Amino: Communities and Groups

Amino: Communities and Groups

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Narvii Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amino: Communities and Groups App

Explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino. Start by exploring a new type of video with Amino Stories to share the best parts of your interests with millions. Then, chat and connect with fans like you in Communities around all your passions. Our latest update empowers you to create videos, Communities, posts, and quizzes to represent your interests to the world, the fandom, or just your favorite group of friends. Key Features: - Watch Stories, videos, and (read) blogs Kick back and enjoy videos and blogs covering all interests, from Art and Anime to K-Pop and Video Games, created by passionate fans like you. - EXPLORE Communities for whatever you’re into Amino Communities are safe spaces that bustle with thousands of friendly super fans. Join to discover in-depth Stories, long form posts, reviews, analysis, fan art, polls, quizzes, recommendations, photos, journeys, commentary, fan fiction, cosplay, and anything else you can imagine. - CHAT with people like you around the world Join global and community chats that are completely anonymous and full of new friends. Discuss Indie Games, DIY Projects, and Nightcore, or get even more involved by taking part in Roleplay skits and Singing Competitions! Use thousands of handmade stickers (like tofu dog) to show people exactly how you’re feeling, then make new friends with the Internet folk you click with (because who doesn’t like tofu dog?!). - CREATE your own Stories, blogs, polls, quizzes, and more Upload videos, gifs, and pictures into Scenes, then make them shine as a Story with our built in video editing features. Add text, background music, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical ones -- so they’re full screen! -- to craft a Story that’s uniquely you. - CUSTOMIZE your profile Check out our digital store featuring handcrafted stickers, saucy chat bubbles, and beautiful profile frames to stand out from the crowd in Communities and chats. Go on, try on a profile frame. That one looks great on you. - MAKE new friends We believe in you!

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Amino: Communities and Groups app reviews

  • PeRiODt 5/5

    By daddy yeeted but darwin
    A great way of communicating
  • It is great 5/5

    By Yasmine Henderson
    I love the app so much
  • Amazing but 4/5

    By Kai'-'
    The app is great but the viewing rooms only run YouTube
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By SkylerGamezz2017
    I’ve honestly made sooooo many new friends with this app it’s amazing
  • Best for friends 5/5

    By Naruto popster
    I got so many friends here and it best to connect with others all over the world.
  • I definitely recommend downloading this app! 5/5

    By stella 💞💞
    I am in the Lps Amino and it’s absolutely amazing! It’s a place where you can be creative and who you are! Everyone is kind, and kid friendly! I definitely recommend.
  • Great app for making friends 5/5

    By heeheexo
    I’ve made so many friends on this app!
  • AMAZING!!!! DOWNLOAD IT :3 5/5

    By Dani_The_Hamilton_Fan
    I LOVE IT!! You get to Go and find any fandom and join a group!! The groups i joined were Hamilton and Lams Groups (⚠️HAMILTON FAN ALERT⚠️) DOWNLOAD THIS BEAUTIFUL APP
  • Nice 5/5

    By I💘🌮
    It’s nice
  • Uwu 5/5

    By ElevenST🌈
  • Never lets me in chats 1/5

    By wtmdysujahaisnd
    You keep removing me from any chat
  • Pretty cool, but... 4/5

    By siesie617
    So amino is pretty cool but I mean I do have a few complaints, for some of us old users, it’d be a good change if we could like, customize of how the chat rooms look like, because now chat rooms go by how popular there is, I think most of us can say that we liked the old change better where you could just see who was there, and who was active, and nothing like who was popular, also I noticed, the seeing old chats button is legit gone, I myself have lost my account and wanted to brush up onto a chat that I haven’t figured out Also one more complaint from a friend, he has recently gotten striked, without even a warning, and I believe that he deserved a warning and the reason why he was striked, because both me and him are trying to figure why did he get instant striked
  • Great 5/5

