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  • Current Version: 5.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Prime Now, Amazon’s fastest delivery service yet, offers tens of thousands of everyday essentials delivered right to a customer’s door, seven days a week. Shop from the best of Amazon, select Whole Foods Market stores, or a favorite local store and have your order delivered in ultra-fast speeds. Shop for all your daily essential needs, including produce, beverages, snacks, meat, alcohol (in select cities), organics, personal care, household cleaning, baby products, pet products, office supplies, electronics and more. To place an order, Prime members can simply download the Prime Now app to shop, and use Amazon’s secure payment settings to check out. Orders will be delivered right to your door within free two-hour delivery windows or one-hour delivery for a fee. Using your Prime Now App, in select cities, you can shop from favorite local stores including Fresh Thyme, Bristol Farms, Plum Markets, Westside Market, Gourmet Garage, Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop, Union Square Wine & Spirits, All the Best, Sally Beauty, Bartell Drugs, and more. The Prime Now App also lets you order the food you love from top-rated restaurants. Get delivery from popular local restaurants as well as familiar favorites, including P. F. Chang's, Red Robin, Applebee's, Buca di Beppo, and Red Lobster. Amazon Restaurants is available in select cities across the U.S. Prime Now delivers thousands of items in over 30 U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia Beach, and D.C. Simply download the Prime Now App and enter your zip code to see if we deliver to your neighborhood.

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  • Significant deterioration in service 2/5

    By StephenM NYC1
    Prime now used to be great, with two hours’ notice you could get a free two hour delivery window and the food was always what was requested. It’s really fallen off and feels like an abuse of market power to get a lesser service for the same cost. You now need four hours’ notice to get a free two hour delivery window, which is consistently at the back end or late, the shopper will substitute your food for a more expensive product after waiting only a couple of minutes to confirm, and recently the delivery person straight up didn’t deliver my food but scanned it as delivered nonetheless. The most insulting this about that was they could refund but not process reordering on my behalf (not a big deal but was a pain) and they didn’t refund the tip for the delivery that didn’t make it to me, I had to call up and request it be cancelled out. If the service keep deteriorating at this rate I will soon stop using it
  • Glitches 2/5

    By AftersFan123
    Just started using the app and already frustrated. When I am looking at an item and I click on another similar item to view and compare it sends me back to the home page where I have to start my search all over again. Also please add more details/photos of the products. It’s essential that you show ingredients list for every item you sell!
  • Love the service but the app is difficult to use 2/5

    By DancingQueen222
    I love the service but the app is difficult to use. A couple of things that I find annoying - out of stock items are not listed. - choosing the amount of items can be very difficult. For example, choosing jalapeño peppers, the smallest amount is 0.25lbs which is a lot for jalapeños! I typically only need 1-2 for a recipe, but end up getting 5-6 each time. - would like options to give special instructions, or offer a “second choice” item - when texting with the person doing your shopping, we should be able to make changes. For example, if certain items are out of stock it can alter an entire recipe so I would need to make on the fly changes but we are not able to. - I also would like to see a “recurring order” feature for items that I order each time. As a whole, I find the app difficult to use. But I do love the service! Just please improve the app!
  • App has a lot of limitations 1/5

    By kimara.govender
    The app has a lot of limitations. Half the time the reason for returning option doesn’t give you what you need. You have to deal with customer service to deal with any stolen packages and if it’s not an amazon carrier they won’t replace it. Honestly amazon’s customer service has gone to complete sh*t and will leave you feeling like you should have just gone to the store. Do you’re self a favor and stop using amazon. Don’t get stuck like me dealing with the same problem for 6 months with customer service reps that talk down to you, lie, and never really resolve any issues. It not worth the time and money if you have an actual life.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By tumeeks
    Seen bad reviews for the grocery aspect of the app but I don’t use it for that anyway 😂 I have placed about 4 orders, all that were last minute items that I needed the same day. First order was pampers and wipes for my infant, second order was pacifiers, third was some swimming trunks for my sons swimming lessons that were being held later on that day, third was a charger because the current one stopped working and I received my new one before my phone had a chance to die, last was two packs of socks for each of my children since they never can find matching pairs. Each order arrived in two hours and the items were cheap. Delivery fee isn’t that bad. I like the app a lot, very convenient!
  • App built by kindergartners 1/5

