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Prime Now, Amazon’s fastest delivery service yet, offers tens of thousands of everyday essentials delivered right to a customer’s door, seven days a week. Shop from the best of Amazon, select Whole Foods Market stores, or a favorite local store and have your order delivered in ultra-fast speeds. Shop for all your daily essential needs, including produce, beverages, snacks, meat, alcohol (in select cities), organics, personal care, household cleaning, baby products, pet products, office supplies, electronics and more. To place an order, Prime members can simply download the Prime Now app to shop, and use Amazon’s secure payment settings to check out. Depending on your location, there are three delivery options for Amazon Prime Now orders: delivery in a two-hour window, delivery in a one-hour window, and delivery within an hour. Select locations also have the option to pick up Prime Now orders at Whole Foods Market Stores. Using your Prime Now App, in select cities, you can shop from favorite local stores including Fresh Thyme, Bristol Farms, Plum Markets, Westside Market, Gourmet Garage, Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop, Union Square Wine & Spirits, All the Best, Sally Beauty, Bartell Drugs, and more. Prime Now delivers thousands of items in over 30 U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia Beach, and D.C. Simply download the Prime Now App and enter your zip code to see if we deliver to your neighborhood.

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  • Slow and buggy 2/5

    By Noonc
    Amazon/Whole Foods really needs to contract with a new app developer. The Prime Now app is incredibly slow, buggy, and poorly designed. It’s surprising that such a major company would allow such a poorly designed app to have their name and mark on it. Giving it two stars because the actual Whole Foods delivery service is very useful. Otherwise this app would the lowest rating.
  • Let me choose items ten says no delivery options 1/5

    By jtousley
    I spent time setting up my order. When I went to check out I was given message there were no available delivery times and to check back later. Show me that upfront. Not cool.
  • Window slots are never available 1/5

    By thisischinwe
    Don’t waste your time putting items in your cart, at checkout you won’t be allowed to pay for your item because you need to schedule your delivery which is never available, even if you wait 5 days or more. Pathetic!
  • Coronavirus price gouging 1/5

    By FQCS
    Amazon and Whole Foods have completely failed seniors and I haven’t had food for ever a week. I’m barely scraping by eating nothing but popsicles and veggie burger patties with buffalo sauce. This services makes you waste your time adding all of your groceries to the cart only to be denied when you check out. HOW ABOUT TELLING PEOPLE YOU’RE NOT DELIVERING TODAY BEFORE HAND? I’ve did that every morning for 9 days straight, and it wouldn’t let me check out. Whole Foods is really failing retirees right now when we need them the most. So I called Whole Foods and they said to call Amazon. I called Amazon and they said we’re not taking calls! So now I’m nine days into this the sale items I put in my cart are no longer on sale and went back to normal price. Now I have to empty my shopping cart and start over lose my sale items go read this weeks brochure Make a new shopping cart And it still unknown if they’ll let me check out or not! WHY WON’T THEY JUST LET US CHECK OUT AND YOU CAN FILL THE ORDER AT YOUR CONVENIENCE? Where did the Prime member discounts go? That section used to have hundreds of items, now it has 3: shrimp, tomato, and frozen fish. But Coronavirus is here, so let’s take away! Open ordering my groceries Display for a year now and whatAmazon and Whole Foods are doing is disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves.
  • App frozen millions times 1/5

    By amazon family
    Recently this app have been frozen millions times. I need to delete and download the app again and again. It’s so frustrating. Can someone somehow fix this bug?
  • No iPad app 1/5

    By tequilaldo
    Weak app with no iPad version. Expected more from Amazon!👎
  • Freezes constantly 2/5

    By JenCRJ
    Love the ability to order on this app - saves my life sometimes. BUT it freezes all the time, have to delete and reinstall every time I open it. If I had another way to place an order, I would. Please fix this issue.
  • No service right now! 1/5

    By Estee arie
    My cart is full but there are no available times during an emergency! Not a reliable source for products and this will be remembered when things go back to normal. You are not our go to for Delivery ever again! Negative 1 star FYI 100% we have been checking for availability for DAYS!
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By M C W
    First of all, the search function is absurd. It fails to find simple things that I know are sold at my local store and lists things that have nothing to do with my search, such as Concord grape when I’m looking for strawberry jam. Then, once I’ve selected a bunch of items, when I go to check out, it tells me that there are no delivery times available either today or tomorrow. So much for the hyped two hour delivery window. I’m not impressed. : (
  • 100% unreliable right now 1/5

