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Amazon Freevee

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  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Freevee App

- Amazon Freevee is a premium free streaming service. Watch thousands of hit movies, shows, Freevee Originals, and live 24/7 entertainment channels to match your mood. - Freevee Features - This is your Freevee — enjoy what you like, how you like, and whenever you like. - Stories to match your mood — Freevee is the destination for Armchair Detectives, Aspiring Reality Stars, Hopeless Romantics, Nostalgia Seekers, and everyone in between. You bring the snacks, we bring the shows. - Can't decide What to Watch? — We got you. Explore our handpicked favorites through our Live Channels feature. Discover a variety of 24/7 Entertainment Channels like Stories You Love and Crime 360 that cycle through themed movies and episodes. We promise you'll find something new! - Original shows and movies from the award winning Amazon Studios, with all new exclusive releases added each month that are free to stream. - No credit cards. No subscription fees. 100% Free. — Log in with your Amazon account to start streaming today. Freevee is supported by Ads to bring you thousands of hit shows and movies with no hidden costs. - Search by Title, Genre, or Cast — Plus, explore Trending Searches to see this week's most popular titles. - For our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, please see Amazon, Freevee, Prime Video and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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Amazon Freevee app reviews

  • poor satellite internet service; unable to stream video 1/5

    By memadge50
    using cellular service through my iphone, i connect my phone to the tv using an hmdi cable to watch other streaming apps. freevee does not allow me to stream video that way. i am very disappointed that a lot of amazon movies and series are now only available through freevee. what about prime video users unable to stream? i tried watching bosch: legacy using the satellite service - buffered every 2 minutes...ugh!
  • Ads 2/5

    By Mark-115
    Very frustrated - in the middle of a show it made me watch 5 ads only to kick me out. I go back in to pick up where I left off and it makes me watch 3 ads then 5 more before the show resumed.
  • Poorly functioning app 1/5

    By Johcrll
    As a prime member, I loved the IMDB app. It worked properly and commercial breaks tended to be brief. This app is no better than cable tv. Ad breaks are more often and 4-5 ads in length. It makes me think the name was changed from IMDB to Greece so that some would not associate the two and therefore not mention ad break length. This app will end up on my heap with other greedy services. I’ll stick to Tubi until Fox does the same thing to it.
  • Good Enough but CAN’T SAVE WATCHLISTS?? 2/5

    By This nickname is already taken. Please choose another.
    Typical FAST service and fine for what it is but a huge intentional bug (def not a feature) is users can’t save content to any kind of watch list. Options: watch now, or continue watching (or watch live). That’s it. No bookmarking anything to watch later. How and why was this decision actually made in 2022? How does this decision serve advertisers or licensees? Because it definitely doesn’t serve users. Without a watchlist the app doesn’t align with user expectations or habits. I just deleted it - there’s no incentive to treat a streaming app as a mystery box. Too much effort, no assured payoff. Laterrrz
  • PNP 1/5

    By msknownada
    The PNP prevented when ads are playing making it unwatchable while doing anything else.
  • Not as bad as other reviews say 4/5

    By Urtinyfriend
    My tv is pretty old. It’s a plasma maybe 10+ years. I have zero lag or lading problems. I also use a fire stick as someone else mentioned. My only request is that the fast foreword be able to go faster. I changed from one tv to another and it’s not linked so I had to fast foreword a long time to get to my saved spot. Having tv’s sync up would be nice too. I read several negative reviews and I haven’t experienced any of those issues. Zero bugs what so ever.
  • Useless on Apple TV 4K 1/5

    By VidRx
    Just like Amazon prime video app. Will not work on Apple TV 4K. Report internet connection problem where EVERY other app works flawlessly. This has been broken for months and Amazon is clueless how to fix it! Would give 0 stars if possible.
  • Horrible, ad-plagued app 1/5

    By SleepyTime85
    In the 13 years I have used smart products, I have never experienced a worse app than FreeVee/IMDb. Despite having consistently steady Internet, the app stated on several occasions my bandwidth was too low to show content. The program I was attempting to watch would freeze regularly, with the only seeming solution was to restart the app several times. The app would not remember where I last watched an episode, but would consistently start at season 1. The last straw was, after the app crashing several times, and I finally got the episode running, the video wouldn’t play and I only had audio. I’ve simply never experienced a more terribly-designed media app. The fact that Amazon runs the app is incredibly surprising—with its reputation for efficiency and customer service, this app is nothing like Amazon’s quality.
  • Not so good 2/5

    By auntlea
    Now that this is Freevee the app is as poor as amazons, never cared for theirs either it ALWAYS TELLS ME IT’S USING MY DATA. Bright the same company now I notice many thing is chalk up to Amazon failure. This was much better befor Amazon arrived
  • Older smart TV 3/5

    By Bettyboop76048
    I have Amazon Prime on my older smart TV. There is nothing wrong with it so purchasing another just to get an app is not an option. It’s ridiculous that I have to watch a show on my tablet …. Unfortunately there are many apps that are not available to an older tv.
  • Why 3/5

