Airtime: Watch Together

Airtime: Watch Together

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 4.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Airtime Media Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
60,371 Ratings
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Airtime: Watch Together App

Airtime is the only group video app that lets you hang out with your favorite videos, live TV, movies, music, and more. In a world of social platforms that ask us to filter, share, and curate our lives, Airtime gives you and your friends a space to hang out and just be yourselves. No feeds, no algorithms, no liking, no commenting - Airtime is about you and friends jamming out to your favorite new music or watching your friends lose it to that video you made in third grade. Airtime is unfiltered, unedited, uninterrupted time with your friends. Why you should get Airtime: - Watch and listen to your favorite videos, tunes, live TV, and movies -- together in real-time. - Create rooms with up to 250 people messaging and 10 people live on group video. - Share your own photos and videos for everyone to see while chatting. - Say what can’t be said with emoji reactions, animated stickers, and chat masks. - We don’t divide people between green texts and blue texts - bring the whole group together across any type of phone.

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Airtime: Watch Together app reviews

  • Ok,but 3/5

    By kimmypossible99
    Add more entertainment options maybe like Netflix or have a genre or movie selections.
  • FUN 5/5

    By Courtneyrock
    I love this so much! My best friend lives in Florida and this just changed the game
  • i don’t need 5 friends!!! 3/5

    By memeychristmas
    i downloaded this app from an ad on youtube, one of my skype friends did the same (well call her sf). we got it, long story short, i can’t access the app or any of its features because i have to invite 5 PEOPLE. i did that, then it said “wait for one to respond”, and me, knowing i was only going to use airtime for my sf, deleted the message and the group chat before i read this. i wanted to friend my sf and ONLY my sf. i really want to use this app because it looked really cool in the ads, but i can’t!!
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By 1235568907
    I always will FaceTime my friend and they will be like sorry I’m watching YouTube or I’m listening to music and then they say I’ll call you back after and then they’ll forget and now I can talk to them listen to music with them and watch videos with them (etc) I love this app 😁
  • The best thing ever 5/5

    By angie potoa
    The best thing ever bc I get to watch movies with my bestie
  • Great app! But I have a suggestion 4/5

    By Jada I
    This app was such a great idea and it’s really fun to use with my friends, but it would be SOOOO much better if you could watch Netflix because then you could have marathons with your friends and the movie selection on this app isn’t great. Please think about it and I bet you’ll be getting more 5 star reviews!
  • Why is this not working 1/5

    By Miaisabell
    I downloaded airtime but it wont let me leave the “add your friends” screen. All I can do is press the add your friends button. I’m not able to join a call or do ANYTHING AT ALL. Idk what’s wrong with it, but it’s not working. I can’t do anything. Please help. Edit: I finally got it to work, but now there are issues with the app. I can’t hear my friends and the quality is extremely awful. Whenever we’re watching something, or just on a call in general, we can’t hear eachother. please fix this issue.
  • Needs more movies 2/5

    By Cricketwv
    See I love movies and this doesn’t have a great variety. I’d enjoy the app a lot more and give it a better waiting if it had more movies to chose from.
  • I don’t know if it’s me or my phone 1/5

    By YeetQueenCoppedHouse
    But this app keeps showing me add contacts and I added all my friends but it keeps showing me add contacts I’m very confused and angered because it won’t take me to any other screen
  • DO NOT GET 1/5

    By jdhdudksi
    Me and my friends got it and everything was fine at first but then we all started getting in arguments and a lot of drama , this app is has negative energy do not get
  • Please fix this is annoying 2/5

    By customdawn1a7
    So I have a iPad mini and I’m pretty sure with normal iPads this is a problem too but I don’t have a phone and if I did I probably wouldn’t have service And I really wanted to use this app cause I wanted to introduce my friend to a new show and she lives a town away and it really bothers me, PLEASE FIX THIS.
  • Review 5/5

    By sister_kammy
    I think this is an amazing app that works and you can connect with your friends!10/10 would recommend!!!!!!!
  • first minute ain’t so good 3/5

    By SwagLivez707
    i just don’t like the fact that you have to inv two people, and then wait for them to join. i only wanted to talk to one person, my gf, on this app, and it made me kinda frustrated going through this
  • Love this can’t complain 5/5

    By Emma 😛
    This is the best app made ever sense google hangouts. Amazing 👌❤️
  • Help 1/5

    By vcg052804
    The app will not open for me and turns black if it does. It can’t be my phone because i have an iPhone XR. Please help
  • didn’t show faces 2/5

    By silly🙄
    in all the ads it shows people face timing and seeing movies and videos but it does not show your friends and your friends can’t see you you have to text if you want to talk
  • Great App but there’s one problem.. 4/5

    By Queen B 🤘🏼💋
    If you don’t have this app I just want to say it is definitely the best way to hang out with all of your friends! The only problem is that there isn’t really any movies.. it’s usually the same ones.. i feel there should be more too chose from in the movie section. Hopefully this changes! Other than that this app is really awesome! It’s the only app I’ve found where me and my friends can just hang out watch movies goof around and put funny filters on if we think we don’t look great that day. Lol. Anyways Great App! Just the one issue! Hopefully this gets changed! Looking forward to the future of this app! Thanks for reading! :)
  • My friend/me 1/5

    By gakmdixxnnxxnn
  • How are it was trying to get into the app 1/5

    By Buddies_fo_life
    I was trying to download it and I put in my number several times and I did the code many many many times and I did the one that it said it kept on changing and I did those codes and it did the same thing several times it made me wait 5 minutes each time.
  • Snapchat isn’t like this 1/5

    By Wren dees
    It won’t let me go without adding some freaking friends
  • Add Netflix and Hulu 4/5

