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  • Current Version: 7.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Amp Me inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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AmpMe App

AmpMe is the #1 iPhone, iPod and iPad app that allows you to turn your friends into a portable sound system! Simply connect mobile devices with friends, strangers or even aliens and start a party. Join the community of millions who are using AmpMe around the world! The best part? Our app is FREE! We’ve got all the music sources you could possibly need; YouTube, Spotify & your own Music Library. AmpMe can take any situation and turn it into a party. Play your music as loud as you want by syncing devices to create one loud portable sound system. Not digging what the DJ is playing? Let them know with our new chat feature or just add a song to the queue! Don’t forget to invite and follow your Facebook friends to get notified when they throw a party! How to: 1 - Download AmpMe on your iOS device. 2 - Start your own party via Youtube, Spotify or your music library or join a party if you don’t feel like being the DJ. 3 - Everyone in the party will be able to listen to the same music and watch the same video at the same time. 4 - If you started the party, you’re the DJ and can control what everyone else is listening to. Guests can also add songs in a party - that’s if you want them to. 5 - Chat with friends in the party to get the lowdown on what everyone is up to. 6 - Don’t forget to Invite and follow your Facebook friends to get notified when they throw a party! AmpMe is compatible with smartphones, tablets and bluetooth speakers Music Library (local music on your device) isn't supported on : iPad1,1 , iPad2,1 , iPad2,2 , iPad2,3 , iPad2,4 , iPad3,1 , iPad3,2 , iPad3,3 , iPad3,4, iPad3,5, iPad3,6, iPad2,5, iPad2,6, iPad2,7, iPhone1,1, iPhone1,2, Phone2,1, iPhone3,1, iPhone3,2 , iPhone3,3 , iPhone4,1, iPod1,1, iPod2,1, iPod3,1, iPod4,1, iPod5,1 Note : Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • Pretty fantastic, need more services 4/5

    By jspurgeon
    I was looking for something that would allow me to play music videos on my iPad yet control playback from my phone, this does that and more. I’m truly impressed with what has been achieved and loved hooking our two bose speakers and a JBL together, was far louder than achievable by themselves. Couple things, amazon prime music needs to be added, and the UI is a tad confusing. Amazon is where all of our (me wife and kids) music is, we get by with YouTube but this would 5 star the app for me in an instant. Much props, a brilliant idea well executed.
  • Fantastic for a “silent disco” 5/5

    By Rammy Boi
    What a time to be alive
  • Deez 5/5

    By kobunr
  • Not appealing 1/5

    By T0masc0
    It’s seems dumb
  • Vahid 5/5

    By vahid khalaj
    Soo perfect
  • So Far no Go: Help Hard to come by 1/5

    By NJFFLfan
    Connected successfully to friends Party on Android but can't Sound to play on my iPhone. Can't find any help
  • For ampme 5/5

    By Yara_yuyu8
    Hi I'm Yara and I want to tell you that this app is amizing
  • Fantastic idea 5/5

    By Littlenipple
    I hate that I learned about this from an Instagram promo but it works amazingly with no real range complications except when changing songs.
  • Amazing App😍 5/5

    By Fish.Curd
    This App is Amazing my music is very loud with all the phones together
  • Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! 5/5

    By OGMeditate
    Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!
  • Platforms that are playable through 4/5

    By Serenity666
    Get pandora as one of your platforms
  • Does not connect to bluetooth speakers on host 1/5

    By Panda7768543
    I had hoped to play music on 2 bluetooth speakers linked to my ipad. The app tells me now that I can't do that. Does not accomplish my only use.
  • A bit problem here 3/5

    By aayzee89
    I dont have music in my ipod library. I use a secondary app to download music so the it does not plays music from that app. Anyways good app but still needs improvement
  • Great idea, I need help 2/5

    By Foxxerguy
    This app is an awesome Idea, but I have no clue how to even use it, i tried to use it with my friends phone and mine along with my iPod on WiFi. It wouldn’t play anything from my personal playlist on my phone.
  • Rip SoundCloud? 4/5

    By Dropping funky Beats
    I didn’t use Spotify or really download that much music, other than that it worked well. I guess the improvements to YouTube is now what’s keeping me from uninstalling the app. Shame they removed SoundCloud.
  • Not What I Though It Was 2/5

    By jmarcroft
    I think the idea of the app is really cool. I was under the impression that I could connect my phone to play on multiple Bluetooth at the same time but found out that this app won’t do that. Instead it is recommended that I share my party with other friends devices and have their devices connect to additional speakers. If this app ever lets you connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time in the future I will be more than happy to download this app again.
  • AMAZING!!!! 5/5

    By Kiim302
    I’ve always been dying to play music with my friends at the same time without having to go back and fix it when someone is behind in the song but this app has just saved meeee🙏🏼
  • Whaodejd 5/5

    By Karatequeen
    Should make it so you can listen to music closed out of the app too
  • Burger 1/5

    By NUK3D WH4L3S
    0/5 got me arrested
  • hm 1/5

    By :):/;
    food took forever , my taco wasn’t even filled all the way like taco bell. i wouldn’t recommend.
  • Never mind 5/5

    By ruse022
    It's working now lol. Sorry.
  • Looove 4/5

    By shusnsjnsja
    I love this. So much. Such a great concept. Just wish I could use SoundCloud!!
  • Want to access my contacts. 1/5

