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Welcome to AMC+, your new streaming destination for the greatest series, films, and live channels. Watch the latest episodes from The Walking Dead Universe, discover award-winning movies and series you can’t find anywhere else, or just sit back and stream our always on live channels. AMC+ is your destination for only the good stuff. Download AMC+ to get the best of AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV - with full access to Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited. Thousands of hours of incredible content, on demand, all in one place, with new shows and movies added every week. Some of the reasons we know you will love AMC+: •Early access to the latest from the Walking Dead Universe including exclusive series and content not found anywhere else – including the final season of The Walking Dead •Ad-free full seasons of critically acclaimed series such as Mad Men, Orphan Black, Rectify, Portlandia, and many more •Access to SHUDDER –the largest horror/thriller library including exclusive original series Creepshow & The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, plus the most essential and iconic scares •Complete access to SUNDANCE NOW, with true crime and captivating international originals like A Discovery of Witches, The Bureau, and The Restaurant •Thousands of hours of content from IFC FILMS UNLIMITED, the definitive collection of festival favorites and award-winning independent films. •Full access to LIVE channels with no cable subscription – AMC+, AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV. •Exclusive access to The Walking Dead Channel, a live streaming network fully dedicated to all seasons of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, plus a host of cast interviews, BTS moments, and more. •AMC+ doesn’t just rely on an algorithm, we recommend the good stuff from the best creators to give you a truly personal streaming experience •Receive notifications of new episodes and releases, as well as custom recommendations highlighting all that AMC+ has to offer including true crime, horror, movies and AMC+ Originals. •Search your favorite shows and watch immediately or save to your watchlist – called “My Stuff” and come back to it later. Start streaming AMC+ today! For help with AMC+ please visit For our Terms of use visit For our Privacy policy visit

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AMC+ | TV Shows & Movies app reviews

  • Horrible App 1/5

    By heliotropin
    I just signed up for AMC+ after a while of wanting to and the app is terrible. I have it on my different Apple platforms as well as Roku. It freezes and I feel like I’m constantly having to stop and restart it just to get it to work. Not sure how long I’ll keep the subscription, but this definitely doesn’t make me want to stay.
  • Great content, bad app/plan. 3/5

    By sweetie the amazing
    After watching Dark Wind pilot which was awesome, I went to website following instructions to get amc+. Now I have an app that I can only watch on my ipad as apparently it’s impossible to watch on my firestick unless I download another more costly app . On the website it’s $6.99 on firestick it’s $8.99. What the heck? The firestick app has no option to just sign in. I do enjoy dark wind and one lane bridge also. i added star for content as the shows are five stars but the app is one or two.
  • It won’t let me open the app 1/5

    By Mario 😀
    I downloaded this app to watch twd and when I open it it’s pitch black and nothing happens
  • No response from support. 1/5

    By EasterIsland2
    I get a ‘Something went wrong’ message. I uninstalled, reinstalled. Worked for one show, then down again. Submitted a ticket. No response. Crap software. Crap service.
  • Joke 1/5

    By BmVc1
    $8.99 a month and I can’t even watch Better Call Saul. Episodes are only available temporarily like this is 2005. Get with the times.
  • Lol 1/5

    By Jon8976
    I don’t understand how this app on Apple TV, iPadOS, and iOS can all be as atrocious as they are. Do you not have any developers whatsoever? You’re actually just straight up stealing money from people at this point. I’d laugh at how comically bad the apps are but I also was bamboozled and paid money.
  • AMC Market Value 1.66B 1/5

    By MaSoNTCSklogW
    1.4 out of 5 and $1.6B valuation. Capitalism is doing great, guys. Nothing to see here. Nieces and nephews building apps in between long weekends in the Hamptons. Quality mgmt. Only the best.
  • Not the best app. 1/5

    By Vicidifjhodoekdkalpbla
    It freezes or stops giving the same message, “oops something is wrong on our end.” On every video I’ve played so far. My internet is fine. I’ve had to keep closing the app and reopen it.
  • Terrible streaming service. 1/5

    By weisbergsam0
    Should have realized when this app had such bad reviews something was up. who removes episodes of shows after a certain amount of time? Did you learn nothing from netflix and blockbuster? People want to watch stuff and have access to it all the time. you have the rights so why have the episodes limited? The man in charge of AMC+ is an idiot.
  • This app is laughable 1/5

    By JCar2007
    With so many excellent streaming apps out right now how does AMC keep this going without fixing it? And $9 a month plus tax for limited episodes or not even offering episodes of their most popular episodes? What did I just pay for? I want my $9 back. Requesting a refund from Apple. I hope AMC dies with TWD but they’ll probably stay around way longer than anyone wants them to.
  • The worst 1/5

