Airtime: Watch Videos Together

Airtime: Watch Videos Together

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Airtime Media Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
62,343 Ratings
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Airtime: Watch Videos Together App

Airtime is a platform for people who want to video chat with their friends while watching their favorite YouTube videos. Spend time face-to-face with the people who matter most, and watch them react to the videos we love to hate, the ones we hate to love, and the ones we just plain adore. We believe that life is better when you experience together. What you’ll find on Airtime: - Create your own Rooms where you can have peaceful, low-stakes, private interactions with different groups of trusted friends. - Watch YouTube videos or listen to music with friends. Add a personal touch by sharing your own photos or videos as well. - Video chat with up to 10 friends at once and see their reactions to priceless moments in real time. - Customize your video chat with animated stickers, sound reactions, and face masks. - Choose your own privacy settings with a Secret room, or create a Party room where all friends of room members are welcome.

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Airtime: Watch Videos Together app reviews

  • Had me in the first half not gonna lie 2/5

    By spooncult
    I was excited for the idea of it and the video chat worked, but I wish there was a way to access Netflix. Also, none of the videos played for me

    By LindaKWR
    This app was great for like 2-3 weeks for me and my buddy that don’t live close and wanna watch videos together! Buttttt all of sudden I’ll pull up a video to watch and it’ll work for me and then it won’t even play for him and I’ve heard it’s been doing it to some of my friends.. please fix this problem cause it’s worthless rn cause it’s literally just like FaceTime... I sound harsh but this past update should’ve fixed it... thank you
  • Sharing photos 4/5

    By Such simple
    In the app, it gives you the option to upload your pictures to the screen. Whenever I try to do that it always gets stuck trying to upload it. Even if it’s just one picture, it either takes forever or just doesn’t work at all. Please fix.
  • Cool but not really 4/5

    By kermitzoe
    Great concept and app, but it rarely works as intended, constant bugs plague the app, I haven’t gotten through a single video without something messing up. If the bugs are roughed out I’m sure it will be amazing.
  • This app was ok but now it’s.... 1/5

    By thekingofbeast
    I was able to add pictures and videos but all of a sudden no longer able to do it that’s some bs
  • Airtime games 5/5

    By 06.07.05
    I’m airtime there should be a game section for people that wanna play games with their friends on airtime.
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Madsteronii
    Y’all should change the age bc I don’t think it’s an accurate description and also my cousin can’t download it lol. bc her family can’t figure out how to turn off age restrictions so.. also the app is really good and the connections are better than expected so overall great app.
  • Air time review 5/5

    By kendilyn
    I saw this ad on Snapchat and I slid up and got the app and it was love at first sight and every time people call me on FaceTime I don’t answer and I go to Airtime and call them I will forever use Airtime
  • I would love to give it 5 but 3/5

    By tajreviews
    There are no subtitles I wanted to watch with a deaf friend and I can’t cause u don’t provide that I even emailed the app and they said they would change it and never did
  • Yasssss 5/5

  • Not good anymore 1/5

    By John Hamburn
    How can I log in if I haven’t the phone number I used to sign in. My email is linked to it But I haven’t access to my phone number that is linked. This is a problem for me. But until I can access my account I will not use this app. There are other apps that I can use that offer the same services until I can access my Airtime account.
  • The sound 4/5

    By it me ya girl brittany
    so i was talking to my friends we put on a video then we took it off but no one could hear each other
  • Ehh.. 3/5

    By Make it harder
    This app was nice at first but the notifications are always spamming you! Also me and my friends always have good internet on but then the videos never actually’s a good idea but they need to work on improving some things in it.
  • MAD! 1/5

    By Pangrin
  • Airtime is WACK 1/5

    By 2Jews1Couple
    I’m hella f****** mad bro. I’m tryna watch hentai with senpai and even any anime at all. S**** wack. Fix your S***. We need anime VRV, crunchy roll, Funimation, anything even just websites. We need this, this is why you are getting a one star.
  • Bad 2/5

    By Panthers123456789
    wouldn’t send the verification code to me
  • Cool but needs some work 3/5

    By Its_your_girl_the_queen
    Ok sooo why dose it take An hour to put up a 15 second video -_-
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By Bunnybearxxxxx
    The code never came! Couldn’t sign up. Waited for a good 20 min
  • Audio 1/5

    By vickyvs1
    Only issue I have with this app is the audio. One time everything is ok, another time I can’t hear what my friend is saying. Also know bringing up issues, I just remembered the fact how the movies on the app are unable. I can’t watch the movies. Update Please!
  • Great App! A Suggestion 4/5

    By SupremeTaco IV
    I use to have Rabbit and I was pretty bummed when they discontinued it... This is the closest app that I have found to replace Rabbit, it even has more features which is a plus. I definitely recommend this app if you’re wanting to watch movies, shows, or what not with friends. I do have a suggestion about the room text chat. If you’re not going live could you make it where we can make the text chat on the main screen instead of clicking back and forth from the chat icon to the main area.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By MRodPhone
    I think that adding the ability to watch “tiktok”in airtime would be a great implementation to the app and would draw a lot of attention to more people and could make the app more popular.
  • They made it better! 5/5

