Ally Card Controls

Ally Card Controls

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  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ally Financial Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ally Card Controls App

Control how, when, and where your card is used. Set up and manage your Ally Bank debit card preferences right from your phone. Our Card Control app lets you take control of your Ally Bank debit card – so you can define when, where, and how your card is used. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to track specific transactions, customize your settings, manage notification preferences and so much more. Features Card on/off setting: If you turn the card off, we won’t allow purchases or withdrawals until you turn the card back “on”. Establish spending limits and merchant categories: You can allow transactions up to a certain amount to track spending and prevent fraud. Transactions can also be controlled and monitored for specific merchant categories like gas stations, department stores, restaurants, entertainment, travel, and supermarkets. Location-based controls: Using your phone’s GPS, the My Location feature can limit transactions to merchants located within a certain range of your phone’s location. You can also restrict purchases made in a specific region and deny international transactions. Transaction push notifications: We’ll send a notification whenever you make a purchase or your card was declined, and you’ll have plenty of custom options to choose from. We also send the notifications in real-time, so you’ll always know exactly when the activity took place. More details  • Our Card Controls app is free – your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply • Compatible with Apple: iOS9.0 or higher Please note: This isn’t a travel notification app and is for your Ally Bank debit card only. © 2020 Ally Bank, Member FDIC

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Ally Card Controls app reviews

  • Duh! 5/5

    By marshareinvention
    I have been to two banks that had this and never thought to suggest this. Great piece of mind.
  • App works now 4/5

    By DonJohnElGuapo
    Would not work for quite some time. Finally fixed on a random update. Don’t really care for having a separate app, but it does what it says it does. Can’t complain about the features.
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By alex91008
    Just why? Why do you need an extra app just to see your bank cards and transactions? This is something that should be baked right into the main app. And the fact that I have to open the main app first just to open the card controls app makes it that much more frustrating and inconvenient. Ally needs to move these features into their main banking app.
  • It works fine for me 5/5

    By JoBlo4774575
    It is curious why there is a stand alone card controls app, but you’ll half to use a button either way.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By srami0
    App hasn’t opened in months. Continually crashes.
  • So secure an IT security employee can’t figure it out 1/5

    By boomer0002
    I work in IT doing security and this app is completely ridiculous. I can’t even add money to Apple Pay from my Ally checking card because I’m not in the same location as Apple server processing the transaction. This is ridiculous. Even when I have the location restrictions turned off it denies the payment as an e-commerce expense when e-commerce payments are allowed. I am all for enhanced security, it’s my job. I do this daily. But there should be an option for when a transaction is declined to tap that transaction in either a.) approve the following transaction that matches this type and amount or B.) give me directions on how to turn on the card controls that need to be on in order to enable this transaction to be approved. There is no documentation other than what’s inside of the app and what’s inside the app it’s so basic that it doesn’t really give you any information on how to fix your issue. How am I supposed to know why the transaction is being declined if you give me no information as to why it was declined other than the type of transaction. I have this type of transactions enabled but it still declined it. I can set my region to be all of the United States and it’s still declined. I can set a region around The processing area and it’s still declined. So at what point will my transaction be approved?If I want to allow all transactions for e-commerce within the United States which would include adding money to Apple Pay you can’t do it,The funny thing is I did this almost a year ago and it worked flawlessly, but now it doesn’t work at all. So what is the point of the debit card at this point, it’s a piece of worthless plastic because nothing is being approved.
  • Doesn't work RIGHT when I need it to. 1/5

    By fkcuhsgf
    just shows a Retry button that does nothing.
  • Why is this a thing? 1/5

    By docwisdom
    Every other bank I use has card controls built in. Why do I need a totally separate app for this? Yes I like the rules and granularity of the controls but it should be fairly straight forward to move this code base into the main Ally app.
  • 👍🏽 good system to lock card by Ally Bank. 5/5

    By JeremiahJB
    Locking secures card when ‘not in use’ in case of theft or robbery. Pretty easy and fast to Lock Card. 5 Stars for this method of Card Security.
  • Does not work on iOS 15 1/5

    By timmychunks
    The app immediately crashes when trying to open on iOS 15. It hasn’t been updated in a year. The app desperately needs an update, or better yet to be integrated directly into the Ally banking app.
  • This app shouldn’t even exist 1/5

