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  • Current Version: 5.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Prime Now, Amazon’s fastest delivery service yet, offers tens of thousands of everyday essentials delivered right to a customer’s door, seven days a week. Shop from the best of Amazon, select Whole Foods Market stores, or a favorite local store and have your order delivered in ultra-fast speeds. Shop for all your daily essential needs, including produce, beverages, snacks, meat, alcohol (in select cities), organics, personal care, household cleaning, baby products, pet products, office supplies, electronics and more. To place an order, Prime members can simply download the Prime Now app to shop, and use Amazon’s secure payment settings to check out. Depending on your location, there are three delivery options for Amazon Prime Now orders: delivery in a two-hour window, delivery in a one-hour window, and delivery within an hour. Select locations also have the option to pick up Prime Now orders at Whole Foods Market Stores. Using your Prime Now App, in select cities, you can shop from favorite local stores including Fresh Thyme, Bristol Farms, Plum Markets, Westside Market, Gourmet Garage, Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop, Union Square Wine & Spirits, All the Best, Sally Beauty, Bartell Drugs, and more. Prime Now delivers thousands of items in over 30 U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia Beach, and D.C. Simply download the Prime Now App and enter your zip code to see if we deliver to your neighborhood.

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Amazon Prime Now app reviews

  • Free? No, it’s not. 1/5

    By littletipper
    So I just saw a commercial for free grocery delivery with prime. I pay for prime every single month but I go to do a grocery delivery and it’s only “free” if I have at least $35. Absolutely ridiculous and false advertising!
  • Too Powerful 1/5

    By Jay112323
    Big Tech, including Amazon, had gotten too powerful.
  • Bad Move Alienating Half the Country 1/5

    By Therealjdawg
    Never go full politico, retards!
  • Canceling Prime 1/5

    By krs116
    Getting rid of Amazon Prime, going to support small businesses not run by Tech Tyrants.
  • No longer 1/5

    By ri897098
    Will use any Amazon products.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Rdfhii
    I press “checkout” and it takes me to the exact same screen. Can’t order anything
  • Worst App 1/5

    By NelsBates
    For all the money Amazon has they must spend $0 in this app, one of the worst. Buggy and it’s very hard to select which store you want order from. Flips you back and forth between Whole Foods and Amazon when your just trying to order from one of them. Terrible!
  • Amazon can’t seem to get this fixed 2/5

    By Sd1a
    Ordering food from Whole Foods and Prime Now couldnt be more messed up than it is right now!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By fireaxx667
    The ipad app is horrible. Spent a bunch of time to load items - then it would not let me check out. On a different occasion I put 14 items into my cart while at my office but I had to leave before I checked out. used the same login at home, it will not allow me to access that cart. Crazy loop - I try to log in, it kicks me to Prime Now. That makes me go to a different app and my “cart” is lost.
  • Changes 2/5

    By hlg24
    I don’t understand why I can’t add or change anything to my order.
  • Dreadful 1/5

    By IHT App Reviewer
    Amazon shoppers block the aisles, while Karen tries to find organic asparagus, getting no help from the whole foods veterans, embittered by the new dress code. A formerly decent store is now horrible, with its own uniquely horrible app.
  • Ridiculously buggy 2/5

    By Lifecake devotee
    Jeff Bezos is rolling in money thanks to Amazon sales, yet he can’t spend the little it takes to make an app that works? This app is so buggy that’s its awful to use. Too many problems with this app to name.
  • Can’t order more than 10 pieces per item 2/5

    By Arigato22
    System does not allow me to order more than 10 pieces of same item. Example is 10 Granny Smith apples, won’t let you order more than that in one cart (let’s say you need 12). Can’t add unless you put $35 in cart again. In addition, how about having visibility of hours available PRIOR to checkout?
  • App is very sluggish during peak hours 1/5

    By Korean fried chicken 233
    Very sluggish. Lags like a mad man. Annoying fresh poster always pops up
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By 1111v
    The app no longer works. It will not let me sign in or input my address.
  • You sit in a throne of lies 1/5

    By Janeuary1
    I used to love prime now but for the last 9 months I have not been able to get delivery in less than a day. They need to stop advertising two hour delivery. They don’t actually offer that. I understand things were crazy at the beginning of Covid, but figure it out already.
  • Exceptional delivery 5/5

    By Elaina831
    Thank you amazon prime now.You did an exceptional job on my first order and I will come back to you again and again our family has been struck with Covid . I’m not able to leave the house and we had ordered from Safeway and they sent almost nothing that I order and charged us for things we never received.thank you for being available and doing a wonderful job
  • App Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Tabcaps54
    My area code only accepts orders in a few locations... I am literally unable to click the "check your address" button in the app, so I can't move forward and use it.
  • No longer “Prime Now”, just a facade for Fresh 2/5

    By Papa2336
    When I first started using Prime Now they boasted over 25k items delivered within an hour. No groceries. I got things like a TV, a power supply and sneakers. The lastest iteration reveals that Amazon has completely abandoned “Prime Now” and is now just fronting their existing grocery services. A search for non grocery items looks like you are shopping the isles at a Walgreens. The Hobbies and crafts listing has carrots and lettuce. Just let this thing die and admit you’ve shut down the service. Also it is incredibly buggy.
  • Buggy and missing simple options 1/5

