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  • Current Version: 6.9.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Allegiant Travel Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Allegiant App

The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines. Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip. Passengers can follow their trip on a card-by-card basis in the app. Each phase in the trip is represented as a card in a timeline of the whole journey. Just tap on the cards and follow the instructions to manage the trip, check in for the flight, display the boarding pass and get departure and arrival information. You can also book your flights via the app. Passengers can also: • Access and review upcoming trips. • Automatically download trips onto their mobile phone if logged into their My Allegiant account. • View and add seats, purchase bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding. • Receive important flight status notifications • Take advantage of a variety of self-service functions • Provide feedback about their Allegiant experience Using the Allegiant mobile app can save passengers money and will allow them to zip through the airport without ever printing a single piece of paper.

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Allegiant app reviews

  • Can’t even get app to load and open 1/5

    By jags150
    Wanted to use the app for check in, it installs but won’t stay open more than 2 seconds before closing on its own. Useless!

    By @summerrhopee
    Allegient is absolutely great except the app does not work at all and makes booking or checking on flights impossible without a computer. This is so inconvenient.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By victoria1
    No matter how many times I delete and then download the allegiant air lines app, it never works. Totally useless at this point.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By garvoissier
    This app is garbage. Crashes constantly, won’t save information, connects with webpage on browser when logging in.

    By ceejae_r
    This app is nonfunctional. When I select “My Account” on the app it just launches the browser on phone for me to log in. Doesn’t take you back to the app after being logged in. If you go back to the app and hit “My Account” again it just starts the process all over again and takes you to the browser. So basically your app is shortcut to the browser, therefore, nonfunctional hot GARBAGE. This has been the case for the past 3 years that I’ve been a card holder with you guys. You can clearly see this same kind of complaints on the reviews over and over again for YEARS, so clearly you guys could care less about your customers satisfaction. Good to know. You’re making Spirit look good right about now..
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By BillO-63
    I tried for 15 minutes to check in for my flight and was unable to do so. First problem, the App automatically charged me for a seat assignment even though I didn’t select a seat. Second problem, I added a checked bag and the app undercharged me for the checked bag. That would have been fine, but 3rd problem, I was unable to add my credit card info as there was no keyboard to enter my name and number. If Allegiant cannot get simple stuff like this right, I really am concerned that they know how to fly a plane.
  • Trash 1/5

    By andrew mullins
  • Avoid 1/5

    By songpopper2442
    This app is awful! Always displays a random error, your information doesn’t save and now it connects back to the internet instead of using the app as it was created. I’d give this negative stars if possible…what a waste of time and effort shame on Allegiant for such garbage
  • App Failure 1/5

    By ddtyhuttg
    I just downloaded the most recent app update on my iPad mini. Now the app crashes every time I try to use it.
  • Two Thumbs Down! 1/5

    By Twister 1477
    Horrible travel app.
  • Boarding pass 1/5

    By ZA AP ED x 0328
    Can NOT add boarding pass to my apple wallet. $5 per ticket to print boarding pass. Screen shot of my ticket caused problems at security. This problem with the app needs to be rectified!
  • Disfunctional 1/5

    By Sm1throb
    The app actually has very few functions. And when you try to sign in to gain more functions, the app send you to the website. The website will not allow you to disable tracking cookies on your iPhone. So you really can’t do anything at all with the app.
  • Forced me to download app to check in 1/5

    By Zoomless
    Automatic 1 star for forcing me to use the app.
  • This airline is the WORST ! 1/5

    By Pmontelongo790
    Something cheap at the end comes out more expensive. Not professional at all. I always go to Vegas like 5-8 times a year. Sometimes they charge you for your luggage and sometimes they will charge you just one. They don’t have well trained staff. With this airline you can get a cheap flight but charge you every single thing and at the end it will come out more expensive. The seats are not comfortable. Is just a night mare flying with this company..
  • Really??? 1/5

    By ffvgbhfvjbcd
    This app is horrible. Cannot even set up an account to use it. Keeps saying my password does not meet requirements. So after multiple tries using the correct requirements I used the auto strong password suggested. Even that didn’t work. Could not get ahold of customer service.
  • No problems using it 5/5

    By Hailey7644
    Easy to use, no issues.
  • Bugs bugs bugs 2/5

    By Mrkinch78
    Recently I cannot check in to flights on the app. I think there’s a ULC that’s attempting to make people pay for a ticket at the counter. I believe this ULC is attempting to squeeze a few extra dollars out of people. Hint hint… it’s you Allegiant.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Langer241
    This app works great for checking in for your flight and boarding smoothly.
  • Terrible for TSA Precheck! 1/5

