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Amazon Shopping

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  • Current Version: 19.18.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Shopping App

Amazon Shopping offers app-only benefits to help make shopping on Amazon faster and easier. Browse, view product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products. Amazon delivers to 100+ countries in as quickly as 3-5 days. Whether you’re buying gifts, reading reviews, tracking orders, scanning products, or just shopping, the Amazon Shopping app offers more benefits than shopping on Amazon via your desktop. Never miss a delivery Get real-time tracking and delivery notifications so you know where your package is and when it arrives. Know exactly what you’re purchasing Full 360° product view lets you see items from every angle. “View in you room” makes sure it fits by using your phone’s camera and VR so you can see it in your space. We’ll notify you when items go on sale Just tap the heart icon to save items to Your Lists and we’ll alert you of price drops so you don’t miss a deal. Never forget your password Save time by staying securely signed in. If you prefer to sign out, use facial or fingerprint identification to sign back in. Connect with us when it works best for you Live chat support is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once you’ve started a chat, it stays that way for 24 hours so you don’t have to start your support session from the beginning. We’ll find that item for you Not sure of an item’s brand or where to but it? Just tap the scan icon in the search bar, take a picture of the item or its barcode, and we’ll find it for you. In order to provide a rich experience and enable features such as voice shopping, notifications, visual search, customer reviews, and authentication this app may request permission to access contacts, camera, microphone, notification, touch id, photos and Bluetooth. Amazon Shopping is available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. In addition to International Shopping, you can change your settings in this single app to shop,,,,,,,, or For customers located within the European Union, United Kingdom or Brazil: By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use applicable for your country. Please also see the applicable Privacy Notice, Cookies Notice and Interest-Based Ads Notice for your country. Links to these terms and notices can be found in the footer of your local Amazon homepage. For all other customers: By using this app, you agree to the applicable Amazon Conditions of Use (e.g. and Privacy Notice (e.g. for your country. Links to these terms and notices can be found in the footer of your local Amazon homepage. If your device supports TrueDepth technology, the app will use your device camera to detect your facial movements only while using certain features such as virtually try-on products like sunglasses. All information processed using this technology remains on your device and is not otherwise stored, processed or shared by Amazon.

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Amazon Shopping app reviews

  • Please fix! 1/5

    By aikris55
    Please fix the issue that makes screen blank when viewing a product!
  • No access to kindle??? 2/5

    By debsme
    A few months ago, I realized that I could no longer purchase books in Kindle format through the Amazon app. It says this app does not support Kindle purchases. Previously it did. Why did this go away? I have had to go through my Kindle to purchase books, which is time consuming due to the age of my kindle. I want to be able to open an email from Amazon about a book, click the link to go to my Amazon app, and purchase the book in Kindle format. Please bring this feature back!
  • Constant crashing 1/5

    By HippieWife
    Search for a product and see the results for one second before the app crashes. Over and over and over….
  • glitch 3/5

    By Zmlaspppppp
    for whatever reason when i open this app n scrolling looking at products something will cause the page to go blank. i will then have to hit the back arrow n start over. why is tgat? please fix
  • Can't even ship on time 2/5

    By Raven1082
    I pay monthly for prime and expect to get the shipping time I'm promised. Ordered something with "free 2 day shipping" and still haven't seen it after almost a week. No info either, can't track the package, all I see is "sorry we're running late." Don't be sorry, just fix it and get me what I paid for!! I ordered it specifically for this weekend and now it's already too late because Amazon can't keep up their end of the deal. Canceling my Prime subscription since apparently I don't even get what I'm paying them for.
  • Shop at Amazon 5/5

    By Terrell G.
    Amazon has everything you need when you need it for cheap Amazon is a overall W shop at Amazon!!
  • Screen blanks after 10 secs, keeping me from buying 2/5

