Albertsons Deals & Delivery

Albertsons Deals & Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2021.49.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Albertsons Companies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Albertsons Deals & Delivery App

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place. • Easily find items carried in your store. • Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything. • Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history. • Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap.

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Albertsons Deals & Delivery app reviews

  • Worst Update Ever 1/5

    By TracyBird
    Why change an easy to use app? The Albertsons app isn’t user friendly at all! I spend more time in line at customer service to get my money back, because nothing works right I’ve pretty stopped shopping as much because of the app change! Go back please and I’ll go back shopping!
  • Way to different to use Now 1/5

    By How everyone feels
    Used to be simple and easy to use. Now it’s more and more complicated with every update.
  • Scan card does not work 1/5

    By covid19freeistheway2be
    Go to the register they scan the card on the mobile app they told me enter your phone number did not go through! That’s amazing because I have my app opened!
  • Have to download EVERY INDIVIDUAL BRAND’s app!! 3/5

    By alaskanjackal
    It’s utterly ridiculous. Albertsons owns Safeway, Vons, and over a dozen other brands. All use the SAME COMPUTER SYSTEM and login. But can you use the Albertsons app when you swing by a Vons store 3 miles away? NO! Ridiculous. I have to dedicate hundreds of MB of space on my phone to download a dozen different apps that ALL LOOK AND WORK THE SAME and use the SAME LOGIN. This is preposterous. Kroger doesn’t make me do that. On top of that, the app is clunkier than Kroger’s and difficult to search for products in or see where they’re in stock (or even where stores are). C’mon, Joe—tell your team to get their act together! 🎼 It’s Joe Albertson’s supermarket, but the programming department is NOT! 🎶🎵
  • Unable to find the Digital Coupons 1/5

    By OregonKP
    I have tried and tried and tried- but I am unable to find the digital coupons. Right now (Nov 26, 2921) Signature Select ice cream is $0.77. When I search for it BY NAME, I get a zillion hits, but ZERO for $0.77. App is up to date on iphone.
  • No SMS 1/5

    By ConnieDodson
    No SMS - and this app 'update' does not recognize my email address. I have been a customer for 22-years and I have had an Albertson's app as long as you have had an Albertson's app. This app let me register, anew, however I see no way to associate my VoIP phone number to this app. I have always used my VoIP phone number at the Albertson's checkout stand. Now what?
  • Find the aisle 1/5

    By Goodwind23
    Sure would be nice to be able to look at the aisle number for an item when shopping in person. Today I found out gravy is in the soup aisle. I hate hunting for stuff and wont spontaneously buy items on purpose when I’m frustrated. This app is useless when shopping in person.
  • App just doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Freddytwonotes
    App was great but stopped working. I have to use the web site now.
  • It constantly crashes 1/5

    By pickle rick is already take
    Literally unusable because I can’t add items to the cart because it crashes. Then if I can add the item, it crashes trying to load the cart. And why are there two Albertsons apps for pick up and delivery? This should just be a single app. I really want this to work because it did in the past and was SUPER convenient.
  • Huh 4/5

    By pennagal
    Great produce sept.
  • Bring back a classic view 1/5

    By san marcos customers
    Old app was much easier to read and view along with clicking sales. Please add a classic view for us!
  • Staff 5/5

    By friendly GARY
    The staff at the Clinton Keith store are fantastic!!!!! Customer “Gary”
  • Horrible 1/5

    By scam66
    This new version of the app is not user friendly, the older version was better. Shopping for discounts should not be this hard. No more rewards, no more just for you . U clip get to the register to only hold up the line or forced to go to customer service to get the discounts. I’ve given up shopping at Albertson it’s not worth the hassles.
  • So complicated - horrible app as usual 1/5

    By lisally
    Absolutely hate it. Not happy with this app. Once again, such an unfriendly app that makes me not want to even shop in the store. The vaccine scheduler is the worst! Such a waste of time…
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By The Do Girl
    When I clip coupons, it doesn’t deduct them at the register. I also haven’t earned one reward point since I’ve had this app. I’ve shopped here for @ 27 years, but I think I’m done.
  • It feels like App Cheats 1/5

    By E.Beagle
    App consistently fails - resulting in you having to go to Customer Service counter after checking-out to get the price ‘corrected’ if you want the same price. In the past, when scanners and computers used to make a mistake the company stood by its technology and gave you the item free. Now it makes you stand in line just to get a refund. IMHO this App is Albertsons scamming the public by making the app as convoluted as possible and highly unreliable. Most people don’t check and/or have the time to waste seeking a correction/refund from customer service. It feels like Albertsons knows this… and avoids giving savings/deals. Why make you find the item, clip the deal, and add it to your cart. This app is a worse game then the company’s inane Monopoly game promotion. At least in the monopoly you have known odds. This week the app wouldn’t recognize a digital coupon only product. The staff said it was a glitch and would work. I checked my receipt after and it failed. Customer service couldn’t explain it and I just skipped the items. And went elsewhere to shop where the sale price didn’t require gimmicks and the checkout was accurate. Really frustrating and angering. I limit my shopping at Albertsons because I feel like it is, at best, highly unreliable. Customer Service and app developer responses feel disingenuous and fake to me, especially because the ‘errors’ keep happening. Please stop the games.
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By ADAV98
    This new app is harder to navigate and it never issues my rewards,
  • New & not improved 1/5

