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  • Compatibility: Android
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ALDI is your home for incredibly low prices on all your grocery needs. Now, you can stay up-to-date on our latest offers with the ALDI app. Features: * Weekly Special Buy Updates: With just one click you can get each week's Special Buys right at your fingertips. * New Low Prices: Find the latest price reductions on the items you love. * New at ALDI: Be the first to know about our latest and greatest items available at your local store. * Create a Shopping List: Easily use our shopping list tool to create your list of must-have items. * Store Locator: Find nearby ALDI stores from your current location – all with their address, directions, map and store hours. * QR Code Reader: Use our QR Code Reader to view special content on some of your favorite items.

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ALDI USA app reviews

  • Disappointing 2/5

    By PW in Atlanta
    I was excited to download and try out the app, but it’s pretty much a waste of time if you have an iPhone. I can’t speak to different models or different brands, but here is what I observed, compared to other grocery stores, like Publix, Costco, Sam’s or Walmart: 1. I couldn’t find a way to log in and set up an account. That means I can’t share my list with my husband, who does the actual shopping. 2. The Print Shopping List feature didn’t work. I pressed the button, and I’m on the same network as my printer, but it doesn’t engage. 3. There is no Search function! I spent a lot of time wading through menus to find what I wanted, and then couldn’t get the darned thing to print, as mentioned in #2. 4. I’m a first-time Aldi shopper. It is bad enough that the app doesn’t show prices. It also completely lacks most product descriptions and NO list of ingredients. I have to be on an egg-free, gluten-free diet, among others, and failure to list the nutritional information is a deal-breaker. Heck, at least show a picture of the packaging information! Bottom line. The app is attractive, but with no nutritional information available, as well as the other shortcomings, I’ll just go somewhere else.
  • Annoying having to keep putting in my zip code 4/5

    By KaylaJewel
    Can a “favorite store” option be implemented so I don’t have to keep typing in my zip code. It’s a small change but would improve the fluidity of the app a lot. My most used feature is the weekly ad. Love Aldi, stay true to yourself and please keep prices low.
  • Really, ZERO stars. App is absolutely pointless 1/5

    By tiongtungynnvf
    App is horrible. There’s no way the ratings are real app users. The best part about it is that it brings you to their online page if you want to look at what the store has. That defeats the purpose of an app! And if you want to make a grocery list with the feature on the app it doesn’t let you pick their products and find the price. You have to manually add product that may or may not be there ( you could write a tonka truck if you wanted) and then the price section is just there for you to fill out. I can’t add their products with their prices, it’s basically a blank sheet that you just write whatever you want. Is just pointless.
  • Great Prices 5/5

    By Spring Cean
    Great value for the Price on Fresh Vegetables, Fruit and Cheese. Need to lower price of Eggs.
  • Was better before 2/5

    By 1Ro1*
    App doesn’t keep you signed in and doesn’t save shopping list.
  • Trash App 1/5

    By NameTakenAppleIsStupidAF
    I don’t know why people are reviewing the app as if it’s the actual store. This app is completely useless. I thought it was going to be good for mobile ordering/pickup…no option to even do that.
  • Mostly great, with one exception 4/5

    By Forcing paper bags
    I love using the Aldi app! It makes things so much easier for me to order ahead and pick up. The employees are very quick at coming out with your order. The only problem I have is they don’t have an option to not use their paper bags, which they automatically charge you for. Food stamps cannot pay for the bags. It’s annoying that I can’t select “have my own bags”. I get food stamps and usually don’t even have $1 in my checking account. So that prevents me from ordering ahead. It’s extremely annoying that they force you to use their paper bags! I don’t need them, I don’t want them, and I don’t have the funds to pay for them! So I am forced to go inside and shop instead. I cannot stress how annoying and inconvenient this is!
  • Expensive 1/5

    By gffgvd
    it makes no sense to shop at aldi, already the prices are no different from other markets, even some are more expensive (((
  • Love your locations , Selection, & German - European chocolate!S 5/5

