Alarm Clock for Me.

Alarm Clock for Me.

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  • Current Version: 3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Alarm Clock for Me. App

Wake up and go to sleep to your favorite music, never sleep through your alarm again, get your own collection of exclusive designer clocks, know weather conditions in your area, cook or work out with a multifunctional timer, and light up the darkness with a powerful built-in flashlight! FEATURES: * Choose from stylish designer themes for the clock: Digital (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), Ultrasonic (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), Wordy, ThinLine * Create your own wake-up playlist with the best music * Background alarm support: alarm will ring even if the app is not running * Choose a way to stop the alarm: shake your device or solve a math problem * Go to sleep to your favorite songs or white noise * Check live weather conditions and temperature * Change the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you after a good night’s sleep * Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight * Convenient app settings. Get easy access to any option you need. Alarm Clock for Me provides the functionality of 6 indispensable apps in 1: ALARM - Wake up to your favorite music - Shake your device or solve a math problem to turn off the alarm - Set multiple alarms with different tunes - Background alarm support: alarm will go off even if the app is not running! - Easy access to the nearest alarm from the main screen - Huge Snooze/Stop alarm buttons - Add your notes to the alarm! - Adjustable volume of Sounds/Music - Vibrate / Fade in / Snooze options - Shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off CLOCK - Exclusive designer clocks - Vertical and horizontal modes - 12 or 24 time format - Show/Hide seconds - Show/Hide day of the week - Auto-Lock when plugged in ON/OFF - Auto-Lock when on battery ON/OFF - Customizable auto-lock time SLEEP TIMER - Use the shortcut on the main screen to go directly to the sleep timer settings - Create your own playlist with your favorite songs - Shuffle music ON/OFF - Adjust the volume of Music/Sounds - Go to sleep to white noise WEATHER - Check live weather conditions and temperature - Automatic detection of your current location and weather conditions display in your area - Weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose - Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/Celsius - Show Weather ON/OFF COUNTDOWN - Never miss important events and special occasions. Count down to your vacation, anniversary, graduation and more FLASHLIGHT - Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight TIMER - No matter whether you are cooking or working out, multifunctional timer will always be at hand! Beautiful. Reliable. Versatile. Get the alarm clock that you've been looking for! For complete access to all Alarm Clock for Me features, you will need to allow access to the following: *Notifications – otherwise, alarm will not ring; *Location data to provide you with the weather forecast for your exact location; *Media library so that you can set your own music as an alarm or a sleep timer sound; *Camera to activate a powerful built-in flashlight; *Photos to give you a possibility to set them as countdown pictures. Privacy Policy: EULA: AdChoices:


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Alarm Clock for Me. app reviews

  • Buggy 2/5

    By bozopriester
    This app has good options and interface but it has done the following at different times: 1. Played an alarm tone that was not the one selected. 2. "Snoozed" even though I hit the stop button. 3. The alarm went off again even after the initial ome was turned off. It wasn't snoozed because the second alarm rang less than a minute after the first, but it didn't even show this app when the second alarm sounded. weird.
  • Alaem Clock for me 5/5

    By lexdix
    Accurate; easy to use Same as above
  • Limitations w/iPhone Make It Pretty Useless 1/5

    By PamB56
    ***RECEIVED RESPONSE FROM DEVELOPER and developer proved my point. It doesn’t have full functionality with IOS and therefore developer should clearly state that music alarm won’t work unless you burn out your phone by leaving it unlocked and plugged in all night. **** I wanted an app that would play music to wake up by. It works IF you leave your phone unlocked and screen on all night. But that means you have to leave it plugged in and there’s many reasons why you would not want to leave your phone totally on. Like can’t even allow it to sleep. If you like your phone to lock then you have to remember to go into settings during day and reset that setting and then go back in at night and change it. I’m just sticking with the native alarm on my iPhone because it overrides the lock screen and will play music alarm without having to keep changing settings or worry about leaving phone plugged in and on all night.
  • Tossed it 2/5

    By Kratename
    I had the app for less then an hour when I tossed it in the trash. Why , because the two times I turned it on it was asking me to up grade. I just got it!!! Have a little restraint and if your app is going to pester them let them know.
  • Alarm clock 5/5

