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  • Current Version: 2.104.5
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Flex App

Deliver smiles Amazon delivers millions of items each year, delighting customers around the world. We’re investing in getting deliveries to customers faster all the time, and people like you can help make it happen. Grow with Amazon Are you looking for a work opportunity that provides great pay and a chance to deliver smiles to customers? The Amazon Flex app gives you access to technology that makes delivering packages easy. It’s simple Delivery is easy with the Amazon Flex app. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from sign up, to making your first delivery, to on-road support. Let's go! Most Amazon Flex delivery partners earn $18-$25 per hour.* If you join us, you can build your own schedule, seven days a week. You can schedule work ahead or accept same-day offers when you have spare time. _________ You must be 21 or over and have a valid ID to be an Amazon Flex delivery partner. By downloading the app you agree to receive communications from Amazon Flex, including emails and push notifications. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings. *Actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors. By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( ( and Privacy Notice ( (

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  • DOGS!!!!! 3/5

    By A_huertas
    So many dogs and zero notifications letting us know what is to expect. Why not allow us to mark ourselves if a dog is present or not. How do y’all behind a desk know this very important information?… that’s right, you don’t! Hence the reason us drivers are not being alerted. Do better! Our safety is at stake here!!
  • No slots 1/5

    By i hate amazon flex
    They never have any slots open for other people to have an opportunity to work
  • Difficult to pick a schedule 4/5

    By Mami Rodhe
    Amazon is amazing company with a lot work to do. Should be good if they fix the schedule offer because is very difficult to pick a schedule, people spend the all day refreshing the page to pick a list one schedule to unfortunately get a try again later I think the app can be better and make the stronger workers more happy.
  • Earnings tab needs some review! Payment schedule is a fraud 1/5

    By ghhhubsjjnd jh sksojs
    My earnings are not being deposited according to Amazon payment schedule. For the second time, some of my earnings made between Tuesday through Thursday (that was clearly available for disbursement) did not get deposited on Friday. I’m not sure what is up with the app but it’s frustrated to not get your funds that was clearly worked so you could have it when needed. Fix you all depositing system.
  • Mal servicio 1/5

    By OscarMenjivar
    Muchas personas ocupan una segunda aplicación para poder reservar sus bloques, sin necesidad de entrar a la aplicación de Amazon flex. Deberían de tener mayor seguridad ante ese tipo de cosas. La famosa aplicación se llama “FLEXOMATIC”. Deberían de desactivar las cuentas de los usuarios que incumplen las leyes de Amazon.
  • Love it. But. 5/5

    By kyle r hedlund
    User friendly, but would be nice if you could change the location you want to deliver in app. Like switch to different areas from Minnesota to Wisconsin so on so forth.
  • The more accounts, the more tasks 3/5

    By final stubbornness
    The Android system can perform virtual positioning, but the iOS system cannot. Real-name authentication is useless, and you can use multiple mobile phones and other people's accounts to accept tasks.
  • It’s decent 3/5

