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  • Current Version: 14.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Allstate Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Allstate® Mobile App

Allstate Mobile is anytime access to one of the nation’s most trusted insurance providers. Pay bills… Report claims… Get roadside assistance, accident support and more. You’re in Good Hands with these features:  • Drivewise® – Earn rewards for safe driving* • Insurance ID cards – The glovebox digging ends now • View auto coverage – Know how you’re protected • QuickFoto Claim® – File claims in a (camera) flash • My Agent – Access your agent’s info • Gas Finder – Locate and compare prices of nearby gas stations    *Using Drivewise® as part of Allstate Mobile uses your phone’s GPS services. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Allstate® Mobile app reviews

  • Me Femi 5/5

    By olufemi7
    Very easy and good
  • Great app but driving data is not always accurate 5/5

    By burkhart91
    There a many times through the week when the driving data is not at all accurate. For instance, todays trip to work reflected I exceeded 79mph yet I was on cruise control at 72mph.
  • Linda Sue 5/5

    By LSW 1950
    Five stars
  • Drive wise 3/5

    By Lifeisgood65
    I am having too many problems get logged on!
  • Easy to use app! 5/5

    By stillfishing6monthslater
    Everything I have needed so far is available via the app! Start claims, print proofs, roadside assistance...pretty sweet!
  • Could be better. 2/5

    By Zxnum
    The app does not let me choose the e times I am a passenger and dings me for “an event”. Not happy with that.
  • New policy owner. 5/5

    By Patriciakemp
    Just in talking to Michelle was a great experience
  • Ayes 5/5

    By Hahahhahahaha kk
    So much use in this app. Don’t mess with my discount!🦾
  • Great App 5/5

    By Not a happy camper***
    Wonderful app for keeping track of your policies and driving.
  • Thank you Allstate 5/5

    By AML 76
    So far very pleased with the service and updates provided. Mr. Eduardo Ferraz has made an amazing job and im very impressed with his professionalism.
  • Awesome service provided 5/5

    By ErMeEvEm
    Excellent customer service and care
  • Version 14.1 makes the App good again! 5/5

    By Hk.40
    This version is reliable and pretty accurate. The previous one had issues but they’ve been resolved now. Good to have the insurance card information on your phone in case the printed one gets lost in the car and taking pictures of accidents speeds ups the claims, I just hope I never have to use this feature 😅. This App is a great idea, Showing that you’re a responsible person while driving should be considered by insurance companies to get reasonable insurance quotes and not make good drivers pay high prices as the reckless drivers that have no respect for others on the road.
  • Amazing App and Allstate is the Best! 5/5

    By WJB SON
    I’m very thankful to be with Allstate and have this amazing app to protect my family and myself. Thanks Allstate!!
  • Horrible non-customer experience 1/5

    By PebbleChamp
    I will never be an Allstate customer after being forced to use this app. I was hit by an Allstate member and was asked to upload photos to the app. First, you can’t upload photos you already took; they have to be taken live in the app. It rains all the time in Seattle, so after trying to upload and realizing this, I waited for a dry day and try to take them but the app says my case isn’t allowed. Call in and they reactivate the app. Waited for another dry day and uploaded the picture. Then I get an email from your team saying only two of the pictures actually went through and I can email them instead. I try doing that and all the emails are rejected (whether all photos in one email or one photo in each separate email). I email you and let you know asking what to do since the app is useless and so is the email solution. No one responds. I finally call back and simply ask for the old school method of an adjuster coming out to take your own photos.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Corina Rangel
    I enjoy this app so much and I get money back for drinking and using app
  • Impossible to login 1/5

    By Leenialis
    This app won’t allow you to login. Sometimes reinstalling help , sometimes not . Unable to use drivewize if app is uninstalled
  • Allstate 1/5

    By Art2186
    Updated app and it no longer allows you to save your password and shows back dated info indicating that your account is past due
  • One issue 4/5

    By Sankel98
    The only issue I have is while I’m sitting in front of the school waiting to pick up my grandson, if I use my phone it counts against you. There should be a away to avoid this. I’m not driving I’m sitting still in a parking lot. In all my trips that’s the only thing counted against me. Any suggestions would be great. I guess really the only answer is to delete that trip.
  • A few things need to be improved 2/5

