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ALDI is your home for incredibly low prices on all your grocery needs. Now, you can stay up-to-date on our latest offers with the ALDI app. Features: * Weekly Special Buy Updates: With just one click you can get each week's Special Buys right at your fingertips. * New Low Prices: Find the latest price reductions on the items you love. * New at ALDI: Be the first to know about our latest and greatest items available at your local store. * Create a Shopping List: Easily use our shopping list tool to create your list of must-have items. * Store Locator: Find nearby ALDI stores from your current location – all with their address, directions, map and store hours. * QR Code Reader: Use our QR Code Reader to view special content on some of your favorite items.

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  • The store of my ♥️ 5/5

    By adeboya
    I learned about ALDI when I lived in Germany. And since then I loved to know that we have ALDI IN Wild wind blvd it is a blessing to us, I thank God al the time! Especially Ashley, she is a young beautiful girl Who knows how to treat her customers!!! Of course, the rest of people working here are doing a great job ❤️ Thank you all of you working in this area! I appreciate your service in times like these Francisca.
  • Love this store 5/5

    By des plaines citizen
    My favorite shop I get all my essentials, cat food... I’m always exited when the weekly add shows up :) Love that there is one in my neighborhood:) Love their organic products. I wish there was more variety.
  • Would love some improvements 4/5

    By PalseyG
    I wish you had prices of things as I write then down. Also would love a way to share my shopping list with someone else.
  • No search? 3/5

    By tanner833
    This is a decent app for viewing the ads, but not much else. I’d love to use the shopping list feature, but why would I spend time naming the item and filling in the price when you already have the items listed on the app? This would only be useful with a search function. Seems like that would be an easy feature to add. I hope you do
  • Awful app. 1/5

    By arussell726
    It’s very disappointing. ALDI is my favorite grocery store, but this app is practically useless. I don’t understand why it needs to open a browser inside the app for the weekly ad instead of showing each item in a list like the weekly finds. I can’t even view the weekly ad through the app – I have to use my browser because the ad doesn’t appear via the app.
  • Aldi’s latest policies 4/5

    By KaiiDeniese
    Be careful with this new priority shopping hours. Elderly is by far understandable and those with health issues. But anyone can fake a pregnant belly and someone having to pull out papers to prove that they suffer from a health issue is a bit intrusive.
  • Aldi 5/5

    By bob the grocery guy
    Great store fruit and vegtables are awesome love the ground beef plus the workers are very pleasant
  • Need more stores 5/5

    By ljnteeth
    I Live in Medford and luckily we have an Aldisbut There isn’t another one for MANY MILES. We need more stores.
  • Gas rewards program 5/5

    By Good couponer
    Introduce a gas rewards program for Aldi for every dollar a customer spends at Aldi 1 point can be earned. for every 100 points 10 cents off gas reward can be earned savings can be redeemed at a shell station with the Fuel rewards network program
  • Hopeless 1/5

    By MNbuyer
    Navigation around this app is hopeless. If I want a packet of something I have to know which Aldi Brand it is. If I search for “blueberries”, nothing shows up yet if I click another 8 times I might find them somewhere in produce. I’ll keep shopping in the store thanks.
  • No dates - shopping lists 1/5

    By Mardeedee
    Current update is not good. Before this update, weekly ads showed the start date. Now, there’s just “This week’s Aldi finds” and “upcoming Aldi finds”. Why is the old version better? When I add something to my shopping list, the app creates a shopping list with the date of the ad. Now, with the change, the shopping lists it creates has no dates. It makes for a really disorganized collection of shopping lists when every shopping list is titled “this week’s Aldi finds” and “upcoming Aldi finds”. ———- It’s now Mar 18, 2020. Aldi still hasnt fixed their useless shopping list feature.
  • Please open stores in the Pacific Northwest 5/5

    By Bbagel55
    I love Aldi... I wish there were stores where I live (Tacoma).... please, please, please can’t you build stores in my town!?!
  • Ald’s 5/5

    By SherellMennell
    The Best Place To Shop! More Grocery’s For Less. And Fresh Produce value$ Shopping At Ald’s Is Truly A Pleasure!. Sorry Publix. Ald’s Has Surpass Your Commercial Logo!
  • Food and more re 5/5

    By megswaze
    My grocery store of choice. The weekly finds are an added bonus.
  • FAVORITE 🤩 place to shop💝 5/5

