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Allegiant App

The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines. Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip. Passengers can follow their trip on a card-by-card basis in the app. Each phase in the trip is represented as a card in a timeline of the whole journey. Just tap on the cards and follow the instructions to manage the trip, check in for the flight, display the boarding pass and get departure and arrival information. You can also book your flights via the app. Passengers can also: • Access and review upcoming trips. • Automatically download trips onto their mobile phone if logged into their My Allegiant account. • View and add seats, purchase bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding. • Receive important flight status notifications • Take advantage of a variety of self-service functions • Provide feedback about their Allegiant experience Using the Allegiant mobile app can save passengers money and will allow them to zip through the airport without ever printing a single piece of paper.

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  • Never Works! 1/5

    By monroe32
    I am never able to login through the app, only the website! This is very frustrating when your ready to board and the app will not pull up with your boarding pass so you hold the line up. Very inconvenient since it cost to print the boarding pass too. They need to work out some kinks on the app so it will work with ease as all my other travel apps work...
  • Can't Login 1/5

    By Spigeddy
    Haven't been able to login to my account and use the app. I've even updated the app, signed out, changed my password, and deleted and re-installed the app. No point in having the app if you can't login.
  • DO NOT BOTHER! Worst app I’ve ever used!!!!!! 1/5

    By Trytr111
    If I could give -5, that’s what I’d give it. I haven’t seen such a terrible product since Web 1.0. That’s what you have here, flashback to 1996. You can’t change your seat if you are traveling with children. Requires an adult sitting directly next to you, even if you occupy 4 of five of the seats. You can’t add baggage if the above seating “app created problem” exists. When you finally figure out the jenga problem to the seats, if something gets kicked out on your credit card, you have to start COMPLETELY OVER! You can’t go fix the problem, you have to repeat the entire process. You aren’t even notified what the problem was. You have to completely type your billing address, it won’t populate from your saved information listed on your account. Every time you have to start over. You cannot copy and paste any fields, like cc #, email address, phone, etc. They disabled password managers that can prefill info. They force you to use this $h17y app, as I’m currently on hold for 41 minutes and 58 seconds. There is an option to have your camera scan your credit card, BUTit automatically turns on your light on your phone and with certain cards it creates a glare so the won’t read the card. There is a green box that you align your cc in but it’s impossible to make the green box center on the card without glare. I COULD GO ON. Fire your development team IMMEDIATELY. This is in no way acceptable, not even if it was 2001. I’ve never ran “product” before but I could replace this crap with a team in India for about $5k.
  • Never again 1/5

    By pmh1000
    It was either pay to print a ticket or get the app. I don’t want this on my phone especially after finding out they don’t even offer water in flight. If you want a really cheap ticket and then get nickel and dimed on everything else after that, this airline is the way to go. For myself, I say never again. Ironically, you can’t even pay for Wi-Fi on board.
  • Cheap 1/5

    By DCFN
    The prices to fly are cheap, but prepare to expect everything else about the service to be cheap as well.. customer service is absolutely awful. We received a promotion email from allegiant for 20% off our rental vehicle only to find out after paying to book the vehicle that the discount wasn’t applied to ours. They offer no refunds and customer service number takes an hour to reach someone only for them to be completely worthless. Cheap flights but would never go with them again. Absolute trash misleading company.

    By Babycakes13457
  • Very confusing 1/5

    By ImpatientNancy
    No instructions on use of app, as to how to pull up boarding passes. No website shows any instructions of how to use the app, either. The Allegiant website page regarding the app has a video on how to use the app, but it’s really just an advertisement to use the app. I’m very frustrated that I’ll have to waste paper and ink to print my boarding passes because I have no idea how to or if I’ll be able to rely on this app. Perhaps this design flaw is to force confused patrons to be forced to pay $5 per person at the gate to get their tickets printed. First time flying Allegiant and because of this (and moreso because of the news reels of the dangers of this airline), I doubt I’ll use this airline again.
  • Service, phone , email, chat, the WORST! 1/5

    By nashvillecat1
    I’ve been trying to get my paperless boarding pass, and/or speak/chat with a person all afternoon. Impossible. You get what you pay for, evidently.
  • Didn’t work when I needed it most. 1/5

    By Flippinat
    Checked in online via email the day before a flight. The morning of the flight, I couldn’t get the app to work. Tried resetting the password twice, and still could not log in. Ended up having to wait in the long Allegiant baggage check line (even though I had no bags to check,) so I could have the desk agent print one for me. She said I was all checked in, and didn’t know why the app wouldn’t work. Enter the security line that I already would have been through had the app worked.
  • Horrible 4/5