    By Creeker67
    The last few versions, on my iPad Pro will load the selected product page, then seconds later the screen blanks. I search for something, scroll down through the presented results, click on a product I want to buy, and its page opens. Then 10 seconds or so later the page disappears. If I use back arrow, I go to the top of the search results. If I go back and click on it enough times I’ll finally get the page to stay long enough for me to buy it. So something that is loading 10 seconds or so after the page starts loading is blowing the page away. This only happens with the APP. If I go to the Amazon website with Chrome this never happens.
  • Love Amazon, it just really needs some bug fixes 4/5

    By 86397446
    When I’m simply looking at a product the whole screen goes blank the further down the screen I go
  • Lastest update 1/5

    By blackdahila
    Whatever they newest update did, it says nothing is in stock and all past history records are gone
  • Amazon app 5/5

    By Tc7238
    Love the Amazon app it’s great
  • Amazon Smile issue!!! 2/5

    By IQradical
    It has been having a lot of problems lately. Every time I try to get into Amazon smile it keeps telling me there is a problem. But they had no problem asking for money for Hurricane Ian victims. Most of the donations are set up similarly so it should be no problem to see the other charities. I am not spending any more money until I get the charity straightened out. Showing me things I might be interested in to buy is also annoying. Fix the charity problem and let me pick what I want to see. Torn between 2 and 3 stars but 2 won because it has been going on for so long.
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By Kleber Maia
    I keep getting blank screens everywhere after some scrolling. It’s been impossible to search, browse or even buy this way. Please get this fixed ASAP.
  • Good to horrible 2/5

    The Amazon Prime experience on this app used to be so fluid and enjoyable. I would look forward to perusing deal after deal until my shopping cart was entirely beyond my financial limits. But now, it’s a chore. Like trying to get a teenager to empty the dishwasher. The procrastination is real. I only pop on the app to find what I need versus want and only if I absolutely have zero other options, basically if Target or Wal-Mart doesn’t have what I need, I’m stuck with this crap app… Way to go developers, you have made Amazon my very last choice for my online shopping addiction.
  • Hijacks your airplay to spam you with advertising 1/5

    By fndoz
    If you stream media from your phone using airplay, the amazon app will replace whatever you are watching or listening to with ear-splittingly loud and horrible interstitial advertisements. Apple ought to lock down this interface. Whoever approved and implemented this awful screen hijacking at Amazon should be ashamed
  • Delivery 1/5

    By happy refill
    The recent items that were delivered continue to be left out side of my door.No one knocks on the door and I have instructions on if no one is home . This is a problem not only for me also my neighbors. Not happy
  • Can’t see the buy now button 2/5

    By cant see by button
    I’ve updated it and close and open the open so many times and still can’t get the buy button back all I see is the add to cart that’s all if someone knows what to do pls let me know
  • What I want is always there 5/5

    By Avaloncheryl
    I went toHome Depot and Lowe’s today trying to find a specific dryer vent, could not find one anywhere. And I get on Amazon and sure enough there’s a 3 inch dryer vent. With free delivery and will be here in two days. For most things it’s really hard to beat Amazon
  • Sending different sizes for clothes 1/5

    By Tired of wrong sizes
    I have ordered two different sizes in men’s sweatpants and each order came 2-3 sizes bigger. I also see notations when ordering that “based on previous orders you nee Based on purchases by customers who wear your size, 3X-Large will fit you best.” I don’t order just for me but others and I am also losing weight.
  • Update needed 1/5

    By SlyNort1
    Portrait in landscape. Landscape view would be nice
  • Recent update 1/5

    By CeruleanRider
    Bring back the open orders view or whatever organizational view the orders page was set to. I don’t want to see my purchases in chronological order of when I placed them, I want to see what’s in the process of shipping/transit/what’s yet to ship. Still not fixed in most recent update.
  • Did not delivery and charged 1/5

    By claudiafinato
    How can you don’t delivery and charged me. This is absurd. Now a weekend holding my money, so I can not buy in another store.
  • Buy now option missing 1/5

