Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

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  • Current Version: 2.0.1795
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Fire TV App

The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS enhances your Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick access to your favorite apps and games. It features: • Voice search (not available in all countries) • Simple navigation • Playback controls • Keyboard for simple text entry • Quick access to your apps and games Compatibility: • Multicast-enabled router required • Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streaming media players • For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

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Amazon Fire TV app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By amberblanco87
    App works when it wants doesn’t always connect needs an entire system upgrade it disconnects out of nowhere and won’t connect again for hours. If i could give app 0 stars i would
  • Eh....mostly ok 3/5

    By kitkatcadillac47
    I’m grateful this app exists. Our remote does not work well and this is nice to have when it isn’t working. is always “reconnecting” and I don’t understand why there are no volume buttons!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By okemowolf
    Reconnecting. Can’t connect.when am I going to actually watch a movie?
  • Worst APP Ever! 1/5

    By 227mom
    This app is ridiculous!! It take forever to connect to the fire stick. And once it’s finally connect. And you get to the remote control it’s disconnects again and then it has to reconnect all over again. And sometimes it doesn’t connect and say it can’t connect any that you need to make sure that it’s connected to the correct amazon account. And you have to keep turning your WiFi off and on and signing in and out of the app. To finally be able to use it and you have to hurry up and use it while you can because it will disconnect in the middle of you finding something to watch. It’s is TOTALLY USELESS AND AGGRAVATING APP THAT I HAVE EVER USE BEFORE IN MY LIFE AND DONT RECOMMEND anyone to use this app.
  • Work no mo... 1/5

    By Kreamowheat
    Worked fine on my iPhone SE... had to upgrade to a new iphone for work and now it might connect 1 out of a 100 times. Sad because it was a clever little app. Now it’s a waste of space.
  • Stopped Working 1/5

    By beastmodemad
  • Works 4% of the time 1/5

    By ughhhhhh14568
    So frustrating. Makes me want to switch to Apple TV. Don’t let you dog chew your remote up or you’ll never be able to pause a movie when you want to again.
  • Poor connections... 2/5

    By combatdave89
    I’m always losing connection and can’t connect? Any ideas? The app is a good idea, but not trustworthy.
  • Expect more from Amazon 2/5

    By Seahorn
    Pretty weak app compared to TiVo. No ability to search or record. Outside the remote and if you want to watch recordings on your phone, no real reason to download. Hoping for more in time.
  • Only works to turn fire stick on 1/5

    By The real mike vick
    It’ll work initially then disconnects, unable to turn the stick off
  • This is a NO! 3/5

    By LALA♐️
    Every time I try to use the fire tv remote app it always says cannot connect to T.V and I’ve tried deleting it and downloading it back but it still seems to lag
  • Awful, borderline useless app 1/5

    By Dwight Davis
    This app will work about 5% of the time, and then it will refuse to connect to the Fire Stick until you delete and re-download the app and restart your Fire Stick. One of the least functional apps I’ve ever used.
  • Only works sometimes 1/5

    By Mommadefghji
    If you like unplugging your fire stick every time you want to use this stupid remote, this is the app for you. It’s very frustrating. Half (more than half) the time it won’t connect unless you reset the whole stupid stick.
  • No guide for Recast users? 2/5

    By TylerAtwood
    A huge oversight for over the air Recast users (cord cutters). I don’t see why a guide isn’t here it would make using the app so much easier!
  • If 2/5

    By mya 8
    If it would let me download the app and it will connect every time then this app would be perfect.
  • Connection problems 1/5

    By NoooNaaame123
    I always have trouble connecting it to my fire tv. I literally have to sit there and restart everything and sign out to sign back in and sometimes it’s still doesn’t not work. Annoying and inconvenient.
  • Reconnecting issues constant 1/5

    By Overexposures
    This app worked fairly well the first week or so that it was connected. If your phone locks it usually takes about 5-15 seconds to “reconnect” to the app. Now it hardly ever connects to the firestick. This app is loaded with bugs like this. Don’t lose your remote folks. You don’t know how easy you have it...
  • Great 5/5

