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Amazon Freevee

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  • Current Version: 1.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Freevee App

Amazon Freevee is a premium free streaming service. Watch thousands of hit movies, shows, Freevee Originals, and live 24/7 entertainment channels to match your mood. App features: * Original shows and movies from the award winning Amazon Studios, with all new exclusive releases added each month that are free to stream. * 24/7 Live Entertainment Channels — live programs based on fanbase, genre, and content. * Search by Title, Genre, or Cast — plus, explore Trending Searches to see this week’s most popular titles. * Add to your Watchlist — create a personalized Watchlist with new and classic film and tv favorites. * No credit cards. No subscription fees. 100% Free. — Log in with your Amazon account to start streaming today. Freevee is supported by Ads to bring you thousands of hit shows and movies with no hidden costs. For our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, please see Amazon, Freevee, Prime Video and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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Amazon Freevee app reviews

  • Screen goes black after ads 4/5

    By Mr_Seizure
    I found that every ad that is 1 minute or longer will lead the screen black after watching them. You have to leave the whole app and go back in to the episode or movie you were watching. It’s getting annoying
  • Not polished 1/5

    By Shantheman73
    Ad placement makes no sense, disruptive to enjoying the show. Volume level of ads is outrageously loud. Come on. Be better.
  • As with most Amazon things…..GARBAGE 1/5

    By supertrouper99
    Terrible, riddled with bugs, slow, more commercials than regular tv, and they don’t even load, forcing an exit and restart of the app
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By gwecaha
    I tap the button to log in and nothing happens
  • Amazon Freevee 4/5

    By sonic2341
    bug fixed
  • Deleted 2/5

    By TunedInTappedInTurnedOn
    After three consecutive sets of 4 consecutive commercials and the app STILL doesn’t resume the movie? It’s outta there. *deleted*
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By qRwErrrrr12345
    I don’t really like the app Because the movies are not that good and it is boring movies but if you want to try it the movies are free.
  • Calling it Horrible is an understatement!!! 1/5

    By zethuz
    Honestly whoever built this app need to go back to basics to understand how an app should work. Would prefer to not watch a movie rather than use this piece of garbage. The UX is ridiculously frustrating
  • Really good selection. Major bug 1/5

    By Nelsonmnh
    The selection is great. But a major bug exists when it comes to ads. You watch a series of 4 ads, and the show will not restart. You have to force close the application so you can watch another series of 3 ads. I have no issue with ads on this service. But if want me to watch 7 ads instead of three then just run the ads an go back to the show. Update: down to one star. Just spent two minutes with a QR code asking me sign in, then two minutes of ads. Show restarts after about 30 seconds. No sound. Exit show, re-enter show. Sound from people not in sync with the movement of lips. Exit show again. Re-enter show. Now it works. This application has a wonderful selection and I really do not mind the ads. But the show has to re-start properly. Also, do not spend two minutes with a static screen asking me to sign in.
  • It's okay 3/5

    By lkvahgoihang
    It's as frustrating to fast forward and rewind as the Prime Video app, maybe even more so (minus two stars). Otherwise good. Bosch: Legacy is a great show.
  • App cannot handle any video pauses 2/5

    By DeusxMac
    Pause a video in the app for just a minute or so, and the app freezes; has to be quit and relaunched.
  • Ugh! Ads! 2/5

    By Sleepless in Washington
    This makes it in-free imho.
  • App crashes 3/5

    By Houseofmusique
    This is app is great. Except for when it crashes. I cant tell you how many times in the past few months that it has simply stopped playing my show and left me with a black screen. And it usually happens after a commercial break. Then I have to close the app and start my show again, and it makes me rewatch all of the commercials. This continual crashing is very irritating.
  • User friendly. 2/5

    By Sunthebun1
    The app isn’t user friendly enough for all devices you are on. Especially for Live TV for new users. This is a all device issue.
  • It’s ok except the ad glitches 2/5

    By Jhffsssfhjkl
    I’ll watch a whole minute and half ad and it just freezes then I have to reset the app and play my show again but now I’m stuck watching more ads. I swear on a 30 minute show I’m watching 15 minutes of ads because of this. Almost makes it not worth watching.
  • Endless ads 2/5

    By AlaskaLib
    Good selection of shows. Unfortunately due to the huge number of ads interrupting viewing for extended periods of time, it is impossible to enjoy a show or movie. Further, the app stalls after going through 3 to 4 ads in a row and will not let you resume viewing without restarting the video and going through an additional 1-4 ads. Far, far too many ads. They should offer a paid, ad-free version.
  • No PIP ☹️ 2/5

    By Mama2ME
    I like to watch/listen at work. But when I try to Watch through the Prime Video app with the screen minimized to Picture in Picture on the corner of my screen, (uses less battery and lets me use my phone for whatever work related issue comes up), whatever I’m watching stops when it gets to an ad. So I thought I’d try watching through the app - no good. Can’t minimize it at all. If you go away from what you’re watching in anyway it stops the playback. Too bad since there really is a good selection and ads aren’t too often or super repetitive . ☹️
  • Better than others, but ads are buggy 3/5

