Alarmy - Wake Up Alarm Clock

Alarmy - Wake Up Alarm Clock

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Alarmy - Wake Up Alarm Clock App

■ "World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc." ■ #1 in the category in 80 countries, including Germany, France, and South Korea. (Appstore) ■ Features "Photo Mode" (Get out of bed and take a picture of registered place to turn off alarm) ■ Also support "Shake Mode" (To turn off alarm, shake your phone), "Math problem mode" (To turn off alarm, solve the math problem) and "Memorize Game mode" ■ No more late mornings for you ■ How to turn off the alarm ? (Picture dismiss mode) - Register a place where you want to turn off the alarm. - When alarm starts ringing, you will have to go to the registered place and take a picture. e.g.) If bathroom is the registered place, wake up and take a picture of the bathroom. ■ Tip - good place to register : bathroom sink, front door, shelf, desk, specific object, far from bed - bad place to register : brightness changes frequently, close to your bed, cealing, floor - If the currently registered alarm picture is too easy or too difficult to turn off, please register a new place :) Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is the innovative solution for those who just can’t seem to get up on time, even with an alarm clock. This app has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed. You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area. The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Dubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm”, Alarmy has quickly become a favorite mobile app among users. It has been featured in Gizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is currently Number One in its category in 70 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea. Users are truly enjoying this app and many have devised their own unique methods around the alarm’s requirements. For instance, you could register the foot of the bed as your location, then you would only need to wake up enough to take a pic of the foot of your bed and then go right back to sleep. Of course, this totally circumvents the whole purpose of the app but has become a fun pastime for many users. Works Better Than Other Alarm Clocks Other creative locations that users have come up with include the ceiling of their room, a nightstand, or the floor. If you’re more serious about really getting up on time, then how about registering the bathroom sink or an item in the kitchen? Though the app has sparked lots of interest and has proven to be really entertaining, it will definitely get you out of bed. If you absolutely MUST get up on time for an important appointment or job interview, then this would be the perfect solution.

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Alarmy - Wake Up Alarm Clock app reviews

  • Awesome no problems at all!!! 5/5

    By Edward052004
    I’ve used this app too get up for multiple things and it has never ceased to impress me with its functions.
  • Such a huge help 5/5

    By vanityofvanity
    I have such a hard time just hearing an alarm and not going back to sleep. But when the only way I can turn off an alarm is to do math, it makes it a lot easier. Plus, I'm getting really good at addition (pun intended)
  • Annoying Features 1/5

    This app has got to be the most annoying thing in my life when the alarm fails to work just because you’re viewing the panel. The panel was viewed so many times by accident and there were triggers in my sleep. Each time this has happened, I have missed important events because I woke up too late. I even got my car towed because the alarm didn’t activate due to panel view. Please change this stupid crap
  • so nice i love it. 5/5

    By mujhid77
    because it wake you up if you don’t wake up
  • Gift for Heavy sleepers 5/5

    By jestersluckyjig
    I am really bad about waking up and I used to set 17 alarms. Sadly my boyfriend and I don’t wake up the same times and he HATES MY ALARMS. this is one of the few apps that makes you wake up to complete the tasks! Definitely have been recommending to others!!
  • Works for me 4/5

    By 3521KING
    The sounds are loud. I like the challenge of doing math problems at 3-4 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes I wish the app would just do completely random scenarios. But it does work.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By haracin
    I actually wake up on time now! Used to totally sleep through apple alarms, but this one works great!
  • Really love this app! 5/5

    By Busymama56
    What I love about this app is that it helps me to wake up in the morning, and helps me sleep at night. I really like the calming sounds and personally use the rain sounds at night. An area I think could be improved is the alarm in the morning requiring me to actually get up and maybe walk around or move. I find that I’m such a heavy sleeper that I now answer the questions/solve the puzzle and snooze on at times.
  • Great Alarm 5/5

    By k . c . j .
    Alarm works great! By the time I get it turned off I’m thinking clearly enough to decide not to go back to bed.
  • Couldn’t ask for a better alarm 5/5

    By Duvalsmalls
    I’m a very heavy sleeper. I’ve slept through hurricanes and a earthquake (literally). I’ve never had such an amazing alarm clock than this one. Highly recommend this to everyone.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Bntbntbntbnt
    This is amazing! Helped me stop being late for work!
  • Good, but... 3/5

    By Patsy000
    I got this app because It’s very hard for me to get out of bed. And this app did a great job for the short time I’ve had it. But I went on a trip and I forgot to turn off my normal alarm. So when it woke me up in the morning it wanted me to take a picture of something that was in my house. And I wasn’t at my house. So could not turn it off. THERE IS NO WAY TO TURN IT OFF WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I had to delete and re download the app to undo a very common mistake. If they fix that, it would be five stars.
  • Don’t matter what the occasion.l 5/5