    By interior designor
    This app is amazing it works so well and connects instantly when you go on the app it automatically shows which fire stick you have and it is so easy to use I so recommend it 😋👌🏻👍🏻
  • Reconnecting 1/5

    By WineWrightwithKelly
    What is the problem with the app, Amazon? I've used it for years and recently it isn't registering who I am or where my Firestick is. Totally annoying.
  • Only works occasionally. 2/5

    By ryl$$
    When it works, it is a great and helpful app. It has problems connecting 45% of the time. I sign out, delete the app, restart my phone & it still doesn’t connect. Needs some major reprogramming.When they fix that I would give 5 stars.
  • Will not connect 1/5

    By K_rock4712
    The app either does not connect at all or loses connection within 10 minutes. Then will not connect again for at least 24 hours. The remote for my Fire TV no longer works so this is the only option I have, which is not much of an option as it works only when it wants.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By linz456
    This is the worst app amazon has. It is constantly reconnecting and never works. Don’t lose your remote or watching anything on your fire stick starts to become the worst experience you’ll ever had. Extremely frustrating and hoping this gets fixed.

    By mhr723
    The remote that came with the fire stick died after a few months. The app ALWAYS has issues connecting with the fire stick. I have to unplug/plug in the fire stick, download/uninstall the app, sign in/sign out of amazon and this only occasionally gets it to work. Poor product/poor app!
  • Rarely stays connected 1/5

    By Taylurk510
    More often then not the app fails to connect to my fire stick.
  • Forever reconnecting: the fire stick story! 1/5

    By JSXW
    This app is horrendous! It rarely connects to the fire stick and when it does it will lose connection in the middle of scrolling! This was a huge swing and miss Amazon.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Rickassley
    I’ve tried many different apps and this is the only one that seems to actually work. I don’t know what these other reviewers are talking about, it’s a really a useful app.
  • “Reconnecting” issues 1/5

    By 1274884836ghhhh
    Constantly having to “reconnect” and it takes a very long time to connect. This is the only way I am able to navigate since I lost my actual remote. This app needs to be fixed. I find myself trying to connect, reinstalling the app, and even restarting my phone way more than I should, especially because there are hours where it just will not connect. The internet is not the issue as I have full WiFi connection next to the device my fire stick is plugged into.
  • This app is trash 2/5

    By Amand_mar
    It keep telling me it can’t locate my fire stick and disconnects every 5 min . So annoying I had to delete the app
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By E11e89
    This app never connects to the firestick. Even when I delete the app and re-install still doesnt work. Sign out of the app and still nothing.
  • Garbo 1/5

    By OverlordA45
    This junk doesn’t even connect sometimes like bruh
  • It isn’t connecting to my fire stick 2/5

    By Netflix❤️🖤❤️
    It keeps saying it isn’t connecting to my firestick! And then I have to try so many solutions to get it working again.
  • Fix it. 1/5

    By Reginaaaasa
    There’s always a problem with this app. Either it’s reconnecting & never connects, or it just simple doesn’t do anything but give you a black screen.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Ajjdhdn
    Worked great for awhile, but as of the last week or so won’t connect except for on occasion.
  • I don’t understand how you can develop such a crappy product 1/5

    By soozythedoozy
    Firestick is incredibly inconvenient. Tired of having to unplug my firestick every time the app decides it can’t find my firestick. This has been ongoing for a year. I don’t even understand what the point of updating if it’s just breaking my app further.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By madisontandrews
    I am constantly having issues with this app. It’s either always trying to reconnect or can’t find my fire stick. If I need to use the keyboard function then for the next week the keyboard screen won’t stop popping up when I’m trying to use the main screen. I frequently have to unplug my fire stick completely just so the app will pick it up. Terribly irritating.
  • What a horror show 3/5

