alias: sell sneakers + apparel

alias: sell sneakers + apparel

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  • Current Version: 1.20.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: 1661, Inc.
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alias: sell sneakers + apparel App

Sell your sneakers, apparel and accessories with alias, the official selling app of GOAT and Flight Club. Maximize Reach List once and instantly connect with over 50M+ members in 170 countries across GOAT and Flight Club, the greatest marketplaces for the world’s leading brands. Sell Fast As a dedicated selling app for sneakers, apparel and accessories, alias simplifies selling. Easily list items from brands like Supreme, Off-White, Nike, adidas, Palace and Air Jordan to sell fast and cash out quickly. Earn More Sell at the right time, for the right price with access to data-driven pricing recommendations, in-depth market data, sales histories and more. List, sell, earn. Only on alias.

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  • Great app 5/5

    By Guyza44
    I always sell my inventory very quickly I love the options it gives me to get paid!!
  • Alias App Review from Drew 4/5

    By andrewnlewisiv
    I thoroughly enjoy the ease of use from Alias. However, the fees are high. Y’all are making more money than me on some of these products. Incentivize selling for longevity! How can I be an instant ship seller?
  • Would rate 0 stars 1/5

    By 18295mkltr
    Tried to sell a Cactus Jack Beanie new with tags still attached and they rejected it saying it smells used.
  • High fees! 1/5

    By RawSolez
    The 15% fees are outrageous and cut into your profit margins. I have sold about 3 pairs on here and I think I’m done after seeing what I’ve lost in fees. If you don’t want to promote your shoes or do the legwork to sell, then this app is a good one. It has the highest fees out of all apps so take that into consideration.
  • Alias app 5/5

    By h bc fib
    This is a good app super underrated, which I like good selling platform only thing I dislike, is the amount if fees, which sometimes it might push me to sell on eBay.
  • Rip off 1/5

    It charges you so much to sell the shoe Its almost not worth it unless you overprice the shoe which will then not get sold. They charge you for the sale and the cashout. They say the shipping is free but you still have to pay for the shipping at UPS
  • W app 5/5

    By kenkachen
    Best selling app ever
  • Great app 4/5

    By 'nbv
    The app is great cause most of my sales are on alias but there are a few things that could use some work. For instance if we sell an item and it ends up damaged when they receive it we have to offer a discount to the buyer which I’m ok with. But if the buyer never responds they make u co-sign or ship it back for 15 bucks💀. I just think u guys r put more pressure on the buyers to make a decision because having it shipped back and all tht is a unneeded hassle.
  • High standards for sellers and subpar product provided to buyers 1/5

    By 24kplumbr
    If alias is going to consistently say that my well taken care of DS pairs I've sold through their app aren't up to their standards because of ghost "scuffs" that simply aren't there or for being "tried on" (Guess what alias sometimes shoes are unboxed and reboxed to take photos for selling on other platforms. My shoes aren't unds'd just because I didn't fold the tongue and laces back into the box the exact same way as the factory after taking pictures for sales listings.) I feel like if Alias is going to hold us sellers who are literally making them all of their money to such high standards then they should probably at least take care to protect shoes when they send them out to buyers so that the box doesn't come crushed due to them being lazy/ cheap and using barely any packing paper. The fact that Alias doesn't even try to protect the goods they're shipping to us is more than enough to let me know they don't care about any of us consumers or seller. I will be moving all of my sales and listings elsewhere from now on. 💁🏻
  • Ok app - bad service with no explanation of issues 2/5

    By christo6453
    App itself works great! List your shoes and sell your shoes. However, be forewarned you are at the mercy of them deciding if a shoe is new or not. A new shoe is a new shoe, not that hard to determine. I sent brand new, deadstock, and unworn shoes and my sale was cancelled and I was charged shipping back to me. I have reached out multiple times to receive and explanation and sent pictures of every part of the shoe to get some sort of reason why they were determined unfit for sale, to no avail. Be forewarned it may not be as straightforward as it seems.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Cahillosity
    Do not use. If something does not go your way, they will not help you. They are rude.
  • Amazing services 5/5

    By felibaeeeee
    Amazing services
  • High demand 1/5

    By Greed$!
    Get rid of high demand, makes the app unnecessarily cluttered.
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By mark123987123
    Save yourself some money and don’t use this app. Sold quite a few pairs of shoes on here. Always take pics before of perfect brand new shoes and a couple pairs arrived there with mysterious markings that weren’t there before. Or they say brand new shoes are worn when they are not and in perfect shape. I’ve also purchased and the shoes I’ve received are extremely creased but we’re suppose to be new. They then still charge you money to return the shoes when you sell or buy and ding your rating. Very inconsistent verification and customer service is pretty much non existent. Don’t use
  • Warning!! 1/5

    By vitolay
    I never wrote a review before but this needs immediate addressing. I just recently sent alias a brand new, never been worn, dead stock military black retro SKU # 408452 111 size 7y . In the process of verification they claim that there is an issue with my shoes. Making acquisitions that I have scuff marks on my brand new shoes. How?! Impossible. That’s a straight lie. With that said I just want my money back at this point, because they added an extra 5% because of this so called “issue” that they lied about. I just want my shoes or my money back. I will go to Atlanta if I have to. This is completely unfair. I believe they are scammers. Don’t not sell with them if you love yourself.
  • shoe verification is trash 1/5

