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American Airlines App

With the American Airlines app, you’re covered with the information you need exactly when you need it. Curious about traffic to the airport? Need a mobile boarding pass? Wondering where the closest Admirals Club® lounge is located? All of this info, and more, is available at your fingertips. - Dynamic home screen: Knows where you are in your travel journey and gives you easy access to the right tools at the right time. - Mobile boarding pass: Check in for your trip and retrieve your mobile boarding pass. No need to print, and it’s updated along the way. - Flight updates: Get the latest flight updates by simply retrieving your reservation and allowing American Airlines to send notifications to your mobile device. - Interactive terminal maps: Navigating airports is a breeze with our interactive terminal maps. Find the closest Admirals Club lounge or get directions to your connecting gate. - AAdvantage® account details: Review all the details of your AAdvantage account right from the app. Not an AAdvantage member? Sign up today. - Upgrade your seat: Request and purchase upgrades with ease. Want to see where you are on the list? The app displays the upgrade standby list within four hours of your scheduled departure. - Seat selection: Select or change your seat within the app. Just pick the one you’d like and change it on the spot. - Track your bag: Know exactly where your bag is from the time it leaves your hands to when you extend the handle at your final destination. - Save your reservation: Your recently viewed reservations are automatically saved in the app so you can easily grab the details for your next flight in seconds. - Quick interactions: The American app utilizes 3D touch and is Apple watch compatible, giving you quick access to the most important info. - Wi-Fi access in the air: Don’t forget on flights with Wi-Fi, you can use the American app and at no cost. There’s a new group of flyers out there – The World’s Greatest Flyers. They know that having the right travel tools contributes to a great experience. New with iOS10, the sky’s the limit with the American Airlines sticker pack! Let friends and family know that you’re traveling, headed to the Admirals Club® lounge to take it easy before taking off, snapping photos at 30,000 feet or that you’ve arrived. Contact Us: 1-800-222-2377

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American Airlines app reviews

  • The movies 5/5

    By DanieSully
    They are all so great I can even track my flight this is so usefull
  • Unreliable to book international rewards 1/5

    By newjersey07631
    More often that not when trying to book international awards flights this app Gives error messages . Come back later . System unable to process etc , have tried to delete and re load the app which accomplished nothing . Delta , united All Have superior apps that are way more intuitive and reliable .
  • Greed 1/5

    By Botheredapple
    The app runs fine the flight attendants are nice as well as staff.I tried to get my flight changed to the following morning due to weather delays and not even there staff could change my ticket at the airport he was on call with customer service ( which would take two hours) and did not give me any vouchers. They have turned a 4 hour trip into a 12 hour. When all they had to do was switch me to tommorrow. It seems like corporate want to push responsibility to the employees and employees want to push responsibilities to corporate
  • Horrible- might start taking Southwest 1/5

    By 12chel
    I just spent 15 minutes on the app trying to get my mobile boarding pass only to keep getting prompted to print it. DFW accepts mobile passes but it’s so hard to find how to do it! It’s not intuitive whatsoever...and I work in tech. I can’t imagine my mom using this app. Fix it or you’ll lose customers.
  • Horrible app, amateurs made this 1/5

    By Brooks p
    This is absolutely unacceptable for the amount of money I pay to fly this airline. Absolutely awful.
  • Best airline app 5/5

    By LizzyReyes1
    I love this app
  • Worthless 1/5

    By neverflyingaaever
    Can’t get boarding pass, itinerary does not update delays- oh and yes there are MANY delays!
  • Buggy and incompatible 1/5

    By Sad panda 22202
    Regrettable application with limited supprt
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By WADE1217
    I am disappointed and frustrated that every time I try to log in I receive an error "NSURLErrorDomain error -1012". The error persists even after deleting the app and reinstalling it a month later. I can log in just fine in a web browser so I know my credentials are correct.
  • So sad 1/5

    By Alicia dela rosas
    I can’t log in. I can’t get any info. Just want to be prepared for my flight and the airport experience. I hoped this would alleviate some of my anxiety. Unfortunately this app has made it worse. So sad. Thank God for roads and cars.
  • Change the App Icon 1/5

    By applecore82
    I know that the shaded white shape hovering over the blue and red stripe is supposed to represent the head of an eagle, but all I see now is a big claw. This version of the American Airlines logo is just plain ugly.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By timothi_banks
    My username and password works correctly on web interface but exact same credentials did not work on app. Waste of time. Copied details exactly and triple checked. Something is not right here, an annoyance on top of flying which is already stressful. Please fix this application bug.
  • I can’t even get started in this app 1/5

