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  • Current Version: 2.86.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Flex App

Deliver smiles Amazon delivers millions of items each year, delighting customers around the world. We’re investing in getting deliveries to customers faster all the time, and people like you can help make it happen. Grow with Amazon Are you looking for a work opportunity that provides great pay and a chance to deliver smiles to customers? The Amazon Flex app gives you access to technology that makes delivering packages easy. It’s simple Delivery is easy with the Amazon Flex app. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from sign up, to making your first delivery, to on-road support. Let's go! Most Amazon Flex delivery partners earn $18-$25 per hour.* If you join us, you can build your own schedule, seven days a week. You can schedule work ahead or accept same-day offers when you have spare time. _________ You must be 21 or over and have a valid ID to be an Amazon Flex delivery partner. By downloading the app you agree to receive communications from Amazon Flex, including emails and push notifications. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings. *Actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors. By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( ( and Privacy Notice ( (

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Amazon Flex app reviews

  • Amazon flex 5/5

    By Kevvo Muriel
    La mejor app
  • My app doesn’t let me check in or pick up instant offers 1/5

    By 223445
    For over 1mo I been having this issue communicated to support and nothing has been done about it, I can’t check in to my blocks due to a glitch where most iOS devices(Apple) can’t use the selfie feature on the app. I can’t procaces pass the selfie ID check the app doesn’t allow me to use the selfie,
  • Cannot work because there’s no blocks 1/5

    By DilaPere
    I haven’t worked in a week and it’s because there haven’t been any available blocks for me. This is really frustrating because I was really excited to start working and maybe even full time but I can’t because there’s nothing
  • I don’t want “Updates” as my home page 2/5

    By Jadoretonya
    This update is horrible. How can one think the first thing I want to see when logging in is the updates page. Flex is about speed and the ability to grab a block quickly. This new layout puts iOS users at a disadvantage. I literally have not had a block since the update. Change it back!!! Please.
  • Amazon Flex Driver! 5/5

    By CookieStrip
    I love Flexing with Amazon, however deliveries to some of the apartments may be very challenging 😩😩
  • Having issues 2/5

    By Lizmsiemienczuk
    I can’t submit my temperature check and therefore can’t actually check in to work which means I’m not taking deliveries at the moment. I’m on ios with Verizon. I tried going to the support page too and it pulled up nothing so I’m putting it here
  • App has a lot of issue 1/5

    By tyh504
    After the newest update! This app won't let me go through the ID Check.
  • Get it together 1/5

    By PNW Aurelia
    I don’t know what changed since I last delivered but multiple deliveries to one addressed used to be grouped together. Now they’re split into 2+ deliveries. You think you’re done at an address but the next stop comes up and it turns out it’s at the same address so you have to gather packages you could have grabbed in the first place and go back to the persons door. This last time it happened 3 times. Also, was also given a strike recently after a run in with a security gaurd (and other employees) who mocked and tried to intimidate me. I was locked out of the account while they investigated but at no point did anyone contact me to hear my side of the story. What kind of investigation is that?
  • map 1/5

    By nguettia
    does not show closed roads. and the app crashes every time, you are forcing to log out and log back in
  • App needs fixing 2/5

    By DiamondLBaby
    Randomly stops working when you’re using app and it’s just the app not my phone or any other apps just Amazon Flex app when you’re in the middle of orders it just goes out. With that being said I think they sure provide us with the proper tools to deliver with providing us with a delivery device/phone that scans packages and GPS because the app goes out.
  • Offers 5/5

    By Sonialva
    Hi! I wrote you because on the last months, I’m not have received offers from you, please, This is my job, I would like keep working with you, thanks
  • New update 1/5

    By mrblockgrabber
    The new update for the IOS Is no good it takes way to long to refresh in the app by the time you click the job it says someone else has taken it already. Please revert back to the previous update. Makes it extremely hard to get blocks. It’s already a competitive thing don’t make it even worst on the rest of us. Thank you
  • account support service is terrible 1/5

    By ingyoisita23
    never open your amazon flex account with the same email as your account because when you have problems with your account it does not allow you to enter your amazon flex account and amazon flex account support does not solve nothing, everything The recurring people of the telephone service seem ignorant of the subject nobody knows anything and what the support email does is send you an automatic response and it does not help either, the customer service and much worse, many sales but when they try to help the client they are useless, they do not help, they do not give a solution, you call and nobody knows anything, nobody knows how to solve
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Olha.B
    Nice job
  • Routes over 5 miles 5/5

    By Gussarachi
    The only issue is that when the Routes are more than 3 miles apart it gets hard specially on a rainy day like today.10/13/21 McKinne
  • Needs some things 1/5

    By Tyler Stokes
    1. Add the option to turn the GPS voice off. 2. Why does it keep prompting me to break after I’ve already done it.
  • Gps 2/5

