Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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  • Current Version: 6.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: All Recipes, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner App

Designed to delight, Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner is the most popular food-focused social app with a community of more than 30 million home cooks who play a part in helping cooks discover and share the joy of home cooking. • My Feed: Personalized for you and gets smarter with every recipe you save and make; and each Taste you follow. • Improved search options: Search by keyword, ingredients to include/exclude as well as by dietary need & ready in time. • Swipe: Swipe right on recipes, to quickly view more recipes you will love. • Favorites and Collections: Save your favorite recipes for quick access anywhere and create, organize and share recipe collections to make finding favorite recipes a snap. • Cook with what’s on sale: See which recipe ingredients are on sale near you! We’ll also suggest a recipe when you walk into a store (select stores). • Step-by-step cooking videos: More than 1000 mobile-friendly recipe videos with step-by-step cooking instructions and you can skip to the parts you want to see quickly (Tablet). • Sharing: I Made It feature makes it super easy to brag about your cooking triumphs with friends – on Allrecipes, and in your Facebook feed. • Cook profiles: Everything you’ve created, saved and made… in one convenient place. • Shopping list: Just tap to add entire recipes or ingredients to your shopping list. • Updated, streamlined design that’s the same across your phone, tablet and PC.

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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app reviews

  • Loves to cook 2/5

    By jhb51
    Really some good recipes, been a user for years. Still don’t understand why up can’t print!! HP print app has been discontinued for several years!!! Would love to give it a better rating
  • 100% Broken App 1/5

    By Juanitofx
    Nothing works. No search. Nothing.
  • Still trying it out 1/5

    By Audiobean
    So far, I notice the audio for adds comes on even though it says it is off. “/“ I have to unmute and remute to actually turn off the audio for the ads. Every time I refresh a page, I get inundated with ad audio. If this doesn’t get fixed, I am going to stop using the app.
  • Why too many ads - forces to play videos 1/5

    By srm2019
    The app is nice but unfortunately you can’t see any content because of all of the ads plastered all over it. It even forces a stream of constant videos to play. I understand advertising supports the app but it is taken way to far in this one. No thanks.
  • Wish it would update better. 3/5

    By Mrs.MRB
    I have enjoyed using the Allrecipes app for quite a few good years. I’m not sure why the techies aren’t updating this properly. When we get into the kitchen and want to cook, look at recipes, mix things up… And go for it. It would be so much easier if the app were more user-friendly. And tell me… Whatever happened to the allrecipes video app? It seems like it has absolutely disappeared, fallen off the face of the earth, because they haven’t updated it to be user-friendly with the iPhone. So sad, I’m going to miss those videos.
  • Nonstop audio/video ads 3/5

    By MJMwriter
    The app has been useful but recently started playing nonstop ads. I don’t mind image ads, but constant audio is annoying.
  • 5 star app until automatic video ads started playing 1/5

    By cmaxlewis
  • My go to for recipes 5/5

    By Katkarma77
    Not sure why this app doesn’t have great reviews! I’ve tried several other recipe apps and always come back to this one. I’ve found and made so many wonderful, delicious dishes using this app! It’s easy to navigate and save my favorites. Definitely by far the best recipe app!
  • Stop the video ads 1/5

    By FlashHack
    Why would you inflict this on your users. You’re evil.
  • Can’t print? 1/5

    By Snowman1123
    Shocked that you can’t print from the app.
  • Too much scrolling up to see ingredients amount 2/5

    By Cypherstream
    Like every cooking website out there, none take into consideration of viewing on a phone or tablet in the kitchen when making the recipe. I thought because this was the App version of Allrecipes, instead of the website, maybe they would take that into consideration. There is just too much scrolling back and forth between the directions and the ingredients when you are hands deep into cooking. It’s time consuming and frustrating, and I’ve yet to see a recipe site get this right. For example at the top ingredients list, it shows all the quantities of everything needed. A tablespoon of this, teaspoon of that, quarter cup of this, etc. Then when following directions it tells you to add things but it doesn’t say how much! It may say “add the soy, ginger, garlic, water, oyster sauce, red pepper flakes to a bowl and stir”. Well HOW MUCH soy, ginger, garlic, water, etc...??? By the time I scroll up and read how much soy and ginger, it’s scrolling back down again to the instructions for what was the next ingredient in that list? Oh oyster sauce, red pepper flakes... wait HOW MUCH? So now it’s back to scrolling all the way up to see how much of the next few ingredients. Better yet why don’t you just write next to each ingredients in the instructions HOW MUCH? Example: “Add 1/4 cup water, 1 Tbsp oyster sauce, 1 Tsp soy sauce, 1/8 Tsp red pepper flakes, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, 1 tsp ground ginger”. See how much easier that would be if everything, including quantities were on the same screen. No more constant scrolling up and down.
  • No search option 2/5

    By wemenabi
    I have a hard time believing that a recipe app would not have the ability to search through recipes on the website. The only thing I can search are my Favorites. Lame.
  • IPAD vs IPhone 1/5

    By Unwine54
    Why are the two apps so different? Could not find my♥️recipe on search? Why don’t the 2 apps coordinate?
  • Way to many ads, just use the website. 2/5