    By yonderstar
    I try to enter my birthday and it automatically changes to today’s date. I skip that and continue to entering my state address (required) and it says it’s populating for the first time. That was a half an hour ago. Beyond frustrating
  • Useless 1/5

    By KennedyA
    Freezes constantly
  • Will not allow you to log in 1/5

    By Xxiomara
    After enter information correctly, it will tell you that the app could not log you in. Very disappointed. 😕
  • Couldn’t check in 1/5

    By clipboarder
    App said my info mismatched and I had to check in at airport. Triple checked all info. Uninstalled app, tried website, called travel agent, called airline. Wasted over an hour trying to figure out what’s wrong but nothing was wrong (other than the message) and that they just wanted to see my passport at the airport before letting me check in. Horrible app. Horrible service. Not looking forward to flying with them.
  • Unclear International Flight Results 3/5

    By ballerx28
    The AA app doesn’t correctly display a “+1 Day” alert when searching for flights in APAC. This can be deceiving as those who search for flights in Asia may incorrectly assume they “gain a day” when traveling to APAC. This can negatively impact business/personal travel as this loss of day can greatly affect our travel agenda.
  • Cant Even Register 1/5

    By hdjsjdjfndn
    Can not even register an account; continued error message reading “a valid phone number is 10 digits” I enter my 10 digit phone number...
  • Useless. Do not waste your time 1/5

    By Disappointing Cupido
    An absolutely useless application. I downloaded, to be able to do the online check in lile all the Airlines in the globe. All of them work, except American Airlines I then tried to create a profile, to make it quicker. All fields dilled in and the “submit” button does not activate. A complete trash
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Lightgirl11
    I logged in, was told I needed to update, so I did, but app is now totally unresponsive. Can’t even log in. Useless.
  • Locks up on IPad 1/5

    By btreb
    The app doesn't work on my IPad. It completely freezes every time I open it. The best I've been able to do is get the first two digits of my Advantage number or last name in before it locks up. Find it rather useless on my phone since I can never get the wifi to connect.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By >Timpala<
    I thought it was just me until I read these reviews. This app is horrible and unusable. Even if you can login.
  • It won’t download 1/5

    By hale time
  • Garbage 1/5

    By iPod Toucher 69
    CONSTANTLY needs updates. Usually has server errors making it impossible to retrieve reservations. Built-in update doesn't work. You're better off with paper tickets.
  • No flight list 1/5

    By Establishment Clause
    How bad can an airline app be? How about one that makes you log in then doesn't even have your upcoming flight information in it. What is the point of this app?
  • The worst. 1/5

    By ELEd1963
    I just hate American Airlines, the app is not that bad... but still, [email protected]$ You guys!
  • Not for International 2/5

    By farelycertain
    Never ever works for international checkin. No matter what one tries it simply doesn’t work. Spoke to staff and they are clueless as well. “It should work” is all you get. It doesn’t.
  • Thanks AA, the newest version doesn't work 1/5

    By Azncguy1
    Previously I've been happy with this app, but the latest version now does not work on my iPad, even though my iOS is up to date. Arghhhhhh.
  • Why Even Have This App 1/5

    By KLARiSSA327
    This app never works. It never loads. Even when you delete it it doesn't let you login and even when you try to view as guest it won't let you check in for your flight so there's literally no point in having this app at all
  • So bad 1/5

    By ahfjfnfn
    Bad bad bad
  • App does not update the actual time 1/5

    By Jorist2
    I am currently sitting in the DFW airport. The App is reporting that the flight is delayed but Boarding occurred 30 minutes earlier. The people working the desk announced that the Co-Pilot would not arrive until almost 30 minutes after the time posted for the delayed departure but they didn’t want to update the time. What sense does that even make. What use is the App if the times are manipulated to deliver misinformation. Just as a side note the Boarding of the plane did not occur at the reported time as we are all sitting at the gate.
  • AA account 1/5

    By zobert15
    Tried to make an account but wouldn’t let me saying my phone number must at least be 10 digits long - even though I typed it out and it was. Very frustrating
  • Cant join 1/5

    By hoover411
    I’ve downloaded this on both my iPad and my iPhone. I can’t join AAdvantage on either because it won’t allow me to enter my state in the address field.
  • Update 3/5

    By w b 1985
    I like American for all the offerings of non stop flights. However when are you goin to get with the program an allow us to pay for our bags through the app
  • Bags 2/5