    By saleh.saikhan
    Not sure why this app wants either my google account contacts or Facebook accounts and info. I find it improper and highly intrusive. Here goes a delete
  • didn't work 1/5

    By Soccer37222
    we spent 20 minutes trying to get this to work when we were all right next to each other so...............
  • Didn’t work 5/5

    By Rune_Lord
    Unfortunately the music on the devices didn’t sync up. It was a beat off so it sounded like an echo. The wifi is not the best where i’m at so that may be the issue? A lot of people say it works so i’m going to try it with better wifi, hopefully it will work! Otherwise it’s a super amazing concept, especially because my old speaker broke! The app didn’t glitch or anything, no pop up ads which i’m very happy about :)
  • Love it 5/5

    By Taichichung
    I love the app it's honestly amazing. Me and my friends always use this and we love it. Only thing I'm waiting for is when they finally support apple music which is coming soon so I can't wait. I hope they do it in the next update, other than that and a couple of other things I like using this app
  • Cool app!!! 5/5

    By Theguyinthecorner101
    I love that you can play music with friends and I like to listen to music especially at parties and ect. I love this app 👍
  • Special Thanks💕 5/5

    By SandySaid
    This is amazing we had trouble finding a speaker then I found this and it actually works thanks!!!
  • Really... you removed SoundCloud links?? 1/5

    By duy duzie nguyen
    Not everyone uses Spotify or YouTube. Bring SoundCloud back guys. Please add in back sound cloud...
  • Awesome 5/5

    By amp awesome
    This is the most awesome app I’ve ever seen in music category. I was always wondering ‘why can’t connect more than two phones to play a same music?’ And boom this app came to me I downloaded it on my sister’s dad’s and awesome mom’s(she wants to be called like this) phone this app is legit yeah everybody u should download this app
  • Finally a Great App!!!! 5/5

    By Kimberly Wentzell
    Amp me is so helpful because most phones aren't loud and a lot of people don't have speakers and it makes it loud and has plenty of song choices.
  • TIDAL Support 4/5

    By Zdog22
    Will there be TIDAL support in the future? That would be super helpful!! Edit: Thank you for your response! Is there an ETA on when that could be added?
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Ohh sheeeitttt
    Martin is a fraud.
  • Great app 5/5

    By PHOENIX 2926
    This app is awesome. You can play music of of how ever many phones u want and they are all perfectly synced, if u have the phones close to each other, u can’t tell there’s 2 phones playing. I honestly thought it would be maybe a seconds or 2 off but I was wrong. This app is amazing.
  • I can’t use youtube play. 4/5

    By 지난시간수정
    well...i thiught this is quite good app for me, but after useing few songs, i couldn’t use search tap in youtube mode. plz fix this bug.
  • No YouTube 1/5

    By A-Train11
    Lately, the YouTube option does not return any results. Please fix this!
  • Great idea.... 1/5

    By PhantomPhan
    ....but it’s useless to me when I can’t use Apple Music.
  • Yeah 5/5

    By spotty locsta
    The truth
  • Where is it? 2/5

    By Just a little input
    I miss the SoundCloud option where did that go? Also being able to mix different song sources. It seems amp me has gone downhill is like to at least see SoundCloud back.
  • Apple Music 1/5

    By Kirikchel01
    Can’t play music from Apple Music. This is the only way I listen to music. I love the app and the opportunity to share the music with my friends, but I can't do it. Please, fix it and I will give you 5 stars right away. This app is awesome, but I can’t do anything in it.
  • This app is the GOAT 5/5

    By Lilybow
  • All free music 5/5

    By abe the bane
    I love all the free music I can listen to
  • Great concept, terrible functionality 1/5

    By Mee410
    Every other song “failed to play” and the app continually froze and shut down. Love the idea, but trying to get this app to work was infuriating.
  • Awesome app!!! 4/5

    By Kommander K
    I only have one concern, why is it 17+? Other than that its an amazing idea that works very well. Im not sure how it all works but maybe that is something to look at gatting changed?
  • Great app flawlessly but.. 4/5

    By Chanc3steeler
    I download this app with this idea in my head that you could sync multiple phones together to play the same music and low and behold here it is ! And it really does work ONLY one complaint that’s stopping me from using this app more often is that you can’t stream your Apple Music library and that’s a huge blow to me ..especially being that I’m part of the Apple ecosystem and being that this app is on the App Store ...I really hope with a new update that can be addressed ..besides that delivers on everything it sought out to be
  • Be able to exit app 5/5

    By Gray star 98
    I think you should be able to exit the app while listening to music with friends
  • I love it 5/5

    By FrankRod2017
    It’s amazing I can connect with all my friends and play music

    By Ezanater
    This app never works, nothing ever loads. When it does it is never in sync. You use the syncing feature, but then it just breaks again and then the music stops and loads on one phone so it just ends up being out of sync. This is a waste of your data to download it. Please do not use up precious storage for this piece of trash.
  • Good idea 5/5

    By Zman the orig
    A great app so far! Had itcrash and wasn’t able to open it again that day but other then that the syncing is pretty fast and use ful! While I’m working my wife controls my music and it really brightens my day! 👍😃
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kings.Kid
    Love the concept, however if I could have one request it would be a cross fader option so there is no dead space in between songs!

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