    By Gaelic Lady
    Easy to use. Lots of options.
  • It's okay 3/5

    As an alarm it functions well. I hate their stupid flashlight feature, however. Whenever I want to set an alarm, 8/10 times it turns on the flashlight. We don't need your app for use as flashlight, this is useless feature. The iPhone has this built in
  • Works 3/5

    By runner61364
    This app easy to use.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Emma_kms
    I use it almost everyday and wakes me up on time and not annoying! (Well every alarm clock is so not as annoying lol)
  • Doesn’t work as advertised 1/5

    By dicksame
    The title pretty much sums it up. You can’t use this app because once your phone locks. The alarm just blares at the time set. It’s does not fade in and there is no option to snooze or stop. Terrible app
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By clarpoop
    This app has many great features,Such as the timer with many possibilities to add!10/10 great app
  • Can’t do anything without a as 1/5

    By tooooooomanyaddsssss
    Nice app if you can deal with adds every time you try and use it
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Ms. Layde
    I’ve had this app for a while and all of a sudden the sound of the alarm is on silent! I have done EVERYTHING to assure the sound is on but yet it still is on silent. Is this a way in to making people purchase the advanced alarm clock? I’m going to have to find an alarm that works. UPDATE: To the developer, I have made sure sound functionality is working correctly on the phone in setting under sounds and the do not disturb is NEVER turned on my phone. I also made sure the sound is turned on in the alarm as well. Matter of fact, this will be the second time this has happened tonight (5/3/18) and I wrote my original review in March. Clearly something is wrong with the app and it needs to be fixed. I’m not sure if it’s bc of system updates on the phone or what. Maybe it’s time you update this app.
  • Great way to wake up 5/5

    By Passing T
    The display and music are such are great.
  • Alarm does not work on iPhone 6s 1/5

    By Shizelkadizal
    Alarm does not work on IPhone 6s
  • Ads are obnoxious 1/5

    By Windfreeze
    Within the first two minutes of using it, I’ve already been pulled out of the app twice by popup ads taking me to the safari browser. Not looking promising yet, but I’ll see how the actual alarm part functions in the morning- if it ever gets there past the ads.
  • Bailey Williamson 5/5

    By Bailey Williamson
    This is an amazing app I absolutely love it
  • Jwm 1/5

    By jwmatt33
    Too many commercials!!!!!
  • Charge on my CC 1/5

    By WC Reviews App
    I just got an email I was billed for this app and I haven't even downloaded it to my knowledge. Something isn't right!
  • Theee most annoying alarm clock ever. So it’s great!!!! 5/5

    By AboveTheStars
    This app will not stop unless you get up, go into the app and shut the thing off. If you leave it, it’ll keep going and snooze every 5 min. All the ring tones are loud and annoying. Just what you need for a heavy sleeper like myself.
  • Reloj 5/5

    By sigfredo65
    Es muy bueno y útil
  • Noisy ADs that repeat all night 2/5

    By Fredjjjjjjjjjjjjj
    Who needs an alarm when you’re up cuz of noise ads playing loudly all night long?!!!! Might have purchased but to force me to do thanks! Oh and the “hey u didn’t set an alarm today” notification every day wow! No I didn’t because I don’t want one!!!
  • Not satisfied 1/5

    By Sweet Chaos
    I was okay with this app at first, however the past 2 nights have changed my mind. I do not like being woke up in the middle of the night, every 5 or 10 mins for a couple hours with an ad blasting me awake. It doesn’t do this until around 3 in the morning and I have to be out of bed by 5 a.m. and I can’t get back to sleep after dealing with this. So this is a problem!!! Ads are one thing, but I feel like this was intentional because it starts the same time every morning and none of the ads during the early hours have sounds. Fix this problem!!
  • I don’t care what time you have to get up 5/5

    By iSmzing
    Best thing that’s ever happened to me. I
  • Dates 3/5

    By jsull5774
    It would be good to be able to set alarms for a date and time on the calendar or to repeat daily or weekly etc
  • How does it wake u up 5/5

    By Princejnd4
    This app is really cool because there is a setting where you can set it to where you have to do math to stop the alarm
  • Quick, Clear & Crisp 5/5

    By Mo Smallz
    This is easy to use, not too many choices and a good strong ring. Suggest a choice of intensity for hard to light sleepers. It’s a free app with options for more with $. Give it a shot. It’s a keeper for me
  • Overrun by ads 1/5

