Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog?

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: FAYJU
  • Compatibility: Android
1,011 Ratings
$ 4.99

Amazing Frog? App

Amazing Frog? is a kind of bonkers game stuffed with a bunch of physics sandbox fun, all set in the glorious UK town of Swindon. Fly out of cannons, bounce off trampolines and for the more conventional... drive cars or jetskis. Unlock items, outfits, collect cats? and sorts of weird stuff. Clean up the Town for Swindon Citizen Points Brave the Sewer zombie outbreaks, Unlock the Swindon Space Program and Discover the Magical Mystery Toilet. Take a trip to Fart gyms Lock up the criminals or flush them down the toilet.. watch out for the sea life it has got some bite to it. Ants? Lazers? Grapple Hooks? Balloons? buses? and the rest Amazing Frog? pocket edition - from Gaz n Hal at Fayju.

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Amazing Frog? app reviews

  • What 1/5

    By irrjjdhfhgutjfnfhjdjdnfbnf
    I rated it 1 stare because when ever I go in to fart gyms it dos not give me the app and now the Segway wheels glitch out
  • Add joke frog to kill you and add blimps for mobile 5/5

    By truensnsnsnsn
    So the driveable blimps are on computers but not on should also add the creeper suit to mobile also add joke frog where he kills you pls if you do I will love this game so much and it’s already my favorite game
  • Just stupid 2/5

    By cruzer328
    I loved the pc version but the iPad app one is Garbage please fix it. and I don’t have a knock down app.
  • Great but 4/5

    By savage_Alejo
    I have not been able to see the Swindon letters and I can have a Deadpool skin and it’s not fair that in is different than the p.e so I want ever thing like in the original game
  • Great game 5/5

    By AliYarb
    The moon is so much fun so is Swindon
  • Needs updates 4/5

    By Jbbaconjr
    Need to add more things like updates skins and more Easter eggs
  • Please listen 5/5

    By make me nine
    I love this game but could you make a skin this is in the sky
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Nikki6984
    I got this game for my son to play. It’s not loading past the first screen. I wasted $5 for this game. Now I know why I only do free games. Never again
  • Awesome! But I have one request 4/5

    By Awesome gamer 17
    This is one of my favorite games ever! But I was very disappointed to find out that there was no Spider-Frog porta-potty. :( Please put him in pocket edition. But it is overall an amazing game! Also two more small requests can you maybe add in an Indiana Frog porta-potty? I would be very great-full if you did! And my little brother plays it and absolutely loves Iron man. He would love it if you added in an Iron Frog porta-potty. If you added in Spider-Frog and Indiana Frog my rating would be five stars! Also could you put those characters in an easy spot to find. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Spider-Frog
  • why I gave it five stars 5/5

    By 2'qiqsiowqqwqq
    I know it’s not like the computor I unlocked every thing the zombies are easy to kill u use ak47 machine gun and flame I have space I just want to know how u get the cat head thing and please up date this game like the computor version yes I have the big toilet
  • It won’t let me get joke frog 3/5

    By uwisis
    I got 500 knock downs and it should not let me get it 👎🏻
  • Read this please 4/5

    By pungence fan
    Please add the big map I the next update
  • BETTER THEN PC AMAZING FROG? !!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Word is dumb
  • You need to fix the zombies, controls and the aiming for the weapons. 3/5

    By The real 360dragon
    The reason I am not giving this game 4 or 5 stars is because the zombies should be a little slower. Another reason is the controls don’t really work. When I use the move thing it dose it either won’t let me use it or it Make the camera move up. Third is it is so hard to use the weapons. Thanks for your time have a good day P.S. I have changed the controls thing but it only helps a little.
  • Map is too small 3/5

    By TCF MoleJr
    I like the game but the map is too small compared to the Computer version
  • It a good game but its lacking in skins locations 3/5

    By ggyehgebhyefgut
    Great game but it should be more similar to the pc version like it needs more skins,locations,and a bigger map like the pc version.
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By a cow goes moo!
    2 of my friends suggested this game I got it it is super fun but I don’t know how to get to space or anything so that is one thing I need help with. It is a kid friendly game and fun it is worth the money 💰 and I just wanted to give a few tips. Thank you Swindon I like this better than goat simulator 😂 From @$&???
  • Good but a tiny problem 4/5

    By nt105
    I have seen people play this but there’s no Swindon on sea There are no roads outside of Swindon there might need to be a update I play this on a iPad I don’t no if that makes a difference?
  • I love it but..... 5/5

    By ARod180314
    I am a big fan of this game but there is not a lot of islands in the game..... but I still love it😎😎😎😎😎😎
  • The game good but the download apps of Swindon does not work that much 5/5

    By Jctto
    When l try to get fsports it did not download on the phone
  • Good but not enough 4/5

    By ghgvydhyvf
    The only reason I am not giving it a five star because there should be a Mode to switch to normal map
  • It ok just 4/5

    By Facebookfanatic
    It takes like an hour to load and that’s they only reason I have 1 less star 🌟
  • I Whant me money back 😡 1/5

    By super pro Marco
    Aaaaaaa I want me money back
  • Domb game 1/5

    By poopdudeman21
    This game whould be way better with an awesome update😔😢
  • Plz make this game like pc version 5/5