    By skluba
    It’s All Recipes, so the selection of recipes is awesome. However the amount of ads make the app not so user-friendly. I don’t recommend downloading the app, I would just go to the website.
  • Ads with sound 2/5

    By ml22....
    This used to be my favorite recipe app until I couldn’t stop or turn off the sound of the ads. They play nonstop!
  • Ads with sound!!! 1/5

    By Axeroth
    This is a deal breaker. Used to be my go to app. Now they’ve added ads with sound which is extremely disturbing. I will find another app
  • Can't sign in same account different devices 3/5

    By Golight Girl
    I'm signed in on my iPad, what I use to cook with often. Tried to sign in with same account in iPhone so I can add recipes to same account but it keeps telling me I can't. Facebook sign in says I'm already signed in. Email sign in just tells me it's wrong password. So it's generally great. Sign in is ridiculous. Can't see what I'm signed in by on iPad so I'll never know. So much potential so much waste
  • Video ads constantly play 1/5

    By Hennum
    You constantly have a video ad starting while the recipe is open. No way to stop it from opening every 15-30 seconds. Find a different recipe app, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Really missed the mark! 1/5

    By Gracie Dea
    The AR website has been my go-to for years. So much so, that I finally ditched my collection of cookbooks since there was never a time I couldn’t find the recipe I wanted. Oh man, have they screwed this up! They could not have made it less user friendly if they hired a bunch of monkeys to build the site. Leave the website alone and quit forcing me to go to the app!!
  • Great Meal Tool! 5/5

    By krDDS
    Some of these reviews are harsh. Do you want it to cook dinner for you too! What is does do: gives you meal suggestions. I can search for anything and get numerous recipes. Creates a shopping list divided by department, has name & photo of recipes at bottom of list for when I forget what my groceries were purchased for. Recipes to favorite. Make and don’t like, remove from favorites. Add notes to the recipe of changes or substitutions. Love that feature! Reviews also help with suggested changes. I don’t use the dinner spinner anymore, I agree a bit ineffectual. That being said, I use this app every week. Makes my life easier and more organized.
  • Stops loading 1/5

    By WorldsGreatestEngineer
    This app has obviously been abandoned by the developers. It doesn’t load for me about half the time.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By HNL Dad
    The search function, the inability to print recipes and the overall crashing of the app makes this the worst recipe app out there. Save your time. There are so many better ones.
  • Great site. Not a good app 1/5

    By Scubaduff
    My God! Please fix the print option for recipes. This is basic stuff and about as critical as you can get with a recipe site. This is beyond ludicrous!
  • The Website and App through a mobile device is Impractical 1/5

    By Klock4
    I wanted to review this in hopes of SOMEONE reading this with this company and take note. I love this website, but when the desktop website automatically redirects to the app, to the point that unless you are on a computer(certain features are disabled through mobile desktop site if on a phone), it would be practical to make some of those features only available through the desktop, available through the mobile app. I am in the process of saving recipes from various places in one spot, and the recipe box option that is available through the desktop site, is disabled if you use the desktop mobile site, because this website tries at every attempt to force you to use their app. That same app has a fraction of the options that the website does. This is a huge inconvenience.
  • Zero printing feature STINKS! 1/5

    By Zelbots
    Used to have print feature on this app and they took it off ?!?! WHY! And why wouldn’t I want to print off a shopping list ?!?! Stupid design triple zero stars because of lack of convenience why bother even making an app then ?!!
  • No print function 1/5

    By azdiane1
    Not being able to print recipes makes this app useless.
  • How is it even possible there is no option for printing? 1/5

    By Professor Willy
    Most of the recipes are MEH, but when you do find one you like, there is no way to print it. You can’t even capture text. Either take a (or several) screen shot to print later, or risk your device by taking it into the kitchen where it can get splashed or broken. Disappointing app, to say the least.
  • Can’t print from app! 1/5

    By Bestrday
    Totally inexcusable. How can you make a recipe app and provide no way to PRINT A RECIPE??! I don’t want my phone on the kitchen counter while I’m cooking. I don’t want to have to touch my phone while I’m cooking. How have you not fixed this yet? I see many past reviews with this same complaint. Step it up, Allrecipes.
  • Love app, hate ads. 4/5

    By HelloPretzel
    I love this app... but hate all the adds peppered throughout it. Developer... a paid “remove ads” option would be greatly appreciated.
  • App Needs Major Work. 1/5

    By Defeated by a Robot!
    Love but this app can take a hike. Aggravation all while it constantly tries to find my location. What a joke.
  • Doesn’t load 2/5

    By :$/@,!5929-
    I love this app but lately it stopped loading and I can’t even get to my saved recipes. I now have to go online which isn’t too big of a deal but the app is so much more convenient for me. Please update this for iPhone users. Thank you
  • What is happening? 1/5

    By Shellejo1975
    My go to App! ~is failing my searches are a Fail, ability to print a favorite recipe ...Fail, app support & instructions for normal processes .... FAIL. I’ve tried both apple and android applications (Yes! I do have Allrecipes on numerous devices) both are a Fail! Updates unsuccessful & actually creating a worse experience? Is there any format of Allrecipes that isn’t frustrating!!?!? HELP PLZ
  • Pretty sad 2/5