    By coffinwheezin
    Great interface, great content. However, there is a bug related to sign-in that occurs often during the ads. On the Apple TV it causes the interface to loop until the sign-in window eventually appears. Sometimes you have to back out of an episode and re-enter. It has happened since the sign-in prompt was implemented, and only goes away once that window is cleared. In my opinion, make people login at the start, or not. The current method generates a bunch of negativity toward the app and otherwise it’s pretty good. The app also could use a knob to allow people to set when they want to be prompted to continue, or at least an on off toggle for the prompt to continue. Cheers
  • This app has problems 1/5

    By Antichemtrail
    I’m watching the outpost on Amazon prime. And it is free with the Freevee ads. And every single commercial it freezes up. They should call this app the Freezevee. Because all it does consistently is freeze up So many glitches and bugs. Unfortunately this is the only way to watch the show
  • Most un-user friendly app I’ve ever used on Apple TV 1/5

    By Stephaniejeanj
    The phone app is mildly better than the Apple TV version. It’s impossible to see all of the live channels. It’s not even possible to search for the channel, only movies or television shows on Freevee. I’ve given up on this app and switched to Tubi. It’s much more user friendly, set up like an actual tv guide, and has everything Freevee has.
  • Apple TV and ‘black out’ screens 2/5

    By Bobby D iPad
    I found my myself constantly watching Freevee shows as part of the Prime Channel subscription without issues and decided to go straight to the source and downloaded the Freevee app on my Apple TV 4K. The selection is great even with having to sit through the commercials. However the app on Apple TV is seriously flawed. Whenever I select show the screen blacks out for 3 seconds (without fail). If I want to see a preview, 3 seconds of black out, returning to the home page, 3 more seconds. If its a series, vice a movie, its even more disastrous. Changing seasons, 3 more seconds, scrolling from episode to episode, another 3 seconds between each. Okay that might not sound too awfully bad but if you swipe to move to one for the another Apple TV is recognizing your continued scroll and when the 3 seconds is up there’s no telling where you landed. I find myself not just hitting “home” and starting all over again. And yes with a couple more bouts of 3 second screen blank outs. 3 seconds doesn’t sound like much but when you’re trying to find something to watch and go through the 3 second black-out 20 to 30 times you find yourself losing a couple minutes of viewing pleasure. One user fix is to find something by title only on Freevee and then switching to Prime searching for the same show being offered there and then watching it from there. Usually faster. I would have loved to given this 4 stars or even 5 (even with commercials) but the constant repetitive blackout screens the App is nerve wracking on Apple TV.
  • Blank Screen! 1/5

    By jazzyd1876
    Hello, Developers I just downloaded. Your app today. All I get is a blank black screen. On my iPhone, My Xfinity Cable. Included. So please fix the bugs that are preventing me using your app. On my iPhone, Xfinity Cable.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Gene Debs
    Freezes whenever you pause or start a new video. Worst video app ever created.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Riddler4000
    Fix this app
  • App freezes often after ads, and you need to watch again 2/5

    By Yessica'
    Nice selection of movies, some you can't find anywhere else. Unfortunately the app freezes often after commercials, so you have to close the app, open it again, and you have to watch ads again. It's not worth the inconvenience.
  • App works as expected 5/5

    By iAladdin
    I had no issues with the app, works fine. Not a 100% sure I get how is this different than the prime video app.
  • Not Worth The Hassle 2/5

    By LadyBe205
    Downloaded the App. Tried to watch Emma but can’t get past the first batch of ads. Deleted the App. No reason to put up with the hassle, there are so many other better options to choose from.
  • Have to sign in 1/5

    By DavidAllenMagic
    Funny that I don’t have to sign into this station on my roku but added this app on my phone and it wants me to log into an Amazon account. Sorry but not everyone wants, needs or uses an Amazon account. Love the app on my tv. I guess I’ll have to delete it on my phone.
  • DOESN’T WORK 1/5

    By iPadChic
    App is frozen on the welcome page. 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️
  • Buggy- Freezes after ads so you have to rewatch ads 1/5

    By Kanak_99
    As someone else said, the app freezes/screen goes black after watching a whole slot of ads so you have no option other than exiting the app and when you do you are forced to watch another 2 minutes of ads again. Fix the bug!
  • Forced to watch more ads right after watching a group of ads. 3/5

    By Kenshin2113
    Will get done watching 1:30 of ads and then be forced to close the app and reopen only to have to watch more ads. Also I normally use a $50 lightning cable to hdmi adapter to watch shows from my phone on my big screen, unable to do that with this app. It’s a shame because the app has some of my favorite shows. If these two issues were fixed I would rate it 5 stars. Would love to see the show Continuum be added. The one with Alec Sadler as one of the characters.
  • end credits 1/5

    By QueueBear
    when you ruin the end credits of a 2+ hr movie, you deserve a one-star review
  • Bad app across the board! 1/5