    By SammBruhh
    Shipped out brand new never worn shoes and the shoe verification listed them as used and asked to ship it back to me for 10 dollars 😐
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Damper33
    !!!STAY AWAY!!! I’m not the only person with this problem they lie about your box damaged so they can pay you less or charge you to ship your shoes back and give you no options for insurance on your package or show you photos of so called damage complete scam and no one to call honestly sell you shoes to anyone else this company charges you 10% to practicality do nothing are the absolute worse and I’ll make sure to let everyone know it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By the kids dont need it
    This app is amazing. The customer server is awesome too.
  • Trash customer service and authenticators 1/5

    By 12345678910$
    I’ve sold almost a 100 shoes with alias and never had much problems. Just recently 3 shoes in one week which all had perfect boxes were marked as “severely damaged”. Ik this is not true so I reach out and ask for pictures and I get no response. I reach out the next day and no response again. Where is the integrity?? Something shady is going on with the authenticators. Then y’all want to overcharge to send the shoes back and when y’all consign them they are marked as damaged box. Y’all send pictures when a shoe is marked as tried on but when the box is supposedly damaged we get no pictures. They are ridiculous and need to hire new members. They were my favorite selling platform but now I’m considering using just eBay and StockX. Fix it!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Navid25
    I have not one complaint about this app. Perfect is every way. Thank you so much for maintaining and creating this app!
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By tdXX®
    App works when it wants to, and now I can’t cash out money because the payout portion isn’t working. So, now I have to wait 3-5 business days to a response.
  • Great app 5/5

    By DrippinDom11
    Love this app extremely easy to use !
  • Beware Scam 1/5

    By FrantzLDM
    This app is a scam. The sizes on the app don’t match the actual size you get. They will not let you change your apparel for a bigger/smaller size. I’ve lost over 800 hundred dollars from this app for a jacket I can’t wear. The customer service is garbage. No one is helpful and they basically tell you to f off with a smile on their face. I will never use this app again.
  • Quick and professional 5/5

    By EddieSoulMan
    I haven’t ran into one problem. Quick and easy. No hold ups. As long as your kicks are legit, there’s no problems.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By jjddvh
    They say your products are used when they are brand new never used causing you to spend more money because they charge you when they send it back don’t use this app they are horrible!!!
  • Shady company 1/5

    By 李不良
    so I sent in two new Fear of God ESSENTIALS tshirts for verification. They emailed me back saying they had to sent it back because it’s a wrong shirt. Charged me $9.01 right away and mailed the first one back without a problem. Next day, I was told my second T-shirt has discoloration, and got charged for $9.01 again. But this time, there’s only a tracking number which never updates any status. I’ve kept contacting them through emails for days now, stopped responding me after the third email. Now I don’t have my T-shirt, don’t have payout, got charged for shipping that doesn’t have anything. I don’t know what to do… What a shady app. I’m surprised that GOAT referred me to sell here, I had zero issue selling there, but alias is just not it….
  • Terrible platform 1/5

    By 260790kappa
    They just canceled two my sales without proper inspection and verification of the orders . Both pairs were listed as a women's with a proper women size which is confirmed!!! By their support team ! Size 38 for example were listed as a size 8 women that is the size on my order for these shoes , they canceled and then listed these as a size 5 womens ! Are you crazy?????
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Darryl Filbin
    They claim items shipped to them are highly damage when one has photo and video evidence proving otherwise. Stick to eBay and StockX
  • Customer service worsts 1/5

    By Huy fran
    I have sold my supreme stuff through alias from February and they said it had “odor” so it gonna ship back, but until then i tracking the ups number its say lable was created thats mean they didn’t send my stuff to ups. I sent an email to customer service to ask about how my stuff going, and day by day i just have the answers from them is “ our team are working on time” and NOTHING HAPPENS, WHERE IS MY SUPREME STUFF ????????
  • Go with StockX or eBay instead 1/5

    By glennb27
    I would advise anyone with buying and/or selling footwear to steer away from this app. Their authentification process is very sketchy. Someone at their facility/warehouse must be mixing up the orders. Otherwise, I’d hate to believe one or more of their employees is making money from ripping off buyers and sellers. Either way, customer service is a joke as they will not or cannot actually do anything. Do yourself a favor and avoid being scammed by the people behind this service/app.
  • Problems with selling 1/5

    By hsjakwhsnsksk
    I tried to sell my sneaker so many times and I waited for 1 day and it was still in my location they did not sent me any ups prepaid label or didn’t even confirm my sale. I think both apps doesn’t want you to sell anymore…that what I understand from all this if it’s not like that please make a solution for this because it’s really bad when a app doesn’t work at all.
  • Cant post new sneakers 1/5

    By Kmjo30
    This app is killing me right now. Had to download to sell apparel now I have to use it to list sneakers on goat and cant. Keep getting an “that record can’t be found”. When something messes with my money flow I have an issue. Get this s%*+ fixed asap
  • Best seller app out there 5/5