    By yayayayayay32
    It was really good until it kept on saying playback error and to restart the app, and when I do restart the app it will still not work😡. I have tried deleting the app and getting it back but it will still not work.
  • Great just needs a couple features 4/5

    By Emilyravae
    I enjoy this app easy to search through and lots of selection. I only ask that we can have picture on picture and maybe a list we can add stuff to for later.
  • Favorites 3/5

    By Saw It in DC
    Please add the ability to mark favorite shows and movies (or “my list” or whatever, like other apps) so we can more easily keep track of shows we want to watch.
  • Stop complaining you spoiled brats… 5/5

    By jram78911
    Let’s not forget it’s FREE. You Americans are so spoiled and just expect to get everything handed to you. Let’s not forget regular TV also has commercials so this ain’t no different. I’ve been watching Bosch on my iPhone and I don’t mind the ads since it’s FREE. If you whiners don’t want commercials go cry somewhere else or maybe get a job so you can pay for something else…
  • Watchlist needed 1/5

    By Counter Sniper
    There is a lot of content which is great. But it’s all for naught if you can’t add anything to a watchlist. Who has the time to search thru the app, scrolling endlessly for a movie/tv show to watch, every time they open the app? No one, that’s who. It becomes a frustrating and pointless exercise to try and find something to see. Generally people will take a deep dive when first using an app to check out all of the content and save what interests them. Then adding items to the watchlist when new content becomes available. This is one of the most basic necessities for any app of this kind and until you add a watchlist you will continue to receive low ratings and alienate the consumers you made the app for. PLEASE ADD A WATCHLIST.
  • Ok app. I prefer prime video. Hate ads. 2/5

    By Steve @ Inside Sales Dude
    It says it all in the title except I also miss the imdb links from prime video like cast and show info. A few days later I realized the ad frequency and volume increases which each subsequent episode. What started as one 30 second ad is now 4 minutes. If I see another Progressive Insurance ad I’m going to puke in my mouth. Once I finish watching Bosch legacy I’m deleting the app.
  • Big Issue 2/5

    By LyleGC
    Constant error messages about no internet connection. Takes several minutes to start the app. I’m using this on Apple TV. It’s almost useless. Once at the home page when trying to load a program to watch I get the same internet connection issue alert. I have excellent internet with very fast speeds. This is the only app work issues.
  • disappearing 3/5

    By k&te
    So I was watching Malcom in the middle for days and suddenly it disappeared. I look on roku and it still says that Freevee plays malcom in the middle … I don’t know what happened I was watching it yesterday
  • Ads…ads….and more ads! 1/5

    By anb740
    I didn’t mind this when it was IMDBtv. But since Amazon took over, it has become unbearable. Much like the Freevee app for my Roku, I’m instantly bombarded with five ads in a row. Then I get at best 1-2 MINUTES of the movie, then another five ads! Seriously?!! Sorry, but even I have a limit on the number of ads I’ll close my eyes through to watch something. This app just got deleted off my iPad and Roku devices. Bye!
  • worst than android version 3/5

    By angryRetailInvestor99
    iOS version doesn’t save user setting
  • Love it! 5/5

    By alphadogcarrie
    I found the moron here to watch that on Netflix. The only downside is that it needs a “my list or a saved list”. Thank you for making FREEVEE!
  • No external display support 1/5

    By Fiddle Tech
    So, you can watch with a Fire TV device attached to a Big Screen, but not an iphone for free shows? Just ones you pay for? Wow... And Amazon wonders why it's stock is falling.
  • Don’t believe other people’s reviews. 5/5

    By Margolac
    I passed over this app many times because of the low rating. I finally decided to try it. It’s on my phone, and iPad, and my Roku. On all the app works better than I could ever expected. People complain about the commercials, remember it’s free. People complain that the commercials aren’t timed right and it cuts off in mid sentence, that’s true but not an issue it picks up right where it left off. The movies and especially the old TV shows are great to see again. I have no problem with this app. Since I’ve downloaded it i’ve been watching it quite a bit. Good job Freevee.
  • Annoying sign in 3/5

    By Bkh72*
    Please add a keep signed in feature. I’m tired of having to sign in every time I open the app. Wasn’t that way when it was IMDB.
  • Continue watching 5/5

    By Bugsy9161982
    I really like this app it seems to have a lot of older shows. But this needs to have a delete from continue watching button. I have a lot of stuff that I have watch only one episode of and it is cluttering up and I would like to delete without having to leave the app.
  • Why must I sign in every day? 2/5

    By Sanstigerva
    Why make users sign in every day? Its not like it's a financial program containing highly confidential documents. It's an entertainment app. I use it because of Bosch anyway.
  • No full screen iPad. 3/5

    By SilverVixen42
    Have tried gestures and taps so far nothing works. Miss imdb….
  • Cannot cast to chromecast 1/5