    By cowgirlcookie
    Great values!🥰 Unusually unique and top qualify products, for the BEST PRICES. Food is the best offers -you can't find this GREAT QUALITY & Unique stuff just anywhere for any price. But the prices will keep you coming back! And the featured products are picked out by the best for the best stuff we all need at the best prices. They always have something you didn't realize you really needed to make your life easier. And it's fun because they keep bringing in new surprises.🤗
  • Aldi shines: Don’t like the new Aldi App. Not easy to search. The old app was much better. 1/5

    By mred4575
    Great app to see what’s new and happening at my local Aldi Store. Who needs newspaper ads!!!
  • Aldi lover 5/5

    By moosenjenn
    We went to our first store in Florida and after returning home to California after we finished school we missed it. So glad we finally have one in my home town, Riverside!!! Yay so many cool items.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By jrrenda
    This is a great app. I just wish it had prices for all items.
  • Search tool 3/5

    By cruiser135
    I really wish there was a search tool available that would let you add items from to your shopping list. Instead you can only choose from new finds to current finds at ALDI. If I need butter for example, search butter, add to list. Bam! That’s my only suggestion for you! Love ALDI 😍
  • Glitchy & constantly down 2/5

    By justssnditalready
    Used to be great but it’s down all the time and never updates finds from week to week anymore. It’s like they just quit supporting it. Have tried all times of day and days of week, check for app updates, nada. Waste of time. Shame, used to be great app
  • Love the Store, hate the app 2/5

    By Ulbcustomer
    This app is not helpful to me at all. It would work better if there was a way to search all available products and add to a shopping list.
  • Great store, terrible app 1/5

    By mray4444
    The store is a great place to shop and that’s what all of these 5 star reviews say. However the app needs work to be helpful. It does show the specials and where the closest store is but that’s about it. You can’t search what’s in the store. It won’t save your location from session to session. The grocery list function is not aldi specific - only a generic list. Other grocery apps provide inventory info and location in the store. Please update this app to make it more useful.
  • Prices and info 3/5

    By akmomv
    Would be nice to see product and price to add to list and know it’s available
  • Love ALDI 5/5

    By Aldi snow bird
    I have been going to all D’s since about 1980 when the boxes were still black and white generic. What a change, I go to the store for so many things. I love the specialty cheeses, breads, salad’s are, coffees, I guess I should’ve just named everything up and down the isles. I would love to see in all the store in Yuma Arizona where I go in the winter. Someday they’ll come there PLEASE
  • What’s the point of the app?? 1/5

    By Mom TB
    Don’t bother downloading the app. I thought I could download the app and create a shopping list with prices but it’s basically you adding what you type, it does not search for an item, does not give you prices, so you don’t know if they carry the item or not. There is no point in having the app. ALDI, you need to step up your game.
  • Love this store 5/5

    By brudder buddy
    The staff is always helpful, always busy, this is a small but busy store. They are constantly cleaning and restocking. If they run out of something I get a quick apology and when to check back. I’m a senior citizen trying to fall apart. Two of them have my phone number. If they’re out of something, they’ll call me when it’s back in. A couple of times they’ve called other stores trying to locate something. If I can’t find something they generally stop whatever they're doing to go help me look or check in the back. If I need to return something, on the rare occasion, it’s quickly handled with a smile. Wish your other stores were as pleasant as this one.
  • Not really helpful 1/5

    By Mike White 1stMikeWhite
    The weekly ads are just a PDF of their ads all jumbled together so that’s not useful, and I can’t find a search bar which is crippling to the app and crucial to anyone who is trying to save time. should be Easy fixes 👎🏽
  • Love 5/5

    By Teer2008
    I love Aldi and have for years. This app helps me keep track of what’s new and to budget accordingly.
  • I felt obligated to give aldis a well deserved 5 stars 5/5

    By Twofiveking
    Anyone who shops at publix got rocks in there head. Just a few examples Aldis English muffins 1.29$ at Publix 4.29 strawberries 1$ and change publix 4$. God bless you Aldis finally one for the people. Your even cheaper than Walmart
  • Needs more useful features for shoppers 3/5

    By Fantastic shopper
    It’s great to see sale items in app, but would be extremely helpful to be able to save shopping list.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By kmw0001011
    You can’t look anything logical up it sends me to my Safari and a blank page
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Bullunl
    Good good thank u
  • Love the store HATE the app 1/5

