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Allegiant App

The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines. Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip. Passengers can follow their trip on a card-by-card basis in the app. Each phase in the trip is represented as a card in a timeline of the whole journey. Just tap on the cards and follow the instructions to manage the trip, check in for the flight, display the boarding pass and get departure and arrival information. You can also book your flights via the app. Passengers can also: • Access and review upcoming trips. • Automatically download trips onto their mobile phone if logged into their My Allegiant account. • View and add seats, purchase bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding. • Receive important flight status notifications • Take advantage of a variety of self-service functions • Provide feedback about their Allegiant experience Using the Allegiant mobile app can save passengers money and will allow them to zip through the airport without ever printing a single piece of paper.

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Allegiant app reviews

  • App seems ok. Allegiant is horrible. 2/5

    By oJo1180
    Bad news, we arrived more than two hours early because of TSA being behind. Bad news, you can’t check a bag more than two hours early, even with TSA running slow and a little over an hour being the normal time to expect. Odd choice. Good news, they’ll make an exception and check our bags early and the guy has room to hold on to them. Bad news. Our flight was bumped back to 216pm. Good news. It was moved forward again and will depart at 132p. Bad news, our plane departed according to the screens. Even though the app and screen still show the same gate and nothing has happened and dozens of us are still waiting. Good news, our plane didn’t depart but was actually bumped back again. We’re not sure how long. Good news, it’ll be boarding no later than 202pm. Five minutes later, Bad news, it’s delayed till 330 pm or later. Bad news, they have no way to confirm our luggage is waiting for the proper flight. Bad news, the lady at the counter thinks I’m dumb for checking a bag and despite my being calm and friendly, talked down to me repeatedly. Hopefully her resume doesn’t include “works well under stress.” Good news, I only have to fly with allegiant one more flight. Ever.
  • Decent start 3/5

    By OTTRW
    I use the app regularly and there are some good features. Love being able to get boarding passes for everyone on my itinerary. Really needs to have landscape mode, especially for iPad. Very inconvenient when using a wireless keyboard to only have portrait mode...
  • What up the the App. 1/5

    By Dhftegryd
    Ever sense the new update I’m unable to log in. Ugh!!😤 HELP. I can go to there website and log in, but not on the app what a pain.
  • Login 2/5

    By M.y04
    Can’t even log in after changing password multiple times.
  • Horrible people!!!!! 1/5

    By Joseph_August123
    I was lied to bc They allowed my service dog on the way to Arizona from Utah, but then they charged me $100 on my flight back home to Utah bc of my medically necessary dog!!! I was told that the charge would be refunded once I submitted 3 forms signed by my vet, dr., & healthcare provider. I was then lied to again, & told it’s not refundable. Use international big airports w/long lines bc it’s so much easier than these idiots!!!!
  • Can’t add boarding pass to Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Spub
    All it says is “try again later.” That’s it?! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and get the same thing. Very poor app and I’m disappointed. 👎🏼
  • Subscription Failed 1/5

    Really tired of getting these error pop ups that still haven’t been fixed. Also after rating the trip through the App I then get an email to rate the trip again. Really!!
  • First Trip 3/5

    By Mr Toner
    I much prefer having a digital boarding pass over a paper pass that may get lost. I was able to use my phone to pass several checkpoints, although I would have preferred to have my pass in Wallet — for some reason the app failed to install the passes there.
  • Unable to add boarding pass to wallet 2/5

    By OregonNewt
    * Multiple “subscription errors” * Inability to check in on app and add boarding pass to wallet
  • Semi-Broken 2/5

    By Doing_the_Loop
    Continual “Subscription Failed” messages flood my notifications whenever I use app until I force quit the app. This has been occurring since at least the Summer of 2018. Very annoying! I am still able to pull up boarding pass though the message flood.
  • Can’t add to boarding pass to Apple Wallet 1/5

    By arcticpro
    Checkin works great, but boarding pass adding to Apple Wallet is broken
  • App not working 1/5