    By AMill000
    Needs a better gps system
  • The apps continues to fail us on route 3/5

    By Dino Waller
    We need to have continuous updates on maps and streets and make sure the app is working properly as just last night I lost sound and the app was so delayed in updating that I had to reboot several times on route.
  • F Grade 1/5

    By #flex-user
    Revert to the old layout. What a mess. Please consider getting drivers review before making drastic changes!!!!!!
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Nippl3Slip
    The app works but sometimes won’t work. Sometimes when you scan a package it shows up red as in wrong package but In fact it is the right package. You would have to close the app and reopen it and rescan The gps always disconnect after each delivery so I would have to close the app and reopen it for each stop. When you click ‘available now’ you don’t get much time to travel to your destination. I was given only 20 min from where I was to arrive to the site but my gps shows 30min arrival. After I arrived my blocked was canceled because I was 10min late. I think they should give you more time to drive to the location.

    By AllUsernamessAreTakenn9876
  • Don’t recommend 2/5

    By bonefish80
    The biggest problem with flex is that when something does go wrong, there is horrible or no support for you. I will say that at the warehouse, sometimes the people are halfway trained on how to fix issues. On Whole Foods shifts, if there is a problem GOOD LUCK. Nobody at the Whole Foods can help, even if they wanted to. When you call support they are completely clueless on how to help you usually. When things go wrong, (happens a lot) you will take hits to your standings within the program. This has happened many times to me in 2 years. I’m not talking about something that is my fault (being late / missing a shift). This happens often when there is a problem out of your hands. Your standings effect how many offers you get, and the quality of the offers. It also effects how many points you are earning for your levels of benefits within the app. When you try to contact someone about these problems effecting your standings unfairly, you are told you must email. Then you email and your response is from an automated robot. The support is horrible! I have had multiple things go against me that shouldn’t have, examples include; unable to access locked apartment complex (customer not answering phone) unable to deliver package because business is closed (business closed before my route ever started) you will be late to Whole Foods deliveries on occasion because the times that they say it will take to navigate to each stop is inaccurate. If you choose the same address under any other navigation application it will ALMOST ALWAYS be a longer time then Amazon’s estimate. I also wouldn’t recommend warehouse shifts. Where I live it is very typical to be sent more then an hour away from where you live. It is also very normal to put 100-150 miles on your car in a shift, and then have an hour to get home. 55$ for 3 hours minus gas 5gal x 3.50 =17.50$. Now you oh just made 37.50$ for 3 hours and have an hour to drive home. That’s less then minimum wage plus the wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Oportunidad laboral 5/5

    By Misa torres
    Los felicito por permitir esta oportunidad laboral gran parte lataforma y sobre todo gran proyecto de inclusión ya que puede trabajar cualquier persona sin distinción de raza sexo Genero o edad …. Mil gracias
  • By don443
    Great app just needs to work on a few bugs

  • About app 5/5

    By ajvm1979
    as I already had experience with apps with the company install I can say that this app is great excellent makes Driver's life easier. the only difficulty i'm still encountering is because my english is not 100% yet so i need online support in portuguese and when i call Amazon company i would need someone who speak portuguese to make sure what i'm doing because i don't have security 100 % what am I still listening to
  • Pésima actualización 1/5

    By hjkajakdk
    No está funcionando bien desde la ultima actualización, los bloques no están saliendo y servició al cliente por correo no sirve solo dan respuesta automáticas
  • gets better 4/5

    By Jhonatan Cuevas
    They should improve the following: When we deliver Whole Foods and we are missing a package, at the moment that Amazon flex support withdraws the package we must restart the application and the same application removes us from the system and we must start the route, park and scan, this causes us to lose a lot more time and also from time to time they deallocate the blocks because we spend time being at the station with enough time. Many times packages are missing in Whole Foods, I do not think it is the fault of the collaborators since the system does not let you close the orders if they are not complete, I believe that other drivers take them by mistake, they must find a more secure way to this does not happen.
  • Packed received delayed 3/5

    By Cesarmartinezrealty
    I received at the statin a package as soon as I scanned it was flagged as delayed, I delivered contacted support to report either way this hurtled my stats
  • Opinión y sugerencia 5/5

    By En el texto
    Me encanta esta aplicación y lo maravilloso que es contar con una innovación de trabajo dinámico y efectiva para quien hace Driver como el consumidor!!!Solamente sugeriría que en las direcciones de destino sobre todo en los edificios se suministren adecuadamente y sin errores las claves de acceso para que el trabajo del Driver sea más eficaz y eficiente!!!
  • Needs a dark mode option !!!! 4/5

    By yassxz
    It really does need a dark mode option.. it’s already so hard to see at night.. ( some houses dont have the best lighting) and having a bright screen on your face, doesn’t help!
  • Go up a level and lose money 2/5