    By AnaraStar
    This new version of the app is horrible! I don’t want to fill a cart, just let me scan my silly product for the deal. Ugh, pay your tech department.
  • Updated version is worse than previous update! 1/5

    By Gidget D.
    Opened the app to click on sale and coupon items . Use to be able to click items for the upcoming weekly ad. Now it’s not an option so now, before I go shopping Wednesday morning, I have to scroll through the app when I don’t have time. Tried to use the app Wednesday morning before shopping and anything I click on gives me a pop up screen saying “service problem” try again later. Are you fricken kidding me??? So now I cannot go shopping because I cannot click on anything to get the discounts!!!!! I checked the app and it’s been updated, again so nope, not the issue on my end. Did my phone refresh and nope, didn’t help. It’s the stupid Albertsons app!!!! I am absolutely fed up with this stupid app. It has become more of a frustrating, time-consuming app!! Worst update yet!! I am so fed up with your updates that don’t help the consumer at all. My only recourse is to go shopping, take my weekly add and make the poor cashier call the manager and take up all their time and hold up the checkout line while they process my discounts because the app cannot function properly!!! I have a life and cannot just sit at home and wait for the “service problem” to fix itself. Very irritated and wish you didn’t have an app that is required for discounts. Should be able to just enter a phone number as before and get the discounted or free items. This is not worth it!!!! I have a iPhone 12 and I’m not challenged technically!!!!! Either fix it or get rid of it!!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one here frustrated with this faulty app and it’s lack of ease!!!!!
  • Just Keeps Getting Worse!! 1/5

    By Turfherder
    After using this app for more than four years, I’m done. Every update that has been done makes it worse each time. The app constantly crashes and freezes. I used to be able to add items in the weekly ad to my list. Not anymore! It’s absolutely useless! I guess I’ll just find another grocery chain to shop from.
  • Montana central El Paso 5/5

    By Smrquez
    Store employees always greet you and asks if you find what I’m looking for. I like the quality of produce compared to Walmart.
  • Worst app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Thisnameisnottaken:)
    This new version of Albertsons app is the least user-friendly app I’ve ever used. It is not intuitive and I have to search through various drop downs to find stuff. Where are the Just 4 U items? Each time I go into the app to click on Just 4 U coupons, I spend a lot of time searching. Also, some of the clip coupons have expired dates on them. Please drop this new version and go back to your previous interface. It was a lot easier to navigate.
  • So confusing!! 1/5

    By 1612 Camden
    Why is this app made to be so confusing? It’s not clear how to use it between the Wallet, deals, just for u, clipping deals vs list, and nothing seems to work properly!!! Just make it simple have one app that has deals that you clip and once you click them they apply to your order. End of story.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Cmnichols14
    Since the update, my app and my rewards number are no longer linked. I can’t earn or access rewards or use coupons. Customer service has been unable to fix it. The old app was great, this one not so much.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Bigbluz
    The newest version is terrible. It keeps dropping my selections. Also, it did not transfer my rewards so I lost the rewards and paid for them instead. It is not as user friendly as prior versions. Change is not always good.
  • Albertsons please fix the button 2/5

    By dean544
    The three lines next to “in store” text doesn’t work. I can’t check my phone number or sign out. Overall nice improvements to the app with the deal.
  • Worst update ever! 1/5

    By Judye721
    Almost impossible to get this to work right. And in the store I’m finding it impossible to get anything done right.
  • Digital Offer only annoying 2/5

    By Mommyhong
    Here’s a suggestion maybe use one of the handy new fangled QR code’s on your digital codes. So annoying when I have to search my app for these offers. I took a picture but no place to put it.
  • This app is awful! 1/5

    By Kmn1977
    If I could give this app zero stars I would! The longer I use it the more I find wrong with it. PLEASE go back to the old app that had zero glitches and was super easy to use!!!
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Bobo and daisy
    Every update makes things worse, Why can’t they leave things that work alone? Fire the wiz kids that came up with this.
  • Update 1/5

    By fed#up
    I just got the update. This app is still a piece of crap. No improvement. The old app was much better.
  • Delivery service is the best thing that I am doing for myself. The service is excellent 5/5

    By gsysneyj
    BBest service
  • New app is terrible 1/5

    By cthulhu1020
    There is no way this is still a 5 star app. The recent reviews are all 1 star and I agree with them. You can’t even see your points anymore. They’re gone. Problem after problem. Locks up, doesn’t show clipped rewards in your list. The old app was a 5 star app. This one is in reality a 0 star app.
  • Does not transfer my rewards! 1/5

