AMC Theatres: Movies & More

AMC Theatres: Movies & More

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  • Current Version: 7.0.20
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  • Compatibility: Android
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AMC Theatres: Movies & More App

The AMC Theatres App is your portal to everything AMC. Buy tickets, get info about the movies you want to see, access your AMC Stubs rewards and make A-List reservations. Our Theatres: Type in the name of your favorite theatre, or find the theatre closest to you. Find out which theatres feature premium formats like Dolby Cinema at AMC, IMAX at AMC, or RealD 3D. All About Movies: Discover AMC exclusives, official trailers, movie synopses, cast info, and film ratings from experts like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. AMC Stubs: Log into your AMC Stubs account to earn and track points and rewards. Access your virtual card and scan it at the theatre to apply your savings and rewards instantly. A-Listers can make FREE movie reservations and Premiere members enjoy waived online ticketing fees. My AMC: Find your purchased tickets, rewards and all things AMC Stubs. Food and Drinks Online Ordering: Skip the line by ordering concessions before you get to the theatre. Available at select locations with either express pick-up at the concession stand, or delivery to your seat. Reserved Seating: Save your favorite seat in the house. Digital Tickets and Membership Card: Save room in your wallet for more important things! Your phone is your ticket and your AMC Stubs membership card. Advance Tickets: Buy tickets the second they go on sale and be the first to see the movies you’re most excited about.

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AMC Theatres: Movies & More app reviews

  • Oops an error occurred 1/5

    By dohspc
    For the last two weeks all I get is "Oops an error occurred" on my WiFi. Can't use the app...customer service said there is nothing they can do. How do I use my A-List benefits?
  • This app does it right 5/5

    By Jake1313018203734802
    I love this app, best subscription I have. Worth every penny.
  • Picture-in-picture capability needed for On Demand Library within app 3/5

    By Freelancerjourn
    The AMC Theaters app keeps improving. I’m much more impressed with the current interface. However, there is one critical feature missing: picture-in-picture capability for the on-demand library. The AMC Theaters app is, in part, a streaming app where we can watch our On Demand library. However, the app does not offer picture-in-picture capability. In 2022, any streaming app that does not offer picture-in-picture capability is way behind the curveball. The best steaming apps (Amazon Video, Google TV, Vudu, Peacock, and now even YouTube TV), have picture-in-picture capability. They recognize that users need the ability to multi-task: to be able to check email, type in Microsoft Word, etc., while the content they are streaming continues to play in a mini windows at the bottom of their device. Adding picture-in-picture capability would make an already great AMC Theaters app even better and stand-out among other competition. Please provide picture-in-picture capability as soon as possible.
  • My Theater Didn’t Show Up 2/5

    By HollyHeat
    Downloaded the app to skip the line and just wait on my food to be delivered. However, once I sat down and tried to order, my theater (20) was the only one not showing up in my options. Needless to say I had to go get back in the long line and order my food.
  • Does not show showtimes anymore 1/5

    By Nicholas J. Whittaker
    I have not been able to view showtimes for a few weeks due to whatever new version of the app updated. Also, at AMC theater the employees always say they cannot scan the membership QR code so I have to read it out loud for them. Why have a QR code?
  • No showing times on app 1/5

    By Panther732
    Showing times not showing up on the app. Please fix.
  • Love AMC but hate the app 1/5

    By Yoloyolo333
    My app almost never works. It will only work inside of my house and even then I can’t guarantee it.

    By Jar Jar Binks %{!|*<
    This app needs to automatically brighten the screen when the QR CODE is displayed, then bring the screen back to its normal setting afterward. How annoying is it to have to always brighten the screen because the scanner can’t read it on your phone?! Now that we’re at it, the app should also have a LIST VIEW to make it easier to see the movies in theaters. The square pictures that take up half your screen are not only inefficient, but very hard to read. Otherwise, the app is great. Keep up the good work!
  • AMC 5/5

    By Keep Me Smiling
    The best thing about AMC is you can use your membership at any AMC theater in statewide. 🤗
  • Not working 1/5

    By DTMNSA89
    Ever since the last 4 updates, i can not view times of showing of movies, can not purchase tickets, cannot purchase anything gia the AMC app, i would like my monthly subscription back for the last 3 months please and thank you. All I can view is the movie poster and the description. I use 3 different phones. iPhone 7,7+,samsumg glaxu s22 ultra.
  • Disfunctional?? 2/5

