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Al Jazeera English App

Al Jazeera English for iPhone and iPad brings you curated top stories, live and on-demand video and personalisation, free of charge. Follow our global coverage of the topics and programmes that interest you and share your favourite stories and videos on popular social networks. Features of this app: - Breaking news alerts and special coverage notifications - A curated home screen that brings you the top stories and original reporting from our global news network - A personal Newsfeed for quick access to Saved Stories, Topics and Programmes that interest you - 24-hour access to our live video and audio stream - Watch the latest episodes from your favourite programmes and news on-demand - All the latest news, features, opinions and blogs from Al Jazeera English - Browse and follow Topics, Programmes and News Categories - Search our complete archive of content - Share stories on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more
 Note: Some video content of Al Jazeera English is not available in the US. This app features content from Al Jazeera English.

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Al Jazeera English app reviews

  • Reliable and Unbiased 5/5

    By JordanCO1989
    As an American, this is the only news source that I currently trust in our political climate. Americans are not often given news reports about the goings on across the world, and the reports we receive for domestic matters and slanted by corporate and billionaire interest. Thank you Al Jazeera for promoting truth and accuracy in journalism in a time where it is not fashionable to do so.
  • Generally Good Reporting 3/5

    By Chaim 200
    Generally good and thorough reporting of international news with the exception of deeply ingrained anti-Israel bias which prevents Arab population from receiving accurate Middle East information. As a result it provides a disservice to Arab audience.
  • Keeps Crashing and Freezing 1/5

    By Colton TM
    The app has been crashing and freezing my iPhone for the past few months. It’s a shame because before this issue I really liked reading articles on the app. It would be great if this issue could be fixed but no progress has been made with any of the recent updates.
  • Freezes the whole phone 1/5

    By Wa'el Malhas
    App takes forever to load and freezes the entire phone for a good 3-4 minutes. I’m now using the Aljazeera website until this bug is fixed.
  • Will not open 1/5

    By Smooch53
    This morning, the app will not open on my iPhone. It acts like it wants to respond but then it dies. I deleted it and reinstalled the app but no luck. I never had this issue before. What gives??
  • Flash out on iPad 12.31. Not able to start. 1/5

    By Y592w
    Flash out on iPad 12.31. Not able to start.
  • App not opening 5/5

    By maashaburi
    Hi. I am in Bangladesh. The news app on my IPhone is not opening. Found out today.
  • Stop working. 5/5

    By Boogy23
    Great app but now it won’t open up on my phone. *iphone8 plus*
  • Top notch investigative journalism 5/5

    By shaunmm2k
    Stay true Al Jazeera. The world needs you, especially in this era where openness and democracy is under threat, seemingly like never before. Corruption, dictators and authoritarian administrations/governments thrive in darkness. SHINE YOUR LIGHT!!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By This nickname is not taken :D
    Seriously why’s the app so badly designed
  • Always updated with the latest news 1/5

    By BobsBurger85
    Hangs up my iphone 8. Especially when I shut it down.
  • Much needed 5/5

    By athorner4me
    Being in the United States, you never know what is real and what we are missing in our media. Thank you for being a well rounded source of information.
  • Fast, accurate, least biased 5/5

    By 1peter4:7-11
    I have tried a myriad of sources for my news, but they have all been opinionated. Aljazeera has also got one of the most impressive turnarounds for finding and reporting news stories as they occur. Still take some articles with a grain of salt, if they show bias, which isn’t often, it’s very slight and it’s left leaning. Of course that’s not including their opinion articles, but those are clearly labeled. Aljazeera also covers a variety of different world issues which makes them consistently interesting, there’s always something written about one my interests. PS: I did wish in their opinion articles they would include some slightly more conservative ideas, especially regarding Israel. If they already offer those, I been able to sort through the stories to find any.
  • Al Jazeera 5/5

    By KnoxAnn
    Best news organization in the World. Always first to inform On important subjects worldwide. Wish they were still in USA. Was the only news source worth watching. Now PBS Newshour
  • Keep freezing on iPad Pro 10.5” 2/5

    By David Coulthard
    I can only see the aljazeera logo keep flashing, and I have to watch aljazeera through web browsers instead.