    By Liiiiiisten
    Since I was able to get into this amazing app I’ve made so many sales. Loving it. I hope improvements are made to storage and other little things, amazing app
  • Customer service 1/5

    By #GmK
    On two different accounts I received two different errors. First error I was told the shoe I sent was the wrong size for the order, with screen shot proof they claimed I was wrong. I let that one slide. Second error was the “original box”. The box that comes directly from the manufacturer isn’t the box they’re looking for. It’s original if has the sku they’re looking for. I contacted multiple manufacturers puma and nike. Both said it’s no such thing. In attempts to resolve these issues customer service was horrible with communication and seemed to either be 16 years old or a autobot.
  • Easy and intuitive 5/5

    By shoutzout
    Better than stockxx. Fees are bit higher but better price
  • Horrible 1/5

    By darryldaniels
    This app isnt good its so picky when it comes to pictures you can never post anything
  • Loyal seller with 84+ sales 5/5

    By DiorMadman
    What I love about alias is that you can see the exact payout you’re going to make when you sell anything. It breaks down the fees for you even the cash out ach, only thing I wish they could do is let you buy shoes in alias but then again that’s why GOAT exist because alias is it’s affiliate !
  • scam 1/5

    By bmisher
    cancelled my order after i shipped my shoes to them. now they won’t respond to my emails and they want proof that the shoes came from me 🤦🏽‍♀️ definitely reporting to the BBB cause y’all are insane fr.
  • Terrible Business 1/5

    By The Finkelnator
    After dealing with GOAT for year having no problems, I started selling more sneakers and now having issues with every sale (New & Used Sneakers). I have photos of everything I ship out to them and I always get (Damaged Box, Wrong Sizes, 2 Left Shoes) but when I receive the item back there are no flaws or anything. I don't understand what has happened over the past year but I do not recommend using this app to sell anything.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Arkansas Bettor
    Sent them a pair of $300 sneakers, checked in to see where the processing was 2 days after delivery. They noted that due to high volume they would need extra time to process. 12 days later received an email that my package was lost and I would need to provide 4 different documentation sources to proceed with the claim process. No number to call for support. Absolute scam and joke of an app and business. DO NOT USE this app. Better off selling on EBay.
  • Best app for shoe resells! 5/5

    By 9oneKix
    Quick. Easy and simple interface. All ach transactions are done faster then other sites. Shipping is quick and fees are standard. I’ve sold the most on this app and will continue to use it. No issues!
  • Add sort and filter 5/5

    By iPhone NBA
    Can you add sort and filter in the app it will be help us a lot and easy to track the kicks and low price and high price

    By 💓💍💓💍💓💍
    I sold shoes on this app and they continued to say my shoes were not as described. Instead of sending me my shoes back they kept them In “storage” until someone else bought or made a offer on these shoes. Finally the shoes were “paid for” by another “buyer” and I was going to cash out my money earned. While cashing out the app asked you for a two-step verification code to verify if it’s really you I guess. The only thing is they will literally never send you the code, being so that you will never get your money that you are owed! I submitted claims, researched and tried to change my information. It will not let you receive any type of money. You can see on any other reviews that the two-step verification will stop you from getting ur payment everytime. Please listen I lost 200$ shoes !!
  • App is ok hidden fees make it not worth it 2/5

    By 18kgldn
    For a $200 pair of shoes I ended up cashing out less than $140. I rather sell on fb marketplace
  • FIRST TIME USER and seller 1/5

    By apple critic ☑️
    first time using this app I started as a seller seems nice till I actually listed my first item and that’s when problems began. These alias dudes held my shoes at there department for 2 weeks for no reason as well as another pair of shoes I’ve yet to receive.
  • Wish I Had Read the Reviews First 1/5

    By Allthestupidnicknamesarechosen
    I had a really horrible experience with Alias. My completely new item was rejected by their sham of a verification team. When they sent it back to me, they mysteriously forgot to include all of the accessories I had sent with it! When contacting customer support, the person I was talking to took 3 days to respond every time, and couldn’t even keep our conversation straight. He started talking about shoes, when my item was a sweatshirt. I ultimately got the return shipping comped, but my accessories were still stolen and I wasted my time on this. I also still had to pay the cash out fee for my refund. Just use a different app, it’s not worth the headache.
  • Don’t use this to sell 1/5

    By nnnniggghy
    What a scam, never use it. Before I sent it I never wore it and box is perfect after they verified box is badly damaged and shoes are scuffed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hiyi5656
    Bad experience both times trying to sell brand new shoes through goat/alias. Most recent item was flagged for having the wrong sku but it’s correct and I have video proof to show so prior to shipping for verification in case an issue occurred like last time and what do you know … Don’t waste your time most likely you’ll be paying for shipping to get your shoes back.
  • Great selling platform! 5/5

    By hhshsje
    Items sell fast, money comes in smoothly and fast. No scams, 100% legit. If an item you have sold is damaged, they offer you a sale with a partial price deducted and if not, they return it to you! Don’t hesitate to do business with goat / alias! - @thehypecuration (Aarav)