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Prime Now, Amazon’s fastest delivery service yet, offers tens of thousands of everyday essentials delivered right to a customer’s door, seven days a week. Shop from the best of Amazon, select Whole Foods Market stores, or a favorite local store and have your order delivered in ultra-fast speeds. Shop for all your daily essential needs, including produce, beverages, snacks, meat, alcohol (in select cities), organics, personal care, household cleaning, baby products, pet products, office supplies, electronics and more. To place an order, Prime members can simply download the Prime Now app to shop, and use Amazon’s secure payment settings to check out. Depending on your location, there are three delivery options for Amazon Prime Now orders: delivery in a two-hour window, delivery in a one-hour window, and delivery within an hour. Select locations also have the option to pick up Prime Now orders at Whole Foods Market Stores. Using your Prime Now App, in select cities, you can shop from favorite local stores including Fresh Thyme, Bristol Farms, Plum Markets, Westside Market, Gourmet Garage, Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop, Union Square Wine & Spirits, All the Best, Sally Beauty, Bartell Drugs, and more. Prime Now delivers thousands of items in over 30 U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia Beach, and D.C. Simply download the Prime Now App and enter your zip code to see if we deliver to your neighborhood.

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  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Created lots of nicknames
    App freezes all the time. I have to delete, reinstall, re-log-in just to order, complete an order, check in. Etc. Very frustrating. Several times, I couldn’t check in on way to pick up because app froze. So, I have to wait extra time at pick up. Searching for foods is not simple. There’s no way to send messages, special requests, or communicate with the shopper. Sometimes the app doesn’t show something that I know the store has, so I’m unable to purchase that item. Ive also ordered food for that night’s family dinner only not to receive that one vital item from my order. Customer service explained that prime’s contract with Whole Foods limits the quantity of products that can they sell to customers. So, The store may have 6 widgets, but I can only get 1 widget. Which is not enough widgets to feed my family. The only reason I use this service is because Whole Foods is about 30mins from home and they’re the only store that sells many of our daily foods and products. Otherwise, I would happily say goodbye to this service. If I place the order a day before, I may be able to get a favorable delivery window. Otherwise, not so much. I want to love this service, but it’s sadly lacking. Hopefully, it will improve.
  • Terrible navigation 2/5

    By Yeahbrah
    It’s as if who ever designed the app has never been inside a Wholefoods / Grocery Store. The search is terrible, does not bring up the foods you’re looking for. Foods are often in the wrong section. The online shopping experience of Wholefoods was better when Instacart was allowed to shop there. This app fails to bring similar shopping experience.
  • so slow and glitchy 2/5

    By TessaBailey99
    this app is a cool idea and i’m very thankful for it since i don’t have a car and no way to get groceries without it. however the app is RIDICULOUSLY slow and glitchy it’s so hard to use and so annoying.
  • Freezes constantly 1/5

    By 19817
    Please update the app/fix bugs.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Walkdaddy
    It loads up and you can’t click on anything
  • Error checking out 2/5

    By Innocent Sin
    Everytime I try to check out in the app it keeps telling me there was an error connecting to prime now. I would then have to log into the website from the computer to finish checking out. Defeats the purpose of having a phone app
  • Good experience 5/5

    By christinahagemeier
    It automatically adds a $10 tip on there which is fine, my order total was $91 after $10 off including tip. I also requested best expirations dates and to check eggs to make sure they are not cracked. Got everything I ordered and no cracked eggs and good expiration dates
  • App freezes 2/5

    By Lindseaco
    I have (tried) to use the app multiple times but every time I open it, it’s frozen. I’ve turned my phone off, and I’ve opened and closed the app numerous times. A bug needs to be fixed!!!
  • Frozen app 1/5

    By new united
    App will not work on my iphone no matter what I try.
  • Whole lot of PITA and I don’t mean the bread pockets. 1/5

    By Tomokata2014
    The Prime Now service has been suffering for years with a decreased inventory, an increase in prices, and terrible delivery drivers. Out of my last five orders, I got partial refunds on four of them due to mishandled or incorrect deliveries. From $10 for a gallon of milk to frozen pizza left out on my deck all day, it’s been a roller coaster. Out of desperation I turn to them today to see if I can get a few items. Only Whole Foods. No you can’t has anything else. Aside from the fact that Whole Foods is overpriced and overhyped (props to their marketing teams) the closest one to me is over 20 miles away. And apparently Prime Now won’t do home delivery anymore despite HOME DELIVERY still being trumpeted all over their website and adverts. Jeezy creezy even freakin’ Walmart has home delivery now. This is an huge step backwards for a pioneer in home grocery delivery. Extremely disappointed. Guess it’s time for Instacart.
  • Awful interface and UX 1/5

