Amino: Communities and Chats

Amino: Communities and Chats

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Narvii Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amino: Communities and Chats App

Explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino. Start by exploring a new type of video with Amino Stories to share the best parts of your interests with millions. Then, chat and connect with fans like you in Communities around all your passions. Our latest update empowers you to create videos, Communities, posts, and quizzes to represent your interests to the world, the fandom, or just your favorite group of friends. Key Features: - Watch Stories, videos, and (read) blogs Kick back and enjoy videos and blogs covering all interests, from Art and Anime to K-Pop and Video Games, created by passionate fans like you. - EXPLORE Communities for whatever you’re into Amino Communities are safe spaces that bustle with thousands of friendly super fans. Join to discover in-depth Stories, long form posts, reviews, analysis, fan art, polls, quizzes, recommendations, photos, journeys, commentary, fan fiction, cosplay, and anything else you can imagine. - CHAT with people like you around the world Join global and community chats that are completely anonymous and full of new friends. Discuss Indie Games, DIY Projects, and Nightcore, or get even more involved by taking part in Roleplay skits and Singing Competitions! Use thousands of handmade stickers (like tofu dog) to show people exactly how you’re feeling, then make new friends with the Internet folk you click with (because who doesn’t like tofu dog?!). - CREATE your own Stories, blogs, polls, quizzes, and more Upload videos, gifs, and pictures into Scenes, then make them shine as a Story with our built in video editing features. Add text, background music, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical ones -- so they’re full screen! -- to craft a Story that’s uniquely you. - CUSTOMIZE your profile Check out our digital store featuring handcrafted stickers, saucy chat bubbles, and beautiful profile frames to stand out from the crowd in Communities and chats. Go on, try on a profile frame. That one looks great on you. - MAKE new friends We believe in you! If you choose to purchase an Amino+ subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your setting in the iTunes store after purchase. For more information, please visit our Terms of Service: and Privacy Policy:

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Amino: Communities and Chats app reviews

  • One very weird glitch for me 3/5

    By Unknown_Username88
    It’s always late at night for me but when I’m on the app it is very very slow to the point where I can’t even type right..please try to fix this a quick as possible
  • Lagging and glitches 3/5

    By julixza75
    I really like this app and I’ve been using it for years but lately it’s been glitching and lagging so much it’s unbelievable. I know that it isn’t my storage that’s making it lag or glitch. I hope this gets fixed
  • Pretty great! But... 4/5

    By polarbaaa
    I was introduced to this app by one of my friends and have had for 4-5 years now and it is amazing! I mostly join art communities and already my art style has changed and improved greatly! There are tons of awesome people, and of course the are some bad ones, but that happens in all social media apps. I would definitely suggest this app for anyone looking to improve in their hobby’s and learn new things! However, I do have a few nitpicks. This app eats up battery life extremely fast. Once I went from 77% to 69% in a minute or less. That is something I suggest the developers focus on more than anything, because I want to use the app more, but I can’t if it’s constantly draining my battery. Second, it is really hard on my phone sometimes. I don’t know if this can be fixed because I know the app is running multiple media feeds at the same time, but my phone has shut the app completely 2-3 times because it was having a hard time. It might be possible to lessen that effect, but I’m not an app developer, so I don’t know for sure. Over all, this is a great app, it just has some technical things that could be fixed.
  • I love Amino but.. 4/5

    By yespotatolife
    I love amino, I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s helped me make new friends. However, I made a really bad discover, that I honestly feel you should fix. Your bots have wrongly accused me of sending an inappropriate pic, which is untrue, i sent 2 eminem pics and another pic should’ve been an anime pic. if it wasn’t im sorry, but i wouldn’t send an inappropriate pic for a second time. so can y’all fix this? i had to delete the anime pic because it was the only one that was never sent to anyone.
  • Uhh- 5/5

    By cdsffrssaasf
    This app is amazing and I’ve used it for almost 3 years now, but recently an issue had occurred. I logged out of my account to log into my friends because she needed me to do something that she couldn’t and when I went to actually login it said that the action isnt allowed. Im not sure why it does that please fix it for better use!!
  • Laggy 4/5

    By XxLuckyLatiasxX
    I’m having a problem with lag, I hope this gets fixed soon!
  • Best APP TO FIND FRIENDS!!!✨ 5/5

    By piepiechan
    I love this app this made me make so many new friends I get to meet new people but it can still be risky tho but love the app!!!
  • Lagging 3/5

    By tanjiro._.kamado
    I really do like the alp, but it lags alot whixh causes me to have to close it and restart it which does get tiresome after a while.
  • Good app 4/5

    By bobiscoolnow
    Its a nice place to socialize,its just a lot of people that shouldn’t have the internet are also on it
  • It’s Ight 4/5

    By Akeno_Aurora
    I miss how amino used to be but this version is ok the only problem I have is how much data this app takes up and how fast it drains your battery
  • Hackers 5/5

    By hellhound 2369
    Love the app been using it for a good while now just I was in a community that was just hacked and banned me from it
  • amino is epic 5/5

