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  • Current Version: 2.81.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Flex App

Deliver smiles Amazon delivers millions of items each year, delighting customers around the world. We’re investing in getting deliveries to customers faster all the time, and people like you can help make it happen. Grow with Amazon Are you looking for a work opportunity that provides great pay and a chance to deliver smiles to customers? The Amazon Flex app gives you access to technology that makes delivering packages easy. It’s simple Delivery is easy with the Amazon Flex app. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from sign up, to making your first delivery, to on-road support. Let's go! Most Amazon Flex delivery partners earn $18-$25 per hour.* If you join us, you can build your own schedule, seven days a week. You can schedule work ahead or accept same-day offers when you have spare time. _________ You must be 21 or over and have a valid ID to be an Amazon Flex delivery partner. By downloading the app you agree to receive communications from Amazon Flex, including emails and push notifications. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings. *Actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors. By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( ( and Privacy Notice ( (

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  • Trash 1/5

    By savage-0110
    Garbage app

    By Wworkaholiccc
    Well I had this app for a little over a year and it was OK it has some bug fixes it has some problems when you call customer service and I really think it’s the way Amazon flex set up they can’t really help you so they tell you to email flex support but if you email for flex support sometimes it could be better or worse because you tell them a problem and then they send you the same generic message that doesn’t help you in anyway they need to habit wear for the people that require for drivers to take a picture of where we’re leaving the package they need to give us the option to save the photo to our phones because most customers are saying they didn’t receive it when 75% of the time we leave it right in front of the door over there told us it is illegal for us to place packages in the mailbox if they fit so customers should not have the option to ask us to place it in the mailbox because we get penalized for it then if we don’t follow the customers directions the customer reports it and we still get penalized another thing as it takes a while for you to build your standing up but once it goes down it seems like it takes even longer and then my standing was at race and then one isn’t it happened that was strictly the apps fault and Amazon flex deactivated my account so I’m not sure if I’m no longer allowed to work with Amazon flex ever or if it’s like a timeframe sometimes if you do multiple blocks in a day you can always check in on time which makes you be late which affects your standing they say you have 15 minutes before your block the clock in which is true but they also say you have a five minute grace period which is false it’s really a four minute grace. And by that fifth minute if you try to check in your block will be marked as missing you will also get penalized for it I really don’t think this is something people have done long-term and if they have it could be because they don’t do it every day or most days because I did this 6 to 7 days a week 3 to 4 times a day and then the past few days I have done it I started doing prime more often because it was easier for me to do they have way too many drivers on Goldspike drive and not enough parking spaces and then depending on who security is out there we can’t park so we have to wait for someone to move before we can park because they’re trying to book all these drivers that they really don’t need and sometimes if you doing crying because it’s been several times I’ve done prime and when I try to acknowledge and except a route it either will say this route has been canceled or removed or it will give me a row I did not accept and they say I can file for an appeal within 10 days of my account being activated but most the time they take a week to answer back so 10 days is really not fair but I’m not really gonna bother… because this is an OK side gig but I think that’s what they really want you to use for it is a side gig because if you have the chance to talk to other people at whatever warehouse you’re going to they say they have a full-time job so they only do this one two days a week because I don’t think because this is considered self-employment because it’s an independent contractor they really don’t want anyone long-term that’s what I believe and I could be wrong but this app overall needs to do better
  • If I could I would give it no stars 1/5

    By Chulo Danny
    The app has continued to not work each day it’s a technical issue to the maps deliveries and accepting batches. This needs to be fixed immediately
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By OvO 19
    This app should be shut down and reviewed for major technical issues every day it’s something new. The map has taken me to incorrect address plenty of times, and now there’s no available blocks coming up for me when I refresh this has been going on for a week now. Amazon needs to take a deep dive look into this mainly because the job itself is easy but when the app isn’t work properly it’s a major hassle. DO BETTER!!!
  • License 1/5

    By aawara manchhey
    They don’t believe with DMV renewal temporary paper license
  • No support from Amazon 1/5

