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  • Current Version: 3.16
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ALDI International Services GmbH & Co. oHG
  • Compatibility: Android
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ALDI is your home for incredibly low prices on all your grocery needs. Now, you can stay up-to-date on our latest offers with the ALDI app. Features: * Weekly Special Buy Updates: With just one click you can get each week's Special Buys right at your fingertips. * New Low Prices: Find the latest price reductions on the items you love. * New at ALDI: Be the first to know about our latest and greatest items available at your local store. * Create a Shopping List: Easily use our shopping list tool to create your list of must-have items. * Store Locator: Find nearby ALDI stores from your current location – all with their address, directions, map and store hours. * QR Code Reader: Use our QR Code Reader to view special content on some of your favorite items.

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ALDI USA app reviews

  • Worst experience 1/5

    By hhvfghcxd
    You guys have longest in store lines . This app is good for nothing ,to buy something you git to go to webpage .
  • Very hard to use, I deleted it 1/5

    By Dave7547
    I don’t understand the positive reviews. The app won’t remember your store, even in the same session. The weekly ad is presented in a small window that you cannot resize. Scrolling doesn’t work right. App is useless. Note: Really like the store, I just hate the app.
  • Good store, weak app 1/5

    By Non-op Alt ID
    A big fan of Aldi but this app lacks almost all functionality. There is no ability to search for specific products, prices, or inventory by location.
  • One day meat sales 5/5

    By Lashinika
    I really like your store but if you don’t get there on the first day of the sale you are left out. Maybe your company can help us on this. Meat is not on sale very much anymore. What went wrong. Love you guys.
  • Needs a little more work 2/5

    By Justbubbly
    The app is good but every time I open the app, it asks me for my zipcode. It doesn’t save it and I tried looking around how to do it :( Plus when I click on the weekly add page, it doesn’t expand to the screen, I have to enlarge it and then it goes back it’s regular size. Other than that I love their sales!! 🥰
  • Useless 1/5

    By Des15382
    App is completely useless unless you just wanted to look at weekly ads or for some reason make a shopping list when you can do that on notes. Pretty stupid also that it opens in safari or google when you start shopping. Isn’t that what the app should be for??
  • Customer B Allen🥰👍 5/5

    By delete your game asap
    Value,cost,fresh food, great selection of a variety of total household needs with friendly service! A WINNER TOP 10 LOVE MY ALDI GREAT FINDS WEEKLY DOWNLOAD THE APP YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID !
  • I started going back in the 70s - 80s 5/5

    By Sissie 1960
    Please Move to Valley Center Ks, 67158.. We need you
  • Useless App 1/5

    By GE u-connect
    There is no place to search products or create an account.
  • Love Aldi hate the app for pick up 1/5

    By Dr4animals
    Great store, amazing associates but their pick up through InstaCart is absolutely awful! My husband recently had surgery and I needed the pickup option, however, at least 3 of the 6 last times I’ve used it, I’ve had to go into the store to check in!! Kinda defeats the purpose. All associates have been wonderful and patient but please stop using instacart.
  • Don’t download, but also… 1/5

    By JStabach
    Why are people reviewing ALDI the STORE and not the APP? Super bizarre. Unless it’s technologically inept people who think that the App Store serves as a way to review a physical store or product, or fake reviews to boost the rating. I digress. This app does nothing. It is not an app, in fact. It serves no purpose and will not provide you with anything that the website doesn’t already have, actually it doesn’t provide you with anything anyways. It pulls in the website HTML and hosts it within the app, but is impossible to utilize or navigate. Just visit their website. Please just delete this app guys. Having something isn’t always better than having nothing, especially when that something is in fact… nothing to begin with Cheers
  • Shopping 5/5

    By Ricky-838365
    I have shopped at Aldi for about 30 years and love it!! I always find great deals and different things.
  • Sensational buys 5/5

    By redome$
    This is my go-2 store not only for fresh produce but for buying for my family, my pets, and my grandkids. Cannot beat the prices on meats and dairy products. Great grand opening in Carson!
  • Big ALDI fan. Huge! 4/5

    By Mickkieee
    When I tell people about ALDI I share my experiences. Determined to save money-I learned quickly to change my groc shopping habits ie store/s. Very glad I did. Publix has been increasing prices weekly-necessary or not: becoz they can. Even now when many items have gone down in other places-they increase anyway it (bc they can) = ALDI is my new ‘groc-bestie’.
  • Total “RIP-OFF” not ALDI owned APP 1/5