    By cool but question
    It would be really cool if this game on Mobile would look like pc version plz ad that plz
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Jacob737136633
    I wanted this game once I saw it, but it’s not like the PC version where you can drive to that blimp but it is a Mobile game. There isn’t a lot of content outside, Otherwise 4 stars.
  • Can you make dis update 5/5

    By bendyslend
    This game is super fun but could you make this multiplayer too? It makes the game MORE fun
  • They stole my stuff 2/5

    By Skiylighter
    I was getting on and the it said every frog got an fphone so I checked all my apps wrere gone!!!i checked my my wordrobe ALL MY SKINS WERE GONE a and My ROCKET ME HATS EVERTHING UGHHH I’d give you my 3stars back if you gave it back I might delete it!!!
  • Great game! ...but 5/5

    By Jendieterle
    A great game and all but the controls are kinda hard to use.
  • Buggy 5/5

    By ushehebidhbhsbh
    Whenever I get this 👌 close to getting the keycard the game crashes I tried to get in 142 times btw I counted on pages. Btw I love the game keep updating for mobile so mobile players have a good experience. Btw a youtuber named pungence inspired me to get 6 bucks from chores to get this so I’m Not hating just informing you so you can fix it for us THX😍🧐😞😀😀😃😄😁🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏👏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🐸
  • Grate game but... 3/5

    By datboicrazy
    It’s good but there’s one island i get board I don’t know all the secret and I wanna know I wish there was more islands and the secrets were more easy to find.. and the skins ugh so hard to find and I could fly the blimps so that’s all I want
  • It’s going well 5/5

    By gwdyurhrfif
    I just got started and It’s was so much fun in 1 second of time and i I’m still trying to figure out a way to get out of Swindon but it is so fun
  • Fayju 3/5

    By AW4173
    Can you please add Swindon on Sea? And add test rooms and everything on computer version.
  • I love it but can you please do this in an update 4/5

    By liongaurd
    Add both pigs in and not a frog version and can you add the islands and the orbs and blips to control please? and thank you.
  • Zombies! Amazing frog fan 4/5

    By bootty booty
    I would give this game a five star but the zombies go 500 miles in hour please make them slower. I’m trying to get to the vault.are maybe you can just make a very easy mode were verything is already unlocked . And please put more frog people thanks if you make this happen if you do it .ill give this game five stars thanks oh yeah I watch pungence
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By sonic1605
    Good game but I can not go to the weapon button and very bad at tramplings please fayju add teleportation to amazing frog?
  • What a little bit stinky frogs 5/5

    By Shann_ME
    Stinky farts are OK but but poopy pants is bad but poop poop but but poop poop poop poop but but there was poop in the game you
  • Can’t summon the giant moon worm 4/5

    By ethan8tar
    I headed to the satellite and the giant moon worm wouldn’t appear but only little ones would the way the game is awesome
  • Riot 3/5

    By MySweetSunshine
    Let’s get a riot in here BRING BACK PIG NUTEN
  • Update 5/5

    By Evan alexsender salcido
    Hey I got in idea for amazing frog can you put clothing in the in the toilet
  • Great but.. 4/5

    By roommmmmmmmmmmmy
    I wish there was more skins and more stuff to do, like on pc. I played the game twice to see if I missed anything. So please add more. Amazing frog was the best game I ever played.
  • Great but a lot of problem 3/5

    By teffiiuu
    There’s no other frogs in my game accept for pig frog joke frog criminal frog and frogs with signs and you need some of those skins that are in computer version like dead pool frog link frog pickachu and also you think that computers get to do stuff easier but getting the jetpack is rigged I can’t spawn the giant worm I can’t get retro beacause I can’t se but computers can so how a bout you give me joke frog and retro and I’ll give you five stars
  • Love it 5/5

    By Clumped
    If your not sure about the game well don’t I will tell you its worth the money Just two things The Sewer Zombies.. are a little strong and sometimes they are immune to my gun Second make the Magic toilet please!!!!!
  • The game is ok 3/5

    By antoniosawsome111
    On the outside of Swindon there’s only an island and I want the dead cool skin but i don’t see a blimp or anything an the rocket is all covered up I don’t know why it’s been 8 months no update that’s why I rate it 5 stars
  • What about the frog milk coffee app and the outside stuff. 4/5

    By all of the nicknames are thake
    I can’t get the frog milk coffee app or order any sodas or coffee
  • Love it but 3/5

    By robo steve
    I love the game and the balloon jet pack but there’s lots of things I’m bummed at I wish it wasn’t pocket edition because it’s a small world and There’s is not much costumes and there was drones but it’s not there and you can’t get coffee and you can’t kill the Megalodon and there’s not a red Megalodon and there’s no blimps and you can’t get the fart gyms app and I have Enough Knock out points for joke frog but it won’t let me get it even if I’m Touching it so please fix this please please fix this everyone has been complaining about this and you never updated it so please please let it update please please update this please please update it so everyone will be happy
  • Gay 1/5

    By Soneguy1299
  • Who came here because FGTeeV? 5/5

    By -jackson glen lipes age 9
    I was here because fgteev!
  • Ugh 2/5

    By DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!
    I put two stars because the giant space worm would go around the laser and no matter what I do it keeps going around it.

Amazing Frog? app comments

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