    By goldenchao
    Can’t sign into my account. Can’t see showtimes. Says it can’t connect to internet but everything else connects fine. Tried it yesterday and it was down. Tried it last week and it was down. Tried it now and it is down. Not sure why I paid for a stubs account.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Pushin60
    I’ll give a better review when the app works. It says my internet isn’t working, but it’s working for my other apps. Not to mention that it shouldn’t rely on my internet as I have unlimited cellular! I have tried it on my phone, tablet and my husbands phone and tablet. What’s the purpose of an app if you have to google it instead? Not a happy camper!
  • A-List 2/5

    By nicknameisanna
    I’ve been going to AMC for years. So we decided to join the A-list. Lately it has not been great. I can only reserve 3 movies in advance, and if I cancel one, it takes days to be able to reserve a new one. I had 3 reservations for upcoming movies. But 0 movies that I had seen this week, so when I went to the theater to get the tickets in person and use my A-list to get the tickets, it didn’t work. The worker had to give me a voucher for our tickets since it wasn’t working. I get only making 3 reservations at a time. But since we get to see 3 movies a week, we should be able to go in person and get the tickets there and it be covered under the A-list 3 movies per week.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Fido mends
    Easy to use app and helps me see my past movie purchases with AMC
  • App 2/5

    By (7)5veto
    Recently I have had difficulty using the app. No, seats appear available for any movies and lost 2 $5 reward certificates. Very disappointed.

    By amc app victim
    App layout is ok and I enjoy a lot of the features this app provides for movie-goers… If it works!!! This review is being written after the second time I’ve spent over 30 min trying to buy movie tickets and dealing with ‘error’ messages of every kind. Wish I could use my stubs through fandango!
  • Remove pop up ads 2/5

    By Hollanderica
    I’m an A-List Member and book movies very often, when checking out the end 3 promotional offers pop up, They should be removed from the App.
  • Issues using A List during big movie premieres 1/5

    By Kevdav1211
    This has happened for every huge movie premiere since 2021. AMC does not allow for a list members to make reservations by showing errors during checkout but reservations are just fine if you sign out and choose to pay for your ticket rather than using A list.
  • Crashes During Ticket Drops 1/5

    By Heifhegdjksgdudiwhd
    This app is excellent for AMC members most of the time. However, whenever tickets go on sale for a popular movie (Marvel), the app just crashes so you can’t buy tickets. This is an AMC problem because other apps like atomic tickets let you get AMC tickets just fine during high traffic times like that. It’s unfortunate that you have to go through a third party app and pay extra fees even though you’re a paying AMC member.
  • Worst service ever. 1/5

    By HerFuzziness
    June Update: STILL useless. I only started going back to AMC once they adopted ::cough:: STOLE Arclight’s (RIP) assigned seating model. But these geniuses can’t make an app or site that can handle advance ticket sales? Seriously? Error messages for 40 minutes? Let’s not forget that the reminder alerts never work either. Useless. I’m canceling my Stubs “Rewards” and giving Regal a whirl. Good riddance.
  • Eff your free trial nonsense after I purchase a ticket 1/5

    By kooblikon
    I’ve given you money and I get 5 or 6 ads for free trials to nonsense I do not want. Let me turn this option off, especially as an A list member.
  • Very glitchy 2/5

    By Emy2362
    Couldn’t mobile order any food. The app wouldn’t allow me to input my theatre number, time or seat number.
  • app doesn’t work with the new update 1/5

    By may201613
    app doesn’t show ticket purchasing option with the new update
  • Terrible spammy update 1/5

    By AFoster23
    I used to be able to add my ticket to Apple Wallet right after purchasing, but they removed that capability. Now I have to jump through several hoops to make that happen, please restore the original functionality. They also spam you with garbage “offers” after making a purchase. Not signing up for Apple Card through you no matter how many times you ask. Please stop degrading the app with that nonsense.
  • Charged my CC but no tickets 1/5

    Even got an on-screen message noting the glitch saying the charges would be reversed immediately. Nope! No refund, No tickets including food AND drinks. Expect to hear from AMEX.
  • It doesn’t show me movie timings. 1/5

    By visheshr
    U select the movie from Home Screen and then it goes blank.
  • Opt Out of PopUps 2/5

    By Zae X
    An update of the app has, for some reason, included a pop-up with shows up every time a ticket is confirmed. It clutters the flow of confirmation and might not be a good idea.
  • Unable to See Movie Start Times 1/5

