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Allegiant App

The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines. Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip. Passengers can follow their trip on a card-by-card basis in the app. Each phase in the trip is represented as a card in a timeline of the whole journey. Just tap on the cards and follow the instructions to manage the trip, check in for the flight, display the boarding pass and get departure and arrival information. You can also book your flights via the app. Passengers can also: • Access and review upcoming trips. • Automatically download trips onto their mobile phone if logged into their My Allegiant account. • View and add seats, purchase bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding. • Receive important flight status notifications • Take advantage of a variety of self-service functions • Provide feedback about their Allegiant experience Using the Allegiant mobile app can save passengers money and will allow them to zip through the airport without ever printing a single piece of paper.

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Allegiant app reviews

  • Provided Authentication was invalid 1/5

    By PAF error
    Fix this problem tried logging into app to book flight like I have done many times and can’t but can on website. Change password, delete app, nothing works. This has been a problem far to long.
  • App forces upgrade will not let you access your boarding pass!! 1/5

    By Tarane12
    I’m at the gate and my app is demanding I upgrade now, with NO OPTION TO DISMISS MESSAGE SO I CAN GET ON THE PLANE!!! how did this get through qa testing and into production?!? Fortunately they were able to look me up at gate. Comon programmers, allow to dismiss the upgrade message!! Sheesh. Y’all need a product owner on your team! Contact me if you have an opening I’ll help you!!
  • Forced update! 1/5

    By Al101411
    You can’t force an update as I’m boarding my plane!! Suggesting an update is one thing but denying access to the boarding passes until you do so is so so dumb. Fix this.
  • Had great airfare 1/5

    By Xolo_Lover
    Then was forced to update app and now can get app to work. Keeps telling me app update available. Price online is showing travel at $40 more! This is crap!
  • A forced #update vicious circle unable to get to boarding pass 1/5

    By Vicflick
    In the middle security line The app does a forced update. That’s not the worst of it after the update it would not go back to my boarding pass and insisted on going back to the update again and again A vicious circle IN the security line! Had to go all the way back to the ticketing counter to get a ticket printed, fortunately the agent was still there, as she was about to leave and I would’ve missed the flight!!!!?!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Bret Leduc
    Pressing View Boarding Pass crashes the app. I'm on iOS 13.1.2. iPhone XR.
  • Cannot view Board Pass 1/5

    By Pianow > Salfino
    App crashes when clicking on View Boarding Pass.
  • Boarding Pass Crash 1/5

    By jhammm_
    Whenever you try to view your boarding pass, it causes the app to crash.
  • Great airline. Glitchy app 3/5

    By rwojowi
    App has sporadic glitches. Tried to access boarding passes and the app closes! Very frustrating when you’re traveling and relying on the app.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By ThugLife502
    The app keeps crashing whenever I try to open the boarding pass.
  • App is terrible. 1/5

    By Jpart12345
    The flights are fine, but based off this app I would never choose Allegiant. It shuts down every single time I try and view my online boarding pass. Other than it being super irritating it is awfully slow and just a bad experience.
  • Latest update broke ability to view boarding pass 1/5

    By jem57
    After latest update, when you select to view your boarding pass the app crashes. Kind of defeats the purpose for using the app.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By Y300800
    App crashes when you want to see your boarding passes. Please fix.
  • Boarding passes 2/5

    By EPICMAN313
    Won’t let me see my boarding passes it crashes the app
  • Boarding passes crash app. 1/5

    By QquegChristian
    Do not rely on this app as your boarding pass. I checked in fine, but whenever I click to view boarding passes the app crashes. Unacceptable for an airline that charges to get a physical boarding pass printed.
  • Boarding Passes Crash app in version 5.23 1/5

    By iBillDeveloper
    I’m using the version 5.23 on an iPhone 11 using iOS 13 and version 5.23 crashes when viewing boarding pass. My work around was to go to the website on my phone and viewing the boarding pass there. That was scannable at the airport.
  • Allegiant app 1/5

    By hairrygirl
    The app is worthless. Whenever it gives The option to download the mobile pass The app shuts off. I’ve done everything even reinstalled the app. I feel like they want you to Pay the five dollars for them to print it! And they won’t let you post The review you have to give a nickname! And no matter what you choose! It’s taken!!!
  • Crashes when trying to display boarding passes 1/5