    By chellynn13
    The pay is okay. They really should compensate for mileage considering that Amazon claims that their min wage is $18 per hour, but then they’ll send you an hour away to make a bunch of deliveries so when you consider that the current mileage tax rate is $0.625, I’ve had it work out that I actually lost money during that hour I was driving out to the delivery area & the same for the hour on my way back. The most I could drive in 1 hour to simply break even is 28.8 miles so any more than that we’re technically losing money. Also support is practically useless. Every time I submit feedback about problems within the app they simply tell me to log out & then log in; even when I told them my app kept freezing, which I obviously can’t log out if the app is frozen so I just have to force close & force closing has worked to solve the freezing problem temporarily but it does keep happening. But then when logging out doesn’t work for any of the other problems, they tell me to “clear cache” or “clear data” which is not possible on the iPhone XR & I’ve told them that countless times so instead a quick Google search said that in order to clear an app’s data I have to delete it & re-install it. But when I do that it never fixes the problem & I’ll report that back to them but then they either just don’t respond or they ask for a bunch of info about my phone to which they never respond. So basically nothing productive ever seems to happen when I contact support about app issues. I always ask them to just pass the info on to the appropriate parties so that those people can update the app & fix the those bugs, but they’ve never confirmed if they’ve actually done that. Lastly, they continuously schedule deliveries for the end of my routes that would need to be at the very beginning in order to be delivered on time. Then they reached out to me via email saying that I need to work on this & asking me to respond back if I have info about why this is happening so I explained that situation & the fact that deliveries to dorms are always a mess (which I’ve already reported multiple times & even suggested a couple ways to fix that). Then they responded back saying that they would not grant an appeal or change my standing. Again, they didn’t say anything about passing the info on to the people whose can work out those kinks so that I’m not set up for failure when starting a block. That’s all super frustrating. The reason I still gave 3 stars is that I’ve still been able to make some money, which I desperately need at this time with all of the crazy inflation, & I can pretty easily work this into my schedule because there seems to be a decent amount of blocks available in my area.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By cliente ostinado
    Buena fuente de ingresos extra
  • Sugerencia para la app, tengan la propuesta en cuenta por favor 4/5

    By amysilvestre
    Los drivers de paquetería no estamos contentos porque las entregas suelen ser muy lejos de donde vivimos por lo que no nos compensa el pago con el gasto de gasolina. Sugiero que implementen una modificación en la app para que podamos elegir la zona en la que preferimos hacer las entregas. En caso de que no haya la zona de nuestra preferencia, escogeríamos alguna otra que esté disponible. Es decir programaríamos nuestro bloque como hasta ahora sabiendo los precios y antes de terminar la programación que nos muestren otra ventana para poder escoger el lugar de las rutas disponibles….. eso sería de gran ayuda para todos los drivers sobretodo para las personas como yo que vivimos a una hora del almacén más cercano
  • Excelente 5/5

    By luzyleo
    Very Good ,excelent work
  • Is not a easy gig 1/5

    By toohardtoGetRouTes
    Incorrect gps,lack of delivery information, helpless support, instead spending money on little rockets,pay more attention on delivery service please. To those wanna be new driver,prepare yourself with less support and help from the app. Plus when you want to go restroom they’ll give you hard time to go around…..
  • Excelente 5/5

    By zaharamima
    Excelente servicio y trabajo organizado
  • App is fine, BUT 3/5

    By Greytree
    I did two blocks so far with Amazon Flex but the frequency of the blocks is to long. Days in between prevents you from making enough money for it to be worth my effort.
  • Great Program to be apart of !!! 5/5

    By WestsideK
    They have promising work and dependable earnings . My account was deleted due to missing too many blocks and after a email explaining my car problems they reactivated it . They are understanding and helpful !!!
  • Information 2/5

    By shbdbjixunwnvvzk
    The company doesn’t show enough customer service information to public which make new people sketchy on going forward with doing the job
  • Lack of acción from Amazon 1/5

    By jufepri
    It seems like lots of people are using robots to schedule blocks and Amazon does not do anything to correct it.
  • On time but marked late 4/5

    By LayNButter
    There are times I am on time but the app still marks me late, then it just messes my whole day up and discourages me sometimes!
  • Mi preferido Amazon Flex 5/5

    By dianeyani
    Es excelente
  • Review 1/5

    By GordoDilla
    Crashes plenty of times. Need satilite internet
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By aaaaarrrraaaaa
    It’s good sometimes, the blocks you pick isn’t going to tell you where your going so you can get 50 minute away delivery and if it gives you downtown drops than pray because downtown is the worst for deliveries.
  • Dashboard- Bug Shows code 2/5

    By Chemainus57
    Activity Hub.RewardsDetails.Earnings Period ActivityHub.Standings.Multiplier.Fantastic.Message ActivityHub.RewardsHistory.PointsSummary.History
  • Maps 2/5

