Albertsons Deals & Delivery

Albertsons Deals & Delivery

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2023.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Albertsons Companies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Albertsons Deals & Delivery App

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place. • Easily find items carried in your store. • Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything. • Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history. • Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap. • We use Health Kit to track steps, sleep, and other activity to reward points for the healthy actions captured

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Albertsons Deals & Delivery app reviews

  • NOT User Friendly 1/5

    By Ron The Electron
    As a retired IT professional I am a more sophisticated computer and Smart Phone user than those who don’t use this stuff for a living. That said, this app is one of the LEAST friendly shopping programs. Period. Full stop. On at least three separate occasions I’ve needed help from store personnel to simply utilize “digital coupons,” obviating the whole concept of Self Service. This app needs a redesign from top to bottom if for no other reason than preventing disenfranchisement of users just like me!
  • Me encanta la atención que me ha dado el cajero Christian, muy amable y atento. 100% 5/5

    By Dradepekes
    Christian muy atento de la tienda 1936
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By the weedall
    Way to convoluted. How do you apply the coupon? The checker couldn’t help me. I removed all items taken off.
  • Works everytime 5/5

    By Gdog55001
    Thanks Albertsons
  • Ever heard of Human Centered Design??!! 2/5

    By Flogvuli
    Horribly complicated and not user friendly at all! There are too many many steps and different models to apply to get discounts. Perhaps the objective of the developer was to make it as hard as possible so people don’t actually get to use the discounts. I should take that into consideration with this post. But if usability and user experience were important factors, then the developer completely missed the mark. Way too much work to save a few dollars but if you don’t use and shop Albertsons, you’re then wasting money. Lot of hoops and clicks. What is sad is it never had to be this hard— there’s a very simple way of designing this app. Try again.
  • App does not save process orders 1/5

    By malonefibers
    This app is essentially a shopping list and coupon app, if you need an online grocery delivery service look elsewhere. Especially if you are handicapped and rely on grocery delivery services. Went through the trouble of filling my cart and entering all my information just for nothing to happen when I hit the place order button. I guess Albertsons doesn't want my money.
  • Love that app 5/5

    By Nancyco
    Thank you your new update fabulous! Easy to look up sales from weekly ad to coupons, I don’t have to memorize specials and click three times and search. So much easier thanks from a disabled longtime customer!
  • Never works 1/5

    By Furynull
    Clipped coupons never apply and the staff refuses to help
  • Prices not populating in cart 2/5

    By Lucy Figbottom
    I’m hoping it’s a bug and not an update but the prices of the items are no longer in the cart. There is no way to know if you secured your coupon on the item or not.
  • not worth the time 1/5

    By pxcklxrxck424
    im surrounded by albertsons in my area yet the app tells me none of it exists.. thanks for making me think im in a simulation and none of the things around me are real lol
  • Best employees. Great service! 5/5

    By CreativeDoodler
    I was stuck at home and tried Albertson’s services through their app. What a great app! And the service is fantastic. Always nice employees both for delivery and pick up. Curtis is my go to when I pick up my shopping. So convenient, great value and fast! Makes it hard to ever want to go back into the store again. :)
  • Please stop changing the function of this app 1/5

    By Mel C5
    Now after the last update, the wallet app member card does not recognize anymore at the self check out. It’s such a hassle, I have scanned everything thing and get to the end the self checkout won’t recognize the app member wallet card. I have to be move to a register by the clerk and have everything rescanned. This happens frequently when the updates are made to the app. This irritates me so much and causes me to waste so much time. Pleased fix this and check that it’s working before an update is release. It went from please scan your card before scanning your items for self checkout , then a change to after you scan your items. Now it totally doesn’t recognize the card in the self checkout. This has to stop or I’m going to stop shopping with Albertsons, I don’t have time like that to waste in the store. Update 1/12/23- You still have not fix this. the self check out still does not recognize my app wallet card at the self checkout. This is a frequent back forth with the app updates, this aggravates me so much!! I scan my items at then self check out and them my card won’t recognize because you made a change to app and now I have to move all my stuff to a cashier to repeat the process. I don’t have time for that. After this last the last time, I refused and left and went to Krogers.
  • Still buggy 2/5