    By mommawombat
    They don’t listen to your issues/problems. They rather ding you then admit there is an issue on their end. This app is full of bugs that waste your time and gas.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ruhrehihh do ig
    The app is always taking trying to take me down road late that are not there I have been using this app for over a year now and now the app tells me when I take lunch that’s not right I get up at 6 in the morning and it expect me to take lunch at three in the afternoon I’m not happy at all about the new update at all if you want to pick something to fix the map and the routing
  • Not good 1/5

    By KristianaChristile
    I am tired of having to upload my picture every time I come to the App. Amazon please do better.
  • 1 bug when scanning for delivery. And 1 issue for lockers. 4/5

    By David Florencio
    1.- If I have to deliver 2 or more packages to the same house if I scan only one of them The rest give me a green check like if they were scanned already but I still need to scan the rest. The green check should be one by one and only show green the ones that are scanned already. 2.- when I’m delivering to a locker I can’t see the driver aid number, Type of envelope etc. I can only see the TBA AND THAT Stinks it makes my job harder and make me lose time and makes you guys lose money every second matters while making deliveries. 3.-When I’m scanning to pick up my packages everything gets confusing. It will be easier to make it like a check list (like the android version) so I can see wich one I’ve scanned already without need to scroll down.
  • Speed Limit 4/5

    By acitohm
    Put the speed limit it the maps
  • Garage app 1/5

    By marcdown1
    Garage app what would you except
  • Notification spam 1/5

    By Simon Urbietis
    There is no way to opt out of getting spammed with notifications while offline.
  • Wont scan Drivers license 1/5

    By vetteyonna
    Been trying to upload my license for days and it keeps getting rejected can’t even start job
  • Too many drivers 1/5

    By Universaltrendsetter
    Too many F***king drivers.
  • Very bad 1/5

    Please don't update the app anymore. Keep all old setting for flex drivers. Okay?
  • The seven sign 1/5

    By 7 signs
    This thief name jovan Charles farrente is thief who steal people data and sell them on the dark web he’s also a drug addict.
  • What he said 4/5

    By asdion
    Dark mode! Do it now! If I trip one more time because of the white background,,.,.,. Also is it just me or is the gps just a little fahclemped ? I am constantly reverting to my Garmin or my vehicles go’s to find where I’m supposed to be. Maybe a little tweak here or there might help
  • Apple car play access 4/5

    By car play 1
    Good app but can u all make it to where we can plug navigation into Apple car play cause when delivering shouldn’t have to keep looking down at phone to see turn by turn directions safety first
  • Flex Driver over 4 years 5/5

    By kiren120
    Had been using this app for more than 4 years I’m a flex Driver full time before lots of problems.since few months lots of improvement.No issue al all.Everything is well managed and I hope no improvement is needed.All the flex driver seems happy
  • App performance 1/5

    By Sase-Sam
    Always wrong on duration of navigation( no real time traffic update like google). The worst issue of this app being not showing the number of lanes correctly during navigation and this is very challenging entering or exiting freeways. Imagine missing exits when doing urgent deliveries, it is risky and frustrating.
  • Gps 3/5

    By therealinfluence1
    Gps needs work moves slow not calling names of some street not detecting road closures and should give you the option to choose toll routes or no tolls
  • Deliveries/Glitch issues 3/5

    By #90sbaby
    Honestly I been doing flex for a few months now and the money is very good and the blocks are reasonable because I stay close to two Amazon faculties 15-25 mins apart which makes my deliveries easier. But the reason for three stars is that sometimes the associates be rushing you when your block starts at a certain time and last thing you need is for customers to get upset that their packages wasn’t delivered. Also they have to do a better job with the time frames because last time there was a long line around the building because they was still prepping the deliveries. Also Amazon flex needs to realize that we are not responsible for what happens to these customers packages and sometimes they don’t leave instructions on where they want it. And I think users mentioned this already they have to do a better job with these apartments because the customers they don’t answer their phones and sometimes you will have to walk a block or two to the delivery area and the gates don’t be working because last time I was stuck at a complex for 20-30 mins trying to get out it’s a huge hassle and sometimes the app wouldn’t let you mark it undeliverable if the gate is lock or stuck I try to avoid areas that have a lot of apartments/condos at all costs!! And lastly if we are delivering to a business that closes after 5PM please tell the customers to put that in their notes or give it to the full time Amazon driver vans that be delivering around 9AM-5PM and that way they won’t have issues if their package always ends up undeliverable.
  • Newest update 🔥 5/5