    By lostinjackson
    The more I do the less money I make. Since I’ve become level four I get less instants and blocks, this is backwards.
  • Maps issue 3/5

    By sreddy1431
    Still maps need to update alott, lot of times its avoiding left turns and some times it showing unnecessary u turns
  • Reseña 5/5

    By el alons
    La mejor app
  • Slow 1/5

    By carter ken c
    Slow app
  • Ofertas 3/5

    By rutmairy
    Que no haya que estar actualizadola para poder agarar un bloque
  • I was hoping to give them 5 stars but missing a human side 3/5

    By WhoisYonni
    I enjoy working for Amazon flex but they really need to work on replying to our questions in our emails with genuine answers by real people rather just copying and pasting their answers. I do not find it fair that even when you drop a package off at the correct address at the requested area of the location and even take a photo of this delivery, your rating is impacted if that customer says they did not receive that delivery. I have made a lot of money so far with this app and really enjoy it overall. As an independent contractor you take on a lot of risk to get the job done so it's important when your standing is put at jeopardy for things out of your control.
  • Here’s an instant offer, actually no, a driveway safety tip instead. 2/5

    By jslittle
    If you get a push notification for an instant offer, you might be able to see the details if you tap it. Often times when you click to open the push notification, you are presented with a repetitive, not so useful tip intended to help you deliver better. This doesn’t happen all the time, just occasionally. Why is that so bad? When this is presented when opening the app, (a bug, a bad R&D decision, Jeff Bezos -pick one) prevents the instant offer push notification from loading. Since there’s no way to get back that push notification, and there is no place In the app to retrieve your instant offer, continue to sit idle because you’re never going to get it back. What you have to do is ignore the push notification, Open the app from the home screen or recent apps, reject whatever information shows up when opening the app, and then open the link from notification Center. But seriously why won’t they fix this bug? I’ve only filed it several times, I’ve lost probably about $1000 now in instant offers. When in motion, it’s hard to remember to do this convoluted workaround. Nor should I have to.
  • Latest Version Glitch 1/5

    By Tera0770
    The app worked perfectly until the version update a few days ago. Since the update, I have been having problems with “Available Now”. When I turn it on, the temperature check window comes up like always, but now when I hit okay, it doesn't go away for the next step. So I go to another screen and then go back to “available now”. Now the identity check comes up, but after pressing okay, it doesn't open to take my picture. So I have to go out to another screen and come back to “available now”. Each time I go out and come back, I have to turn on “available now, because it slides back to the off position. It doesn't stay on, hence I have not seen any instant offers even while sitting in the parking lot of Whole Foods. I have contacted support multiple times and I get the same scripted answer. Turn on “available now”. Someone may be closer. Orders may be slow. They never address the issue. Trying to get support is horrible.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Maunty92
    This app is very user friendly! One suggestion I have though is, it would be great if the navigation screen included the speed limit. Just like a regular GPS app. This would improve how safely delivery drivers drive. Just a thought!
  • App not work in PR 1/5

    By hjolmo
    Saludos descargue el app en Puerto Rico pero no funciona????
  • Good job 5/5

    By hyditj
    Good money
  • It doesn’t work with new iPhones 3/5

    By rudyquint
    Just keeps getting stuck on Identity check.
  • App not working properly 1/5

    By alamsajid
    This new app update didn’t fix any problems that was there before it’s needs lot more work
  • Works about once every four times you open it. 1/5

    By The Juggernaut 597
    With the billions Amazon makes in revenue, this app is embarrassing. Barely works, is not intuitive at all, and the design looks like someone’s college project. Look at apps like doordash and start over. My goodness its awful on every level.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By jijivuo
    The app almost never works, it doesn’t let me in at all. Just keeps loading and nothing. I have to close the app and try again like 5 times before it lets me in and sometimes not even that works. Also I keep getting emails that I missed my block but I haven’t scheduled any! You need to fix the app !!
  • stupid as shjt 1/5

    By patt6915
    I need the old version!!! Why you guys change the code with 4 digital number??? I need the code for finding the packages easier!!! Not the whole"TBA0000000" i dont need that shjt. Just dont make all the driver do harder work. We do delivery not you guys. So you guys never know how stupid of the recent version because you dont do delivery!
  • La mejor oportunidad 5/5

    By Xiota2
    A sido una bendición para mi puedo hacer los quehaceres de mi hogar, tiempo con mis hijas y trabajar cómodamente a mi horario. Gracias 1000 por la oportunidad.
  • App on Android? 3/5

    By gig_girl09
    Why can’t I find this app on android? Do I need a link? This is kind of inconvenient when I want to toggle between phones…
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By Angry Flex Driver
    Ever since I updated to the latest version, I can’t schedule a good block because it doesn’t show a lot of availability’s, no matter how much you refresh it.