    By Who f'in cares
    App is horrendous. Constantly disconnecting, multiple attempts to connect fail. Poor excuse of a Prime product. Navigation is sad since remote is not configured to match the remote that comes with the fire stick but doesn’t seem to work with brand new batteries. If I had it to do over knowing what I know now I’d buy a different product.
  • Horrible!!! 1/5

    By The Man in Brown
    Our son dropped and broke our remote, so I got this app, since you can’t buy a new remote from Amazon. At first I didn’t think it was that bad, but they must have done an update and now I’m always getting a message that it can’t connect or can’t find the WiFi. So some days we put on something and after watching an episode or two, we can’t turn it off or change the show/movie. So we’ll have to get behind the entertainment center and unplug the Firestick, so it will stop playing. Some days we can’t watch anything, because the remote doesn’t work.
  • Works fine, could use a widget for quicker access 4/5

    By Emilyroseemily
    This app is awesome when my remote is lost in the recesses of the couch or (god forbid) all the way on the other side of the room. The only reason I don’t replace my constantly remote with this app altogether is because it takes a minute to open the app. Every time you have to switch back to the app, it has to reconnect to the stick. I feel like it would benefit users so much to have a widget and have the app constantly connected when in use (if possible) so we could just slide over to pause, etc.
  • Randomly Quit 1/5

    By LadyAdena
    I’ve had this app on my phone for years. It recently just stopped connecting to my fire sticks and firetv! Can we get an upgrade? This is annoying.
  • Doesn’t connect more then 50% of time. Best bet is an original firestick remote 1/5

    By jjjasonpof
    Not reliable at all
  • They need to actually try to make this app work 1/5

    This app is constantly disconnecting. It’s always taking 7 minutes to load, then once it “loads”, I get a cannot connect message. I always sign out, sign back in, delete and reinstall, everything. It’s like it chooses when it wants to connect. Very rarely, it will connect, but then disconnect again. If anyone who’s reading this works for amazon, please, at least try to make this app better. I’m usually not one to complain, I’m not very picky... but I have a full week, horseback, sailing, band practice, and I’m exhausted... I just want to be able to come home and watch tv without having to argue with an app.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By AnganaS
    Does not connect
  • When I try and connect to another tv it keeps on playing the tutorial 2/5

    By SkyrimTale
    If I try and connect to a different firestick the tutorial keeps playing and I can’t stop it. Please fix that
  • Too long connecting 2/5

    By Clynne617
    I agree with Sissy. This app works great when it’s working but it hardly works. I downloaded this app because I lost my remote. This app doesn’t stay active long and you have to wait for it to reconnect every five minutes. Sometimes it won’t reconnect. I find that I waste more time trying to get it to find my fire stick even though they’re on the same Wi-Fi network. It’s more of a hassle than it’s worth most of the time. I tried to use it tonight and ended up not watching anything on the fire stick at all because it would not connect. it’s so frustrating!
  • Roku app is wayyy better 1/5

    By haley sheridan
    I have two Roku TVs and one fire... I use both apps and roku app is wayyy better! I have a toddler and two dogs so my remotes always disappear or break😖 I always get the “reconnecting” message with the fire app. Sometimes I can’t even get the app to connect to my tv and it drives me crazy!!! My next tv will most definitely be a roku or maybe I’ll just keep track of my remotes haha
  • Fire Stick Remote 1/5

    By FirelilySunshine
    It barely works as a remote. There is not enter key or arrows to work your way around. Roku definitely has a better app.
  • Almost great 4/5

    By fallen01
    You need to make a Basic watch out for when you’re just sitting down and don’t wanna mess with your phone Tap your watch
  • Life saver ! 5/5

    By Gee Seven
    Came through for me when I lost my remote lol works fine on my phone !
  • App never connects 1/5

    By TackeDaddY
    The app will connect to your fire stick maybe once every ten times. Then you have to try and unplug it or just pray something is going to work. What’s the point of even having an app for it if it can’t even connect on the same network? Honestly invest in a roku.

Amazon Fire TV app comments

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