    By Madonna_Ciccone
    Shopping cart abruptly empties constantly.. It has taken me longer to try and place an order for pickup than I would have spent driving there and strolling the aisles. The point was to save time... :-/
  • No iPad app 1/5

    By Jake Flavin
    No iPad app
  • Always have to delete the app and re install 2/5

    By @Hamert
    As much as I love the convenience of the whole idea, it is not convenient how I am constantly having to delete then re-install the app in order for my order to process. I will be ready to check out, then as I’m picking a time window it tells me that connection is lost, try again later. No matter how Many times I fix my internet, or make sure my cellular data is on, it does Not work. Then, I miss the time window I wanted. Sometimes the deleting and re installing doesn’t work and I just go to the market (poor me). Hoping that is something that can be fixed, because I love the idea, I just wish it would work more often.
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By cp732
    I’m not sure who’s giving this app 5 stars. They must have never used a grocery delivery app before b/c this app just does not stack up to the other services out there. But, I am a prime member so it makes sense to want to use this one. I used Instacart before primenow was created and I still have to use Instacart to build my grocery list before rebuilding it in the primenow app. Everything is so much easier to navigate and it’s much more organizeda d clearly defined in Instacart. Instacart also offers ALL the items sold in the store. Primenow often opts out of offering certain products that are sold in the store but Instacart almost always has them available to purchase. Sometimes, regular/common products that I know the store (and all grocery stores) has and that I’ve purchased using primenow before (i.e. standard vegetables like carrots or lettuce or certain dairy products) are not available. The most frustrating thing is when I want to buy the 365 brand version of something and the primenow app doesn’t have it as an option but has all the name brand versions. Why wouldn’t you want to sell your own products!?!? It’s just incredibly frustrating to use. Additionally, I find the shoppers aren’t as good with primenow (but who knows, this could also be the result of a poorly built app). I don’t even care about this as much, but the primenow shoppers don’t reach out to you as much. I’ve had primenow shoppers who will contact me about replacing one item in my cart (so the capability is there) but that’s it. I don’t receive any further contact about replacing items and instead they just mark it as out of stock with no replacement without notifying me and delete it from my cart. These were really broad things too. For example, I selected a sliced bread from the bakery. And rather than notifying me that that particular bread was out of stock, and instead of requesting a substitute, they didn’t notify me at all and just put it as out of stock. Really?? The entire Whole Foods was out of bread? I’m not picky, I just need to be able to make lunch the week. It’s just very frustrating to have all your meals for the week planned and then your food is delivered missing half the things you need. I then need to find a time to go to the grocery store myself to get the missing items and it really defeats the purpose of using a delivery service
  • Constant errors since last update 1/5

    By EmilieMeow
    I love the convenience of this app, but it no longer works. When I open it, it prompts me to update my location. When I do this, there is an error: There was a problem connecting to Amazon Prime Now. Check your network connections and try again.” I know this is not on my end - as my internet is fine and other apps are able to use it. If I ignore the prompt to update my location, I am able to add items to my cart but receive the same error when I try to check out. I can now only use the desktop version, which isn’t as convenient. Because of this, I have started to use competitor apps instead for my grocery deliveries. Please fix this bug. Thank you!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ourjuliet
    Amazon and Whole Foods have a long way to go before they catch up to Instacart. “Replacement” texts started flying at me immediately while my shopper was shopping. I could not keep up and the link I needed to tap in the text message, opened to show me a teeny picture of the item and what they were replacing it with, which I couldn’t open for details or see! The shopper was unable to take pics on his phone and send me better pictures of other replacement options. I had to take it or leave it! I asked to add an item and he was unable to do that either. Instacart, no problems with last minute adds. The Whole Foods store seemed to be out of so many things, and basic things like eggs and almond milk! I was told that evening orders were difficult because stores ran out of stock. Well that doesn’t do me much good considering I can only do evening delivery. I wonder if they’d have this same problem on a Saturday when stores are REALLY busy? When my shopper was done, I was not able to see an updated list of my items with the replacements listed. NOT good. Instacart always shows you the final list and what was replaced. Cold and frozen items were almost room temperature. I ordered a dozen eggs, I received 11 eggs. One mysteriously missing?! I ordered mixed greens which were left off. I ordered two kiwis but the store only had one, which arrived totally mushy on one side. I asked for a RIPE pear, I got one that was hard as a rock (and not the type I wanted). I ordered 2 lemons, I got one. I told him to just forget the walnuts. I will probably not use this service again. Maybe after a LOT of improvements have been made. Instacart is far better right now. I did call customer service and the woman was kind enough to refund my order. To get competitive, they need to improve the app and also hire people who are parents to do these jobs because they are already professional shoppers!
  • Still crashes on ios10 1/5