    By dauhaz
    It’s impossible to find an open delivery window so even though I keep checking the app, it’s impossible to order. Items in my cart keep getting removed due to unavailability, which is understandable, but would be great if they could be moved to a list instead so I can easily find them later. Delivery was available only once since yesterday and I lost it within the two minutes I spent adding back some of the items that were removed from my cart. This is insane. I would at least hope to get a notification when delivery is available again. Or anything that will make the app useful to me right now.
  • Useless!!! 1/5

    By RacerCB_SF
    Zero times available for delivery. Useless app for people in need. Pickup times are for the following day, late at night, a city 15 miles away. The app initially showed delivery times, then I added items to the cart and then NOTHING AVAILABLE! Useless app. Deleting now!
  • Navigation 5/5

    By hannahmich1234
    Good navigation
  • Not up to Instacart’s Standard by a long shot 1/5

    By Joceanblue
    If this app and service was brand new and had no predecessor to model itself after it would be decent. But...This app/service displaced Instacart in Wholefoods for delivery and it is unacceptably bad from the in-app shopping experience, to the shopper training, messaging and engagement (or lack there of), to the increasingly wasteful packaging strategy (foil/plastic bubble wrap is 100% unnecessary for refrigerated and frozen items and super wasteful). Also the logic of which store is shopped at is way off as there is another Wholefoods 1/2 the distance from the one Prime Now using for me. Basic easy fixes: I SHOULD BE ENABLED TO CHANGE OR ADD TO MY ORDER UNTIL THE SHOPPER BEGINS!!! Instead I have to cancel my entire order and start over if I want to make a small adjustment. How was this not addressed in version 1.0001!!?!? The product search should return relevant results and where are my filters? How could there not be a filter for organic, gluten-free, and other dietary preferences? Also, maybe use a different search engine? Once the shopper begins, they should take suggestions if the alternative they suggest is no good (basically almost every time they suggest a replacement for a missing item it’s a horrible match). I can only assume they are just grabbing the first thing they see. I should be able to select a replacement while they are shopping in the app. TRAIN YOUR SHOPPERS!!! Instacart also has this problem but have been addressing it. For example, most shoppers I’ve had don’t know the difference between Italian parsley, curly parsley, and cilantro. BUT THEY HAVE TO FOR THIS TO WORK! The excessive packing has got to go. There should only be paper shopping bags and compostable produce bags arriving. Nothing else.
  • Unreliable Service - update, completely unusable by now 1/5

    By retinambp13
    UPDATE - 1 STAR : While it’s understandable that increased demand due to Covid-19 induces orders makes it more difficult for Amazon to fulfill their promise of free 2hr delivery, it is not understandable that there are simple no deliver windows available for more than 1 week. What is really disappointing is the way amazon ignores the problem. In the prime now app it still prompts one to „Order Now for 2hr free delivery“. The app lets one fill the shopping cart, but once one tried to order, the app returns a „no delivery windows available“. No explanation give, no update on the situation, no instructions how to proceed, no help or comment on amazons end. The first word that comes to mind regarding this huge corporations way of disregarding their customers is complacency. Another one would be neglect. So disappointing but also revealing. This should be a lesson to keep supporting local stores and businesses more instead of overvaluing the fake convenience amazon prime now pretends to offer to shoppers. -ORIGINAL 2 star review Orders get canceled without explanation, and even reaching out to customer service merely yields a “we don’t known what happened”. Instead of the advertised 2hr delivery window the reality is a 24hr delivery window, and/ or cancelation. This service is at the level of a broken, old car which you cannot rely on every day. I have to say in my experience the frustration and hassle is not worth it. Instacart has proven a lot more reliable a service.
  • Always freezes on open 1/5

    By Chipper 178483
    Can’t click on anything
  • Terrible app, good service 2/5

    By sxc777
    App opens 1/5 times. Tracking is off sometimes. Please fix it because the service is great !
  • Bug in location setting 1/5

    By ozomatt
    After I input my zip code it says “we deliver to parts of ZIP CODE. Sign in to see if we deliver to your address.” Then it provides a button “check your address” and the button doesnt work. Is this a known bug?
  • Technical Issues 1/5

    By ln1725
    Love the idea of the app but it consistently does not work. It freezes quite a bit and requires me to constantly redownload it. It’s very frustrating especially when so many other similar apps work a lot better.
  • Always FREEZES 2/5

    By Nycimt
    This app constantly lags, freezes, and randomly shuts down. I mainly use my desktop as it is easier, but I'd like to quickly see what is in my cart in case I am at the store and forget what I've needed... This app doesn't let me do that!
  • Cannot use on ipad. 1/5

