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American Airlines App

With the American Airlines app, you’re covered with the information you need exactly when you need it. Curious about traffic to the airport? Need a mobile boarding pass? Wondering where the closest Admirals Club® lounge is located? All of this info, and more, is available at your fingertips. - Dynamic home screen: Knows where you are in your travel journey and gives you easy access to the right tools at the right time. - Mobile boarding pass: Check in for your trip and retrieve your mobile boarding pass. No need to print, and it’s updated along the way. - Flight updates: Get the latest flight updates by simply retrieving your reservation and allowing American Airlines to send notifications to your mobile device. - Interactive terminal maps: Navigating airports is a breeze with our interactive terminal maps. Find the closest Admirals Club lounge or get directions to your connecting gate. - AAdvantage® account details: Review all the details of your AAdvantage account right from the app. Not an AAdvantage member? Sign up today. - Upgrade your seat: Request and purchase upgrades with ease. Want to see where you are on the list? The app displays the upgrade standby list within four hours of your scheduled departure. - Seat selection: Select or change your seat within the app. Just pick the one you’d like and change it on the spot. - Track your bag: Know exactly where your bag is from the time it leaves your hands to when you extend the handle at your final destination. - Save your reservation: Your recently viewed reservations are automatically saved in the app so you can easily grab the details for your next flight in seconds. - Quick interactions: The American app utilizes 3D touch and is Apple watch compatible, giving you quick access to the most important info. - Wi-Fi access in the air: Don’t forget on flights with Wi-Fi, you can use the American app and at no cost. There’s a new group of flyers out there – The World’s Greatest Flyers. They know that having the right travel tools contributes to a great experience. New with iOS10, the sky’s the limit with the American Airlines sticker pack! Let friends and family know that you’re traveling, headed to the Admirals Club® lounge to take it easy before taking off, snapping photos at 30,000 feet or that you’ve arrived. Contact Us: 1-800-222-2377

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American Airlines app reviews

  • Constantly freezing and crashing 1/5

    By denver and florida
    Since the most recent update every time I select the app it freezes or crashes. I’m lucky if I can get one step beyond the home screen. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but it didn’t help. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Over 200 MBs 2/5

    By BPed
    It’s hard to believe an app over 200 MBs provides such little utility.
  • HATE everything about it 1/5

    By thisappmakesmefeelviolent
    I HATE this app. It doesn’t sync my travel plans, it doesn’t record my miles (which is why I downloaded it to begin with), doesn’t seem to find my flight info when I search for it AND I always have to attempt to log in at least 3 times. THAT is frustrating, sometimes it accepts my email and other times it will only log in with my advantage member ID. You’re probably thinking this is operator error and the person writing this review just doesn’t know what they’re doing. I promise I’m not an imbecile, there are so many frustrating things about this app and it’s not worth it. I wish I could give it negative stars.
  • Slow 1/5

    By slow is not the way to go
    Every time I use the app to search for flights it’s so slow.... I end up having to go to the website and search for flights. It frustrates me every time I try to use it.
  • They cancelled my flight due to mechanical problems! 1/5

    By iPhonePhive
    They cancelled my flight due to mechanical problems. They rescheduled me. I told them I needed to be at work at a certain time. They rescheduled me without telling me when I land...12 hours later than I needed too and would be missing my work day which is the entire reason I'm flying somewhere. They wouldn't give me my money back. I hate them. Never again! They are incompetent.
  • Access denied when trying to book flight?!? 1/5

    By RJW-OAK
    All I want to do is book a one way flight on this crappy app and when I search for it, the app takes me to a page that says I don’t have access to this information. What good is this useless app if I can’t even book a flight with it?
  • Lack of backwards compatibility is unacceptable 1/5

    By phillysteakmmm
    After all these years and AA is still unable to provide a backwards compatible app for those running older OS. Can't even watch in-flight entertainment now that they force AAinflight thru the app instead of Gogo that worked via the web browser. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • Few redeeming qualities 2/5

    By Some 18 year old kid
    App is at least as inconsistent as the airline’s departure times. Leaves a lot to be desired from a fortune 500 company.
  • The app is the least of aa’s issues. 2/5

    By aa could do better
    As a former Chairman’s Preferred on US Air, I’m appalled by the outrageous escalation of prices in certain routes since the merger. Service on flights is generally poor as is the condition and cleanliness of planes. Only with aa do I need to pay close to $700 for a 45 minute round trip and am not even entitled to select a seat, and have to endure the multiple chastising about how my fare entitles me to nothing, but if I fork over more money, I may have a better flight experience. Who thought that was a great idea after taking a chunk of my money? I’d suggest aa try a different approach for extorting more fees from their customers. Have gladly given up the status I had to fly other airlines when I can.
  • Absolutely worthless 1/5