    By Djazzy20
    Drunk/ hung over / 30 minutes of sleep this is my alarm lol . I love this app it helps me so much!
  • Thinking persons alarm 5/5

    By Big Flat Dweller
    Regular alarms never got me up even when placed across the room. This app is relentless! I found that the math mission works best for me. Makes me think and then I am up and don’t go back to sleep.
  • Tap 20 times and sleep 😅 4/5

    By MahdiViol
    If you choose ”take a photo” and it alarms, you can tap on ”take a photo” for 20 times and it turns off! Please fix it so I can wake up at the time.
  • Terrific 5/5

    By Fhfjdkdks
    It is awesome. No more sleeping through my alarm or turning it off and falling back to sleep without realizing it. I have to shake it 20 times to get it to turn off now. Definitely wakes me up
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Rachel Head
    I haven’t had this app for long, but I know it’s perfect for me. Everyday I’d wake up and have 5 minutes to eat and 5 minutes to get ready for school. And for summer camp I had 10 minutes each. Then, I found Alarmy, it helped keep me on schedule everyday. I’m also very lazy and this app helped me get dressed, shower, eat, etc. I tried other alarm apps and none of them helped. Best alarm app ever!
  • Always up on time! 5/5

    By BrineBoy
    I usually sleep through my alarms and have tried numerous apps to help me wake up in the morning. Alarmy has always been incredibly reliable even when my phone is on silent. It really helps me turn in my brain in the morning and wake up. The only times I haven’t woken up are when I’m incredibly sleep deprived. And it even stops ringing after about an hour of not being picked up. It also helps me get out of bed comfortably with some articles to read, and a daily zodiac. It’s a perfect way to get up in the morning. With alarm options ranging from a gradual awakening, to a loud and sudden blaring alarm.
  • does not recognize legs! 1/5

    By flvhlkdgmxgkxtifofg
    Had to take a pic to turn it off and matched everything up. did not recognize and wouldn’t stop making noice. had to delete just to turn it off. there is no other choice when the alarm picture is impossible.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By Loriw75
    Worked like a charm and so simple. I used the bar code option & am very excited to keep waking up early without snoozing!
  • Need to add horns 4/5

    By 3v3ry Nickname is taken
    This alarm is certainly effective but you should add horns to this, it’s evil. Do not get if you care about the sleep of others.
  • Changed my life 5/5

    By p1bble
    I use to never wake up on time. Now I have to wake up because this app makes me mad. Thank you.
  • Helps a lot! 5/5

    By ciecie13
    I sleep through everything, except for this.
  • Love this ! 5/5

    By Makaylahaught
    This is the only alarm I’ve ever found to actually wake me up to the point where I’m not going to doze off and end up late! Plus there’s so many options to make it work personally for each individual.
  • I’m a deep sleeper 5/5

    By slynns7
    The Loud Alarms plus the picture mission gets the job done.
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By Kmatty10
    I have a love/hate relationship with this app because it forces me to wake up. I set my picture as my bathroom sink so I have to get away from my bed before it turns off. Only alarm that has ever gotten me out of bed in time to get things done before work!
  • New favorite alarm 5/5

    By bhjjdks
    Love this app!!
  • Woke up at 3 PM today 5/5

    By MLEieieieebct
    I’m a heavy heavy sleeper! I’ve tried many many alarm clocks through my life, many digitally thru the App Store, and nothing compares to Alarmy! There is only one glitch, which is that once every few months or so it will go off randomly when there is no alarm set and I’m out in public, and a I can’t scan the barcode to shut it off, because it’s on a lotion bottle at home in my bathroom. 😆 it’s really awkward when you can’t shut it off in public (think classroom, office, library lol). The only choice I have in that situation to make it stop is to delete the app. THAT BEING SAID, each time I’ve deleted it due to that glitch, I’ve tried downloading other alarm apps to try to find a better one, maybe without that glitch. I downloaded a new one last night, tested it out and slept until 3 PM today!!! That glitch is the only issue I have ever run into and alarmy is the only app that can ever consistently get me out of bed!
  • Life changing app!! 5/5