    By Josh S..
    Hard to believe amazon actually created this app... the experience from start to finish is awful.
  • Great First Experience! 5/5

    By DutchPNewms
    Super friendly and courteous driver. Received notifications periodically. Cold items were packaged well and couldn’t be happier. Will be a repeat customer.
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Cj2100045
    It’s baffling to me that Amazon cannot figure this out. The app randomly just will not load. 90% of the time this is when someone is shopping for your order or it’s out for delivery. Customer service is absolutely no help. It’s like they have never heard of this issue before but now that I see how low it’s ranked, I am obviously not alone. Super annoying!
  • Unresponsive and landing page freezes 1/5

    By MyAmazon
    Tap any functionality on landing page app gets to unresponsive mode and takes its own time to recover
  • Exciting promise, manage your expectations 2/5

    By bbjlosangeles
    Free delivery from Whole Foods. This is a great promise, and is Amazon’s replacement for Instacart. It mostly works well with some very key caveats you need to know: - On fresh meat or seafood, you can’t specify “3 steaks”, you can only choose weight. So you may receive a huge piece of meat, or smaller incorrect quantities. You also may not receive exactly what you specified, as in getting a “grass fed ribeye” instead of a “elk farms organic grass fed ribeye”. - replacement items can’t be specified. The shopper does that for you. Not always good choices. - inventory listed on the site isn’t live to the store. You may not receive something if it’s not available. Unlike Instacart, not every prime now shopper will message you if this happens, so beware. - check your deliveries carefully. It’s up to you to report missed items and ask for a refund 3-5 days.

    By Amber31997
    This app is good, it’s intuitive.. the issue is the delivery drivers who clearly can’t read nor check to make sure they did things properly. Idk why there’s not a system in place to catch wrongly scanned items but for some reason after waiting 2 1/2 hours for the delivery I got a wrong item and there was NO WAY for me to get the item I NEEDED in a time period less than 2 1/2 hours. On top of the 5 hour wait for ONE item, I was given a credit that of course didn’t cover the delivery fee, therefore making me PAY AGAIN to get an item I should’ve ORIGINALLY got in the first place. On the phone support was the WORST and could only say “it’s up to you whether or not you want to buy it and wait” how charming. I pay $99 a year for less than mediocre customer service. F*** you Amazon since apparently it’s f*** me.
  • Easy Ordering and Returns, QA needs work 4/5

    By Piemanick
    You will find ordering and returns to be fairly easy, but after receiving damaged items, I will be going back to picking my own food to avoid the hassle of starting a refund and going out to the store for a replacement. I can see how this would be helpful for people with few other options, but this is not a convenience or a big time saver.
  • Inconsistent quantities available on products 2/5

    By SaraHaley
    With some produce, the app only allows for 2lbs of certain brands which drives you to the Whole Foods brand that offers 1lb even though other brands have the 1lb quantity. This happens repeatedly.
  • Terrible Service for Whole Foods purchases 2/5

    By Aldkciisj
    Hate that there is no communication between you and the order picker. There are always items missing in the app that are in the store and there is no way to communicate. When you want to order Serrano can order by the lbs but not by the item. Also, if they are one minute late, they cancel your order with no notification....also can’t pick up the order if they cancel the delivery (again with no notice). One time I put coolers on my front porch with a note for the driver to place in them...and they just placed next to the coolers. Shipt is much better customer service..unfortunately cant order from Whole Foods...guess I’ll have to just buy from the regular grocery stores cause can’t deal with this terrible service.
  • App Freezes Up 1/5

    By Lynne Brobst
    Every time I open the app it freezes up. Can’t do anything. I actually have to delete the app and reinstall it to get it to work. I’m a Whole Foods shopper. Going from the Instacart app to this app now is like regressing back to the Stone Age.
  • Often getting bad produce 2/5