    By gsindy911inus
    This APP is not owned by ALDI but INSTACART. I ordered on this app 2-3 times all to gather but when I went to pick-up my order today my mother went in to grab few items we remembered after placing the order. Items in store and on app have a big price difference. You are being Ripped-Off on this app. If you place order from any other store app like Target, Walmart, Kroger’s, Whole Foods and or Amazon Fresh and the order is $35.00 or above there is no charge and other store apps don’t ask to store credit card and take SNAP or EBT card without storing your credit card. Also this app has delivery service as secondary forceful option and you are sent email that food is delivered to your address by your front door as per your instructions but food was not delivered. Designer of this app is confused and have creepy policies buyer be-aware if you want to use this junk app that takes you to browser all the time. Coding skills of app maker is zero…!
  • Dong 5/5

    By dkn13
    Best grocery store
  • Aldi 3/5

    By 9876muah
    I love going to Aldi. It’s actually something me and hubby do regularly together. We love the AOS. My complaint is the app doesn’t have a thing to scan products to see the prices so I quit using it. All my apps for other stores I can pull up and scan any item in the store, but not Aldi.
  • Store is great-App is lacking 4/5

    By Cmndr Q.
    Have cho did all these over 20 years. I’ve never been disappointed in the personal store itself or the product. This app however is extremely bare-bones. It is not designed to be used on an iPad, it lacks basic accessibility features. The text does not enlarge text does not embolden is that right there makes it very difficult for people with visual issues do use it. It would be wonderful if this app was made to be more responsive to peoples needs. As it is, it is adequate for people with good vision but for others, not so much.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Tex504
    Great store. This app is completely useless though. Prices shown differ from in store prices. Can put items on a list.
  • Help 1/5

    By budget shoppers
    Need more food products on sale and not so much department store items and when are you going to bring back your tomato soup back to alsip stores, not digging Campbells soup. Please bring your soup back. In alsip your prices are more than the nearest stores.
  • Lemon Honey Cheese 5/5

    By motorheart10
    Heavenly. It crumbles. Lemony but not sour. Hint of honey. I need more. I ate it with a spoon right from wax shell. Sorry I shared half with neighbor.
  • So easy to shop online 5/5

    By Michigan Madre
    I love their curbside pickup. Economical prices. Lots of organic options too.
  • Useless for placing pickup orders 1/5

    By sagallia
    App will not allow me to set the store that I prefer to shop at.
  • Must enter the store all the time instead of keeping the selected store as the one I always go to. 1/5

    By Tucker Fredrick
    Many times when I select something to look at, the screen goes back to “enter town and state”. Need to display date more prominently. You used to have a white chocolate bar with toasted coconut, have not seen it for sometime, although I would prefer dark and/or milk chocolate with toasted coconut. Tx
  • App request 3/5

    By echiriff
    Please make it iPad compatible.
  • Definitely not a walmart app alternative 1/5

    By Timghf
    Hardly worth having this app if you can’t put in grocery orders.
  • Why 1/5

    By XXaljaxX
    Why is the app so dumb, you can’t shop from a particular store. The app is just a glorified notepad.
  • Limited usefulness 4/5

    By josephina27
    Aldi is my main store for everything- food, house wares, drinks, garden, cleaning, and even clothing. I wish this app did two more things: first, the app is basically just advertising the weekly specials, and a user-created specials shopping list. Going to the website and adding items to a shopping list creates a separate list. I wish the app could have all the items in one spot. Second, I’d love a notification setting that pinged me when certain items come on the weekly specials. I look all year for some things, anticipating their return. Keep me hooked on Aldi!!!
  • General review 3/5

    By cfrenz
    The only trouble I have with this website is that the items posted don’t show more than one picture of the items in question. if you’re looking to see how many calories a certain item is or if the contents of a package has something that you could be allergic to, you can’t see that on the website.
  • Prices 1/5

    By bacter2428
    How can you shop when you don’t know the price of the items your shopping for. Thats the DUMBEST thing ever if I have to go to the store for the price WHY DO I NEED THE AP?
  • OG Aldi-ficionado 5/5