    By Kaduthanum
    All of a sudden, the Buy Now option seems missing when shopping for products on Amazon iOS app. This was very useful for one click one item purchases. Yesterday when I called up customer service they said it’s part of an ‘experiment’ that they were running for one month and said it will come back after oct 16th. This is frustrating as they select random accounts and run these random experiments but this is resulted us in stop using Amazon temporarily. Especially for paying Prime members like ourselves for several years these experiments and definitely the ones when functions are deleted are not good and we are deeply dissatisfied with response from Amazon customer support. They even sent me a mail stating this experiment with Buy Now button. Not good.
  • Keeps on crashing 2/5

    By Joeldr.
    Keeps on crashing on my phone and my wife’s as well
  • Buggy. 3/5

    By User24615
    This app has not been functioning at its best in the past few months and I keep thinking the updates will fix it but they never do. About 40% of the time I’ll click on a product and as soon as I scroll down to try to read the description and get to the reviews, the screen goes blank. It doesn’t go away if you wait, you can’t tap the screen to stop it… you have to go back a page which often times makes me lose the product I was viewing. Very inconvenient. I’m tired of dealing with it honestly.
  • Great app! But I found a bug… 4/5

    By Livi Claire ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    I love this app! But anytime I add something to my cart, or if I don’t do anything, random items will end up in my saved for later. And what not 5 minutes ago I was trying to move them back to my cart, when things started randomly going in saved for later! This is really annoying when I am trying to show my parents my cart! Thank you for reading my review! God bless you!!
  • Pages Randomly Turn Blank 1/5

    By Nico Mesa
    There have been a few updates already and this issue hasn't been resolved. Not sure why, but while browsing, the page will just turn white and no buttons are available to push except usually the back arrow in the top left. I have to backtrack all the way from the beginning of my search or the first menu option I chose. I'm on an iPhone 12, connected to Wi-Fi, and have already tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and force closing/restarting the app.
  • Need to reopen app very often 2/5

    By kilalwof
    The app freeze many times, the content is empty. I am using well conditioned Iphone 12
  • False Advertising 2/5

    By Twizzluh
    As a member two times now I have noticed, upon ordering they always suggest faster you order you get next day shipping so I ordered 2 items at different times with the advertisement hurry buy now and get next day shipping. But by time everything is said and done the packages do not arrive the next day usually takes upwards to a week. I just feel lied too I wouldn’t advertise this if do not fulfill those words.
  • Buggy- screen blanks out 2/5

    By cec-cec
    The app used to work fine, but now it frequently goes to a blank screen after I choose something I want to look at from a list. Useless. I just use the website on my phone.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By 57046
    While shopping, as I am viewing an item to purchase, the page will go blank.

    By # Delete
    I got banned for no reason because they are DUMB!!! Also they deleted all my STUFF when I logged back in.
  • Updated and lost everything 1/5

    By KRWilliams425
    So after updating the app I completely lost everything that I had saved and to top it off now all of the sudden everything I click on to buy can no longer be shipped to my house! The last five years I’ve never had any issues with having something sent to my house. I will be doing a lot less shopping through Amazon and I’ll be encouraging everyone I know to do the same! Looks like I will be going to EBay for now on!!
  • Scamsss! 1/5

    By G234441
    Be careful to not “accidentally “press a membership you don’t wana pay , they charged me 150$ for a renewal membership I never acknowledged of .
  • Pipe weed 1/5

    By My poor kids in tears
    I won’t be renewing my prime. I ordered a pipe from them and they removed the listing after I had already bought it. I’m done wasting my money of the app. They didn’t send my pipe. It was for my birthday.
  • Buggy, Woke company and Wish Lists unusable 1/5