    By Carlos from Philly
    There's too much to get into, but this is an obvious case of a company outsourcing app dev to a third party. It's abysmal. It doesn't even have basic features like the audible notifications, or a way to add to existing orders that haven't been started. It's trash. Trapped using it, but it makes me think less of Amazon as a brand every time I do.
  • First time use was difficult 2/5

    By Beth in A2
    I am not sure why Amazon and Whole Foods decides that they needed another app for ordering. I entered $150 of groceries into the regular Whole Foods Prime app only to find out that was not how you order. I had to call my local WH to find out what to do. After two calls I finally elected the “Now” app from the customer service kid at the store. And had to renter all my choices. I spent nearly 2 hours. Then, the next day, I received a text that they were working on my order. Never received a text that they finished it. So I called again. Twice. The kid said that it probably wasn’t finished but I should come anyway. When I arrived I tried replying to the text I received that I was there. Then called twice again. The kid said to say I was there on the app. I went to the “Now” website and there was nowhere to do so, perhaps because I had not downloaded the app. He was completely unhelpful. None of the folks who were delivering the food to the curbside seemed to want to help. Finally I called the store a fifth time and got “Kim”. I was totally yelling at this point. Like, I am paying twice as much for each item at Whole Paycheck, and still the kids can’t try to figure this out. She finally got me checked in and my food was delivered. I will use this app again but with delivery. Only because we are quarantining. Really, Amazon, this is stupid. Include directions on your main website to this app. Make sure people know they have to order food through it and not the main website. Better, just include this on your main website.
  • Hacker! 1/5

    By Triangle Witch
    I tried to log in and it said it didn’t have my info in their rerecords , then I got a text from Amazon sayin someone was trying to login using my info. Don’t trust this app
  • Did not deliver 1/5

    By kenalwaysswag
    Did not deliver now I have to wait to get my refund. I won’t use this again
  • Gets stuck 2/5

    By guscab01
    I want to add quantity but it doesn’t allow you at check out?? Why??!
  • Good service, terrible app 1/5

    By Freddy American
    The app is poorly designed. If is designed for fixed resolution on a phone, which results in a terrible experience on an iPad. For example, if you are using your iPad in landscape mode, it displays everything sideways and only uses about 15% of the screen. Poorly designed. Shocking that Amazon can’t make a better app given how much revenue they have. Just use the website instead.
  • Great improvements over time 4/5

    By Spicymaya
    Recent updates when items aren’t just deleted from cart but shown to me as unavailable and I can remove them are amazing. It took my rating from 2 starts to 4. Thanks for doing that. Some other things like search and recent purchases could be refined, but I’m very happy to see this progress. It makes a huge difference.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Wtobea
    I’ve had issues regarding missing items. When items are out of stock, the shopper doesn’t notify you to ask if you want a replacement. Customer service uninterested to help and resolve these issues, other then take feedback. I’ve had this issue occur to me a few times and I’d still had to drive up to a grocery store since those missing items were important in order to make dinner. I’m sticking with Instacart, which seems to care more about getting your order done right.
  • Just use Instacart 1/5

    By Wish I could downgrade the app
    Incredibly buggy. Freezes all the time, and Amazon will randomly delete items from your cart so after carefully building a week’s grocery list, you only get 1/2 of what you need
  • Very shady 1/5

    By mdgjxhnzhh
    Placed an order an 9:35 am... called in at 12 pm... said I needed to cancel since they hadn’t gotten the item together yet... lady from customer support STATED THE ORDER WAS CANCELED... now it’s 9:13 pm and my order was delivered.... you are shady... you lie.. I’m never using prime now ever again... not promoting safety are you guys.... nope. Thanks for nothing...
  • Could be better 3/5

    Since COVID, had been ordering from WholeFoods via the Internet for home delivery and it was fine. Decided to try the dedicated app when switching to curbside pickup to see if anything was better. It’s just okay, should be better. I don’t understand why the app lacks the simple feature to make a “Favorites” list to order off weekly. And, when compiling a weekly order over a few days time, items “disappear” from your order when your store is suddenly are out of stock, meaning you might think you ordered something but actually have not. When ordering through the website, at least an item is ghosted out, so you know to look for an alternative. I appreciate the overall service and am grateful to those who make it happen, but would also appreciate an improved app in the future.
  • Stock outs 3/5

    By MartinL2016
    Let’s you add items only to have them removed at check out due to low stock. Not the Amazon experience I’m used to. Amazon getting too big to continue deliver a superior experience?
  • The only way it’s this bad is on purpose. 1/5

    By screechykid
    Amazon must be messing with us with this app. The only way it’s this bad is on purpose. If you’re searching in Whole Foods, it constantly resets to Amazon, is so slow and buggy. Why?
  • No longer useful 1/5

    By rickster60
    Won’t allow me to checkout. And while adding items, the app keeps telling me to use the main Amazon app instead.
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By Aaaahron
    Sign in flow crashes on OTP workflow on iPhone 12.
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By tthom0529
    No worse time than a global pandemic for your grocery app to be constantly crashing.
  • Not worth the gamble 2/5

