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Amazon Kindle App

READ ANYTIME, ANYWHERE On the bus, on your break, in your bed—never be without a book. Kindle books you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app. Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download Kindle books directly in the app. FIND YOUR NEXT GREAT READ • Read the books you buy on Amazon in the Kindle app. Choose from over six million Kindle books (including those with Audible narration), magazines, and comics and start reading in seconds. Explore Amazon Charts best sellers and titles across genres like romance, science fiction, children’s books, self-help, religion, nonfiction, and more—and try any book with a free sample straight from the Kindle app. • Kindle Unlimited members can enjoy unlimited reading and listening, with the freedom to explore over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and current magazines. • Over 1,000 books, magazines, comics, and more included with Amazon Prime. • Kindle Vella brings you stories released one short episode at a time. The first three episodes of every story are always free--after that, purchase Tokens and redeem them to unlock episodes. Tokens may only be used to unlock Kindle Vella story episodes and are available for In-App purchase. Kindle Vella and In-App purchase of Tokens are currently only available in the US. GO BEYOND PAPER Turn your iPhone or iPad into a book with the free Kindle app—so you can read anytime, anywhere. Explore these reading features in the Kindle app: • Read your way. Customize your text size, font type, margins, text alignment, and orientation (portrait or landscape)—and choose whether to turn pages from left to right or continuously scroll. Read comfortably day and night with adjustable brightness and background colors. Go to the Aa menu in your book to get started. • Look up words, people, and places while you read. Breeze through words you don’t know and characters you can’t remember with the built-in dictionary, X-Ray, Wikipedia lookup, instant translations, and search within your book. Simply tap and hold a word to view its definition, or use the Google and Wikipedia links to get more information. • Track your reading progress. See what percent of the book you’ve read, real page numbers (for most top titles), and how much time you have left in the chapter or book based on your actual reading speed. • Bookmark places you want to revisit, and make highlights and take notes throughout your book. Open My Notebook to see all your notes in the same place. • Hop, skim, and jump with Page Flip. Flip between pages or get a bird’s-eye view of your book with Page Flip—don’t worry, we’ll save your place. • Zoom in on high-definition color images in Kindle books, magazines, comics, and manga. • Sync your books across devices. When you’re reading a book, the Kindle app will automatically sync where you left off—along with any bookmarks, highlights, or notes—so you can start reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another. • When you can’t read, listen. Switch seamlessly from reading your Kindle book to listening to the Audible book, all within the Kindle app. • Get notified when authors you love have new releases. By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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Amazon Kindle app reviews

  • I like it 4/5

    By mhk1999
    I like this app for the most part but the app on iPhone and iPad only lets you do a Wikipedia search and not a Google or images search. I know you can do that on the Kindle itself but the app does not let you get a choice. I hope this is an improvement in the update.
  • Need half-stars in rating 5/5

    By mn417
    Love the app but would love to have the option of giving half-stars in my ratings.
  • Books books and more books 5/5

    By KatKFrazer
    I always have a great selection to choose from. Up and coming writers and old and comforting. It’s almost as good as my library app.
  • Loving this, 5/5

    By Pattirx
    Believe it or not , I’m sitting on a beach in Phi Phi Island Thailand enjoying the scenery AND a book on my Kindle app! Life is good.
  • please make it possible to turn pages w the spacebar on ipad 4/5

    By Altimorr
    + to highlight w the pencil without having to wait for the text to select
  • More best sellers 4/5

    By great amazing app wow
    Not enough best sellers.
  • The more updates, the worse it gets 1/5

    By Berjaya88
    The more updates you do, the worse the functionality it becomes! Don’t try to read during weekend, it is almost impossible to load to the page! Luckily I have decided to buy the printed copies and Audible separately. Otherwise, I’m stuck! Maybe “Wheel of Time” books are too big a file for Kindle to handle, along with added Audible to them!
  • Best gift to myself ever!!!! 5/5

    By xxNikkixx91
    I got myself a kindle subscription a few years ago as a gift to myself, and it was truly a gift. I read everyday. All the time. It’s a coping skill and also something I enjoy.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By grateful nana m
    Excellence !!! 😀
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By agoleta
    Kindle helps my children read better and improve skills!
  • Got me reading 5/5

    By Jh891124
    I never read books until I started using kindle. Opened up A NEW WORKD FOR ME
  • The future of building muscle 5/5

    By BryanS.1982
    There are better ways to build muscle than traditional weight lifting and powerlifting. There are better ways to build heart health than doing long cardio. This book shows the better ways. I’m thankful to have learned this knowledge after 25 years of weightlifting.
  • Enabling my procrastination 5/5

