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  • Current Version: 3.16
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  • Compatibility: Android
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ALDI is your home for incredibly low prices on all your grocery needs. Now, you can stay up-to-date on our latest offers with the ALDI app. Features: * Weekly Special Buy Updates: With just one click you can get each week's Special Buys right at your fingertips. * New Low Prices: Find the latest price reductions on the items you love. * New at ALDI: Be the first to know about our latest and greatest items available at your local store. * Create a Shopping List: Easily use our shopping list tool to create your list of must-have items. * Store Locator: Find nearby ALDI stores from your current location – all with their address, directions, map and store hours. * QR Code Reader: Use our QR Code Reader to view special content on some of your favorite items.

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ALDI USA app reviews

  • Hey 1/5

    By a bingo emp
    The app is broken on this iPhone. I love Aldi. No hate so each here. I’d love to prefer my groceries in the app, but it’s redirecting to safari on iPhone. Can you lockdown the code so it won’t redirect? In addition, when the op connects to the net, if that was the correct way an app should behave, it doesn’t work correctly. You probably have backend database code issues.
  • Not for grocery pick up or delivery 1/5

    By Djyes
    The app sends the user to a link online. Not user friendly at all. To Aldi app creators: look at what your competitors are doing to make curbside or delivery an attractive way to do business. This app has no real functionality. (My first App Store review ever. This app frustrates me enough to say something after decades of using apps)
  • Reasonable shopping for all. 5/5

    By Denny Dock
    I started shopping at Aldi when I discovered the store in West Palm beach. The prices were very good and I could save a large amount of money compared to other popular grocery stores. Even though the named brans were not available l was happy with all the products available. The quality and taste were just as good as popular name brands. Since I live in Hobe Sound I would fill up a shopping cart of food and none food items to last at least two weeks. This saved on gasoline. When the store opened in Stuart I was happy with the shorter distance. I have been a loyal customer since and still fill up a basket with a large amount of items. The staff has always been friendly and attentive when I come in the store. They even allow time for me to place my items on the conveyer belt then they start to price. Amazing how fast the cashier is and careful with putting items in the cart.
  • Aldies 5/5

    By DebDodd
    I love Aldies!! Great prices!! Need a store in Northport, Alabama!!!❤️ So thankful that we have a store in Northport now!!🥰
  • App is very bad. 1/5

    By 🍆🐈
    Your app is complete garbage.
  • All items 5/5

    By accbaby
    Aldi came a long way very happy to shop there. A little of everything. And food and goodie too. I’m a number 1 shopper. Aldi is my number one store.
  • Won’t stay open 1/5

    By Coolbeans=)
    Crashes every time I attempt to open…
  • Seasonal Items 5/5

    By Nick & Astrid
    1. Many of your products are only seasonal. Many of the specialty food products are really good and it is disappointing when they are gone. It would be great if customers could give a rating how likely they would buy the products again. I’m sure many items would be worth keeping year round on the shelves. 2. During the summer you offer a lot of outdoor items and furniture. We bought a pergola a couple of years ago. The frame is still nice and sturdy but the canopy is meanwhile faded out and torn. It would be great if you would offer once a year replacement parts like the canopy for the pergola. It would be really wasteful to get rid of the pergola just because a simple part like the canopy is completely ripped and torn. A loyal customer.
  • No dice precios de producto 1/5

    By GaliSofi
  • App is pointless 1/5

    By Laryssa**
    App just takes you to web browser and pulls up the website. Cannot place orders on app. Save the space on your phone don’t download.
  • ALDI products and gifts 5/5

    By go4par3
    Love the gift products, household needs and gluten free products. Wish gluten free things were available all the time.
  • App Dementia 1/5

    By CafeNoir2020
    Am I missing a step in config? How hard could it be to make the response to “Select a Store” a permanent choice?
  • I LOVE ALDI’S 5/5

    By Pippys Mom
    It’s all good!’
  • Love store but app doesn’t fit IPad 2/5

    By ..AldiAppIpadreview..
    This app is great on phone but too small when using iPad. Can this be fixed?
  • Just mehhh 2/5

    By Srhfrl
    Love Aldi. The app is okay at best. I like viewing weekly ads but it’s ridiculous I have to put in location every time.
  • Cumbersome App 2/5

    By Pochie70
    I tried using this app on my phone an iPad and had difficulty placing my order, it’s definitely cumbersome. Furthermore, the first delivery was supposed to be free; however, on checkout I was being charged $3.99 plus over $2 service fee. The closest store to me is less than one mile away. I’m expected to also tip the driver after spending almost $6 on top of paying for my groceries. I’ll pass.
  • Not good… 1/5

    By Jb9123
    Every-time I want to look at the ads for my store I have to put in my zip code to find it…why cant it remember my store? Also when I get to the ads the graphics are so small I cant read them. I have an Ipad but the graphic does not fill the screen. App is useless for me. Needs some work!
  • Do some user testing!!! 1/5