    By Mamma Nurse
    So ,so grateful that Aldies is near my home! Thank you for your quality and seasonal items!!!Your healthy produce, Seafood , CheeZe selection and Chocolate are among my favorite !!! Mamma Nurse
  • I l love Aldi’s 5/5

    By MtBikeTom
    My favorite store is your store! I check my App every week & I tell everyone about ALDI!!! My husband thinks it’s funny because I brag so much about it & I am referred to as The Aldi Queen.
  • Verification code 1/5

    By apeygirl
    I filled everything out But it will not send the verification code so I can’t move on Guess I’m deleting this app What a disappointment
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By ThisNicknameIsTaken77
    What’s with all of the hidden tracking now? No one asked for that. App doesn’t work now.
  • Love Aldi 5/5

    By Vijayanka
    I love Aldi products, my house is full of Aldi pots& pans , clothes , shoes and lots of other stuff.
  • App seems to be working 3/5

    By nicknamedb
    The app was down for a while but it appears to be working now. However it isn't the best app, as the only thing it will allow me to do for my store is see the advertisement for the week. It doesn't allow me to check inventory nor does it allow me to check pricing.
  • Network Error 1/5

    By bdomp
    Aldi just opened a new store near me in Greenville Michigan 2 weeks ago. Greenville is the home of Fredrick Meijer the founder of Meijer. Now all of the sudden they’re app stopping working. Way to go for a new store opening
  • Keep getting Network Error 2/5

    By DMH.2000
    No other applications or websites are acting like this. I removed and reinstalled and still the network error message pops up. I have a wireless connection so I don’t know where this network error is coming from. I even turned off wireless and had a 4G network connection only but it still failed. I can only guess it’s the app itself.
  • Not working 1/5

    By atlunited30313
    I keep getting network error.
  • Network Error 5/5

    By Nanascout
    Love the app, use it regularly. However, there has been a problem with it the last few days. It seems others are having the same problem, so I just thought I’d add my experience to help get it noticed and fixed.
  • Wish It Worked 1/5

    By kcgurl12446
    I love Aldi but their app does not work anymore. I get a”Network Error” screen whenever I open the Featured tab that has not resolved in weeks. I used to use it to see the Upcoming Items and make my list but it is now unusable.
  • App not available 1/5

    By Cdehrdb
    I love my Aldi store but now the app is no longer available/working since I got a new phone so now I have to depend on the sales to be in my mailbox each week.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By katnbox
    Always crashing! I’ve deleted it and I’ve reinstalled it! Doesn’t matter what I do!!
  • Says network error 1/5

    By F K U C K S E R
    Don’t work. Says network error. Tried on 3 different devices. Tried disconnecting from wifi and using data. Stop not working.
  • Great app until recently - network error 1/5

    By Nwatzka23
    For the last several days (probably after updating my iOS to 16) when I try to use the app I get “network error” and cannot use the app at all. I love the app when it’s working but at this time it is useless to me.
  • No search feature? What?? 1/5

    By Rayzerxp1
    Where is the search feature on this app? Am I missing something?Rayzerxp11998
  • What a shame 1/5

    By gyujgfvbdedbjigvgf
    You know, if you offered a dark screen mode you would probably get a lot more of us seniors to shop at your stores ….I for one cannot read a thing on that blinding white screen. What a shame…..
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By acl63
    I have been to three stores looking for the eyeshadow listed this week. None of the stores received any….
  • Needs work. Would like to be able to sort/group similar items together. 3/5

    By BummerFL
    I wish it would allow sorting. app is ok but needs work. I struggle using it week to make a grocery list each week.

    By omg-layz
    Totally in love…Clean, organized, smells fresh; great staff: helpful, professional demeanor, friendly, uniformly dressed. Excellent products, beautiful, fresh produce and meats, no outdated foods, frozen case is well maintained. Aldi is now my first stop for food, home, personal and gift shopping!
  • I give them 5 stars 5/5

    By loliJane13
    Love shopping at Aldi’s. I love the unique products they carry
  • The Best 5/5

    By zulmaVioleta
    My favorite hanging out place. I go to ALDI ‘S Twice a week. I also got my sister-in-law Brooklyn, NYC hook up. There is an ALDI’S in Brooklyn about 40 minutes drive for her
  • Love Aldi, not so much the app (or website) 1/5