    By BuyerBeware06152019
    We were scheduled to land at 8:30 pm had bad weather a flew us south, a 4hr drive, sat on the tarmac 2 hrs. Had only 2 updates one stating we are going back to Mesa you can come back with us and pay for another flight but we cannot guarantee you a flight. Other option you can get out at this closed airport and fend for yourself. Staff rude to the elderly and teenagers on the flight. NEVER again. Called home at 1am and it was raining but nothing that a plane could not land. Also there was another airport 1.5 hr drive away but they chose a closed airport that was a 4 hr drive home. Poor management
  • App problems 1/5

    By candypd
    I have had problems with my app for several years. After staying on hold for an hour to Allegiant, I was told that Allegiant did not own this app. When asked where I could go to get some help, I was told he didn’t know. Some how, my mother’s name & address was put in on app and I can’t get it off. She has been deceased for 4 years and every time I open the app, it says good morning Lorrie, my mother. I took app off and put it back on. It still says that. When I try to edit, it says there is a problem with the edit, and goes back to my mom’s info. My husband and I travel a lot and I have to change this every time. Where can I get some help????
  • NEVER AGAIN! 1/5

    By CJ Bolling
    NO BARGAIN: Allegiant charges extra for boarding privilege, seat selection, checked bags, carry-on bags, and cancellation protection. TERRIBLE CANCELLATION TERMS: On a $350 round trip itinerary, Allegiant charged $28 for cancellation protection. But it turned out that they kept $80 when I cancelled 2 ½ months in advance of flight date. Moreover, the remaining $270 was refundable only as a voucher on a future flight. The voucher was redeemable for one-year not from the flight date, but rather the trip purchase date which was 5-months before the flight. So... it was really a 7-month voucher. TAKE AWAY: Allegiant is one of those incredibly greedy firms you just hate doing business with.
  • Passenger 5/5

    By Gus490
    Hi I’ve used Allegiant air twice. It’s a no frills ride. But the planes are more comfortable than southwest & American. Sure the others give you drinks and such but I’ll take comfort & bringing my own water over that. The flights are few but direct so I’ll adjust my schedule to theirs. I’m able I’m sure a lot aren’t. They charge for luggage, drinks, & seating which they’ll all do one day if not already.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By NessaMeg2011
    After the last two updates this app has failed to work. I am flying soon and I can’t use the app so now I have to print my boarding passes instead of using the app. Not happy!!
  • Greyed our dates? 1/5

    By Bdub8319
    Does anybody know why like entire months are not available?? I’ve searched the site, googled, everything short of calling..
  • The provided authentication was invalid 1/5

    By seaside2323
    Won’t let me login although information is correct
  • App quit working 1/5

    By Peakibooo
    I had used the app faithfully for about a year and a half , then without warning I got a error ‘authorization failed ‘. But works fine on my husbands phone. Deleted the app and reinstalled it. Same error. Changed the password on the website then on my app. Still error. I can get into it just fine on the web browser but that doesn’t help you when you are at the airport and now they want 5 bucks to print you a ticket because of their app failure
  • Invalid authentication 1/5

    By Nough Gud
    The app no longer recognizes my log in although I have no difficulty with online login and use of the website. Prior to this update, the app worked as it should and made checking in, flight status, and history readily usable. The app is now useless.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By shawn378522
    Can’t view boarding pass on app, it keeps saying I’m entering “incorrect information” when I’m literally copying and pasting my confirmation number.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By beachbum119
    Having trouble logging into the app, I’m able to log in online but not in the app. I’ve changed my password several times and still I can not log on. It’s not helpful when you can’t log into the app to retrieve your Mobil boarding pass.
  • Can’t Login 1/5

    By BKDizz
    App doesn’t work.
  • App issues 2/5

    By Carolina3
    I’ve reset my password several times and I still cannot login to my account through the App. I’m so disappointed and customer service is a 40minute wait. Can someone help me??
  • Card charge 1/5

    By D Carver
    Loved our flight! However, they don’t tell you when they’re hyping Allegiant’s credit card that there’s a $59 annual fee! They only talked about all the “perks” of the card such as two free drinks and 17,000 points just for applying. It’s NOT FREE if you have to pay for it!! I can buy my own drinks and pay my own place ticket for that! Shame on you for not divulging the truth. I feel cheated
  • Airline App 1/5

    By DisappointedDishCustomer
    This app is great when it works. However, I have been unable to use it for several weeks. Each time I search for flights, it says that their app is down, even though their webpage works fine. It is frustrating because the app is quicker and easier to use... when it works.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Card shark 0622
    The app will not let me log in. I have deleted the app and reinstalled 5-6 times. Have changed my password countless times. Have also been on hold with allegiant helpless for over an hour to try and resolve. Worst app ever.
  • Ray A 5/5

