Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

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  • Current Version: 2.1.1649
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Fire TV App

The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS enhances your Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick access to your favorite apps and games. It features: • Voice search (not available in all countries) • Simple navigation • Playback controls • Keyboard for simple text entry • Quick access to your apps and games • Fire TV Recast support Compatibility: • Multicast-enabled router required • Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streaming media players • For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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Amazon Fire TV app reviews

  • This is pretty bad 1/5

    By *illkillyou*
    It’s pretty easy to connect to the fire stick but it’s the glitchiness of the app if I push on of the up down left or right buttons it gets stuck and just keeps scrolling this makes it hard to select things or type
  • Not working 2/5

    By qqqqq728
    It’s not letting me use Rewind or fast forward! And It’s a white box popping up on the screen, that want go away. The tv keeps pausing!
  • Deleted and Redownloaded TOO MANY TIMES 2/5

    By MarieNatalie
    This app has been working half the time, when it’s working as it should no problem But I’ve deleted and had to redownload over 3 times. What is the deal? My WiFi is on, it recognized it before I put a movie on and now at the end credits and I can’t use the remote app. Trash, it was one thing for the physical remote to stop working but this too??
  • App won’t play my recordings or live tv 1/5

    By Jacebanty
    I hate to give a bad review, but the app truly just doesn’t work. Never really has. It was hit-or-miss at first, but it hasnt played back recordings or live tv in a couple years.
  • I 5/5

    By CheckManJohnny
    Great service
  • Not working anymore 1/5

    By lexiiiixxxx1
    Keep losing connection and not connected I try everything it’s getting me frustrated like Seriously
  • almost never works 1/5

    By jaaade26
    almost every time i try to use the remote it doesnt work. it takes a lot of trying to make it connect long enough to do one thing. like pause. or select and app or show. and most of the time if i am already watching something it restarts the app im watching on when it reconnects. it keeps taking me to the profile selection page of netflix every time i try to reconnect to pause or rewind. incredibly frustrating. especially since the actual physical remotes dont work very well either. even with new batteries and not that far from the tv it tells me it cant find my remote. or sometimes they just stop working without an error message. i want buttons on the actual stick so i can just get up to control it. but i guess those probably wouldn’t work either 🙂
  • Find a Different App 1/5

    By dcmunden
    Literally the worst, most unreliable app I have ever used.

    By Applewood Steak
  • Good but needs some changes… 4/5

    By bfnfbbxbsbdb
    It’s a good app accept the quality of the app it’s Really glitchy and it kicks me out of the app so change that otherwise it’s a pretty good tv app!

    By ambitious girl 🎥
    Fire tv, respectfully STAY IN YOUR LANE- this update is obnoxious and UX IS AWFUL!!! I HAVE BOUGHT A APPLE tv system since y’all wanna be like them so bad 😌 IM OUT ✨
  • Not reliable 3/5

    By Neatfrances
    Both of my fire tv remotes quit working on me and I rely on this app. This app is totally unreliable. Doesn’t recognize my tvs, doesn’t open, just to name a few bugs. I’m trying a different app at this point. This has been an issue for over 7 months.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By xxxIvyPiexxx
    None of my fire stick remote will ever work they never want to pair to the actual fire stick and every time I try to play some thing from my prime video it just turns off. I wish I would’ve wasted my money buying five fire sticks for no reason when they’re all pieces of junk.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By hailing sky
    Sounds lazy. But it was late and I didn’t want to walk across the house to replace my remotes batteries and I downloaded this. Once you click a button it takes forever to register and has crashed completely multiple times
  • Great app.. but 3/5

    By xThaliaMedinax
    It seems like you can never use the keyboard anymore
  • App is garbage now 2/5

    By SweetJDM
    Why does this app always stop working?? I can’t even pause, nor stop it when I want it to? And then at times when I do want to use it, it doesn’t work at all! I always says “Connecting” but forever! This has been going on for a while now. When will this issue be fixed already?? Otherwise there’s no point of this app anymore.
  • Good option, not reliable 2/5

    By tiredmomof2crazykids
    App is good for the times the kids misplace the remote , but half the time it struggles to connect and I have to force close the app
  • Helpful ish 4/5

    By 𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖒
    It helped when my remote broke but using it is a nightmare, it rarely ever connects sometimes. And them when you sign in it says it can’t connect
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ryy 8D
    This is so convenient !
  • Great for when you lose fire stick remote 5/5

    By debbiecakegabbypie
    Couldn’t find my remote anywhere this saved the day
  • Not so hot 4/5

    By X manx
    It works great when it’s connected however for me it’s always losing the connection and ‘re connecting’ which takes much too long it’s always faster to just close the app and re open it to restore the connection.
  • M 5/5

    By amendez1315
    I’m loving this app
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By Kcccccccxccc
    Rarely actually connects so that I can control my fire stick using my phone. When it does connect then it immediately disconnects. So frustrating. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to create an app that will allow me to use my phone to control it. Every single one I have tried barely ever works and the controllers cost the same amount as a whole new fire stick.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Tamaki Amajiki OFFICIAL
    I Love this app
  • The best online Moat 5/5