    By musikaa101
    I’m on the WiFi yet the app keeps telling me to connect to the internet. Can easily surf the internet with the WiFi just fine. Time to kill a 1/1000th of a tree just to print out a boarding pass.
  • App would be fine if not for constant error messages 1/5

    By Doctor Brad
    Constant “subscription error” notifications Error message when trying to add boarding passes to Apple Wallet
  • Apple wallet 2/5

    By bsprings24
    Cannot add birding passes to apple wallet for some reason.
  • Error 1/5

    By sgt_gary
    Get ‘subscription error’ every time i try to use it
  • Boarding Pass 1/5

    By TLHM-KY
    I have flown four times in the last 2 months and the boarding pass will not load onto Apple Wallet. Help
  • notification overload 1/5

    By jacqui8888
    Is there a way to turn off the “subscription failed” notifications that constantly appear with this app? i get 20+ a day. it’s been over a year and no update fixes it. i’m over allegiant’s low prices. shoddy technology and customer service. you get what you pay for.
  • Great App 5/5

    By RickRiver DR
    Most reviews are about the company and not the app. The app is great. Simple and updates easily with bag id, gates and boarding passes.
  • Gets it done, mostly 3/5

    By ExitTheCave
    Used this app on iOS year(s) ago and loved the Apple Wallet integration. It worked great, better than when I switched to Android version. Recently came back to iOS however and now the app shoots constant “Subscription Failure” notifications while open, and worse yet it has failed to sync with Apple Wallet every time now. iPhone X using up to date iOS. Can still check in on app, but have to rely on screenshot of boarding pass (which changes orientation if phone is turned). Option to delete old flights would also be nice.
  • Easy check-in and boarding pass 5/5

    By Jarnett1
    I was a little leery about downloading the app with so many negative reviews. It was great being able to check-in, get my seat and boarding pass online, and skip the long lines at the airport. I didn’t use Apple Wallet.
  • Website 1/5

    By blowshigh
    So you give people the opportunity to save on checking bags by paying in advance. Problem is when you click on say one checked bag for $30 it immediately registers $60 in the total. So bad!
  • False promises 1/5

    By Absinthe420
    Got the package with flight and vehicle and when I got to the airport had to pay another 98* for a lot of Bunk charges that was not included and nothing that could be avoid
  • Can’t edit email 2/5

    By 00_jackie
    Solid app, too many sales emails for sun seeker resorts (owned by allegiant). My only issue is I regularly use throw away email accounts. This app does not allow you to edit your email. I had to delete app and start over. Annoying.
  • Needs some work 3/5

    By JKPiv
    Overall the app works well. My problem with it is because every time I log in or open the app I will get multiple pop up messages saying “Subscription failed”....this doesn’t seem to affect the boarding passes loading or “check-in” information, but it does fill up my notifications and become very annoying very quickly. I thought it may be a problem with my phone, but I checked on a coworkers app as well as my wife’s app and it does the same thing on theirs, leading me to believe it is an issue with the code or with the app itself. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall out of fear that I will lose the info on my upcoming travels. If that gets fixed, this would be a 5-star app.
  • Solid Application 4/5

    By timpuparts
    Good mobile application for flying Allegiant but for the past 6 months when I log in to this app I get an error message. It states “An external service error has occurred while processing your request”. It gives the flight numbers as well but it does it every time I open the app. Very curious as to why??? Other than that it works fine.
  • Errors 1/5

    By Irpolish
    Fix the continuous subscription errors. Annoying! Can’t down load to apple wallet either.
  • Subscription and boarding pass issues. 1/5

    By Whatzittoyah
    Subscriptions will not allow me to access any useful information. Boarding passes will not download. You’re better off flying on a different airline if you plan on using a mobile boarding pass.
  • App errors 1/5

    By Jadingle7
    Subscription errors every time you open the app. Worst app ever and they don’t care. Is it still usable? Yes. Get it fixed. Cmon
  • Cannot add boarding pass to wallet 3/5

    By qtipman
    I keep getting an error that I cannot add boarding pass to Apple wallet.
  • Not nice 2/5