    By EndymionNomad
    It’s such a great model. Pretty sad they put so little effort into CX. Why would every time you leave the app for a moment, it starts you on the homepage? You can’t store the last page I was on? How about a smart suggestion as I search? Sitting back & allowing users to run your platform is pretty lame.
  • Cannot print from mobile 1/5

    By Kimmywings
    I love all recipes for desktop, but the mobile app has several issues. The biggest is that it seems ridiculous that you cannot print from the mobile app. I have an iPhone and when I click the share button on a recipe which usually has options for printing, my only option is to save it at a file or note or open it in another app. Pinterest doesn’t usually give me the option either, but at least with that app I can copy and paste the url into my browser and print from there. Can’t do that at all Recipes, it doesn’t even let you select and copy the recipe name to search for it in google. So therefor I never use the app. It keeps the screen on when you have a recipe up, so I’m assuming they want you to look at the recipe (and ads) while you cook. Do people do this with their $1000 phones? I’m chaotic and messy in the kitchen, I ain’t got no room for cellular devices. Maybe I’ll redownload it again next year and see if they’ve fixed this issue, but for now there’s better mobile food apps.
  • Not good anymore 2/5

    By cmdora
    I used to love this app and used it all the time. Now it’s so slow to search that it’s quicker to use google and search, the Allrecipes recipes come up quicker. And I’ve all but given up using my ‘favorites ‘ as it takes longer to open than I am willing to wait.
  • This app is good 4/5

    By Kitten 10110
    I like this app but dinner spinner is not available on iPad app and you can only post recipes on browser website.
  • Not very accessible with voiceover 1/5

    By ALG7867
    Many unlabeled buttons, which makes it difficult for blind or low vision users to access this app.
  • Just horrible. 1/5

    By hellocamry
    I've Never actually wrote a review for an app before but this one is so bad I had to. You can search in the search bar for something specific, OR browse their suggestions for you. THATS IT no other browsing methods, this app is so poorly made. Also you can't enlarge or zoom on photos... this should be fixed. They're recipe/food photos for crying out loud, did the programmers think no one would want to zoom!?😒
  • It keeps freezing. Unfortunate. 2/5

    By Upset_customer85
    This is my go-to sure for great recipes. I’m finally had it with the app, because it freezes constantly. I know I’m not the only one experiencing it, after talking to a couple other co-workers that has this app. Please fix with an update.
  • Can’t print from app! 2/5

    By MountainMomJen
    I like the website better than the app. Main reason is that I can’t print from the app. So frustrating because I then have to find the recipe in the website and force it to open in a web browser (if I click a link to an recipe it automatically opens the app).
  • How can one of the best recipe sites have such a terrible app? 1/5

    By whit_p
    I can’t even sign in with my google account and what is with the pop up ads? I’d pay good money for a decent ad-free app from you all.
  • Good app but.. 4/5

    By Me 742578051380
    I think the app is pretty good, I love searching for recipes and the fact that I can click to select ingredients to add to my shopping list is awesome. I do wish this app had the capability of a calendar, where I could save my recipes to and when I’m planning my cooking they are saved there too. I think that would be a feature that would put this app above the rest!
  • Best muffins and desserts ever 5/5

    By swim102938
    Alive the sweet recipes and the dinners are great
  • Great website, mediocre app. 3/5

    By PrettyOddBanana
    The website is great. The app is functional but honestly not worth my time. An ad pops up like every 45 seconds.
  • Couldn’t login 2/5

    By LarryDahLobster
    After making an account on the website with google the app wouldn’t take my google info. After double checking I’m certain I entered it correct. If that was fixed I’d love to see the full extent of the app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By cgrk2
    I like allrecipes but this app is junk. It just doesn’t work.
  • Brand name, packaged mix, brand name 2/5

    By PhelineCat
    I use recipes to make food. If I wanted to make mixes I'd buy boxes or packets and follow the instructions on the package. It's bad enough to have occasional products thrown in that can't be duplicated with just something normal from my fridge or cupboard… it's worse when the base of the recipe is a package for that thing itself. I don't need to make cakes starting with a cake mix, "buttercream" from a container of whatever that frosting stuff is by the cake mixes, a rice dish starting with a seasoned rice "meal"- I quit doing that when I was in 5th grade. Make an app for people who need that, ok? Make an app for cooks. Keep them apart. Ok- sometimes shortcuts are handy but let us set parameters like "no mixes of XYZ type".
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mjwdward
    Probably the worst app I’ve ever used. Doesn’t work half the time. Between this and the website, it’s probably one of the worst designed interfaces I’ve ever seen. How have you not fired these people?
  • Can't print, really bad compared to old one 1/5

    By sweetcoton
    I had the all recipes (no “dinner spinner”) from 2012 but now they have this one which doesn,t work on ipad. So ☹️. I loved printing out recipes, it made browsing easier with indexes, it won't download to iPad. Useless. Sad to see a good app that has been ruined!

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app comments

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