    By Tamptk
    For the past few weeks the app shows a black screen whenever I try and view the movie times. This makes it impossible to reserve a seat/ticket.
  • BEWARE! 1/5

    By Not u either
    The app is designed to confuse you into a subscription you can’t cancel for 3 months and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CONTACT for a refund.
  • Flawed interface; Favorite Theaters is useless 3/5

    By nthpete
    While looking for showtimes, the interface on this app has a row of selectable options at the top of the display that does not stay visible while scrolling. This make it impossible to know what day of showtimes you are looking at once you scroll down a bit. For anyone trying to compare showtimes across days and theaters this gets confusing very quickly. Also, the Favorite Theaters feature is now useless. It used to allow the app to prioritize your favorite movie theaters at the top of the list when you look at showtimes. Now it prioritized them by distance which doesn’t work for me because I prefer to see movies in premium screening rooms. Not every AMC location has IMAX and Dolby theaters. I live in a big city with lots of AMC Theatres locations so I have to scroll through about 10 or 15 theaters before I get to my favorite theater. So why have Favorite Theaters at all?
  • App does not work 2/5

    By fhajdjbwksd
    I used to love this app. However, the past few weeks the app has not been working at all. Movies are listed but showtimes do not appear, so it’s impossible to buy tickets. I have contacted amc many times but have yet to get a response.
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By lookie lookiedszx
    Multiple visits and multiple attempts to change a password and itbis absolutely impossible on the app.
  • Awful app. Ignore fake reviews. 1/5

    By JAC10011
    I purchased a few tickets and the app crashed. I recieved no confirmation email, nothing from their end. Huge charge on my card. Don’t use this.
  • Currently BROKEN 1/5

    By 12345jcrins
    Hasn’t been working on iPhone for weeks, no showtimes displayed, please fix!
  • Can’t even see showtimes 1/5

    By Math boy
    What’s the point of this app. It will not display the showtimes. Needs a bug fix. Currently unusable.
  • Not connecting 1/5

    By Customer Experience Test
    Not connecting to amc server
  • Issues 3/5

    By DeJaSins
    Using the app is great, when it works. I’ve had to reinstall it at least twice now because the showtimes won’t load or are greyed out. Also, please stop putting movies in the “Now Playing” category if they won’t be available until the end of the week. I have had several times where I thought that a movie was playing that day, only to attempt to purchase the tickets and find that they’ve switched the date.
  • Currently zero stars - not working 1/5

    By mj.bklyn
    Noticed in last couple weeks app isn’t working on my iPad. Errors, no connection etc… reinstalled several times. Didn’t help. What’s taking so long to fix this. Clearly I’m not the only one with this recent issue. Your customer support/service needs to improve too. Really disappointing, as this app worked great for 5 years before this happened.
  • Never works 1/5

    By JAR742
    Always gives me a retry option. Can not be opened to see what’s playing. No other way to find local amc shows
  • Lose the popups after a ticket order! 1/5

    By motoracer1486
    The popups after each ticket order is ridiculous. Stop it!
  • Can’t buy tickets 1/5

    By 3.141526953006340014
    Usually this app runs smoothly with no problems but ever since the last update I can’t even buy tickets, I keep getting error messages.
  • Slow and crashes a lot. 1/5

    By Sector3
    Don’t know how other people say it works great. It’s always awful.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Cnnnncubu
    At this point I think I’m done w/ AMC. Honestly, the last four times I’ve went to an AMC in NJ have been terrible experiences.
  • $1.99 convenience fee 1/5

    By isprainedmyuvula
    The company charges a $1.99 convenience fee to book a ticket thru THEIR OWN APP. Absolute trash.
  • Great App, but not efficient 4/5

    By Laxy9
    App features are great, but the App is very slow sometimes…
  • Errors after Update 1/5

    By Beachwood74
    Typically this app works beautifully. In the past few days I keep getting errors while using the app. I reinstalled the app and same issue continued.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Yikes61
    I can never get this app to work. Always says no internet connection or retry. I have internet connection. Uninstalled and reinstalled, worked for a millisecond then back to its old tricks.
  • Best theater ever!!! 5/5

    By mr. sad service
    Always clean & kept neat! My family loves the appetizers & snacks while I am VERY pleased to have a beer while watching the movie. 🍺CHEERS!!! All in all a great family experience!
  • Poor unusable app 1/5

    By iPad owner abcdefg
    Dreadful app. If you don’t share every single moment of your being with it. You will not be able to do anything. Recommend just using your web browser or going to any other theatre.