    By Lycampos0516
    I will start be saying that I do love having an app for all of my car insurance needs. The Drivewise feature is great and it makes me pay more attention to my driving. However, I have a few things that should be improved: 1. It is a major inconvenience to have to log in every time you leave the app, even if it is still running on the background. Could we just stay logged into the app. 2. It would be much better if they has a facial recognition for logging in. It is a bit frustrating to have to type in my password every time. 3. The app crashes a lot. Specially if I am using Drivewise or if I am reviewing my data. 4. it would be good to have a feature to choose to start a trip. It is time consuming to go back and delete all the trips when I was not driving one by one. 5. It would be nice to be able to check mark trips and delete or change them all at once instead of going one by one. These are just a few I have noticed. Hope there is an update taking all of these into consideration.
  • Easy and Quick 5/5

    By Atrap1
    This app is easy and fast. Makes filing a claim easy
  • Great insurance 5/5

    By Smokyostrich88
    Only problem is that I have my phone on for the gps, and it counts as phone activity when I’m use sometimes. So that counts against my driving
  • Hex 3/5

    By jrcdfdfdf
    Your speed measuring is way off , 65 during a trip , had me as speeding all way ... not right
  • Making a claim 5/5

    By Hoover Board
    Was very easy and quick, thank you Allstate, for I am in good hands.
  • Apps keep crashing while using drive wise 2/5

    By Antenna in US
    It seemed as the latest update is crashing the app whenever I want to view past history in drive wise. Please fix this.
  • Drivewise is awful 1/5

    By jrclark32
    Drivewise is awful, and a total scam. Everything is “phone usage”, even if you don’t touch your phone for an entire trip, and now you can’t even go back and remove the false information. Settings-Privacy-Location Services-Allstate App-NEVER
  • Reward customer 5/5

    By Zumbafit43
    Great app! I am more aware of my driving habits now since having drive wise. This app is very helpful checking how I am doing after a drive and app is easy to navigate.
  • Drive Wise 5/5

    By Recliner King
    Have just started using it
  • Drivewise is awful! 1/5

    By TheRealLadyShine
    20200208 ~ Another Drivewise cash back failure. They rook you in at the beginning, and reward $$ steadily goes down due to the failed app. Time for a new provider. Please read reviews carefully as bloated number includes comments about the insurance and agents, not the app itself. 20200117 ~ Please note that removing trips with events does not remove them from your driving history. They still show up on the graph viewable in your account online. ! 20191227 ~ Gave in and updated. I turned off Drivewise on December 11th, before this new update, and it now shows phone activity back to November????? How is this possible? Also, phone is always in purse or backpack, so phone activity is greatly flawed. Good going, developers... 20191001 ~ Drivewise app and accessing on browser on iPhone is lousy. It inaccurately records hard braking - always on an incline and at very low speeds (35-45mph.) Now it has stopped recording trips, even though the app has full access to needed features. I just renewed my policy, but am very disappointed in this service and will be negotiating with another company next renewal. 20191019 ~ Responding to developer —battery is always charged, and app has all permissions, despite my disdain. I turn it off when reaching destination and not driving. Allstate doesn’t need 100% access to my location when not in use. 20191217 ~ Another forced update, as it will not allow me to log in. Horrible, intrusive data mining app!!! Other reviews are reporting the faulty new phone activity feature, so I will not be updating and am researching other companies. Drivewise isn’t worth it!
  • Allstate is the best!!! 5/5

    By Raygar49
    Allstate has been their for me and when I got in to a car accident they helped me out. It was the first time to get in to one and their app I’m able to do claims easy and pay my bills they are the best.
  • Are you insured for this crash? 1/5

    By Dodgerfred
    The app is constantly crashing and will not open on my phone. So much for convenience.
  • Worse company 1/5

    By jpere77
    They have been the worse insurance company I have ever been with. Practically taking my money because of mistakes on their end. Won’t even refund the correct amount. I at least appreciate the one guy who tried to help me fix it but the companies policies is just some of the worse I have ever seen. I rather have to pay everything out of pocket than be covered by these people.
  • Quick, easy and simple app 5/5

    By mamawteddie
    All the info I need at my fingertips😬 Quick and easy access! Thank you Allstate!!
  • Drive wise is the worst now 2/5

    By Dinese25
    I had been using this app for a year now with drivewise and I loved it because it definitely encourages you to be a better driver and you can even encourage whoever is driving to be a better driver. But now it tracks when you’re on your phone while driving. Which means if you’re the passenger you have to go back through the app and delete those trips. And it’s really frustrating when it doesn’t end the trip once you’ve been stopped for a while because it still tracks you as being on your phone and driving. I think the concept is awesome but PLEASE change it to where if you’re not moving in your car it doesn’t track your phone usage or something like that!
  • Poor App 1/5