    By aundria0201
    We connect to the TV from anywhere and I don’t have to put my phone at the sensor to Control the TV drink and watch the TV Nice and safe and only you can control it
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Demi🤎
    App only works sometimes I have a hard time reconnecting to my fire stick way too often
  • slow and glitches 2/5

    slowest app i have ever used
  • Excelente opción 5/5

    By 1linea
    Gracias por esta aplicación y por ser tan útil
  • Trash 1/5

    By carlosspiceyweiner478272
    They made this app horrible enough to make you buy a new remote. Constantly reconnecting and freezing up. It will even sign you out multiple times during use.
  • Sometimey 3/5

    By Mggg912
    When the app works I love it. I can navigate my Firestick with ease. However, randomly it will not recognize my Firestick so I then have to either close and reopen the app or delete it completely and redone load it. It definitely has some bugs that need to be fixed.
  • Poor Connection of Devices 2/5

    By Tdub_68
    I really was liking this app at first because my house cleaner lost my remote. But lately I’ve been having a hard time with connecting to my device. It’s always saying Reconnecting…
  • Poor connectivity 1/5

    By dressthebest
    I am using fire tv remote app in iPhone11. The app gets freeze quite oftenly and when working, there is a lag time in response.
  • App currently useless 1/5

    By DeadMonkeyPaw
    Sort reviews by recent or most critical and you’ll see a pattern. App continually disconnects. Directional movement gets stuck and keeps scrolling without stopping until app disconnects and you have to reconnect, only to restart that madness all over again. Amazon doesn’t sell a reasonably priced (not paying the same amount to replace the remote as it cost a whole fire the setup when on sale) remote replacement so we are stuck with this app. Onto a Apple TV or roku I guess.
  • This app SAVES MY LIFE 5/5

    By roblox gets me alot like alot
    This app is so Amazing when I lose my fire tv remote it helps me this app is my life saver I hope you all rate it 5 stars because this app is a life saver for me and I hope everyone that a this app.
  • It is convenient when you lose the remote but only if it connects. 3/5

    By daniellybelly95
    My app often has an issue connecting and I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Updating never fixes the issue.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Que-92
    I don’t know what the problem is I downloaded the app because I’m not buying another remote
  • Useless. 1/5

    By TiffanyHope82
    App downloads but will now allow login. Does not work with Toshiba Fire TV. Useless.
  • Worthless! 1/5

    By DJ00101
    Most of the time it won’t do anything. When it does, it’s not what are trying to do. Just randomly flips through the channels anywhere from 1, to rapidly scrolling through every channel. Absolutely and utterly useless and infuriating waste of time. 👎👎👎
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By zfccrdgh hhhbhf😆
    I love it.
  • Hit or miss 2/5

    By jamebo33 on ps4
    Half the time it won’t connect the other half it does…. For a little while anyways. Works great on android though
  • Blah 1/5

    By gfgfffffdddd
    Constantly disconnecting. Don’t change your WiFi password or you’ll never connect again
  • Great alternative to remote 5/5

    By alame003
    I love using the Fire Tv app! Especially when I don’t feel like looking for the remote or worried about the children “misplacing” it. You can even use the voice commands to turn off the tv or search for shows and programs.
  • 4/5 for no volume button 4/5

    By HoneyyD22
    Usually if i lose the actual remote i’ll just get up and look for it because this app doesn’t have volume controls which sort of defeats the purpose
  • Only thing missing…. 4/5

    By Fiddles938526
    This remote works really well except I can’t control the volume. It’s very easy to use & I’m enjoying the ease of operation
  • Good App 5/5

    By Apostle Denise
    Get it now
  • Best thing ever but one problem 5/5

    By zo. dj
    It is a good thing because I lost my fire stick and now this is the best thing ever but I do have one problem it doesn’t work sometimes and it started glitching sometimes but y’all got it it’s OK I love this app ten star rating
  • If it’s not broke don’t fix it 1/5

    By Rejoice 1
    As of today Amazon ruined my fire stick I can no longer use it your new update is the worst I’ve ever seen and I’m going to go buy Roku try to use my other fire stick and it won’t pair with a remote very angry with Amazon
  • Decent Remote, Not Well Thought Out 3/5

    By Shango80
    Works most as a remote, generally reliable for common use. One major issue, it will automatically try to wake the last device connected. This should not be default/should be optional behavior. Consider any situation with more than one FireTV! I just love having to now go to another room to turn off a TV / stereo I wasn’t trying to use because this app decided it knew better. Remove or make option automatic wake of devices. Even better, make automatically trying to re-select the last used device optional.
  • Tv remote 1/5

    By sndr_wnnd
    The remote for fire tv is too delicate for such a high priced remote. The app version worked for a day or two now it just does its own thing puts on random stuff it’s extremely frustrating and annoying.