    By The man who never was
    Says I have to update to the latest version to use the app. There is no other version available. So I can't use it.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Done with American Airlines
    We buy tickets six months in advance to Hawaii and pay cash. Get to the airport and can’t get a seat assignment five hours before flight because it is over booked. I’ll fly Southwest from now on. At least they have not forgotten customer service!
  • Still glitches 1/5

    By dpanak
    After several updates, app still glitches and locks up. Trying to book with award miles is extra bad.
  • AA We all know you can do better 1/5

    By 99Mick99
    App is without question the worst of all airlines. Slow, prone to hiccups, etc. Most recent upgrade blew out all Apple users who are avoiding iOS 11.
  • Pathetic experience 1/5

    By bhentu
    While in flight, when I get redirected to the app from the link mentioned to watch a movie, it just opens the app. When I click on Free Entertainment in the app, it redirects to open the link in a new browser. This constitutes an endless loop of frustrating experience which is why I thought of sharing the feedback before I uninstall.
  • App just ok. Data in the app is unreliable 2/5

    By Cbogma
    So it’s not the best airline app but it sorta works. But wailt till you get a delayed flight. The data that the app displays are unreliable. Text message departure time changes are different than the app. Kinda of a mess.
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By Johnx872
    I can sign in via Safari but not the app. That's ridiculous.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Ajthomas216
    Did not like it it was horrible people were just not good server.
  • Latest rev. Issue 1/5

    By Yahoo Eh
    Whomever came up with the idea to market you credit card and whom lever approved putting it on the front page of a tool used to book flights should be FIRED.
  • Does Not keep up to date 2/5

    By _Christa_
    -inaccurate if there’s any flight changes -doesn’t send you text notifications till way too late -erases my flight information I enter when I get off the tab, making it ridiculously hard to keep constant track I flew from California to Michigan and back again with a total of 3 layovers with this airline and this app. It was terrible. Most of my flights were delayed. And every time the app and the screen at the gate didn’t give the accurate information. It would say it was departing on time at 805pm when the time was 810pm. My flight was canceled and I’m waiting in a massive line to rebook. You would think they would be more tech and information savvy at this point in time. Very disappointed.
  • Not worth it! 1/5

    By Jay Kain
    Flew with them once, never again! Bad and poor service!
  • Chicago snow in April 1/5

    By White Plaines in April
    I went from NY to IL to Dallas and went great! On the way back was going Dallas to Charlotte to White Plains! However On the weather way out Dallas had hail at noon! Weather moving to Charlotte! I did get out going to Chicago, once there I had old friend pick me up for the night and had a 10:00 am flight to NY. Snow started to fall at 8:00 no big deal planes fly in snow! After being there all day! 7:00 pm cancled and I had to look for a motel/ hotel! A credit was given to people line! Ran to phone at airport! No more credit rooms were available! I have received zero from American! On top of this all I was traveling alone after having total hip surgery! I walked 10,000 steps with no help from American! Got my own food for two days didn’t have pain meds and found Motel 6 that don’t offer soup and hair wash unless you go get it! Thanks American Airlines my fun time with my sister turned sour! I still have all the tickets to get on the next flight! Call would be happy to show you all of my bills and tickets!
  • Airplanes should work apps should fly 1/5

    By pooped on in dfw
    The app is operated on the fastest server in fantasy land. Please show my delayed/cancelled flight status. So I can get into my hotel room and wash my 9 month old’s poop off my shirt and britches. As a parent I try to set reasonable boundaries and feel you updating my flight status and vicariously helping me clean her poop off would earn you another star. As for inflight entertainment not so much but I did find the reviews of the app humorous. Gotta take the yen with the yang.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By richellemck
    I constantly have to delete and redownload. Can never get my boarding passes. Always some sort of "server error". Get with with it AA!
  • Wouldn’t work 1/5

    By danthepianoman1234
    While the app works, the boarding pass did not. Thankfully there is a way to print it out at the airport but I think that costs money so thanks a lot for wasting that even if it’s a little money. You should be providing an app that works, not one that almost costs someone their flight >:(
  • Terrible user interface 1/5

    By Reddit_Degenerate
    I tried to sign up and I put my phone number. I know it was valid. It said “a valid phone number is 10 digits” I can confirm it was ten digits. I tried my moms number, said the same thing. Very disappointed
  • Stop making it a full time job 2 update your app 1/5