    By Majicbuss
    Need to update the maps app. If I wrote down every time there was a mistake I wouldn’t get my job down. Maybe sometime you can do a route and see what I mean.
  • Tailgating at every entrance 1/5

    By Free edit
    I’m so disappointed of the app it has too many restrictions , 99% of the time I have to tailgating to enter At gates because all the existing entry code aren’t working, ( lockers, gate entrance and exit gate) When you try to return or contact support Always busy or no help at all.
  • “New Stops” bar blocks address 2/5

    By Charles Daniel Oakley
    The remaining packages notification blocks the address I’m currently looking to drive to. Even though the navigation visual is still visible, the yellow triangle exclamation bar pops up and literally blocks the address I’m looking for, which is unhelpful in dense areas where I need to look for the address on the house or mailbox outside.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By danriverg
    Constantly asking for selfies, gps doesn't work useless support, dont send otp verification etc etc
  • Apps problem 1/5

    By jsnsbdjsjja
    Flex won’t appear like offers, schedule, account, setting. I emailed them today and last time, too. I’m so ready to work.
  • New iOS 16 3/5

    By amazkn
    Flex app not loading the route with the new IOS
  • GPS 4/5

    By JJ12814
    The gps is not the best. Often the system will have you driving in circles. There are many times, it will reroute or simply have u going the “long way”.
  • Log in issues 2/5

    By LDGH 87
    To log in into my account I need to attempt several times and in some occasions delete the app and reinstall it so I can get in.
  • I love te job 5/5

    By diegoleyton
    Nice and easy freely people
  • Safety, employees and bots 1/5

    By rontheoriginal21
    Safety is crazy because the app gives horrible suggestions on driving use google or use Apple Maps Employees will treat you like crap if they feel they can get away with it and amazons escalation team will do absolutely nothing about it And people cheat and use bots on this app to get their blocks which is pathetic Amazon claims it’s aware but it has done absolutely nothing to stop it AMAZON DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU YOUR LIFE IS INSIGNIFICANT TO THEIR MONEY REMEMBER THIS WHEN SIGNING UP
  • Mario chofer de Amazon flex 5/5

    By Lelocruz
    Ilegaron los días cortos donde obscurece mas temparano y el brillo de la aplicación obstruye la visión en la carretera tengo mucho tiempo pidiendo que le pongan un modo night al la aplicación de amazon flex . Estan esperando a que ocurra un accidente para hacerlo por su atención muchas gracias
  • Navigation Voice/Tracking 4/5

    By Suz Zie (Sue-Zee)
    Please either change it back to the female voice of prior versions or find a CLEARER and louder voice! The volume is not adjustable so it’s difficult to hear and decipher! Additionally, if there’s a way the gps can keep up better. I’m usually already heading in the wrong direction by the time it catches up to my location.
  • FIX ASAP 1/5

    By stylin17
    Can’t sign in to do DVIC. It just says pleases wait. I half to use an android to be able to use my iPhone
  • Need to be update Amazon flex gps 5/5

    By Lifem19
    I like this Amazon flex but need to be update gps map.
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By Pie forever
    Make it easier for the country deliveries to be marked delivered, such as put an option left at front gate or recognize when you are at the address. Several times and wasted time has the app not recognized I am either following customers request or that I am in the country where it is impossible to leave at from door. They should also allows us to report unsafe neighborhoods or problematic locations. Such as dog or suspicious individuals. Never should a drive be put in situations where we are unsafe. I’d also like a feature were we can also compliment or add a note about the address we deliver to. On several occasions I’ve had to toss groceries over a fence to customer in the dark because they can’t open their gates. I’d like to see improvements in these areas. Thank you.
  • Worst job ever 1/5

    By Jordano3428
    Don't ever work for these people, they are very selfish and very demanding. Try not to take any packages back because even if the location is closed or inaccessible, in their eyes it is better to leave the packages outside to risk getting robbed and even trying to call amazon support is pointless as well, because they will tell you to bring the packages back and then call your attention for bring them back. REMEMBER IF THE LOCATION IS CLOSED LEAVE IT THERE!!!
  • Update 3/5

