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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
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  • Developer: William Gustafson
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Amphetamine App

Welcome to Amphetamine, the most awesome keep-awake app ever created for macOS. Amphetamine can keep your Mac, and optionally its display(s), awake through a super simple on/off switch, or automatically through easy-to-configure Triggers. Amphetamine is extremely powerful and includes advanced features for those who need them, yet remains intuitive and easy-to-use for those who don't need all of the bells and whistles. === Click to Keep Your Mac Awake === Quickly start a keep-awake session from Amphetamine's menu to keep your Mac awake. • Indefinitely, for a specified amount of time, or until a specified time • While a file is downloading • While a specific app is running During a keep-awake session, choose to allow or prevent: • Display sleep • Screen saver activation • System sleep when built-in display is closed • Automated mouse cursor movement • Locking of the screen === Advanced Automation === Create a Trigger to automatically keep your Mac awake. • While an external display is connected • While your Mac's display is being mirrored • While a USB or Bluetooth device is connected • While a specific app is running • While a specific app is running and is frontmost • While your Mac's battery is charging and/or when the battery is above a threshold • While your Mac's power adapter is connected or disconnected • While your Mac has a specific IP address • While your Mac is on a specific Wi-Fi network • While your Mac is connected to Cisco AnyConnect VPN service • While your Mac is using a specific DNS servers • While headphones or another audio output is in use • While a specific drive or volume is mounted • While your Mac's CPU is being utilized to a specific threshold • When your Mac has been idle for a specific threshold === What's the Catch? === No catch. Amphetamine is 100% free. It's a gift from me to you. Enjoy! • No advertisements • No in-app purchases • Nothing to unlock/no "pro" version • No annoying prompts asking you to review Amphetamine • No links for other paid apps • No tracking • No data-harvesting === What Else Does Amphetamine Do? === Amphetamine is the most powerful and customizable keep-awake utility ever created for macOS. Some other notable features are: • Lock your Mac's screen after a period of inactivity • Move the mouse cursor periodically • Keep your MacBook awake while its display/lid is closed • Keep your drive awake with Drive Alive • AppleScript support • Use your own menu bar icons • Use your own notification sounds • Allow your display to sleep while keeping your Mac awake • Allow screen saver to run after a customizable period of inactivity • Optional session time remaining display in the menu (with 12/24 hour support) • Auto-end session if your Mac's battery is low • Hot key support for starting/ending sessions, enabling disabling display sleep, and more === System Requirements + Other Details === • Amphetamine requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher; some features require a higher version of macOS • Amphetamine supports Retina displays and macOS dark mode.

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Amphetamine app reviews

  • Fantastic utility! 5/5

    By mwalrav
    Very configurable, simple to use and highly effective! Amphetamine is an awesome tool to disable your Mac from sleeping at the worst time. Even though it's free it's clear the developer put a lot of time, effort and heart into this little power-packed app. Download it and, as soon as you fall in love with it like I did, send the maker a coffee/tip for their hard work!
  • Excellent addition to the `caffeinate` 5/5

    By Thiaramus
    I was always using caffeinate CLI command to keep my mac awake, but eventrually decided to get a good GUI app for that purpose. Amphetamine seems to be a really nice app with eye-candy, yet feature rich UI and great UX. Very easy to use and laconic.
  • Amphetamine 5 Star Rating 5/5

    By Stanley122870
    Great app, does exactly what's advertised, and then some, i seriously suggest downloading Amphetamine Enhancer, justto add to the ability of this wonderful application, it's free!!! Thank You so much!!!!
  • Perfect. Just what I was looking for :) 5/5

    By gixxer-32
    Was trying to Home Share on my Apple TV, without having to keep my Mackbook opened. Did lots of research on the internet and all website kept telling the same thing "set energy saver to never...etc." Even after doing that, Home Sharing would not work with my Macbook closed. Finally that came across an article that talked about two good apps to use. This one and Caffeine. Both are on app store and both have good reviews. Seen a lot of people saying they Caffeine for this one. So, I downloaded this one. Amphetamine is great and just what I was looking for. I can close my Macbook and still Home Share. Will recommend Amphetamine to other people.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By whoareuiamme
    One of the best apps with detailed info after installing the App for the first time
  • Excellent 5/5

    By genghisi
    Very well thought out app- meets all the requirements. Much improved over Caffine.
  • More than 5, really 5/5

    By Solextre
    Does one thing really, really well. If you do graphics rendering or other processing that needs to run for long periods time while you're away from the computer ... Amphetamine keeps everything awake.
  • Awesome Utility! 5/5

    By randomodbuild
    I installed this and the enhancer and it has been working perfectly! I can have my laptop's lid closed and still connect fine with remote desktop! My mac is now a server that I do not have to worry about closing accidentally ending a process. Thanks for this awesome tool!
  • Secretly uses insane amount of CPU in the background 1/5

