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Amazon Kindle App

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go. eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app.   What you’ll get: • With your newsfeed you can discover what the readers you trust are reviewing and rating highly to find your next great read, and discuss the books, passages and ideas that inspire you while only being one tap away from diving back into your book. • Sample any eBook for free • Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images • A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more • Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Discover and download Kindle Unlimited eBooks and magazines • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page • Ability to make and share in-page highlights • Bold font and text size options • Access to local library eBooks

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Amazon Kindle app reviews

  • Best Invention Ever 5/5

    By Barbara Marie
    Reading on the Kindle app is a timesaver! Although I still enjoy books, it’s so easy to highlight key text on Kindle and find those key passages when I want to reread or implement them. Thanks and kudos for this unique app which doesn’t require me to use data in my phone in order to read my books!
  • Non responsive and difficult to use 1/5

    By Jodoro
    Footnotes literally don't respond on mac
  • Love to read 5/5

    By Doug's
    I enjoy reading. Even though I’m Dyslexic and I have trouble with comprehension sometimes.I always like to try to better myself.
  • My love for kindle 5/5

    By mccljon
    I love my books. They are my release from every day life. Thank you because I need it most times.
  • Book crashes 3/5

    By tlch92
    I love this app and usually use it for my college courses so I don’t have to lug books around. However, a few of my books keep crashing. I will be reading, turn the page and it is blank the page says it is loaded. I often have to close the app entirely and reopen it to get the book to function again. And sometimes that doesn’t even work the page stays blank, if I turn the page again still blank. This makes my homework extremely hard. I am considering buying physical copies for my upcoming semester because at least I know after paying for those when I turn a page the text will be there. This is getting ridiculous and may end my use of the kindle for ipad app!
  • But what's with the syncing? 3/5

    By Phreditor
    Admittedly, it's getting better all the time. Generally, a really good app. But here I am - a new book purchased anxious to dig in!... But, effing kindle app can't figure out that I bought a book, so here I sit trying to figure out how to convince the stupid app to contact the mother ship and get my book. It works half the time. The other half, you just have to hope. Good help you if you're getting on as plane!
  • How do I close an ebook? 2/5

    By 3GSfun
    Seriously. How? What am I missing? When I am in the middle of an ebook and not enjoying it what do I do? Swipe down from the top? Nope, that brings up notifications. Swipe up from the bottom? Nope that brings up the taskbar. Swipe to the left or right? That changes pages. Swipe from the corners? Nope, that either does the same as above or brings up the control center. Double tap? Nope, that zooms or in zooms. Long press? Nope, that seems to do nothing.
  • Kendal books. 5/5

    I am in love with them. Good work.
  • Kindle ease 5/5

    By " Lou "
    Kindle provides good ideas on new reading. VIt is easy to procure a book. I may be interested in a book so the sample k is a great help. Access on my iPhone or iPad is a strong plus. Access to dictionary lets me understand better and improved my vocabulary. Ease of use and easy access to continue reading even for just short segments is a great bonus for me.
  • Encantada 5/5

    By Inframundoreal
    Me fascina leer estar historia unreales, pero la imaginación la hace más que reales, las sientes las sueñas, las amas
  • Baxter in touch 5/5

    By -a-a-sa-a-
    Page turner as usual but this time we have Baxter much more in touch with her emotions & sexuality - a great addition to an already great murder mystery!!
  • Kindle help 1/5

    By ellysoncajt
    I a tempted to receive help receiving a book I had ordered on my Kindle and was I unable to do so.
  • A must read! 5/5

    By One of Gods greatest creations
    Best book on woman topics I’ve ever read. I’ve received so much! And I’m definitely reading it again.
  • Important way to read my desire 5/5

    By 5ad
    Kindle is my most liked library!
  • Quick and easy to read 4/5

    By Charlievette
    Good story. Keeps the reader engaged. The traitor is predicable and that takes a little of the suspense away.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By 1000ton1
    Thank you for doing this app because I love this app and reading is my favorite thing to do In school so thank you so much
  • A Part of Each Day 5/5

    By Nancy LB
    I buy many Kindle books plus their audible partners. It is a part of every day. Long driving trips are the best.
  • Love this iOS app 5/5

    By DrRegier
    I prefer to read kindle books on my iPhone. The app works great. I make the background black for reading at night.
  • Almost perfect 5/5

    By 08klr
    Great app works well on all devices. Don’t ruin it with blot or ads Thanks
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Romcomjunkie
    The kindle app is great🤩 I use it for my iPhone and iPad and love how it adjusts to either format easily. All of my titles are a fingertip away, love it!!! Have yet to hit a snag in its ability to deliver. Also really love KU. So many options and it saves a lot over time.
  • Good, but ... 4/5

    By BoPeep1253
    I love reading on the Kindle app: portable books, as many as I want, go with me everywhere. The words of the books themselves transport me beyond the physical difference between holding a device and holding a book. I can read in dark rooms when others are sleeping. In all ways, I love it except e When I really want to underline and take notes, I prefer a physical book. The but comes from the fact that I cannot remember most of the books after I finish them. Like most of my friends, if I am reading for a book club discussion, I need to read the book right before the meeting. This has been reported on extensively, and it would be an easy fix to present the reader with the cover of the book each time one goes to Overdrive app does it - so it is possible. Unfortunately, Overdrive now offers (exclusively) Amazon library books through Kindle. Again, problem with no cover to trigger memory about what the book is about, where in the story I am. This should be changed. Then, no "but" in my review. And, p.s., I hate the continuous scrolling! It does not return you to the last place you read, and so you have to search and reread 'til you find your place.
  • Kindle, my only book reading method 5/5