    By JohnGar67
    Even with the latest update (2023.2.0 on iOS) the app still has trouble searching for items or even working at all. I get the dreaded “Sorry, we’re having issues. Dismiss to try again or Contact Us.” And when you try to Contact Us, you can’t because of “too many http redirects.” Does any at Albertsons bother to test these before releasing them? I appears not. It’s bad when I’m trying to add a coupon to my account to shop. You can’t cut out a physical coupon from the flyer any more. So I have to bug the cashier to discount it and hold up the line. Ain’t technology grand? Making our lives so much easier.
  • Does what I need it to do 5/5

    By Jeff McNamee
    Easy to use and works at checkout. That’s all I expect!
  • Dianne knauf 5/5

    By foodservice1
    Stacy in pickup wonderful and professional very kind also lady at custom service with accent also very professional snd nice
  • Love Albertsons 5/5

    By dmbre
    Raquel,Susie,Rob,Hada and staff are great
  • Fun 5/5

    By okpug
    Easy to use
  • Zip code 1/5

    By xzasfgh
    Doesn’t let you use your zip code
  • Easy Online Purchase 5/5

    By Lily Bean 90
    I was able to see and purchase what I needed.
  • Meal prep tool is awesome! 5/5

    By Hmboiseau
    I’ve been using app for curbside pick up and the meal prep they have recipients, you set your own budget and detail whether you want the meals to be breakfast lunch or dinner you can even choose carb friendly or keto or budget friendly etc. I wish they had more recipes because I’ve cycled through most of them by now but they are awesome and it’s super easy to grocery shop for dinners for the entire week within a matter of minutes!
  • Pickup and Go Orders Ironwood Albertsons 5/5

    By dentonTami
    Nicole is awesome at handling our grocery orders. Our orders are always correct on time and the includes special orders in the deli department and bakery department
  • Love Albertsons 5/5

    By Jolana Lynn
    I like the fact Albertson deliver & we can pick up now.
  • This app is horrible… 1/5

    By Jbenny39
    Unable to add items to order. Doing a search for products is a nightmare…. Don’t bother unless you enjoy angry and frustrated….
  • Time consuming 1/5

    By zulu moon
    Wish we could go back to the easier days when you didn’t need to redeem deals in an app. It’s already time consuming enough to have to leaf through the ads to find deals without having to do this as well.
  • Great job Albertsons 5/5

    By DM814
    This was our first experience with the delivery service. We have used the pickup service many times. Your Shopper associate did a great job. We received notifications letting us know how are order was progressing. Door Dash delivered our groceries to the front door. Thank you Albertsons for your prompt and professional service.
  • Love my Albertsons ! 5/5

    By Chokeslocos
  • Savings 5/5

    By BRIstayfocused
    I love that it actually helps you save. You just clip the deal go shopping.
  • Safeway HR 1/5

    By --zookeeperof4--🐒🐥🐘
    I was told that this is the app I needed to get to view my pay, schedule, vacation etc. so far I haven’t found it…..
  • ADA 3/5

    By george key
    This store is filled with kind associates, however the lack of ADA electric mart carts for individuals in need is disgraceful. In just one half hour I have witnessed three individuals turn away from this store for the lack of them. Obviously you are losing business for the lack of these. You have one that needs to be charged two times to make it around the store once and one other that is worse.
  • Albertson's Delivery 5/5

    Good service.
  • Worst 1/5

    By alaoudee
    How is that possible this app has 4.8 stars -it’s the worst grocery app ever!
  • Albertsons Yarbrough 5/5

    By troublelaney
    My favorite store because employees are so nice and I always find what I need. Very nice store to shop in.
  • Packaged food 3/5

    By Litein
    Great in ordering packaged food. The last time I ordered fresh veggies it looks old and lasted 2 days in my fridge. Otherwise, great to see the deals and basic needs here.
  • Old person 4/5