    By ℋ℮↳↳⌾😋
    I think this is a great app!
  • Is great 5/5

    By Acornsforthesoul
    Is great
  • The Newcomers 5/5

    By heytheirfriend
    Amino is a pretty good social media app, it’s very diverse and a good place to be in if you want to find people with the same interests as you. Everyone’s nice as long as you stay on their good side. The only problem I have are the newcomers. I don’t like that whenever a new member arrives they have a choice to “follow everyone” or “like every post” it may be nice and all but it’s kind of annoying to people who want to get notifications that excite them and not just some newbie who blindly follows everyone, it personally makes me feel lazy. It’s also kind of unnecessary because maybe they follow someone that they regret following, they should only be following someone if they have something to their interest. And who needs to know what everyone’s doing if you can just look at the latest feed page. Overall though I feel like this app is doing good so far.
  • 🙄🤕🤭🤕🤔🤕🤕🤫🤮🤔🤮🤕😰😬👺🤑🤕 1/5

    By ShrimpAvacodo
  • Amazing!!! I use it daily!! 5/5

    By Rainbowlover37
    Well, you read the title, I LOVE this app! It’s perfect for just about every interest or fandom. I love the fact that the developers care so much about the communities and the privacy of the users. I have made great friends on Amino and we are able to discuss our common interests in a friendly, safe environment. I’ve already said it, but I LOVE amino❤️❤️
  • Y 4/5

    By Monmaker
    Go easy to get banned
  • great but glitchy 4/5

    By eljwosheja
    it’s really fun! but some features are really laggy and glitchy- like sending videos.
  • banned for some reason 3/5

    By reviewXgirl
    good app, but somehow i got banned for some reason. i was following rules and such, but then the chat i was in also got disbanded. so i put together that probably someone in the chat was being inappropriate and everyone got banned because of that one person.
  • Amino is great 5/5

    By bsausksbsahssgs
    Amino is awesome you guys should try it
  • I just want stickers 3/5

    By bunny.Hops
  • my favorite app 💛🙂 5/5

    By ❣️S.A.R.A❣️
    it’s amazing app🙂💛
  • Great community 5/5

    By Elphtya
    Other than the few mistakes I have made in my Amino groups, this is one of the best apps I’ve been on!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Action lover 1054
    I love the multiple communities you can join and it makes me feel open.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By a random bear on the interwebs
    This is a great app to find friends online that have the same interests as you! I’m most active in the Marvel Amino, and it’s great, I’ve made a lot of new best friends! 5 stars!
  • Great!! 5/5

    By Peyton_09
    This is the best game I’ve used so far it’s really cool and good to make friends with
  • Absolutely Amazing App 5/5

    By ŗƴų
    Amino is a great app if you are looking to make good friends with amazing interests! A place for all! Emos, Goths, Nerds, Gamers, LGBT, and etc. If you like nice people download this app and make friends!
  • Basically Snapchat 4/5

    By CrimzonTyphon
    Yeah... But better!
  • Great to meet other people w/ same interest 5/5

    By smolfox45
    Since everyone I know doesn’t like what I like amino is hopeful for me to meet other people who have the same interest!
  • This is the best app! 5/5

    By yeetyeetbird
    I love this app! I love that you can chat with other people and follow your fav you tubers! I just love this that!
  • Ads 5/5

    By a review guy 05
    This app is a great socializing app but ads in the new update just are annoying Team Amino please get rid of the ads
  • Animo Review 5/5

    By Bree Seward
    I love the app but I wish it could be for an iPad?!
  • Buggy and intrusive ads 2/5

    By ~clandestineagent~
    It causes my music to stop playing for no reason randomly and the search function is useless. Recently the amount of ads has gotten out of control. They pop up every three or so posts, and it’s difficult to scroll past them. You can’t scroll if you’re touching them, and they take up most of the screen. I have to drag on the tiny sliver of screen above or below them to keep going. It’s intrusive and disruptive to my experience. Not only that, they are within users posts. And there’s more than one if the post is long. Worst of all, they turn off whatever I’m listening to on iTunes whenever they show up. So not only do user posts auto play if there’s video links, but now ads do too. That kind of advertising just strengthens my resolve to never buy from those dumb companies as well as make me want to delete this app.
  • A for A-mazing! 5/5