    By fallcatbaby
    amino is sooo epic i am on sonic amino and i am the creator of nipple twister the hedgehog btw anyways yeah if amino hq was near by and i needed to pee id go there 5 stars best service i even teared up a lil
  • It’s Good And All but.. 5/5

    By color by number fann
    When I get into amino, it freezes my screen, and lags for a long time. This only happens to the amino, not my other apps. So- can you try fixing the lag thing?
  • Trash 2/5

    By SoraDixy
    This app is full small children and everyone there is overly sensitive to the point it’s ridiculous also it randomly gives you followers out of nowhere like you join a community and it automatically follows like 50 random people like it says you have 100 followers but in reality none of those people actually know you exist i would like them to add a dislike feature and an anti-like setting for post also the notification thing is so loud and annoying it makes me want to punt my phone across the room also there’s a lot of glitches and server errors all the time and this app makes your phone heat up and crash so quickly it’s ridiculous
  • I love this so much 5/5

    By CaraTheCat!Foster
    I love amino it’s the first thing I get on when I get home from school and I have made a lot of friends there too.
  • What the 1/5

    By 1 star do bot get please bad
    This app is terrible although I still have it to chat with my best friend that’s pretty much the only thing I do because if you post something that only has one word don’t take it down I don’t know why but I would work really hard on some thing and then they will just take it down I’m like what the heck and then I made some thing on this app called Ibis guess or I think that’s what it is or ibisPaint ibis paint I think you should buy that but so I took a picture online of the little mermaid and I drew her hair I wanted to do different colors on her body so I gave her blonde hair And I gave her like a light gray and a darker green tail and I did her I’m like purple shells like a little bit see-through and so I posted it and I was like hey guys this is a little mermaid re-done and they took it down so I just reposted it with three lines because it Hass to have a lot of lines and they said they took it down because it wasn’t mine like what yeah it’s mine I made it there is a time lapse video of me doing it like are you like it’s so crazy for me to do some thing and work hard on it and then I just get called out for not doing it like I did it
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Mercyless idiot
    I love this app!
  • Amino 5/5

    By Hearingfreak
    Amino is so informative and fun!
  • Amino is amazing but... 4/5

    By 🖤kendyl x jocleyn💜
    Amino is the best friend meeting app I’ve ever used but...I feel there should be a couple things in amino that should change maybe your able when you make a chat that you can enable tag chat where it makes it so nobody can say any bad words or bad things maybe allow it so you can choose three bad words to use but the rest are blocked? Or maybe in the community’s you can edit comments? These are just some suggestions but other then that amino is amazing keep up the good work!
  • Perfecto 5/5

    By Leala1222
    I love this app! This is what I am looking for. Does everything I was hoping this app would do.
  • :) 5/5

    By Hellllookskskis
    Ummm how do I use This and dose it give stuff free???🤗🤗
  • App heats up my phone 5/5

    By Giup1981
    I love the app but since I have an iPhone it heats up my phone a lot and I was wondering if you guys could fix that or how do I fix it?
  • Internal Server Errors every 5 minutes 1/5

    By Cheif Big Dick
    dud come on
  • Good video 5/5

    By ggggghffffkkkdddtttt. bbb
    I love it so good and it love the video
  • Un-enjoyable 5/5

    By Sarahlynnhemmings
    I love Amino! I’ve been using it since 2017 December. I have Amino+ and have made tons of friends on it. However, recently the quality has gone away. It used to be so good and I rarely had bugs. Now I can’t use it for more then 20 minutes before it crashes. It has trouble sending post. The keyboard glitches open and closed all the time. It doesn’t log me into my streak sometimes. Sometimes Screening rooms just don’t work. My phone overheats to piping hot when I use the app. It hurts to touch even though I have a case on it. There are child predators and scammers on it that constantly message me. There are bots that steal your account information and hack you. There are people who send you gore and threaten you on certain communities. There are underage kids (12 and below) that go around harassing and cussing people out. This is only half of the stuff that happens and takes place here. I just wish that they’d fix the numerous bugs I have reported time and time again and never got fixes on. I wish they fixed the same safety problems I addressed over and over again, unfortunately I know at this point they will most likely never be fixed. I will continue to ask and never get it fixed. I’m just disappointed because I love the people I’ve met and made connections with and there is no other place like this. Please developers, listen this time.