    By Sasa.Järv
    The issue with this app crashing on iOS10 devices has not been fixed. I cannot view any of my past orders. Every time I try, the app crashes. And, I have to reset the app each time before I make a purchase otherwise it crashes. Please fix.
  • Pretty disappointing 1/5

    By jc_ky
    We really wanted this to work, but the whole system is pretty messed up. We gave it three tries. 1ST RUN: Pretty good. They delivered one item in the wrong size, so they refunded it and we got to keep it. Some of their product substitution efforts were pretty bizarre. Not bad, though. 2ND RUN: They bagged our order but only delivered half of it. No way to get them to deliver the other bags sitting in their store, other than placing that part of the order again for delivery the following day. They did refund the delivery charge since the re-placed order was too small for free delivery. 3RD RUN: They tried to replace salmon fillets with packaged smoked salmon slices. I sent a message to the shopper asking them to get a different variety of fresh salmon fillet that I confirmed was available, and also sent a message to customer service before the delivery left the store. Nothing they could do, which meant I had to drive to a local store for fish that day - exactly what I was trying to avoid with delivery. They also charged me for a pound of a produce item rather than for the single pepper, which weighed maybe 6 ounces. Their bizarre attempts at product substitutions combined with no real way to communicate with them while the order is being prepared - and no way to note preferences, like ripe bananas - make this pretty useless for us.
  • No way to sort by lowest price?! 1/5

    By Surfed
    It’s almost 2020, and amazon can’t even implement a “filter by lowest to highest” price in their app? What an absolute joke.
  • Doesn’t rotate to landscape on iPad. 1/5

    By Tcvegas
    Doesn’t rotate to landscape on iPad Will go back to the web to order. Just stupid.
  • No iPad app!???? 1/5

    By Eggrolloo
    How does this app not have full iPad support?
  • Fine after latest update and reinstall 4/5

    By TechWise2
    UPDATE 1/4/19— After deleting app then reinstalling, the checkout glitch is fixed. Everything is back to normal now. OLD REVIEW — As of 12/28/18- still can’t checkout using iphone. Still error message re: check network connection. My network is fine. All other apps are fine. All other devices on network are fine. What gives Amazon?
  • Wasted my morning waiting on my order which never arrived 1/5

    By lreedkeke
    Decided to try out home delivery with a free delivery incentive from Amazon and Whole Foods. Spent a good amount of time shopping and placing items in my cart, set a delivery time on Jan 3 for today Jan 4 between 8:00 and 10:00. Made sure I was up and available during this time. 10:00 rolled around so I called prime customer service. They looked into it, said no driver assigned and said to give them till noon. If it wasn’t delivered by then I was to call back. Customer service was very easy and helpful. Noon rolled around and no order. Called back and spoke to another customer service rep. She suggested to cancel the order. (Ugggh). Which is what I did. So no dinner tonight for my husband and time wasted. Not happy and probably not going to try home delivery again. I’m sure it was a store problem, not an Amazon Prime Now problem. Like I said, prime customer service is awesome and the app itself is as well......getting your groceries is another issue
  • So good 4/5