    By Rbrown453
    It’s the 2nd App I use a lot. (The 1st app is Safari) I absolutely love it! It’s a perfect way to make friends online and I would definitely recommend it. Five stars. Five stars is what I rate it! So… instead of A, i’m going to give this an S(S is much better than A)! So if you haven’t downloaded this yet and you’re reading this, then go download this! A lot of youtubers sponsor Amino and if I was a YouTube or I would totally sponsor it too! So go download this amazing app. It’s fun you get to keep up to date with the latest trends and you will definitely love it! On Amino I go bye Willy btw. I love it!
  • Note 4/5

    By little16jayla (Allie-cat)
    I just wish you could add something after the tab that says you are banned. Or you are striked, or you are hidden the reason why you were punished. I wish you could add a tab after the punishment notification that tells you what you did. I would've given five stars if his was already added. Also, why is the app rating 12+ if apparently you have to be 13+ to use it?
  • I love it and it’s safe 5/5

    By Crystal_bunny_uwu
    It’s family friendly
  • Cool 5/5

    By Kittycream2009
    Love it
  • AMAZING 😍 5/5

    By Taylor Swift OFFICAL
    I’ve been on amino for a while, and i think it’s the best place to make friends! I joined a lot of aminos and loving it so far! If I had to change one thing it would be nothing! You should definitely join amino! <3
  • It’s good but 4/5

    By bannjwkdmkeke
    Everything is fine but I’ve been trying to purchase plus and it just won’t work
  • Amino Coins 3/5

    By DJsweetheart
    So I had my amino coins in the 898 or 896, but when I checked amino today I had 187. I’m really mad because I worked hard fr those amino. Why did they take my coins away?! Someone please fix my problem....
  • Great app 5/5

    By spit212_FRES
    I love this I got so many new friends and had lots of fun talking to the other communities in Amino and overall great app 10/10
  • • By far the best social! • 5/5

    By • M i n t y •
    I came here with no idea what to do then I found a Gacha life and everybody was so nice to me! I really like this game!
  • Lov it ti it hi ubu u i 5/5

    By vb njctdjblijcysygkjp
  • One thing 5/5

    By bookish 7312
    I luv this app! As a small town fangirl, I really didn’t have anyone I could discuss my passions with. But now ahh! It’s wonderful I recommend FANDOM for fanboys/girls out there! And now my one thing: make sure you check the activity bar before you join, because otherwise you could end up in a amino with two other people and that’s it so in the future can they make an in join amino button plz?
  • An honest review from someone who has used this app for three years. 1/5