    By fit moose
    I'm on a fixed budget, the app and senior day helps a lot. Getting ready to into app should not have people going to the store to get help, and even the service manager had trouble. Not everyone grew up with technology 😞
  • Poor layout and poor service 1/5

    By hfreed
    I made an order from the app and it gave me three time options and I chose a 6pm pickup. Then after I paid, it said between 6-8pm. I immediately got on the chat because I wasn’t gonna be able to pick them up that late. They said there’s nothing they can do once in order is placed. They couldn’t change the time. They could request to cancel, but no guarantee. Please put time windows at check out so people know it’s a two hour window and not ready at the selected time
  • Broken app 1/5

    By borkbork12
    App is completely broken. I can open the app and it shows the little intro and when I try to continue it just errors out every time. It’s up to date and I’m on the newest iphone. I had this issue before and ended up using a different service. Then just came back to it and realized it’s still broken. Not sure why in all this time since the pandemic and the app still doesn’t work.
  • Grocery Delivered 5/5

    By BJ0428
    I injured my back yesterday and am very grateful for the quality products and service my family and I received today. Thank you so much!
  • Agree with the above 1/5

    By Prue Ann
    Fire marketing designers and stop playing games for those who can’t download apps. Shame on you.
  • Love Albertsons 5/5

    By suzmd
    I love Albertsons, especially the one close to me. Great staff. I also love using the app.
  • Review 5/5

    By Lukester713
    This app is user friendly and I love clipping all my deals that I can use in store. Thanks for designing a customer interface that allows people to shop outside the store. that’s good customer service and that’s how you win business.
  • Albertsons app review 4/5

    By matthew.hawkstar
    It would be helpful if you put the coupons that apply to the items I’m purchasing next to the item. I noticed a few had that feature and maybe are working on it but gas prices are coming down and I don’t see groceries coming down. I want to continue shopping at Albertson’s but Fred Meyer‘s consistently has cheaper prices and I honestly don’t believe that rewards should expire. I think that’s just junk. I need those gas points. Those should just never expire. I think if somebody shops with you, you should honor that for one year without having to pay an additional subscription that would put you heads and tails above the rest even though I know Kroger bought you guys.
  • BOOOOOO 1/5

    By vintagejesus
  • Digital coupons 1/5

    By penhur
    The digital coupons are a hassle. Half the time the coupon you are to scan is missing or it won’t copy. These are all things that just frustrate customers. I want no hassle shopping. Just put it on sale and leave it at that. I do not want to have to do a scavenger hunt to get a sale price. This is why I would just go to Winco, and shop some days. I do not have to play the games to get a discount, they just put it on sale, no downloading the coupon the store has set up at the item. No games, no hassles. I do not like having to get my phone out of my purse many times to complete my shopping with your store.
  • App issues and customer service 2/5

    By check out issue
    I finally downloaded the app and took me about one hour to find everything and put it in my cart. And I go to check out it keeps giving me an error that it is on hold. I don’t know what that even means.. so tried calling customer support never answers. Tried the chat room and there’s always 5 people ahead of me and I wait and wait then I get kicked out of line and have to start all over again. This is definitely bull. I will go back to using Amazon fresh.
  • Have to keep calling customer service 1/5

    By arnisangel
    This app is horrible. My app never matches up with my receipts even though I use the same phone number. Customer Service is never able to help as I’ve called them multiple times. One guy even sounded like he was outside and the wind was blowing. I don’t think I’ll be shopping here or using their app again. If I could take away stars, I would…
  • App issues 3/5

    The app never updates correctly. App says I have 80 points towards the first reward. Cash register receipt on 12/17/22 shows 8 rewards and 16 points. I have to call every month to get it corrected.
  • My list 😩 2/5

    By frustratedoctopus
    App is getting very annoying. I only want to add items to my list. But half the time they go into my cart, which is on another tab. There is no way to move items. Now I have to shop with two lists. So annoying.
  • Curbside Greatness 5/5

    By silversumitt
    Can’t beat Albertsons for curbside pick-up and food prices. Website order is great with no problems in ordering.
  • Always the best! 5/5

    By Ale91599
    Easy to use and has very good deals!!
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