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Amazon Kindle App

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go. eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app.   What you’ll get: • With your newsfeed you can discover what the readers you trust are reviewing and rating highly to find your next great read, and discuss the books, passages and ideas that inspire you while only being one tap away from diving back into your book. • Sample any eBook for free • Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images • A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more • Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Discover and download Kindle Unlimited eBooks and magazines • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page • Ability to make and share in-page highlights • Bold font and text size options • Access to local library eBooks


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Amazon Kindle app reviews

  • Kindle, now with extra Spam 1/5

    By breckenedge
    I opened the Kindle app today and Kindle asked me for a review so here’s my honest opinion: The Kindle app used to be great. The convenience was great. The syncing was great. Reading on it was great. And it had almost no distractions and very subtle ads (end of book suggestions, etc.). Now, the Kindle app is full of spam. Amazon, you are actively ruining this app. The notifications area is just unwanted spam. It even has an badge icon to track the number of unread ads. The “Community” tab is just ads for joining Goodreader. Enough. I can’t support this. I don’t want your (profitable) discovery suggestions or unread ad badge icons. Give me the ability to use Kindle without Goodreader and Notifications and the other spam and maybe I’ll come back. For now, it’s time to go back to paper books.
  • Love it 5/5

    By TanyaLB
    Love my Kindle app. My favorite thing is flipping the colors so the background is black and the letters are white. Makes reading in bed so easy!
  • Home bar blinks in dark mode 2/5

    By Nickname a137f
    Current update fades the home bar in dark mode, problem is that it comes back when tapping screen to go to next page. Still useless to read on iPhone X.
  • Love reading through Kindle 5/5

    By Ms.T, aka JenJen
    I truly love the Kindle Reading App. I wish that could get my payments to go through easier. I do also enjoy the free reads. The writers are very excellent, & exceptionally creative. I have no bad or ill comments. Thanks, A #1 fan!!!
  • Great gift to give to yourself. 5/5

    By NiWi2
    Very handy when traveling. I especially enjoy being able to highlight as well as being able to adjust the font size.....much easier on “mature” eyes. I can be in the process of reading several books at one time without the bulk. Love my kindle!
  • If it's not broke - Don't fix it. 1/5

    By Pheonix1022
    I was very happy with my Kindle app before this most recent update. I clicked the update button Totally by accident. Oh how I regret this update. It's harder to find the books that I want to read, and two books I just downloaded today don't show up in my recent's list at all. I have to remember the title and then go search for it- then I can find it. But, if I look for said book by title or author it does not show up in either list. This is extremely frustrating I don't always remember titles but I can tell by the picture if I read it or not. However, if the book is not showing in my list in anyway how am I supposed to know if I have the book or not? I don't know what you people did, I know some updates are needed, however, this update changed the way we see the books is not great. I liked the way I had two separate screens one screen for a downloaded and one screen for in the cloud. I really just don't like the way this looks anymore. If I did not have so much invested financially in books on this app, I would totally delete it. If I could leave a negative star instead of one star I would. So disappointed.
  • Poor at best 1/5

    By Nate the pimp
    Having been an avid reader nearly ALL of my 56 years on this planet I can say with absolute certainty that this app is the absolute WORST! And before you think, awww, poor old man doesn’t do technology, I would inform you that I did higher tech for over 30 years than any of you morons could even dream of!!! Difficult to navigate, impossible to manage in any logical way, even after reading hundreds of books using it, my opinion remains. If there were ANY other program I would be using it instead! Sad that so many people think otherwise, but then again, most people are idiots so I shouldn’t be surprised. Epic fail, Kindle. I could have written and designed better when I was 10!
  • Thanks for the bug fix 5/5

    By ArmyofSephiroth
    Now that they have fixed the text to speech all I have to say is this is the app that I use the most and I can't say anything but this is a great app.
  • Update working 5/5

    By Swoopadoop
    TTS was skipping paragraphs, wrote Jeff B., fixed 2 weeks later. Thank you, Jonathan @ Amazon.
  • Let me control my own content. 3/5

