Airtime: Watch Together

Airtime: Watch Together

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 4.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Airtime Media Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Airtime: Watch Together App

Airtime is the only group video app that lets you hang out with your favorite videos, live TV, movies, music, and more. In a world of social platforms that ask us to filter, share, and curate our lives, Airtime gives you and your friends a space to hang out and just be yourselves. No feeds, no algorithms, no liking, no commenting - Airtime is about you and friends jamming out to your favorite new music or watching your friends lose it to that video you made in third grade. Airtime is unfiltered, unedited, uninterrupted time with your friends. Why you should get Airtime: - Watch and listen to your favorite videos, tunes, live TV, and movies -- together in real-time. - Create rooms with up to 250 people messaging and 10 people live on group video. - Share your own photos and videos for everyone to see while chatting. - Say what can’t be said with emoji reactions, animated stickers, and chat masks. - We don’t divide people between green texts and blue texts - bring the whole group together across any type of phone.

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Airtime: Watch Together app reviews

  • Help! 1/5

    By benabeba
    I’m tryin to put my phone number in and I have been waiting for about a 5 solid minutes to get my code and haven’t received It! I requested for the call and I haven’t gotten it either ??? My friend is on the phone and she seemed to get in just fine
  • I love it!! 5/5

    By #arianagrandelover
    My friend sent me it one Snapchat and I was skeptical about it because I thought you would pay for the movies but I downloaded it anyway and added my friends and we actually watched movies and listened to new songs FOR FREE!! I love this app alot
  • Okay 3/5

    By Immortallove96
    It would be pretty cool if we could link our Hulu or Netflix accounts to the app and watch movies there...
  • Terrible ads 1/5

    By Sky da boss
    I would download this app except the ads for it are SOOO annoying, they speak way to fast, extremely loud and obnoxious, and they way the speak is cringey
  • Using you to advertise the app 1/5

    By WhyAreAllTheseUsernamesTaken
    Why do you need to send it to 9 friends on your contacts just to be able to use it?! HouseParty is much better. Wouldn’t recommend this app.
  • Potential 2/5

    By Mr.FlapjackSupreme
    Let me watch movies I’ve bought from the itunes store
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By Sharkb8girl
    I wanted to use this. But you have to have 9 friends. I do not have that many friends. So my friends and I will go elsewhere.
  • It’s decent 4/5

    By Manayja Eddins
    The app is nice, but I was really disappointed in the movie options. The whole purpose of me getting the app, was so that my boyfriend and I could watch movies together. They have a great selection of tv shows, and you can do a lot of things on there, but I really did hope that they had a better selection of movies. If they didn’t, at least they could’ve given us the option to open our Netflix on the app, and upload things from there. But overall, the app is pretty cool.
  • The update is disappointing 2/5

    By Master of the Knights
    I loved this app when i fist dowloaded it. I could easily see my conversation with my friends along with the past videos we posted in the same box. I loved how it used to be more about video chatting than watching videos. Because now at some moments my friend and i would be sitting there not watching a video, just talking, and we can’t even full screen to talk to each other. we sit there staring at a black screen talking to a little tiny picture in the corner. i’ll be honest, my friends and i absolutely hate the new layout/design/functions of this app. we loved it before, even if it did lag and force closed the app. we liked the easy to use functions. Now the app seems inconvenient to use and we never bother getting on this app anymore. Thank you for the memories Airtime.
  • Dope idea but 4/5

    By Kool_Kid_Khan
    Yo this app’s pretty dope. i just have 2 things: Better sound quality (obviously if this can’t be fixed that’s cool) and try to partner with Netflix or something and then just have the host of the party sign in for each session. this would only be allowed in private parties and has a max of like 4 people
  • How do you get netflix? 1/5