    By Yoloswag2013euenriaheb
    Very bias against Israel. WRONG.
  • A refreshing alternative source 4/5

    By Gary E Miller 1
    As an American, I seek perspective to insular domestic news outlets. Al Jazeera is one of the more valuable sources.
  • News news news, just give me news 5/5

    By I hate Retail & macys
    Some say it’s one sided and biased, others say it’s objective and offers another point of view. Watch and see, and listen to what this media news organization and these journalist are doing and have to say and then form your own judgement. It is not the spoon fed, lock arm, and goose stepping narrative reporting that comes from any North American broadcasters. See the world though someone else’s eyes and maybe, just maybe you’ll learn something new and different. I will say this, they are giving the BBC a run for its money in every way.
  • Mr Michael Madamas 5/5

    By mmm491
    The Al Jazeera is the best source for the true news. American news is incredibly biased to lead us astray..
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Using everyday
    Latest update freezes iPhone X and XR. Needs urgent fixing
  • World wide journalism on full display 5/5

    By freethinking human
    Al Jazeera (AJ English) has continually shown itself to be the epitome and standard for integrity in the broadcasting of “citizen-led” journalism throughout the world. There are many stories that would never ‘see the light of day’ were it not for AJ English. As we have seen in recent years, the active attacks on investigative journalism has led to both government suppression of freedom of thought and beliefs, and the will of the people being heard and listened to. The people have a voice in AJ English and that voice speaks for the betterment of all mankind.
  • الجزيرة 5/5

    By سلخو
    بحضي تطبيق كويس
  • Freezing 1/5

    By jazzybeat
    Las update is making this app freeze!
  • Text Size 2/5

    By Ceferino Gamogamo
    I wonder if AJ English have a way to adjust text size. It's very small and using the news with my iPhone was impossible despite setting my iPhone to the maximum.
  • Can't post from app 3/5

    By Friendsask
    I like Al Jazeera, and on that basis would rate 5. But I don't want to tie it to Facebook or any other platform, and it seems I can't flag or share with the updated app, unless I am tied to another platform. Hence 3 stars.
  • Agenda driven prepackaged stories. 1/5

    By Abu Redha Ali
    AZ have their clearly agenda driven stories prepared and waiting, ready for a situation to use them and ignore. Now, in 26 March 2019 torrential flooding has swept through Tehran with nineteen bodies found so far and hundreds certain to be dead! AZ’s headline? Reports how US based NRA “sells gun violence” around the World! Every Conservative group is labeled as Neo-Nazi, Racist or Alt-Right. This is prepackaged propaganda; not news by any stretch of the imagination. I now regret recommend AZ to anyone at all.
  • rw-Murphy 5/5

    By rw murphy
    Great source of world news that is factual. Please continue that approach and policy. One minor suggestion, please add ability to make Font larger.
  • Kill Him Silently got my attention... 4/5

    By Aunty Ruth in Honolulu
    And i’ve been tuned in ever since. How you covered that was simply amazing. A riveting story no where else. Your news is why i keep tuning in. Especially NZ coverage, just now. (So i my iphone freezes? I’ll just tap 100 times. You’re worth it.) PS. Mariam Barghouti—how may i try to contact?
  • Generally good content but 3/5

    By jam9999
    A little slow to load, and won’t load at all with my VPN on. The website works with the VPN but not the app.
  • Why does it not Open & Freeze ? ? ? 1/5

    By Satyritomu
    Al Jazeera English App on my iPhone is a lowly-10 .... Often times really too many times it simply will not Open ; When it operates it’s Great ! The Best ! But too often it will not open.
  • Generally unbiased reporting others don’t have 5/5

    By 585dave
    A J English compliments my news from DW, BBC, and New York Times. Keep up good work. And keep “opinion” content in a separate Opinion section.
  • Ok but something interesting.. 3/5

