in order to set up the account
  • Internet 5/5

    By capt_rich
    What happened to being able to search the web while chatting ? That was the main reason why I used this app and now it’s gone 😐
  • please fix this 4/5

    By curly.head.kari
    I find that you can talk to anyone and everyone without having to friend them me and my friends are on this app and some random old guy started joining and saying stuff about us. we felt really uncomfortable so we all deleted the app. I think you should fix something about this because it’s it’s disturbing and I also don’t like that you can’t block people we should be able to block and you should have to be friends to video call! other than that the app is great👍🏾
  • Banned 1/5

    By farmerjoe124
    I got banned, now I’m sad
  • Buttered popcorn does it again! 5/5

    By Jax Alxdr
    Loooove the live shows—especially Buttered Popcorn and the Graveyard show. Alex is awesome and the videos are the best!!! I can’t help but tune in every week. Keep it coming!
  • Needs Netflix 4/5

    By MELL1515
    I love this app, it’s amazing. Me and my friends love the concept and idea of it, getting to chat with friends while watching videos, and listening to music. However, we think that there is something missing, Netflix. We would all like to be able to watch full movies and shows with each other. I suggest that with one of the bug fixing updates you should put in Netflix as well. If you include Netflix into this app it would shut down houseparty, and make it 100X better. Not that it isn’t great already. I hope you put my critiques into consideration.
  • needs netflix 5/5

    By csdcsdcsdcsdcsd
    yes the app is great in fact its fantastic. i love that i get to talk to sooooo many friends instead of just 2 and also getting the chance to watch and listen to videos and also listen to music. lit. we all love this sooooo much even when you can shut out that annoying person that you dont like, but theres one thing thats missing, netflix. we would like to watch all of are favorite movies and tv shows together. so with all the bug fixing might as well bring netflix into the equation. please i beg. it would be fantastic and also i would recommend it to all my baby daddys.
  • Not true 1/5

    By Annelise07grzybowski
    The representation of this app says airtime is like the crusty crab and FaceTime is the chimbucket but airtime is very glitchy and random people can join your group video chat some people like myself would not want to talk to random people (if you haven’t seen spongebob the crusty crab is the good restaurant and the chumbucket is the bad one)
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Brii.anaV
    This is such a good app! With airtime I can ft with my friends and yeah,would recommend!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By The 😅
    The app is amazing it lets me and my girlfriend watch videos together but the only thing I think could change is changing sound cloud out for Netflix simply because you can listen to music on YouTube
  • Great 5/5

    By im gay 24
    Top notch work unlike uptime it’s for Android and apple
  • Won’t let me make an account 2/5

    By Ffjdebvfhvfjcydgdyvdjsystg
    So annoying my friend wanted me to get this app and we want to watch something and now we can’t because it won’t let me press next
  • Amazing 5/5

    By nylah🔐
    It’s amazing but I just have one question I received a message from somebody on here and I don’t know how to go to it
  • Air time 5/5

    By ajahahahsh
  • Bad 1/5

    By Depp122
    Made about 50 chats in some of my friends phone when I invited 17 people
  • I need help 1/5

    By Sunshine9921
    I can’t get in I have tried multiple times and it keeps saying your registration can not be processed at this time please help me I really want to use it
  • Next button 2/5

    By 123495939
    I am on the create account page and it won’t let me click the next button I filled all the information but it doesn’t work
  • Invisible messages 😩😩 4/5

    By younggshawn
    First I would like to say you guys app is amazing because of the multiple things you can do while talking to friends and I love it. 😍 I didn’t use it at first when I downloaded it but when I saw it there sitting in my phone I gave it a try an I’ve been using it for a whole year now. But I got this problem.... when I get a message i go to the app but when I get to the chat there’s no message there. At first I thought it was just a little glitch so I restarted the app but it keeps happening and it keeps me from responding to my friends because I can’t see what they are saying 😢 please fix this.
  • Helping my Friend 4/5