    By Clayton Peachey
    Even with the app having your TSA Precheck information entered, when you check in it does not check you in with it; there is a glitch. You end up late for your flight because you were in TSA Precheck and have to go back to ticketing or general TSA…all because their stupid app didn’t check you in properly.
  • Trashy app 1/5

    By mypersonalinfoismine
    Cannot add luggage after booking. Cannot scan THEIR OWN CC as payment. Can’t even setup an app correctly but yes please operate jets…….
  • Does the basics 4/5

    By Clark406
    I’m not seeing the issues everyone else is. I was able to check in, find my boarding pass & manage my trip all by entering my confirmation number. No need to log into the account, just do that on the web.
  • Garbage app! 1/5

    By alex33952
    Using multiple different devices with multiple payment methods. Kept freezing right at the end before I was about to book my trip. Make sure the app was updated. Tried Google Chrome, Safari and Bing and it would not work whatsoever. Called into over an hour waiting time.
  • Rarely fully functional 1/5

    By Doing_the_Loop
    The APP has become progressively worse. I fly Allegiant every one to two months and book flights using the APP. I can book the flights through the APP no problem; it is check-in that is problematic. The APP errors on check-in or on seat selection. I do try this APP on both phone and iPad. Usually I have to go to the web site to check-in there. Afterwards the APP will show my check-in and I do get the electronic boarding pass. Today, unfortunately, that doesn’t work either. Flight is tomorrow and APP, website, and chat are all non functioning. I have now been on hold (telephone) for an hour and a half. I have deleted and reinstalled APP numerous times along with restating. Fingers are crossed that Allegiant gets there act together after seeing all these poor reviews.
  • App Does Not Work 1/5

    By marrisa bean
    The app does not let me log into my account and instead automatically redirects me to my browser. It’s horrible.
  • Constant emails despite unsubscribing. 1/5

    By meme12321
    Been unsubscribing from marketing emails for a month after booking a flight, they won't stop.
  • Precheck 3/5

    By Pre-check
    I fly allegiant frequently usually no issues a couple weather issues that caused delays, one cancellation. My concern with the app is it stores my known traveler number for TSA pre-check on my profile, yet it never shows on my purchased tickets. Frustrating that I have to take an extra step every time at the ticket counter even when I’m not checking a bag.
  • Sad 1/5

    By nrg-me
    It is sad that the reflection of the app services do not reflect the less than friendly resection at the ticket counter. Your app says nothing to the effect f check in policies or checking bag policies… You panhandle be in time and allow for mishaps as well as long lines then force me out of line because I’m to early. Nothing more frustrating then planing accordingly and finding I am being penalized for being 1) early as you suggested and 2) I can’t check my back for another 1hr all to which I get stuck a security as well as stuck in what ever mess happens, which could have been avoided. Seriously… how lame can you be!
  • App is terrible! Airline is not bad 1/5

    By prgreekwife
    The mobile app is very difficult to navigate. Each time I book on the app it doesn’t have my info saved. I have to go to the internet to book and there it does have my info. I can never have digital boarding passes on the app unless I check in on the internet first.
  • Error - Unable to update flights 1/5

    By Coyelover
    Get Error in app after clicking on Customize Your Trip to purchase seats or bags.
  • Delayed Departure 2/5

    By Engineer Dad 378
    App fails to find reservation from confirmation number. Have to add name. Why ? Fails at similar spellings of name — Christopher works, but not Chris. Bad.
  • App is useless 1/5

    By Just Sayan
    From what I gather, the app is useless. Everything I click on takes you to the website. Can you even scan a screenshot or is it all a ploy to find more ways to tact on more fees by making you pay for a boarding pass at the website?
  • This app should not be available for the public 1/5

    By Gaberoids
    This app has tried to ruin my life many times. Do not truest it. Go to the website of Allegiant to get information on your flight. The website has been good. It was better if this app didn’t existed
  • The Worst 1/5

    By forced me to make nickname
    I hate this airline so much. So much so I needed to voice it somewhere. I hate these penny pinching thieves. I hate their, we have low prices but only at ungodly hours and then we make our money back by charging your carry on, let alone underneath. They keep hitting you until you regret purchasing and have actually paid more in money, time, and stress ever trying to save $100.
  • App is a joke 2/5