    By rolyat57
    Aldi is literally the best store - on par with Trader Joe’s. It’s unfortunate that the app is so useless. The ability to search is the most needed feature; pricing & in- store inventory would be much appreciated… The stores themselves are wonderful, the employees very helpful & friendly.
  • Aldi is my favorite grocer 5/5

    By Nana 2seven
    I shop Aldi because they have beautiful produce. Their deli selections are fresh and pre packed for fast service. Being a European chain they don’t cary foods with high fructose corn syrup or other additives banned there. Also they have weekly specials that I love. I have gotten flowers, large garden planters and raised beds, a patio swing, exercise equipment, kitchen gadgets, clothes and so much more and everything at bargain prices. If you haven’t shopped Aldi you should definitely try it you will be glad you did.
  • Useless 2/5

    By No Left Turn
    Every time I open the app I need to enter a location, guess ALDI doesn’t use cookies. In addition, when I enter my zip code it tells me invalid entry. How about an update to fix the app to “enhance user experience “
  • Pasta 5/5

    By decade9796
    I think Aldi’s has wonderful prices and a unique selection of items. I would like them to bring back the Pasta made from Mushrooms.
  • Remember location 2/5

    By QuartkneeJeen
    Even with location services on it requires a zip code every time. At least allow a favorite store to be set
  • Oh no! 3/5

    By farleyfarleybdcharlue
    The app has info but doesn’t do much. Aldi has good prices and selection. There’s no express checkout in my local store so I don’t consider it for quick dashes for small purchases. I’ve tried for years to land a wine advent calendar. I suspect each store receives only a few and they go to friends of the employees, never hitting the shelf.
  • Love 5/5

    By melholler
  • how does this have 5 stars? 1/5

    By hey there c;
    you cannot search products nor can you order items, it just takes you to their webpage. i don’t know if these 5 star reviews are fake or somehow connected to a different review website, but this app is useless if you are trying to buy anything - especially groceries.
  • Love Aldi, despise the app! 1/5

    By Ac campbell
    I love shopping at Aldi but I find their app to be the least user friendly of all shopping apps I have used. Being as busy as I am I shop there less due to the app being more time consuming. I use Sam’s, Amazon, Kohls, and WM weekly. I would like to use Aldi more often but it’s aggravating and never allows me to shop the stores I prefer to shop?! I work in IT so it’s not a user issue. Love your store please improve your app!
  • Check out 5/5

    By Bettybooper19491
    I’m going to be very sad when you go to self checkout, us older people don’t like that. I do not do self checkout nor will I ever, I’ll just find somewhere else to shop.
  • Gee 1/5

    By monniemoro
    Wow…… You have to buy this app. I know now I will definitely NOT be shopping at this store as I had anticipated.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By hgfhbggh
    Not user friendly at all. Terrible interface
  • Aldis 3/5

    By Peebo28
    Wish it showed us more details is all
  • Sherpa throws 5/5

    By 92231alo
    I purchased 4 throws for my grandchildren the burgundy is absolutely beautiful ! Wish I can find a few more !
  • App is lazy 2/5

    By Grendel112
    Review krogers app then redo yours. This one is simply lazy at best.
  • Aldi Finds 5/5

    By ndirt
    Aldi has the most fun, unique items. One can’t find them in other stores. My only problem is I sometimes have to go to more than one Aldi to get something if I’m determined to have it. The workers are helpful and friendly. I go to the one at Kansas City, Speedway & the one in Shawnee Ks.
  • Aldi 5/5

    By DriDri💁🏾‍♀️
    Love Aldi. Love how to apps allows me to make reminders of what will in store. Also viewing Upcoming weeks helps me make and list and save money for the items I want.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Twillight Love and Hate
    Never connects to my local store even when I choose my store, instead picks one 1000 miles away even with location turned on.
  • Aldis lover 5/5

    By perschef
    Thank you for making shopping fun and affordable again . It’s always great having the variety and new things to try . You help me stay in budget and we still eat great meals . Angela sierzega