    By ali27646/618
    What kind of streaming service takes down episodes? You have to basically watch shows live to be able to watch them. I signed up so I could watch Better Call Saul season 6. I’d gladly pay to be able to do so. I was confused when I signed up and all I could watch was episode 7. What?! I’ve never encountered this anywhere else. I’m either going to buy the season outright or figure out another way to get it. This is the most ridiculous streaming service I’ve ever tried to use.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By josh gotdam
    Absolute scam app doesn't work or provide all the shows it should
  • Paying for this ?? 1/5

    By fuckamc+
    I have never written a review before. This one pisses me off, I just did the free trial for AMC to watch TWD, everytime I go onto the app it has me at a different episode or location then what I was at. It lags and has no easy way to get around the app, definitely waste of money unless your watching it on your tv
  • This app is a waste of time and money 1/5

    By Tkol2
    I downloaded the app because it says you can watch Better Call Saul on it. Apparently only the 2 latest episodes are available unless you watch them when they first come out. Had I known this I would have done something different to ensure I could have watched the show. The app on its own is one of the worst I’ve ever used. Terrible layout and it makes no sense at all.
  • Compatibility Issues in 2022?? 1/5

    By Ace_TheGem
    My phone plan with Verizon had a promo for a year long free subscription for AMC+ back in January. Little did I know that there is no AMC+ app specifically for Samsung smart tvs, a very popular tv brand pretty much every where. Not sure if that was an AMC or a Samsung decision but either way it’s supremely out of pocket. It’s been 6 months and I’ve barely utilized it because I would only be able to on my phone or very small tablet.
  • Came for the content but this app is HORRIBLE… 1/5

    By A$AP Beiler
    There’s a lot of good content here…but AMC+ is determined to make watching it impossible. There is no way to view all of the movies/shows available even if you go to “Explore > A to Z” - so you are forced to Google, for example, “movies on shudder” in order to browse what is actually there, and then you must search for the movie directly. Don’t bother building a queue, however! I added dozens of films to “My List” using the aforementioned method (so it took a while) - and yet, “My List” reveals a tiny fraction of what I added…there is no way to view what I saved to watch later! I had no issue paying for this service until I discovered how awful their technology is. Now, I might want my money back…
  • Stupidest streaming service ever 1/5

    By Paul S. from California
    Why does AMC+ remove current season episodes of its hit show: Better Call Saul? Is it to discourage binge-watching? Is it to encourage people to watch live TV? If you ask the 80 year old man running this service, then the answer is yes. And that’s why this is a dumb and out-of-touch streaming service. All successful streaming service encourages binge-watching, especially of their hit shows. Disney+ doesn’t remove episodes of current seasons, nor does HBOMax. All the episodes are for viewers to watch and rewatch, but not AMC+. They have a “better” strategy. LOL. Good luck. I’ll take my business elsewhere. Thanks for nothing, AMC+
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By strayrocket
    They get you to sign up by offering a show you want to watch (e.g. Better Call Saul) and then they remove the episodes before you have a chance to watch them.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By JD TC
    If you have time to waste you’ve downloaded the correct app. Movies time out, shuts off, disconnects and you just become frustrated especially if paying for AMC+. They have plenty of work to make this app worthwhile.
  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By mikeypeters
    We got AMC+ to watch Dark Winds. The program is excellent, so far. That’s the only good thing about it, so far. The app is ridiculously terrible. The Chromecast link never works, and it works flawlessly on PBS, Netflix, HBO, Tubi, Hulu, and Pluto. The interface is clunky. The search engine is moronic. It’s really astonishingly bad. The instant Dark Winds is over we will be cancelling this junk app. I’d bet some high schooler could write a better app. Do better, AMC!
  • A hot mess 2/5

    By velgor
    Like others have said, this app has major usability issues—most irritating of which is the inability to stream video on Apple TV when audio is being output to Homepods. This shouldn't even be an issue if the developers stuck to the APIs Apple provides. As far as content goes, I suspect contractual issues are behind not having the entire runs of popular shows available. Blame the game here. Still the app is terrible.
  • Plenty of content but the app is horrible 1/5

    By Libraryfriend
    Using the app on Apple TV is super annoying. Trying to get to content is frustrating. Shows randomly stop playing. I’ll watch the shows I came for but when they’re over I’m leaving.
  • Worst streaming app 1/5