    By NormaDedoes
    This app is not able to display boarding passes as it crashes.
  • Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By FL World Traveler
    The only reason I downloaded the app was to get our boarding passes. If you are going to charge to print boarding passes at the airport, the least you could do is make sure they work on your app. So frustrating.
  • I can’t view my boarding passes! 1/5

    By Paula-A-R
    I just downloaded the app and checked into my flight and the app keep crashing when I try to view my boarding passes 🤬
  • Kicked out of the app! 1/5

    By KappaGirl99
    I’ve been using the Allegiant app since 2015 over multiple iPhones without any issue, until this year. I can login without any problem on the website, but I get an invalid authorization error every time I try to use the app in the last 6-8 months. Customer support only suggested that I delete the app and reinstall. I’ve done that multiple times as well as restarting my phone while it was deleted and then reinstalling. Always the same error message. So now I have to print my boarding pass and carry it with me. App is useless to me now.
  • Danger! Stay away! 1/5

    By Gameon1982
    This airline is by far the worst company Iv ever had to deal with! If you have to contact “customer support “ you better have hours to spare to sit on hold! And after that you will be connected to one of the rudest people you’ve ever dealt with just spend the little extra and fly a different Airline. Don’t say I didn’t worn you.
  • Thanks to a wonderful Prospect passenger service gentleman 5/5

    By VSudie
    Please forward a wonderful review for Stephen Morse who facilitated via wheelchair my husband to A 19 going to Charleston,SC on October 10th. He was so gracious, kind and gentle. We shared our experiences, laughs, and enjoyed him thoroughly. Many thanks to him and your airline.Joe and Sue
  • Useless App 1/5

    By LauAshTay
    This app is absolutely useless because you can’t log in. I just realized this is a pattern with every allegiant flight I take. I get the same error message despite my email and password being correct. I can log in on my laptop just fine or even the web browser on my phone. Ive deleted and re-downloaded the app, tried resetting my password, etc. Part of me feels like this is on purpose to prevent customers from accessing a mobile boarding pass. If you make it to the airport and cant pull it up then they charge you to print one. Either way the app is useless if you cant get in to use it. Be sure to check before going to the airport!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Sad Target Shopper
    Used this app a few years ago with no problem. Now I can’t log in. As with the other reviewer, I’ve tried updating my password and still get an invalid error.
  • Get Real! 5/5

    By Uguysuk
    There is absolutely no other airline that offers the incredible low prices that Allegiant Air does. Not even close. I appreciate this airline and their app. Anyone that is complaining is a fool. Get real!
  • Awful 1/5

    By jekejcnnsjakxkandnxnxjska
    Don’t even know where to start, was awful. AWFUL. They scammed us and took our money so we had our flight delayed and had to buy 2 extra tickets just for ONE person. I highly 10/10 don’t recommend!!!
  • Don't assume 2/5

    By jwc41
    Just because you have a KTN that's in your profile on Allegiant's website and have a loved listed as a traveling companion, don't assume it is reflected in the app. My wife made the reservation, I entered the confirmation # on the app and checked in for the flight, figuring that would connect the dots. It didn't, and I didn't get TSA pre-check. When I logged in to the website, the trip was NOT already listed on my profile. If somebody else makes the reservation, don't trust the app.
  • Horrible app, along with the customer service 1/5

    By Cosmipwp
    The app needs serious update, more detailed information. The airline lost us as customers forever, they changed the time flight and we lost all our connections. The only way we managed to talk to someone was by Facebook. Horrible company, we do not recommend it at all
  • Sub par app 1/5

    By Margaret G H
    I can login on the browser but.on the app. Customer Service not able to help. Don’t even bother with the download.
  • IOS app issue 1/5

    By Gmullaaa
    IOS app will not accept valid login credentials. Can login on Android device and windows desktop. Contacted customer support and they immediately told me to create new login without any research. Then abruptly cut me off when I said I didn’t like that option
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ckhurst
    Like others have stated when logging in via the app I get the “provided authorization is invalid”. Same credentials work fine when using the web. I contacted Allegiant but not much help there so I hope these reviews get their attention. The app is pretty much useless at this point.
  • APP doesn’t allow log in to account 3/5

    By TravelFL
    APP issue- IPhone, IPad; cannot log in through APP. Makes one unable to use APP for boarding :(