    By macchiaroni
    Can’t check bags on the app. Can on United. Experience economy!
  • Unable to even log in anymore 1/5

    By DisAApointed 67
    Recent update to iPad version shoes error message when trying to log in. Tried reloading app multiple times, ensured latest version of OS, rebooted iPad....error message when logging in, making my iPad obsolete. Both United and Delta work fine, everytime. No customer service contact. C'mon AA provide apps are no longer nice to have.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Farragut TN
    Glitchy, server not responding when I FINALLY was able to complete online check-in. Complete waste of time because now I will have to go to check-in for boarding pass.
  • I love this app! By far the best airline app! 5/5

    By Ellejayare
    I didn’t realize how much I love the American Airlines app until traveling on a couple different airlines recently and I really came to appreciate it. I get notified immediately through push notifications when there are any delays, flight changes, etc. and it also updates all the information on the boarding pass in my Apple wallet. I expected this from another airline and didn’t receive it - got all the way to that gate and then customer service before finding out a flight was cancelled, which never would’ve happened on American! Everything, including same day flight changes is a breeze to do in the app, and I also have been able to reschedule flights easily: I got notified that my flight delay would cause me to miss my connection and was offered other flight times that I could book immediately. Huge fan of the app and of American!!
  • Crap App 1/5

    By Mick Gator Fan
    If I cannot make a reservation using the app, I see no reason to use the airline. This app is a TOTAL FAILURE. Use another airline.
  • BS on AA miles 1/5

    By TallJim123
    Amercian Airlines will NOT credit your flight on American Airlines for miles if they deem it so. What BS!!!!
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Rambush59
    Tried to set up an account and couldn’t because the states wouldn’t populate a list for me to select from and I couldn’t type it in manually. I have to use the app as a guest, which is a bit of a pain since I have to paste my flight number and type my name every time I load the app.
  • Clumsy account creation, record locator??? 2/5

    By Mrkhan13
    Record locator says unable to locate reservation... no useful error message. Horrible
  • Broken after update. 1/5

    By EV_e-x-p-l-o-r-e-r
    Used to be great. Update totally broke login. “Attempting to Login” cancel does not work. Delete and re-install does not work.
  • Can’t add trips 1/5

    By hatemytimewasted
    AA deleted my awards account I had for 30 years, causing me to waste time creating a new one just to take advantage of the app. When done, neither app nor website allows me to add existing trips to the new account. I can look up by locator number but have to repeat that each time. I am a seasoned flyer and have other airlines apps, and I tend to agree with the reviews that rate this one as subpar. TIME IS MONEY, AA!
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Cbryz
    So all my medicine is packed in my carry on I go the extra mile and put everything in small bottles Get to gate and “ you need to check your carry on we are full” So there I am tearing thru my bag with no other bag to put my medicine in- lady says “ mamm hurrry we need to get you on board” I go on board with ten items loosely in my arms Go to my seat and yes the entire top bin is empty! Really I could have my carry on with me If I have a seizure at my lay over port it’s all on you Amercan Airlines! Never never never
  • Award Miles 2/5

    By OakAndAsh
    App won’t allow you to book travel using award miles. Super annoying!
  • Middle road airline app 2/5

    By Mark 1K
    Not very friendly when needing to nook multi city trip. Kind of a need for a business traveler.
  • Does not update properly 1/5

    By Javi3534
    Absolutely horrible app. It does not update properly and will cause you to lose your flight if you rely on it.
  • Crummy UI 2/5

    By Mike-stro
    I’m nearly frustrated enough to throw this out the window... all because of a crummy user interface. I tried to reset my unrecognized password but the site wouldn’t acknowledge the answers to my security questions. I know that I entered the correct answers but since Siri added a blank space after each of my answers, their site assumed that I had an incorrect answer. Strike One! Then when the person in the customer service department helped me figure out my error, I created a “new” password. (New isn’t exactly correct as I simply recycled my previous PW). The app wouldn’t let me login as it said I had a password error. Apparently I didn’t think to use the full assortment of uppercase, lowercase and numbers. But it appeared to work when I originally created it. Strike Two! After fixing the uppercase/lowercase issue, I still couldn’t get in. This time it was because I had miscounted the number of characters. Again, their site appeared to change my password but wouldn’t accept it when I tried to login. Strike Three! Don’t these programmers try to imagine what it’s like for a human being to try to use their app? Except for the UI, this is otherwise a mediocre app. I only have it so I can have my boarding pass on my phone.

American Airlines app comments

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