    By razminzia
    This airline is very tricky to make you pay extra without you notice that you have other options. Such as charging you for your seat as if you don’t pay for seat they ll make stand after they sold you the ticket. These type of tricks doesn’t make the passengers very happy.
  • Honest mistakes 1/5

    By ale giant bs
    Booked flights in reverse Checked into airport, went to gate and was all alone. Headed back to check flight and found my mistake. Also found that TSA made mistake of letting me through without valid ticket. Allegiant wanted me to buy new tickets at higher price. I went home instead of destination
  • Glitches and more 2/5

    By JeffMavMerc
    Can’t add my boarding pass to apple wallet. Also sometimes searching for flights gives me errors for the most simple info. App always wants me to log in when app when it should save my log in info. I know this isn’t delta airlines but at least try and make it work correctly.
  • Not a way to run an Airline with this app 1/5

    By Sonyscam
    I have a iPhone 7 and I get constant errors when it open about subscription errors. The boarding passes will not transfer to your wallet or to your companion traveler. I get another set of errors when trying. This used to work but stopped with the latest updates. Half the time I get TSA pre check and half the time I don’t. I’m signed up for pre check and have been for years. I just wish they could get this right as the rest of their services are tolerable.
  • App Fail 1/5

    By SSgtV
    The app itself used to be good but now I all I get is Subscription Failed... An external service error has occurred while processing your request.
  • Apple Wallet Issues 2/5

    By Untainted View
    I have used this app in the past without issue. However, recently it won’t add my boarding pass to my Apple wallet. I use my Apple wallet on my Apple watch to make the process easier. Hopefully, this will get corrected soon.
  • Adding boarding pass to apple wallet 1/5

    By Phoebe Jam
    Adding boarding pass to wallet doesn’t work
  • Apple wallet 1/5

    By Jashmusician
    Gives an error when adding boarding pass to Apple wallet and doesn't add it.
  • Please Fix 3/5

    By K5262
    Wasn’t able to add ticket to Apple Wallet. Had to do a screenshot and save it to my photos.
  • Useless 1/5

    By JayBic90
    You cannot even add your boarding pass to apple wallet anymore. So much for convenience?
  • Trash 1/5

    By Jsksbxhebe
    This app is garbage. I am not sure why I expected more, but many functions of the app do not work. And I am sure they will charge me $7.95 to write the review. Then another $13.95 to submit it.
  • Subscription failed 1/5

    By Hyc3f
    My app keeps giving me the Subscription failed message every time I use it. Very annoying
  • “Subscription Failed” error keeps popping up 1/5

    By Amalgamated Coders Inc
    And it has my flight numbers. “An external service error has occurred” Pretty chilling since my flight is in two days and the app keeps throwing these errors. Feels sketchy.
  • App lacks functionality 1/5

    By TacoMell
    You can’t add your boarding pass to Apple Wallet.
  • Great Airline! 4/5

    By Cwpafford
    Must update app after IOS 12. Update
  • Boarding pass doesn't work with Apple Wallet 1/5

    By llomiv
    The boarding pass won't add to my Apple Wallet I keep getting a "try again later message." What's worse is they charge 5 dollars to print the boarding pass at the airport. Ridiculous
  • Pretty Good But... 4/5

    By BaselDazzle
    Boarding passes can’t be added to Wallet.
  • Wallet problems 2/5

    By Carries_and_toplays
    Cannot get the app to add boarding pass to my Apple wallet. Worked with my iPhone 7+ does not work with Xs

    By 18objective
    I used this app to pay for an extra bag on the return trip. Advanced pay$20 for a checked bag vs $50 at the airport. Entered all info and paid. Found out at the ticket counter the bag tag didn’t register. Allegiant gives away nothing so they took my bag and $50 told me to call customer service. Which they acknowledged the app glitched but so conveniently not when I used it. Terrible app, money hungry company, equals you will be flying the greedy skies.
  • Luggage issue 1/5

    By overpriced luggage
    Purchased additional luggage through app. Didn’t show at airport and they charged an additional $50 for my small bag! So annoyed

Allegiant app comments

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