    By brokyb
    Thank you guys for fixing issues I’ve submitted in the past!
  • Terrible! Don’t do it! 1/5

    By AMh2002970
    The most unorganized and irritating job application process ever. Also, they will send you an hour away from your hometown to deliver. Amazon Flex is unorganized and has no idea who they’re hiring or what they’re doing. The job is definitely not worth the hassle.
  • Flex 1/5

    By breezybre111388
    For some reason I cannot scan in packages when I load up after I scan my route code on my apple 12 pro max please help
  • Disgruntled user! 1/5

    By Billy loves Lisa!
    Worst driver support…EVER! Can’t get registered…I moved and can’t change location….they will not respond to emails- over a dozen! No telephone support! DO NOT USE!!
  • It’s cool 4/5

    By DoubleU B
    pretty cool way to make money. there are a few things I would suggest they improve upon just after my very first block completion. 1) allow couriers to mark a delivery as undeliverable due to inability to gain access to an apartment complex or other gated community. I ran into this issue today and it kept suggesting that I “reach the destination” before marking as undeliverable. I was there, I just could not reach their building/exact position because I was stuck at the gate with faulty access codes and customer wasn’t answering the phone. 2) add the addresses of the amazon pickup locations in the app BEFORE couriers accept a block. why is that shown only after committing to a block? houston is a huge city, it would be nice to know where some of these pickup locations are before accepting to determine whether or not I want to make the drive there. 3) make the app more beginner friendly for the courier’s very first pickup. things were pretty different from the instructional video I watched during my “orientation”. it would be helpful to give a beginner a step by step guide during the very first pickup, or maybe even the first two pickups so they aren’t looking confused or making mistakes, so that all goes smoothly and to ensure customers receive their items and receive them on time.
  • Getting a offer. 3/5

    By Mct101112
    Hopefully one day I don’t have to drive 45 min to almost a hour to get offers where I just left. My HOME. Why do I have to leave my area to get offers in my area 😂😂the dumbest thing ever. I’m a person tryna work. Not played with or bugged. FIX IT ASAP!!!!!!!!!! I will not be a driver if this continues..
  • Doll-facebritt 1/5

    By doll-facebritt
    Ya I kept getting taken back to a address that was wrong it said in the notes but wouldn’t let me move on while I’m going in circles I almost got in an accident with a lady that didn’t stop I had no sign but I felt I needed to stop because she was not and she went right threw it so as I’m trying to gather myself and I pull over try to call dispatch twice got no answer this was first day I had no clue what to do so I drive back to see why I was not able to skip it and if I could get help because I was told I would get off at 7 so I planned a babysitter till 8 and the lady at dispatch told me I was abandoning my route and pretty much made me fill like a failure when I wasn’t going to get no help because I drove back and didn’t text her ?? Who doesn’t answer a phone to someone new that had no idea what to do besides what I was trained to call dispatch so I went home upset and then before I was leaving to get my vehicle all the people in delivery part was talking crap like ya she just abandoned her route she left ? There app is horrible has u running in circles back and forth confusing hard to follow and yes drive at same time it’s not possible seen someone today with there door wide open driving we got taught that’s a no no major I thought I did my best and I felt so lost that day hurt fillings
  • Can’t verify age 1/5

    By hd dnnd fm
    I’m having problems verifying age
  • this application is not available on Iphone Xs Max 1/5

    By shatav.alex
    this app is not available on Iphone Xs Max, why? An error has been written and this app is unavailable!
  • Account issues 1/5

    By Moroccan_Maniac
    My account got suspended and they told me they I would be able to reapply for it within the time span of a year it’s been 3 years and my account is still closed. I love Amazon but not being a slave for them.
  • This app not working 1/5

    By Foxystar5
    I have downloaded this app few times trying to get it started but it seems not to work this is the last time I will attempt to do this.👎🏻
  • Crash 1/5

    By Uladzislau_L
    Extremely glitchy app! Maps are horrible and show wrong travel time and very often will drive you into one way street. Constantly crashing and eat battery/data and all resources of even the last iPhone! Also, take out that ugly lady from intro screen! Is no positive and nature person instead of her?!
  • Getting better 4/5