    By dragonfly727
    Developers for this app are technically solid but functionally inept. They should look at Lidl’s app to get some ideas. Specifically, the app should save my home store so I don’t have to consistently type in my zip code (with the wrong keypad for numbers, another usability flaw). Please hire a UX consultant. I hate this app.
  • Love the store, hate the app! 2/5

    By Cubgirl157
    I really wanted to love the app as much as the store, but it’s sadly lacking! Press the wrong “back” arrow and your entire shopping list disappears! If you do manage to get through making a whole list without pressing g the wrong thing, the “print” function doesn’t work. And there’s no way to save the list! So other than viewing the weekly ads, the app is pretty much useless. I downloaded it a couple of hours ago, but will be deleting it it after I finish writing this review. Fix this app to make it functional!!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    I used this app to make a shopping list. Simple enough, right? After spending a substantial amount of time, I kept having to choose my store again..and again..and again. To make matters worse, nothing on my shopping list was actually saved to my shopping list. Pretty worthless as an app if you ask me. Don’t bother
  • Thank You Aldi‼️ 5/5

    By Donna, Royal Oak MI
    Thank you Aldi for: All the Gluten-free grocery options; The fresh safety packaged produce; The “affordable “ prices; no coupons needed❗️ The affordable clothing options; The pet items, like the cardboard cat house; The wonderful friendly and helpful staff💕; The easily-reachable store item set-up; The up-to- date items, e.g. flax seeds, etc.; The fast/speedy service IN & OUT‼️ The personal protection wipes @ entrance; The 🛍grocery bag-boxes with handles Etcetera - etcetera - etcetera. . . Aldi, you’ve solved the shopping negatives and made shopping 🛒 🛍 a pleasant experience❗️ One observation - we clean our carts at the entrance with the disinfectant wipes… then, at checkout, the cashiers take your cleaned cart and exchange it for another… I would prefer keeping my cleaned/disinfected cart to the end, especially since I’m then packing our items… I don’t want to touch a cart someone else has USED, then pack my items for home. Once, again, “t-h-a-n-k you Aldi”💕🥰🙂🤗
  • Clean and simple! 5/5

    By sunny fifty
    Best store app ever! I just type in my needs go to the store and tap off as I put in my cart! Hope they leave it alone. Also had the weekly ad section to help you check out the sale of the week.
  • Location 5/5

    By moohee1
    The only thing is you do not have an Aldi Store close to Mission m
  • Love the store. Don’t love the app 3/5

    By KathF
    1. Every time I open the app on my phone, I have to input my zip code and choose a store even when I have Location Services turned on. Please save my favorite store. 2. The app is made for phones. Please make the app tablet-friendly in landscape mode. Even though I find the app to be frustrating, I love the store. It is my go-to for groceries.
  • Best prices on almost everything 5/5

    By TamiKuhn
    Dave Ramsey’s daughter said ALDI has the best prices. So, I took a second look, comparing it with Walmart, Target, Hy-Ver, Wheatsfield Co-op, Fareway, Thiesens, and Sam’s Club. And, other than loss leaders (items stores sell under their cost to encourage customers to go into the store) ALDI’s prices were lower. ALDI brands are not always familiar to me, so I can’t always vouch for quality and taste. But I usually like Trader Joe’s and both stores are owned by the same entity, so it would be worth trying. The main reason I didn’t shop at ALDI’s much is because the stores don’t have accessible carts for customers with disabilities. ALDI stores also employ few people so no one is likely to answer the phone. I do think ALDI offers pickup now if you order over a certain dollar amount, so that helps.
  • Clancy’s chips complaint 1/5

    By coco668374
    If your going to give me a big bag of chips fill the whole thing up😡😡
  • App does nothing except open web browser 1/5

    By Mac Guy 13
    The app does just about nothing besides provide a store locator. Everything else is done in the web browser. And the shopping list function requires you to manually input the name and price of every item you want to buy.
  • Love Aldi’s 5/5

    By appealling
    This app is so easy to use. I love all the options that it has when viewing an item; add to list, reminders and share. You never need a pen to write anything down because you can do it all from your phone. Nice clean design.
  • Boring App! 1/5

    By leoynzmer
    Store is ok and some products are a steal! But the app experience is horrendous! If you enjoy apps just taking space in your phone and just collecting your data, this is for you!
  • Why are the reviews mostly about the store? 1/5

    By NEStosterOWN
    Decent store but this should be a review about the app and it is VERY disappointing. - Ordering online directs you to the web browser? - Shopping list is practically useless - No coupons or specials available - No digital receipt log or way to pay mobile **BIGGEST GRIPE - Can’t search items in any selected location (Can’t even call a store as of lately since they’re “short staffed” so you’re left to go on a wild goose chase to find specific/special items) To be honest, I don’t understand the purpose of the app and feels like there is no real incentive as a consumer to have it. 👎 Huge let down and not worth them accessing my phone for nothing in return.
  • I love Aldi 5/5