    By TheLioness22
    First thing I tried - casting a show to my TV via chromecast, which works in prime video app - and it’s a no go. The feature is not available. Disappointing.
  • Stalls daily 3/5

    By Jabezgirl
    I love the content and graphics, easy to navigate but it stalls so I use Prime video app. I’m not sure why I need 2 apps anyway?
  • Won’t load movie 1/5

    By mbeth83
    I started watching the movie just fine but after the first ad break it gives me a black screen. I close the app and reopen. It loads more ads but shows a black screen after. It has no problem loading ads but won’t load the movie.
  • I like it but… 1/5

    By jcpalo1978
    I enjoy the app but the only problem I’m having is I’m able to use the entire the app with my iphone, but when I’m using my iPod it keeps giving me a playback error and to restart the app so when I do it keeps giving me the same message very irritating
  • Region not supported 1/5

    By Dookie Houser MD
    Tells me my region isn’t supported upon loading. Then I have to close the app.
  • Remember me function 2/5

    By Houseofmusique
    Why does the Freevee app sign me out every day or two? It will log me out even if I leave it open for several hours while using other aspects of my phone. The previous IMDB TV app never signed me out. Please keep me logged in. Also, if I have to switch screens or apps for a moment, when I come back to Freevee, it has backed me out of my tv show, and I have to start at the episode selection again instead of simply resuming play like other apps. Lastly, if I turn off the subtitles, I want them to stay off. I want them to stay off for the following tv episodes, and I want them to stay off for future shows, until I decide that I want subtitles.
  • Content is there, but no Casting options. 2/5

    By BrewIt
    If I can’t cast to my tv, it’s kinda useless for me.
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By 678yankee
    I just downloaded it, so this is just based on my use of it so far. I like it, plus you don’t even have to sign up for it, you just downloaded and enjoy. No email no password. AND ITS FREE!!! Give it a whirl if you don’t like it, delete it.

    By Asingal
  • Prime Screw-Up 1/5

    By JohnnyV8
    I’ve watched shows using the Prime Video app on my Apple TV for years. Not anymore. Try watching Bosch. Forget it. It starts saying there’s an internet problem. This is a perfect example of a CrapApp. And you can’t stream from your Apple device either. 2 hours on a Friday night on the phone with tech support and they asked if I would be willing to do a conference call with Apple’s tech support so the people at Prime could solve the problem. Really? Prime rates increase dramatically and now they want me to be a beta tester? Screw that. Maybe Bezos should postpone any more space travel for the time being until he gets his act together for us earth-bound paying customers.
  • Ads freezes in Apple TV 1/5

    By Wraith127
    After the ads, it freezes. Only sound comes out. You have to reset the Apple TV for it to work again.
  • Needs better execution 3/5

    By Gluuten
    This app would be alright if it had integration with the Apple TV app, but it sadly doesn't so I have no way of telling that a movie or show that I want to watch might be available on Freevee.
  • Love it 5/5

    By docrankin
    Great shows free
  • Favorite free service 5/5

    By 0rangknight
    I only got this app to watch Deadpool, but oh my goodness, the selection is so good Im keeping it. Give it a shot guys, never seen so many good movies on a service like this. Hopefully it stays this way
  • Good app but needs work 2/5

    By scars1011
    This app would be great if it wood let me stream from my iPhone through the hdmi adapter to the tv
  • Audio doesn’t match up to picture 2/5

    By courtste04
    Just tried the app for the first time on my Firestick and immediately it skips/freezes and then the audio doesn’t line up with the picture. Tried pausing to see if it would auto sync, nope. Went back to the main page and tried to resume episode, that worked, for all of 2 minutes and then it’s off again. On the third try, you can no longer resume the episode, but are forced to start all over. Too annoying.
  • Upgrade the experience 2/5

    By events guy
    Please add support for Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Add a Saved List. Improve the video play. Currently, if pausing or closing the Freevee App in the middle of a video, the resumption of the video doesn’t always begin where it previously ended. Sometimes play will resume at the beginning, sometimes 5-10 minutes earlier.
  • Freevee 5/5

    By wink 2
    Excellent app
  • No watchlist, so no thanks 3/5

    By NeverTheNoneTheLess
    Not in the mobile app, not in the streaming app — there’s no way to mark a title and return to it later … except to begin watching it, which puts the show or movie into your Continue Watching queue. A pointless and frustrating omission by a company that should know better, and do better.
  • No Apple TV App? 2/5

    By Scott.KT
    Without an AppleTV app, this is useless to me.
  • Apple TV version soon? Chromecast support? 3/5

    By Epic-C
    Need the Apple TV version to be released with a priority. Pointless having a new movie app come out without being on apple tv yet. Also the iPhone and iPad versions need Chromecast support added also for other streaming.
  • No streaming. 3/5

    By JamesTiberiousKirk
    You people know this is the 21st century right?