    By aves15peterkavinsky
    Hello, Me and my friends really enjoy this app. But the only problem is we love Netflix and Hulu. Idk if you can’t add those in but if you can please add them. It would be a very great improvement😁
  • Airtime 5/5

    By jotheslowsloth
    Its really fun to watch Try not to laugh with friends.
  • change !!! 1/5

    By tttj03
    im not able to log out of my account. the only way for me to is to delete my whole account ??? no thanks.
  • Small problem 3/5

    By KVSYt
    Everything is amazing for me and my friends and but a problem that just happened is the movie or video doesn’t want to load plz fix it.
  • Good potential 4/5

    By Dvad98
    I like this app but I think it could be better, For Example: adding options to sign in to Netflix or Hulu. I would love to use these to watch movies with my long distance relationship. We would mostly use this app called until they started making updates and it just went downhill. The Interface on this app is way better everything is smoother I would love to watch movies on Netflix or Hulu on here.
  • Personal video upload problem 2/5

    By d.davie
    I have constantly tired to upload a personal video but it just stays in the loading phase I I can’t seem to get it to work can y’all please fix this issue
  • Make one for iPad 3/5

    By PANDAAA:3
    So I have this friend and she has an iPad and it would rly help if you could do that bc she can’t get <:c
  • Idk 1/5

    By 🅻🅾🅻🅻
    I was really hoping for the app to work but it won’t let me past the add friends screen even though one of my friends got on.
  • Terrible don’t get waste of time 1/5

    By jwidjevw
    This app was a complete waste of my time I put in my phone number once and it didn’t send me a code. I clicked try again and on the second time it said to many attempts. Waste of time Don’t get.
  • Needs more features 4/5

    By Anna4380
    It would be great if we had the ability to watch Netflix or play games while live, overall a fun experience though.
  • Airtime Review 1/5

    By 546marrrrrrrr
    This app makes you enable notifications and contacts. So if you usually do not enable these things, Airtime is not for you. For me, Airtime doesn’t sound like the best app for group video chat. You could download HouseParty which is my preferred group face chat app. In my opinion, Airtime deserves 1 1/2 star rating.
  • Wish it worked for two people 2/5

    By mara797123
    I wished the app worked for less than four friends. Wanted to watch a movie with just me and my boyfriend but couldn’t because I needed to extra people in my crew to make it four.😕
  • It needs help 1/5

    By Legitpro 25
    Me and my friends were trying to watch Shane Dawnson and like it’s bomb ! But youtube won’t work and it’s all over the place! Like we only can share pictures!
  • YouTube does not work 1/5

    By yareksy
    My YouTube on this app won’t work it is a waste of time and storage on my phone I would really like if you gave more clear instructions on how to get YouTube working until then this app is a rip off.
  • Bro 1/5

    By Kass 30987654321
    This app is just so bad that I give it an eh.
  • Phone Number?? 3/5

    By icebreaker2099
    My phone number is not working for this and it sounds fun but... yeah
  • Continues to crash 2/5

    By hiheyhihey0678963
    The app crashes about every ten minutes.
  • 🎉 5/5

    By Queen.Broadway
    It’s a brilliant idea!!! It’s so much fun!!! You get to FaceTime your friends and watch tv/YouTube!!! Who doesn’t want to do that?!?! #Brilliant #Fun #Yass #BestAppEver!!!
  • Oof 1/5

    By jabshd didj
    The man on the video adding had a big head and voice was very annoying
  • Hm 2/5

    By Brosia23
    I do like this app but I can only see the other person when nothing is playing once we put something on the video goes away so not to happy about that
  • Stupid Startup 1/5

    By KateSheridan
    had me invite 8 friends to join and i don’t have 8 friends.
  • Forced Advertisements. 3/5

    By CharlesParaons
    To the Devs: I just want to download the app. Stop with this whole “Invite 4 friends do Airtime to download bull crap.” I might not even download it now because I don’t know a group of people that would use it. It’s really freaking annoying. You need to change that.
  • Would be a great app for me But.... 1/5

    By Cash Duckett
    Ok so basically i need friends to use it right So i get 4 friends selected and it those are my only people in my contacts and it wants me to Invite 8 people or more. And i really wanted it to work cause i always facetime my friends and it won’t let me play music so i went to download this app and i need 8 friends I don’t have a lot of friends so this ruined the.WHOLE experience for me.
  • Messes up my phone 4/5

    By Lil mizphit
    This app is cool as me and my friends use it to watch stuff and talk. It’s great for that but whenever I'm done talking i have to reset my phone to see my battery and time it is annoying and kind of a nuisance. The app is good but small bugs like this can ruin it.
  • Inviting Contacts 3/5

    By QueenMary57821
    I wish I can use this app but I only wanna watch with one person not 4 people or more.
  • Cool concept but I only want to FaceTime 1 person 2/5

    By Johnnyboy1763
    So I signed up and wanted to FaceTime my one friend so we can listen to music together and watch videos, just hang out. I was upset when it said I needed 4 people at once, I only wanted to FaceTime with one of my friends. I personally think it’s weird that you need a minimum number of friends on at once to use the app. I think you should be able to FaceTime with 1 other person, not a minimum of 4. Just my opinion.
  • This was fun at first but..... 2/5

    By Ail zoils
    At first this sounded like a great idea I kept seeing adds for it so I told my friends about it and we decided to all try it together. But the connection was terrible for all of us the YouTube videos would kept breaking off and you could leave and still here the other people’s conversations, this was a total bum and would not do it again.
  • It needs work 1/5

    By Sa'nyi
    It would not let me my sister and my bestie get a code
  • Boring 1/5

    By live123455
    This is boring we can’t go in the game because you didn’t send a sms cod e for me and my sister

Airtime: Watch Together app comments

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