    By Andycaps2007
    Worst airline app on the market. Understandable the airline competes in the same category as Spirit, but still, so many missing pieces in the app compared to the competition.
  • Worst airline! Худшая авиакомпания! 1/5

    By 1111111!!!!!
    Приехал в 2:30 в аэропорт когда вылет у меня 4:30. В самом конце поменяли место регистрации с 14 на 7 Gate, потому что сломался Gate. Увидел на экране изменение но уже поздно, уведомления звукового не слышно! Деньги не вернули! -300$ Худшая авиакомпания и подходи к клиенту вместе с аэропортом! Arrived at 2:30 at the airport when my flight is 4:30. At the very end, they changed the place of registration from 14 to 7 Gate, because the Gate was broken. I saw a change on the screen but it's too late, I can't hear the sound notification! The money was not returned! -300$ The worst airline and approach the client together with the airport!
  • Just an interface to the web 3/5

    By gentleOne
    Used to be a decent app, now it is just a portal to the website. It takes multiple attempts to logon, does not make it easy to get through all the up selling. I would expect to be able to get through a ticket purchase much easier, all the scrolling is annoying, especially if you are visually impaired.
  • Flights Constantly Delayed or “Rescheduled” 1/5

    By Xx1southernpeach1xx
    Out of Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant - Allegiant is the worst. Always an issue. ALWAYS. The app doesn’t work and customer service is about as helpful as the app.
  • Up-sell me some more please 1/5

    By IWS based
    As a frequent flyer on three major airlines (this one not included), I can say with a high level of confidence that this App is the most cumbersome and non-user-experience-friendly I have used. Repeating pop ups to up-sell everything a traditional airline includes. I get it - Allegiant is a discount carrier, but wow. The time to book a flight using this app and navigating all the offers and up-sells is long and aggravating. If a person selects normal options such as a carryon the fare bumps right up against the majors. I guess If a person wants to fly into some smaller markets where other carriers don’t go this airline can make sense, but it does not change the user experience navigating a cumbersome app. C’mon Allegiant marketing and app development team, try using a full service airline’s app and compare for yourself.
  • Please Fix Apostrophe Issues 2/5

    By McMcNuggetNugget
    My last name is O’Dwyer and sometimes it will not allow me to check-in because it says my name is invalid. Please fix this.
  • Password default is broken 3/5

    By detemplesaint
    I am trying sign up for an account and when I key in an original password using 8 characters a capital a special character and a number, it keeps telling me I am not meeting minimal password requirements. Please fix or advise.
  • Not a good app 2/5

    By Seahawks_Fan_12
    An app that simply redirects you to the company website? Won’t keep me logged in, even during the same session. Budget airline gives a budget level app (and that’s being nice)
  • App not user friendly!! I added a bag to checked and it took forever to figure out. 1/5

    By brandybbe67
    Return flight same problem. Still haven’t figured it out and will need to check it in at gate, not knowing if I can.
  • App plays tricks! 1/5

    By USALatina
    I got their app so I could get my boarding passes instead of checking in for my recent flights. Worked fine one way but on the return trip the app didn’t let me check in to get boarding passes. Said there was a issue with a person in my party. Had to go to counter in airport, where there was no issue mentioned and they charged me extra to print boarding passes. I even told them the app wouldn’t let me get boarding passes. Tricky way to get extra money thru fees.
  • Max 3 Children 2/5

    By MrBucket409
    App and/or online can only book 3 children at a time. For bookings with 3 or less children the app works fine. Don’t expect to be able to do anything other than book flights as the app will crash or give you an error.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By Greginfla
    Allegiant is a weekend get away airline. It would be nice if you could enter airport day/date you wanted to leave and app would give options of locations Plus there are other features this airline should have
  • What happen? 1/5

    By BigYellowkahuna
    Is this an app? It redirects you to the website? Why? This has been reported for months but it doesn’t seem like the airline cares
  • Bad Arline 1/5

    By airlineflyrt
    Trying to board, they made us download this app because they said our barcodes on pdfs don’t work. Didn’t need the app because they did and the customer service was awful
  • App doesn’t work with latest iOS 2/5

    By VBBeach
    It won’t accept payment for trip add in’s during check in and boarding passes won’t load into wallet. Too bad as it was a nice app previously. Frustrating to use now!!
  • Boarding pass fail 2/5

    By Kelsue20162
    This app has taken a turn for the worse. I can’t log into my account on the app without going to the website and it won’t let me download a boarding pass. What’s the purpose of the app?

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