    By Pointcrossed
    Please make this app ipad compatible so it can be used in landscape, thank you!
  • No delivery windows (Coronavirus) 1/5

    By sbtokarz
    I understand that Amazon only has so many shoppers/delivery drivers and is scrambling to keep up with the surge of orders for household essentials. They can only do so much until more shoppers are hired. That said, if there are no more delivery windows available today or tomorrow, please don’t tell me to “check back later”. Let me reserve a window in 2 days or 3 days, or whenever the next available window is, because somehow, whenever I “check back later”, other customers have already beaten me to it... and then, before you know it, a week has gone by and I still don’t have an order in the works. By allowing customers to reserve an available outside of the 2-day (today + tomorrow) scope, you would be truly honoring the “first come first serve” model and maintaining customers, rather than forcing your customers to shop elsewhere (Shipt, Instacart, GoPuff, Walmart NextDay, etc.) by “resetting the queue”, so to speak.
  • It’s useless to me. 1/5

    By waltyb
    You won’t ever deliver anything. How is this an application? Every time I go to check out, it tells me that there are ‘no delivery times available for today or tomorrow, check back later’. Even though I am supposedly within a delivery zip code. This has been going on for 4 days at all times day and night. It’s useless to me
  • When it works, it’s amazing! But... 3/5

    By we're in Cardiff!?!
    I’m handicapped so this app is a blessing. It’s hard to impossible to get to the store and get a week worth of groceries from my car and into my house. So when everything works out, it’s WONDERFUL. However, the shoppers who put your order together are sometimes... not very communicative. They don’t answer simple questions or acknowledge requests (like asking for the bread to be sliced). You won’t know until the order ships if something is out of stock, and no replacement options are offered, although I believe that this is supposed to be policy. This makes it difficult to make sure that you can get your weekly shopping done properly. Also, you don’t have to sign in to place your order, but you have to sign in - repeatedly - to keep track of the progress of your order’s arrival. Not cool. I want safety measures to keep the wrong person from spending my money, not to keep me from checking in the arrival time of my order.
  • Great service, terrible app 3/5

    By Jeffery Hoffman
    I love the service. I’m disabled and use it to get groceries delivered to my home. It’s awesome. However... Do not try to use this on an iPad! It forces you to use it in portrait mode, so it’s not usable with the Smart Keyboard. Also, it uses only a tiny part of my iPad’s screen. This is 2020, come on Amazon!
  • Cancelled order 1/5

    By Fr Rydeon
    They cancelled my order today with no information given after it was supposed to be delivered 12 hours before that. It was not a big order, maybe 12 items total, and I’ll have to wait up to a week for a refund.
  • App RARELY works 1/5

    By maviskay
    This is a great service but if the app doesn’t work most of the time, I can’t utilize it. I’ve deleted it and added it back several times, nothing seems to help. Please fix this.
  • Unavailable 2/5

    By Snakeman513
    Unable to complete a purchase since no delivery times available in the next few days. This monopoly needs to be segmented into smaller entities. Out of control!
  • Service is Great, App UI Needs Work 3/5

    By Cam❤
    The three stars are for the availability of this service. It is a huge time saver and SO convenient. Thank you!! However, the app UI should take notes from Instacart. I’d like to be able to sort items by diet, such as gluten free. Also, once you place your order, you should be able to add items up until the shopper starts your order. Occasionally it’s been 36 hours between the time I place the order and the first available delivery time so we often run out of additional items by then but I can’t add them. Lastly, the messages and notifications are buggy. I am not always notified of items being out of stock and the replacements by the shopper are rarely right. I am celiac and they will replace gluten free pasta with regular pasta. Please make these updates for an even better user experience!
  • This is A total scam 1/5

    By qattrdsa
    Cannot choose any deliver window. Waste of money for a prime member.
  • I recommend 5/5

    By cristin 😊
    Fast service next day delivery and I received everything in good condition as well as the food in good temperature .
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By John Mesa
    Loaded 36 items in my cart. Selected “pick-up.” We have a Whole Foods ~8 minutes away. You’d figure I’d be picking up there, right? Wrong! The only store I could choose to pick up at is 31.7 miles away. Funny, because I see people picking up at our local store all the time, as well as employees moving about the store preparing orders. I emptied my cart after this exercise in frustration. Update: I tried to order a second time a couple days later. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. The result was the same. That 31.7 miles is as the crow flies as it is across Long Island Sound. The drive time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.
  • App stucks on first page 1/5

    By RickyBan007
    I am not sure why this app gets stuck on iPhone and nobody solves it for years now
  • “2-hour” window is not available 1/5