    By rmb3894
    I’ve been using various kindle apps for years, and while I’m frequently frustrated with the lack of adjustability in page layouts, it’s something that isn’t likely to bother anyone except extremely picky typography geeks like myself. But recently, about a dozen books appeared in my cloud library that I didn’t purchase. They all seem to be language dictionaries: two or three for Hindi and several others for languages that to be honest, I’ve never heard of. And when I contacted customer service wondering where they came from, I was told they were part of the recent update and couldn’t be deleted. While expanded language support is great, why do I need these specific dictionaries cluttering up my library? Am I going to be flooded with dictionaries for every language Kindle supports? Frankly, I find it a bit creepy and intrusive that Amazon has now decided not only to push content into users’ libraries, but doesn’t even allow us to delete that content when we find it irrelevant and disruptive. Please fix this.
  • Speak Screen 5/5

    By Yorky298
    Thank you so much for fixing the Speak Screen feature. It makes sitting in traffic bearable. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated the feature until it was gone. Thank you again.
  • Multi device friendly 5/5

    By Willerwoman
    I really like the Kindle app as a partner to my Kindle e-reader. It’s easy for me to pick up where I left off In a book if I am out and about and only have my phone with me. I’m at the gym on the treadmill, I can make the print larger and still easily read while I’m walking.
  • App 6.4 speak screen 4/5

    By aymar
    Version 6.4.1. Thank you for making this update for speak screen. I can now work and listen all day! —— I use the speak screen for most of my kindle use as I work with my hands. A recent update resulted in the next day failure of the screen to correctly go to the next page of my books. I tried several by oks and 2 phones with the same result. Very disappointing! This is my Primary use for kindle in place of local library and a big help in energy to tasks. As a senior my eyes are at risk and the kindle app was an answer to prayer.
  • I enjoy this app 5/5

    By LadyMidnight1973
    I love reading my favorite books from Julie Miller OMG HER BOOKS ARE AWESOME
  • Great App 4/5

    By ToddBall69
    The kindle app is much, much better now. I would give it 5 stars if you could make all fonts bold like you can on my Voyage, or add a few more fonts. Overall, a great app.
  • Has Amazon ever heard of sofware testing? 5/5

    By suecqueue
    They broke the sync function AGAIN, which seems to happen in every other release. Software QC is a total mystery at Amazon. And just think. This company wants to launch things into space. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • My can’t-live-without-App 5/5

    By PattiCake38
    I was one of those people who swore I would never give up “real” books. Once I gave Kindle a try it was on! I love reading on my iPhone plus and I read so much that it wouldn’t be possible without Kindle. I still buy some paperback books and subscribe to 8 different magazines so I’m still supporting the old school way as well! But I do LOVE KINDLE!!!
  • Great Again! 5/5

    By dah-NEES
    UPDATE 2 - thank you Amazon for fixing your app. You are back up to five stars. UPDATE - I have no idea what Amazon Kindle did but this latest update on February 23 has ruin the app. This is one app I used every day. I loved reading my books on Kindle app for my iPhone 7 Plus, that is one reason why I purchase so many books on Amazon but for some reason now it’s not working properly fix it or put it back to its previous working status. One of the best apps out there, I use this app every day and have no complaints. I especially like the fact I can download library books to the Kindle app. A must-have for any reader.
  • Problem with braille paging back! 1/5

    By Noandy
    This app is broken again)!! Amazon, pleaaase quit breaking braille support!!! This program was fine until I updated it tonight March 13. Please fix!
  • Perfect!!! 5/5

    By Missjgoins22
    *Updated* True to my word I am updating my review. Kindle just did the update and I am back in business and now I am I love with Kindle again! I am able to read and to review all in one easy motion. I love reviewing books so that others can enjoy the books I dearly love!! I chose Kindle over iBooks only because there was the attachment to Goodreads and that was a big thing. It also gave the ability to do the speak to read. But now the speak to read isn’t working with the kindle all that well and it’s suppose to with the books I am reading. With the update it must have done something so it’s a four star for me at this point but once corrections to this problem is fixed definitely will give it a five star praise.
  • Reader Bug Fixed! 4/5

    By cmyktaylor
    Big thank you!
  • Review 4/5

    By Mistywinds9667
    An excellent app for reading (The real books are too heavy to bear), but only there is a flaw. During the reading, I pressed and held upon certain words, but the app kept crashing...
  • Update Broke iOS Speak Screen 5/5