    By JamesonsMama2
    I have been a longtime customer of Aldi and one of their biggest promoters from the moment I stepped foot in the doors of the Chapman location. I have always enjoyed going to the store and loved seeing the friendly familiar faces of the prior staff members. Recent managerial changes has definitely caused a dramatic shift in the atmosphere of this location, however I will always be an Aldi stan.
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By L bowman
    It’s slow and when you put more than one quantity of something they only give you one or the incorrect amount. I put 2 of something and they give me one. It’s a glitch in the app or something. And I wish they had the real time for when the shopper is on the way to the house. And also let us know when items are sold out. It just needs a new look and updated all the way around and new features. Thank you.
  • I love ALDI 5/5

    By Ryan D. James
    Love love love
  • Disappointment from Deutschland 2/5

    By Mr. Zelig
    Let’s begin with Aldi’s has many wonderful products and deals throughout their store. Unfortunately this app looks as though it was put together by a high school class as their final project for the year. In opening this app, it doesn't even remember where I’m from. Then if you accidentally touch too hard on the product you want to zoom in on it blows WAY up then when you want to return to where you were, it takes you back to the question ‘where are you from.’
  • Useless APP 1/5

    By kaluig
    App does not help consumers to shop around … app only shows price of products that are in the weekly ads, for all other products, you get a “see the price on store*” which is not very helpful when you are shopping for the best prices around.
  • ALDI South Belt Hwy Store St Joseph, MO 64506 5/5

    By Republican Always!!
    Employees are always very friendly and helpful. The store is always clean, produce is always fresh and shelves are always neat and stocked.
  • Love ALDI but not the app 3/5

    By FSUTalg8r
    ALDI is a tremendous asset to any household or community. Clean stores, friendly staff, quality products, competitive prices and more. Produce beats the competition hands down, at least in the Lakeland area. However, there should be some basic app functionalities like notifications, ability to select favorite stores, view in/out of stock items, ability to purchase, ship, deliver, etc. ALDI could easily be more profitable if the developer could incorporate these items and perhaps more to stand out from the completion. I will be happy to upgrade my review once complete.
  • I love my Aldi! 5/5

    By Dmcly
    I rarely have to go anywhere else for groceries but Aldi. Their fresh salmon is THE BEST!
  • Useless. You can’t use this app check prices nor find products 1/5

    By Anonymous2k12
    Useless. You can’t use this app check for prices nor find products.
  • Open store! 5/5

    By ALDI ❤️‼️
    NEED ALDI in 78006 zip!!!! Or closer Trader Joe’s PLEASE!!
  • I LOVE ALDI. 5/5

    By Aldi Addict
    Aldi is great. Aldi rules. Plain and simple.
  • Love early ads 5/5

    By Dreemfndr
    Just live Aldi’s. Do wish there was a login so the app would always know my closest store.
  • Love, love, love 5/5

    By Dobiemamma
    It took me a couple of visits to get used to this new store a few years ago. But after the 3rd time I was hooked. I try to make this my only shopping store. I love the healthy lifestyle foods you promote & the specialty foods for people with allergies. Occasionally I have to go elsewhere to find a specific product such as laundry stain removers but they try to have alternatives. I also like the fact it’s not a huge store. I’m older & hate spending the day running around all over Walmart looking for an item. And trust me getting a store employee to help these days is harder than pulling your own teeth! Lol I say just give it a chance!
  • Fantastic savings $ 5/5

    By Bec101$$
    I have cut my shopping bill considerably. Absolutely Love the fresh salmon, mama cozzis pizza’s, Fremont fish and chips, Aldi finds and so much more. Get the app on your phone and get to your Aldi’s on shipment day. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Circle of death 1/5

    By AmandaC123NH
    I cannot get past the find a store page. I can’t type anything in
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By NYNY212
    I can’t remember the last time this app actually worked. Just a spinning wheel.
  • THANKFUL 5/5

    By zach asc nick bryson
    Love Aldi.. it’s my favorite place to shop.. Absolutely the Best Employees and wonderful food.. Thankful for Aldi.. you have been amazing through this Coronavirus.. Singing your PRAISES.. SENDING GODS BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE YOU HAVE TRULY BEEN AMAZING.. Lana waggoner [email protected] Com.
  • Can’t access Weekly Ad 1/5

    By Coosaw2004
    Trying to access the Weekly Ad just results in it spinning without allowing a search by city or zip code. Rather useless.
  • Store great-app not so much 3/5

    By Sgsdisney
    The store is great for saving money-too bad it has such a weak app. You should be able to search for products on the app like Harris Teeter and Wegmans app