    By Blueberry Sans
    So I joined amino today and I made my own art on the piggy amino. All of a sudden, IT SAYS THAT THE WORK IS TOOKEN! Like I don’t know if the creator is an idiot or they don’t like my work! AND I TRY ALL THE TIME NOT TO MESS UP! So yeah, you might need to ban that person.
  • Help 3/5

    By sean_guyknee
    It’s not letting me open any other communities besides one just kicks me back to my Home Screen on my phone
  • Another Flaw 1/5

    By User368248
    Why in the hell. Are you muting someone for an image that someone already sent and didn’t get muted for. Hypocritical much?
  • Lag 2/5

    By ZackaryDD
    This app needs a huge update for the lag issues. Even just scrolling through communities or a community’s feed causes huge amount of lag; even on the latest version of the phone. It causes the experience to be unpleasant, please fix
  • Love 5/5

    By Niyeong
    I love amino!! It's so nice to talk with others who like the same things I do!
  • E 5/5

    By hatethisscreenrec
    This is better then tiktok
  • Very buggy 3/5

    By kendiyot
    A few years ago, Amino had worked perfectly fine. Np but now on my iPhone 8 Plus it is terribly laggy. On my iPad Pro the keyboard keeps disappearing. I find that this really needs to be fixed. I am not the only one experiencing these difficulties.
  • GLITCH 5/5

    By zhuleeani
    I keep having to resend my messages , because they never go though. and it’s soooo glitchy. I have been a member for over 3 years, please fix this.
  • Needs Optimization 1/5

    By Jinaito
    Definitely needs better optimization. This is the only app on my phone that makes my phone scorching hot and drains my battery. I have an iPhone X and an app like this should not be causing so many problems. I can also only browse for a few minutes before the app gets too laggy to browse.
  • Wont Open 1/5

    By BonnieBunnyFNAFPerson
    I cant even use the app anymore. I dont know why, and its not my storage. Honestly frustrated.
  • Image quality 3/5

    By Melodyblue11
    I like Amino, I’ve used it for 4 years. I love the community’s I’m in and I love sharing my art. However my biggest gripe about this app is the fact they butchered your image quality if your not paying for Amono+. I find that ridiculous that a SOCIAL MEDIA APP blocks a basic function, such as, sharing images (in their original quality) behind a paywall. That’s so sketchy. I’ve worked so hard to make sure my drawings look good, are detailed, and have clean line art, etc. But it’s gets butchered by them blurring the heck out of it. I don’t mind Amino+ when it comes to amino coins, stickers, gifs etc, but don’t have image quality be behind a paywall, thats just not fair.
  • great app overall, but the lag ... 3/5

    By mollyjack32
    new user here. i love the idea of the app, and it's great overall, but the lag is MISERABLE. it takes away the keyboard while i'm typing, and it's slower than anything else i've experienced on iphone. if that can be fixed, then this will be a 5 star app
  • Log in 3/5

    By Dragon977X
    Question why when I try to log in it tells me “ Action has failed” please act
  • Good 4/5

    By NarutoWeeb670
    I love the app and all the features but their are some bugs. When I’m typing sometimes the keyboard would disappear and it would also lag typing. If I’m on the app allot then when I go to type something somewhere else my keyboard will lag allot
  • Love the app but..... 3/5

    By HumanBeing051467839
    It's so laggy. I have to constantly close and reopen the app. I love being able to join communities and people I have things in common with but it gets annoying when the app stops working, preventing me from doing that. I am in the K-Pop amino and I downloaded the seperate app which I've had no problems with but the Amino app is a hassle to use. I really hope this is fixed.
  • LAG 4/5

    By Emb3r Ambre
    The app is good but is SO laggy! It will not even let me type because of the lag. Either loading or 500 Internal Server Error or it sends / posts a million times. I miss the old amino! Please fix this lag, I cannot even use the app anymore
  • bug. 5/5

    By jjĸ.97
    when is amino going to fix the video uploads, because i’ve been waiting for months. it was working a second ago and then just poofed away.
  • good app but... 5/5

    By Ilovegodandjesus
    I love this app. It's great! the only problem is that glitches. I always go to one of my communities and once I click on it, it just completely exits me out and its getting annoying. I deleted the app and redownload it and its doing the same thing. I love the app.
  • Reeeee 5/5

    By Itz_Toucher
    Best app ever I mostly use it for creepypasta but it is freaking amazing!!
  • This is why I rated this 4/5

    By UwU chicken nuggets
    I guess it a good app tho I just wish it shows a vid to help out the people who just joined and some other stuff but other than that it’s a bit good
  • A GREAT APP 5/5

    By Trilobite Boy
    It is great appI have been making lots of friends and they have the same interests as me interests you can join communities and chats and live chats I have been using this app since 2019 and I already have hundreds of new friends you can create a character or yourself and you have stories in your profile so people can see you when your character for you is like you can also read other peoples boiYou can also make a poll and postYou can also get coins so you can update your chat box and change your profile your Frame it’s a really good app and I think you should down load it IT IS A GREAT APP. Figure out more by downloading the app
  • listen more 3/5

    By piss baby👩🏻‍🦰〽️
    team amino needs to listen to the people more cuz sub amino was literally getting doxed and it took them a week to let them go private (they also said no at first and to block to doxers) and they won’t let us ban unacbtive people
  • So uh 4/5

    Anyone else keep crashing when they try to open some aminos but not all
  • the laggy 3/5

    By henrhfhx
    it’s lags every time you get on and it get’s annoying. But overall its a great app but when you post a video it tends to not load at all.

Amino: Communities and Chats app comments

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