    By Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetus
    Buyer beware! This app has these weird CPU spikes that I've discovered just by looking at activity monitor. At times, it uses more than chrome (and I have more than 30 tabs open). It goes from 0.2% CPU to 30% in mere seconds EVEN WHEN AMPHETAMINE ISN'T ACTIVE. So when it's just casually opened (so that the menu bar icon is there), it is using tons upon tons of CPU power. And this has become problematic lately as I've seen that my fans turn on when doing even just small tasks. Going to look for alternatives until these cpu spikes are fixed.
  • Didn't work 1/5

    By Mxsaz
    Set it to not allow any sleep, session was active. Come back to a sleeping machine.
  • Solved my problem (for free) 5/5

    By billium101
    Since upgrading my Mac Mini, my external harddrive kept disconnecting. This was bad, since the external was my local backup. After years of trying to fuss with my Mac settings to fix the issue (with no luck) I gave Amphetimine a try. It worked. I’m backed up again. I have peace of mind again.
  • 好 5/5

    By pete98765hgvfgh
  • Wow, this is free? 5/5

    By Michael Caswell
    I can't believe this incredibly useful app is free (if you dig a bit, you can find a link to make a donation, which I gladly did). I installed this for one specific reason, to keep my MacBook Pro awake with the lid closed (while not connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse). I need this because my computer runs backups overnight, and although I could just leave the lid partially open, this makes the computer awkward to handle when I'm putting it down at the end of a work session. My only real concern with this was if I happened to unplug the computer to take it somewhere, and the battery would drain faster than it would if in sleep mode. But this app is very thoughtfully configurable, and includes an option to discontinue the "keep awake" session when on battery power (either immediately upon disconnection of the charger, or after the battery has dropped to a specified level). There are a lot of other options in there as well, but I haven't explored those very much because my needs are pretty simple.
  • perfect 5/5

    By Afeitty
    been using this for years and love it
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By mualhadi
    The only utility you'll need to keep mac awake
  • An essential Mac app 5/5

    By ChesterDKat
    When I setup a new Mac one of the first things I do is install Amphetamine. Its a necessity to efficently run a Mac. Great app, great support!
  • Best App - Thank You William! 5/5

    By Me777777777me
    This app is so straightforward, simple, easy to use, and efficient. Exactly what you want - why can't life be this way?? Thank you WG! Using this for third Mac in a row
  • All of this without paying!? 5/5

    By mister zed
    Wow—incredibly polished and thoughtfully crafted. Very impressive.
  • User Friendly & Quick to use! 5/5

    By anthonyjaii
    I love this app! I do a lot of photo and video processing. Ive always struggled keeping my Mac awake, since having to dig deep into the settings to make the display not go to sleep. With this app, a click of a button does everything for you and the interface is easy to maneuver! Thank you Amphetamine!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Big_DJ
    Powerful; lots of options. Works out of the box but I changed a few things to my liking (icon, activation click, etc.) Now with one click I can keep my display awake while presenting, in a meeting where I'm not actively typing, etc. Free (and very useful!) If you like it consider supporting your indie developer & buy William a coffee :)
  • amazing app 5/5

    By Muy buenag
    Thank you ! it works nicely
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By theletterexchange
    This is the best of this kind of app and has been awesome for years that I've been using it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By xftyhbju
    Reliable. Flexible. The best I've found for this purpose.
  • Stay awake consistently! No jitters! 5/5

    By BP0496
    This is the BEST app to keep your MacBook awake in 2020 without fail. It’s stable, predictable and consistent - just like a proud chemist’s favorite creation. Emphasis on CONSISTENT! Wish I would have found it sooner! I tried many other apps over the years to stay awake, but they were unstable or inconsistent. They left me grinding my teeth and feeling a bit paranoid. Is my MacBook running? Did it crash? Is it asleep? Is it overheating? What’s going on? I felt like Huey Lewis in 1984. And then one night… I stumbled upon Amphetamine and Amphetamine Enhancer. For free. YES!! It’s stable! It’s customizable! Did I mention it’s consistent? And the sound effects are the icing on the cake. Loving it! No crashes! No jitters! No wondering if it’s going to work this time! You’ve tried the rest NOW TRY THE BEST! GET AMPHETAMINE by William Gustafson NOW! I must go now. Got to clean my house why my files download and music plays with my top down. Wait… what? PSA: Just say no. Stay in school. Be smart - don’t start. Make healthy choices.
  • 10/10!!!!! 5/5

    By Liftic
  • very nice 5/5

    By Frank Wang-y
    simple use
  • Extremely Useful with Great Extra Features! 5/5

    By jdubelu
    I've used several apps similar to this but Amphetamine has been the most useful by far. I maintain an app that picks up thumbnail images from all displays on a network. Working from home I regularly have to use 7 or 8 Macs in every room of the house and Amphetamine allows me to keep the displays from sleeping without having to run around the house keeping them awake. I also heavily utilize the session length setting so that if I do forget to stop the Amphetamine session when I'm done testing I don't have to worry about the displays staying on for hours or days at a time.
  • Essential Must Have App 5/5