    By Kiweebean
    So my best friend is downloading this app, but she’s having trouble with it. She creates her account (name, email, phone number, birth date) but no matter what she puts in, it always leads to the same result; “Sorry, but we’re not able to process your registration at this time.” For me, it works perfectly. I’ve always wanted to group FaceTime with my best friends. But my best friend is having trouble. Could you tell me why?
  • Can’t make an account 1/5

    By MarissaWENZEL
    I get to the step where I’m creating it but as soon as I try to click next I am unable to, I’m extremely disappointed.😔😔
  • Sign in 2/5

    By WiggzWorks
    I get a verification code and type it in, when I press sign in with Facebook account or create a new account, it doesn’t work for me. I put in all my information and yet it still doesn’t let me press the next button. Please someone help me!!!!
  • Yasssss❤️👌 5/5

    This is a good app no lies I like it a lot 😍
  • Horrible. Just terrible. 1/5

    By Smoosh the clown
    I have deleted the app and downloaded it again five times, but every time I try to sign in it says “bummer” “sorry we can process your registration at the moment” I just want to use the app!
  • Total bummer 1/5

    By @itzz.naeee
    When I pressed done it would say “Total bummer” - why this
  • Please fix it 1/5

    By My cute dog 🐶
    Every time I try to have my account made, it always said total bummer we can’t process your registration. Could you maybe try to fix that? I have waited for two days.
  • A little Cluttered, some missed Potential. 4/5

    By SmirkMC5
    This is feedback straight to the developers: You've got the idea, one with a lot of potential. However, I can see this app really taking off if there was a social media aspect to it. This would be a big undertaking, but I really think this would take you to the top. Right now, you have the DM/FaceTime hybrid everyone's been looking for. But if you created a mass media sharing — Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat stories — aspect to the app, it'd be the perfect all-in-one. The way the app is now, it promotes social gathering among friends very well with the room system, offering the ability to have more than two users in a camera call, on top of the ability for those users to be watching a YouTube video together (I'd also like to suggest adding more social media sources for this group viewing mode. Taking into account my large scale suggestion outside of this parenthetical, I believe you'd start by integrating all the other social media apps within this one, creating a sort of go-to hub for all your different accounts. Then, introduce your own platform, and as that one gains traction, pull focus away from the others. Do this successfully and you'll have the ultimate app). This aspect is much better than other social media. But where you're behind the others is that typical 'post to followers' social media that we're used to. Integrate your social media platform successfully and in a way that makes sense with what you have, you'll have exceeded expectations.
  • Bye 2/5

    By sandiaboii
    I had the same problem
  • It’s not letting me register 1/5

    By DoogieDaughter
    This is making me really mad now. I try to register and I complete everything, and it says “total bummer! Sorry, we’re not able to process your registration at this time!” I’ve tried it 5 or 6 times, and have had to reinstall it. I’m just trying to chat with my crush!!! Please help me and fix this!!
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By Cutss
    So this app looks super cool and I really want to be able to use it... but I can’t actually run it. Now, it doesn’t crash when I open it or freeze at a login screen or anything, it seems like the app would work, except for that the first screen I see is an error screen: “Total bummer! We couldn’t process your registration at this time.” I can’t exit this screen or actually register, it just leaves me out to dry on a screen that, at least I imagine, shouldn’t pop up until I actually register.
  • Pj 5/5

    By philipthomas890
  • help for i-pod Touch users 5/5

    By He'drjfjfjgjfjdd is a little
    if you can in the i-pod touch then download and app called text now it’s completely free and easy to use no phone number required it will give you a number and you can text your friends and family that don’t have an iphone in it
  • Act making 5/5

    By zdot.zev
    After downloading this app from seeing it on Snapchat I loaded up and continue to put in my information. When I went to make my account I put a profile pic my name my username my email but when I try to put in my birth date it wouldn’t let me and I think continue. Although I know this is a great app I just need a little help. What do I do.
  • It’s good but 3/5

    By Vettegirljess
    Sometimes it will freeze up, videos will pause without anyone pausing them, sometimes it won’t let me see any options while on a call, but other then those minor flaws it’s a good app :)

Airtime: Live Group Video Chat app comments


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