    By KBoone04
    Honestly besides maybe a few products not being available this app and service are wonderful!!!
  • Undeliverable 1/5

    By Jsayki
    1st order, undeliverable. Yay
  • Prime now, 3/5

    By Mike3518
    Just used the app for the first time, can’t see any reason to use the app versus using the web based site . The app is actually a little glitchy sometimes not responding to the touch screen requests.
  • Aweful 1/5

    By ben'smom199
    Terrible service. My shopper started supposedly started shopping at 6:00 am (store doesn’t even open until 8:00) and texting me while I was asleep. He couldn’t find some of the very basic items I ordered and now I have to place another order because I couldn’t respond to him. Nearly three hours later, I still don’t have my items. Can’t imagine them staying cold unless the driver has them in a cooler full of ice. Tried to contact customer service and there was an error each time I tried to submit the email. Terrible first and last experience!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By taipie2
    Tried to use the app and it wouldn’t let me setup my address or phone number and kept directing me to the setting which I had already given app full access. Waste of my time. Tired of paying for prime but can’t use everything that goes with it.
  • Cannot use 1/5

    By Kramerland
    The app tells me the nearest location is 27 miles away even though there is a Whole Foods a mile from where i live. I asked at the store if they do prime now and they do. Called amazon and they don’t have a solution. Just want the app to work.
  • Good Service, Awful App. 1/5

    By Panegyrist
    1st - Where’s the iPad app? 2nd - this app won’t rotate to match screen orientation. 3rd - categories desperately need improvement there are no subcategories and very poor filtering - looking for grapes means sorting through the entire fruit category for example. 4th - the 2 hour claim verges on false advertising. Amazon - usually competent at programming seem to have used a development team that’s never grocery shopped, or that never peaked at FreshDirect or Peapod to see the task done well.
  • Issue with substitution notifications 3/5

    By DeeWee82
    I generally like this service, especially as someone living in Atlanta with no car who prefers Whole Foods over the grocers that are within walking distance. My primary complaints are about the substitution process. First, the notifications make no sounds and don't appear on the lock screen. I find that I have to be sitting with my phone in my hand unlocked, looking at it at the moment a banner notification pops up, because it makes no sound at all and I'll otherwise miss it. Worse yet, for some reason if the Prime Now app is open, it doesn't even send the banner notification. How is anyone supposed to consider the proposed substitution if we don't get a sound to alert us to the message? Are we seriously supposed to spend the entire time staring at our phone waiting for it? If that's the case why not just spend that time traveling to the store and shop ourselves, and probably get better substitution results. Send a regular text or something rather than the stealthy notification, at the very least. My other note on the sub options is that they're often ridiculous. In my experience maybe not as bad as some of what the other reviews mention, but absurd all the same. Another issue about subs is regarding the messages in the app after everything is said and done. Assuming you missed the silent notification which did say what the item was: It'll say, Your item is out of stock, then shows the proposed sub and the status of accepted or declined. But it doesn't say what the original item was, and there's no way to find out until it's been delivered and the order updates in the app. Because like I mentioned, the subs don't always make a ton of sense, I often have no idea what item I'm missing until it gets here. Seems like it shouldn't be that hard to leave the original item in the messaging after the sub is automatically accepted or declined. My final bit of feedback is about the fact that we can't actually say anything to the shopper. Postmates lets you talk to the shopper and propose your own substitution or even direct them to where to find the correct item which typically is actually in stock and they're looking right at it but not seeing it. Would really like to see this feature added to Prime Now. Overall, Prime Now has been a game changer for my carless lifestyle, but the issues above with the sub process are serious drawbacks. I never set it to automatically accept subs because the proposed subs are nonsensical, and I often miss the proposed sub messages because they don't make sounds with the notifications, and then whatever I'm missing is a mystery until the delivery arrives. In that area Postmates is far superior, and the only reason I don't use them is because Amazon owns Whole Foods and thus delivery is free over $35.
  • Where is the iPad app? 2/5