    By Mickey330
    Update: Amazon just fixed the Speak Screen issue. Now this app is back to being my favorite to keep on reading. I love it that I can sync between my Kindle Oasis and my Apple devices fluidly and flawlessly. Thanks, Amazon! ———————- I’ve loved this app for years. I can easily sync between my Kindle dreaded and my phone. However, this latest update has broken the Speak Screen function on my iPhone (running iOS 11.2.6). When the speech is turned on, the app skips pages on a page turn! And it doesn’t just happen once. As far as I can tell, this skip happens on every page turn. Obviously, this makes the app completely unusable while I am exercising, working around the house or sitting in the dentist chair. In addition, it makes my long drives home even longer when I can’t “read” my book. Please, please, please - fix this?
  • Great App 5/5

    By DukToonz
    Speak Screen works again at last! Yay!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Digiecard
    If I could give it a ZERO I would. Since the upgrades there is always an issue when I open the app. Whether I have WiFi or not it freezes. I have tried both ways and the results are the same. I have to wait a while for it to work, even if I have a book open it still freezes for awhile and it will not let me do any functions. And, don’t get me started on downloading purchases. Extremely frustrating. Please, please fit it!!! It was working fine before. What ever you did you need to fix it.
  • Updated***Bad update 5/5

    By Rudy2Shoes
    ***Yasssss! Thank you for updating and repairing the speak screen function! Back to reading all day! Since the last update the iphone accessibility feature “speak screen” no longer works correctly. Where it used to read page to page as long as you didn’t interfere by turning the page ahead one too many, now it only reads the last paragraph of every page. I’m so sad over this since I was planning to extend my free trial of kindle unlimited once it’s over. I won’t be able to use the app nearly as often as I’d like if the speak screen feature isn’t repaired in the app. So i will most likely cancel after my free trial is done. 😢
  • Skips paragraphs on reader 2/5

    By Sleegar27
    I just purchased a book and I’m trying to let the iPhone reader, read it for me but it keeps skipping paragraphs even after the update suppose to fix the issue.
  • Issue Resolved! 5/5

    By pastorknight
    A recent tweek in the app kept IOS text to speech features from operating correctly, but the issue was quickly resolved. Way to be Amazon!
  • Bug fixed 5/5

    By Jwsudd
    Speech-to-text bug is fixed

    By zoomlens3201
    WTH? Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE my Kindle app on my iPad Pro. BUT... Recently I noticed an issue with the formatting, in the horizontal view, which is my preferred - easier to hold and more closely resembles holding an actual book. But I’m constantly having to adjust the type size because it cuts off either the bottommost line or the topmost line of each page, but ONLY on the horizontal view. It’s not limited to one book - it’s happened on every book I’ve tried to read lately. Even deinstalled and reinstalled (a royal pain because I had to redownload my books AND ended up having to redownload all my Audibles to my iPhone - related? MAJOR PAIN). Currently reading HP5 - OOTP - have had to adjust the font size 4 times already - if get it small enough that it doesn’t cut off lines, then it’s too small to read comfortably, even with readers. Move it back to a viewable font - works for about a minute and then cuts off lines again. Please fix!
  • iOS Speak Screen + Kindle = Nirvana 5/5

    By Mr. Onyok J. Bentot
    I spend a lot of time in traffic here in SoCal. The only thing that keeps me sane is Kindle with iOS Speak Screen to read my books to me while driving. I’m very happy with this app and hope they don’t remove the compatibility with iOS Speak Screen. Enable Speak Screen by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Speak Screen and viola you have Siri reading Kindle books for you.
  • Transparent 1/5

    By Curious sailor
    It would be nice if in endeavoring to sign up for Kindle could be simple and transparent.
  • Fantastic device. 5/5

    By Dodger712
    I LOVE my two Kindle devices. I have an older B&W device that I read on and a Kindle Fire that I occasionally watch movies on Amazon Prime on. Both are two of my favorite “tag slogs” on trips. They are always around to entertain if nothing interesting is going on OR if I need to escape the family and visit “somewhere else”. Both devices have been more than worth the purchase and I’m sure I’ll replace one when, God Forbid, they die. Great buy!! VERY happy!! Now if I could just get Amazon to offer some obscure older books on Kindle. “Chrome” by Nader would be nice.
  • Without scrolling mode, sticking with iBooks 3/5

    By Theocritus125
    Kindle still missing one key feature before I am comfortable leaving iBooks: *would really love to see support for a scrolling option, which is very handy when laying in bed and resting a device on your chest. I have hand pain problems, and holding my device aloft while laying in bed quickly becomes uncomfortable. This is the main reason I stick with iBooks since I read a lot in bed before going to sleep. Otherwise, a nice app.
  • Thank you for fixing TTS software! 5/5