    By Manderpants99
    I have even tried ordering green bananas and they are still brown and falling apart when they arrive. Sweet potatoes seem to always have mold. App is constantly freezing. Could def use some work.
  • Amazon needs to make a better app 1/5

    By 1938sksixn
    Surprisingly this app freezes 9 out of 10 times.
  • App doesn’t work - frozen screen even after restart 1/5

    By JABS1988
    When starting the app, the page loads, but doesn’t allow me to press any buttons or navigate. It’s completely useless, and there is no updates available with any fix. 1-star because I can’t even use the app.
  • Never works! 2/5

    By MOD boy94
    The app constantly freezes and won’t let me change the ZIP Code for delivery. It is basically useless if I can’t easily change the delivery ZIP Code or address.
  • Please fix this already 2/5

    By Cararose1977
    I just downloaded the updated version and it is still locked up on the home screen. Please please fix this.
  • Won’t deliver due to error 1/5

    By Whitesnapper
    I’ve reinstalled this app twice. It never works to deliver tells me to check my settings.
  • Convenience!!! 5/5

    By I5k
    I love this service!! If you are crazy picky on produce, perhaps you skip the produce with this service. I use it at least twice a month. I’m hooked!
  • Not Well Made 1/5

    By ZanyZ23
    The app itself is fine, but the service is completely crazy. When you order, you are instantly charged before they even see if the item is in stock, and if it is not, they send a separate charge for the new replacement item. This makes absolutely no because if you don’t have enough funds on your card to pay for the new charge because you were already charged for the previous item, it cancels your order. Completely ridiculous!
  • Issues every time 1/5

    By Leah BT
    Cancelled orders, wrong items, extra items, time consuming, frustrating!
  • I’d rather pay for delivery 1/5

    By xyzpdq123
    I would rather pay Instacart $4.99 for delivery because at least I can order what I want. Prime now rations what you can buy of many items. My kids eat a box and a half of the gluten free organic chicken nuggets but via the app, I’m only allowed to buy 1 box at a time. We go through three cracker gf boxes a week because they are so small but I’m only allowed to buy one or two on the app. They say it’s about stock availability, but on more than one occasion I have put down the app and gone to the store to find ample supply. Additionally, the shoppers buy produce and prepared items that are about to expire or expire that day. Who wants cantaloupe chunks that expire that day and look like they should have already been pulled from the shelf? Or 4 day old chicken salad? Amazon assumes they can off load it via amazon prime. I have not been to Whole Foods more than 10 times in the past three years because of instacart. I’ve now had to go three times in the past month because I can’t get what I want or need for the week through the prime app and am wasting money on expired items or poorly chosen produce. Please allow instacart back in your stores until you improve this service.
  • Uncharacteristic of Amazon 1/5

    By Eijh
    Usually, Amazon is pretty good with what they do. But they really missed the mark with Prime Now. I bought something (iPad), paid for one hour delivery (to fit in other errands) and added $20 max tip, waited 59 minutes and they cancelled my order at the last possible minute due to lack of inventory. So I paid for and waited an hour just to get nothing done. Calling their customer support resulted in lip service with no tangible solution. They didn’t try to find another device in inventory, give me a free hour delivery for next time, etc. Nothing. I wasted an hour when I tried to optimize my day and they told me to deal with it. They told me “they will notify marketing to raise awareness of the problem.” Except what they experienced was a engineering issue with inventory management. Incidents like this is becoming more common with Amazon. They mess up and they just tell customers to deal with it without making amends. I’m actively reducing my dependence on Amazon by gong to Target and Costco. Oh and my last $1200 iPad Pro purchase went to Best Buy after Prime Now fumbled their order.
  • Super slow app 3/5

    By Clickypen
    The app constantly freezes or moves super slow, sometimes to the point where it’s unusable and I just give up.
  • The app crashes a lot 2/5

    By KQDark
    I can’t even get through my order without the app freezing and I have to redownload it for it to do anything.
  • Prime now service. One last try 3/5

    By herbal shopper
    I’m on my 4th try sine WF dropped Instacart. In last three orders I revived items I actually had to toss because the fresh items were way behind their prime Rotten herbs two(ordered just one) rotten cauliflower. It’s like the picked it up from the back room after it had been cleared. I’m ordering today because I forgot a few items from my big shop. We will see.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Armyacu
    The app keeps on freezing
  • Designed to fail 1/5