    By Aldis or not
    This app is not user friendly. It’s easier to explain what this app doesn’t do.... 1. Save my selected store location 2. Save my shopping list. You either print it, email it, or it’s gone 3. Keep users email stored so you don’t have to retype it when emailing the shopping list 4. Add the total of items in shopping list 5. Allow users to search items available 6. Provide prices so shoppers can know what to expect before going into the store As a mom, any extra step takes away from my time, making the app of no use to me. Honestly Aldis, check out the ease of the Dollar General app. I can literally create a shopping list from my home and know exactly how much I am saving, and how much I will spend in the store. I can browse coupons, then put my phone number in at the store, and my coupons are used right there. Yes I save more money with Aldis, but all the extra steps I have to take (bagging my own items in the store with my infant..... it’s already hard enough shopping with kids) and the fuss with the app....... Aldis is looking less and less mom friendly
  • Aldi app 1/5

    By donpru
    Love the store but app seems worthless
  • Save store 5/5

    By wgal78
    Good app but need to be able to save store location. It is annoying to have to search by zip code every week to look at the local ad. It should default to my last choice.
  • Quality 5/5

    By Fe'-vorite
  • Shopping List feature Useless 1/5

    By •Andrea>
    If you go into the Weekly Ad feature and add items to your “shopping list,” it will add them to a theoretical shopping list, but not the actual Shopping List associated with the app. I say “theoretical,” because if you click out of the Weekly Ad feature to access another part of the app, the items you previously added disappear. It’s hard to see why a grocery store app can’t have ONE user-friendly Shopping List where you can add both weekly special items and your own additional items.
  • Aldi 5/5

    By Sue the Gram
    I like the products and their prices
  • Love the store but the app leaves a lot to be desired. 3/5

    By Nana-50
    I love shopping at ALDI but the app is terrible. Every time I tap an item in an ad, when I try to go back to the ad, it takes me back to “find” my store page. This is really annoying and should be fixed. In fact, the app should remember my store until I change it.
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Izzy' mom
    It loses information and doesn’t store my grocery list. I thought it would make shopping easy for me but the case instead I’ve wasted my time, trying to create a list.
  • Love your locations , Selection, & German - European chocolate!S 5/5

    By Mamma Nurse
    So ,so grateful that Aldies is near my home! Thank you for your quality and seasonal items!!!Your healthy produce, Seafood , CheeZe selection and Chocolate are among my favorite !!! Mamma Nurse
  • Love the store, frustrated with the app 1/5

    By Rjwgonz
    I don’t see where you can sign in on the app. It asks for my zip every time I go to the app and it doesn’t save my list.
  • This app is junk 1/5

    By TegarKC
    All I want to do is create a shopping list of items I regularly use. But only way I can do this is if I want them to charge me $10 for home delivery. IJUST WANT TO MAKE A SHOPPING LIST! Only item I can get to are their ad items. I just want a list of all items available with a good description of each. (Maybe ingredients label too would be nice)
  • Love Aldi, but the app? Not so much 2/5

    All of these reviews are about Aldi shopping experiences, but not really the app itself. This app offers no day to day pricing information, only ads and ‘finds’. When you shop at Aldi, it’s mainly about saving money, right? When I grocery shop, I compare prices. When I’m at Aldi, I can readily compare prices with the apps of other stores like Meijer. I can’t do that in reverse. Maybe pricing varies too widely from store to store and the app can’t support that kind of functionality? Or maybe they don’t want consumers to have such power.
  • Save my store 3/5

    By J.J5309
    I’m glad the issue was fixed where it took me to safari instead of staying in the app to view weekly ads, but it would be nice if it could save my store instead of having to enter my zip and choose my store every single time I want to check the ads.
  • Aldi employee 4/5

    By Sarah1Marie124
    Aldi should inform customers of our “seasonal” items instead of posting them as “new”. This is a very common question for certain products that we only carry seasonally. Also, it would be terrific if the app could inform customers of any ALDI Finds items that are not received (in store) in time for the advertised date. That way, customers know before they come into the store to find that item isn’t there. I have worked over five years for Aldi and I love it! There have been so many terrific changes- including providing this app!.. even though I do feel as though it could be more informative in answering more customer questions. Otherwise, I enjoy having this app as a tool to refer while at work.
  • Sldi 2/5

    By Sioooooob Ronald
    Aldi is a good store with a horrible app
  • Difficult to Navigate, Doesn’t Save Shopping List 1/5

    By StanfordAlan
    The app is very difficult to get around. It also forgets your store location, even while browsing the same ad. Worst though, even after you struggle to create a shopping list, it doesn’t save it!
  • Search 1/5

    By Aldi Wannabe
    Is there a way to search for a product? Nowhere do I see the search icon or a search field.

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