    By Tribble Herder
    Would it kill you to field an app optimized for iPad?
  • Well 4/5

    By dudleyboo
    So I just place my first order today. Not much to select from. Also, I purchased $3 veggie egg rolls but they were out so they messaged me with a replacement that cost $3 more. I didn’t want to pay that much for just egg rolls so I declined the replacement. They don’t deliver within 2 hours but that’s what it sounds like they’re stating. I ordered at 3:38 my delivery window was 8 - 10.
  • Don’t get ripped off 1/5

    By hungry for steak
    I order for the first time. The order was short $26 worth of New York strip steaks. I called customer service and they said there was no option to have my steaks delivered. He said he would give me a refund but my account was never credited. So I’m out $26 and have no steak for dinner. Horrible service.
  • Two stores, two minimum orders, one app 1/5

    By ChadsReviews
    Update 12/18: basic functions still missing. Select a search term and then type. Selected items should be replaced. They aren’t. It just ignores what was selected. Items below remain. App is still terrible. 6/18 It's too hard to use the prime now app for food. Two stores showing is a pain in the butt. I don't notice half the stuff is freshthyme until checkout, then I get frustrated that I wasted the time and just go to aldi.
  • Worst 1/5

    By GalacticGaming
    They hire the dumbest driver. Either they mis deliver or pull up in your driveway and say the package is undeliverable
  • Needs more sort features 2/5

    By tiff_welch203
    Really dislike that this doesn’t allow you to sort a category from price low to high or top rated. The sort options are very limited which is definitely not user friendly. They need to update to make the sort options more encompassing.
  • Unable to check out the cart or email customer service 2/5

    By DineshKrishna108
    Since yesterday I am unable to check out the cart or email customer service in the app. It’s a loss of business for amazon Whole Foods . App is not working. Fix to get the business.
  • Great service and product assortment 5/5

    By Sid349
    I am extremely delighted by the prime now service and app in Singapore. Barring a few hiccups and unexpected delivery issues Amazon provides best delivery service and made our lives easier.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Catch'emAll
    Got my groceries pretty quickly and very straight forward
  • You changed my life! 5/5

    By Thankful Mommy!
    This year I had a baby. How would i have lived without Amazon Prime Now? Have A Need? Amazon Prime Now- to the rescue: Pregnancy Cravings- check! Baby Monitor- check! Dog Food to heavy to carry - check! Champagne to toast new baby- check! Formula & Diapers in a few hours- check! Breakfasts & Lunch’s & Dinners - check! Sick and need cold medicine- check! Forgotten Christmas Gifts? - check! Thank you Amazon Prime Now! You have made this year better with every delivery!
  • Failure to show in stock status 1/5

    By Wayne Gorsek
    Wayne too many items are out of stock and they replace with inferior quality and or more expensive items
  • Pick Up option works well 4/5

    By SpineCNOR
    I tried the pick up ordering option today and the process worked well. Gave the app 4 stars instead of 5 because there is room for improvement. The main thing I would like to see added is a special request option, other than that the app is well designed.
  • Don’t call customer service or they’ll block your number 1/5

    By GoldenSageYoga
    When Amazon Prime Now first started, it was wonderful! We used it a few times a week until we started noticing a sharp decline in service. We were always very respectful and appreciative of the drivers and service staff; however, when the the third incident of our order not showing up and the app not updating, we called Amazon (still being very nice to the person we spoke to). Surprisingly, they told us they were experiencing issues with expanding their warehouse and not to worry, they were working out the kinks. Fine, no problem. Over the next year, we experienced our orders being delivered to the wrong house or not showing up at all, late orders, missing or wrong items, and incredibly rude drivers. We pride ourselves on showing our appreciation for our delivery people but the unwarranted rude behavior was just too much. Not to mention our orders showed up a few times with strange odors or stains on the bags. The kicker is when Amazon blocked us from calling customer service!!! There were plenty of times we didn’t call Amazon but they blocked our numbers! They were happy to take our money but would not address issues with our orders. Wow. We contacted customer service through the main Amazon app and I was told, in writing, that our being blocked needed to be escalated to management. Really? Why? Then I received two more emails stating that it was a glitch in their system and the third email, stating that it was a mistake and they did not block numbers and it would be taken care of right away. Yeah, right. Read the complaints on the internet. Lots of others experiencing the same thing. And they NEVER unblocked our numbers. So, we’ve boycotted Prime Now and moving away from using Amazon altogether.
  • Spam notifications 1/5