    By shamrock56789
    Recently the app has been updated to include phone activity. If the phone rings you don’t answer, use car play, pick up the phone and it wakes up, that’s called phone activity. I’ve been hit with activity after the car has been parked and I’ve gone into a place of business. Also been hit some 200 yards and ten mins after parking the car. With the number of robo calls Americans are receiving every day, every time your phone rings you get charged with phone activity even when you don’t answer. That is not right. Getting back to Apple Car Play, some people use this function as a Navigation System, or play music. That counted as phone activity. I see where the developer said they fixed the phone issue. I do not agree. I haven’t seen where it’s been fixed.
  • Darrnell Chappell 5/5

    By manman2629
    Luv this insurance
  • Too costly 3/5

    By Savealot
    Too expensive
  • DriveWise has Serious Problems 2/5

    By Larry4404
    Beginning some time in December I suspected something had changed in the app, especially concerning the “hard braking” feature. Previously, the app was logging 3 or 4 braking event per month; however, in January alone the app logged about 40 events. The number of miles driving didn’t change and my driving habits hasn’t changed, so what is different? Yesterday I got proof that the app definitely has issues. I had to make a round-trip drive from Dallas to Houston and back. As soon as I was clear of the Dallas traffic, I set the cruise control and didn’t touch the brake or accelerator for nearly 200 miles until I reached the outer suburbs of Houston. When I checked the DriveWise app, it had registered 11 hard-braking events while I was driving under cruise control. The results on the return trip were similar. DriveWise logged an additional 7 braking events while I was driving under cruise control. From some of the recent comments in these reviews, it seems like QA isn’t a very high priority for the developers.
  • Just awesome 5/5

    By TREE94
    Esther and team is great to work with, they really care about you. It’s family treatment with them always. Thank you
  • Constant Log-In Prompts/phone activity 1/5

    By E McCullough
    I’ve had this issue since I started using this app. Whenever I log-in and start using the app, the log-in face-Id thing keeps popping up every 5 seconds. Yesterday the face-ID prompt popped up like 10 times, after I had already logged in, within the matter of a minute. Also, I feel the phone activity in drive wise is seriously unfair. I don’t drive half the time and you still ping me for phone activity while I’m a passenger, or when my fiancé is in the car playing a game for me or changing the music on my phone, you ping me every time. I don’t touch my phone when I’m driving, but your stupid app makes it look like I do.
  • You continue to ignore this issue. 1/5

    By Teeshot 50
    Get rid of the phone useage. INACCURATE !! I’m deleting every trip that shows phone use. I don’t use my phone while driving but I continue getting my emails which I read later. That turns my display on and makes an alert. The app assumes that I’m using the phone which I’m not. Hell, most of the time it’s in my pocket or briefcase. Also happens when I’m a passenger or parked getting in or out of my car. Here in NC, we are limited as to credit we can receive. Maybe 5% total at most. Points are worthless because in order to use them you have to spend some of your own money. The price you pay ends up being more than you’d pay at just about any retailer. I really wonder why I continue. 🤔
  • Used to work great 3/5

    By jjww610
    I have used for a few months now but the phone activity shows all the time and I am not on the phone while I drive. I don’t understand how the app calculates usage. It is way too sensitive so I may get rid of the app if this update doesn’t fix.
  • Customer 3/5

    By iblvnmrcls
    Would like to be able to schedule my payment in advance in lieu of the day of.
  • Allstate App 3/5

    By LynnMuñoz
    It is a functional application overall, but would like to have it log me in with facial recognition. Also, it doesn’t seem like my policies get updated right away compared to the full website. For example: the payment dates are not the same.
  • Can’t go wrong! 5/5

    By BamaGalJenn
    Couldn’t ask for a better company so far. They have been great so far in the 8 months I have been with them. Wish I had switched to them much sooner!
  • Allstate app 5/5

    By Sparksq
    All my policies in one place. Easy to access
  • Phone usage on trip not accurate 3/5

    By Vinny54
    A couple of times since the phone usage was added the app marked me as using the phone while driving when I wasn’t. It’s something I have never done. It’s a good feature but make it more accurate please. Time to delete this app...the phone usage function is definitely not’s not worth the discount if it’s not accurate
  • Easy 5/5

    By Grateful happy
    I love this app it is user friendly. Great!!!
  • Best star rating 4/5

    By Drivewise😄
    I love this star rating service!!!
  • App is ok 3/5

    By Arkhiker01
    Using the app for paying bill and stuff is fine, but the Drivewise part is always needing “attention” and not working correctly. It has never worked properly on my iPhone 7

Allstate® Mobile app comments

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