    By Orson happy costumer
    Every tine they update the app get worse
  • Bugs and features 3/5

    By ojsmom87
    This recent update causes me to keeps cycling when I attempt to login, then takes me to a screen that saids “About You”. It takes me about 2 minutes to actually get into the system and Im sure we understand how crucial 2 minutes can be. In the dashboard if you can add a feature that shows how close we are to meeting the weekly/daily cap that would be great orrr show a note when we’re attempting to grab a block that’d be great.
  • Fix the routing 1/5

    By Gbevhh
    How hard is it for them to fix the navigation for example my 1 stops is right next door to my 20th stop that does not make any sense having me driving and circles and let’s talk about group stops how are you gonna group stop a house with another house in a busy street I can’t believe a multi trillion company can’t have a reliable navigation system
  • It’s a pain to even get the app to open 2/5

    By brs71188
    After being given multiple security codes to sign in, it usually takes me no less than four or five login tries to even get the app to open so I can sign up for a shift
  • Unable to download app 1/5

    By gffdfbjj
    I have not been able to download this app after a minimum of twenty attempts, over a period of three days.
  • Something’s not right 1/5

    By daisie713
    All I get is a you’ve been added to the list message I know there has to be routes in the Houston tx area
  • The worst customer service!!! 1/5

    By LB The Great1
    Ok so the app itself is ok and could definitely use improvements. I experienced many technical issue which either delayed me or stopped me making deliveries. On this particular day I was at the warehouse and in the process of me scanning the app froze and then the entire route disappeared from the itinerary. I called customer support and they told me not to worry I would still be paid and just send a email to support which I did before I even left the warehouse. This happened 8/5/22 and I still was not paid. I don’t expect to get the full block pay but at least compensate me for my time and gas expenses especially since this was something beyond my control. After sending many emails and not receiving no help at this point they are refusing to me and at this point I’m done I will be deleting the app. I keep having bots sending the same message saying you will only be paid for blocks you showed up for and completed but to make it even worst they tried to make me seem like a liar but saying we investigated and our records indicate that you were not there which is completely false. I have proof from the warehouse managers that were there that day to the phone records and the email I sent and clearly one took the time to fully investigate it. So I want to make you all aware that this is a terrible business practice/model and they take advantage of drivers who rely on the app. Some of the blocks are not enough to break even between time and gas and there is no transparency when it comes to the delivery routes. I would not recommend this to anyone and I hope they improve this business model or shut it down because some of the practices do seem predatory to work only in the best interest of the company and not the drivers who contribute to the success of the company!!!!!!
  • Not available in the fastest growing metropolitan area in the nation 1/5

    By Glyn9898
    I live in Myrtle Beach and we are the #1 fastest growing metro area in the nation and I have had this app downloaded waiting for 2 years and they still wont allow it in my area even with the massive population growth that I know their stats people have to see. Its ridiculous I know Amazon is the all seeing eye how about seeing this one?
  • Worst delivery job 1/5

    By nowheregirl13
    I signed up for Amazon flex a few months ago and I have yet to be able to get a block. First they changed my delivery location to some place about 70 miles from where I live. Now that they changed my delivery location back to where I live, I only see one location when previously I was able to see more than one including Amazon fresh.
  • No notice on account issues. 1/5

    By GrilledRenerz
    When I want to work, I expect to be able to log in no problem. I get randomly locked out of my account with no notifications, and support does not help me out, even after sending several emails to them.
  • Terrible for a Logistics Company 1/5

    By LHBolduc
    Do not schedule blocks. Routinely for WFs orders, you can schedule and sit in the parking and watch all your tips drive off in instant offer cars. Sitting in the parking lot for 2 hours and do nothing while again, nonscheduled people get the orders. Isn’t logistics what Amazon thrives on? Apparently this is what they have to show