Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms

Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms

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  • Current Version: 6.2.2
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  • Developer: Impala Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms App

Set any number of alarms, fall asleep or wake up to your favorite iTunes music. Personalize your clock display with +20 themes. Wake up your way, every day! WHY YOU’LL LOVE ALARM CLOCK • Set Unlimited Alarms • Set your favorite iTunes music as alarm sound • Screen Saver: for devices with OLED display • Sleep Timer - fall asleep to your favorite music • BIG Snooze Buttons - Fully adjust the snooze function & length • Local Weather Information • Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness • Instant Flashlight - shake the device • +20 Themes Available! -- WE LOVE FEEDBACK -- As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please email us at [email protected] with any suggestions or questions. If you are happy with this update, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the App Store! — ENJOY…THE TIME IS RIGHT! —

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Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms app reviews

  • Excellent 5/5

    By Pietsjk
    I’ve used this for years. It allows multiple alarms.. great job!
  • Beware App has ads 1/5

    By dejected76
    Paid to upgrade to add free but after paying I still have ads. Disappointed and won’t be using this deceptive app. If you don’t like the look of adds popping up on your screen I would recommend not to use this app.
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By SleepinLikeBaby
    Much for reliable than stock apple alarm. Apple alarm failed a couple times. I dont think this app has ever failed. Would most definitely would recommend to trust this app!
  • Great App 5/5

    By flossboss_09
    Easy to use
  • Songs not reliable for alarm with iOS 13 2/5

    By smognews
    Since iOS 13 upgrade songs will not reliably play as an alarm. The alarm does trigger at the right time but it is silent. I have to use the default sounds.
  • Can’t turn off snooze fast & it affects volume! 1/5

    By Freejones
    This app is a disaster. If you are not IN the app when the alarm goes off (e.g. you are on the phone or in any other app) you have to ACTUALLY NAVIGATE INTO THE APP to be able to hit snooze or stop, so you are spazzing out trying to get to it to turn off this obnoxious noise as it’s ramping up, torn from whatever you were doing (like talking to your boss or purchasing something from Amazon or sending an email....)- you are freakin’ waiting for Face ID to recognize you so you can hit STOP THE NOISE and if you are lucky enough to get to it before it’s at FULL SCREAMING VOLUME, then it will stop the alarm AND unbeknownst to you- it CHANGES THE VOLUME ON THE PHONE to whatever it happens to be when you finally slammed the red STOP button in the alarm. So this effectively means that you have unwittingly turned down your volume for all your other apps, like the ringer, or text notifications, etc. So if you can keep your wits after this ridiculous frantic experience, you need to manually turn up the volume before going back to whatever you were doing. THIS APP SHOULD BE FREAKIN’ ILLEGAL it’s so bad. The only reason I haven’t switched yet is I haven’t had time to research other alarms and reprogram all of my existing alarms to another alarm app. SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION, PICK SOMETHING ELSE!!!
  • love this 5/5

    By DidISnore
    I use this spp more than once a day. It is a wonderful way to wake up.
  • Works well. 5/5

    By Cytryz
    Does as needed
  • So far so good 5/5

    By 996smith
    I’ve only run a few test alarms but, they worked great. I like all the wallpaper/theme choices. My only wish is that there were more sound choices. If the actual alarms go well, I purchase the ad free version.
  • Yay 5/5

    By dvtga
    The best alarm in the world
  • Great clock 5/5

    By lsutman
    This clock is awesome to use
  • Stopped going off so I’ve stopped using it 1/5

    By MattSG77
    Over the last month, there were at least 3 different incidents of the alarm not going off. I wake up (thanks to a backup alarm clock I use) and this app is just displaying the snooze/stop buttons, but no alarm went off. I even tested it and confirmed no music plays sometimes. Seems to occur (or not occur) at random. I’ve used this app for years and bought the ad-free version a long time ago. And I’ve officially stopped using it. What good is an alarm app if you can’t depend on the alarm? And if you can’t depend on it 100%, you don’t want it.
  • Dumping one 1/5

    By f a nadim
    It doesn’t show the full screen display until i turn on the app i think the stupid one ..... it has great sound n the feature is good bt why it doesn’t show the full screen when the phone is locked !!!!!!!
  • Mr 5/5