    By KSlgl
    I’ve never written a review about an app in the 10 years of using be App Store, but this one has literally changed my life. I use the bar code scanner option and I make myself get up and walk to my kitchen to scan the bar code on our dawn dish soap. I am the type of person that will - not kidding here - hit snooze for two hours straight before I wake up. It’s always been an issue since I was in elementary school and had cause a lot of issues in my life. I’ve been using this app for about a month and I set the snooze limit to three times, five minutes apart. That way able to ease in to waking up and am still forced to get up once my snooze limit is up. I love this app. Thank you to the creators!
  • This is pretty shorts 5/5

    By code:alpha and omega
    I have to say this helped me so much. Ever since well I started school I’ve been a lazy sleeper so thanks to this app I’ve been able to get out of that habit. So what I’m trying to say is that I highly recommend this app I love and yeah please try it out bye~
  • App 5/5

    By dman#20
    Love this app works great
  • Really nice! 5/5

    By 14Tumblr sucks88
    This app is pretty neat. I have the free version and it really helps me get up in the morning. Thank you developers!
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By mrssb10
    Alarmly would be the perfect alarm clock if it would consistently ring in silent mode. It claims to be able to do this function, but it probably only rings in silent mode for me a third of the time. I can’t tell you the countless amount of times I have been late because forgot to switch out of silent mode even though I clearly set my alarm. Very unfortunate since I love the fact of how hard I have to work to stop snoozing my alarm. I like to use the math option.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By avacadotoast🥑
    For about 6 months I had multiple occasions where I slept through alarms and would be an hour late for work. This app helps me wake up with one of its many loud alarm ringtones and also makes me work for Turning it off (such as shaking my phone). By the time I complete whatever task it provided me. it wakes my brain up and I’m all set to go for my morning. Highly recommended for those who sleep through alarms often!
  • Wow! 5/5

    By silerwatch
    This really works. I have a hard time waking up. The alarm is annoying. And the math problems are just hard enough to get my brain going. Then news! How great. I don't buy in to horoscopes but they are in there also. It's a good app
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By we wah
    I get up and workout now thanks to Alarmy
  • Life saver! 5/5

    Literally slept through every other alarm, could never remember even waking up to turn them off. This app knows how to annoy someone until the finally wake up, since then I’ve had no worries about oversleeping.
  • Friggin koots brotha 4/5

    By joobua
    It’s some good stuff but only a handful of times has it not worked on me but might just be my phones fault and not the app idk smoke weed 420 blaze it motherflicker peace
  • It works 5/5

    By navzep
    Seriously. Just try it
  • 10/10 would download again 5/5

    By Tim Da Donutman
    I love it! It helps me get up on time and with the special twist of the missions it gets me up the in no time! It’s a great app so I suggest you download it.
  • IT WORKS! 5/5

    By Love flappymsappfinder
    I never write reviews unless I either really like something or really don’t like something. In this case I LOVE IT! Well I hate it in the morning because it does it’s job! I use it everyday for work and it’s helped so much! I don’t have to set ten alarms in 15 minute intervals because this makes me get up.
  • Outstanding!!! 5/5

    By Maddyyyyyyyyy426122
    Love this app so much!!! All the other apps I have tried out want me to pay money. This app is Free!!! It is amazing and it really helps,I just really love it a lot!!! I will definitely recommend it to everyone!!❤️
  • Lifesaver! 5/5

    By kaitmk7117
    So many times I would sleep through my default alarm on my phone. My mother in law suggested Alarmy and it’s been a godsend! I was late to work 3 times in one week because I kept hitting snooze, but alarmy forced me to complete missions, where I had to be awake enough to finish them. Never going back to my old alarm. THANK YOU ALARMY!
  • Really Works 5/5

    By Textwist
    I use the photo setting. Gets my morning started right and on time.
  • Sufficiently Annoying 5/5

    By Rougean
    Kinda hard to sleep through Math problems.
  • Exactly what I needed 5/5

    By Rall_26
    The key to success is this alarm
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By SemperBilly
    Being in the military If you’re late you’re screwed. And thanks to Alarmy I never get screwed for being late.
  • Pure Evil 5/5

    By Mawster444
    Putting a QR code in my kitchen has made my mornings miserable but I have been successful at waking up. If waking up is a battle for you this app is worth your time
  • BEST Alarm App! 5/5

    By colts0316
    There is nothing worse than waking up with that immediate feeling “OH NO! I SLEPT THROUGH MY ALARM!”...we’ve all been there. I had tried everything- multiple alarms, phone across the room, new alarm sounds/song, etc. nothing would get me and my brain awake...until I found THIS app! I have not overslept ONE TIME since! Alarmy not only physically wakes up your body, but wakes up your brain so as to not aimlessly wander back to sleep. I cannot recommend this app enough! Thank you, Alarmy!

Alarmy - Wake Up Alarm Clock app comments

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