    By Adammmmmmmm111111
    This app just started sending spam push notifications. These have nothing to do with any order or use of the app. They are just spam trash to encourage more spending.
  • Weak 1/5

    By Claudia0229
    Compared to other home grocery delivery apps I am shocked how poor this one is especially since it’s managed by amazon. There is no way to add a note or message to your shopper. You would think that doesn’t matter until you start receiving milk that expires within 24 hours on every delivery. I don’t want a refund, I want milk that’s good for at least a week. There’s no way to save favorites and the app is not intuitive. It often takes forever to load and crashes. A lot of stuff from whole foods is not available. I’ve made numerous requests for some basic items to be added and nothing was done. A lot of items have quantity limitations that are odd. For example smoked salmon packages you can only order one. steel cut oatmeal you can only order half a pound at a time. I really want this to be my go to for groceries but the app is making it not worth the time.
  • It gets stuck all the time 1/5

    By Ca
    It open just buffering so I have to switch to web version. Fix it!
  • Now? More like (much) later. 1/5

    By Gktaylor40
    I have been waiting for Amazon prime now to arrive to my area ever since the app was released. It’s been over two years and I still cannot utilize this app even though the ZIP Code closest to me that can use it is approximately 20 minutes from where I live. Why in the world would you release an app to the general population when not everyone can utilize it? Good idea with a ridiculously poor release/execution. Oh, don’t bother emailing Amazon. I’ve written 4 times and have yet to receive a response; customer disservice.
  • First time 2/5

    By Daisy29wdm
    I was so excited to find out they have Whole Foods delivery in my area. The delivery was quick and I got everything I ordered but the app needs A LOT of work. It’s hard to find things. I wish there were more filters. I’m gluten sensitive and other grocery apps you can filter gluten free things. I also looked for specific brand and it only brought up one item from that brand, then later that day I was scrolling through the frozen items and they had more items for that brand. I know this is fairly new so I hope they fix these problems.
  • Don’t pre-tip 1/5

    By _fifiona
    I did not receive my order. The order was refunded but my tip to the shopper who did not deliver was not refunded.
  • $5 Promotional Credit ( waste) 1/5

    By Christian H.(campabuelafilms)
    Recently had a few of my ordered Amazon Prime items “No Rush”-ed to get $5 off my next amazon order. Not anymore! I have to order from this ‘Prime Now’ app that charges $5 for a delivery fee. What was the point then of delaying my order to get save money? Just for me to buy more amazon items to feel like I saved money when I just paid for more?
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By smurphie924
    I have a prime account. Logged in w/said prime account. Spent time shopping. When it came to checking out, it said I was a “guest” & needed prime account to check out. DUH!! I was logged in w/my prime account. They obviously did not fix ALL the 🐞🐜🦟🦗🕷. Need a better exterminator!
  • Right idea but very buggy and limited 2/5

    By hj1973
    1. Why no tablet support? 2. Very buggy... if i add item to cart and activate a suggested item... the app crashes. If i checkout, i get a network connection error.. these are just two of the many bugs
  • Deceptive marketing 1/5

    By Banana1219
    They advertise the service as prime NOW with the tag line “2hour delivery” which I thought would mean that my order would be delivered within 2 hours. However what they really mean is choose a two hour delivery window. Same day delivery isn’t even available. When I went to place my order (DURING normal business hours) the ONLY options were delivery the following day with 2 hour delivery windows (or you could pay extra for a 1 hour window). Definitely not the same thing as 2 hour delivery.

Amazon Prime Now app comments

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