    By Login issues grrrrrrfcssth
    Update: the Seller Rating appears to be back. The filters seem to be working without removing a bunch of results. The filter options are still ridiculously lacking. Needs the following filters minimum: -Sort by seller location distance -Sort/browse local store fronts that also sell on Amazon -browse stores near you -filter USA ONLY -Filter USA MADE PRODUCTS -filter by material (e.g. boots or shoes: real leather, faux leather manmade etc) -browse handmade ONLY items guaranteed would be nice -filter prime by days (2 day prime items, 3 day prime etc). Items being prime shouldn't be listed as prime if delivery is longer than 2 business days imo. PREVIOUS COMMENTS:What do I have to do to get a filter that FILTERS OUT INTERNATIONAL SELLERS! Even Etsy has that filter!!!! I don’t want to buy something from China and not be able to return it if it doesn’t work out!!!! Oh and post the seller and distributor details in large bold font with address
  • Crashes. All. The. Time. 1/5

    By Bill1971MD
    Most times when I click a product the app freezes. Been happening for over a month. I am now shopping on Amazon much less. Maybe I should rate it 5 stars, because now I’m spending less!
  • Accessibility lacking 2/5

    By MelMM86
    Very few options for customizing for accessibility for people with disabilities (e.g. dark mode). When you’re one of the largest multinational companies and your founder is the richest man in the history of mankind, you should do better. People depend on accessibility measures to live their lives, put some effort in, Amazon
  • Sigh 2/5

    By Quandra_______
    I don’t like the layout of where the reviews are and I don’t like the fact that I don’t see a dark mode. Do you know how bright the screen is at 1 something in the morning?
  • Started putting Amazon ads on top of items I’m looking at 1/5

    By Prinn
    And now the homepage has like three pages of ads before you can see featured items - about as annoying and off-putting as their trashy Rings of Power tv series.
  • Keeps logging me out 3/5

    By NickDude90
    For some reason, the app keeps logging me out of my account. I had to re-log in two or three times today. I didn’t even download an update.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Leah120120120
    It’s very frustrating that it crashes but even more frustrating that for some reason now every time I try to log on the web it sends me to the app. If I delete the app I’m sent to Apple store to download it. There are no settings I can find to prevent that.
  • Screen goes white 4/5

    By FOD23
    I’m not sure what’s been going on with this app, everytime I click on something & go down to review it the screen goes completely white. Then I have to search it & write in the same exact thing again so I can do the same thing all over again. It’s really frustrating. I can’t just click on something I like I have to do it twice so the page can work.
  • Worst shipping app EVER. 1/5

    By khhgkh
    Every time i go to check when my Order gonna arrive it’s says payment reveris needs and everything I do it it makes it a hole another day when I order my Halloween costume it’s gonna do that and I won’t have it for Halloween yall needa fix this bro. Maxine
  • Latest release is buggy and crashes 1/5

    By Synthmanic
    Anytime there is a call out promotion like a football game or for example a new movie Amazon is promoting, the app will have a higher chance of crashing while browsing or attempting to view a live stream
  • Buggy 3/5

    By yuuuugcaatyvb
    More and more often I’ll get a blank white screen that forces me to back out of whatever I was trying to look at. Very annoying
  • Quit hijacking my audio in my phone. 1/5

    By scrote mcgoat
    I could really care less the reasoning your app hijacks the audio on my phone just because I open it. Change it. It’s unnecessary.
  • I’m with Nessa_33 3/5

    By Rorofosho
    Her post could be mine! I to love using the Amazon app and now it’s more of a hassle. The app has become very glitchy and sometimes times out. I don’t know what happened, but can we have the old version back please or a new version with all the issues fixed?!
  • Buggy 2/5

    By ib_dropout
    Screen goes blank while scrolling. Super annoying
  • Horrible Changes 2/5

    By tcg276
    Whoever thought putting 2-3 ads or Amazon products at the top of the home page that you have to scroll through before you find relevant information is a moron. While suggested products were fine and interesting when they were related to my interests, multiple screens worth of unrelated products is not ok. These stylized sections that are no longer avoidable make the app less user friendly and enjoyable. Proves that Amazon is greedy and cares more about money than their customer’s user experience.