    By Cool_superkitten1
    i want to know how to get netflix 😹😹
  • No 1/5

    By I don't think so..
    You need to add 9 friends from your contacts. Is this legal? Reported to Apple.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By ggjesuiy
    So if you could go back to the old format for people who like to video chat that’d be kool. Being able to move yourself (the live feed of you) the old square box where ever you want on the screen.. the new version your just a bubble and you can be in the way... also if you turn your screen sideways it makes the other person your chating with super small.. how am I supposed to lay in bed and chat to my gf.
  • Go back 2/5

    By Kevius3
    I don’t like this new version it’s really complicated can you guys please go back to the very first version please please
  • Airtime💕 4/5

    By Milayah🔥💕
    I think that airtime is a very amazing app.Im able to connect with my friends.But I think that if we could play games together also it would be nice. Hope you like my suggestion. Thank you 😊
  • Nope 1/5

    By MyNamesPepeTheFrog
    I don’t know what it is but when I put my phone number in and put send code they don’t send it. I press call me they don’t call me. If anybody else is having this problem I would appreciate if the developers could fix this.
  • It needs Netflix 4/5

    By Starship 2002
    This app is amazing it’s a good app and very easy to use , but it needs Netflix
  • Alma rendí 4/5

    By alma rendi
    Didn’t really try it
  • Latest update horrible 1/5

    By rosetreez
    Just updated and now the app is awful. Why does it open up to a camera? Can’t write more than 3 lines because you can’t see what your writing after that. Please fix back to what it was before!
  • READ❗️❗️❗️please 3/5

    By Spiritotto1
    You should put Netflix on here You can promo Netflix and Netflix can promo you? All we need to do is sign in to are Netflix and we can watch it with friends on the app!!!? And I bet more people would go on this app if you did that
  • Amazing but one thing 5/5

    By The tow truck driver
    I love this app me and my friends have so much fun but one thing I wish they could add is where there’s a playlist of videos that wants to be played instead of replacing the video otherwise is guud
  • I want the old airtime 3/5

    By ElsGirl
    Ok so ever since the update everything has been more confusing and the update just looks messy in general. I would really enjoy this app a lot better if we had the old airtime.
  • Garbage after the new update 1/5

    By Blackbelt1111
    It was so much better before this new update. I know a few of my friends and I have shifted over to iMessage after this update I bet it won’t be long till you see a drop in users actually using the app.
  • Volume issue 4/5

    By jordanlpatton🤣🤣
    When me and my friends are calling and watching videos or listening to music, the volume goes up and down without us doing anything. There is and that I love this app!
  • THANK YOU 5/5

    By Kacie030
    I think this app is so cool. My friend and i are working on a project together and this helped!
  • Go back to before the update 1/5

    By jonnyisboss2119
    This app was so much better before the update now it’s crap
  • Airtime 5/5

    By yeetistotheandy
    It’s awesome I love it u can watch YouTube videos with your friends
  • New update 2/5

    By PewDiePie 0.5
    The new update for airtime is not good. Its super annoying now it was perfect they way it was before the update happened. If you could change it back that would be great!

    By 😭😩😭😩😭😩😭😩
  • Ns 2/5

    By msnaheke
  • Love the app, not the update 3/5

    By madam.michell
    I have used this app almost every other day to watch videos with my friends and it has been amazing! However, I do not like the set up of the update because the chat is very bright white when I wish it could be black or a dark color like before. I also don’t like how you can’t see when your messages have been read by the other people. This is a great app but I miss the old update!
  • Hah 5/5

    By hehehsjz
  • Better Than Ft 🥶 5/5

    By Mesha 140
    Hi, I’m Yasmin a new member to the app and I’m already in love with it! This app is probably the best invented thing in phones now. If it were up to me I would replace ft with Airtime no cappin og. 🥰
  • Airtime is HAUNTED 1/5

    By Cristinaairtimesucks
    I was on call with my friend last night and I know that you can play videos and listen to music on call BUT THERE WAS NO VIDEO PLAYING.We were both quiet and we heard two voices, one voice was a little girl and her voice was high pitched and she said who ya talking to what are you doing and then there was an older man and he said TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME PUT IN HEADPHONES! And it scared us so much. No one was home at our houses and the TVs weren’t on.🥺
  • Meh 2/5