    By arlo disgruntled
    I love this airline check in is very easy, planes very nice, personnel is friendly, courteous, and professional. The way air travel should be!
  • IF the app works it’s great. IF! 1/5

    By .......mmm
    This app has not been working for about a month. Not sure what is going on and it looks like it’s not just me having this issue. When this app works it’s great! This is so inconvenient.
  • Sins of thy father 1/5

    By Hate economist
    I hate your brand BC if your people who wear your logo & treat me in humanely. I am sitting in St Pete airport suffering from blasting Music in every corner of the waiting area. I asked so nicely for it to be turned down.
  • Isn’t working 1/5

    By Jsanco
    App won’t let me log-in at all. I reset my password so I know I had the correct password. This app doesn’t work.
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    By Klondike Chloe
    Don’t make me download this garbage app. Just let me add my boarding pass to Apple wallet like every other airline.
  • Worst airline Ever. 1/5

    By T.Kaczmarek
    I tried to change my flight date to the following week and doing so would cost me way more than the original date. So you all really screwed me over. Thanks a lot Allegiant. I’ll make sure no one I know chooses you.
  • Terrible app and service 1/5

    By Sabbath336
    Enough said
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Cruisedrew
    Are used this app last year when we flew to Florida… Mobile boarding pass… But now it won’t let me log in. I even went and updated the app today and even changed my password!!
  • Wont work on Iphone 1/5

    By Paulyod
    App works with my Android phone but not my iphone. Keeps giving me error saying sign in ID is invalid...same sign in works on website and android though-uninstalled, reinstalled and just deleted and gave up.
  • App never accepts login credentials 1/5

    By HeatherMarie1280
    The app does not allow me to login after the most recent update. I have reset my password 3 times and I’m able to login to the mobile site with those credentials but not the app.
  • No link 1/5

    By doddal bug
    Why doesn’t the check in app link to the online pass app.sitting on ship and system does not cooperate
  • Authentication invalid 1/5

    By Jasdunlil
    App keeps saying my authentication is invalid. I sign in on my browser and it’s working just fine. Basically the app is useless.
  • Can’t sign into app 1/5

    By Trace1512
    Funny my login & password work until I try them on this app! Also funny you can’t get help from anyone because there’s no way to contact customer service!!!! I emailed them over a month ago about something else to never get a reply.
  • Can’t log in to the app 1/5

    By tlwray
    I haven’t been able to log in to the app in two months. Each attempt to log in says the provided authentication failed. If I go to my browser I can log in just fine. Please fix this! It is very frustrating. I sent a contact message via the website and it said it can take up to 60 days for a response. Are you kidding me? What kind of customer service is that???
  • Cannot Add Trip 1/5

    By F1yWh1teGuy
    I am going to Fort Lauderdale and have not been able to add my trip via credit card or confirmation number. Does this app actually work? My error message is “The Server returned an unexpected error” Added my connecting flight into the JetBlue app fine.
  • Useless 1/5

    By a.valezz
    I can’t log in even though I know my credentials are correct. I can log in just fine on the computer.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By corndogcore
    For the past 2 weeks all this app says is server unavailable. I’ve tried to delete and download again multiple times. Needs some bug fixes.
  • Won’t Let Log In Now 1/5

    By SCAngler
    The app worked great until recently. Now it won’t let me log in. A message says my credentials are invalid. I’ve tried resetting my password multiple times and delete/install, but nothing seems to help. Now I have to pay to get my boarding passes printed at the airport. PLEASE fix the app!
  • Perpetual login issues 2/5

    By efusco
    This app is great once/if you can get logged in, but I constantly get denied login even though I updated my password and can login on the browser.
  • Unable to modify reservation 1/5

    By mad Iowa customers
    The Allegiant website did not allow us to change (due to illness)our reservation, and we spent hours on hold with the correct Allegiant phone number with no answer. In addition, we drove to the nearest airport where no employees could help us. We had purchased Trip Flex and were unable to use it. We are sick and angry! Please respond immediately.
  • App won’t let me log in 1/5

    By turboroadster
    App tells me log in info is wrong, but I can log in at Allegiant. Com
  • Useless 1/5

    By brother kenneth
    I’ve been unable to log in the app for weeks. You can reset the password over and over through the web page and successfully log in there, but the app repeatedly says “provided authentication failed.”
  • App is not useable now 1/5

    By TDX2019
    The app used to be great. Then it started having “subscribe” errors. Then it stopped sending boarding passes to wallet. Now you can’t log in anymore. Receive a “Provided authentication is invalid” error when trying to log in with known good credentials. Running latest version of IOS.
  • App 3/5

    By Hall023
    I fly Allegiant often and since the new app update, I can’t login.. I’ve tried everything. My same credentials work online.. but the app won’t work.

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