    By jimmyhidlay
    Love this application easy to use lots of options
  • UI 5/5

    By Zen120
    Love new interface... love app use EVERY DAY
  • Good 5/5

    By djdbna
    Are use it as a clock radio every night.
  • Can’t trust this 1/5

    By NoTodd
    This had been my go to app for an alarm clock. But since I upgraded my 6S to iOS 12.4, the alarm would randomly not make sound. The alarm will trigger, the screen shows the snooze and stop buttons like usual, but there is no sound. The write up in this app offering says the designer encourages feedback. I sent an email to them with this complaint and I didn’t even get an autobot reply thanking me for my comments. There are a lot of other free alarm clock apps on the store. I’m going to try for an app I can trust.
  • Horrible Way 1/5

    By mimi and popo
    Hate how you have to turn the alarm off in the app only.
  • Alarm app 5/5

    By Muffie23
    I like the setting... gently wakes me up without a blaring sound!
  • Won’t always work 2/5

    By morel224
    There have been multiple times where I have set my alarm and it has never gone off..
  • Will try one mo time 3/5

    By kdkdkdjdjdjx
    Did not work yesterday. I almost got fired from this job. Not sure why it didn’t go off maybe iPhone side volume button? Idk tho. But side button should not disable alarm is all I know
  • It’s the bomb. 💣 5/5

    By Rondo40
    Love this thing,does everything that I need.lot’s of sounds for alarm.
  • Choose Snooze Times 5/5

    By river grl
    I use alarms for many different things. I like being able to choose how long between “rings”
  • Very reliable. 5/5

    By Greenhouse1
    Love it.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Thi Doan Trang
    It is okay I need more time to rate it better
  • Using old version 5/5

    By iTunes reviewer E
    After reading all of the reviews, I am glad I still have the old version of the app - which is working flawlessly. Love it!
  • Its a clock 5/5

    By JapaneseLonewolf
    Like any clock it keeps time.
  • Yay😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍 5/5

    By abcdefrttylrpp
    This app is awesome and has woken me up every time I have used it
  • Beautiful app, but weak alarms 5/5

    By Roberttjay
    This is a beautiful display, but it is slanted to IPod music. If you don't have IPod songs appropriate for alarms--or any IPod music for that matter--there are almost no built in alarms that are suitable. Compare to Yocto clock. Please add more alarms!! But with loud peppy music available on your phone this works ideally!!
  • Been using since 2010 5/5

    By quincy451
    It is awesome.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ihatebucks
    Great alarm
  • Sleep comfortably 5/5

    By memewan
    Never fails me I can sleep comfortably because I know my clock will wake me on time.
  • Mamalin 5/5

    By Zumba42
    This alarm app is awesome
  • The Best Alarm Clock 5/5

    By Detroiter1
    I have purchased many alarm clock and this one I been using is the best. I know when I set my alarm to get up in the morning, I can rest assured that it will wake me up on time. I like the snooze feature I can set it for whatever I minutes or half an hour 45 minutes whatever it’s a perfect way of getting that extra few minutes of sleep.
  • Broken 2/5

    By Mtnd3wjj
    It takes me about 10 times of force closing the app and going back in, starting alarm, clicking lock button and repeating to finally get it to give me a notification that my alarm is set. I am scared to use this app without that notification. Really wish this was fixed. Has been happening for the past 2-3 months every night and its pretty annoying.
  • Obnoxious 2/5

    By petrgunn
    Can’t turn alarm off without opening the app
  • Clock 5/5

    By Aztec85
    Awesome app. Simple and I love the weather update.
  • Don’t use this app.... 1/5

    By A random gaming guys
    I’ve been using it for 6 moths. During this past month, my alarm only goes off 60% of the time. My alarm will sometimes work, and other times it will randomly not go off. Numerous times I have only had 10 minutes to get ready because my alarm didn’t go off. I have showed up to school late 2 times, and I can’t make it a 3rd. I am going to uninstall this app and get a different one until you fix this dumb app. This app has caused me to have many stressful mornings. I am so done with this app.
  • Morning 5/5