    By ETflhx
    The title says it all. I really enjoy the newer scrolling ability.
  • Love the kindle program! 5/5

    By Drake1948
    Love it with kindle unlimited. Use it on my I Phone and kindle fire 7!
  • Couldn’t live without my Kindle 4/5

    By bcbillinois
    I love the ease of having my entire library available to read from a device that weighs less than one hardcover book when traveling. My favorite features include: backlight for nighttime reading; dictionary; font size option; whisper sync (to speed up completion of a book while driving, walking, working out, etc.); and, mobile app to view entire library. The screen is close to non glare, especially compared to most tablets and smart phones. I have 3 complaints: the screen off button is not always effective and takes too long to shut down (why no power button?); page count on all books is preferable to nebulous locations; and, how about a clock on the device? Sometimes I’m reading (on bed or beach) with no watch or phone, and lose track of time! Would give 5 stars if those minor issues were resolved!!!

    By 🍁❤️❤️🍁
    A great app but books are very expensive and it glitches a lot on iPads.
  • No heavy books 5/5

    By Beralchio
    I love how I can have all my favorite books with me without carrying the heavy books in my backpack. I also like the easy to use layout.
  • So real 5/5

    By Blessedwith9
    I've enjoyed Anthony Evans as a singer for many years. Now, I enjoy him as an author. He writes fro real & raw places in his life & shows how the Lord walked, held & carried him through each one. Definitely worth reading!
  • Audio versions not downloading 1/5

    By loveislove1976
    I order two books with audio and thee audio isn’t downloading more than 3 percent
  • Twists and turns 5/5

    By 1ArmGirl
    It’s not your typical thriller. A must read. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Kindle App Crashing on iPhone 1/5

    By Rd.2U
    I have been deleting and adding the Kindle app for the last week due to it keep crashing. I have even rebooted my phone to no avail. I searched online where it said to clear my cache. I don’t know where that is for the app. Please fix.
  • I carry my library everywhere I go! 5/5

    By Chelle_50
    I love this app! I can read my books anytime anywhere without physically carrying a single book. I can also add to my library with a quick click.
  • Great ap, attempts to force reviews are lame 2/5

    By stn022
    The fact that this app tries to force the user to write a review is infuriating. Rather than allowing a user to simply close a book, you have to fight with the onerous “before you go” screen. This is terrible function. Give users a choice.
  • Excellent interface between reading and listening 5/5

    By Kebobox
    I finally interface between Kendle and Audible Clumsy at best but once I got used to it it works great, definitely not intuitively obvious or even easy. If the Audible had a sleep timer that would be a lot better. The interface between Amazon prime and the two could also be greatly improved. But once again once I got used to it and I passed the match off to my wife, it worker for me through my wife.
  • Hate it to not be able to buy books directly 3/5

    By iRumy
    Hate it to not be able to buy books directly
  • Love it 5/5

    By jjayhawk66
    I love having all my books on my phone read whenever I want.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Purpl
    This app is so great. I love how I can use it both on my tablet and phone makes it so easy to read on the go. I love that I can highlight key points. I was going to buy a Kindle just so I could read books, but this app eliminates the need for another device.
  • Than you! 5/5

    By Pilarr01
    Beautiful book, easy to follow instructions. Very nice explained.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By 📕📗📘📙=📖 all day
    The app is really nice. You can read much more efficiently on Kindle than when you read the paper-book.The only thing is that the books are costly, but other than that, great app!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Peaches1111
    I love the books
  • Fearless Love 5/5

    By The Beautiful Jazz
    This is a wonderful story! I have laughed and cried over and over! This is a must read!
  • Hopeless connection 1/5

    By SouthernScooter
    New phone no connection. No way to add new phone to one click. Shoot me please.
  • Y MONEY 3/5

    My parents pay a lot of money on this and I can’t even read every book?
  • About Kindle. 2/5

    By Happyday11
    I like Kindle. I would like to read certain books but it says sample. How do I get them to read. I enjoy reading so much. Thanks for Kindle.
  • I got an offer to pay 1/5

    By micali67
    1.99 for unlimited kindle books for 3 months. I signed up and I cannot download any books. Very frustrated and disappointed.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By LovesDaCheese
    I use this app every single day and I'm constantly frustrated by it. The "collections" is not enough to organize the books. And the layout on the landing page is awful. This app doesn't have to do too much. Let me read my books and organize them in a way that makes sense to me. It's failing 1/2 of it's job.
  • This app is so amazing😱😱😱 5/5

    By JediEmpireRebel
    Kindle is a great place to read: romance, drama, Christian, fiction, non-fiction, and so much more!! I’m really in to teen books by Laurel A. Ness. I have come to LOVE her novels!! She’s an amazing author (I think her writing is only on kindle though😉)
  • Tutorial 5/5

    By RLR ^i^
    Excellent app. I wish there was a tutorial on how to use it better though
  • 1000’s book in 1 hand 5/5

    By Helodoblem
    U can carry ur all books every where in 1 hand saving trees & greens (papers) on our mother earth .
  • No purchase available on the app itself 2/5

    By Terry Cyr
    Would be a perfect app if you could purchase the audiobooks on it. You have to make the transaction somewhere else, on my computer, which I often do not carry with me, to get a book, otherwise it’s a perfect app to listen. Very frustrating when I am on the road and want a new book to listen to!

Amazon Kindle app comments

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