    By ptonhozi
    This app is a life saver. I have been using for over 2 years now and it is one of the most useful apps to remove annoyances from the mOS.
  • constant CPU use 2/5

    By soundneedle
    Eats CPU like a pig. Have to kill it all the time.
  • Top Notch 5/5

    By thechosenjon
    Amphetamine is essential for any avid MacOS user. Now that I have to work form home this little app that has graced the Apple ecosystem has proven to be insanely helpful. It would incredibly irritating leaving my computer for a few minutes only to find all the windows and tabs closed when I got back, now those problems have been solved. I almost feel bad that this app is free, I would have easily paid for it, it's that good!
  • USB Triggers not working 1/5

    By Bwt615
    The app doesn't detect devices. Very annoying!
  • Why free? 5/5

    By msadesign
    A stunningly finished application, intensly focused, deeply thought out. Only one problem: is this developer nuts? :-) Among the many unknowns in this universe, why Amphetamine is free surely ranks with the Grand Unified Theory! And thank you.
  • Delightfully good app 5/5

    By danftdr
    Easy to use for simple stuff (and quick--two clicks!) and incredibly powerful without getting complicated. It's already amazingly good but they still keep making it better. Thank you!
  • Works, simple and easy to use 5/5

    By bigman73-mac
    Keep the mac awake and super easy to use
  • Very nice; easy to allow or prevent display sleep 5/5

    By rradarr
    I use Amphetamine to keep my computer running for long jobs. I really like the fact that I can choose whether to allow the display to sleep or not. It has a lot of other options that I have not tried, such as staying awake until a process is done. Formerly I used Owly, and before that Caffiene. Both are fine, but neither offered the simple control over display sleep.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By ebrugman
    Newest update doesn't will not open in MacOS 10.15.3.
  • Simple Idea Brilliantly Executed 5/5

    By goldfixe
    I love this app for its simple idea: keep my screen awake. But there are a ton of other functions that allow you to determine when and for how long you want to keep your screen (of drives) awake. This is one of very few apps that were free but are so useful that I contributed to the developer.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By bikeradical
    Low footprint, so many features.
  • pretty great app 5/5

    By MHamner
    No issues. Does what it does, plus a ton more features that I've yet to use. This app can get specific and stay simple, all at the same time.
  • I wrote a positive review but this update is buggy 1/5

    By Eli459
    I don't want to contact support. I'm just giving my opinion. This update is a buggy. And the wording for prefrences is confusing. For a simple "Allow Display to Sleep" I get a warning that the computer could overheat. WHAT? HOW IS ALLOWING MY MACBOOK SCREEN TO SLEEP GOING TO CAUSE IT TO OVERHEAT? It's also not showing up in my launchpad which is annoying It should also be a simple boolean on if you want to allow amp to sleep while the lid is closed. There's like three options and it's worded confusing
  • Amazing App but doesnt open sometimes 4/5

    By bfhdje c
    I have recently had a problem with the app not opening.
  • What a charming App 5/5

    By Fugamante
    This app does away with the config -> commands macOS provides access to in order to do what this elegant app does in a click. Love it, very thoughtful and tastefully built—this is a must have app.
  • Just get it! 5/5

    By college professor
    Amphetamine just works. It does what it's supposed to, it's super easy to use, very small file size that doesn't get in the way of anything, and of course, never crashes or interferes with other programs. It's simple, elegant, and highly useful. Give it a try, you'll love it too!
  • Stable, Use it every day, well designed... 5/5

    By Abandon Films
    This app has become of staple of my every day use. I work in post production and am a video editor, this works great for keeping the workstation awake for renders, uploads/downloads, copying massive amounts of data, etc etc. One click I can be assured things will all stay up and awake and nothing gets corrupted when the OS tries to sleep, etc. Thanks! And thanks for the other features and triggers as well as keeping drives alive too!
  • The most complete app 5/5

    By phototrek
    The amount of work (and thought about different people's work habits and needs) that has gone into this app is absolutely amazing. All that for the price of zero - how often do you see that? Have been depending on it for years, and it just keeps getting better.
  • Simplicity on your Terms 5/5

    By CoasterFamily
    Amphetamine is a great addition to your menubar. It is unobtrusive and has tons of options. I really appreciate that I can customize it the way I want it to work. I like it to show ∞ next to the icon so I know when it is active. Very handy and it fits my needs.
  • Amphetamine Works Perfectly 5/5

    By GantzerC
    Works Perfectly
  • Works as Described 5/5

    By Awal Elixir
    I am happy!
  • Amphetamine the best app of all time! 5/5

    By Christian Taylor Miller
    What else is there to say except......Amphetamine is the best app ever!

Amphetamine app comments

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