    By charitynoel1
    I have attempted 59930948585 times to log into my account with the CORRECT information, and it will not let me. VERY annoyed!!!!!!
  • Cancellation 1/5

    By 2ez2pls
    I love the location and convenience of Allegiant flights. Unfortunately a health problem forced me to cancel our flights. I understood the no refund no voucher policy for cancellation but I don’t understand why it doesn’t apply to unforeseen medical problems that is out of customers control. The lost of funds was very hard on retired seniors. Because of this I’m back to traveling with other airlines. My suggestion is be more understanding when emergency medical issues arises. Emmanuel H
  • Allegiant app 1/5

    By Uncle Corey's smurf paradise
    VERY frustrating! Can only log in from the pc, I get an error message on my iPhone. I have tried every way possible to get in but can’t. They need to take a look at the iOS app again. 😡😡
  • Stop forcing people to download the useless app 1/5

    By mindprince.rohit
    They make you download the app at the check-in counter. Won’t print the ticket, won’t use the email, won’t use the website. Another useless app on the phone.
  • Don’t use app 1/5

    By takearide
    Unless you check in at 2 am the server can’t handle the applications. Go directly to the web site. This has been going on for months.
  • No mobile log in 2/5

    By Pghstan
    I saw a previous reviewer commenting on the inability to log in through a mobile device. I have the same issue. No problems logging in on my laptop but the mobile app doesn’t recognize my information?
  • Allegiant air flight no:85 delayed three hours 3/5

    By Allegegiant
    My airline confirmation number(s)G4/W3X5ED Fri,August 16,2019/08:57 ABQ(Albuquerque International Sunport I’m writing the review because .I was not very happy with a three hour delay .I was very stressful and my back pain .I didn’t sleep at all. was not satisfied with the trip so please make it right. Ty Lupe m Vegas
  • Flights are great! App does not work 3/5

    By CREated59
    I’ve been flying Allegiant Airlines for about 3 years now. I fly about 3-5 round trips a year. No problems with flights other than a few weather related cancellations. The rating would be 5 stars if not for issues with the app. My problem is with the Allegiant App. It will not let me log in to my account. I have no trouble logging in on a computer or through the browser on my iPad. I’ve purchased my flights from both. But to log into my account on the iPhone app I keep getting a warning: “The provided authentication was invalid.” I’ve tried resetting my password from the computer and from my phone. I’m always able to log into my account from the computer but never from the phone. Not sure why, but it’s frustrating. Craig Ewing
  • Worst Airline Available 1/5

    By Dontdocrazy
    Deleting your app because I will never fly with your airline again. Your employees are rude. You damage baggage to the point that it cannot ever be used again and the. Refuse to pay for it or even return the baggage fees. Garbage airline.
  • If it wasn’t for the boarding pass, it would be worthless 2/5

    By Yuenzmama
    Other than booking your flight and the boarding pass option, nothing else works. Updating profile doesn’t work, adding trip with confirmation code or with credit card doesn’t work. I guess this is what we pay for when tickets are cheap - cheap services too. Smh.
  • Doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Funky monkey12
    Every time I have tried to add my trip, an error occurs. I deleted the app and re-downloaded and the same thing happens. It never works. Worthless.
  • Doesn’t work can’t open itinerary/boarding passes 1/5

    By Aubrey_3421
    Doesn’t work can’t open itinerary/boarding passes.
  • Message is accurate —unable to update information 1/5

    By from-asheville
    The app cannot load my flight information, from either the confirmation number or credit card number. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice, logged in and out, and even reset my password to no avail. Frustrating... and useless.
  • App Not Working 1/5

    By LuluBelle1957
    This app is not letting us check in. Is there someone to talk to about this problem. This is the 2nd time it has happened in a weeks time.
  • “Can’t retrieve flight details-check again later” 1/5

    By PennyRS
    I usually have no trouble with this app. This trip I updated my itinerary with a bigger rental vehicle over the phone after being on hold forever and was given a new confirmation number after the change. Now I cannot add my trip to the app. It is impossible to get a person on the phone to help as I was on hold for over an hour. My trip is in 3 days. I have been “checking again later” for 10 days now. No bueno.
  • Can’t use on my iphone or iPad due to error 1/5

    By Inconsistent Chick
    Not sure what happened. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Verified my info. Logged out and in and still getting some kind of server error / try again can’t book, checkin or get my boarding passes. Going on for weeks now.

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