    By iMackiintosh
    Should be integrated into the Ally Bank app, but it also crashes on iOS 15 on iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By aces011
    Not only is it in two different apps, this one doesn’t do any of what it says.
  • Crashes a lot on open 1/5

    By Sirrus42
    I have used the card controls app since it first came out. It does it’s job well and is mostly set it and forget it. Unfortunately, the app crashes on open making it impossible to manage. I just upgraded phones and can’t set it up on my new phone because it won’t open.
  • Completely broken after iOS 15 update 1/5

    By CodyWN
    As soon as it tries to open through the main banking app it immediately crashes, can’t access card controls at all
  • Has not worked correctly for 3 years 1/5

    By Walkingpiehole
    Have not been able to get this app to open without first going into the Ally Mobile app and tapping the Card Controls app. Now this this also does not work so this app is unusable, making it impossible for me to use my debit card as I had it off and can’t turn it on now. Likely leaving Ally bank since they’ve only gotten worse over 3 years.
  • Please update app AGAIN!!!!!! 2/5

    By Pimpinghaley
    I would love to turn my card off right now but I can’t due to the card control app keeps crashing. ALL of the other banking apps have their card controls in ONE app but Ally has two apps and only the banking app works. Please fix this issue ASAP. Very frustrating. Still frustrated in Nevada.
  • Why two apps? 1/5

    By HansCurtis
    Card control is nice to have. But forcing customers to download a separate mobile app is stupid. Other banks like Chime have card control built into the main app. This is total technology incompetence.
  • Why can’t I do this from the main app? 1/5

    By Ssarahlouisee
    It makes no sense. Why do I have to take up more storage on my phone with a second app? Ally please just put these features in the main banking app. Seriously this is so dumb.
  • Absurd that this app even exists. 1/5

    By bjt3833
    The fact that you are forced to download this app to be able to lock your debit card is absurd and pointless. I cannot fathom as to why that ability isn’t in the real app or the mobile website.
  • Not the app for you 1/5

    By Icare4lil1z
    This app is worthless. There is nothing more annoying than not having access to my hard earned money. I can buy gas or pay my bills because my card is turned off and I can’t access the program to turn it back on. Customer Service is worthless.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By TabAdam
    Love this app! Yes, it’s a separate app but it’s easily accessible by clicking “Card Controls” in the Ally Banking app! I love being able to turn off the card when I’m not using it. This gives me a peace of mind since I’ve waken up to overnight fraudulent charges on a card before. One thing that could use some improvement is the On/Off button. One time I thought my card was “On” and a charge got declined. Wish it could be a radio button for “Card On” and “Card off.”
  • Waste 1/5

    By Twist317
    The app barely works
  • Cards controls in the same app 1/5

    By Rxgirl Houston
    Please put card controls in the same app
  • Combine them them 2/5

    By EvaNatalia_
    This really just needs to be a part of the mobile banking app. You have to open the bank app to access this one anyway. Love the concept but not user friendly and super inconvenient.
  • App Won’t load 1/5

    By Ellie Garrard
    App keeps crashing whenever I try to open it
  • My Regions does not work 1/5

    By jmplumm
    When I try to edit the My Regions part of Card Controls, any location I search for (country, state, zip code, etc) it says “Location Not Found.” Clearly a bug because officially that area should pop up but it doesn't.
  • App only crashes 1/5

    By whydoesn'tthiswork
    This app literally does not work
  • Makes my phone restart 1/5

    By Alex4845884
    This app makes my phone crash and restart every time I open it

    By HappyLender19
    Please - just make everything available in one app. The mobile experience truly needs some upgrades. Having two apps for my bank takes up unnecessary space - it’s not user friendly at all. I love Ally as my bank but the mobile experience as a whole needs some attention. It’s 2021 guys.
  • 😍😍😍 5/5

    By lol sepp
    It’s super good to use compared to other bank card that you can’t turn your card on or off
  • Why is this a separate app?? 1/5

    By PeterBinks
    Terrible from a technical, ux, ui, and overall experience point of view. Whatever drove the decision to make this a stand-alone app created a fractured, confusing, and frankly terrible user experience. I just changed banks from Simple because I had a savings account with them, but this doesn't bode well for people wanting modern interface to their bank accounts. I feel like I might as well go with any other bank with an experience like this.
  • Flashes Ally logo & crashes 1/5