    By Williamschaerer899
    I buy the hardcover AND the kindle edition just for this purpose.
  • Lost all my annotations 1/5

    By RSF4321
    Recently finished a book where I had made numerous annotations. I went back a week later to follow up on my notes and all my annotations are gone. It also shows me only 20% through the book that I finished. Don’t use this app for any serious reading where you care about notes.
  • Voiceover problems 3/5

    By GregTWood
    I am an avid user of the app and have had issues lately with the voiceover function skipping to the last paragraph when it turns the page. Not on every book. Help please! Thanks for Being committed to helping people who, like me, have visual impairments.
  • Please fix bug 2/5

    By Bothered 135
    My family loves this app! However with the recent update the iPhone accessibility feature, reading books aloud, no longer works. Sections of the book are skipped particularly as the book advances to a new page. Once this is remedied we will love this app again.
  • Why do I need Kindle 1/5

    By Tammy2.0
    I would like to purchase an entire book, not just a sample. Is it just the sample available for Kindle? If so I’d be better off with a nook, don’t you think? Totally frustrated.
  • Crash a lot 1/5

    By kuniakikudo
    When highlighting word to launch dictionary, I run into crashes a lot. It’s not happened before. I guess this crash bug was recently introduced. I would appreciate you fix the crash.
  • I just want to read 3/5

    By Yexipants
    I love kindle I’ve had one since about 2013. Now I don’t read that much on this app for all the hoops I have to go through to buy books. I can’t punches books on the kindle app nor the amazon app I have to actually go to the website on my laptop to be able to pitches anything. That is time consuming and annoying what was wrong with the old version where you could buy the book from the kindle app!?!
  • Newest Kindle Update 1/5

    By Curtjoy
    My iPad no longer syncs with my iPhone!!!! I love that feature. Please fix. Thanks!
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    By Thegodwithin54542
    So ridiculous that everything has to have an app taking up real estate on your devices. My storage is filled with apps with simple features that should be available online. I would like to be able to read my purchased book without another bloatware app to have to download.
  • Love my Kindle app 5/5

    By Happy2KnowU
    I love the convenience of relaxing with a book anytime, anywhere. Access from my cell-phone, iPad or computer gives me all the flexibility I need. I also have an old Kindle that I use from time to time, as well.
  • Omg sooooo goooood 5/5

    By jpfan 1012
    I tried it out for a week and it's so good
  • Crippled - on purpose? 2/5

    By Orangermac
    The iPhone X update uses the full screen for the launch image and book selection screens, but when reading an actual book, the text doesn’t seem to use this extra space at all. Amazon does a lot of anticompetitive moves, including not selling Google gear in their store. This seems like it could be yet another example of them trying to cripple a competitor.
  • I took two points 3/5

    By mizzdjmaria
    The app is great I am able to read my books along with the audio which for me is great but what I would love for this app is that it showed the pages that I was really on not say I am on 1128 when I am only chapter 7 and I had counted the pages to be 42 second this I would like to take notes while I read that help me understand what I am reading better please kindle fix this cuz then u would be 5 stars
  • Unhappy customer 1/5

    By Daveo0o
    Your most recent update (~2/23/18) to the kindle reading app on my iPhone 8+ has broken its ability to utilize the iPhone’s text to speech accessibility feature. On IOS this feature is under settings/ general/ accessibility / speech / speak screen. Then activated by a two finger swipe down from above the top of the screen. Now, when a page advances as text is being read, significant portions of the text on the new page are skipped over. Reading continues at the beginning of the last paragraph of the next page rather than at the start of the new page. I now can no longer listen to all of the books I’ve collected in kindle. As this was how I was previously able to “read” books, I am extremely upset to have had this functionality taken away. Please, please, please restore this vital feature as quickly as possible!
  • Regularly crashes 1/5

    By vogelmeister
    Selecting text often crashes the app. Anything in [] or the letter a crashes the app. What a buggy mess since they changed the layout and app icon
  • Glitchy dictionary functionality 3/5

    By BuddhaStalin
    On every other front, this app is unmatched in stability compared to other ebook readers. However, when I try to select a different (foreign) dictionary, it keeps on switching back to US English (probably caused by the metadata for the book or installed dictionary), and I have to swipe and select my desired dictionary all over again every time I look up a word. It would be far more usable if it stayed with the dictionary I last selected (for the book or the whole app) and ignored the metadata.

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