    By annoyed biz traveller
    There are too many updates that do very little to impress vet the app. As a biz traveler I have no time for all these updates on all my devices. Last flight the app would not play movies on tablet only on phone because of needed updates.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By nashville friend
    Tried to sign up. Entered all information and hit submit. Nothing. Checked all information was correct. Hit submit again nothing. Oh well I will sign on as guest. Needed my advantage #. So requested number. Said I would receive email with my number. Never received and I also checked spam in case it went there. Nothing. Never could get signed in😢
  • Constantly delayed just like their flights... 2/5

    By NTBenson
    Got the app because I thought it would be easier than dealing with their customer service for general flight services. App constantly times out, error messages for everything I need to do. Get your crap together American!
  • Yo 5/5

    By yo mboki
    ya I know you
  • Slow ui 1/5

    By PigManOnCampus
    App takes forever updating information. Information is often incorrect including gate and seat assignments. Management of airline shows in their app.
  • Waste for time 1/5

    By 🤗😶😐🤔🤗
    They are a waste of time use a dif airline NOT WORTH IT
  • Update 1/5

    By PY1101
    The new update makes the app useless and please fix it ASAP
  • USELESS 1/5

  • User Interface is Horrible 1/5

    By jsc77908
    App is slow and difficult to navigate. There are issues changing seats and having multiple record locators for the same trip. Customer service is the worst I’ve seen.
  • Very dysfunctional 1/5

    By RugerRottweiler
    The American Airlines app is usually NOT working at all but when it does, it is just plain dysfunctional. American needs to wake up and get this shameful app fixed
  • App constantly crashes on launch 1/5

    By Docs Boy
    App is now useless.. it crashes immediately on launch.. wipe app, reinstall and it works for a day or so then crashes on launch again..
  • Electronic boarding passes don’t work 1/5

    By Bachacoo
    While traveling alone with my young children, and after waiting in a very long TSA line, one boarding pass didn’t work while the others did. We had to go all the way back to ticketing for paper tickets and wait another hour in the line. I saw this happen to several other American passengers after it happened to us.
  • Does not work on iOS 10 1/5

    By congiundi
    Last version for iOS 10 returns an error: NSURL ErrorDomain error -1012 for any operation you attempt. This app is now completely useless until I upgrade my phone. Guess I won't be using this airline too much.
  • Worst app I've ever used 1/5

    By ChickumNWaffles
    Can't even log in and reset password does not work at all.
  • Can’t type in info 1/5

    By HurricaneFinley
    I tried to type in my name and record locator, but the keyboard doesn’t pop up. This is a horrible app. Hope my flight goes better than this.
  • Can’t even get in 2/5

    By Savs2411
    I can’t even get past the signup because my 10 digit phone number won’t accept because “a valid phone number is 10 digits” and there’s nothing I can do about it because there are 10 digits.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Captinclark
    This app crashes constantly. Please fix!
  • American Airlines app is the best!! 5/5

    By :) potter
    This app is very good and the airline too I totally recommend!!!!!!!!!
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By timshya
    I wish we got more information about our incoming flight like United Shows In addition, i wish they let you prepay for bags on the app and not at the kiosk in the airport.
  • unreliable for connecting gate information 1/5

    By brhau
    I’ve now almost missed two connections because the app displayed incorrect or out-of-date gate information (out of two times using the app). Also, although my notifications are turned on, I failed to receive gate change info. I had to google it to find out what was going on. Terrible. UPDATE: Wrong baggage claim information.
  • Poor interface 2/5

    By Victoriaeveable
    Can’t log in with new password, after acknowledgement and using Dashlane. We use these mgmt. apps to streamline tech and they too often they just don’t work. No one has time for this.
  • Me 1/5

    By belai Hagos
    I don’t like American Airlines .Because of delay & poor customer service .
  • Poor Flight Accuracy 1/5

    By LuvDaPizza HateDaApp
    Delta App stomps all over the American App. Delta updates are close to real time and you can plan accordingly. American extends delayed flight communication far beyond the time they know. If the plane you are waiting for has not departed, and is an hour away, they show "Incoming Flight" as in the air when it is still on the ground! When it is supposed to be 20 minutes away, they update to another delay for your flight, when they knew 40 minutes or more earlier. I am still waiting for a flight 5 hours later, with late delays every hour. I would have made other arrangements if the information was accurate. Maybe that's the reason to not be forthright???
  • Hire a UI Designer Please 1/5

    By pantsless lizard
    Awful interface. This is the app you need to download for inflight entertainment, though you’d never know it from the pictures and description. However, it’s incredibly slow and difficult to use on the plane WiFi. Just don’t fly American and then it’s a five star experience.

American Airlines app comments

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