    By beachside10
    This app has actually been getting better as of late. It’s still got it’s fair share of problems, but definitely has been making some improvements.
  • Driver license 1/5

    By muahbuat
    The app intentionally will blur your drivers license so when they check it it will come out blurred. They do that so they can select which drivers to work for them. In some cases people will pay others “dispatchers” so they can get in to amazon flex without having to wait the application and if there’s something wrong with their application they will just not look at it. I’ve seen the scheme in orlando, fl and now in Charlotte.
  • Easy money 5/5

    By Lep813
    I love working for Amazon flex. U can pick ur own schedules Make money and get paid twice a week. It’s so easy. So if ur looking for a way to make quick money and fast. This is it. 5 stars. And it can say it takes 3 hours but I usually finish in 2. Definitely recommend trying it
  • Amazon Flex does not care for their drivers 1/5

    By Kaitee Perry
    I really hate to have to leave a bad review but apparently that’s the only way I’m going to get any type of help. I started Amazon Flex last week. I did two shifts, one on Wednesday & the other on Thursday. I was supposed to be paid on Friday for Wednesday, but never received payment. I then called support for them to tell me there is no one I can talk to and that I would have to email, so I did that. Received a generic response back saying that my account information had been changed on July 4th (which I did not do) & that payment would be automatically sent again the day after any account changes. I have yet to see my money & I don’t know what account change they are referring to since I did not edit my info until July 10th in response to an email I received from them that day saying my account information was wrong. I have been given the run around constantly & no one has even tried to help me. Your driver support is absolutely horrible & you all should be ashamed of yourselves for having a support number that can help you with everything else EXCEPT being paid. How convenient for you. The money & shifts would be great if they actually paid you and made sure you were taken care of, but Amazon Flex doesn’t care about the drivers, just the money.
  • Delivery 3/5

    By Advocate Rider
    The rates are very rewarding I wish they would offer a choice of coverage area to deliver. Traveling 45 minutes to an hour takes up gas money which equals the amount that was paid out.
  • tips 1/5

    By mdh33333
    run away the customers are entitled and dont tip. Then I just did a block and I logged in and sat for 2 hours on the waiting screen and they refused to pay me and said I never logged in.
  • Amazon is not equal opportunity 1/5

    By HasannSahin11
    App works fine in my phone. Routes (Goose Island/Chicago) always given to me to go south 8/10 times(Which is more mileage, almost no tip and feels unsafe according some experiences that i had) !! I see people getting instant offers couple days in a raw but me waiting hours to get an instant offer but nothing or just 1 or 2 stops even i have fantastic standing!!! I believe offers given more to new drivers therefore why standing rate matters?
  • Substandard 1/5

    By @chrisBANGIN
    Amazon should be ashamed of this app. The owner is a billionaire but this app screams CHEAP & POOR.
  • Too many login cycles 2/5

    By sean sand creek
    The app has me go through the login process, usually two or three times. Sometimes it does this while in the middle of a Flex block and I have to stop to log back in.
  • Needs major updates 2/5

    By Gdbhbddbb
    Map needs a lot of adjustments. Feels like I drive around in circles sometimes. And I always have to keep stopping and re starting the gps because it stops talking or working after a while. Mine also don’t turn automatically with the turns. I have to manually do it
  • Good Rate 2/5

    By surekwakye
    We need good rate in this bad weather conditions Also best
  • Provider not supported 1/5

    By kistina11111145787543
    I have the message “provider not supported” on the app. I have tried troubleshooting by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, powering off my phone, and signing out and signing back in with no luck. I guess I won’t be delivering for Amazon Flex, finally had my background check go through and now can’t deliver cuz the app doesn’t work. Bummer.
  • Coulda been 4 stars better. Very poor 1/5

    By valeriya malaeva
    Very poor development Constantly glitching and not working properly
  • No more blocks. 1/5

    By Shredder42
    It was awesome for the first month but now I can’t see any blocks. I’ve read where this is very common. It’s like they rope you in with easy money then take it away after a month.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By @savage.zury
    I downloaded it to start working and when I sign in, it shows blank.