    By justanotherunicorn
    Like many people, I find grocery delivery a necessity, not a convenience. Amazon recently removed Whole Foods from Instacart, which was flawed but effective, forcing me to use this app if I want groceries from Whole Foods. But it doesn’t want to sell me what I need. It’s a cross between a controlling high-school administrator trying to force me to do what it wants and a gaslighting boyfriend. Having forced users away from Instacart, Amazon begs comparison to that service—and practically forces those who need delivery to shop elsewhere. The app refuses to acknowledge the existence of the things I’ve been buying at Whole Foods for years. My products are mysteriously absent from search results, and only adjacent products (including others from the same brand) are available here. (Among the missing, bizarrely, is rotisserie chicken. It’s like their most demanded product has ceased to exist.) Instacart couldn’t be blamed for not having access to the entire Whole Foods inventory, but that’s not the case here. In fact the products that have somehow offended Anazon are mysteriously absent from the “previously purchased” list in the app. It’s not clear why, but it is perfectly clear Amazon just doesn’t want to sell certain things, despite the fact that it routinely stocks them. Instacart had a workaround for the problem of incomplete inventory: the “special request” feature. That could have solved this problem, were Amazon interested in letting me buy what I need. Amazon, it’s 2019, and we’re through being gaslighted by our SO’s. That’s why I’m breaking up with you and starting a relationship with some grocery store that respects me instead. If you ever go into therapy and figure out why you’re this way, call me, because I’ll always love your adopted child, Whole Foods.
  • App is greats..........when it works 3/5

    By Bettyboop107
    So when the app works (isn’t frozen) it so great and easy. Shopping is easy tip is calculated in. You can get coupons through it. But I’ve had to delete and redownload this app every time I want to put an order in........... wish they would just get it working properly.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By ksuloulou
    Every time I open the app it crashes, it would not let me scroll and doesn’t respond to a touch. I have to restart my phone in order for it to work
  • Needs improvements 2/5

    By Cmd1118
    While the service from Amazon is great this app freezes up all the time.
  • App never worked on my iPhone 7 Plus 1/5

    By Anteneh
    From the first day I installed the app, it just never worked. It just shows the home screen and doesn’t respond to any input. Tried deleting and reinstalling. That didn’t do it. My iOS version is 12.3.1. All my other apps work fine.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Shayshaynaynay
    I love the service but HATE the app. I open the app and it immediately freezes and I can’t do anything. It’s incredibly frustrating. Fix the app!
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Sam546732
    Worked great for a while until a month back. Now the app loads and stays frozen on the landing page. I have to delete and’s a crapshoot after that too.
  • Terrible performance, terrible selection 1/5

    By EliSchleifer
    Instacart for Whole Foods ordering was awesome. Everything in the store could be ordered. Prime now is a shell of Instacart a feature set. No adding items post order, selection is inferior and performance in app is lethargic. Please fix this.
  • Prices 1/5

    By smh 4
    Has everyone noticed that the prices are a lot more expensive on this app and then if you actually went into the store? I understand if they have to raise the prices a little bit because of the labor for actually collecting the food. But seriously it’s quite a price increase. For example the organic grass fed ground beef is $6.49 in the store but $9.99 on the app. Same with produce prices and just about everything else that I double checked. Will not be using anymore
  • Missing delivery 1/5

    By Marian2410
    During the most recent order. My driver called me from a location that is ten min away from where I live. I reminded him that my groceries needed to be deliver to the address entered in the order but he left them there and never called me again. I never received my order and had to call customer service to figure out what happened. The person at customer service was friendly but unfortunately I am going to look into more reliable service that deliver groceries.
  • Tacked on grocery experience, poor performance 1/5