    By resa_101
    Not really liking the new airtime. I love the design and layout but I think a few things need to go back to the way it was. 1. Signaling the room used to be cool and easy. Now it’s not 2. I hate how the room opens up on the video page 3. The video chat layout is dumb. The small round circle that you see of yourself is dumb. And when I turn my phone horizontally it just shows a blank screen. Also the videos should take up the whole screen if were not watching YouTube or whatever together. Probably some more stuff just haven’t used it in a while due to changes 👎 😩😩🤮🤢
  • use facetime 1/5

    By ask cheeks 69
    facetime does the same stuff
  • Soundcloud 4/5

    By ERickquoted
    It’s a really good app. Really recommend it to other friends but the only problem is that I can’t listen to my songs I like. I only can listen to the trending songs on SoundCloud. Can you guys fix this, I will be so thankful if you do.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By alyssa_extra07
    This app is amazing I can do stuff with my best friends that moved away! I love this app! It deserves 5 stars ! Every one should download this app!
  • your ad doesn't make sense 5/5

    By dissapointment999
    i have many issues with this app, one this app doesn't take into consideration people without earbuds and so there is a feedback loop whenever people in your call don't have headphones. second your stupid ad was like "i was kickin' it with my bestie" why would anyone need a facetime app if they are already hanging out together. 0/10 too many holes in the story
  • 2463 5/5

    By nick18959/
  • UX is terrible 1/5

    By app designer 0812
    Too many steps to start. And can’t log in even finish the last step, it sent me back to the first welcome page... Was very excited to use the app but downloaded for nothing happened... visual is cool but the UX behind all of this is unprofessional
  • :/ 1/5

    This app asks for tons of personal infos before showing me anything it can do. Worst experience
  • Great Idea, needs a little work 2/5

    By Mistersez
    I really appreciate what this app is trying to do. It’s a very clever idea and has a lot of potential. Admittedly, I do not know much about programming an app, but as a user of this app, I believe my opinion should count for something: there are some major issues with it. First, the app crashes whenever I go from the texting screen to the main menu back to the same texting screen. This is just a small bug that I imagine will get patched in the next update. Additionally, messages often do not send or appear on the chat screen when they should. Again, I imagine this is a smaller bug that will be fixed as soon as the problem is found. Second, I would prefer if the black rectangle where the video is supposed to go was smaller or did not appear until a video is presented. I do not have enough screen to see the person I am calling. Third, I would like to be able to move the screen that shows my side of the call. The current placement often covers up part of the face of whoever I am calling. Fourth, I would like to be able to send photos and videos in the message section without presenting them. Fifth, when I type a message, it only shows 3 lines of text. Everything I type will still send if I hit send, but I cannot read it for typos (which I often have). Thank you for reading, and I hope you can address some of my concerns. I really look forward to the future of this app.
  • Developers please read 5/5

    By Haunted Fright
    I think you guys should add netflix to this app
  • Dumb 1/5

    By David😩😩😜😜🤤
  • worst facetime/ tv app ever 1/5

    By Char Char Dancer
    I seriously wish that I could rate zero stars. At first the app seemed kind of cool but once I tried to actually use jt with friends, I quickly realized how stupid it was. For some reason it wouldnt allow more than one other person to be shown on my screen. I had two people in the same “party” as me yet i could only see and hear one of the people. Second, the quality of the videos was very bad. I had a great wifi connection and everything but it was very laggy and it slowed my phone and drained its battery quickly I would not recommend this app at all!
  • It’s boring 1/5

    By toks317
    The app should have Netflix and Hulu viewing, the movies there are horrible and I’m not tryna Watch YouTube. Please fix this
  • Please fix that 4/5

    By bballer24!
    First of all I love this app and there is only one thing that I dont like about it is that my friends say that I’m on pause but I’m not.
  • Issue 2/5

    By Dcslim47
    Every time I try to switch the view by turning my iPhone max, the screen freezes! Why is this?

Airtime: Watch Together app comments

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