    By AppLovinMcNinjaDude
    It was like the best already and with the new dope look it’s da bestest thing to hang with my besties. All the best and keep making it bester!
  • Update 2/5

    By turtletrash
    I hate how i cant see my friends anymore hardly because my face takes up half the space instead of being the circle it was before😤🤬😭
  • Videos not working 2/5

    By Brandoisthenamebra
    We have a generally good internet connection and the videos we want to watch will not load, kind of annoying but havent really gotten to test it out yet
  • Cool 4/5

    By jrjtkr
    It’s ight

    By Uwu Popo
    I love what this app is trying to do but this app keeps crashing and the TV takes awhile to load plus when your watching videos with your friends there like a minute ahead and THOSE TINY BOXES(with enough people) block my screen if there was an option to maybe move them that would be great. I’ve had to delete and reinstall this app 4 times now LIKE I SAID I respect what this app stands for but I could be watching a video and it just crashes and doesn’t let me back in. I hope this is fixed in the next update maybe smooth it out and find out what’s happening cuz I know it’s hard managing an app but I just got tired of it crashing but I love the app just needs a little fixing..
  • airtime is awesome 5/5

    By airtime stan
  • PLEASE 1/5

    By alysa236
    Add Hulu or Google for movies :(
  • Need more movies 2/5

    By Monsteraddic
    Needs more movies they add new ones like every 2-3weeks keeping some of the old ones they have on there longer and not just scary movies add more comedy and funny movies ect needs thing for all ages
  • You have to do something about this now 1/5

    By laccrosecarson24
    I think you should not have to put your full name in and a username and your phone number really your trying to scam us so stop or delete this
  • Problem with go live 3/5

    By Jusn1610
    The video and everything is good but when I try to go live it says connecting but my friends can’t hear me or see me plz help
  • Email 1/5

    It send me a verification for my email to my email and will not let me open the verification page
  • Works but not with apple and Samsung 4/5

    By taovory
    I tried to call my friend who has a Samsung could not see their face or voice at all!?
  • Trash app 1/5

    By EBOSS4life
    You shouldn’t have to invite a friend to use the app this app is garbaage
  • Info stealing 1/5

    By DJ O' Fitz
    The app forces you to: 1) Give them all your contacts: 2) Give them your phone number. There’s no reason for them to this other than to data harvest and spam your contacts. Don’t download.
  • Need help 2/5

    By Cool 244
    It won’t let me re download the app last time I had it was in 2017 and now I would like to have it again but it won’t download

    By •*school glue*•
    Good for watching with friends and sometime I watch it alone. I recommend
  • Made a group chat and i did not like it 1/5

    By logan 1829393&33
    Made my firends hate me ruined my life
  • Can’t Skip 1/5

    By Pacman200565
    I am unable to skip adding contacts. Every time I hit skip nothing happens
  • actually the worst 1/5

    By Panicpanda
    why do i NEED to add contacts to use this? also when i did it, it didn’t even work???
  • My sister kicked me out 1/5

    By Undyne >:)
    I don’t like this anymore!
  • This good app 5/5

    By xxx.drippyqueen.Lala
    Airtime is good but it keeps having some glitches and stuff so please fix that but it’s great and me and my friends love it so keep it going
  • Please review 4/5

    It’s soooo good but can u add Netflix plz
  • Internet problems 4/5

    By Zankokuna Shi
    I downloaded the app so my dad brother and I could watch videos while being at a long distance from each other, although I feel like the app is great, I feel like the issue with the internet or connection is strange, I had trouble connecting and talking with my family and friends. I also felt like the video was synced at some times and not at others. For example the video was playing fine for a while but then when I paused it it would only pause it on mine but not on the others. Also when I tried playing it it would take forever to load. I hope these issues can be fixed in the near future.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By hiijhfkrkrn dkxjdjjd
    This does not even work I shared with two friends and it still did not let me in
  • My problem 1/5

    By my problem with the app
    The phone was breaking up then I couldn’t hear my friends then it kept messing up theirs phones so we deleted the app you all who made it should really fix that
  • Good app, but I have one suggestion 4/5

    By Gamer2938292819829182929229
    This app is designed for iPhone and it doesn’t work well on an iPad, so it would be great if you made an iPad version of the app.
  • This app has so much potential plz fix 4/5

    By Siah😍😍
    So I’m i like this app am me and my wife actually use this app to watch movies together but everytime we go to watch a movie it either pause her and keeps playing for me or pause me and keeps playing for her or it’ll just pause both of us on the movie and when we try to watch any movie it keeps going to rango or whatever that lizard movie is please fix this I really enjoy this app and I would hope in the future that you could sign Netflix and Hulu in here that would be pretty dope to watch some anime with some friends just fix that pause thing and that one movie rango because I’d like to watch paranormal activity 4
  • Adding 4/5

    By Princess.47
    Yall need to add netflix and hulu to ur app Thank you 💕

Airtime: Watch Videos Together app comments

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