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Amazon Chime

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  • Current Version: 4.14.6217
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Chime App

Amazon Chime is a new communications service that transforms meetings and video calls with a secure, easy-to-use application that you can trust. With Amazon Chime, you can conduct online meetings, connect with video conferencing, call, chat, and share content easily, both inside and outside your organization. Amazon Chime is available on any device, and your meetings and conversations are always synchronized so that you can stay connected. Key Features: • Tap to join meetings – no more lengthy pin numbers • Video conference calls with high-definition video tiles • Easily control meetings with the visual roster • Tap to share content, view on any device • Chat and chat rooms, with attachments Amazon Chime frees you to work wherever you need to with a single app for all your communications needs.


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Amazon Chime app reviews

  • Quick reply doesn’t work 2/5

    By slig81303
    Quick reply doesn’t work! I’ve responded to or rather thought I responded to many pings from my coworker and manager and come to find out nothing was sent. This is a big problem and needs to be fixed.
  • Worst chat app ever 1/5

    By nestyone
    Worst chat app ever
  • Does chatting really well 4/5

    By SaracenSam
    Edit: Update to my original review. The main problems that I had in the past with the app was that it wasn’t optimized for the iPhone X and their were notification sync issues between the mobile phone app and PC notification. That has all been fixed and the issues have been resolved. I’ve never made a call through this app. My department relies on the chat/group chat feature primarily. Occasionally, I’ll still get some issues with the notifications but, for the most part, the app works really well and is super reliable from my experience.
  • Needs heavy modern UI changeover 1/5

    By mhatrey
    UI is so non intuitive. Seems like it was made in the era of Windows XP. Top things that are missing as of 02/13/2018 - Markdown Support - In line GIF Support - Quote reply to a particular post - Room/Group Message search (Current search is global and searches all Rooms that you have been part of) - Chat bot I refuse to think this as an Amazon product given there are so many smart developers/engineers supporting and AWS
  • Guys, write modern apps 2/5

    By AppsTastic
    This app hasn’t been updated for iPhone X, runs extremely slow on iPad. Scrolling your contacts list is near unusable on the most expensive iPad Pro you can currently buy, and it doesn’t support multitasking (something Skype, Messages, Facebook Messenger, Slack all do just fine), and is made obvious with fonts and scaling that this app simply isn’t native. Oh yeah, notifications on my iPhone X are completely unreliable and often times I don’t even receive messages until I open the app. Not always though! Gotta love the inconsistency! If my company didn’t force me to use this I’d scrap it in a heartbeat! You’re a huge company, clean up your act and write a great, native mobile app!!! Update 2/6/17: Thank you for providing iPhone X and iPad Pro improvements! These are literally two devices I use constantly. You’ve earned another star for that! Now you have 2. Why do you only have 2? Because notifications are still totally inconsistent, and before this becomes a battery life discussion, every single chat app has accurate notifications today. Figure it out. Secondarily, scrolling is super laggy. Using Chime does not feel smooth at all, and it’s obvious it wasn’t natively written. Ditch React guys already. You have large enough development teams to write native apps, please provide something with parallel usability to your competitors on mobile at a minimum!
  • Badge notifications not working properly 2/5

    By Skadoo323
    Would love to use Chime, but the badge notifications on iOS just don’t make any sense. For example I will get a notification, click on it, the app opens, but none of the chat rooms refresh automatically to even show the green dot to identify activity in a chat room. Reliability needs to be improved. Till then the app creates work which shouldn’t be needed by the end user.
  • App Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TZ32t
    Can’t log into a meeting either by clicking on a link in a calendar invite or by manually typing in the meeting code. Always need to go back to my laptop to sign in to the meeting.
  • iPhone X support? 1/5

    By tolinwei
    Isn’t Amazon a tech company?
  • Not yet... 2/5

    By Dragn65
    Not there yet. Needs major improvements. Will keep my eye on it. Expecting better experience from an Amazon product.
  • No iPhone X Support 2/5