    By JasmineBP
    Pathetic how terrible this app is. Almost checking out, for delivery 10am-12pm. Add one more item. Go to check out. Now giving me a 4-6pm window. It’s 8:45am. Fix the app already, what a joke! And from a leading tech company.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Road2jennah
    App is horrible
  • Delivery windows?? 1/5

    By Tooyoungforzoosk
    So if goPuff can bring me condoms and beer any time of day. Uber can pick me up in less than 10 minutes in any city. DoorDash, uber eats etc, can bring me food from anywhere in the city in less than 2 hours. Amazon can’t bring me groceries simply when I order them?? The window for orders ends so early I would have to put the order in at lunch to actually get it delivered same day. I don’t see the point in offering deliver for ANYTHING if you can provide it within the day. This is the most useless thing amazon has to offer.
  • Service is Meh! 3/5

    By ct-09
    Maybe service will get better over time. Most of the time, delivery happens without an issue. But there are little things that happen re: poor replacement choices if any, you are texted by the shopper- when there is a change, but it happens fast & if you’re not looking at the phone at the time, it’s easy to miss the texts. (And I have many times). There is no way to make a change to replacements or anything else once the shopper finishes shopping- as they finalize your order. A 2 hour delivery time is free, but you pay extra ($4.99 or $5.99) for a 1 hour delivery time window. Today I ordered way in advance, paid for the 1 hour window and found that I needed the driver to come within the first half of the one hour. I texted through the app, got rebuffed by a shopper, who has no connection to driver, told me I needed to figure out how to contact customer service. I figure it out and call customer service, who also has no way to tell who will be assigned as my delivery driver today. I will wait as instructed until the driver picks up my order, and I get a message of same, to contact said driver. One big incident happened a few weeks back, a driver was an hour late, I call and get the driver who said they couldn’t pick up my order because it had too many bags. This was a $200 order, big, but not excessive. The driver asked me if I knew how many bags were in my order?!?! Strange, yes. Finally although the original driver said that she was told a new driver would be sent out, I waited another hour and when no one came, I contacted customer service who stated a 2nd driver had not been assigned. I cancelled that order. I still use the service as I love Whole Foods and need the delivery services. The non delivery only happened once so far. But when there is a problem, the services are disjointed and needlessly complex. I had no problems with Instacart when they delivered for Whole Foods. I hope Amazon gets their act together with this service soon.
  • Never works! 2/5

    By Laury Raiken
    The app opens but when I click to try and order it hasn’t been working. Please fix this. It’s very frustrating! Even when I uninstall and reinstall the app. Before it worked perfectly and I’ve been having issues the past few months. 🤬
  • 20% hit rate deserves 20% stars 1/5

    By Btg133
    I would say they generally get my order right about 20% of the time. It’s completely correct and the driver delivers on time and doesn’t mess up anything about 5-7% of the time. Whole Foods order delivery is still sort of convenient, but you can NEVER rely on these guys, especially if you live in an apartment complex. Their drivers won’t even try. Only use this if you’re desperate or have tons of flexibility to go pick up missing items on your own.
  • Buyer beware 1/5

    By Asears17
    Customer service refused to correct their mistake and will tell you it was resolved to get you off the phone. I ordered an iPad 128gb and was delivered a 32gb ipad. When I contacted support the woman I spoke with apologized and said she is issuing an immediate refund to my gift card balance and it will be available in about a hour so I can place another order to get the correct ipad. After almost 3 hours passed and I received nothing in my balance so I called Support back and spoke with a a supervisor named Jay.A ( refused to give last name) he basically called me a liar and said I meant to purchase a 32gb ipad, he also stated that the woman I spoke with earlier would have never apologized and issue me an immediate refund. At the end he refused to assist me resolve the issue and simply stated that I can drop off the wrong item I received at UPS and wait on my refund in a couple of days and for me to take it to someone above him if I don’t like it. They ruined what was suppose to be a quick 2 hour delivery surprise for my daughter. Never again
  • Obfuscation 101 1/5

    By bingbong510
    This is the definition of a job that has been outsourced and does not meet expectations. Anxiety & Depression — less than one-day delivery. Why; oh why!?
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Snarkypenguin
    This service from Whole Foods is an absolute joke. Every time I use it something goes wrong. The first time I ordered from Whole Foods I wound up receiving someone else’s delivery. Second time, my entire $300 order was marked as delivered yet it was nowhere to be found and I was home at the time of delivery. Third time, my order was pushed back 12 hours and nearly 80% of the items I ordered where then out of stock. I’m absolutely never using this horrendous service again. It’s an absolute disgrace and a total waste of time.
  • Wait, this is Amazon? 1/5