    By brandi11
    You have to keep up with exactly where you are on a show because the app will list every single episode in “continue watching” as if you haven’t finished it, even if you play it until the last second. And then it starts you at a random point in a random episode every time you open the app. So frustrating. These issues can’t be that hard to fix!
  • App is rediculously bugged. 1/5

    By odisc
    i get a network error every 30 minute, one part of it says "you do not have permis..." I literally pay. at the end of every episode there's this super long feature that you have to skip through. No offense, but i don't care about all that commentary. I can't pick up on the last episode I watched, cause this thing has the worst memory.
  • This app is extremely buggy and disappointing 1/5

    By noah baysinger
    Out of all the streaming apps I have this one is definitely the most unresponsive app I’ve used by far. It’s extremely buggy honestly kinda sad. It’s not worth the money. The only reason why I’m still using this service is so I can witch better call Saul. Once the final season ends I’m canceling and never using it again it’s pathetic. Would not recommend unless they actually fix it
  • Update 1/5

    By No530
    Update this for Apple TV. All it does is crash
  • Never saves position 1/5

    By Chickenteeth
    This app has yet to actually let me resume watching a show or movie where I left off. Worst streaming app I’ve ever used. Only on the trial right now but think I’ll be cancelling based on my experience
  • This app be so bad that i’d rather “improvise” 1/5

    By Recalledsoup
    I am mighty disappointed in AMC, nit jus' the app but the fact that they scuttle episodes at a certain time sonpeople wpuld stay subscribed fer longer. I don’t support shady businesses so I’ll jus' use me pirate ship t' do pirate things.
  • IPhone/Chromecast!!! Browser version stinks too 1/5

    By ImAManAndAMouse
    EDIT: June 14,2022: so captions are no longer displayed when casting to your TV from iPhone. Works when casting from desktop via Chromecast and browser. Back to one star. Really AMC+ product managers and engineers, what is your problem? It’s unbelievable that in this century you can’t create an app that works! EDIT May1, 2022: Finally AMC+ has Chromecast support on iPhone! It’s a little wonky so three stars (better than one). You only see the icon AFTER pressing play. It starts to play on phone and i see cast icon. Press icon, find device and voila! FYI dev, i watched creepshow on shudder and couldn’t display subtitles. I watch River on Sundance and subtitles are fine. Just letting you know. Baby steps! Thanks! EDIT: every release you use the same text in your release note. Set your watch by it. Like everyone else I think the content is great. The mobile app stinks so I cast using Chrome browser from my desktop. The web site stinks too. I am on an endless loop of SSO until it decides it’s ok to log me back in. Press browser Back and it does not bring you to where you were but back to the top of the previous page. Subtitles can not be locked on. Can’t skip intro. The program Info does NOT contain actor names, directors, etc. Pressing Play opens a new tab rather than playing in the current tab. It’s amazing that these simple things (for which there might even be a library already developed) are being ignored. I’m paid for a year so you got that long to make improvements or I’m outta here. Edit: I don’t ‘seem’ to have as many streaming issues as others although I will say the experience is not at all ‘seamless’ like Netflix or Prime. The picture stalls and pixelates. Also that annoying habit of moving the picture to the bottom left (Wrapping Up) to display other shows you can watch while the show you are currently watching still has a good 30 seconds of visual not to mention the credits and not to mention more episodes! I mean who wants that?! Especially when you are binging and can’t control the stream from your couch. Use your own products, UI folx.
  • Such a horrible app 1/5

    By Mr.Goodman Jr
    I got this to watch better call Saul and I have to pay for every episode except the last two in the last season 2.99$ for each one why would I have to pay for them if a have a subscription?
  • Checked on App. 1/5

    By W4JJK
    After reading all of the reviews I am very worried about even signing up for the service. I am wondering if anyone can help me and let me know if the app has improved any now that we are in June 2022. You cannot even open the app unless you sign up for free to even have a look at it to see if it’s actually working on your own iPhone. I can only assume which isn’t good but it’s all they give you to work with that the app may be running. It would be nice to be able to take a look at it prior to signing up for it to make sure all is in order however I guess they don’t feel that way. So let me know what you all think because so far I wouldn’t shell out a penny for the service after reading everybody’s one star review. I hope today things are better. Let me know and thank you in advance.
  • Absolutely irritating 1/5

    By Taoboy
    Constantly stops!, never fixed or updated, terrible navigation, no search.
  • AppleTV app doesn’t play video when connected to airplay speakers 1/5

    By Illfee
    Found a bug- when the AppleTV is connected to Airplay speakers, the app doesn’t play video and try’s to also AirPlay the video to the speakers (which can’t play video). Please fix.
  • Worst Streaming Experience Ever - Zero Stars 1/5