    By bunchahooey
    I meant to read it. Looked forward to reading it. Anticipated reading it. Other pursuits got in the way, plus I was in a long library waiting list. Now I find myself with three days til book club. No worries. A big mug of coffee and Kindle and I’m in great shape. Again.Tally ho!
  • Reading on my phone is great 3/5

    By commadelimited
    Love the Kindle app nowadays but it seems like the most recent version of the app has removed the sharing button which let my sync my progress to GoodReads. Where’s this feature? Update on 3/27/23 - Amazon, I don’t understand what you’re doing. You own GoodReads yet you make the sharing button even harder to get to? Now you have to tap a page, then the 3 dot menu, then the book cover, before you get to the sharing button. What are you making it so hard?
  • Best reading experience 5/5

    By Dmach488
    The app is easy to use and love the flexibility of utilizing the app within devices!!!
  • Avid reader 5/5

    By Brisnet22
    Love some of these not so mainstream authors. Their books are awesome. Everybody starts somewhere. Enjoyable!
  • So many choices. 5/5

    By agogo111111-----11556556666
    So many choices.
  • Kindle review 4/5

    By Giveuponthenickname
    I enjoy reading books on kindle but I have 2 complaints. One is minor and it is that the dictionary only works if the word in English. The major complaint is the hoops II now have to go through to buy an ebook for kindle. At first I could use the kindle app on my Android phone to buy a book which could be read also on my wife’s iPad or iPhone but then that was taken away. Even just going to my Amazon prime App Store requires a series of more steps to order an ebook. I am sure that this makes more money but it serves the user poorly
  • One Star for Review Begging 1/5

    By iTouchie
    Maybe don’t expect a good review when a review begging pop up interrupts me while reading a book
  • Handy 5/5

    By sleepy musician
    Kindle is a great way to take books on vacation!
  • My Favorite App! 5/5

    By Angelnapping
    Buy books electronically and save a lot space in your home! View from practically any device. Love this app!
  • Crashing & freezing 1/5

    By joansmillet
    Shame on Amazon for selling kindle books for the kindle app that is so frustrating for so long. Have tried shutting dow my iPad & starting again & deleting app but the problem continues/. Been there for all &’is not being fixed! Amazon will lose sales & my other apps will get a workout. PLEASE FIX Been going on too long. Today 3/26 just bought book & can’t open it! Frustrating.
  • Problem removing books and getting back to home page c 3/5

    By JoMil2023
    I have problems finding how to get back to my library once I have read a book and having trouble removing a book once I am finished with it. Help please.
  • Wish it did more — actually less! 2/5

    By Paleo Schnauzer
    1. I don’t want suggestions, I simply want to see the books I own. I don’t like someone telling me what to read or purchase. We removed every Alexa device and app from our home because of the constant barrage of ‘by the way..’ and things to try. Get rid of the crap. Just be a repository. 2. Unlike Apple Books there is no way to completely hide a previous purchase other than deleting it. Please look up the meaning of Hide and let me hide stuff. 3. Magazines are like vampires. They are immortal. I have several old magazines I can’t get rid of. What is the point of preventing me from deleting my old purchases? There’s too much clutter, too many suggestions and way too many ways my attempts to have a clean interface are stymied. I also do not give a fig for how much of a book I’ve read or how fast I’ve read it. I use the kindle app on an iPad in my kitchen as a library of cookbooks. People don’t read cookbooks, they refer to them. I only buy books for kindle reading as a last resort, if apple doesn’t have them. Get a clue people! I have a good reason for this - I don’t appreciate 20 books I’ll never buy or read cluttering my screen. Kindle apps may be the next Amazon product to expunge. I’d rather buy hardcover versions of my favorite cookbooks or find recipes online than put up with the invasive actions of Amazon
  • Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone 5/5

    By Harry and his friends
    I like it when Harry Potter makes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermonie Granger in Hogwarts and they get out of bed for many nights at Hogwarts
  • anything, any time, anywhere 5/5

    By Össze-vissza
    I like the fact that I can read anything I want, any time I want to, anywhere I am.
  • App is okay 2/5

    By johnnyca5555
    App isn’t a bad app it’s pretty good. However when going through my files I noticed Amazon Kindle folder on my iOS device had some digi_cert_root.pen files inside of the folder. That was very concerning. Do you provide digital root certificates inside your app?
  • Just reading information 1/5

    By yummyfive
    Not too exciting because none of this I mean it makes sense because it’s it’s common sense. It’s nothing different. It’s just sad you read a book like there’s always money.
  • Angel flight 5/5

    By DHindson
    Kept me in suspense all the way through, even though it was the second time I’m reading it Dion
  • The Sweet 16 5/5