    By Peter36284
    And you wonder why they lost the military contract? This app is a piece of junk. It keeps flipping back to all stores while I’m just try to shop at one. You can’t add to or change an open order even if delivery is 12 hours out. You have to retype the order number in the email customer support section, and you can’t even copy/paste it.... technology that’s been around for 50 years??? Back to the drawing board! And might I suggest some real user testing?
  • Freezes. Makes me order Peapod instead 2/5

    By jess546533
    This app stinks. It constantly freezes and wastes all the time i spent putting in my order. I order from Peapod or shoprite instead. Also no way to get thin sliced deli meat. No way to communicate with your shopper
  • Terrible app and horrible service 1/5

    By Anarq129
    They are extremely unreliable and cancel orders after the delivery window has passed. To top off customer service is terrible.
  • Service has declined in Nashville 1/5

    By Justin Trimble
    The customer service representative was very courteous and helpful, but this is not the first time I’ve had issues with PrimeNow in recent months. The first few years of this service were SO FANTASTIC and my wife and I were so incredibly impressed with Amazon’s ability to “JUST WORK” with no mistakes that we bought dozens of Amazon shares in our retirement account. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars a month with Amazon because of the attention to detail. Lately I’m becoming very disillusioned and I’m not sure if management has changed or what, but it’s EXTREMELY concerning and I hope someone reads this and takes it seriously. MY MOST RECENT ORDER WAS MISSING ENTIRELY EXCEPT FOR 2 BASKETS OF STRAWBERRIES. THE WHOLE REASON I PLACED THE ORDER WAS TO GET PULL-UPS FOR MY SON’S SCHOOL TOMORROW. I WAS CHARGED FOR EVERYTHING AND HAD TO CALL TO GET THE REFUND. THERE ISN’T EVER A WAY TO DO IT IN THE APP ANYMORE. I’VE BEEN SUCH A HUGE AND VOCAL FAN. I’M INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED IN PRIME NOW LATELY AND I’M NOW CONSIDERING DISCONTINUING USE AND SELLING AMZN STOCK. I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE FEELING THIS WAY. PRIME NOW MANAGEMENT IS SLIPPING BIG TIME IN NASHVILLE. PLEASE REVIEW THE OTHER FEEDBACK. I’M SURE IT CAN’T JUST BE ME.
  • Painful to use 1/5

    By brennanMKE
    Just took forever to make an order and at the end it kept showing several errors despite completing the order. I killed and restarted the app to see the order was being processed. Easily one of the worst app I use. Later the order never arrived. Just terrible.
  • (Updated) Switched stores, service now much less useful 1/5

    By Kingofcapital
    I was a huge fan of Prime Now, and was telling all of my friends about it. I live in Providence, RI. There are two Whole Foods serving our area, one normal-sized store and one local, limited inventory store that’s a quarter of the size. The small store is a few blocks from our house and the larger store is about a mile or two away. We only ever go to the small store for small shopping trips. It just doesn’t have enough inventory for us to find everything we’re looking for. Amazon just started delivery from the smaller store and we cannot choose to use the larger store. As a result, most of the items we buy are no longer available through the app. This is so disappointing. I had switched all of our purchases over to Whole Foods items, even stuff like paper towels and toilet paper. This was simply because Prime Now was so easy. Unfortunately I am now looking into alternate services. Previous Review: 5 stars Title: Great service... order limit is annoying This is a great service. You don’t realize how much of a waste of time it is to go to the grocery store until someone does it for you. They handle out of stock items in a very helpful manner and always select good produce. The prices appear to be the same as in-store. Well worth it! My only complaint is that, if I recall, they have a limit of 75 unique items in the cart. I hit the limit once on a big order and it was very annoying... I had to go back through my list and make trade offs with what I wanted. I was surprised that they would have such a limit.
  • Doesn’t compare to other grocer apps 2/5

    By Tamtam47
    Forced to use Prime now for my Whole Foods shopping. Every.Single.Time..these shoppers cannot get my order right. You can not communicate with shopper unless there’s a change but they don’t usually tell you. You can’t modify or add any items while shopping. It’s terrible. Would much rather use instacart
  • Terrible... 1/5

    By Tim77277
    As a prime member and a mobile developer, this quality of app is not supposed to be released on the App Store. What happened to your QA team, product manager? Didn’t they notice the app get froze all the time? The backend service call shouldn’t block UI. The performance shouldn’t be this bad. OMG🤦🏻

Amazon Prime Now app comments

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