    By madatmadmen
    Why can’t I scroll through shows and seasons? I have to go back and search if I want to skip around. Doesn’t make sense. Streaming on iPad Pro 11” 3rd gen and resolution doesn’t eve reach 1080p even if it’s downloaded. Awful experience, suspending service all together until I can watch on the go.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Shabsdaddy
    I spent days trying to download AMC+ on my Samsung TV only to find by accident that AMC+ does not support Samsung smart TV. This is some important info that should have been posted like in the BEGINING to save subscribers a lot of time and gray hair
  • Useless app and worse content management 1/5

    By Ashten Plowe
    Show disappear before you can watch them. Misleading advertising. AMC is still in the Stone Age. Don’t waste your time.
  • Just use the native video player already! 2/5

    By viachicago22
    It’s so frustrating that this app uses their own, greatly substandard, video player instead of the native one created by Apple. HBO finally made the switch and it’s so much better, get with it AMC.
  • Better call Sal seanson6 1/5

    By Redimipod
    Better Call Saul season six you better forget about it hey Siri
  • Ditto 1/5

    By anapat93
    i just wanted to say that everything people are saying about how terrible this platform is is absolutely true. The content is different and I like it but I do not have the patience to work with this platform. If you pause a program, going back to the exact place where you stopped is almost impossible. The "resume" option does not work--it takes you back to the beginning of the program or some other point but not where you stopped. Fastworwarding or rewinding manually is very difficult, and the platform does not respond to voice command to fastforward or rewind for a specific amount of time. I had to stop a movie halfway and I'm not going to to finish it. After watching one episode of a program there is no option to watch the next episode or see other episodes because the options given are for the episodes you already watched. You have to manually search the show, choose the season and then the episode you want to watch. It is too bad that the platform is so user unfriendly because the content is good, but watching series or movies should not be an exercise in futility.
  • Cannot airplay, mirror or cast 1/5

    By George Colorado
    Anyone else suddenly not able to cast using Chromecast? Support told me the app wasn’t designed to be uses with airplay, mirroring or casting. Why would a TV/MOVIE app not be designed to be played on a TV???? Makes no sense. Still the worst streaming app. Now the cast icon is available but when I cast, an error comes up saying the video can’t be downloaded. What a joke. Why would anyone pay for this service?

    By Aparou27
    I subscribed to watch better call saul s6 and apparently they are removing episodes weekly so that people can’t just subscribe once and watch all the episodes. Poor practice by greedy company

    By Sherriatric
    Don’t even bother with this steaming pile of garbage AMC is trying to make us believe is a functional app. Honestly, I don’t even know why they have an app, because it seems like none of the developers understand what a streaming app is even supposed to do. Did they not get the memo or what? It is indescribably awful. Don’t waste your time. AMC and the app developers should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Do not use 1/5

    By BlindEyesEmptyHearts
    This app is awful in every way and anyone working on this app should be ashamed of themselves. Awful piece of work.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hamajamalama
    Yea there’s issues with the interface and the app simply wasn’t ready for release, but their selling point was to have access to one of there big titles better call Saul I finally made it too season 6 but they pulled episodes of season six so I can’t start watching it. You better believe after my 7-day trial I’m canceling.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Bruiser52
    More than not, when we try to watch a show, we get error messages and it won’t stream! Super frustrating to not be able to use something we PAID for! Also, the app makes no sense regarding how it’s organized, not user friendly and does NOT accurately track which episodes you left off on. When we can actually stream it, it hardly ever successfully transitions to the next episode. Please fix this app that we have PAID for!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Tristar528
    Works fine on mobile devices until you close the screen. Then it just keeps playing. Casting works…. Sometimes. Just don’t open your device again until your episode is over or it will restart the entire thing and you’ll have to cast again. Honestly trash but it’s got walking dead 🤷🏻
  • Don’t bother - terrible app and missing their own best shows 1/5

    By eshekar
    They pull new episodes 4 weeks after they air. Want to start watching Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 1? Too bad. It’s just not available on AMC “Plus”. What an absolutely idiotic business model. Piss off the people willing to pay for your content by making your hit shows unavailable to them. Who in their right mind thought this up? You’ve only annoyed the people who were willing to sub in the first place! Also, the app is absolutely terrible. Why bother with a search function?
  • Latest episodes not even available. 1/5

    By Franchise player dude
    Got this so I could watch the new season of better call Saul. Imagine my surprise when it’s literally not available on the app. Terrible business model to not let people stream the most current season. I don’t know why anyone would support them under these conditions
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By asseater21
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