    By Becca232
    I really love this alarm clock easy to the ears an mind to adjust to after sleeping I jus forget to use it cause I alway have Siri to set my alarm but I always use this for a back up but I believe it’s time it moves forward an I set my alarm ... Thanks Guy’s
  • Hard to turn off 2/5

    By seenbelieve
    Nothing more frustrating than having to enter your password and start up the app just to turn off the alarm
  • Alarm works Great 5/5

    By Leebo7386
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Sherri459
    I have used several alarm apps. This is the best by far.
  • Latest update 1/5

    By BestLifeEver1914
    My alarm keeps going off SILENT when my phone is not on silent and my volume is off. Very frustrating. It made me late a couple of times.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By dastump
    I have been using this for years and have always loved it but after the latest update it goes off and crashes. It barely makes a sound then shuts off and when I tap on the app it will start sounding again. Please fix this because it has been my go to alarm for years but I can’t miss work and will need to switch soon if it’s not fixed. Very frustrating to say the least!
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Lin Lin 62
    Wish I could use my own pictures as background...other than that, I love this app!!
  • Background 3/5

    By WARRI0R518
    I’ll give it a 5 star and downloaded when I’m able to add my personal background! That’s the only option missing! This is a great app but I’d like to have the option to choose my own personal background.
  • Good app! 3/5

    By rmsteacher40
    Would rate higher if it would go back to the version where it didn’t go to sleep. I used it as an alarm clock. Now, it goes to sleep and my phone locks. I have to get through too many steps to silence it. Forget about using the snooze that point everyone in the house would be awake. Fix this for five stars!
  • Stopped working correctly 1/5

    By Jswin164
    I have been using this app to wake up for years. Well, recently it stopped working. This morning, it didn’t sound at all. I happened to wake up and look at my phone. The alarm was on the screen and actually in the process of going off but no sound was coming out. My volume was up and my phone was not on silent. I couldn’t find anything wrong to stop the app from sounding. I was incredibly lucky to wake up by chance or else I’d have been late to work.
  • It doesn’t work right, but to be fair... 3/5

    By Chonstar
    Alright, I’ve used this alarm for about 5 years. So far, it has worked like a champ, and I can’t fault it for that. This being said, I recently got a device running the current iOS, and the alarm I set now doesn’t work. So, my problem (as I understand it) is that the app will not stay open in the background. I can leave the app open, lock the screen, and the next morning when I go to check the alarm it has an alarm notification banner, but upon unlocking my device, the app has shut itself off. Once, when trying to diagnose the problem, I checked it about 5 minutes after locking the screen, and it had shut down in that time. It even still has the appropriate “app file” open, as if I had just shut it down manually, and from past experience, that tells me the app is crashing in the background for some reason. It has only actually gone off exactly once in the last week of messing with it on my current device. Honestly, this review would probably have fewer stars, but I’m a weirdo who doesn’t get rid of outdated devices, so my previous one without the current iOS still works great. Hardly ever had problems with it, and any that crop up are manageable. (It’s literally going off on my old iPod in the background as I write this, I just haven’t shut it off yet because the music is awesome.) Hence, a moderate review. I don’t even know if the issue I’m experiencing on this current device is within your ability to fix, but I hope it is. I feel a certain amount of brand loyalty, because this app has outlived 3 of my other “iDevices”, and I just want it to work as expected for this one, too. Thank you. (And, though this might not exactly be my place, upon reading a few other reviews where the reviewer experienced negative consequences due to the app not working as intended, though you all are absolutely correct that an app should work as advertised, it can’t practically be blamed for all the subsequent trouble it caused, especially more than once (with the possible exception of the review where the alarm crashed the guy’s entire phone until he managed to delete it, that sounds pretty bad; but, to be fair, it also sounds like that problem was patched quickly). Again, I am admittedly strange, but I haven’t set fewer than 3 different alarms on 3 different alarm clocks/devices in years, for precisely this reason. If something, anything goes wrong with one, for any reason, chances are that the other two will still be operational. Just a thought, you know? Also, if anyone who cares is still reading this, in past experience both the internal clock app and this alarm app can be set at the same time. I just have always preferred the functionality of this app over the internal one, hence using it for half a decade.)

Alarm Clock - My Music Alarms app comments

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