    By JuliannaB1983
    I wish I could just order Whole Foods from Instacart. Grocery delivery through Prime Now is not ready for prime time. The whole process is lacking. The app constantly hangs and the UX is just bad. It feels like their running a web experience through the app. Not only is it insanely laggy, but the UX is just straight-up broken in many cases, particularly in relation to back buttons. It’s as though I ought to have a browser back button but I’m trapped in their app, so instead I have to force quit the app and restart my whole workflow. Ordering groceries is a pain. The app is slow. It’s difficult to pick groceries just from Whole Foods instead of also accidentally ordering them from Amazon. What’s the difference? Why would I want groceries from two different places when the products I need are available at one place? (Not to say that the products I want are always available.) There are all these new brands that I don’t normally see at Whole Foods. Some of them are terrible and taste putrid. The quality of the brands and items seems to be going way downhill. The prices are sometimes a little cheaper, but guys - I miss being able to buy organic food that I could trust was quality. If I cared about it being overpriced, I wouldn’t shop at Whole Foods!! Duh! App notifications are poorly designed. You don’t get notifications for when the person starts shopping. Chat is the only way to add anything to your orders, so adding to orders is nearly impossible. They advertise “FREE 2-hour delivery”, but in reality it is free 3-5hour delivery. They offer free 2-hour delivery windows as early as 2-hours from the next whole hour from when you place your order. Place an order between 3:00pm-3:59pm, and your first possible free delivery window is 6-8pm. I like that they leave your groceries at your door, but the delivery people often idle in front of the house in their cars or loiter at the door on their phones for 10-20mins, causing my dog to flip out until they leave. Maybe the employees are also having trouble using the horrible app...? Pick-up experience: Not better than delivery. I waited for my order in 1 of their 2 Prime Now parking spots for over 20minutes! The app said it would take 5-7minutes. They also said to “avoid the wait next time” by telling them when I’m on my way. I did tell them I was on my way. It was very unclear how my groceries were going to get to me when I arrived. The app sporadically showed that I was in a certain zip code and gave me the option to update that - okay. Is that zip code correct? I have no idea. Is it the zip code for the grocery store? Beats me. No idea what that was about. It said to “sit tight”, which I did. When nobody came, eventually I went in the store. All the employees were either tucked behind a wall or in their phones - there was nobody there to help customers. Eventually I just walked backed there and asked for help. They checked me in as though I’d just showed up and I continued to wait forever. Don’t pick up your groceries is you don’t have time to troubleshoot and workaround their broken pick-up process. Got home with my groceries - a pile of deviled eggs was packed sideways, laying in a glob.
  • Archaic Compared to Instacart 1/5

    By Swear35
    The only reason I have used Prime Now is because Instacart no long delivers from Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, but will now shift to Sprouts and Central Market simple because the experience on Prime Now is archaic in comparison to Instacart. Good bye Prime Now.
  • Archaic compared to Instacart 1/5

    By olliedoc
    I used to order Whole Foods groceries through Instacart at least 2x a week. That app worked seamlessly. Being forced to order through Prime Now is not a pleasant experience at all. On Instacart, You can select your own replacements through the app. You can leave detailed notes. You cannot add or delete an item once ordered. You can’t add pictures. You can’t order an item that does not show on the app, which is particularly problematic bc many times items fall off the app when they were previously there, even when they are in stock in the store. It feels like an extreme downgrade to not be able to access Whole Foods via Instacart when the prime now app is so deficient. It would be greatly appreciated if the app could be updated to be substantially more functional in the very near future or allow us to order through Instacart again. It’s causing shoppers to just shop at other stores on Instacart. Update: few weeks after leaving this review and things continue to worsen. This app’s user experience is negatively impacted by built ins/defaults that favor prime over the user. For eg, There is an option in the app at checkout for the deliverer to leave groceries or require someone to be present to receive them. If you go back to change the least thing during checkout, what you selected for delivery will keep defaulting to the option for the deliverer to leave the groceries at the door. You have to keep making sure that the app didn’t go back to its default. However, even when you insure that the order is processed with the ‘someone present’ option, their deliverers still don’t bother ringing the doorbell and just leave them sitting outside. I find this ridiculous. If I weren’t so dependent on specific items from Whole Foods for my highly limited dietary restrictions and my disdain for going to grocery stores, I’d just use the other stores on Instacart. I strongly dislike this app and the quality of service I receive. I hope they pull this together soon.
  • App is very slow and search is awful 1/5

    By cbarve
    App has serious performance issues. Keeps getting slower and slower as you spend more time in it (doing search and add-to-cart multiple times) till it becomes unusable. Search is from the 90s. Can’t even consolidate singular vs plural words (eg: search for Bananas and no bananas show up because they are indexed only as Banana). Have been happy with the actual delivery service though. The app is slower than the delivery 😮

Amazon Prime Now app comments

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