    By dmlaninga
    Seems to work ok, but is not supported well on iPhone X.
  • Keeps Bombing 2/5

    By JimC415
    iPhone -- only works when there is an incoming request or as an alert. Can't open Chime to originate anything. Renders it useless.
  • Behind... 2/5

    By Ha boy
    No iPhone X support after a month, push notifications still don’t work reliably... calling works fine.
  • Decent app 5/5

    By NandaKure
    Needs a better design. :-/
  • Ok but needs work... 3/5

    By Cw8us
    Scheduled meetings do not reliably call you. We stopped using that feature for our daily standup and just had everyone call in manually. The app has this incredibly annoying habit of adding the red notification bubble displaying one message. But when you open the app, nothing. Naturally, I started ignoring the red number 1. Which, of course, means that every once in a while there really is a message, which I respond to very late. Argh. Once called in or chatting it is great, but the fit and finish isn’t quite there yet.
  • Not ready to ship 3/5

    By Robrogan
    Use this at work all the time, and it accomplishes chat and calls yes, but overall just not a great design. There are plenty of services that also “work” but with so much competition in this space, I don’t think Chime deserves above 3 stars. Edit/delete messages Better attachment flow (see telegram or slack) GIFs would be great but no reason at all haha
  • Needs to improve quickly! 2/5

    By LeHotsauce
    What I like. Video conferencing capabilities are generally very good. What needs work. All the instant messaging. Updates and notifications to device (iPhone) and laptop (macOS) are routinely VERY slow. The concept of ‘rooms’ as non-discoverable, invite-only entities is short sighted. Instant messages should be editable so typos can be corrected. Emoji and +1 support for messages please!!! Use Slack as a guiding light and work toward that goal quickly...or become irrelevant. As a combination messaging and conferencing tool, you have a really great opportunity to be disruptive. Don’t blow it! Please.
  • Need contacts grouping feature 4/5

    By Louis.Cai
    It lacks the contacts grouping which is available in most of other Apps like Skype!
  • Great app, but needs some work... 3/5

    By Matthewdon
    First, I love Chime’s availability across multiple platforms. The ease of transitioning between my iPhone, ipad, work laptop, and personal laptop is seamless. However, there are a couple items that should be reviewed, fixed, and implemented: 1 - When connected to my Smart Keyboard (iPad 10.5), hitting return does not send the message through. There have been a couple times I’ve thought I’ve responded to a message and found out it’s still waiting in the chat box. 2 - Cross device notifications need some work. If I miss a message on my desktop by a minute or two, the app on my device notifies me. Which is great in theory, but there are times I’m getting multiple notifications across multiple devices. 3 - notifications should disappear on other devices if a message is opened or a meeting is attended. For example, if I miss a notification on my ipad, but end up responding on my phone or laptop, the notification should disappear in the app (badges, banners, history, etc.) 4 - Allow more statuses! This is a big issue for me. You’re only allowed to have available or busy as a status. And if you’re on mobile, there’s no do not disturb, away, or out of office message. The only way to truly not be interrupted is to hide your status with everyone, but the problem with this is there are times you may want to receive messages, but people may not ping you if they notice you’re away or out of office - or at least will expect a delayed response. It’s still day one in the chime world, and I am sure it will only get better over time!
  • Will not stay logged in 1/5

    By brennanMKE
    Every single day the app makes me log in again. I wish I did not have to use this app for work.
  • Ok but needs work 2/5

    By Don't Fix! Start Over!
    Biggest complaint is that features for scheduling a meeting from iPhone are different than desktop version. Sloppy calendar integration. When you schedule a meeting using iPhone app, it should auto-populate meeting connection information in the meeting notes. Or at least present a pop up to copy the info like it does on the desktop version. Also experience connectivity issues. What's strange is connectivity is better from phone over LTE than via laptop over WiFi.
  • Getting Two Notifications For Everything 2/5