    By mickeymi0620
    I LOVE Aldi !!! I adore the friendly staff that comes and goes, I look forward to the new “Aldi finds” every week and all the new and unique “food finds”! Prices are terrific on all basic kitchen Necessities (except milk), bread, chips, cereal, cheese, eggs etc etc….. Did I mention I LOVE WINKING OWL ?? Their wines are Good and a GREAT $$$
  • Not very useful 2/5

    By CherylNorman
    I have apps for other grocery stores but none are as aggravating as Aldi’s. I repeatedly have to select my store (why can’t it save it.) even during the same session. I like shopping at Aldi’s but wish this app would be more helpful. Features I’d like are history of frequently purchased items, contactless payment via app, and a more useable grocery list.
  • The app is worthless 1/5

    By OldMacDaddy
    I really like to shop at Aldi’s. I like the food and the quality and the prices. But this app is worthless on my iPhone. I end up going in circles then getting stuck on one particular page and having to start all over. There is very little nutritional information on the products. And then it wants to send you to their web page to put in pickup orders, and that web page is poorly formatted for iPhones! Compared to the apps from Kroger and Walmart the Aldi app is very sad, nothing at all like their stores.
  • I love the aldi app. It helps me to know what to look for in the aisle of shame. 5/5

    By AmyDeLoach
    I like the app because I know what non grocery items to look for.
  • Suggestion for ALDI App 4/5

    By BP 7250 User
    Can the app be updated to keep the Location? The Zip Code must be put in every time the app is opened.
  • Not the best app 3/5

    By magyar52
    I find it very cumbersome. I often have to put my zip code in multiple times.
  • Terrible APP 1/5

    By FIASCO 3.5.0
    Like ALDIS App TERRIBLE Incoherent Incomprehensible Incompetent Delete app code Copy from company that knows how Kroger...Giant..Publix APP DELETED
  • Great regular and seasonal items 5/5

    By madam leonard
    Love Aldi’s organic fruit and veggies always fresh. Lots of gluten free items to choose from. Great odds and ends and love the seasonal items such as rose’ vinegar, balsamic glazes, street style popcorn, and on and on great selection of wines and beers.
  • Lucky to live near an Aldi 5/5

    By tawji
    Never fails they have an impulse item I had on my “wish list”. I leave with well priced essentials plus bonus finds I can’t resist
  • ALDI Review 5/5

    By Bawnmeistet
    I can’t say enough about ALDI, the 4 I go too are always clean. I have had only poor experience with the cashier 1 time. I would love to get a job there when I retire. BONNIE
  • I love Aldi’s but the app could use some help 3/5

    By nadia070999
    I would love if Aldi’s added their entire inventory to the app, that way I can prepare an accurate grocery list before arriving to the store and I can price compare. please make this happen!!!
  • Disappointed with the app 1/5

    By MaryDennisVel
    I came in here trying to see if I’d be able to buy my groceries online thru the app (as Walmart grocery has). Good thing I read some reviews before downloading the app. Would be nice if Aldi has the online grocery shopping and pick up curbside option on the app.
  • Love the store hate the app 1/5

    By Lest282
    I absolutely love the store. The app is terrible. The app is only for a mobile phone it does not work on an iPad because it is absolutely too tiny, even when expanded. When you hit the back button you go back to the original menu not to what you were looking at before. I will be removing it from my iPad and phone because it is a useless. This is when paper is better than the app.
  • Aldi is the BEST!!! 5/5

    By Momi1416
    I only shop at Aldi in Gadsden, AL. They have the friendliest people, especially Kristen. Always helpful and make the whole shopping experience a pleasure.
  • App not worth it IMO 2/5

    By MomOf2+twins
    I tired the app and every time I want to place a pickup order, it takes me to the online site. So why bother downloading the app? In addition, nowhere that I see does it say that when you place a pickup order, that you must process it through Instacart when you get to the store for pickup. It also doesn’t say this on the sign (at my ALDI pickup area) so you are left wondering how on earth to let them know you are there for your pickup. The sign at my ALDI says “use the app or text” to let them know you are there, but doesn’t specify Instacart app nor is there a phone number on sign so you know where to send the text. When you ask the people who bring out your order (after you e walked in the store to let them know you are there), they just shrug and say it’s a third party company and they don’t know how it works. Deleted app.
  • Developers Please Read!! 3/5

    By deric.saka
    Every time you want to view your local Aldi flyer, you have to re-enter your zip code to bring up your local store. Saving your zip code to your profile, or saving your preferred store should be a standard feature.
  • Horrible website 1/5

    By dup nick
    Very small, have to reenter store choice numerous times
  • The scanner does not read the barcode. 2/5

    By Batyr4678
    The scanner does not read the barcode of the product without this function, the application is useless for me.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By 1$?
    The app is fine except for one extremely annoying feature. Every time you exit out of the ad circular you need to put in your zip code to reopen a new one. Why can’t we create a home store that automatically pulls up the local ads? Maybe we can, but I can’t figure it out. If there is a way, let me know and I will change the review to 5 star.