    By NebulousNewt
    The Good Things About Amino: • A wide range of communities for any fandom or interest, each one of which is moderated by volunteer users, just like you! That’s right! You community members can work for countless hours a day to ban toxic members, remove inappropriate content, and keep the Amino app clean and safe while TA watches from the background! Just be careful- don’t piss off the wrong user while you moderate. If an angry user reports you for something, even if you didn’t do it, Team Amino will strike your account! But they look into every issue, and their system is flawless- impossible for mistakes to be made, right? So if you’re given a strike with no explanation, it’s your fault for doing something wrong. I would know, it happened to me, and that’s what they said (in several prewritten messages, I might add. TA doesn’t like to take the time to actually read over the issues people have, so they simply glance at the title then send a prewritten message they think would help. How do I know? I once emailed them about an issue I was having, and they responded with a helpful message- for a completely different issue! Just shows how much they truly care about their users.) Oh, and if you’re wondering, no, they won’t tell you what you did wrong, and no, they won’t look into the issue again to see if they made a mistake. Because they don’t. They’re perfect. • You get some pretty cool customizable profile features, such as profile image frames- oh! You can also send high quality images and videos to your friends, but only if you pay. :) (Sorry, your images will look like trash, and you can’t send videos if you don’t cough up the cash. Not to mention, your profile will be bland and, because of that, you may even be bullied by people who do pay for ‘Amino+’) • You can make friends! Just be careful- you can make enemies, too. Team Amino isn’t really helpful when it comes to dealing with someone harassing you, they just say to block them and move on. So do that- just block every account the user makes to harass you and move on, don’t worry. They’ll have to stop eventually. :) The same can be said for any type of misbehavior on the app. Once I tried to report a moderation team for abuse, going into great detail about the situation, but I only got one message back (by one message, I mean the same automated message sent to me three different times), and that message simply told me to come back to them when I had even /more/ evidence of said leadership abuse. Needless to say, because those messages were sent just seconds after I completed and submitted my several revisions of the report (each time I added more information), along with the fact that I never got any other responses/the mod team is still up and running, as abusive as ever, I can safely assume that my report was sent directly to the trash. • Frequent updates with tons of new features! They’re not the features you requested, and they’re not even that great- but they’re new! What about bug fixes? Dealing with the excessive amount of virus bots on our app? Oh- those don’t exist. Here, look at these wacky new features! Now we have stories, just like Instagram and Snapchat! What? You didn’t ask for those? But they’re so popular on other apps- You’re probably just confused. :) The Bad Things About Amino (I’ll try to keep this one short): • Your account isn’t safe. As I said before, if you’re reported, 90% of the time you’ll be given a warning, strike, or ban, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. • TA is money-hungry and cares about little else. Their app used to be amazing- completely free, everyone was equal, it had a nice format and everything was easy to find. Then they added updates- introducing ‘Amino+’ and coins, they also degraded your images, and only allow high quality images to be sent by Amino+ users. Not only that, but they added tons of new features, and changed up the format of the app- doing everything 90% of the community didn’t want, then they completely ignored any criticism they received. They don’t give their loyal users what they wanted, instead they only change the app and add features that /they/ want, while ignoring all user feedback and disregarding any bugs that pop up along the way, similarly to how they handle the infestation of virus bots on their platform- they don’t. Oh, TA also refuses to provide any support or help to people who don’t update because they preferred the old app format. If you don’t conform to what they want, they won’t even pretend to help you. • They’re horribly disorganized. Once I asked a TA member if I could post something, and they said it was fine. I posted it, and a few minutes later another TA member took it down, telling me that it /wasn’t/ fine. If you can’t get your official, paid development/moderation team on the same page, how do you expect to run such a large app properly? Clearly, you can’t. • They don’t respond to, or even read your reports. I’ve tried to contact them a variety of times, over a variety of different issues I experienced. Every single time, I received automated/prewritten messages in response. Two of those messages held answers for issues, the only problem was that the issue I needed help with was something /completely/ different. Yeah, they sent me the wrong message, which just proved my point, that they don’t care about their users, or about reading their reports. Another time, which I also mentioned earlier, I attempted to report a moderation team for abuse, but TA’s system wouldn’t accept my message. They just kept sending me the same response, telling me I needed even more information, until I gave up. Not one real person even glanced at my report to see if I really did need more info- how do I know? Each message was sent to me just seconds after I submitted my (quite lengthy) report. Anyway- thanks for listening to my TED Talk. The only reason I still use this app, is because I moderate on a community here. I’m loyal to the users, not the developers.
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By GachaRaquel123
    This is my fav bc you can make some new friends and makes some post and watching some of the videos of the people made them and also you can join some animos of what you like and also join some clubs :)
  • Great App, 5/5

    By glowingplays
    This App Is Great! I highly recommend it!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By ArdenMøøn
    I love this app so much! I’ve been using amino for about 3 years now and it’s been such a great time. I’ve met so many great friends and people on here. Thank you!

Amino: Communities and Groups app comments

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