    By Macdaddybill
    Considering this is an Amazon company you would expect better but no. Clunky to use on IOS, freezes and takes forever to find load programs. It has been like this since 2020!
  • Picture in Picture 3/5

    By BlAKE1020
    Why not allow Picture in Picture so I can multitask while catching up on my shows other then that decent selection of shows and movies.
  • i want to like this app but... 1/5

    By cabindose
    i want to like this app but it lags too much! i have to restart chromecast every time this happens and it really gets frustrating!!! and nobody is doing anything to fix this. amazon prime also does this especially watching a certain program. very frustrating and the app doesn't bring an update but we are force to keep watching looong ads. and by the way ads never lag, amazing.
  • Commercials x 2 1/5

    By Vestalee1966
    Every time it goes to an ad, when the ad is finished after 2 minutes (eyeroll) it just sits there and freezes and I have to go out of the app and back in and then re-watch another set of ads. before you say it’s my phone or my computer, I have no problem with Tubi or any of the others that show ads. Only Freevee. I won’t be using it again. It’s happened to me several times today and it’s only 9 o’clock in the morning.
  • Not Free 1/5

    By welwell99
    Requires Amazon membership.
  • Bugs…Ads…Crash. 2/5

    By Ak jen
    Love some of the selection of shows but not a fan of sitting through 5 advertisements, and then a black screen. Done all the tricks, signed out, closed out, start up show again,reload ap, blah, blah and get more ads…and then another blank screen. When I’m sitting with 5 minutes left of a show I’m watching and I can’t watch the ending after sitting through the same 5 ads 3-4 times only to watch a blank screen. Well, I’m done. So promising, really looked forward to some of the shows I picked…but a pitiful bust. Two stars for great selection of shows, If it was lousy shows, it’d be one. Too bad can’t get them to play with out an ad crash.
  • Content is fine; cutting out to force even more ads, is not 2/5

    By Msduvall
    So, you’re watching fine content, like Taboo when you have to endure the obligatory commercials. Fine. 3-4 obnoxious ads later and the site goes blank. You can’t X out and you can’t go back. All you can do is get out of the app completely and come back…and then you are forced to watch another 2-3 commercials. It’s too regular to be a coincident and it’s a really low-rent, cynical ploy to force viewers to ignore even more commercials when all we want to do is watch the content…which takes far far longer than it should. Shame on you, for this tasteless tactic of trickery. Luckily, you have way too much competition to tolerate this crap; I’ll go watch Taboo on a site that doesn’t resort to cheap tricks to earn money
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By maditaylorr
    Every time i watch a movie, once an ad plays and it finishes it doesn’t resume the movie. I have to exit out of the entire app and play the movie
  • what? 2/5

    By FunnyEchoKat
    everytime i try to watch something it freezes and then i exit out of the app and go back in and it makes me watch ads over and over again. it’s either the thing i’m watching or the ads that freeze.
  • Great and free 5/5

    By Lawrence1605
    Been using this app for a couple weeks and love it
  • Doesn’t load 1/5

    By akkjms
    When trying to watch, it only plays about 10 seconds then loads then says lost connection, even with good data reception or wifi connection. then when I close the app or go back to try and reload it repeats the process. Do not waste your time with this app. It’s not worth the aggravation.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By XRayStyle
    About 50% of the time the app freezes at the end of a commercial break, forcing me to restart the app and watch the commercial break all over again before resuming my show. Incredibly frustrating
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Cruzinajourney
    Freezes after commercials. You restart and have to watch commercials again. I restarted 3 times…I’m done.
  • Forces restart after ads 2/5

    By Helispook
    Shows 5 ads in a row then locks up. When you restart you have to watch 3 to 5 more before you get back to the show. This happens consistently. Had to sit thru 53 commercials to see one movie. This needs to be fixed. Or maybe it is deliberate so the ad count is high which makes advertisers pay more
  • Give us IMDB TV BACK 1/5

    This is NOT the same, login to just watch ??? Really , stupid annoying disgusting Ads, dumb annoying music intros.
  • I’d like to watch on my TV 1/5

    By ski slope
    When I plug my iPhone into the USB port, and Apple thingamajig, the app says that I can’t watch it on TV I can only stream through my phone I would gladly pay to be able to plug my phone into the TV and stream from my phone to the television. So I went to the app and try to find somewhere to pay for an upgraded service and I cannot find anything I just dated but I don’t have a lot of faith that that is going to solve my dilemma..
  • Upgrade the experience 2/5

    By events guy
    2022-12-02 Update: Shows and movies are great. The user interface is still horrible. Using an iPad mini 5, when playing a commercial consisting of 2 or more segments, the screen will freeze at the conclusion, necessitating the closing of the App. Upon restart, you will be forced to watch commercials again at least 75% of the time. If there is only one (1) commercial, then the show will usually restart successfully. Still waiting for Chromecast support. The Saved list has been added. Please add support for Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Add a Saved List. Improve the video play. Currently, if pausing or closing the Freevee App in the middle of a video, the resumption of the video doesn’t always begin where it previously ended. Sometimes play will resume at the beginning, sometimes 5-10 minutes earlier.