    By zbeckman
    App doesn’t work. Crashes every time I try to use it.
  • Horrible design and functionality 1/5

    By FearTheDonkey
    Was this designed by a junior part time dev team? Interface is horribly confusing. In one section (Locations) you turn ON to deny. In the next (Merchant Types) you turn OFF to deny. Way to confuse users.
  • Combine this with the actual bank app 1/5

    By torrq_
    Other financial institutions does this in one app, I do not understand why Ally, one of the leading online bank in the US, cannot figure out how to merge this with their actual app.
  • Works Well 5/5

    By N8T0
    I've had no problems with this app. I wish it was more integrated in the Ally banking app but it works fine.
  • Please 2/5

    By pbas4333
    Please just combine this with the main app (and update the UI of both)
  • Retry Button 2/5

    By Goblin_Weed
    The only thing I’ve ever seen in this app is the Retry button. Big n blue at the bottom. It doesn’t matter how many times it tries, it can never change. Sometimes it says server error. I’m not sure what the point is to this app.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By KBH100
    I’m an iPhone super user in the tech space - I could never make this app work. Dumb idea to have a separate app, esp one that doesn’t work. Wish I could give this zero stars.
  • We are begging you... 1/5

    By Manish_C
    Roll this useless waste-of-space app into the main Ally app. There is absolutely no need for this to continue in 2021 besides your tech departments laziness or your company’s unwillingness to make any beneficial changes unless you are forced.
  • Subpar app that should not even exist 1/5

    Please merge the features into your main banking app, like other banks do. Having a second app for this is such an odd decision. It would also be great if the app could be used to activate the debit card instead of having to call an automated phone service to do so. It feels so old fashioned.
  • Totally broken 1/5

    By b0b4444
    Totally broken app. Literally doesn’t do anything. It just has a big “Retry” button that doesn’t do anything, a “Help” button that doesn’t do anything, and an “info” button that doesn’t do anything. I am amazed that an online only bank would have the nerve to release something like this
  • Terrible doesn’t work 1/5

    By seeegz
    Doesn’t do anything
  • Crashes every time I try to open it. 1/5

    By Ricky123445
    Crashes every time I try to open it. Needs to be updated ASAP.
  • Works But Shouldn’t Be a Standalone 2/5

    By -kidadas
    Let me start by saying I haven’t had any real issues with the app. I used it for years, but kind of fell out of the habit. Then someone stole my debit card info and I became much more vigilant about it. It works well enough. I’m able to manage my debit card and any transactions. I get a push notification any time my card is used. I turn off my card for certain types of transactions and it works. The charges get denied and I get push notifications when that happens. A minor issue I have is with the transaction tags. There are four: untagged, business, personal and family. There’s no way to add or edit tags. It’d be helpful if that function was available. I’d prefer to add more specific tags to categorize things like subscription services, dining out, bills and so on, all of which I tag as personal. It’s not helpful when you only want to see how much you’re spending on dining out, for example. A major issue I have is that this shouldn’t be an app separate from Ally Mobile. Card controls should just be a task within Ally Mobile. It’s already listed under the Tasks menu, just make it so that clicking through takes you to the controls inside that app instead of opening another app. You can’t even log into Card Controls without going through Ally Mobile first, so what’s the point? It’s all so tedious. Get rid of this app altogether and streamline the process. I’m inclined to give this app one star for the two issues I mentioned, but it gets an additional star because it does do its job.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By 01tired
    The app does not work!!
  • Why is this a separate app? 2/5

    By Scorch07
    It works well enough, I guess, through it feels clunky. But I see no reason for this to be a separate app. Just put it in the main Ally app. And if you can’t do that, at least make it so you can log into this app directly without having to go through the main app.
  • most unnecessary app ever 1/5

    By rem736
    why doesn’t ally just incorporate the functions of this app into the main ally app? makes no sense. to use this app, you have to open the main app, then use the main app to open this app. opening this app by itself is impossible, even if the main app is already open.
  • Card lock feature 5/5

    By Legend1908
    Amazing to be able to lock my card at any time I wish. It is an awesome caveat to banking with Ally and it’s appreciated. This card lock feature changes everything!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Kinzie7546#
    I like the card controls app. Since I was laid off my job and having a baby soon I need my money for essentials and all of my bills charge my account one after the other. I couldn’t get by without it.