    By Boy_wonder12
    There was a time when Amazon meant convenience and, at least relatively, reliability that just is no longer the case. Unless you really don’t care whether or not you are going to get the item(s) you have ordered, do not use this service. There are lots of great alternatives and I have had a much more consistent experience with them. This isn’t worth the gamble. Try a different service.
  • Tap tap tap tap anyone there? 2/5

    By Cabsrhere
    Extremely unresponsive buttons. Very slow and frustrating. App is on the prime schedule - usually responds within 2 days.
  • I needed customer support. All the representatives spoke spanish and not english 1/5

    By Oceaniccut
    I don’t get why a company serving customers in illinois doesn’t have a customer service department that speaks english. I was told by the representative that she couldn’t help me because she doesn’t speak english. Makes no sense. The customer hotline only speaks spanish
  • Pretty worthless for shopping Whole Foods 2/5

    By onebratt08
    They don’t update the inventory often at all, so a lot of times things are out of stock on the app, but you can walk in the store and find a while stack of that item. The app is also buggy in that I have to enter my email and password twice to order when I am using a personal device and should stay logged in the entire time like the Amazon app.
  • Dated App, Sad Inventory, Lazy Shoppers 1/5

    By Yinzerrrr
    I can not believe I’ve been trying to use this pathetic service for so long believing it would get better. I have never in my life been so consistently, so thoroughly disappointed with ANY service like I am with yours. If Amazon knew any better, they would amputate this gangrenous, toxic limb known as Prime Now and Whole Foods. Pathetic customer service EVERY SINGLE TIME, FOR YEARS. Nothing is ever in stock, terrible communication, and the laziest shoppers I’ve ever had the misfortune of hiring!
  • Prime deals disappeared from the app 3/5

    By BarelyMadeup
    The latest version removed the option to view prime deals and other sale items. Bummer.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By hello wrld
    I ordered food and it said it was supposed to be here by 4 and it got to me at 8 at night and one time the bags smelled like someone was smoking in the bag. They would always mess up my order. I do not recommend Amazon unless you want to starve and waste your money.
  • Items Disappear Every Time 1/5

    By MattGJarvis
    We’ve been doing weekly grocery shopping using this app since the pandemic hit despite usually having a pretty frustrating experience. The worst is when items that you add to your cart simply disappear at some point in the process. You aren’t charged but you also never receive a message that the item is out of stock or a suggested replacement or anything. And there’s no way to see what was removed from your order when it happens this way so you don’t realize that you’re missing a crucial ingredient for that night’s dinner or your kid’s lunch until it’s too late. If this one flaw were addressed (or customer service even responded to complaints about it) I could maybe get past the often terrible selections the shoppers make when it comes to fresh meats or produce, the clunky way you can only select replacements for out of stock items that the shopper offers you which are often nonsensical to anyone with an iota of culinary knowledge, or the long slow decline in food quality and service that we all knew was inevitable when Amazon acquired Whole Foods and began a race to the bottom (they are winning!). But alas there seems to be no race to address any of these issues. You’ll be encouraged each time you log in to use the Amazon app instead of Prime Now but I can tell you that, while the UI is slightly better, all of these core issues are still there. Sadly the convenience and safety factors matter so much now that it’s difficult for us to quit using it despite these complaints and Amazon knows this and so does not even bother to reply to customer service emails so I’m left ranting in a comment on the App Store that no one will read anyway.
  • Continually have to re-enter password 1/5

    By Mrs_Lew
    I don’t understand why I have to continually re-enter my password. Many times the app opens after entering the PW but doesn’t actually sign me in so I have to enter all of my log in info yet again. This is inconvenient and absurd, especially when one of my items is out of stock and I need to approve/decline a replacement. I much prefer to just go online rather than use this cumbersome app.
  • iPad? 2/5

    By Dubbu2
    Where’s the iPad experience?
  • Prime Now is Just Fine 4/5

    By 1247NH
    Does the Prime Now app work perfectly? No, but it works just fine most of the time. An occasional glitch with technology is to be expected and this app gets used millions of times so glitches are going to happen. For those of you who have suffered with this app, you have my sympathy since most of us have experienced a situation at least once but for some folks the problems seem much worse.
  • Please fix the bugs! 1/5

    By Bugsnanny
    For months I’ve been waiting for y’all to fix the login issues. Now I see you’ve added WF delivery to the Amazon website. Why? Why can’t you just get someone to fix the bug issues?
  • App needs a bug fix!! 1/5

    By Kevinnpeguero
    Items are showing up on the wrong category.
  • Lacking, but needs to be fixed especially now. 2/5

    By kathleenhuang
    Perf is excruciatingly terrible. Takes forever to load if it even loads at all, especially when it comes to checking messages or order details from the direct link. Improvements — Take a look at instacart Editing items up until the shopper starts Adding items even if they are not in stock at the current moment bc the order can be scheduled ahead of time so inventory changes Picking replacements Adding notes So much to do, yet Amazon hasn’t invested in the app even though it’s critical during the pandemic.