    By garciae0531
    This new update is trash. The old one is better. This the third time I click to use my rewards and does not reflect my transaction. The app still used my rewards even though I didn’t get charged for them. This app does not help what so ever. It just makes it more complicated and takes your money away.
  • App review- Albertsons 4/5

    By t2ave
    I wish there was not an automatic pop up to select a delivery time. I only use this app for rewards and just for you deals/coupons. It’s annoying to have to click out of the delivery time or be automatically placed in the part of the app where you are doing an online order for delivery or pickup.
  • Not as good as it used to be 2/5

    By MyAppStore999
    The app was better when it allowed you to shop at Albertsons, Safeway or Tom Thumb with a single app. I lost all my rewards when they transitioned to using a different app for each store. I shop at all three stores. And, my clipped coupons are not being added when I check out at the store, so I’m not getting expected savings. I’ve also had a lot of trouble scanning the member QR code when checking out. Overall it’s been disappointing.
  • Albertson 1/5

    By upupwell
    This new app does not work worth a ____! I can’t get my rewards or points. Before it showed up nicely! Now I can’t even find them! It is more for home delivery or pickup orders. Least wise that’s what it seems like to me! Definitely catering to computer savy generation not to the senior citizens I will have to go else where now!!!!!!!!!! Upupupwell
  • Update Broke the App 1/5

    By Boo and Sad
    The old version worked just fine. I could see my grocery list, collect and use rewards, and best of all, SAVE MONEY! Now the updated app is literally broken. I can’t use rewards, despite spending the same amount of money. It asks me for delivery every time I open the app, and is a convoluted mess just trying to navigate away. I can’t even look into my account details. LITERALLY BROKEN! This should have been thoroughly tested before putting out a broken product. It’s been broken for months. It doesn’t even deserve one star. You should get zero stars until its working.
  • SLOW 1/5

    By Iamw00f
    why did you break the app? It was fine and now everything is click and wait versus instant. Stupid stupid stupid
  • Used to be fine 1/5

    By Bowlofjello
    Used to be fine but now it’s overly complicated and doesn’t load half the time. I enjoyed the simplicity the app. Now it feels like I can’t actually find my coupons or even search for the item I want. Bring back how the app used to look and function. This is just a mess.
  • K.I.S. 2/5

    By XLR lady
    This is not user friendly. Takes too much time and effort. I have 7 items in my cart but the pic shows it’s empty. Previous app was much simpler to use. This one requires more actions on the users side to get the same results.
  • not user friendly 1/5

    By Puyatlagi
    it used to be user friendly app now it gets more complicated
  • Very confusing 1/5

    By Nellbjmz
    I’m updating to the last version now It was simple before but now it’s very confusing can you please fix this I don’t find anything here
  • app 1/5

    By Goodboydog1
    add landscape mode
  • Worthless 1/5

    By deedeebugs0624
    This app is no good!! We have one store in our small town and it says we have none. I can not see my rewards, or my sales ad. I can not even shop online to pick up curbside, so annoying fix the maps.
  • Updated version does NOT work 1/5

    By maditruff
    Most of the time the app will tell me it has a service error. Recently, I just placed an order, and you are allowed to edit your order until 11:59 pm on the same day that your order was placed. I got a confirmation email, with a link to edit my order, when I followed the link and logged in, the order I had just placed that day did not show up under ‘orders’. I was unable to edit this order although I am supposed to be able to. I was not contacted before or when my order was ready. In the app I could not tell them I am on my way, or that I was here for the order, because it didn’t show it as current. It just showed it as the last order but I couldn’t interact with it. (Interact as in edit the order or tell them I’m on my way and my pick up spot.) This is very disappointing as I have used this app for a long time. It is very apparent that something different was done to the app, and and it no longer works well. I noticed a change almost immediately. Please fix these bugs.
  • Maria’s Particular Choice 5/5

    By Wanna Bet You Betcha
    Very well presented. However , prices on my favorite Meat, Seafood and Poultry are too expensive for me. I do love shopping at Albertsons , getting my refill prescription medicine as well as stopping by at the Customer Service for my Book of Stamps and Cigarrettes. Cigarettes that I hope would go on sale too because that too is costly. Golden Gaming entertains and amuse me when I’m sad and lonely. Thanks.
  • Now it doesn’t total correctly 2/5

    By Mel C5
    With this latest update, now the estimated savings now doesn’t tally now. (The amount you saved off our regular online prices on items in this order because we automatically applied Albertsons On Sale Prices. ) It shows zero with clipped coupons, so you have to subtract all the clip coupons amounts to make sure the register applied all the coupons correctly before the amount would show the total it was supposed to with the coupons attached. The issue: The applied coupons do not subtract from the total to reflect the actual total with coupons applied as before. Please fixed this back. It’s a hassle trying to add all this up before you check out. I hate I updated.
  • Does not work in landscape mode! 2/5

    By MLTex
    The app works fine but the “upgraded app no longer goes to landscape mode on my iPad, making it impossible for me to use my apple keyboard with th app. This is a bit archaic and clunky. Please fix this!!!
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