    By Al133313
    I understand that ads are part of the deal when using a free app. But this is just ridiculous. Had to delete this app because a Prego ad would continuously play and not allow me to actually see what time it is. If you’re into Prego Alfredo Sauce, then this app is for you. If you want a simple working clock, look elsewhere.
  • Stay away!!!! 1/5

    By Keithesis
    Terrible. Video adds wake you up numerous time throughout the night. Defeats the purpose of an alarm clock. Makes sure you don’t get a good night sleep. Stay away Turn down the volume for the adds won’t wake up to the alarm in the morning Stay away I understand that they need to be adds for a free app but how about banners or watch mandatory video once a week. Video with sound waking up you and you partner several time a night. Horrible Stay away Terrible The worst Worst app ever
  • Nice 5/5

    By johnson600
    It works excellent
  • Ads?! 4/5

    By fishonthefly
    I paid for NO ADS! I’m still getting ads! I will update my review when they get rid of the ads! UPDATE:AFTER installing the paid version, THEN deleting the free version, the ads are gone. The app works pretty good. My only gripe is that you have to leave the phone screen on for the volume fade feature to work properly.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Matt Landrum
    I’ve used this apps for years. Suddenly the volume on the alarms, any of them, is all the way down. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Bizarre. Unusable now.
  • Alarm is broken, but calming sounds is not broken. 3/5

    By Areku Ayaza
    I like the calming sounds. Helps me sleep.
  • Ads 1/5

    By ..::BEN::..
    There is no point in using this free alarm clock because no matter what time you set the alarm, the app will randomly play a video advertisement every 5-10 minutes on full volume. I've tried letting it play all the way through and I've closed it so many times hoping it'd be the last time but it went on for about an hour before I gave up. Now I've lost loads of sleep prior to a very important day. It worked fine for about a week but this is now infuriating.
  • Did not work.... 1/5

    By GregUTW2
    Alarm properly set but did not go off. Have screen shot to prove it.
  • Hate new banner 3/5

    By L0.L0
    I don't want to see your "Good evening" banner every time I shift between apps. It took a while to figure out how to get rid of it. Yuck! Will delete app if it keeps popping up--terrible feature on an otherwise great app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By AC1566
    FIRST ALARM, never woke up!
  • This is it ! 5/5

    By honestreviewgirl
    With this app I never use my alarms on my iPhone.. I trust this app daily to wake me up and it has never failed me unlike the one that my iPhone came with.
  • Works great, gets us up every time 5/5

    By PhatchanceAthat
    Love the alarm app. Nice and loud annoying sounds. Can’t beat it for free.
  • It knows when to Ask for you. 5/5

    By Beat sound 8
    Thank you this works so well it keeps me up to time it let’s me know if I need to set the the alarm or not.?🕑
  • Alarm Clock 5/5

    By Richard's MacBook Pro
    Very Useful !!!
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By gfunk333
    Nice free app, but free version is too inundated with ads. Some ads you have to play your way out of and wait ridiculous times. Just be prepared to deal with the annoyance if you don’t want to pay up
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Jasmine F .
    I was relying on this app to wake me up but no. The alarm did not go off at all!!!! definitely wouldn't recommend.
  • Impossible to use this app 1/5

    By AngelsRoses
    The app seems interesting, however, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get to know the it (in case you wanna pay for it) due to the larger number of ads, I can’t barely touch on a button to see how it works and then some ads show up. What a shame
  • Great App. 5/5

    By BooBooCakez
    I feel this is a great alarm clock because you can choose any nature sounds to wake up to and it has a snooze option which is very convenient too.
  • ًالعراق 5/5

    By ahmed kaleel
    جميل جدا ومفيد
  • More instructions 2/5

    By Padre1972
    Not sufficient operation directives.
  • On time 5/5

    By honeyhoos
    Make sure I get up I will be late for church. Keep at me thank you
  • Eh 1/5

    By Fhin2345
    I used to like this app but there’s nothing more irritating then having pop up ads appear when I’m trying to hit the snooze button at 6am. No thanks - Its an alarm clock app I would never buy an alarm clock app & will gladly find another.
  • Good morning 4/5

    By Joel el demente
  • Cool 5/5

    By XxgAmeRPrO777
    IES Cool a lot

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