    By WaterTaxi Guest
    Try to look at the terms and conditions or the privacy policy through the application. It won’t work when every other aspect of the application works perfectly. What exactly are they trying to hide? I believe this is the best company to get unbiased news for the world, but why doesn’t that part of the application work? Also, I am unable to contact support help via the app..
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Omer urff rocky
    Since the latest update the app is crashing after a few scrolls, on iphone xs max plz fix it thankx
  • Poor 1/5

    By CNN's foreign sister
    Incomplete stories with biased headlines. Anyone looking at this new site will recognize it’s just the propaganda is by phone. The shaded and often times twisted headlines precede stories of incomplete and half truths.
  • Landscape only 1/5

    By BootsieBunny42
    Who wants to read the news in landscape? I don’t know if it is user error, but I cannot get this ap out of landscape mode which ruins the whole experience.
  • Great reporting...mediocre display 4/5

    By ReportThis505
    Al Jazeera is by far one of the most reliable unbiased news sources in the world. The app is also clean and runs smoothly without any glitches. However, the default horizontal view of the app on the iPad is annoying. The consumer should have the option of viewing the stories horizontally or vertically. Please fix this.
  • Best news app 5/5

    By Mimistrawberry
    I’ve tried all the “top” news apps but switched to AJ. If you want world news (not just what’s happening in the US), and not a white washed version of the US government then this is the app for you.
  • Refreshing Coverage 5/5

    By Tammmmmmz
    Nice in depth coverage topics others shy away from. I don’t know why some users have issues with loading. Never had an issue East Coast or California. Loads and plays quick WiFi or cellular. News stream plays well on the go as well.
  • Very biased 1/5

    By letshavepeace
    I read many newspapers daily. The things you report are so biased it is more like incitement than news. AJ has become the worst of the worse. At least I can get both sides of a story in an Israeli publication. Give me a break
  • Freezes 4/5

    By jcifisyeigobkhh. gfh
    Great app. Best news. only problem video keeps freezing
  • Loud advertisements 3/5

    By fbtvpastor
    I would give this app a higher rating if not for the loud advertisements that happen as you scroll the app. They provide no way of muting them in the settings. It VERY annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • True Journalism 5/5

    By bec00012
    Unbiased and straightforward journalism. The reporting of events unfolding in Turkey have been spot on! No political sugar coating- just straight forward reporting. Al Jazeera has been taken off American news waves because of this. This is the only app I can trust to get the whole picture. And if big brother has me on the radar because if this....Up theirs!
  • App takes too long to launch 3/5

    By Trini traveller
    I really like the app but it takes too long to start up when first opening. Why is this occuring?
  • Top news 5/5

    By Yhadayhada
    Aljazeera is my go to app for unbiased news. I still miss Aljazeera news station on my TV!
  • Update sorely needed 1/5

    By Ephram Zimbalest
    Used to be go-to app for news unavailable elsewhere. Ever since iOS 11, app will not open. At all.
  • Listen option is broken. Only reviewing app not content. 2/5

    By MikeyP1024
    Shows is playing no sound. Other apps use the Bluetooth earphones. Makes the app useless. Is my primary use listening when am outside all day at swimming pool weekends. Cannot watch on iPhone 6 outdoors despite the vaunted Retina display. Is not OLED. When at home use my tablet or one of two Roku players. Of course love the content so hate to only rate two stars.
  • NON-fake News for thinkers seeking equal justice! 5/5

    By troublemakerXL
    In a time when we are told that up is down; that black is white; that lies are truth; that fiction is fact; that wrong and might is really right, just because...; and, that if you don’t agree, you should just disappear, or you will be disappeared, it is refreshing, while painful, to read and see reality. Thank you!
  • Follow the money. 5/5

    By 4by4 2 the head
    Got that right! For your edification the deal between the news media and Bill Clinton in 1996 was the beginning of the love affair. The networks were afraid that they wouldn’t get there share of the new available frequencies that the FCC was splitting up at the time. The Clintons needed air time and at that time were next to broke. The Clintons promised the Networks special consideration after the election for air time. The deal was struck and we got Clinton. The networks got more than their share of the best new available frequencies. It’s the best example of selling political favors ever. Thanks for asking the question!
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Moe the pro
    Fake news always, supports terrorists

Al Jazeera English app comments

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