    By lccares
    I had been doing well until this week. Watching the Women play basketball took me to the days I lived on N. Main in BG besinide a female P.E. Eucator/Coach. I wonder if a female Coach back then faced as much critisism as today. I am not talking raceism, i know racism still shows its ’ UGLY HEAD whenever it feels lii.
  • Long time using just recently loving Kindle 5/5

    By Maddog_1864
    Romantic notions of paper and all the joys of holding a book aside…, Kindle saves bookshelf space. Kindle used correctly on an IPad expands one’s mind too…., unless you prefer the old heavy dictionary to look up whatever escapes your understanding. Long time using…, just recently loving Kindle books.
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By FlacaAC
    Great wait to have as many books as you want on vacation without carrying all the weight.
  • Thanks Pastor Scott 5/5

    By Bill Vandivorrt
    The first time I heard your sermon the early nineties was at the Mitchell fair grounds and your testimony was a lot like mine at the time I knew Christ but I wasn’t leaving for Christ and thanks for your testimony that today I am leaving for Christ like you say Christ Is Life.
  • Wish I could buy books on this app 4/5

    By Debbie in Wonderland
    Great app. The only thing that is missing is the ability to purchase books.
  • Mark 5/5

    By mr essig
    Your best book yet! M Essig sv mn
  • Kindle now 4/5

    By Skchilds101
    What I do not like is that I can no longer buy books from the app. I went to Amazon but did not see how to buy books there to put on my Kindle App. What I do like is lots of reading material available.
  • Great app but has bugs 2/5

    By lilgoddessqueen
    Overall I love the kindle app. Often, however, the app will open on the cover of a book like it’s loading and freeze there. I have to re-install the app and re-login to get it to work. It’s Happening more and more and it’s very inconvenient. Otherwise, great app that’s very convenient. I love using kindle on my iPad for cook books because I can flip through the book easily to reference other parts of the book.
  • Full of gremlins 1/5

    By Jo Blowe
    The Kindle app has long been my preferred reading app. However, of late I have noticed a considerable number of bugs. For instance, sections that have been highlighted lose their highlight. The highlighted sections are suddenly no longer highlighted. Switching from footnotes is a bear. I switch pages—or interact with them, knowing that some amount of time will be spent in the “wheel of time,” just waiting. Amazon, just makes it like it was. Please!!!!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mlkunicorn
    I absolutely love it. I hop on my device and right away open it.🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • Great app, but annoying continued request to rate 2/5

    By ROIdude
    Normally I would have given the Kindle App 5 stars, but the obnoxiously incessant request to review knocks it down to 2 stars.
  • Okay 4/5

    By hong kong fatwah fmosts
    Not easy to zoom in? But maybe the iPhone!
  • Scorpion 5/5

    By LMSF:
    Well written. My negative thoughts concern Libya where I was assigned for a year and a half. I wish just once some writer would get facts correct about Libyan people
  • Kindle Rocks! 5/5

    By Otterkata
    Hi, I live alone off grid and read a lot. Thank you for Kindle & Kindle Free.
  • Greatest thing since sliced bread🧐 5/5

    By Bookworms United
    Now that I’m retired I appreciate my Kindle even more. An invention that makes the libraries of the world accessible is a game changer for everyone. It makes it possible for me to sample authors that I would have hesitated to select in hard copy. And now that I have all the time in the world to enjoy it I appreciate it even more.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By VickieLengel
    I love to read more than anything. I love the fact that you can get great book for a very cheap price and even free. I can't tell you how happy I was when I found this app! Love reading and Love Kindle!!
  • App problems 3/5

    By Not a smiley face
    First, I have trouble getting to the menus - I don’t know where to tap, so I get frustrated, tapping wildly in the upper left quadrant. When the menus finally come up, I don’t know where I was tapping to make it happen. Also, recent updates infuriate my wife. The tiered approach to organizing the books makes it hard to find something, especially if your idea of where a particular book should go disagrees with hers. Showing all the books has its issues, but sometimes it can be preferable. Maybe give us a choice?
  • Excelente 5/5

    By erickolosal
    A sido mi compañía en vacaciones
  • Samples ugh. 1/5

    By Ladynred2012
    I don’t like that I can only read the first book but then just get samples after that. It’s not easy to navigate and I can’t figure out how to get the whole set of a collection. I came to this app bc I was tired of paying $40-$50 a book. I’d rather keep paying that just so I can read the whole collection!
  • Wish I could download from the app. 4/5

    By McCrisa
    Title says it all. I love my kindle app, I would LOVE to be able to buy and download my books from the app, and not have to go to Safari. #1stWorldProblems, I know…. But it would sure be nice.