    By Zigamorph
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By frustrated chime user
    I work with a remote team and we have been using and paying for chime every month. The experience has been horrible with choppy connections, multiple disconnects, audio being out of sync etc. we switched to google hangouts since the past two weeks and it’s been a breeze to use plus it’s free!
  • Doesn't understand screen size 3/5

    By skjohnston
    A shame that an app from a company like Amazon can't take the time to build something that scales to the screen size of my device. I have an 11.9" iPad Pro and I seem to have some smaller version scaled up to fit the display. This results in big text that I can't change (why aren't they using text preferences?) a ridiculous on-screen keyboard, and everything looks fuzzy.
  • Works but nothing special 2/5

    By Randy J. Sasswander
    Easy communication but lacks a lot of basic usable features of the phone, like haptic feedback.
  • Great Messaging App for people that want some privacy 5/5

    By Fr8DC
    This is a great messaging for people that want privacy to discuss business conversation and it is not spammy like Facebook Messenger.
  • Lacks share extension 4/5

    By trendyguy1234
    Messaging app without a share extension is pretty inexcusable in 2017. Otherwise works great.
  • Great on iPhone. Good on iPad. 4/5

    By <—JamesG—>
    Can you enable Split View support on iPad? Would help when multitasking. Thanks.
  • Nice and much needed 5/5

    By Lokesh Joshi
    I use it often for office work and so nice and seamless integration !
  • Very good 5/5

    By Yunsong Wu
    Nice app
  • It was better than Cats 5/5

    By chauncey morris
    I'll use it again and again
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By RonnyDaMac
    Tried to register three times over course of an hour. Can't get confirmation email. Misspellings in help screen. Typical Amazon. Flash, no substance. Deleted.
  • An Amazon Employee's Review 4/5

    By JaredGray92
    Could use some better enterprise features, e.g. "current working location" for WFH or cross-site communication. Pretty good overall.
  • Updated and now requires Pro for literally everything. 1/5

    By That Guy That Is Not Taken
    Was fantastic for about 5 minutes. My small start up used it for all video conference calls, now while trying to get the next meeting set up it blocks me out and says it requires a 'Pro' account. Wrote and told everyone to delete the app.
  • Room notifications? 3/5

    By justinsepulveda
    I'm missing so many important conversations on the go because I can't set notifications by room. Also want control over notification badge. I don't want notifications badge count for every room. Only if someone has called out my attention within a room.
  • Not enough features. 1/5

    By Arkadium315
    App is super basic, still in its infancy.
  • Great meeting app 5/5

    By Againa
    You don't have to remember anymore pin or dial in... just a one button conference call, and with dial back enabled, so when the conference start you get a pop up on your pc asking to join. You can tell people you're few minutes late.. Amazing
  • Disappointed 😔 1/5

    By Bivol-wow
    Another application for chatting with friends. In my opinion this is not a very good copy of Skype, the connection is not very good and because of this I was often disconnected
  • Message composition confusing 2/5

    By Phreno
    I tried several times to start a new message to someone via email address. Frustratingly, kept erasing the email. Finally figured out I have to first add someone to Contacts. Why not just allow invite from message composer?
  • No irc clones were harmed in the coding of this app 1/5

    By SchmutzKaufmann
    Any similarities to slack and or google hangouts and or lync and or skype and or webex are unintentional.
  • Multi device chat 5/5

    By jakpot
    Having a secure platform to communicate across platforms helps at work.
  • GTM is better 3/5

    By MrocKK
    It's good, but I feel GTM is better.
  • Chime 3/5

    By Umerr
    Unable to receive calls on iphone. Video also not working
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Aficionado05
    It has exceptional features. Loved it! 😊
  • two snaps up! 5/5

    By tamahimura
    audio and video are awesome! love not having to remember pins.

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